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Genres Comedy
A lot of girls move to New York City to "make it." Max and Caroline are just trying to make their rent. In this fun, outrageous comedy series, two girls from very different backgrounds – Max, poor from birth, and Caroline, born wealthy but down on her luck – wind up as waitresses in the same colorful Brooklyn diner and strike up an unlikely friendship that could lead to a successful business venture. All they need to do is come up with $250,000 in start-up expenses. "2 Broke Girls" infuses the classic comedy with something new, current and young, proving life can be fun – even if you’re broke.
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2 Broke Girls episode list

Season 1 Episode List

1x1 Pilot aired: Monday Sep 19, 2011
Experienced waitress Max Black meets her new co-worker, former rich-girl Caroline Channing, and puts her skills to the test at an old but re-emerging Brooklyn diner. Despite her initial distaste for Caroline, Max eventually softens and the two team up for a new business venture.
1x2 And the Break-up Scene aired: Monday Sep 26, 2011
Max gets upset when Caroline keeps meddling in her business, but the situation only gets worse when Caroline steals Max's break-up scene.
1x3 And Strokes of Goodwill aired: Monday Oct 3, 2011
Max introduces Caroline to the art of thrift store shopping, which takes a dangerous turn when a battle erupts over a T-shirt.
1x4 And the Rich People Problems aired: Monday Oct 10, 2011
Caroline asks Max to help her break into her former townhouse to retrieve her much-needed night guard.
1x5 And the '90s Horse Party aired: Monday Oct 17, 2011
Caroline and Max throw a '90s-themed party at the diner to attract rich hipsters and raise money for their cupcake business; Caroline is horrified when her rich ex-boyfriend comes into the diner.
1x6 And the Disappearing Bed aired: Monday Oct 24, 2011
Caroline and Max try to install a Murphy bed in their apartment.
1x7 And the Pretty Problem aired: Monday Oct 31, 2011
Caroline persuades Max to take a cupcake-decorating class.
1x8 And Hoarder Culture aired: Monday Nov 7, 2011
The two take a job cleaning a hoarder's apartment for the extra money; Max learns that Johnny has a secret.
1x9 And the Really Petty Cash aired: Monday Nov 14, 2011
Johnny's girlfriend has a devious plan in mind when she hires Max and Caroline to bake cupcakes for an art show featuring his work.
1x10 And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving aired: Monday Nov 21, 2011
Caroline and Max spend Caroline's first broke holiday season working at a department store's Santaland to earn extra money.
1x11 And the Reality Check aired: Monday Dec 5, 2011
Max and Caroline try to find Chestnut a job in order to get him lodging for the winter. Meanwhile, Peach, the mother of the twins Max babysits, auditions for "Real Housewives of TriBeCa".
1x12 And the Pop-Up Sale aired: Monday Dec 12, 2011
When Max's stove breaks, Caroline tries to return some expensive rings to Barney's department store, but discovers her surname is no longer an asset at her former home away from home.
1x13 And the Secret Ingredient aired: Monday Jan 2, 2012
Caroline discovers the secret ingredient to Max's cupcakes whilst in the midst of her new obsession couponing.
1x14 And the Upstairs Neighbor aired: Monday Jan 16, 2012
Max and Caroline's new neighbor draws their suspicion.
1x15 And the Blind Spot aired: Monday Feb 6, 2012
Max and Caroline try to prove their cleaning skills to Sophie so she will hire them for her maid service.
1x16 And the Broken Hearts aired: Monday Feb 13, 2012
When Sophie's (Jennifer Coolidge) beauty overwhelms Earl, Caroline and Max wind up spending Valentine's Day at the hospital; Caroline tries to rekindle an old flame.
1x17 And the Kosher Cupcakes aired: Monday Feb 20, 2012
Max and Caroline have to make kosher cupcakes when they get a gig at a bar mitzvah.
1x18 And the One-Night Stands aired: Monday Feb 27, 2012
Max runs into an old boyfriend, when she accompanies Caroline to see her father in jail.
1x19 And the Spring Break aired: Monday Mar 19, 2012
Caroline and Max spend their spring break dog-sitting at a couple's lavish apartment.
1x20 And the Drug Money aired: Monday Apr 9, 2012
Max convinces Caroline to partake in a clinical drug trial in an effort to raise money to help Caroline's father.
1x21 And the Messy Purse Smackdown aired: Monday Apr 16, 2012
After promising Earl to drop his tax return in the mail, Caroline learns that Max has never filed, and gets sidetracked trying to help her.
1x22 And the Big Buttercream Breakthrough aired: Monday Apr 30, 2012
The stakes are high when a socialite Manhattan mother hires Max and Caroline to serve cupcakes at her daughter's first birthday party.
1x23 And Martha Stewart Have a Ball (1) aired: Monday May 7, 2012
Max and Caroline plan to attend a big fashion gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where Martha Stewart is scheduled to be a guest, in an attempt to have her taste their cupcakes and get her seal of approval.
1x24 And Martha Stewart Have a Ball (2) aired: Monday May 7, 2012
Max and Caroline plan to attend a big fashion gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where Martha Stewart is scheduled to be a guest, in an attempt to have her taste their cupcakes and get her seal of approval.

Season 2 Episode List

2x1 And the Hidden Stash aired: Monday Sep 24, 2012
Max joins Caroline on her visit to a white collar prison to see her father, Martin Channing, and he encourages them to purchase a particular keepsake at the Channing estate auction.
2x2 And the Pearl Necklace aired: Monday Oct 1, 2012
Max and Caroline attempt to keep faith that Martha Stewart, who tasted and liked one of their cupcakes in last season's finale, will call and help support their business. Meanwhile, Caroline loses a lucky keepsake.
2x3 And the Hold-Up aired: Monday Oct 8, 2012
Max and Caroline show their true colors when the diner gets robbed. Meanwhile, everyone sees a surprising new side of Han.
2x4 And the Cupcake War aired: Monday Oct 15, 2012
Max and Caroline try to take their cupcake business to the next level by auditioning for the reality cooking show Cupcake Wars.
2x5 And the Pre-Approved Credit Card aired: Monday Nov 5, 2012
Max and Caroline have different ideas on how to handle their new pre-approved credit card.
2x6 And the Candy Manwich aired: Monday Nov 12, 2012
The attractive owner of a local candy store is sweet on Caroline, but she's too embarrassed to date him after she had a mishap in the store.
2x7 And the Three Boys with Wood aired: Monday Nov 19, 2012
Caroline and Max ask two Amish boys to build a barn for Chestnut; Andy makes a discovery about Caroline.
2x8 And the Egg Special aired: Monday Nov 26, 2012
Max and Caroline figure out a surprising fundraising solution when a potential storefront for Max's Homemade Cupcake becomes available for the girls to rent as the two go to great lengths to raise enough money to see their dream come true.
2x9 And the New Boss aired: Monday Dec 3, 2012
Max and Caroline decide to hire an intern to help take care of some of the menial tasks involved with the preparation for opening their new cupcake shop, but Max seems conflicted with her new managerial role as the boss
2x10 And the Big Opening aired: Monday Dec 10, 2012
Max and Caroline host a grand opening celebration at their new cupcake shop, and Max invites her former flames to show off her success.
2x11 And the Silent Partner aired: Monday Dec 10, 2012
When Max sees Sophie depressed after being swindled by the contractor in charge of building her dream house, she offers to make her a silent partner in the cupcake business, but Caroline and Sophie have very different visions for the company.
2x12 And the High Holidays aired: Monday Dec 17, 2012
Desperate for a way to pay their overdue rent, Max and Caroline get involved with a group of of sketchy customers willing to pay top dollar for their cupcakes.
2x13 And the Bear Truth aired: Monday Jan 14, 2013
A relaxing getaway for two becomes an awkward vacation for three when Max, Caroline and Andy spend a weekend together in a cabin in the woods.
2x14 And Too Little Sleep aired: Monday Jan 21, 2013
The diner gang helps Max and Caroline bake throughout the night in order to fulfill a gigantic cupcake order.
2x15 And the Psychic Shakedown aired: Monday Feb 4, 2013
After learning that Candy Andy closed down his shop after their breakup, Caroline visits a psychic for a reading about her love life in the future.
2x16 And Just Plane Magic aired: Monday Feb 11, 2013
When Max lands tickets to a music awards show in Los Angeles, she and Caroline meet rapper 2 Chainz during the cross-country flight on a private jet.
2x17 And the Broken Hip aired: Monday Feb 18, 2013
Caroline and Max pay a steep price for trying to remove a street performer from the entry of their shop.
2x18 And Not-So-Sweet Charity aired: Monday Feb 25, 2013
Max and Caroline ask Caroline's rich but callous aunt for money to save their flailing cupcake shop.
2x19 And the Temporary Distraction aired: Monday Mar 18, 2013
Max and Caroline take office temp jobs. While Caroline tries to climb the corporate ladder, Max deals with a boss who makes inappropriate advances.
2x20 And the Big Hole aired: Monday Mar 25, 2013
Han fires Caroline when she insults his diner, so Max tries to mend their relationship.
2x21 And the Worst Selfie Ever aired: Monday Apr 15, 2013
Caroline is in a tizzy when she develops a rash after a romantic evening with her former boyfriend.
2x22 And the Extra Work aired: Monday Apr 29, 2013
Max and Caroline are invited to be extras on a popular TV show shooting a scene in Han's diner, but when Caroline catches the director's eye, he offers her an actual role – with strings attached.
2x23 And the Tip Slip aired: Monday May 6, 2013
Caroline's father asks her to go on a talk show to defend him when a former employee threatens to defame him in a tell-all book.
2x24 And the Window of Opportunity aired: Monday May 13, 2013
When Max and Caroline offer to deep-clean a previously hidden part of the diner they discover something that could relaunch their cupcake business.

Season 3 Episode List

3x1 And the Soft Opening aired: Monday Sep 23, 2013
Word about a shocking incident involving a celebrity brings customers to Max and Caroline's new cupcake window.
3x2 And the Kickstarter aired: Monday Sep 30, 2013
Caroline tries to raise money for an expensive pair of new pants through an online fundraising site. Meanwhile, Max's new smartphone comes between her and Caroline.
3x3 And the Kitty Kitty Spank Spank aired: Monday Oct 7, 2013
When Max becomes smitten with an old stray cat that's been hanging around the apartment, Caroline tries to convince her they need to find it a better home. But just when they think they've found one, the cat's fate takes a turn.
3x4 And the Group Head aired: Monday Oct 14, 2013
When Max and Caroline can't figure out how to use the new cappuccino maker they bought for their cupcake business, they take temporary side jobs as baristas at a coffee house to learn the ropes.
3x5 And the Cronuts aired: Monday Oct 21, 2013
When Max and Caroline start losing business to the new cronut craze (half-croissant, half-donut), they come up with their own trend – cake fries.
3x6 And the Piece of Sheet aired: Monday Oct 28, 2013
Feeling guilty for buying hair extensions with their joint funds, Caroline splurges on a new bedding set for Max but gives the old one to charity, not realizing her old pillowcase has sentimental value.
3x7 And the Girlfriend Experience aired: Monday Nov 4, 2013
After Han emails photos of a stripper's face to his mother claiming she's his girlfriend, he begs Max and Caroline to find her and convince her to play his girlfriend when his mother arrives from Korea.
3x8 And the 'It' Hole aired: Monday Nov 11, 2013
When Caroline's date is a no-show after promising to take her to one of the city's hippest new restaurants, she and Max decide to take advantage of the hard-to-get reservation.
3x9 And the Pastry Porn aired: Monday Nov 18, 2013
Max decides to apply to the Manhattan School of Pastry and bakes a tart for her entrance exam.
3x10 And the First Day of School aired: Monday Nov 25, 2013
Max attempts to make a good impression on her first day of pastry school, but finds the class clown to be extremely distracting – and intriguing. Meanwhile, Caroline dresses to impress Max's handsome teacher, Nicolas.
3x11 And the Life After Death aired: Monday Dec 2, 2013
Caroline attends her former nanny's funeral, thinking the family will be honored to have her, but quickly finds out they have no idea who she is.
3x12 And the French Kiss aired: Monday Dec 16, 2013
After an incredible make-out session with Max's pastry school teacher, Chef Nicholas, Caroline finds out something that makes her wish it never happened.
3x13 And the Big But aired: Monday Jan 13, 2014
Max finds herself wanting to be more than just friends with her pastry school partner, Deke. Meanwhile, Caroline is "hot for teacher" - the married Chef Nicholas.
3x14 And the Dumpster Sex aired: Monday Jan 20, 2014
When Deke takes Max to his place after a great first date, his "home" is nothing like she expected. Meanwhile, Caroline feels empowered - then scared for her life - after having a shady car towed from the front of their apartment building.
3x15 And the Icing On the Cake aired: Monday Jan 27, 2014
When Deke invites Max's friends over for a gathering at his dumpster, Caroline learns an enormous secret about his background.
3x16 And the ATM aired: Monday Feb 3, 2014
Max decides to break up with Deke now that she knows about his wealthy background.
3x17 And the Married Man Sleepover aired: Monday Feb 24, 2014
Caroline asks Max and Deke to join her on her dinner date at Nicolas's loft to help make sure she doesn't do anything she might regret. Also, Max and Caroline treat themselves to very special hair appointments.
3x18 And the Near Death Experience aired: Monday Mar 3, 2014
Caroline goes into a tailspin and brings Max into the mix when Nicolas tells her he's going to leave his wife for her.
3x19 And the Kilt Trip aired: Monday Mar 17, 2014
Caroline tries to fit in with Max and the diner gang as they go out to get wild and crazy at the St. Patrick's Day parade, but finds herself longing to practice her former holiday traditions at the Plaza Hotel.
3x20 And the Not Broke Parents aired: Monday Mar 24, 2014
When Deke invites Max and Caroline to join him and his parents for dinner at their home, Max is tongue-tied until his mother confides in her about her secret past.
3x21 And the Wedding Cake Cake Cake aired: Monday Apr 14, 2014
Max and Caroline agree to make a wedding cake for a bride who can't decide on what style of cake she wants – or much of anything else.
3x22 And the New Lease on Life aired: Monday Apr 21, 2014
When Max and Caroline find out the lease is up on their apartment, they're forced to find the original tenant and have him re-sign, claiming he still lives there, or risk being evicted.
3x23 And the Free Money aired: Monday Apr 28, 2014
When Caroline and Max join Sophie at the racetrack as guests of Sophie's new bookie boyfriend, Caroline's reignited love for horse racing gets out of hand.
3x24 And the First Degree aired: Monday May 5, 2014
When Caroline discovers that Max didn't graduate high school by failing to show up for only one exam, she decides to help her best friend get her degree – and reconnect with her estranged mother.

Season 4 Episode List

4x1 And the Reality Problem aired: Monday Oct 27, 2014
A reality show producer approaches Max and Caroline about shooting an episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' at their cupcake window.
4x2 And the DJ Face aired: Monday Nov 3, 2014
Max is embarrassed when she discovers her Tuesday night boyfriend is a DJ at a grocery chain.
4x3 And the Childhood Not Included aired: Monday Nov 10, 2014
When Caroline accidentally loses Han's expensive fish while cleaning the tank, Max considers selling a sentimental gift she just received from her mother in order to pay for a new one.
4x4 And the Old Bike Yarn aired: Monday Nov 17, 2014
Caroline takes an abandoned bicycle in order to start a delivery service for their cupcake business, but discovers that Max never learned how to ride one.
4x5 And the Brand Job aired: Monday Nov 24, 2014
Max and Caroline's partnership - and friendship - is almost torn apart when Caroline drags Max to a seminar to help brand their cupcake business.
4x6 And the Model Apartment aired: Monday Dec 8, 2014
When Max and Caroline put their apartment up for rent on AirBnb, claiming it offers an authentic “Williamsburg experience,” a group of supermodels decide it would be a fun place for a girls' weekend.
4x7 And a Loan for Christmas aired: Monday Dec 15, 2014
Max and Caroline get a bank loan so they can mass-produce their cupcake T-shirts to sell at high-end boutiques. Also, the diner gang poses in Chestnut's barn as part of a holiday decorating contest Sophie entered.
4x8 And the Fun Factory aired: Monday Jan 5, 2015
Max and Caroline select a factory to produce their cupcake T-shirts, but become suspicious of the work conditions there due to their overly-enthusiastic employees.
4x9 And the Past and the Furious aired: Monday Jan 19, 2015
Caroline is shocked when she receives a Lamborghini for her birthday, which her father ordered for her four years ago. Meanwhile, Oleg has something big planned for Sophie.
4x10 And the Move-In Meltdown aired: Monday Feb 2, 2015
Max, Caroline, Earl and Han help Oleg move into Sophie's apartment until she begins turning away all of his things.
4x11 And the Crime Ring aired: Monday Feb 9, 2015
Max and Caroline are arrested for breaking into a cute guy's apartment to recover the rings Caroline left behind after she spent the night.
4x12 And the Knock-Off Knockout aired: Monday Feb 16, 2015
Max and Caroline get into a legal battle with two prep school teens who knocked off their cupcake T-shirts and are selling them.
4x13 And the Great Unwashed aired: Monday Feb 23, 2015
Max and Caroline find out that one of their customers at the diner is actually a successful photographer who has been keeping a secret.
4x14 And the Cupcake Captives aired: Monday Mar 9, 2015
Sophie's wedding shower is interrupted by a hostage situation and Max and Caroline's cupcake business gets unwanted attention when a tenant is arrested while wearing their company's T-shirt.
4x15 And the Fat Cat aired: Monday Mar 23, 2015
A handsome businessman returns Max and Caroline's missing cat, Nancy, who comes home with a big surprise.
4x16 And the Zero Tolerance aired: Monday Mar 30, 2015
Max and Caroline attempt to bring in extra money to help pay off their bank loan by taking second jobs as a pastry chef and a hostess at a chic restaurant.
4x17 And the High Hook-Up aired: Monday Apr 13, 2015
Max pursues Nashit, a handsome new waiter at The High, despite Joe's “no hook-up” rule.
4x18 And the Taste Test aired: Monday Apr 20, 2015
When Sophie takes Max and Caroline shopping for their bridesmaids' dresses, the girls enlist the diner gang's help to hide the ugliest ones, in the hopes of avoiding complete and utter humiliation.
4x19 And the Look of the Irish aired: Monday Apr 27, 2015
Max and Caroline try to break Nash into the modeling business in an effort to bring in extra money acting as his managers. Also, Sophie and Oleg attempt to keep celibate for 30 days before their wedding.
4x20 And the Minor Problem aired: Monday May 4, 2015
Max and Caroline's attempt to break Nash into the modeling business comes to a screeching halt when his mother arrives from Ireland to retrieve her son.
4x21 And the Grate Expectations aired: Monday May 11, 2015
Max and Caroline help launch the new branch of The High at JFK airport, and Sophie discovers that Oleg may have an ulterior motive for wanting to marry her.
4x22 And the Disappointing Unit aired: Monday May 18, 2015
Max and Caroline are tasked with retrieving Sophie's wedding dress from customs and safely transporting it to the church in time for her big wedding.

Season 5 Episode List

5x1 And the Wrecking Ball aired: Thursday Nov 12, 2015
Max and Caroline team up with the diner staff in a frantic attempt to keep their businesses open when the city targets Han's diner and their cupcake window for destruction. Also, Sophie and Oleg announce that they are trying to have a baby.
5x2 And the Gym and Juice aired: Thursday Nov 19, 2015
When the shower at Max and Caroline's apartment breaks, they get part-time jobs at a fancy gym's juice bar and enjoy free use of the locker room. However, their jobs and free showers are jeopardized when Caroline has a run-in with a group of rich moms who are jealous of the attention she's getting from a sexy trainer.
5x3 And the Maybe Baby aired: Thursday Nov 26, 2015
The girls run into Caroline's newly engaged ex, Candy Andy, and Caroline offers to make his wedding cake. Later, when she sees Andy's seemingly perfect relationship and how he supports his fiancée's career, she wonders if she should have stayed with him.
5x4 And the Inside Outside Situation aired: Thursday Dec 10, 2015
The cupcake shop is boycotted after the girls refuse to sell cupcakes to an artist who wants to put cocktail weenies in them.
5x5 And the Escape Room aired: Thursday Dec 17, 2015

5x6 And the Not Regular Down There aired: Wednesday Jan 6, 2016
Max is both puzzled and curious when the new guy she is dating expresses hesitations about intimacy because he is “not regular down there.” Also, Sophie and Oleg struggle to get pregnant.
5x7 And the Coming out Party aired: Wednesday Jan 13, 2016
When Caroline's grandmother Astrid awakens from a coma with no knowledge of her family's massive money scandal, Caroline attempts to keep the truth hidden for a bit longer by giving Astrid one last fancy luncheon.
5x8 And the Basketball Jones aired: Wednesday Jan 20, 2016
Oleg's pro-basketball playing cousin comes to town to play a game against Max's favorite team and gifts her with two free tickets, but chaos ensues when the girls interfere with the game and risk ruining their cupcake business' reputation in the process.
5x9 And the Sax Problem aired: Wednesday Jan 27, 2016
When Earl is not invited to play with his old jazz band at their reunion show, Max and the diner gang join forces in order to get him back on stage performing.
5x10 And the No New Friends aired: Wednesday Feb 3, 2016
When Max reconnects with an old friend, Caroline's jealousy inspires her to try to make some new friends of her own.
5x11 And the Booth Babes aired: Wednesday Feb 10, 2016
Max and Caroline sign up to be “booth babes” in order to get into a huge gaming convention for free. Once inside, they're shocked to see that Han's friend has created video game characters based on them, and demand compensation.
5x12 And the Story Telling Show aired: Thursday Feb 18, 2016
Caroline shares her riches-to-rags life story on stage at a storytelling night and captures the attention of a Hollywood studio executive. Meanwhile, Sophie and Oleg search for a surrogate.
5x13 And the Lost Baggage aired: Thursday Feb 25, 2016
Max tags along with Caroline as she travels to Los Angeles on a film studio's dime to discuss the idea of making her riches-to-rags life story into a movie. While there, Max loses her luggage but finds a new crush.
5x14 And You Bet Your Ass aired: Thursday Mar 3, 2016
Caroline continues meeting with studio writers in an effort to make her life story into a movie, but she is torn when they reveal they would not portray Max in the project. Also, Max is being spoiled by her new Hollywood beau, Randy, who sets Caroline up on a date with his friend, Bob.
5x15 And the Great Escape aired: Thursday Mar 10, 2016
As Max pet-sits Randy's dog, Bruno, and Caroline sets up meetings with actresses who are interested in playing her in the potential biopic, Bruno escapes while a cannibalistic serial killer is loose in their neighborhood.
5x16 And the Pity Party Bus aired: Thursday Mar 31, 2016
The girls' Hollywood adventure continues as Caroline signs away the rights to her life story so it can be turned a movie. Also, Max is heartbroken when Randy breaks up with her via his therapist, Elliot, and Caroline rents a party bus in an attempt to cheer her up.
5x17 And the Show and Don't Tell aired: Thursday Apr 7, 2016
When the girls go to prison to see Caroline's father, Martin, perform in a musical, they tell him their plan to use Caroline's movie money to convert their cupcake window into a dessert bar.
5x18 And the Loophole aired: Thursday Apr 14, 2016
When the girls decide to look for a larger space for their dessert bar, Han sets them up with Evie, a real estate agent who has a crush on him. Also, Max is on the fence when Randy surprises her at the diner hoping to patch up their relationship, so she tells Caroline to decide for her.
5x19 And the Attack of the Killer Apartment aired: Thursday Apr 21, 2016
In an attempt to get to know Max's world better, her boyfriend Randy asks to spend a night at her apartment. Also, Caroline works on getting a liquor license for their dessert bar.
5x20 And the Partnership Hits the Fan aired: Thursday Apr 28, 2016
When a law firm courting Randy for a job invites Randy and Max to dinner at a hip new restaurant, the evening veers off course when their eclectic cuisine doesn't sit well with Max.
5x21 And the Ten Inches aired: Thursday May 5, 2016
When Max and Caroline need more space for their renovated dessert bar, they're willing to do just about anything to convince Angie (Lisa Lampenelli), the brash owner of the pizza place next door, to rent them her back office.
5x22 And the Big Gamble aired: Thursday May 12, 2016
When Max and Caroline discover that Han is in hot water after amassing substantial debt that he cannot repay from gambling on women's tennis, the diner gang rallies to help him.

Season 6 Episode List

6x1 And the Two Openings (1) aired: Monday Oct 10, 2016
Max deals with the aftermath of her breakup with Randy, Sophie and Oleg prepare for the birth of their baby and Han vows to take side jobs in order to take back full ownership of the diner.
6x2 And the Two Openings (2) aired: Monday Oct 10, 2016
When Sophie goes into labor just before the Dessert Bar's grand opening, she demands that Max and Caroline be present for the birth. Also, the girls run into problems when they don't secure a liquor license for their new venue.
6x3 And the 80's Movie aired: Monday Oct 17, 2016
Max and Caroline's plans to attract a more sophisticated clientele to their dessert bar take a turn when Max befriends a bouncer whose team of arm wrestlers becomes their latest patrons. Also, Max and Randy continue to text each other, but when she runs out of sexy messages to send him, Oleg offers to be her ghost writer.
6x4 And the Godmama Drama aired: Monday Oct 24, 2016
Oleg and Sophie's plan to have Max and Caroline as Barbara's godparents is derailed when Oleg's domineering mother, Olga, arrives from the Ukraine for the baby's baptism and fires Max and Caroline from their godparent duties.
6x5 And the College Experience aired: Monday Oct 31, 2016
When Caroline and Max are invited to speak about their business at Caroline's alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, Max takes the opportunity to give Caroline the college partying experience she never had. Also, Oleg's attempts to bond with baby Barbara are rebuffed by a possessive Sophie, and Han practices his magic tricks with a reluctant Earl as his assistant.
6x6 And the Rom-Commie aired: Monday Nov 7, 2016
Earl becomes concerned he may not be able to keep up when his long lost sweetheart, Pilar, visits from Cuba, and wants him to take her sightseeing around the country. Also, Max must decide whether it's time to take her texting relationship with Randy to the next level.
6x7 And the Sophie Doll aired: Monday Nov 14, 2016
When the girls take a bartending class in order to add cocktails to their dessert bar menu, Caroline must think quickly when she has to take the class exam solo after Max gets chicken pox from Han. Also, Sophie creates a creepy lookalike video monitor doll to keep tabs on baby Barbara.
6x8 And the Duck Stamp aired: Monday Nov 21, 2016
Max and Caroline's dessert bar business booms when they hire Clint, a popular bartender, but the girls need to intervene when Han becomes addicted to the mixologist's potent cocoa powder in his signature cacao drink. Also, Han enters a duck stamp-drawing contest, and glamour eludes Sophie as she adjusts to being a mom.
6x9 And the About Facetime aired: Monday Dec 5, 2016
When Randy and Max get tired of Caroline being the third wheel on their FaceTime dates, Randy sets her up with one of his co-workers. Also, Oleg is distraught when Sophie tells him to trade in his beloved car for a minivan.
6x10 And the Himmicane aired: Monday Dec 12, 2016

6x11 And the Planes, Fingers And Automobiles aired: Monday Dec 19, 2016
When Max decides to head to Los Angeles to win back Randy, she and Caroline embark on a cross-country road trip with Han at the wheel. Also, while Han and the girls are away, Oleg takes charge of the diner, and Sophie fills in as a waitress.
6x12 And the Riverboat Runs Through It aired: Monday Jan 2, 2017
As Max and Caroline's road trip misadventures continue, their lack of money finds them stowing away and waitressing on a riverboat to New Orleans as Max tries to reach Randy in Texas. Back at the diner, Oleg and Sophie rake in big bucks when they sell pony rides with Chestnut.
6x13 And the Stalking Dead aired: Monday Jan 16, 2017
Max and Caroline get their big break when they're cast as zombie extras after they finally arrive at the movie set in Texas where Randy is working. Back at home, Han and Oleg try their hand at construction after they fire the contractor working on the dessert bar.
6x14 And the Emergency Contractor aired: Monday Jan 23, 2017
When Max and Caroline get home from their road trip, Caroline discovers she likes the dessert bar renovations as much as she likes Bobby, the contractor on the job. Also, Max rushes to Randy's side when she hears he's in the hospital in New York City, and Sophie joins a mommy group that cares more about partying than baby talk.
6x15 And the Turtle Sense aired: Monday Feb 6, 2017
Caroline is excited to go out on her first date with Bobby, but has nervous jitters when she realizes Max will be in charge of the dessert bar solo for the first time. Also, Sophie and Oleg decide to mix things up and try going out on a date instead of staying in.
6x16 And the Tease Time aired: Monday Feb 13, 2017
As Caroline prepares for her third date with Bobby, she decides to spice things up by taking a burlesque class accompanied by a reluctant Max, who decides to give up sex in the wake of her breakup with Randy. Also, Max decides to take up a new hobby and goes golfing with Han.
6x17 And the Jessica Shmessica aired: Monday Feb 20, 2017
When Bobby invites Caroline to a party to meet his family, she is eager to make a good impression but isn't prepared for the torch that his mother and sisters still carry for Bobby's ex-girlfriend. Also, Caroline's nerves are even more frayed when the diner gang decides to tag along.
6x18 And the Dad Day Afternoon aired: Monday Feb 27, 2017
When Han's new therapist suggests that Max needs to confront her "daddy issues" and fear of intimacy, she reluctantly heads to Rhode Island to track down her birth father with the diner gang in tow. Also, Oleg is up in arms when Sophie wants him to help out around the house.
6x19 And The Baby and Other Things aired: Monday Mar 13, 2017
When Caroline encourages Bobby's sister, Denise, to quit her job, the couple heads toward their first fight when Caroline realizes the company Denise works for is her mother's. Also, after Max reads a text on Bobby's phone suggesting he has a child with his ex, Jessica, she and Han go undercover as an engaged couple to Jessica's wedding planning shop to find out the truth.
6x20 And the Alley-Oops aired: Monday Mar 20, 2017
Caroline tries to embrace Bobby's hobby of bowling, but she fears she is his bad luck charm when she accidentally injures his teammate's hand and threatens their chance for a championship. Also, Max uses her bowling prowess to get onto Bobby's team, and Sophie worries that baby Barbara might not be smart enough.
6x21 And The Rock Me On The Dais aired: Monday Apr 10, 2017
The girls are excited when they are invited to a press junket to promote the film about Caroline's life, but Caroline is shocked when her ex-boyfriend, Candy Andy, shows up. Also, Bobby gets jealous over Caroline and Candy Andy's reconnection and asks the diner gang for advice.
6x22 And 2 Broke Girls: The Movie aired: Monday Apr 17, 2017
As the big premiere of the film about Caroline's life arrives, the girls and the diner gang prepare for their night on the red carpet. Also, Caroline and Max contemplate their future at the diner and the states of their love lives.

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Show Status: Concluded
6 Seasons, 138 Episodes


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How much were the pair of shoes that Caroline picked up at Goodwill?

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