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Wow Doge, Doge avatar with the text WOW Doge
Cute Bloo, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Olaf Avatar, I've been impaled Frozen
Sons of Anarchy logo, Sons of Anarchy
Two Sides Kaneki, The picture of the main protagonist, kaneki, with black hair (left) and white hair (right) Tokyo Ghoul
Doge Taco, Doge
Pikachu Cheeks, Pokemon
Elsa Avatar, Frozen
Shiro, Blushing Shiro! No Game No Life
White Haired Kaneki, The picture of the main protagonist, ken kaneki with white hair from the 1st season opening song. Tokyo Ghoul
Top Doge, Doge
AoT Characters Avatar, Attack on Titan
One Piece B&W Flag Avatar, One Piece black and white Flag Avatar One Piece
Juggernaut, Dota 2
Asuna Avatar, Sword Art Online
Heisenberg Drawn Avatar, Breaking Bad
Kawaii Chibi Blushing Boy Avatar, Anime Boys
Shiroe Glasses Avatar, Shiroe adjusting his glasses with evil look. Log Horizon
Hollow Ichigo Avatar, Another Hollow Ichigo Bleach
Angry Doge, Doge
Guilty Crown Shu Avatar, Guilty Crown
Snoop Dogg with Mordecai and Rigby, Snoop Dogg dancing with Mordecai and Rigby Regular Show
Jake Rainbow, Animated Adventure Time Jake avatar, with a rainbow in the background. Adventure Time
kirito avatar, Sword Art Online
Rick and Morty Pixel Avatar, Rick and Morty
Chibi Akatsuki, Log Horizon
Anime Demon boy, Red eyes, black hair Anime Boys
Hinami Fueguchi, The animated avatar of Hinami Fueguchi blinking her eyes. She is a ghoul child whose parents were killed by ghoul investigators. Tokyo Ghoul
Minion, Minion Eye Despicable Me
Chibi Roshan, Dota 2
Homer Simpson, The Simpsons
Angry Tony Montana, Scarface
Castiel eating, Supernatural
Shiroe with Staff Avatar, Log Horizon
Haley Dunphy Avatar, Modern Family