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Temperance Bones Brennan, Bones
Confused Dog, Confused Dog Doge
One Piece Crew Avatar, One Piece
Hoban "Wash" Washburne, Firefly
Legion Commander, My fav hero Dota 2
Ariana with smokey eyes and red hair, Ariana Ariana Grande
Sakuya, Sakuya, the leader of the elves Sword Art Online
Title, Game of Thrones
Ariana with a red bow and red hair, Ariana Grande
Dante DMC 5, Dante What the f**k Devil May Cry
Night Raid's Akame, The main character from anime Akame Ga Kill. She is a former assassin of the capital and now she is in Night Raid. She uses sword which can instantly kill named Murasame. Akame ga Kill!
Red Sad Girl, Scissors Anime Girls
Carla, Scrubs
Vampire boy smirk avatar, Anime Boys
Simple Jake, Minimalistic Jake the Dog from Adventure Time avatar. Adventure Time
Lanie Parish Avatar, Castle
Holo and Lawrence, Spice and Wolf
Calum H., Calum Hood moving icon. 5 Seconds of Summer
BTS Bangtan Boys icon, BTS bangtan boys logo Bangtan Boys
Patrick Jane Avatar, The Mentalist
Elsa Avatar, Another Elsa avatar with brighter saturation Frozen
Cool Dog, Cool dog Doge
Black and white avatar, Anime Boys
Serena hypnotized, Serena hypnotized photo Pokemon
One Piece Logo, One Piece
Kurapika Avatar, Hunter x Hunter
Anime boy playing guitar, Anime Boys
Charlie Kelly, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Anime kiss, Anime Love
Oh Ha Ni, Playful Kiss Playful Kiss
Britta Perry Avatar, Community
Dāku Ando Dāku (Dark and Dark), Andou Jurai is showing his superpower Dark and Dark. The Japanese pronunciation of "Dark and Dark" (Dāku Ando Dāku), contains "Ando" which refers to it's owner, Jurai Andō. Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de
General Esdeath, Akame ga Kill!
Lemon Grab, Adventure Time
The Bard Shooting, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug