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Found 101 Imvu Moments Avatars
Hot imvu avatar, beautiful girl IMVU
Blonde Girl avatar, Imvu Moments
Kawaii boy avatar, IMVU male avatars kawaii blonde boy with pink plaid hoodie Imvu Moments
Emo girl avatar, Black hair emo girl Imvu Moments
Tribal Girl Avatar, Imvu Moments
Imvu logo, Imvu logo avatar size Imvu Moments
#45, IMVU
#9, IMVU
Black Lipstick, IMVU Black Lipstick IMVU
Imvu Display Avatar, Beginner default avatar Imvu Moments
Imvu Display Avatar, Avatars for Beginners Imvu Moments
#63, IMVU
#61, IMVU
#57, IMVU
white beauty, IMVU avatar IMVU
#18, IMVU
White Neko avatar, Imvu kawaii avatars a white haired neko with black ears. Imvu Moments
#58, IMVU
Urban avatar for beginners, Imvu Moments
Cute Chibi avatar, Kawaii neko chibi avatar blonde Imvu Moments
#29, IMVU
Kawaii avatar for beginners, IMVU default avatars Imvu Moments
imvu, IMVU
#52, IMVU
#37, IMVU
#14, IMVU
#55, IMVU
#34, IMVU
Hot pose, imvu avatar IMVU
#15, IMVU
#53, IMVU
Avatar name: iLucyLucky, Me on imvu. IMVU
IMVU Boy, cool looking IMVU
Police Avatar, Male avatars long purple hair male wearing glasses and police hat. Imvu Moments
Summer Chic, Make your avatar Hawaii theme and be the queen of the beach! IMVU