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Genres Documentary Special Interest
"BEHIND MANSION WALLS" tells the stories of crime, mystery, and murder that unfold behind the veil of wealth and privilege. Secret affairs, hidden accounts, and false identities are just the tip of the iceberg in a world clouded by money that could lead to murder. Hosted by society columnist Christopher Mason, this series uses expert testimony, stylized recreations, and narration from the victim's first-person perspective, escorting viewers behind picture perfect facades, where greed leads to murder and no one is above the law. (Source: Investigation Discovery)
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Behind Mansion Walls episode list

Season 1 Episode List

1x1 Death in Palm Beach aired: Monday Jun 6, 2011
Palm Beach is Florida's classic playground of the rich. Exclusive country clubs, millionaire mansions, and a high society open only to the 'right' kind of people. But where the money flows, greed and envy, and even murder will follow close behind.
1x2 The Perfect Crime aired: Monday Jun 13, 2011
There's a sense of entitlement that can come with growing up in a wealthy family. The silver spoon to the rich child's mouth can also deliver a heaping dose of ego. But what happens when these products of privilege think they can outsmart the cops?
1x3 Fatal Dynasty aired: Monday Jun 20, 2011
The Du Ponts are one of the great American dynasties, a family built on historic wealth and reputation. But the family name would be tarnished after it was connected to two shocking murders with extraordinary stories behind them.
1x4 Rich Kids aired: Monday Jun 27, 2011
With children, what's the worst an average parent can expect? A temper tantrum? Rich kids can take brat behavior to a deadly level. All their lives, these children were given everything they wanted. When they heard the word 'no', they reached for guns.
1x5 Above The Law aired: Monday Jul 4, 2011
When people acquire a fortune, an arrogant attitude can come with it. These individuals can sometimes turn into criminals for the sake of money. The murderers in this episode are all united by one desire - to keep their lifestyle at any cost.
1x6 The Wayward Son aired: Monday Jul 11, 2011
There is an old saying that is whispered in the exclusive parties where the wealthy socialize. The grandfather will make a fortune, the father will build on it, and the son will squander it. These sons did more than lose money, they also took lives.
1x7 Fatal Greed aired: Monday Jul 18, 2011
When you're already wealthy beyond most people's wildest dreams, why would you need more? And why would you risk everything by killing to get it? Greed drove these people to the brink, and they committed horrifying acts in order to fulfill their desire.
1x8 A Family Feud aired: Monday Jul 25, 2011
All families have their moments of madness around the dinner table. When the family fortune runs into the millions, a passing rivalry can flare up into a lethal conflict. Nothing tears at the gilded fabric of a wealthy life like a bitter family feud.
1x9 Husbands & Wives aired: Monday Aug 1, 2011
When these couples said "I Do", it was more than a union of love, it was a union of wealth and dreams. But money did not buy happiness, it bought death and despair. These husbands and wives had dream marriages that ended in murder, prison and disgrace.
1x10 Secret Lives aired: Monday Aug 8, 2011
Socialites who went into hiding to conceal their crimes and protect their wealth
1x11 Beverly Hills Kids aired: Monday Aug 15, 2011
Crimes of rich kids.
1x12 The Hired Help aired: Monday Aug 22, 2011
Murder for hire.
1x13 Getting Away With It aired: Monday Aug 29, 2011
Examining cases in which the defendant's wealth may have affected the verdict.

Season 2 Episode List

2x1 A Toxic Inheritance aired: Thursday Jun 7, 2012
A tale of a toxic inheritance unfolds in the Season 2 premiere.
2x2 The Killer Inside aired: Thursday Jun 14, 2012
A homicide case is discussed.
2x3 Sex, Money, Death aired: Thursday Jun 21, 2012
Pride, passion, and power are important tools for success. For these men there was never enough to satisfy them. And when the cracks began to show they no longer wanted to play by the rules, leaving a path of death, destruction and despair in their wake.
2x4 Kiss or Kill aired: Thursday Jun 28, 2012
Murders motivated by affairs, including cases involving an oil baron and a dog trainer, are discussed.
2x5 Hidden Desires aired: Thursday Jul 5, 2012
Immoral men are exposed in the wake of two murders.
2x6 Death Before Divorce aired: Thursday Jul 12, 2012
Two divorces that turned deadly are discussed.
2x7 A Killer's Smile aired: Thursday Jul 19, 2012
They seduce us with their smiles, but behind their charm and wealth lies the heart of an ice cold killer. Desperate to hang on to their glamorous lifestyles, these men stop at nothing to keep their fantasy alive - including murder.
2x8 Born to Win aired: Thursday Jul 26, 2012
The murders of brothers Andrew and Robert Kissel are discussed.
2x9 Daddy Dearest aired: Thursday Aug 2, 2012
Fathers gone bad.
2x10 Devils in Disguise aired: Thursday Aug 9, 2012
The rimes of a family and a respected member of the community are detailed.
2x11 Money Mysteries aired: Thursday Aug 16, 2012
A case of greed and murder that inspired conspiracy theories is detailed.
2x12 The Price of Love aired: Thursday Aug 23, 2012
These women thought they had found their modern day fairytale - the man, the house and the millions. But as the pages turned, their fairytale soon became a nightmare ending in murder.
2x13 Family Ties aired: Thursday Aug 30, 2012
Families driven apart by money are spotlighted.

Season 3 Episode List

3x1 Above Suspicion aired: Thursday May 23, 2013

3x2 Dark Secrets aired: Thursday May 30, 2013

3x3 Mask of Lies aired: Thursday Jun 6, 2013

3x4 Flesh & Blood aired: Thursday Jun 13, 2013

3x5 Heir to Misfortune aired: Thursday Jun 20, 2013

3x6 Never Enough aired: Thursday Jun 27, 2013

3x7 Kill for Cash aired: Thursday Jul 11, 2013

3x8 A Bankrupt Heart aired: Thursday Jul 18, 2013

3x9 Lord and Master aired: Thursday Jul 25, 2013

3x10 Rough Diamonds aired: Thursday Aug 1, 2013

3x11 Spoiled Rotten aired: Thursday Aug 8, 2013

3x12 Covet and Kill aired: Thursday Aug 15, 2013

3x13 Blood Money aired: Thursday Aug 22, 2013

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