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Female Natsu, Natsu drawn as a female, with long hair and sharp eyelashes Female Natsu
Laxus Dreyar, The grandson of the fairy tail guild master, makarov dreyat Laxus Dreyar
Juvia Lockser, Juvia the rain girl Juvia Lockser
Warrod Seeken, 4th ranked wizard saint Warrod Seeken
Jellal Fernandes, A childhood friend of erza scarlet Jellal Fernandes
Millianna, Erza's childhood friend Millianna
Lucy, Lucy smiling with her usual hairstyle Lucy
Yukino Aguria, Sabertooth's "failure" Yukino Aguria
Gray Fullbuster a proud member of the guild fairy tail, This is a tiny version of Gray fullbuster, many people call it chibi. He is shirtless and looking cute Gray Fullbuster a proud member of the guild fairy tail
Wendy Marvell, Wendy with a wondering expression Wendy Marvell
Natsu Dragneel, Little Natsu with pink background Natsu Dragneel
Cosmos, A member of the Garou Knights. She knows how to do Stellar magic. Cosmos
♥ Juvia ♥, Juvia kawaii :3 ♥ Juvia ♥
Flare Corona, Hair magic user Flare Corona
Wendy Marvell Avatar, Wendy Marvell happy avatar Wendy Marvell Avatar
Gray Fullbuster, Gray with clothes on! Gray Fullbuster

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