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This story focuses primarily on the heroine Rin Tohsaka. After her father’s death, Rin enters the Holy Grail War as the sole heir to the prestigious Tohsaka Household, with her servant Archer. But, she soon finds out that Shirou Emiya, a boy from her high school has gotten himself involved in the battles and unexpectedly saves him when he is fatally injured. Before long, Rin sets out to strike down the conspiracies surrounding the Holy Grail War along with Shirou and his summoned servant Saber. And so, the story begins to explore the truth behind Shirou’s powers and the nature behind his unyielding will to become a “hero.”
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Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works episode list

Season 1 Episode List

1x1 A Winter's Day, A Fateful Night aired: Sunday Oct 12, 2014
Shirou Emiya is a high school student who always helps people around him whenever he has a spare moment. His dream has always been to become a hero of justice. One night, he stumbles upon a battle between two Servants...
1x2 The Curtain Rises aired: Sunday Oct 19, 2014
Rin takes Shirou and Saber to the church in New Fuyuki. She introduces Shirou to Kotomine Kirei. Will Shirou accept to participate in the Holy Grail War despite all the danger?
1x3 The First Battle aired: Sunday Oct 26, 2014
Rin and Shirou run into a girl named Illyasviel von Einzbern. She has a Servant who is a big mad monster! What does this girl want from them?
1x4 Finding the Will to Fight aired: Sunday Nov 2, 2014
Saber tells Shirou all about Heroic Spirits and Noble Phantasms. She explains why she doesn't want to reveal her true identity to him. Shirou wants Saber to stay at his place for a while. Will Fujimura approve this request?
1x5 Dancing After School aired: Sunday Nov 9, 2014
A student went missing after her archery club practice. The last person to talk to her was Shinji. And now Shinji is nowhere to be found either!
1x6 Mirage aired: Sunday Nov 16, 2014
Shirou and Rin continue investigating the bounded field at the school. Will they be able to solve this mystery and find out who the third Master is?
1x7 The Reward for the Fight to the Death aired: Sunday Nov 23, 2014
Saber faces Assassin while Archer and Caster go into battle against each other! What will be the outcome?
1x8 Winter Days, Where the Heart Is aired: Sunday Nov 30, 2014
Shirou continues his training with Saber. She is glad that his abilities have improved, but there is something different about his technique. Meanwhile, Rin suspects there is a fourth Master at school.
1x9 The Distance Between Them aired: Sunday Dec 7, 2014
Archer finally arrives at the scene in the school. Rin fills him in on what happened. Together with Shirou and Saber, they plan to find out who the real Master of Caster is. After losing Rider, Shinji heads to the church!
1x10 The Fifth Contractor aired: Sunday Dec 14, 2014
Rin suspects Kuzuki might be the Master of Caster. With the help of a hesitant Shirou, she implements a dangerous plan in a remote location to test out her theory.
1x11 A Visitor Approaches Lightly aired: Sunday Dec 21, 2014
After making progress with the development of his projection magic, Shirou starts experiencing the side effects of having pushed his body to the limit.
1x12 The Final Decision aired: Sunday Dec 28, 2014
Rin finally asks Shirou out on a date, but their enjoyment is cut short when Caster makes her move. Shirou is forced to make a difficult decision to protect the people he cares about.

Season 2 Episode List

2x1 Time of Departure aired: Saturday Apr 4, 2015
Caster keeps Saber hostage, but Kuzuki is not happy with his Servant calling her own shots. Rin, determined to take out Caster and her Master, orders Archer to take out Kuzuki. Will Archer do as she says?
2x2 Princess of Colchis aired: Saturday Apr 11, 2015
At his home, Shirō tells Rin that he plans on continuing to fight in the Holy Grail War, even without the use of a Servant. She replies that she has no choice but to let him before reaffirming their partnership. While discussing a strategy to defeat Caster and rescue Saber, the two decide to team up with Illyasviel, since Archer had told Rin that Berserker is in fact the ancient Greek hero Heracles, which might give them an advantage against Caster. Meanwhile, Caster recounts the time she was summoned by another magus for the Holy Grail War, only to be unsatisfied by his inefficient method of acquiring mana for her. After Caster requested to create mana herself, the magus realized he could not trust a magic user better than himself. As a result, he contacted Kirei and asked for another Servant, but Kirei told him to dispatch Caster first before making another Master-Servant pact. The magus then sent out a contract to Lancer's Master, a colleague, for Caster's death. In the meantime, she destroyed the magus's workshop, and then killed him when he returned and tried to use his Command Seals to force her into committing suicide. She was then gravely injured by Lancer and barely escaped with her life, but she was saved by Kuzuki, who became her new Master. In the present day, Illyasviel observes Shirō and Rin traveling to her villa, then sends out her maids to retrieve them. However, the villa is breached by Shinji and his new Servant, who reveals his knowledge that the Holy Grail's vessel is being held inside Illyasviel. When the maids retaliate in an effort to protect Illyasviel, the Servant kills them with a Noble Phantasm that summons numerous swords and fires them. He is then confronted by Illyasviel, who orders Berserker to attack him.
2x3 Confrontation of Myth aired: Saturday Apr 18, 2015
Ten years ago, in the aftermath of the Fourth Holy Grail War, Illyasviel had a vision of her mother Irisviel, who claimed her husband and Illyasviel's father, a participant in the war, betrayed them by refusing to accept the Holy Grail when it presented itself to him. At first, she refused to believe it, but realized the truth when her father did not return home. As time passed, she stumbled upon a room in her home, containing numerous homunculi that were created to serve Illyasviel's purpose, only to fail in their missions. Realizing she too is a homunculus from their dying messages, Illyasviel became disillusioned with her life. Later on, she met her current maids, who assisted her in summoning Berserker. However, she initially did not want it, resolving to participate and win the Holy Grail War by herself. During the final test of her Master-Servant link ritual, she became lost in the nearby woods, being separated from Berserker, and was mauled by a pack of wolves. Berserker rescued her, and afterwards, she realized it was protecting her out of its own free will. In the present day, Illyasviel and Berserker continue their battle against Shinji's Servant as Shirō and Rin arrive to witness the event. As the battle reaches the main entrance, the Servant eventually restrains Berserker using chains fired from his Noble Phantasm, allowing him to impale Berserker with a large spear. Then, he blinds and then stabs Illyasviel with a sword; as she crawls to Berserker's side, it makes one last attempt to strike the Servant, only to be killed. Shirō attempts to intervene, but Illyasviel dies in comfort, believing Berserker is still at her side.
2x4 Winter Days, the Form Wishes Take aired: Saturday Apr 25, 2015
As Shinji's Servant tears out Illyasviel's heart from her corpse, Shirō and Rin confront him and Shinji himself. When Rin threatens to kill Shinji, the two are forced to leave, but not before Shinji reveals his Servant's name as Gilgamesh. While burying Illyasviel, Rin confronts Shirō about his ideals and tells him that he needs to prioritize himself over others, otherwise he will break. He denies this and tells her about the time Kiritsugu rescued him, which caused him to admire him. However, Rin tells him that it is still wrong to value the lives of others over his own, citing that someone who was spared from a terrible tragedy has to live out their life to the fullest and that wishing for the happiness of others is no different from a machine. Despite her argument, Shirō remains committed to his ideals. Later on, as they evaluate Gilgamesh's power and conclude that Caster is still their priority, the two are approached by Lancer, who offers his assistance, which they accept. Meanwhile, Archer learns about Kuzuki's wish to help Caster succeed in her plan to return to her original era using the Holy Grail. Archer later confronts Shirō, Rin, and Lancer as they arrive at the church. Lancer engages Archer to give Shirō and Rin time to breach the church. As they do so, Rin informs Shirō that only one jewel (the same one he previously returned to her) exists in the world, and that Archer had already returned such a jewel to her.
2x5 The Dark Sword Bares Its Fangs aired: Saturday May 2, 2015
Shirō and Rin confront Caster and Kuzuki, who engage them in battle. Meanwhile, Lancer overwhelms Archer with his attacks, after which Archer mocks his sense of loyalty and honor, thus infuriating him. As a result, Lancer tries to use his powerful Noble Phantasm to strike him down, but Archer is barely able to counter it with a magical barrier, which expends most of his strength in the process and destroys the church. After praising Lancer's power, Archer reveals he staged his betrayal of Rin so he could take advantage of Caster when she had her guard down, prompting Lancer to leave. Back at the church, Shirō and Rin are both overwhelmed by their opponents, but Archer suddenly appears and ambushes Kuzuki, firing several swords at his direction. Caster shields Kuzuki from the swords and is impaled herself. As she dies, she confesses to Kuzuki that her wish was already granted. Kuzuki then tries to fight Archer, explaining that since he had helped in disrupting the usual proceedings of the Holy Grail War, he had to finish what he started. He is then stabbed by Archer and crushed by a collapsing pillar. As Shirō attends to the captive Saber, Archer suddenly traps Rin inside a cage of swords and declares his intention, as a "Guardian", to kill Shirō.
2x6 The Beginning of the Circle aired: Saturday May 9, 2015
Saber defends Shirō from Archer despite her chances of disappearing without a Master to anchor her down to the world, stating that she swore an oath to protect Shirō and that it remains unchanged. However, she is overwhelmed by Archer, forcing Shirō to intervene and take over in the fight. Rin takes advantage of Archer's distraction to form a Master-Servant pact with Saber, which she accepts, therefore making her Rin's new Servant. Fully restored, she subdues Archer, who mocks her for her wish of rectifying her legacy. He then casts Reality Marble, a spell that creates an alternate reality. Shirō, Rin, and Saber are subsequently transported to Unlimited Blade Works, Archer's Noble Phantasm, which is an alternate reality consisting of a barren wasteland filled with swords and levitating gears. Archer creates several duplicates of Saber's sword and fires them at her, but Shirō summons a sword of his own and destroys the duplicates, dissipating Unlimited Blade Works as a result. A weakened Archer grabs Rin, intending to use her as an insurance policy against Shirō and Saber while he recuperates. Before he flees, Shirō tells him to meet up with him at Illysaviel's villa. Later on, a restrained Rin wakes up after having another dream about Archer, and confronts him about his past as a Guardian. Then, Shinji and Gilgamesh arrive, and Archer agrees to give Rin to them for their own needs after he has finished killing Shirō. Back at his house, Shirō tells Saber to let him battle Archer while she rescues Rin, also implying that he knows of Archer's true identity. As they make their way to Illysaviel's villa, they are joined by Lancer, who is also determined to rescue Rin.
2x7 Idealism's End (The Answer) aired: Saturday May 16, 2015
Shirō, Saber, and Lancer arrive at Illysaviel's villa, where they are met by Archer, who exposits on the true nature of his summoning: Rin had not in fact summoned him by chance, and the catalyst for his summoning was actually the pendent he carries, identical to the one Rin used to save Shirō. While Lancer runs off to retrieve Rin, Saber demands to know why Archer is so intent on killing Shirō. Archer responds that, like Shirō, he aspired to become a hero of justice and actually fulfilled that ideal, but became disillusioned by it and became a Servant so he could rectify it. He then forces Saber to reveal her back-story to Shirō: her true identity is that of King Arthur, who hoped to use the Holy Grail to undo her decision to become the king of Britain, as she believes it was her rule that eventually resulted in the country's destruction. When she then remarks that she and Archer are different in terms of how much they were able to live up to their ideals, Archer elaborates that when he became a Guardian in order to become a true hero of justice, he became disillusioned after he was forced to take lives in order to save many more. He eventually concluded that his ideals were shallow and that it was impossible to save everyone, just as he envisioned. Archer then reveals his true identity: Shirō's future self, the Heroic Spirit Emiya. Meanwhile, Shinji tries to rape Rin, only for Lancer to arrive and incapacitate him. Then, Kirei suddenly appears, exposes himself as Lancer's Master, and reveals he was the one who killed Rin's father in the previous Holy Grail War. He then orders Lancer to kill Rin, intending to use her body as a vessel for the Holy Grail. When Lancer refuses, Kirei uses one of his many Command Seals and orders him to commit suicide, which he does. Back at the main entrance, Emiya tosses Shirō one of his swords and orders him to kill himself with it. However, Shirō refuses, proclaiming that since he learned Emiya's story, he will do all he can to avoid becoming him. As a result, he and Emiya prepare to engage each other in battle.
2x8 Unlimited Blade Works aired: Saturday May 23, 2015
hirō and Emiya begin their battle, with Shirō finding that while he is only barely able to hold off Emiya's attacks, he is slowly becoming stronger the longer he clashes with Emiya. Meanwhile, Kirei prepares to take Rin's heart against Shinji's protests. However, Lancer, mortally wounded but still alive, fatally stabs Kirei. Shinji, on the verge of insanity, takes this opportunity to try and rape Rin again, only to be chased off by Lancer, who lightly wounds him. After freeing Rin, he collapses to the ground and laments how he would have liked for Rin to be his Master. Both Rin and Lancer bid farewell to each other, and as Rin leaves, Lancer sets a fire to destroy both him and Kirei's corpse. Back at the main entrance, Shirō and Emiya continue to battle, with Emiya activating Unlimited Blade Works and slowly gaining the upper hand. As their swords clash, Shirō begins to see Emiya's memories and becomes aware of what his future holds in store for him. With his belief shaken, Shirō is quickly defeated by Emiya and left on the verge of death. As he lies on the ground, Shirō begins to reflect on the memories he gained from Emiya, as well as the memories of Kiritsugu saving him ten years ago. From this, Shirō concludes his ideals are not wrong, and he decides to continue to fight. At that moment, Saber's scabbard Avalon, which Kiritsugu had placed inside Shirō to restore the injuries he sustained from the fire, activates and heals Shirō's wounds. With his confidence in his ideals restored, Shirō prepares to battle Emiya again, with the declaration that he will defeat him.
2x9 Answer aired: Saturday May 30, 2015
Shirō and Emiya continue their battle, with Emiya chastising Shirō for continuing to pursue his ideal and declaring that he will remove every trace of him in existence. However, as the battle continues, Emiya begins to realize that Shirō, being himself, will never give up and that it is pointless to defeat him now. Finally, as he explains the beauty he saw in his ideal, Shirō's spirit begins to overwhelm Unlimited Blade Works, and he rushes Emiya. Emiya tries to react, but he becomes distracted by a flashback of Kiritsugu's last moments and is wounded by Shirō, just as Rin arrives. With this, Emiya admits defeat and allows Shirō, Rin, and Saber to escape, before being impaled by three swords fired from Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasm. Declaring his hatred for fakes, Gilgamesh fires more swords at Shirō and Emiya, but Emiya pushes Shirō out of the way and dies after taking the full blow of the attack. Saber, expressing a familiarity with Gilgamesh, demands to know why he is here, and he explains that after the end of the Fourth Holy Grail War, in which he was an Archer-class Servant, he bathed in the Holy Grail during its destruction at the hands of Saber, also a Servant in that war, and took physical form. He then explains the Holy Grail's true function as a container for thousands of curses, before announcing his intention to take it for himself and use it as a weapon to eradicate the human race, being disgusted by the lifestyle of modern humans and hoping to rule over any potential survivors. He then leaves the villa and later finds Shinji in the forest, learning from him about Kirei's death and the reason behind Rin's escape. When Shinji asks about finding a vessel for the Holy Grail, Gilgamesh implants Illyasviel's heart into him, deeming him a worthy enough vessel, and leaves him as he begins to mutate into a massive, shapeless form of flesh.
2x10 Winter Days, A Long Way Home aired: Saturday Jun 6, 2015
Returning to Shirō's home, he, Rin, and Saber all decide to avenge Emiya and stop Gilgamesh by destroying the Holy Grail once and for all. Through the use of familiar spirits, Rin deduces that the Holy Grail is being summoned at Ryuudou Temple. She then explains that Shinji, the only other magus participating in the Holy Grail War, would be the only viable candidate as a substitute vessel, as it was apparent Illysaviel was supposed to turn into the Lesser Grail at the end of the war. While devising a strategy to defeat Gilgamesh, Rin realizes Emiya was the only one who could perfectly counter him, since he had the ability to summon a duplicate of any kind of weapon. She then concludes that Shirō needs to master Unlimited Blade Works so he too could be an even match against Gilgamesh. Since he doesn't have the sufficient mana to do so, Rin improvises, performing a ritual that implants her Magic Crest into Shirō, thus allowing them to share their mana storage. During the ritual, Shirō inadvertently taps into Rin's memories, something that embarrasses Rin when she finds out. Afterwards, Shirō finds Saber exploring his house, and she thanks him for showing her the way to her dream. Then, she has him promise that he and Rin will survive the Holy Grail War. Meanwhile, Gilgamesh has finished transporting Shinji to Ryuudou Temple, which summons the Holy Grail.
2x11 Incarnation aired: Saturday Jun 13, 2015
While Saber faces off against the guard at the gate, Shirou and Rin try to destroy the Holy Grail!
2x12 Unlimited Blade Works aired: Saturday Jun 20, 2015
With everything seeming to be against them, will Shirou and Rin be able to survive?
2x13 Epilogue aired: Saturday Jun 27, 2015

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