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Saber Avatar, Saber Avatar
Gilgamesh Avatar, Gilgamesh Avatar
Saber with Excalibur Avatar, Saber with Excalibur Avatar
Fate Logo Avatar, Fate Logo Avatar
Assassin, Sasaki Kojiro, the assassin servant from Stay Night series Assassin
Lancer Avatar, Lancer Avatar
Irisviel, Kiritsugu's wife with her favorite winter clothing Irisviel
Realta Nua Avatar, FSN Realta Nua logo. Realta Nua Avatar
Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh after fighting Kiritsugu. I hope this isn't NSFW..... please delete if you think so. Gilgamesh
Berserker Silhouette, Berserker servant from Fate Zero, which is Saber's knight, Sir Lancelot. Berserker Silhouette
Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh from Fate Zero, cupping his wine glass. Gilgamesh
Glass Eagle, Irisviel summoning her glass eagle to attack Kirei Glass Eagle
Kiritsugu, Kiritsugu Emiya, the most badass hero ever. Kiritsugu
Caster, Caster from Stay Night, which is the witch Medea. Caster
Rider, Rider from Stay Night, which is Medusa. Rider
Aoi Tohsaka, Rin's mother, from Fate Zero screencap Aoi Tohsaka

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