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By EmmaBoo on Jun, 25 2016 | See all reviews by EmmaBoo
Best movie ever!
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By Selena_Gomez on Jun, 24 2016 | See all reviews by Selena_Gomez
I love frozen! ♥
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By EsterM on Apr, 28 2016 | See all reviews by EsterM
very nice pictures and songs also
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By rouaida410 on Apr, 16 2016 | See all reviews by rouaida410
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So Nice
By bythebest on Mar, 18 2016 | See all reviews by bythebest
Lovely, this movie!
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By Aya_Crossfade on Feb, 27 2016 | See all reviews by Aya_Crossfade
It's really a great movie.

I love it!
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By aldan on Oct, 27 2015 | See all reviews by aldan
i love the movie
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Great Movie For kids
By FantaxLol on Oct, 7 2015 | See all reviews by FantaxLol
I guess its a really nice movie for kids to enjoy and olaf is soo kwaii ^-^ :P
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By Jules1979 on Sep, 11 2015 | See all reviews by Jules1979
it's a nice movie
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"Best Disney Movie"
By SissyAnna27 on Jul, 25 2015 | See all reviews by SissyAnna27
i call it the best disney movie every nothing more to say here ...
go get it:)
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You Cannot Let It Go!
By cutiecake on Jul, 6 2015 | See all reviews by cutiecake
This movie is absolutely amazing! It has a great meaning to it, as well as a twist to classic Disney films. It shows that true love does not have to be a couple, it can be the people who you care most about. It is also hilarious, as the snowman Olaf does no know what happens to snow in the heat. This film is appropriate for any kid, and is great for movie night! I absolutely cannot let it go!
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i like frozen
By kirikarin on Apr, 30 2015 | See all reviews by kirikarin
i love elsa and olaf
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By 4eweralone on Mar, 25 2015 | See all reviews by 4eweralone
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I Don't Get Why Everyone Loves It
By xxfactorxx on Jan, 1 2015 | See all reviews by xxfactorxx
Let me start this off by saying that I generally like Disney films, and that this is not some anti-kiddie flick internet geek writing this. Now that I have that out of the way, I would like to tell you how terrible this movie is. First of all, there is only one song that I think was actually good. The first song in the film is a fantastic number about the hardships of winter, with a great track, expert vocals and a grand, sweeping tone. The rest of the songs are not nearly so good, as they are all sung by the protagonists, which is fine the first few times but gets really monotonous by about halfway through. The movie also wasn't especially funny, which is a saving grace in some of Disney's other lackluster releases. The comic relief character was okay (in that he wasn't nearly as annoying as everyone else) but he was only there to provide some moderately executed slapstick comedy, and the only funny spoken line in the movie. While the script is fine for a TV special or maybe the first
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More morale to boot
By Diathedia on Nov, 29 2014 | See all reviews by Diathedia
Disney is famous for its rich art and music, however there\'s one you shouldn\'t forget: the morale. Frozen teaches a lot if you think about it carefully. Do not go out with anyone randomly, and do not rush love. Trust your sibling, and stop closing yourself off the world. Everything has its time! The plot is also nicely written, it\'s definitely a nice watch.
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By ahed on Nov, 3 2014 | See all reviews by ahed
it's a nice movie
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Frozen: The best
By vibin on Oct, 11 2014 | See all reviews by vibin
This movie is quite impressive and musical. I really liked the songs more than the movie.This movie encourages feminism to come up. And i really think it's really appreciable. Let it go by Idina was really encouraging and has a powerful impact on women to be strong and independent.
Elsa seems to be a responsible elder sister and Anna's love for sister is really moving and the climax part is unusual than many other fairy tales of Disney which is really a plus point. The movie is enjoyable for most children. And i love the look of Elsa and Anna. Totally the movie is amazing and worth watching.
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Disney musical extravaganza
By mahar on Sep, 28 2014 | See all reviews by mahar
3d animated movie that wants to enliven the adventure.typical princess movie with a twist of magic. It encourages young women to support and stay loyal to each other a crucial message when mean girls seem so prevalent as long as some hunky potential suitors and adorable, wise-cracking creatures also are around to complete them.

It all seems so cynical, this attempt to shake things up without shaking them up too much.
While the journey may seem overly familiar, the destination has some surprises in store. Some come out of nowhere and don't exactly work.
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By rwan on Oct, 6 2015 | See all reviews by rwan
it's so nice to watch a movie like it
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