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By Yoruichi on Feb, 13 2015 | See all reviews by Yoruichi
This series.... I honestly don't really see the need for allllllllllllllllllllllllllll the extra nudity; in some instances it helps to define characters and tell their stories better but in a lot of other cases it really adds no value. The plot however, is fantastic. The way the story has been translated onscreen gives just a right balance with the complexity of all the relationships involved within the one hour slots. The setting and the costuming are on point and really gives the viewers a good feeling of the world the story is set in. Of course, all the blood and nudity isn't appropriate for younger viewers. The cast of this show have done a great job portraying their characters; most noteworthy is Peter Dinklage, whose Tyrion can't help but draws admiration. This show is a must watch, and the books should definitely be read to accompany viewing. A lot of twists and unpredictable events created by the writer provide for eye catching and thought provoking objectives.
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Game of Thones
By ranivram07 on Jul, 7 2016 | See all reviews by ranivram07
this is owesome movie
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the game is excellent and full of excitement.
By punkkeju on Jun, 22 2016 | See all reviews by punkkeju
This is the best TV series I have ever seen with full of thrills, fight , drama and what not. I'm giving full 5 stars for this brilliant show. keep it up team GOT.
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Old mystery of Davos
By chawkinasrallah219 on Jun, 19 2016 | See all reviews by chawkinasrallah219
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By momopanda on Apr, 13 2016 | See all reviews by momopanda
What's amazing is how quickly it all falls into place the show goes like a shot, my Fav character is Tyrion, i like his personalityyy
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Winter is Coming!
By Rohail on Nov, 30 2015 | See all reviews by Rohail
Best Series i have ever seen,, the Entire series is a roller coaster ride of thriller, adventure, and suspense. The entire series is so unpredictable that at one point you are going in one direction and out of the sudden the entire course of the story changes, it gives u goosebumps!
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We have an excellent adaptation.
By Samuxc on Jun, 19 2015 | See all reviews by Samuxc
A wonderful and thundering series of political and psychological intrigue bristling with vivid characters, hatched with tantalizing plotlines and seasoned with a splash of fantasy. If you are looking for a good series, this is the right number.
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Pretty cool
By Nyozeka01 on Jan, 10 2015 | See all reviews by Nyozeka01
I really loved this series: the plot is full of twists. Also the characters are really good described and each one have his main characteristic. I\'ve loved Tyrion, for his irony that can put a "smile" when you want to cry. I really suggest you to watch the entire first season before comment this TV show!
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game of thrones
By imsa23000 on Apr, 20 2015 | See all reviews by imsa23000
it's great and perfect i like
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Excellent adaptation
By kavana on Nov, 26 2014 | See all reviews by kavana
After watching the entire first season, I can safely say this is perhaps the BEST adaptation of book into film/TV.While certain scenes play out differently in execution, the plot remains perfectly intact (so far). The characters have been transplanted well from page to screen, and the actors (most notably Peter Dinklage) nailed their personalities quite well. However; it is only fair to point out some of the acting seemed a little wooden at times.

Special effects were well done, though nothing mind-blowing, but the scenery and props perfectly captured the feel of the novels (in my mind at least). It also must be noted that there was just the right amount of nudity, violence and vulgarity to let the audience know they were watching a tale woven for mature viewers without using said nudity, violence and vulgarity as a crutch.

All and all, I am very, very pleased with this adaptation, and I went into it expecting to be disappointed. If I were to gripe about anything, it would be tha
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