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Alt titles: Hayate the Combat Butler
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Genres Animation Comedy Anime
Hayate Ayasaki is an unlucky teenager who worked since childhood to make ends meet due to his parents' irresponsible behavior. One day he finds out that his parents ran away from home, leaving behind a massive gambling debt on his shoulders. While running away from the debt collectors, he ends up meeting Nagi Sanzen'in, a young girl who is the sole heir of the wealthy Sanzen'in estate, and due to a misunderstanding, Nagi ends up falling in love with Hayate. After he rescues Nagi from some kidnappers, she hires Hayate as her new butler. Aside from performing his ordinary duties as a butler, Hayate must fight to protect Nagi from harm, a difficult task as her life is always in danger because she is the target of other individuals coveting her family's fortune, and sometimes deal with some extravagant requests from her, oblivious to Nagi's true feelings for him.
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Hayate no Gotoku episode list

Season 1 Episode List

1x1 In English, 'Unmei' Means 'Destiny' aired: Sunday Apr 1, 2007
Hayate Ayasaki is a sixteen-year old boy who has been working hard earning money as a bicycle delivery boy. He loses his job after his employer finds out he is still in high school, and his irresponsible parents spend the money he had earned. Hayate tries to kidnap a young girl named Nagi Sanzenin, but fails in his attempt. Later, Hayate saves her from other kidnappers and Nagi repays him by offering him a job as her new butler. However, overcome by injuries received during the rescue, Hayate collapses and is taken from the scene by Nagi's private helicopter.
1x2 Sanzenin Nagi's Mansion and a New Start aired: Sunday Apr 8, 2007
Awakening within Nagi's mansion, Hayate incorrectly concludes that he has died and gone to heaven, and resolves to make the most of it. While he is enjoying a soak in an enormous indoor bath, the water re-opens his wounds and he passes out. When he regains consciousness, Nagi and Maria explain that he is Nagi's new butler. Eager to demonstrate his aptitude for the job, Hayate begins cleaing the mansion at a remarkable rate, drawing on cleaning skills he gained during previous employment. He finds a manga that Nagi has been drawing, and when he mistakenly refers to it as a picture diary, Nagi ejects him from the room. Believing himself fired, Hayate leaves the mansion and is immediately abducted by the loan sharks that are after him. All seems lost until Nagi, wearing an unconvicing disguise, appears and rescues him by paying off his debt. Hayate will now work as Nagi's butler to repay her.
1x3 The Beast, Robot, and Butler Who Kinda Shout Love at the Center of the World aired: Sunday Apr 15, 2007
Hayate wakes up Nagi one morning to find a large white tiger sleeping with her in her bed. The tiger, named Tama, nabs Hayate and carries him outside to fight. Hayate inevitably loses. Afterwards, Klaus, who is still upset about Hayate being Nagi's butler, challenges Hayate to a match with a robot to see if he has the necessary skills to be a butler.
1x4 First Mission. This is Snake. No One's Responding. aired: Sunday Apr 22, 2007
When Nagi goes to school, she forgets to bring her lunch and Hayate offers to bring it to her. Once he gets to school, he is stopped at the front gates by a teacher (Yukiji) who thinks he is an intruder. Hayate eventually gets into the school, but the teacher continues her pursuit. Once inside, Hayate meets the student council president of the school, Hinagiku Katsura, for the first time, and helps her down from the tree she was climbing. As a reward, she brings him to the top of the Student Council tower so that he could see from the terrace. Yukiji, who is still searching for Hayate, finally finds him there and ends up fighting Hinagiku. After taking Nagi's bento box from Hayate, she jumps onto the railing of the terrace only to get blown off by a breeze. Hayate promptly rescues her, which ended her hostility to him. In the process, however, she had thrown Nagi's bento box onto to ground and spilled its contents.
1x5 Unneeded Gags and Kindness Bring Misfortune aired: Sunday Apr 29, 2007
Nagi does not want to go to school today and instead stays home to hang out with some friends. One of her friends, Sakuya Aizawa, arrives and starts to teach Hayate to be a better comedian despite Nagi insisting that he is a butler. Hayate later goes out to pick up some more tea wearing a cashmere coat, but finds the journey perilous.
1x6 You Said You Can See Time, But That's Probably Your Life Flashing By aired: Sunday May 6, 2007
Continuing from the last episode, Isumi gets to Nagi's mansion but Hayate leaves to pick up the tea that he was supposed to get. Hayate is ambushed by Isumi's protective staff and the loan sharks from the first two episodes. Hayate eventually makes it back, but comes down with a cold. The next day after Hayate has healed, he meets a young boy and his maid who have come to Nagi's mansion. The boy, Wataru Tachibana, is Nagi's fiancé.
1x7 Man's Fight aired: Sunday May 13, 2007
Wataru, who is infatuated with Isumi, challenges Hayate, whom he perceives as a rival, to a duel. Hayate loses to Wataru on purpose, hoping for a romantic conclusion between Wataru and Isumi that will allow Nagi to break off her unwanted engagement. However, his overly obvious act ends up hurting Wataru's feelings. In order to reach Wataru and apologize, Hayate, together with Isumi and Nagi, must brave the Tokyo subway system.
1x8 Cat Ear Mode Sends You to Hell aired: Sunday May 20, 2007
Nagi gets Hayate to first try on a female school uniform, much to his displeasure and before he can do anything about it, Maria comes to Nagi's room and sees what is going on. Nagi and Maria then proceed to put Hayate in a full cat-girl outfit which entices Tama's animal instincts. Afterwards, Hayate runs into Klaus and initially tries to run away, but in the end Klaus' instincts take heed, and Maria must interfere. Later, Hayate and Maria play a game of pool where if Hayate loses, his debt will increase to 200 million yen.
1x9 Eloim Essaim. Mr. Cow, Mr. Cow! What is It, Mr. Frog? aired: Sunday May 27, 2007
Hayate tries to motivate Nagi to go to school finally, and offers to take her to and from school everyday from now on. Nagi reluctantly agrees and goes to school for the day, but when she comes back it turns out she forgot her notebook at school. Hayate offers to go to school late at night to bring it back and at the school gate he runs into one of the school's teachers he met earlier.
1x10 The World's Bizarre High Deflation. Don't Stack Up Games and Play Them aired: Sunday Jun 3, 2007
This episode, which is anime-only, takes place during the same time as episode eight and shows some other strange things that were going on in the background. A demon living inside an old video game is awoken and takes three of the student council members from Nagi's school inside the game where they must defeat her to return to the real world. Hinagiku, the student council president, arrives soon after and they go to destroy the demon, but she ends up ending it herself.
1x11 My Life is Priceless aired: Sunday Jun 10, 2007
Nagi, with Hayate, Maria, and Sakuya, go to visit the head of the Sanzenin family — Mikado Sanzenin. Hayate runs into him outside, but initially believes him to be a landscaper on Mikado's estate. After Mikado reveals himself, he informs Hayate that his life is infinitely worthless while he is living to merely pay off the debt he owes Nagi. Mikado gives him a special pendant before leaving. Later, Hayate decides that he will protect Nagi from anyone that tries to hurt her, which greatly flusters Nagi.
1x12 We Were Once Taught by the Space Police That Youth is to Not Look Back aired: Sunday Jun 17, 2007
After waking up from a dream about his childhood, Hayate talks with Maria about having dreams to live for and believes that dreams in life are very important. After revealing a childhood dream of his, Hayate gets the day off and decides to visit his old high school. There, he meets one of his old classmates, Ayumu Nishizawa, who has a crush on him. Hayate finds out that his parents took the rest of his tuition money, leaving him without a high school to go back too. After he begins to leave, Ayumu confesses her love for him, but he turns her down. Later, Ayumu gets taken into the ground of Nagi's mansion under the pretense that Hayate was being held captive by yakuza.
1x13 Those Who Seize the Summer Seize the Application Process aired: Sunday Jun 24, 2007
After turning down Ayumu, Hayate continues to wonder what she is doing while at he is at the mansion. Transfer documents arrive in the mail for Hayate to transfer into Nagi's school, and Hayate is overcome with joy to the point of crying. Hayate attempts to study the rest of the day for the exam the next day, but continuously gets interrupted by Klaus and Tama, so he does not get much sleep. The following day, Yukiji Katsura, one of the teachers at Nagi's school, has a bit of fun at Hayate's expense in order to "loosen him up" before the real exam. However, due to the physical and mental exhaustion he acquires as a result, he fails the entrance exam by one point. Yukiji is told that she must go to the Sanzenin mansion to inform Hayate, but is hesitant to do so because she believes herself to be the reason Hayate failed.
1x14 Wait a Moment! I Have to Go to the Party. Make It Fast aired: Sunday Jul 1, 2007
Hayate and Nagi are excited about Hayate being qualified for Nagi's school. However, Yukiji Katsura struggles to tell Hayate that he actually failed and that she was the indirect cause, having played pranks on him before the exam. She continually gets beaten by her little sister for skirting around the issue. Hayate eventually finds out and is disappointed but finds out that he actually qualified thanks to a recommendation from Maria.
1x15 Samurais, Bushido, and Moving Vandams aired: Sunday Jul 8, 2007
Hayate goes to school early with Nagi despite her complaints. They meet a butler with a student along the way who eventually runs off with Hayate's necktie which makes Hayate and Nagi fetch a new one from home. Hayate has various discussions with Nagi and discovers that she jumped a few grades and thus is a high schooler despite her age. Hayate also discovers that Nagi used to be in a kendo club with Hinagiku but quit. Hayate decides to put Nagi back into the club when he is challenged by someone in the club.
1x16 I Won't Lose Even If I Lose aired: Sunday Jul 15, 2007
Hayate is ready to fight. However, the boy who challenged him calls his butler to fight instead. The butler then punished the challenger for being a coward. Hinagiku then stops them and the battle starts. Hayate stands no chance against the butler since he lacks a last-minute powerful move. However, he eventually wins by using the boy who challenged him as shield calling it the "Art of Changing Bodies."
1x17 For Your Sake, I'll Give My Best Blasting Through Everything aired: Sunday Jul 22, 2007
Nagi tries to gain experience after her work was rejected by a manga magazine. She believes she has no experience being lazy and staying in all the time, despite being rich and thus not having any problems living. She asks Hayate who has extraordinary experiences, but then becomes angry when Hayate tells her he once won a 'Manga Newbie Award'. She continues to gain experience while attempting to clean the house (which she messes up terribly) and by trying to serve food.
1x18 The Rare Card is a Swimsuit aired: Sunday Jul 29, 2007
The students at Hakuō Academy go to a remote island for beach class. The butler of the beach resort named Schmidt hen Bach greets them and tries to create fun experiences for the group. However, the group of students is not having fun and want to go home, but Schmidt is not willing to let them go.
1x19 Saki-san's Personal Business (National Ver.) 2007 aired: Sunday Aug 5, 2007
Wataru notices that Saki is acting strange so he decides to ask Hayate and Maria for help while he's picking up the cursed video that Nagi rented. It seems that Wataru forgot about Saki's seijin shiki and the people who watches the cursed video will be attacked by a giant cockroach. While Wataru is asking Nagi where he could buy a present, Hayate and Maria battle the giant cockroach. Nagi mistakes Wataru's present to be for Isumi so she sends Isumi to Wataru's house.
1x20 I Like Books, but Sing It, Great Submarine Castle aired: Sunday Aug 12, 2007
Hayate is searching for an ultimate attack and Maria suggests looking in the Sanzen'in library for hints. They find a book that teaches the Sanzen'in secret ultimate attack. After some training, Nagi finds out that Hayate is training for Hinagiku's sake and burns the book. Depressed, Nagi leaves the house at night where she meets Ayumu Nishizawa who challenges Nagi.
1x21 Even Peter-san Has Had Enough aired: Sunday Aug 19, 2007
Nagi decides to take Hayate to an amusement park in her own backyard. While Hayate is roaming through the haunted house, Robot Eight, who was defeated in episode 3, appears to get revenge. After Eight's plan fails, he flees, upgrades, and breaks into Nagi's mansion for another chance for revenge.
1x22 Who Came Up With the Onomatopoeia aired: Sunday Aug 26, 2007
With summer vacation coming to an end, Nagi is saddened that there won't be anymore free time to spend with Hayate. After reading a manga, Nagi decides to take Hayate fishing. While Hayate and Nagi are having a romantic time fishing (in Nagi's mind), the lord of the lake overturns their boat. Returning home, Hayate takes a bath and is joined by Tama who breaks the bath's water heater. Hayate becomes depressed because he believes he's always causing problems for Maria and attempts to fix the bath, only for it to be destroyed once again by Tama.
1x23 I'm Not a Kid, Genius Teacher is Here aired: Sunday Sep 2, 2007
Shiori Makimura is sent to take over Yukiji Katsura's homeroom at Hakuō Academy after a number of failed projects at M.H.E. Corp. Yukiji Katsura is demoted to sub-homeroom teacher. In order to get her old job back, Yukiji begs Hayate to help her blackmail Shiori. Hayate refuses, but Shiori runs away crying and calls Eight after Yukiji manages to get a picture of Hayate on top of Shiori after he falls down.
1x24 There is no common troubles aired: Sunday Sep 9, 2007
Hayate is having a bad day thanks to the pendant that Nagi's grandfather gave to him. After Hayate and Wataru rescue Isumi's stole, Isumi thanks Hayate by decursing the pendant. Nagi and Wataru become depressed because they misunderstand the decursing as an act of love because they embraced. Nagi runs away from home to Wataru's video store.
1x25 Shake the Heart aired: Sunday Sep 16, 2007
Nagi is despondent over her conflict with Hayate, so she, Saki and Gilbert plan a fake kidnapping in Isumi's house underground. However, things turn bad when a Mecha programmed by Shiori goes crazy, and it is up to Hayate to go rescue Nagi and to recover his butler's status.
1x26 'It Took 29 Minutes to Deliver, So Please Pay What Was Asked For'... Is an Old Myth Now aired: Sunday Sep 23, 2007
Hayate is running an errand for Nagi and meets Ayumu in the park. Still embarrassed about their last encounter, Hayate pretends he has amnesia and is unable to get out of the mess after Ayumu claims he is her butler. Nagi claims Hayate back and gets him to reenact experiences he faced in Nagi's mansion to recover his memory (even though he didn't lose them).
1x27 Hayate Rises Upon the Earth aired: Sunday Sep 30, 2007
The superintendent of Hakuo Academy, decides to hold a Butler Battle Tournament to see who the strongest butler of all Hakuo is. At first, Hayate is reluctant to enter, but Nagi convinces him to do so so she can see him win. In the meantime, Hinagiku becomes a temporary butler so that she can enter the tournament to interfere with the superintendent's plans.
1x28 Black Hayate aired: Sunday Oct 7, 2007
Hayate defeats Klaus and Tama by catching Klaus' ribbon when falling off during Klaus' Ultimate Move, leaving the whole public under the impression that he has the power to defeat opponents without even touching them. After numerous retirements from Hayate's opponents and battles through the tournament, Hayate defeats Hinagiku in the finals and fights Shion. After defeating her by discovering her weak point, the Superintendent vows to bring Hayate to her by calling her Dark Butlers League.
1x29 Marriage Meeting aired: Sunday Oct 14, 2007
Saki's mother asks Saki to have a marriage meeting. Wataru becomes worried and asks Nagi on what to do. They decide to go on a marriage meeting tour to spy on Saki. The man Saki is to meet turns out to be Kyonosuke Kaoru, but they both reveal that they both have someone else they like. After a misunderstanding, Wataru decides to crash the meeting by sending Tama to kidnap Kyonosuke and to lose to Wataru on purpose. The plan is set back and Yukiji kidnaps Kyonsuke instead. In the meantime, Kirika sends Duel Butler to bring Hayate into the Dark Butlers League.
1x30 The Pretty Lady Detective Saw it! The Hot Spring Female Teacher Murder Case aired: Sunday Oct 21, 2007
Yukiji is found murdered at a hot spring inn and Detective Nagi decides to take it upon herself to solve the mystery. After a number of wrong assumptions, Nagi blames the voice in the sky ("Ten no Koe", i.e. the narrator). Kirika sends another butler to defeat Hayate, and they have a B-Daman battle.
1x31 Do You Like the Rich, Pretty Ladies? aired: Sunday Oct 28, 2007
Sakuya visits Nagi. Nagi becomes offended when Sakuya tells her she's a brat because she has no siblings and claims she can be a better sister than Sakuya. Nagi orders Hayate to find kids that are lost on her property so she can prove it to Sakuya. Hayate comes back with Itsuki and Shunji, and Nagi plays with them while her SP looks for their parents. Sakuya suspects the kids to be thieves and catches them in the act. Afterwards, Kirika sends the third mysterious butler, Mini Yon, and he challenges Hayate to a Mini 4WD race.
1x32 Welcome to Demon Hunter, Isumi, and Nabeshin aired: Sunday Nov 4, 2007
Isumi is planning to come to Nagi's house but she ends up getting lost again. Fortunately for her, Sakuya finds her, but along the way, they find a man with the head of a carp who begs for their help. The carp man asks Isumi to phantom bust phantoms who are tampering with his lake.
1x33 Why?! School Festival - Part One aired: Sunday Nov 11, 2007
It's culture festival time and Hayate is kept busy by the students and teachers. Nagi searches for him, but she is unable to find him. A mysterious dark butler tricks Nagi and hypnotizes her. In her hypnotic state, she finds Hayate and leads him to the mysterious dark butler.
1x34 Why Did It Die?! School Festival - Part Two aired: Sunday Nov 18, 2007
Nagi, still in her hypnotic state, helps organize the second day of the school festival with the help of Superintendent Kirika. They organize their own Comiket where Nagi sells her own dōjinshi. Kirika challenges Hinagiku to see if Nagi's dōjinshi or Hayate's butler cafe can make the most money. When Nagi tastes the cake that Hayate made for the competition, her hypnotic state goes away.
1x35 Must See! 2007 Autumn Complete Guide Book for the Latest Trendy Date Spots for Teenagers aired: Sunday Nov 25, 2007
Nagi is having trouble writing a new manga, so she orders Hayate to go out and gather references for her. She also gives Maria and Klaus the day off because she feels she needs to be alone to concentrate. Maria tags along with Hayate and the two soon become uncomfortable because their joint effort to gather references feels like a date. Yukiji, Risa, Miki, and Izumi spot them and try to get the two to kiss by bringing them to the trendiest date spots. At the end of the day, Nagi shows Hayate her fiery wrath when he shows her the photo references he took, which are mostly pictures of him and Maria having fun together.
1x36 Klaus is Japanese Because it's Written as 倉臼 aired: Sunday Dec 2, 2007
Klaus is feeling depressed after Nagi gives him permission to retire after he tells her about a dream he had, where he retired on a coffee plantation in Brazil. After Maria tries to convince Klaus to stay, Klaus decides to challenge Hayate to see who is the better butler. Klaus fails at this and has his mind set on retiring. Maria comes up with a plan that involves Hayate's female alter ego, Hermione. This plan fails as well and just before Klaus is about to leave, Nagi thinks of a way to make Klaus stay. Her plan succeeds and Klaus decides to stay as a Sanzen'in butler.
1x37 I Want to Return to Being a Normal Girl, But Please Buy My Character Song ♥ aired: Sunday Dec 9, 2007
Nagi asks Hayate what type of girl he likes, after reading a romance magazine which states that Nagi's zodiac sign, Sagittarius, will face a crisis in terms of romance. Hayate tells her that he likes girls that are normal and makes a passing remark that Nagi "wouldn't understand". Nagi runs off in rage, determined to learn how to be 'normal'. Nagi meets Ayumu Nishizawa and comes to the conclusion that tagging along with her will help her learn how to be 'normal'. After a day of following (and bothering) Ayumu, she invites Nagi to stay at her place. Ayumu gives Hayate a call, at Nagi's request, to inform him that Nagi will be staying over. It turns out that Hayate has been following them. Just as Hayate was about to leave, Isumi calls in distress, trapped at the top of a nearby tower. Wataru rushes to save her before Hayate, but it was ultimately Hayate who did most of the work.
1x38 Hayate in Danger! Complete Shutdown!! aired: Sunday Dec 16, 2007
Nagi, Hayate, and Maria go to a Christmas party hosted by Nagi's grandfather. Just like the previous Christmas party, Nagi escapes - this time with Hayate. They head to the park where Nagi tries to make romantic advances on Hayate, but they are interrupted by a mysterious dark butler, Cyborg Butler, and Superintendent Kirika. Hayate is defeated, but they are saved by Himegami, who now calls himself Princess God. The next day, Hayate fails at all his butler chores and Himegami explains it is because Superintendent Kirika drained all his butler powers. In order to keep Nagi safe, Hayate resigns as Nagi's butler and leaves the mansion.
1x39 Friends of the Well-Behaved, Praise the Debt-Ridden Butler! aired: Sunday Dec 23, 2007
Kirika asks Hayate to wear the ancient butler robe which has been rejecting countless butlers. In exchange, she promises to leave Nagi and her fortune alone. Nagi, Hinagiku, and Himegami come to Hayate's rescue, but they arrive too late, as Hayate has turned into a nekomimi maid. They battle Kirika and Shion and during the battle, Nagi's pleas reach Hayate. The nekomimi maid uniform transforms into the legendary butler uniform. With his newfound power, Hayate defeats Kirika's snake, Jörmungandr.
1x40 New Year's Food is Also Good, but Enjoy Hayate, Too aired: Sunday Jan 6, 2008
On the night before New Years, Nagi orders Hayate to bring her to Kujukuri Beach to have a romantic date watching the sunrise after reading about it in a manga. Hayate is forced to take her on a bike since he is not old enough to drive. He manages to make it on time, but Nagi falls asleep just before the sunrise. The next day, the mansion's circuit breaker overloads and Hayate goes to the annex to turn it back on. On the way there, he gets stuck in a blizzard which is really caused by Sakuya's snowblower. He manages to turn the power back on, but passes out due to the extreme cold. After insulting Sakuya without meaning to, she (and her bodyguards) ditch him and leave him on a stretcher in the annex.
1x41 Goodbye Teacher, Despair ~ Graduation Special aired: Sunday Jan 13, 2008
On the way the school, Hayate and Nagi bump into Hinagiku who is worried about her sister after she gave her New Year's allowance. Yukiji appears, shocking the three with an unusually cheerful attitude, giving Hinagiku a New Year's allowance because of a promise Yukiji made with her 10 year ago (although it was only 500 yen), and shocking them even more after they found a letter of resignation which dropped from Yukiji's bag. When homeroom ends, the class begs Yukiji to stay as a teacher causing Shiori to burst out in tears, who is happy that the class cares for her and decides to not resign. The resignation letter belonged to Shiori who found being Yukiji's superior harder than she thought. Yukiji was happy because she found many signs of good fortune.
1x42 It's like the Dog, the Mouse, and the Bulldog aired: Sunday Jan 20, 2008
Nagi, perplexed by Hayate's apparent lack of weaknesses despite being a main character, plots ways to find chinks in his armor. As her various schemes fail to produce results, Maria, Sakuya, and Isumi get swept up in the flow and discuss their weaknesses as well. Hayate and Wataru begin studying German in preparation for a Hakuō mathematics exam, while Maria tells Hayate a bit of background information on Isumi, Sakuya, and Wataru. When they go to check on Nagi and Wataru, Nagi becomes jealous that they are alone together, prompting Maria to remark that Hayate's weakness seems to be not understanding the female heart.
1x43 Poseidon Advance Generator Gavas aired: Sunday Jan 27, 2008
While working on her manga, Nagi gets the idea that, instead of chasing after Hayate to further their relationship, she must give him the cold shoulder and force him to chase her. A convenient invitation from Sakuya to a cruise on a familiar-looking ship gives her the perfect opportunity to set this plan into motion. As Hayate wanders around amazed, she shuns him over and over, culminating in the command to "explore the ship yourself". The ship is then threatened by a trio of terrorists, who are handily defeated by the Sanzen'in and Aizawa butlers; however, one of them sets off a bomb, blowing a hole in a cargo hold Hayate had just wandered into. There, he meets Isumi, who had become lost, in danger from a pair of large sharks. As the ship-goers are evacuating, Nagi remarks that Hayate hasn't shown up yet, and goes to search for him. She finds him holding off a shark; as she dives into the water to help, she is attacked by the other shark. Hayate defeats the sharks to save Nagi, but falls unconscious from the combination of the cold water and wounds he received from the earlier explosion. He is saved by Klaus, but Klaus' attitude causes Nagi to worry, as it has the effect she was trying to achieve herself.
1x44 Mystery Behind the 120% Acceptance Rate aired: Sunday Feb 3, 2008
Nagi completed an improved version of her manga, but still, no one can understand it except for Isumi. She takes Hayate, Maria, Isumi, and Sakuya out for ramen, but they find themselves in a hidden animation studio where they are shocked to hear that Nagi's manga is going to be animated. The directors declare Nagi's demands to be impossible, but they end up animating it anyways because of a rumor that their stock will go up if they do it. After the premiere one week later, everyone is at a loss for words.
1x45 It's ♥ Maria-san Thank You Day in February! aired: Sunday Feb 10, 2008
Nagi surprises Maria with an overnight relaxation tour at the Hyatt Regency hotel after Maria becomes upset when Nagi and Hayate thought she looks older than her actual age. When Hayate orders for room service, they meet Izumi to find out the students of Hakuō Academy are running the hotel for a one day experience event. Maria enjoys a few of the hotel facilities until the students are unable to accomplish their jobs and ask Maria for help especially when the Kirika and Shion visits. Maria spends the rest of the day helping the students in secret from Nagi and Hayate.
1x46 His Name is Magic Ball Pitcher Wataru!!! aired: Sunday Feb 17, 2008
Wataru is shocked one day when he sees that Isumi is wearing a different school's uniform and can even get from one point to another without getting lost. Wataru seeks help from Nagi, and eventually going to the high school he saw Isumi go to earlier. Wataru finds Isumi showing a lot of attention towards the pitcher on the baseball team, which leaves him to jump to conclusions. It turns out Isumi was merely trying to exorcise the spirit of a girl who had liked the pitcher. Wataru challenges the pitcher to a match for Isumi's heart, but loses which greatly depresses him. Isumi succeeds in exorcising the spirit, and thanks Wataru for his help, which relieves Wataru of his worries about Isumi.
1x47 Sure, Amuro Had a Place To Return To, But... aired: Sunday Feb 24, 2008
Due to Hayate's most recent borderline test scores, Nagi gives him some time off to study. Meanwhile, Klaus sends a robotic butler which looks somewhat like Hayate to fill in for him while he is studying. The robot, known as Thirteen, does an even better job as a butler than Hayate even could, which depresses him when he finds out. Thirteen devises a plan to get Hayate and Nagi alone together, though only Hayate realizes this after the fact. That night, Thirteen goes into space to destroy a meteor heading for Earth, but is stranded on the moon with no power in the process of saving Earth.
1x48 Hina ♥ Love aired: Sunday Mar 2, 2008
Hinagiku's birthday is coming up, and her mother asked her if she would be spending it with someone she liked, which makes her become anxious around Hayate the following morning. Both Hayate and Hinagiku find unsigned love letters addressed to them at school, and they both think that each other might have sent the letter. They later meet the the appointed place in front of the kendo dojo, but find out that it was Kōtarō Ayumamiya who sent the letters in order to show Hinagiku that he could defeat Hayate. Hinagiku then leaves, mad at Hayate for saying that she wouldn't do anything girly and lying that he didn't expect the person who wrote the letter to be Hinagiku. He challenges him to a game of cat's cradle, though loses terribly. Hayate and Hinagiku later spend the next day together after school after running into each other in town, she accepts Hayate's apology for yesterday and accidentally says that she expected the person who wrote her letter to be Hayate which causes her to run away in embarrassment. She then falls of a tree trying to save a cat but falls but is caught by Hayate, who gives her the stuffed rabbit she wanted.
1x49 Normal Talk aired: Sunday Mar 9, 2008
Izumi, Miki, and Risa invite Hayate and Nagi to their "You-To-Be" Motion Picture Research school club where they film and gather funny movies and laugh at them. Nagi shows interest in the club and Hayate believes it's an opportunity to get Nagi to break her hikikomori habits. They are shown example videos which happen to be Hayate's embarrassing moments with voice overs. Hayate snaps and destroys the club's equipment and media just before Superintendent Kirika appears for her annual club investigation. It turns out the club is on the verge of being shut down and the trio were planning to use the video of Hayate as a means of keeping the club alive. As a backup plan, they promise Kirika new footage of Hayate jumping off the clock tower. With the club saved and Hayate and Nagi as new members, the club decides to hold a normal story competition. Risa tells the first story and soon the mic is passed around to even non-club members.
1x50 Quiz! Written as 'Foe' but Read as 'Friend'!! aired: Sunday Mar 16, 2008
Nagi and Ayumu compete together in the 4256th High School Girls Ultra Quiz tournament, though are each looking forward to the possibility of winning different prizes; Nagi wants the trophy for its resemblance to Hayate, and Ayumu wants the all-you-can-eat ticket to a restaurant so she can go out with Hayate. During the tournament, Nagi and Ayumu have trouble cooperating, though manage to end up winning the tournament in the end. Ayumu uses the all-you-can-eat ticket to invite Nagi, and Hayate to go out and eat together.
1x51 Spring aired: Sunday Mar 23, 2008
Nagi is planning a celebration party for Hayate for graduating, though gets him to stay out of the mansion for a while by giving him the task of retrieving a small box carrying an item she bought off the Internet. While out, Hayate is offered 150,000,000 yen by a national escort service in order to recruit him into their business and so that he can pay off his debt to Nagi. While thinking this offer over, he loses the box and has to go halfway around the world in order to retrieve it, though by the time he gets back to the mansion its already dark out. Hayate is very grateful to Nagi for the party, and the item he retrieved which was intended for him, and turned out to be a small pocket watch. Hayate later turns down the offer from the escort service, and it turns out that Nagi's grandfather set up the offer in order to test Hayate's loyalty.
1x52 Radical Dreamers aired: Sunday Mar 30, 2008
During Golden Week, Hayate, Nagi, and Maria take a trip to an island in the Aegean Sea. Nagi still does not like to go outside much, though she gives in to Hayate after he sulks. While out the next day, Nagi's hat is blown away by the wind, and when Hayate goes to retrieve it, he falls into a time slip and arrives many years previous when Nagi was living on the island. After he realizes what is going on, he discovers she is being targeted by the Mafia, and he ends up protecting her from them, ultimately winning; Hayate realizes that the reason he was sent back was to save Nagi. Hayate had promised Nagi in the past to watch the stars together at the beach, but when they go at sunset, Nagi's hat once again is blown away and Hayate goes through another time slip back to the present. This caused Nagi to remember Hayate in the past as a liar who disappeared on her and took her hat with him. Back in the present, Hayate gives Nagi back her hat and the two gaze at the starry night sky together.

Season 2 Episode List

2x1 The Forbidden Freestyle Marathon! aired: Friday Apr 3, 2009
A marathon is coming up at Nagi's school, and Maria and Hayate want her to participate too. Nagi makes a bet with Klaus, where if she can get in first place in one of the races, then that would prove Hayate's worth as a butler, but if she cannot, then Hayate will be fired. Hayate trains with Nagi the next two days, and the day of the race the two get off on a slow start. Before long, Hayate must carry Nagi throughout most of the race, and faces a few enemies along the way impeding their progress. After running into Hinagiku, Nagi goes on ahead, but just as she is about to win, Hinagiku's older sister Yukiji beats her to the goal, winning the 150 million yen prize.
2x2 Tiger of Money aired: Friday Apr 10, 2009
As stipulated, Hayate is to be fired as Nagi's butler, but as Klaus fears getting fired himself for this, he sends Hayate off to be trained at the Tiger's Den for Butlers to show his worth. Hayate meets a Catholic sister on the train, Sister Fortesia, and he later meets her again at a church which doubles as the location of the Tiger's Den. The next day, Hayate must find three others to go on a Butler Quest in an underground dungeon as a part of his training. Nagi is quick to join, and Yukiji and Wataru also join in.
2x3 And It Doesn't Become a Legend aired: Friday Apr 17, 2009
Hayate and his party members continue to go on the butler quest. Hayate is poisoned by a poisonous spear after saving Nagi's life. Meanwhile, Hinagiku and Isumi are on the quest to help Hayate and exorcise this evil spirits, respectively. Hayate's group encounters the now-dead, ghost priest of the church, Rin Regioster, who points out Sister Fortesia to be a fake. The sister is takes control of a plug-in giant size robot to enact her revenge against the Sanzen'in family. While Fortesia and Hinagiku are fighting, Yukiji is possessed by an evil spirit, and attacks the others, also using the giant robot. Hayate exudes more power and destroy the robot, while Isumi exorcises the spirit possessing Yukiji. Back at the mansion, Hayate collapses after the butler quest.
2x4 You're Like Me aired: Friday Apr 24, 2009
One day before valentines, Nagi is trying to make some chocolate for Hayate and decides to skip school. At school Nishizawa tries to give Hayate some "love chocolate" but insteads gives him obligation chocolate. Hinagiku realizes Nishizawa panicked and tells Hayate to exchange it. However after receiving the "love chocolate" Hayate is a bit confused on the love concept and asks Maria for help. Maria remembers that she had little/no experience with love either and becomes depressed/mad. However she decides to make some chocolate for Hayate. Nagi, after failing herself to make chocolate, tells Hayate to make some chocolate for her. Hayate meets Maria in the kitchen and they have a contest to make the best chocolate. Maria makes her chocolate super incredible, but when asked about who its for, she becomes embarrassed and runs outside. Hayate catches up to her and gives her some chocolate that he made, and says valentines is the time where people work harder just to see the person they treasure smile.
2x5 Heart to Heart aired: Friday May 1, 2009
Maria explains how Nagi developed an inferiority complex due to her short height causing her to frown most of the time. Kazuki, Ayumu Nishizawa's younger brother, confesses to Nagi about his love for her and asks if he is able to take Nagi on a train ride, though it becomes a date. At the end, Kazuki says that they should do things like this again. Nagi says that it is impossible because she already likes someone, but Kazuki says he has not given up. Back at the mansion, Nagi becomes dejected because Hayate has not become jealous about her date with Kazuki. Later, Nagi takes a bath, with Maria helping her wash her hair. Maria leaves for a bath towel, but due to a sudden visitor, she asks Hayate to bring a towel to Nagi. Hayate walks into the bathroom and accidentally sees Nagi naked. Hayate asks if Nagi is mad at him, and she says she is, but she says she forgot why she was mad, and kisses Hayate on the cheek.
2x6 Your Place aired: Friday May 8, 2009
Nagi is feeling embarrassed after kissing Hayate on the cheek, and she sends him out the house. Maria gives Hayate one million yen to go live outside the mansion for three days, but he uses the money to help people in need. Broke and having nowhere to go, Hayate is in the park reflecting on his position, when Hinagiku invites him to her house. Hayate stays for the night, and Hinagiku comes into Hayate's room. Hayate becomes flustered when he sees Hinagiku and notices her beauty. Hinagiku as well becomes flustered when she wants to ask Hayate about his relationship with Ayumu. The people that Hayate helped come back to the mansion and give all the money back. Maria notices that Hayate gave away his living expenses and decides to find out where he is staying. Maria decides to infiltrate the school to do so, and meets Hayate on the elevator for the school clock tower, although he is clueless that she is really Maria.
2x7 The Jealousy Yakaretate Japan aired: Friday May 15, 2009
Hayate and Maria get stuck inside the school's clock tower elevator where Hayate realizes Maria is disguising herself. Nagi calls Maria on her cellphone due to her clumsiness with making tea, and Maria goes back to the mansion. Hinagiku and Hayate go to the supermarket and talk with each other, and also make dinner for each other. Hinagiku asks Hayate if he has a girlfriend, but he says he does not. Hinagiku goes to a supermarket and meets Ayumu who is eating baked yams. Hinagiku talks to Ayumu about what happened during Valentine's Day, and if she has a relationship with Hayate. Hinagiku sees a little kitten, and decides to take it back home. Hina feeds the kitten milk, but Hayate says they cannot sleep because they need to take care of the kitten. Maria asks if Nagi wants Hayate to come back to the mansion the next day, and she says she does.
2x8 Shiranui Has Arrived aired: Friday May 22, 2009
Hayate goes back to the mansion with the kitten, and Nagi instantly decides that she will raise it and names it Shiranui. Tama becomes jealous of Shiranui, and tried to make it seem like Shiranui ripped up Nagi's manga, but the plan backfires when Shiranui rips of the manga, and makes it seem like Tama did it. Nagi locks Tama in a cage for a little while as punishment. Isumi comes over to play with the kitten, but Shiranui becomes vicious towards her, and makes Isumi feel horrible. Isumi asks Sakuya for help, who suggests a change in attire, since she always wears traditional clothes. After changing into more casual clothing, Sakuya and Isumi head over to Nagi's mansion. Hayate helps Isumi by spraying diluted cat nip on her, causing Shiranui to become playful towards her. Nagi and Isumi play with Shiranui, and Nagi lets Tama play as well.
2x9 What a Girl's Heart Yearns For... aired: Friday May 29, 2009
Sonia (the nun) is outside Wataru's Video Store debating to herself about her love for Wataru, she finally says she just wants to acknowledge her feelings and goes in the store. She realizes that she is truly in love with Wataru but becomes jealous when Wataru takes care of Saki when she falls. The two kidnappers from the 1st episode try to kidnap Wataru, but they accidentally kidnap the Saki instead. Wataru gives Sonia a kiss on the cheek to save Saki and she does so easily. Sonia goes into the video store again, and Wataru lends her another video, but this seems to get Saki jealous. Later, Katsura sensei has been asked if she has a boyfriend, and she makes up a lie saying that she has dozens and chooses one to be with depending on her mood. To get a boyfriend Katsura sensei asks Nagi when the next high society party is, and Klaus says they will have one tonight. To prepare for the party, Katsura sensei goes around and asks people for advice about love. Miki, Izumi, and Risa go directly to Hayate for help on this matter. Nagi talks to Katsura sensei about having a boyfriend, and after a little bit of thinking Katsura sensei says she actually prefer booze instead. Everything goes well for Katsura sensei, but in the end, we see Maria sighing about having a boyfriend.
2x10 Whereabouts of the Present aired: Friday Jun 5, 2009
Hayate asks Maria what she would like to get an idea of what girls his age want so that he can figure out what to buy Hinagiku for her birthday. Hayate goes into town and chances upon Ayumu, though they are initially awkward toward each other after remembering the events of Valentine's Day. Izumi, Miki, and Risa show up as well, and they help Hayate look for a present. Hinagiku finds them and finds out about Hayate looking for a present for her. Hayate says he does not have the financial means to support a girlfriend at this time, so while he does not dislike Ayumu, he cannot bring himself to get involved in a relationship. Back at the mansion, Hayate asks Maria when her birthday is, but Maria evades the question, causing Hayate to think he said something tactless. He apologizes to her, and finds out Maria was abandoned by her parents, never knowing her birthday or her real name, though her birthday is set on December 24, the day she was found.
2x11 When the Hina Festival Happens aired: Friday Jun 12, 2009
Hina becomes preoccupied with why she has been thinking about Hayate so much lately. She finds out that Hayate is on the verge of failing to progress into the next grade, causing her to get very angry at him. Hayate goes to apologize, but he does not know what to say. When Sakuya breaks a cursed doll of Isumi's, a cross-dressing curse befalls Hayate, causing him to wear a maid uniform against his will, and if he does not beat Hina in a match before 9 PM tonight, he will have the desire to cross-dress for the rest of his life. Isumi gives a note to Hina to explain what she should do, but Hina takes this as a note of challenge, and does not intend to lose.
2x12 A Cruel Idiot's Thesis aired: Friday Jun 19, 2009
After Isumi's butler, Kotetsu, realizes Hayate is a boy, he becomes enraged, and tries to hunt down Hayate. Later, Nagi gives Hinagiku the watch she prepared for her birthday, and then becomes kidnapped by Kotetsu, who says to have Hayate rescue her. Meanwhile, everyone surprises Hinagiku with a surprise birthday party, and after being asked where Hayate's present is, Hinagiku misunderstands the letter of challenge as a way for them to be alone. After hearing that Nagi has been kidnapped, Hayate runs through the festival even though he is wearing embarrassing clothes. Nagi talks with Kotetsu about how shallow his love is, and how he only looks at the appearance of others. This opens Kotetsu's eyes and he confesses his love again to Hayate, but is beaten away by Nagi. Nagi also scares away the curse of the Hina Doll and Hayate returns back to normal. Finally, Nagi and Hayate head home, but Hayate remembers that he forgot to meet up with Hinagiku, and heads to the clock tower where Hinagiku is sleeping.
2x13 Feeling of Freedom aired: Friday Jun 26, 2009
Hinagiku wakes to see Hayate, and after noticing the time, becomes enraged at Hayate's tardiness. She begins to attack Hayate with the Masamune Bokken she received from Isumi, and after a while, Hinagiku loses control of her emotions due to the sword and cries in Hayate's chest. Later, Hinagiku becomes embarrassed due to losing control of her emotions, and when she asks Hayate for her present, Hayate gives her some cookies he baked. Hinagiku then proceeds with telling Hayate about how her family also left her and her sister behind with a debt of 80 million yen and how she can relate to Hayate. Hayate leads Hinagiku to the terrace and makes her look at the view to make her feel better. After seeing the beautiful sight of the city at night, Hinagiku finally realizes that she is in love with Hayate.
2x14 The Saginomiya Resident's Relatives aired: Friday Jul 3, 2009
Nagi wakes up after her dream where she became the number three spot in the Hayate the Combat Butler character rankings and Hinagiku became the top spot. On that night, Sakuya and Isumi are battling an evil eye yōkai, however they fail to catch its remainder. The next day, Maria gives bag to Hayate to deliver to Isumi because she is not feeling well. Hayate meets Isumi's mother and grandmother at the Saginomiya mansion. Afterwards, Isumi is attacked by the giant evil eye yōkai and Hayate saves Isumi. After leaving the Saginomiya mansion, a small person wearing a mask in all while attacks Hayate. Their battle ends abruptly to reveal the person as Ginka Saginomiya, Isumi's great-grandmother. She reverts to her old self again, and sucks Hayate's blood to gain back her youth. Hayate goes back home to the mansion, dry of blood and horribly thin.
2x15 What Happens at Shimoda Onsen aired: Friday Jul 10, 2009
Nagi decides to take Hayate and Maria on a trip to visit a mysterious meteorite that seems to enhance growth, along with other special powers. On the way there, Nagi accidentally leaves the train to buy a box lunch, but then the train leaves without her and she becomes lost all alone. Nagi meets up with Ayumu after eating at a ramen shop and Ayumu lets her ride on the back of her bike to take her to the next train stop. Meanwhile, Hinagiku tries to talk to Maria for advice about love, but they are interrupted by a call from Nagi. While waiting on hold, Nagi and Ayumu meet some hit men who say they need to take out Nagi but do not know which one is her due to both of them having pigtails. Ayumu pedals away on her bike, and Hayate is on the same road, looking for them.
2x16 Stardust Memory aired: Friday Jul 17, 2009
Ayumu and Nagi manage to get away, but Nagi jumps off the bike soon after, telling Ayumu that she will be fine since Hayate is coming. Hayate finds Ayumu's cellphone and is promptly attacked by Ginka, Isumi's great-grandmother, who wants to take him to the Shimoda onsen. Ayumu comes back to Nagi to share a soft drink when the hit men return, and Ayumu and Nagi jump on the bike again to escape. Hayate and Ginka arrive, and Ginka takes care of the hit men, allowing the others to meet up at the train station in Asami. Nagi tells Hayate to bike Ayumu the rest of the way, and Hinagiku looks after Nagi and Maria on the train. Once in Shimoda, Nagi meets with Sakuya and the two go to a secret hot spring which causes Nagi to act like she is intoxicated, though it does not adversely affect Sakuya or Hayate who comes to retrieve Nagi. Later, an alien comes crashing into Nagi's room at night.
2x17 Under the Cherry Blossoms aired: Friday Jul 24, 2009
When Nagi wishes an alien on her mother's star,Nagi's wish become real Nagi helps the alien to find the spaceship, Hinagiku is relaxing on a onsen she decides to find and tell Ayumu Nishizawa the truth about that Hinagiku is fallen in love with Hayate,then suddenly she passed out, Nagi and the alien found the spaceship and finds Hayate going to Isumi then Nagi and the alien follows Hayate, Hayate agreed to Isumi's great-grandmother he will give blood to Isumi to regain her powers but Isumi rejects the help of Hayate the great-grandmother of Isumi hits him with a morning star which cause him to bleed,soon after Nagi and Hayate had a fight suddenly Nagi accidentally gets on the spaceship that she will never come back,Isumi kisses hayate on the cheek and regains her powers back and sends him in the outer space to save Nagi,after that the alien comes to the spaceship and takes Hayate and Nagi home,Hayate dreams about Nagi's mother Yukariko Sanzenin to protect Nagi,the reason they came to shimoda is to celebrate the death anniversary of her mother and soon after Nagi introduces Hayate to her mother.
2x18 People Who Never Learn on White Day aired: Friday Jul 31, 2009
Ayumu realizes that despite telling him otherwise, she actually does want a White Day present from Hayate. Hayate buys a basket of cookies for Ayumu at Hinagiku's suggestion, but, nervous about presenting the gift to Ayumu, practices a greeting for Ayumu only to accidentally give the cookies to Maria instead. When Hinagiku discovers that Hayate neither gave the gift to Ayumu nor has enough money to buy another one, she brings Hayate to a friend's cafe in order to bake cookies. Despite Hayate's terrible luck, he manages to meet Ayumu and give her his White Day gift. That night, Hayate catches up to Hinagiku and gives her a present as well.
2x19 Aim for the King! aired: Friday Aug 7, 2009
Nagi, having woken up after noon for all of spring break, resolves to rid herself of her hikikomori lifestyle. After Hayate accidentally breaks his cell phone, Hayate and Nagi go shopping in Shinjuku to replace it. Nagi gets lost, although she vehemently denies it, and is directed to the lost child section of the electronics store. Nagi challenges the boys there to a duel with the Hayate the Combat Butler Trading Card Game; she wins and tells the boys to call her "boss", after which Hayate arrives to pick her up. On March 29, Sakuya reminds Hayate that her birthday is on April 3. Knowing that Hayate cannot afford to buy her a present, she asks for a good laugh. In an attempt to learn how to be funny, Hayate forces himself to try and jab at Maria but instead trips and face-plants her chest. Nagi beats up Hayate as a result, and Sakuya gets the laugh that she asked for, although she tells Hayate that she still expects something on her actual birthday.
2x20 I Couldn't Do the Maid Turn aired: Friday Aug 14, 2009
Father Linn Regioster suddenly appears before Hayate and announces his decision to rest in peace. However, he claims that to finally leave the Earth, he must rid himself of his one lingering regret by flirting with a maid. Since Maria cannot see Linn and because Hayate has no intention of letting Linn take over his body, Isumi resolves to learn how to be like a maid herself. After Nagi coaxes some advice out of Wataru under dubious circumstances, Sakuya introduces her maid Haru to teach Isumi the spirit of a maid. Much to both Hayate and Isumi's chagrin, however, the entire setup was an April Fools' Day joke by Linn.
2x21 Whatever You Say The Cat You Own is the Cutest of All aired: Friday Aug 21, 2009
Nagi tells Hayate how she came to adopt Tama during a trip in Africa. Tama, determined to get rid of Hayate and Shiranui, corners the latter in a delivery truck only to be locked in and transported to an unknown location. Fearing for his life after hearing that an anaconda loose in the city was shot and killed, Tama tries to make his way home with Shiranui. The two are saved by Hayate when he pulls them out of the way of a speeding truck.
2x22 Keep On Dreaming aired: Friday Aug 28, 2009
Nagi asks Maria about the importance of money by which she understands how hard Hayate works to pay his debt off. She decides to give Hayate a birthday present,a wrist-watch which Hayate wants to wear all the time,by working for the money at a part time job. At the same time Hayate receives a call from an old cafe place he used to work for and finds out that he is needed there. Maria seeks this chance and replies on the phone that Hayate and another girl by the name Nagi Sanzennin will be working there. In the end it turns out to be a contest between Ayumu Nishizawa and Nag
2x23 Where We End Up aired: Friday Sep 4, 2009
Tired after a day's work, Nagi decides to take a nap even though Sakuya's birthday party is that same evening. At the party, Aika discovers that Chiharu works as Sakuya's maid. Meanwhile, Sakuya forces an extremely reluctant Wataru to entertain her and her guests; after Hayate and Nagi arrive, Sakuya manages to get Hayate to perform as well. Sakuya introduces her father and younger twin siblings to Hayate. After seeing Sakuya play with her siblings and her father, Nagi leaves. At Café Donguri, Hinagiku asks Ayumu to see the cherry blossoms with her, saying that she needs to talk with Ayumu about something important.
2x24 Distance aired: Friday Sep 11, 2009
Ayumu takes Hinagiku to a Ferris wheel which overlooks a grove of cherry blossoms. At the Aizawa mansion, Nagi goes missing and Hayate and the others try to figure out where she is. Hinagiku tells Ayumu that she betrayed her and that she too is in love with Hayate, though Ayumu does not think that this is a big deal. Hayate finds Nagi on a balcony and wants to comfort her, but ends up destroying the atmosphere. Nagi tells Hayate that she will keep him close to her for the time being.
2x25 It's About the Butler and His Lady aired: Friday Sep 18, 2009
Nagi is forced to rest after coming down with a fever after a day of hard work. Nagi asks Hayate to do something that makes her sleepy, upon which Hayate tells a strange and nonsensical version of Alice in Wonderland. Bored, unable and unwilling to fall asleep, Nagi asks Hayate to get her some Packy and attaches a hidden camera to his tie for entertainment. Nagi and Maria watch as Hayate's terrible luck forces him to undergo a string of unfortunate events. Hayate ultimately makes some Packy himself and brings back one stick after narrowly being run over by a truck. A new semester starts at Hakuō Academy though Nagi is still unwilling to attend.

Season 3 Episode List

3x1 The First Night aired: Thursday Oct 4, 2012
A new semester is about to begin, but Nagi is lazing around as usual. Hayate and Maria try to cheer her up without success until she gets impressed by a TV Show about aliens near Area 51 in Nevada, USA and wishes to go there to investigate. An opportunity arrives when she receives a call from the U.S. Police asking her to retrieve some of her late father's belongings, but Maria states that she is forbidden to go there until Silver Week. Nagi flees from the mansion in anger just to find later that she had forgotten her cellphone and wallet and is unable to get back home. However she is found by Hayate and when he is approached by a small child, he finds that Nagi was kidnapped. Hayate gets on the girl's bike to pursue the kidnappers and rescues Nagi from them. Just then Hayate and Nagi return home, the girl appears before them once more, introducing herself as Ruri Tsugumi and claiming to be Nagi's little sister.
3x2 The Second Night aired: Thursday Oct 11, 2012
Despite her shocking revelation, Ruri is ignored by Hayate and the others until she is finally brought before Nagi who hears from her that she is actually her sister, despite having no proof of it. Nagi allows her stay for a while, but after seeing her snooping around the mansion, she decides to take her to live with the other tenants of the Violet Mansion. Ruri refuses to stay, until Nagi is convinced to give her a chance. Nagi asks Ruri if she has any sort of special skill and she reveals herself as a master of Systema, strong enough to confront Hayate. Hayate is attacked mercilessly by her until he decides to fight back and she starts crying, which is later revealed as just a trick for him to open his guard. Nagi reprimands Ruri for using such underhanded tactics but compliments her for her fighting skill, even asking to learn it from her.
3x3 The Third Night aired: Thursday Oct 18, 2012
At Hakuo Academy, Ms. Katsura tells Hayate to deliver student council notes to Hinagiku. Hayate finds Hinagiku napping when Miki, Izumi, and Risa appears, waking her up, judging that Hinagiku is often scary. Hinagiku decides to be nicer for Hayate. Despite hearing her favorite tea cup get broken, and her sister already spend the money that she lend to her, Hinagiku shows a smiley personality to them; much to their surprise. Hayate suddenly ask Hinagiku to see a kids' movie with him then Ruri joins them later. The kids in the theater tease them thinking that they are a couple, the movie starts shortly after but the film cuts off. Then Hayate takes Hinagiku to an amusement park; leaving Ruri behind. They enjoyed themselves until it was time for them to leave. Hinagiku ask Hayate to why did he take her out, he explains it was Miki and the others who told him to; thought she was having a bad day. Hinagiku says that she wouldn't go out with a guy unless she likes him, but Hayate couldn't hear that part.
3x4 The Fourth Night aired: Thursday Oct 25, 2012
Ruri is looking for a way to get close to Nagi in her search for some unknown item at her mansion. Chiharu and Kayura recommend her to buy some games for her to play with Nagi just to find later that she had already bought and played them. After both Nagi, Chiharu and Kayura have a heated discussions about their preferences related to manga, anime and games, Ruri asks them for some recommendations and they set for Tachibana's shop. While the trio argue about which manga she should start reading first, she ends up wandering into the R18 dōjinshi section just to flee in horror soon after. In the end, she ends up purchasing just a dōjinshi from an unknown author which Hayate recognizes as one of Nagi's original creations.
3x5 The Fifth Night aired: Thursday Nov 1, 2012
Angry at Maria for always scolding her, Nagi orders Hayate to follow her arround looking for some reason for her to scold the maid herself. Unable to find any bad trait about the maid, the butler stumbles on Yukiji who invites him for lunch just to learn that she has no money and intends to have him pay the bill. Meanwhile, Maria calls Mikado and asks about why there is no pictures or any info about Nagi's father, and he responds that all evidence of his existance was erased by him, as according to him, he was just a con artist who married Yukariko aiming for the Sanzenin fortune. As Hayate argues with Yukiji, both Ruri and Sonia appear and start ordering food, increasing the bill. As the four argue about who will pay the bill, a thief breaks into the restaurant, giving an opening for both the sister and Ruri to flee. The thief claims that he is stealing money for the sake of his sick little sister's medical expenses and Yukiji reprimands him while pointing his own gun at him and Hayate. Hinagiku appears mistaking her sister for the thief and stops her. With the thief turning himself to the police and Hinagiku leaving with her sister, Hayate remains alone at the restaurant, calling Maria to ask her for help with the expenses.
3x6 The Sixth Night aired: Thursday Nov 8, 2012
Silver Week has arrived but Nagi has no interest to set to Las Vegas and retrieve her late father's possessions, rathering to spend the day with Hayate instead. Later she pays a visit to the Violet Mansion, just to find that Ruri is alone there. Unable to leave when it starts raining, Nagi manages to have Ruri confess that her true intention is to obtain the elusive "Black Camellia", a treasure believed to be in possession of the Sanzenin family and Nagi asks her grandfather by phone about it. However, Mikado refuses to say anything beyond the fact that the treasure was stolen 13 years ago and she breaks her smartphone in anger. When the rain worsens into a storm, the two girls struggle to keep the house by themselves when Ruri saves Nagi from being hit by a large tree branch carried by the wind. When the storm passes, Hayate appears at the mansion and he gets a call from Mikado who reveals to Nagi that the Black Camellia was stolen by her father.
3x7 The Seventh Night aired: Thursday Nov 15, 2012
A story about Nagi's father, Shin Hayek, is told how he was a thief then he met Yukariko and eventually fallen in love with her. Nagi discover the Black Camellia is in Las Vegas with Shin's belongings. Nagi explains the Black Camellia is a clock that brings bad luck (but can grant the owner miracles for eternity). Ruri who is desperate decide to enter a quiz contest hosted by Fumi Hibino to win tickets to New York as a way to go to Las Vegas. In the end, Hinagiku and Ayumu won and want to see Ruka's concert in Las Vegas. Ruri ran away wondering what to do next, since Nagi warned her not to do anything dangerous. Hayate comes looking for her when he, Isumi, and Sakuya witness her being abducted by a bird-like creature.
3x8 The Eighth Night aired: Thursday Nov 22, 2012
Hayate, Isumi, and Hinagiku (using her Shirosakura sword) manage to save Ruri from the bird-guy, but she refuse to tell them who he was. The next morning, at the mansion they receive a ransom note for Ruri's return in Las Vegas; nonetheless, recognize the handwriting to be Ruri's. Wondering if she really was kidnapped or not, Nagi finally takes the motive to go to Las Vegas and retrieve the Black Camellia. Testing the misfortune clock, Maria grabs it then suddenly the ventilation went up under her skirt in an eerie timing, and so Hayate took possession of the clock for now. While killing time in Las Vegas, Hayate got lost and his smartphone battery unfortunately died. He unexpectedly meets Ayumu saying their plane had a mechanical problem, thinking the Black Camellia caused it. Maria and Nagi found Hayate, from their viewpoint seeing as if he is kissing Ayumu. Much to Nagi's shocking surprise just to find out he was only taking a bit of fuzz off Ayumu's eye.
3x9 The Ninth Night aired: Thursday Nov 29, 2012
While entrusted with the Black Camellia, Hayate's bad luck has gotten much worse. At the hotel they're staying, the trio: Izumi, Miki, and Risa overreacts to help search for Ruri, as Hayate tries to cease them two cops mistake his action as of indecency, then startup panic throughout the hotel. Nagi insist Hayate to leave when Yukiji takes the clock from him, she won billions from a casino but then thieves showed up and stole the money and the clock with her car. Later, Hinagiku receive a call from Izumi to where the thieves' hideout. Nagi goes along with Isumi and Sakuya to where Ruri is supposed to be at. There they find a tree in the desert and meets a woman who appears to be a demon, when Nagi tells her the Black Camellia been stolen the woman sends out Ruri and the bird-guy—Shidou to retrieve it while taking Nagi hostage. Hayate and Hinagiku saved Izumi and Yukiji from the thieves before Ruri appears and found the blond-hair guy who has the clock. Ruri knocks out the thieves using her skills, but just as she strikes the guy with the Black Camellia it suddenly transforms into a sword, Hayate pushes her out of the way and gets stabbed.
3x10 The Tenth Night aired: Thursday Dec 6, 2012
Nagi inquires the woman why does she desire the Black Camellia, saying it is a magical sword that grants eternity. When Hayate got stabbed by it he collapse and later gets up, however his personality seems to have changed. The woman and the tree appear and attempt to take the Black Camellia, the thieves try to fight back as their hideout catches on fire and escapes with Yukiji's money. Hayate wants to talk to the woman, but Isumi interrupts them and release Nagi. The woman starts to weaken and retreats with Shidou and Ruri. As the police arrive, Nagi concerned about Hayate's behavior, and then Hayate tells her that he "quits" being her butler, leaving Nagi alone. The next day, Nagi pretends to be okay without Hayate. They meet Kyonosuke with a new car saying Yukiji will pay him back for it wasn't aware that she was robbed. Kyonosuke takes Nagi and Ayumu a drive to Area 51 when Ayumu shows Nagi the Black Camellia she found last night. Then the car suddenly broke down, Kyonosuke and Ayumu left Nagi alone in the desert. Nagi begins to realize how important Hayate was to her and exclaim that she wants him back no matter what. Ayumu comes back and gives Nagi a helping hand. Meanwhile, Hayate minds his own business when Yukiji gets him to find her money by interrogating a thief that she caught. Hayate (now speaking English) reluctantly threatens the thief who gives them the location at the Starside Hotel.
3x11 The Eleventh Night aired: Thursday Dec 13, 2012
Everyone gather together gladly to help Nagi search for Hayate. The girls try to figure out the mystery: the Black Camellia, the woman—Dolly, the accident 13 years ago, and Hayate's strange behavior. After Izumi and Hinagiku mention that Hayate got stabbed the previous night, Nagi comes to a conclusion. Ruri appears and Nagi asks her to bring her Dolly's ring; Hayate's life depends on it. Nagi orders Klaus to deliver her mother's wedding ring over immediately then lends it to her friend, Ruka Suirenji, so Hayate will notice the ring on Ruka's TV interview. Ruri found Dolly's ring and receive an email to meet at the Starside Hotel. Tonight at Ruka's concert, Nagi's friends go there to enjoy the show. Hayate and Yukiji arrive at the hotel; Hayate goes into Ruka's dressing room and found a note written by Nagi informing him the ring is at the wedding hall. In the wedding hall, Nagi reveals the Black Camellia is a sword that exchanges a person's soul and what happened 13 years ago, and thus Hayate is now Shin Hayek—Nagi's father! Shin sat down with Nagi and talk about Yukariko. Dolly shows up with a captured Ruri and demands the Black Camellia, but Nagi and Shin explain that her beloved king died 13 years ago and Hayate is inside the clock now. Shin demands his ring back that signifies his and Yukariko's eternal love. While Yukiji beats up the thieves, chaos rises above her and Maria cause by Dolly.
3x12 The Last Night aired: Thursday Dec 20, 2012
Within the Black Camellia, Hayate is introduced by a tanuki who tells him how the clock's fortune functions. Meanwhile, Ruka is doing her singing performance; Isumi and Sakuya run to help Nagi. Ruri and Shidou try to defend Dolly but she rejects them, Shin protects Nagi from Dolly's wrath. The rest of the thieves are defeated when Hinagiku uses her Shirosakura sword to rescue Ruri from a falling pillar. Shin takes Nagi to safety and approaches a helicopter with Hinagiku and Yukiji (with her money), but then Dolly captures Nagi and creates a gigantic tree. Yukiji flies away with Hinagiku on a parachute, Dolly begins to crush to Nagi, and then Shin arrives with the Black Camellia and stabbed himself asking Nagi to get his ring back for him. Shin appears before Hayate telling him to go save his daughter. Hayate comes after Nagi, proving to Dolly that he is not her beloved and starts to crumble. Hayate holds Nagi's hand and flies down on big balloons miraculously and she confesses to him. It's raining money, Isumi and Sakuya had Ruri taken to a hospital. Shin sang a song when Yukariko appears and the two are finally reunited. As Hayate and Nagi land safely Dolly comes down and Nagi reveals what her beloved king last words were before disappearing into the sky, the Black Camellia got crushed. And they go to see Ruka's concert. After all other businesses were taken care of; Ruri gives Nagi her father's wedding ring and leaves with Shidou revealed be a handsome man in a suit. Hayate and Nagi arrive at Shimoda to drop off Shin's ring and the Black Camellia at Yukariko's grave thanking them for everything.

Season 4 Episode List

4x1 Hayate Ayasaki aired: Tuesday Apr 9, 2013
Hayate shops in a poverty district then experience his misfortune. The story goes back in the daily life at the Violet Mansion apartment, where Hayate and Hinagiku make an early morning preparation. Maria notices how Hayate can be so popular with the girls. The tenants; Chiharu, Kayura, and Ayumu leave for school as Nagi gets up late despite Hayate's actions to wake her when she's been trying her best to do better in life. Athena Tennousu (as Alice in child-form) barely stays awake. After school, Nagi attempts to play video games when they all should be studying for their final exam. Hayate continues his hard work preparing for tomorrow already then begins studying after midnight and Hinagiku comes to his room to tutor him, and he wakes up for just an hour of sleep and does the same early morning routine. Unfortunately, he discovers everyone is sick; except Ayumu until she fakes it. The next day, Hayate caught their cold but pretends he's fine to relieve Nagi's worries. Ruka returns from Las Vegas and gives Hayate her album since her concert has finished. By the time Hakuou Academy's final exam starts Hayate arrives miserable due to constant errands along the way. He returns home and finds everyone has prepared dinner for him as a way of thanking him for his kindness.
4x2 Nagi Sanzenin aired: Tuesday Apr 16, 2013
Nagi is playing her fierce video games until Maria instantly unplugs the TV. One morning, Nagi inadvertently awakens early at the Sanzenin Mansion and discovers how the early mornings can be so delighted. She follows a scent of cooking and found Hayate in the kitchen. After eating breakfast, Nagi tries not to get sleepy by doing some exercise which isn't easy for someone of her lifestyle. At Wataru Tachibana's video store, Nagi purposely rents an R-18 naked DVD mix with a stack of random ones; however, when she presenting it to Shiranui in her tree house Nagi found out she had grabbed an R-18 horror DVD by mistake. Ending up watching the whole film Nagi becomes terrified and begs Hayate to stay by her side all day until she'd fallen asleep, and Hayate whispers her a good dream that suppress her fears. Maria also watches the film and its déjà vu. Shifting back at the Violet Mansion, Nagi confined herself from going to school on a soggy day. Hayate tries to persuade Nagi by using advice to motivate her. Maria lends Nagi some money saying it represents life. This finally inspires Nagi to go to school together with Hayate admitting that morning days are interesting.
4x3 Athena Tennousu aired: Tuesday Apr 23, 2013
Having to sleep late again Athena (Alice) takes in some sunlight for refreshments. Hayate gave her some ringlet-shaped chocolate. Suddenly, a big dog approaches Athena then licks her. She demands Hayate to find its owner. While they search for the dog's owner on the streets, Athena disciplines the dog. Fumi appears declaring the dog, Armageddon, is hers. Armageddon quickly tackles onto Fumi, just as they leave Athena signs she likes Armageddon, and Fumi responds he likes her too because of her ringlet-shaped hair. The next day, Wataru struggles with the pile of money that Sakuya had delivered to him in order to keep his business funded. Hayate and Saki offer to help deposit the money into the bank account regardless of Wataru's denial. Walking on the streets, Armageddon and Yukiji suddenly appear then the dog snatches the briefcase full of money and runs off. He shows Fumi the briefcase, freaking out, Fumi plans to hand it over to the police, but her friend Sharna Alamgir warns she would be considered a suspect. Meanwhile, Saki blames herself for losing the money, Hayate goes looking for the briefcase he found that Armageddon brought it to Athena, but finds the money inside the briefcase gone. Fumi and Sharna gather to help search for the money, then Hayate rushes to Tama to have him translate for Armageddon to know where the money is. Despite being insulted by the dog, Tama confirms the money been stolen by bandits. Tracking down their hideout, Yukiji beats up the bandits as Hayate and Wataru arrive to retrieve the money. With the money finally deposited Athena asks Wataru he should comfort Saki and so he does. Afterward, Nagi and Athena are left alone together for the day. They warm up some Nikuman to eat but overcooked it. Thinking what to do now, Linn the ghost priest mentions they should go find Hayate at the Café Donguri to have him make dinner for them. Accepting the idea, they head out, but along the way Nagi and Athena get lost since neither are familiar with the direction. Following the uphill, they manage to arrive at the café and desperately demand Hayate to make them Nikuman.
4x4 Isumi Saginomiya and Sakuya Aizawa aired: Tuesday Apr 30, 2013
The Saginomiya residents are curious to why they don't have a maid to support them in any way. So Hatsuho went to request Hayate to handing out flyers to recruit suitable maids use to overcome Isumi's weakness of smartphones. Fumi chose to be a maid candidate confident in her skills. In the end, both Isumi and her mother rejected Fumi because she did not meet the standards of understanding how to use smartphones. Nagi responds Isumi doesn't need a maid. At the Aizawa mansion, Chiharu as Haru is teaching Sakuya to be modest. In a flashback, the story goes on how Chiharu been hired to be Sakuya's maid. Makita & Kunieda reach agreement that Sakuya needs a maid by choosing one at her café. Sakuya asks Nagi why she hired Hayate as her butler in the first place; she replies that it was fate. In an arcade, Sakuya and Chiharu play virtual games together, and felt faith in her so she had Chiharu become her maid. Back in the present, Sakuya visits Nagi then discovers Chiharu there at the Violet Mansion. She drags Sakuya away and begs her to keep her maid identity a secret. They search for ideas to draw a manga, ditching Sakuya since she can't read manga. Isumi tries to help Sakuya to entertain herself. Sakuya hopes Nagi can still rely on her.
4x5 Hinagiku Katsura aired: Monday May 6, 2013
Feeling depressed because she isn't fragile, Hinagiku wishes Hayate to give her a shoulder massage, but is too embarrassed to ask him. Thinking how to get him to offer her a massage, Hinagiku uses a chance while studying with Hayate in the evening, but fails. The next day, Hinagiku reflects from the previous night. Athena reassures Hinagiku she try hinting Hayate again. Hinagiku receives a call from Hayate to meet at the Sanzenin Water Resort to deal with the troublesome Hakuou Three Amiga swimming in the artificial sea. Abruptly, their old foe Gilbert makes an appearance causing Hayate to beat him up. Gilbert provokes a 2v2 volleyball game challenge with the butler. Gilbert's partner is a new and improved Eight, and he chooses Hinagiku as Hayate's partner believing she is "fragile". Hinagiku pretends to be fragile for Hayate at the start of the game, which they didn't expect. Hayate apologizes to Hinagiku that with her on his side he thought he'd win the game. Her mood changes when Gilbert laughs at her flat-chest, and hits the ball hard at Eight. Successfully winning the game, Hinagiku shows her swimsuit, introducing herself as the student council president and declares that she will not lose. That night at dinner, Hayate comes over to offer Hinagiku a shoulder massage. Overjoyed with his answer, Hinagiku happily takes him up on his offer.
4x6 Izumi Segawa and Two Others aired: Monday May 13, 2013
At Hakuou Academy, Risa discusses with Hayate about why people recently been calling them the "idiot trio". Izumi and Miki thrash out then start arguing together with Risa, they decided to find results on who's the smartest of the three by creating an interesting film. Hayate follows Izumi firmly to where she's recording a plant growing, but accidentally kills it. Next, Miki shows them some eggs she's waiting to be hatch; however, Hayate corrects her that unfertilized eggs will never hatch. Last, Risa presents a contraption that sets off balloons, but failed to notice them flying away without recording. In the end, it became clear to Hayate that the three are idiots. Thinking about yesterday, the trio are in session alone then again rather study on how to be popular. Hayate comes to check on them, and Risa tries to force him into doing something shameless to Izumi for the cute and blush research. Later, Izumi does cleaning duty as punishment for being careless of the paper that Yukiji gave her to take to the class. She puts on an embarrassing act using Miki's video camera until Shiranui scares her, and then Izumi heads home forgetting to delete the video. The episode ends showing Hayate has taken the memory card from the camera.
4x7 Ruka Suirenji aired: Monday May 27, 2013
Ruka the idol is told from her manager Atsumari that she been booked to star in a bicycle commercial, telling her how lucky she is. Nagi, Hayate, and Maria are watching a recap of Ruka's concert on TV at the Violet Mansion. Ruka got the day off so she makes a surprise visit there and informs them her amazing opportunity. Tactlessly, she doesn't know how to 'ride' a bike so she intensely desires Hayate to teach her how since he's a professional at bicycling. Ruka first practices in the yard but ruins Maria's garden. It soon gets dark, Chiharu suggest Ruka should try practicing on Hakuou Academy's grounds. Hayate strictly trains Ruka to ride a bike down a steep hill, that looks risky. He pushes her down the hill and catches her before she falls, hoping it would help overcome her fear of falling. At the end of the day, Ruka and Hayate start having fun using a squirt gun. Nagi asks Hayate if he can teach her how to ride a bike too but expects him to do it more kindly. Later, Hayate, Hinagiku, and the Hakuou Three Amiga, were invited to see Ruka's next concert. Hayate receives an urgent call from Ruka and Atsumari depending him to act as a backup dancer in a maid outfit on the stage, also Ruka wishes for his service because she's in a stress. The concert begins with Ruka singing through willpower. Before her last song, Gilbert shows up and battles Hayate. The staff members mistakenly put Gilbert's robot on the stage and goes on rampage. Hayate quickly kicks the robot off the stage, he dances with Ruka joyfully, and the concert was a success.
4x8 Ayumu Nishizawa aired: Monday Jun 3, 2013
Astonish to gaining weight, Ayumu efforts to preserve her health. Following at Café Donguri, Hayate gives Ayumu some Nikuman he made, at that moment, she realize her constant consuming of Hayate's food is the reason she's gaining weight. She stops herself from eating, but just couldn't resist Hayate's generous offer. In a flashback, Ayumu remembers how everyone prepared a surprise birthday party for her. Hayate was baking cookies for her, Maria questions who else's birthdays does he know, answering he remembers everybody's. Nagi and Chiharu compromise they should throw a surprise party for Ayumu over at Café Donguri. Before they can start setting it up, Ayumu arrives already! As she attempts to remind them what "today" is, they try to avoid the question by feigning ignorance until she gives up. Ayumu finally leaves after part-time and everyone quickly prepares the party. Nagi calls for Ayumu's return, but she is too dismayed, so Nagi use a sympathetic manner to convince her. Ayumu comes back and they surprise her with the party, feeling overjoyed she jumps onto Nagi. Back in the present, Ayumu walks home with Hayate saying it's unsafe during the night, leaving Hokuto inaccuracy. They go to Shiomi high school, to pick up Ayumu's notebook that she forgot. Hayate thought if his parents hadn't sold him to the yakuza he probably would've accepted Ayumu's confession from before (Season 1 episode 12). As they leave, after defeating a monstrous thief, Ayumu decides she will do her best to lose weight.
4x9 Chiharu Harukaze and Kayura Tsurugino aired: Monday Jun 10, 2013
Top of the Hakuou clock tower, Chiharu is doing a speech pattern when Aika caught her unguarded. Aika responds that side of her is cute. Chiharu believes there are others who are more unguarded than herself, as she hangs out with Nagi due to their common interest. Later, Chiharu decided a barbecue for the tenants, and she has Hayate give her grocery shopping assistance. She questions Hayate what would he do if a girl confesses to him; he gives a serious answer. Ruka arrives at the Violent Mansion as she accepted Chiharu's invitation. Ruka asks Ayumu if Hayate would become her boyfriend even if it means kissing him, which irritates Ayumu. As Hayate and Chiharu return, he responds to Ruka and Ayumu that Chiharu asked him the same question, but they misunderstood it, then everyone celebrate for the barbecue. Kayura is eating the kebabs and making weird remarks. In a flashback, Hayate and Nagi remember when they first met Kayura (and pitching up a tent). After Kayura rented a room at the apartment, she enrolls as a transfer student at Hakuou Academy, so Hayate and Nagi gladly give her a tour around the campus until they reach the clock tower and Hayate casually shows them Hinagiku changing. Back in the present, after the barbecue and the tenants go to their rooms, Kayura states that you should not take your instant feelings too seriously. Hayate accidentally sees Hinagiku changing again; prompting that Hayate is the one who is most unguarded.
4x10 Maria aired: Monday Jun 17, 2013
Shiori fixed a tape recorder for Yukiji then tells her days as a student at Hakuō Academy. 7 years ago, when Maria was the student council president, Shiori amazed how academic and cute Maria is, so she shows her camera photos of her growth…but Maria breaks it like it was an accident. In the end, it seems Maria refuses to expose any of her cute traits. At the Sanzenin Mansion, Maria discovers a love letter for Hayate; however, he wants to turn it down then Nagi returns a strict reply to the sender; a second later, the sender replies a horror letter to Hayate which now scares him. Nagi devises Hayate and Maria to go on a fake date in order to drive away the sender. The sender is revealed to be Linn and he gets enrage of seeing Hayate dating Maria. Hayate and Maria follow Nagi's script by trying on different clothes even though it's embarrassing, with Ayumu and Hinagiku following them thinking their date is real. Last, Hayate and Maria go to an aquarium, as Linn tries to get involve with the maid, but fails. Then they run into Ayumu and Hinagiku and they ask if they're really dating, and respond it's just their imagination. At sundown, Maria hopes she'll find a boyfriend like Hayate someday. The episode ends showing a phone ringing.
4x11 Who's that Knocking at my Door? aired: Monday Jun 24, 2013
"May I kiss you?" All of the Cuties have had the same dream - one in which Hayate kisses them! Meanwhile, the indebted butler himself continues to unwittingly make all the girls' hearts skip a beat after having a troubling dream of his own! A tumult of love beginning from a single dream and someone's idea of a joke throws Hayate and the Cuties for a loop!
4x12 Being Loved and Living aired: Monday Jul 1, 2013
"I have to kiss someone, for Miss Nagi's sake!" As the time limit draws near, Hayate dashes through town looking for someone to kiss! And the Cuties, hoping to help Hayate somehow, are also running all over the place! The days of youth, and the first kiss - two things that everyone treasures.

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