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Aiz Wallenstein, Aiz Ready to Fight
Aiz Wallenstein
Brush Brush Brush, Hestia is brushing her teeth with Bell
Brush Brush Brush
Aiz Wallenstein, Aiz Wallenstein also known as Sword Princess is a member of Loki Familia. She saved Bell Cranel from minotaur.
Aiz Wallenstein
Goddess Hestia, Wallpaper of Hestia smiling and looking back, and the view of Tower
Goddess Hestia
Bell and Hestia, Wallpaper of Bell Cranel and Hestia on top of some ruins.
Bell and Hestia
Itadakimasu, Bell Cranel and Hestia are eating fried potatoes
Bell and Hestia, Bell and Hestia do make a love pose with their hand and many chibi characters behind them
Bell and Hestia
Bell and Hestia, Bell Cranell - Goddess Hestia and Tower of Babel
Bell and Hestia
Looking the sky, Bell and Aiz in their casual clothes looking up to sky in a dungeon
Looking the sky
Aiz Wallenstein Sword Princess, Picture of Aiz Wallenstein at night
Aiz Wallenstein Sword Princess
Tee Hee :p, Syr with "tee hee" expression, while Bell Cranel feel he is being tricked
Tee Hee :p
Hang Out Time, Lililuca, Hestia and Aiz on greenfield scenery
Hang Out Time
Aiz Wallenstain Near Fence, Aiz Wallenstain Wallpaper by Akw-Art-Design
Aiz Wallenstain Near Fence
Happy End~, With All chibi characters from Danmachi
Happy End~
Little Rookie, Bell Cranel is the main protagonist of this series. He is a member of Hestia Familia. He got "Little Rookie" title when he leveled up to 2 after his fight against minotaur.
Little Rookie
Jump Slash!, Bell with his knife in middle of battle
Jump Slash!

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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? trivia quiz

What is Bell Cranel 1st skill?

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