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You shouldn't give up.
By Diathedia on Nov, 29 2014 | See all reviews by Diathedia
One thing that I like about Naruto is the main character\'s zealousy. It teaches us not to give up on their dreams so easily. The story is also fun, although the killing definitely breaks my heart. I took in lots of morale in this story. If anyone wants a story that teaches you lots of things, Naruto would be the one.
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Naruto: Shinobi World: Episode 7
By Scarletrose on Oct, 2 2014 | See all reviews by Scarletrose
The preview of Naruto: Shinobi Word, im already finish with this sprite comic! It have 20 Episode. Its the story from the old shinobi world with senju clan, uchiha clan, izunuka clan, hyuuga clan, sarutobi clan, uzumaki clan, nara clan, akemichi clan, yamanaka clan, aburame clan, kurama clan, hatake clan and many more
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Believe It! To become Hokage is my dream!"
By secretsmyself on Sep, 23 2014 | See all reviews by secretsmyself
Naruto is an anime about a boy named Naruto who dreams of being the greatest ninja in his village of Konoha. On his path he meets with various obstacles but with the help of his teammates, friends and teachers he manages to go through them. The anime shows his growth from ninja school through different missions and life choices. It\'s one of the most wide known and spread animes that almost everyone has heard of and is definitely worth the watch.
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Victory through self-confidence
By asdar54 on Nov, 18 2016 | See all reviews by asdar54
Naruto narrates the adventures of the main character who casually is named Naruto, an orphan hated by the whole village who wishes to become the next Hokage of Konohagakure, hated because sealed within his body is the strongest demon, during the road to becoming Hokage hell be accompanied by Sakura, his long time crush and Sasuke, his rival, in a world filled with Chakra and the use of Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu and Genjutsu, Naruto portrays himself as a stubborn, mediocre ninja, with no special talent, plowing through obstacles by pure stubbornes, despite the Main character, Naruto is a anime worth watching, placing high values on friendship, perseverance and Honesty
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By focus4 on Mar, 20 2016 | See all reviews by focus4
Naruto is a example for currage, to achieve a goal in ilfe . He is a boy that living in Konohagakure and he love to eat ramen . He is the son of 4rd Hokage Minato Namikaze and Kushina a jinkuriki of the powerfull nine tails Kyuubi, a very powerfull fox demon. When is borned Naruto the seal of Kushina was broken and the deamon was realeased . Minato and Kushina gave their lives to protect the village . Minato sealed the deamon in his son Naruto which gives Naruto incredible power. The story of the anime is the life of Naruto which grow up in the Konoha , which are marginalized from the villagers beacause his deamon . Naruto have a dream to became the most powerfull fighter , to became the leadder (Hokage) of Konoha . In the story he was a part of team seven with Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno . The leadder of seven team was sensei Kakashi Hatake.
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Naruto is the best anime movie ever!!
By jiggy88 on Sep, 18 2015 | See all reviews by jiggy88
i knew Naruto since i was a kid, im a young adult now but i still watch this show again and again. Naruto tought me about friendship, confidence, making effort,... im inspired a lot!! thank you Naruto
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don t give it up with naruto
By ANAWAWA on Jun, 30 2015 | See all reviews by ANAWAWA
Say no to fear not to surrender to the weakness of this does not teach him what Naruto series for kids and for adults and even Personally, I like this character because I learned them that having a most situations with courage and I do not hesitate to say yes all the challenges
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Naruto Anime
By aminebahrixnice on Mar, 23 2015 | See all reviews by aminebahrixnice
It Was So Wonderful And Now i\\\'m Making Amv\\\'s Of This Nice Anime !
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By rusul on Aug, 4 2015 | See all reviews by rusul
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By manal_sara on Jun, 27 2015 | See all reviews by manal_sara
روعة في غاية الجمال و انا من محبي رسوم ناروتو
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By raghdaelerakyy on May, 16 2015 | See all reviews by raghdaelerakyy
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By kennfexx on Apr, 29 2015 | See all reviews by kennfexx
all episodes her
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By rita_sss on Feb, 21 2015 | See all reviews by rita_sss
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By razakhan on Feb, 12 2015 | See all reviews by razakhan
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By fatimaamin on Feb, 8 2015 | See all reviews by fatimaamin
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