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They arrive in silence and darkness. They descend from the skies. They have a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere. They are parasites, alien creatures who must invade - and take control of - a human host to survive. And once they have infected their victims, they can assume any deadly form they choose: monsters with giant teeth, winged demons, creatures with blades for hands. But most have chosen to conceal their lethal purpose behind ordinary human faces. So no one knows their secret - except an ordinary high school student. Shinji is battling for control of his own body against an alien parasite, but can he find a way to warn humanity of the horrors to come?
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Season 1 Episode List

1x1 Metamorphosis aired: Thursday Oct 9, 2014
Shinichi Izumi's life takes a turn to the bizarre when a mysterious lifeform attempts to infiltrate his body in order to snatch it, but it ends up stuck on where his right hand used to be and both are forced to cooperate. Meanwhile, similar incidents with gruesome outcomes start occurring in other locations.
1x2 Demon in the Flesh aired: Thursday Oct 16, 2014
Calling his new partner "Migi", Shinichi attempts to move on with his normal life despite his new condition, but other members of Migi's race keep coming after them to protect their secret.
1x3 The Feast aired: Thursday Oct 23, 2014
Much to his dismay, Shinichi discovers that Reiko Tamura, a new teacher of his, is another inhuman just like those he faced before and knows his secret. However, Reiko is not interested in fighting him, and asks for his cooperation instead, but her partner, just called "A", has other plans.
1x4 Disheveled Hair aired: Thursday Oct 30, 2014
Thanks to their teamwork, Shinichi and Migi defeat A, who ends up killed by Ryōko who quits school once news of her pregnancy reach her colleagues. Back at home, Shinichi's parents are suspicious of his behavior and he must make sure they do not discover the truth to ensure their safety.
1x5 Stranger aired: Thursday Nov 6, 2014
Shinichi is targeted by a gang of delinquents and Kana, the girl who walks with them becomes suspicious of his nature. After returning home, Shinichi is caught by surprise when he is attacked by an enemy who possessed the body of his own mother.
1x6 The Sun Rises Again aired: Thursday Nov 13, 2014
After Shinichi is mortally wounded, Migi uses its powers to save his life, but weakening itself in the process. When Shinichi hears that his father is still alive, he rushes to the hospital where he is treated in order to protect him and enact revenge for his mother's death.
1x7 Dark Night's Passing aired: Thursday Nov 20, 2014
Shinichi meets Mamoru Uda, another human who is in a similar situation as him and they decide to join forces to protect his father. However, when the enemy appears, Migi falls asleep and both Shinichi and Mamoru must fight without its help.
1x8 Freezing Point aired: Thursday Nov 27, 2014
Back to Tokyo, Shinichi's sudden change in behavior put his father and friends wary of him, and things get even more tense when Hideo Shimada, another parasite, is sent by Ryōko to keep an eye on him.
1x9 Beyond Good and Evil aired: Thursday Nov 27, 2014
The recent events involving Shinichi draws him even further from his friend and crush Satomi Murano. Meanwhile, another of his friends gets close to danger after discovering Hideo's secret.
1x10 What Mad Universe aired: Thursday Dec 4, 2014
Stunned by a surprise attack from Yuuko, Hideo loses his mind and enters into a killing spree. Worried about Murano, Shinichi decides to confront him head on to protect her.
1x11 The Blue Bird aired: Thursday Dec 11, 2014
Kana meets Shinichi once more and is determined to get closer to him, despite knowing of his relationship with Murano. Meanwhile, a group of parasites is organizing themselves with unknown intentions.
1x12 Heart aired: Thursday Dec 25, 2014
Shinichi decides to tell Kana about the existence of Parasites and Migi, while Kana wants to reveal that she can tell that Shinichi is different, ultimately leading to her death.
1x13 Hello Sadness aired: Thursday Jan 8, 2015
Shinichi returns to the crime scene to try to keep the feeling of mourning for Kana. He is followed by a human private investigator hired by Ryōko Tamiya and Migi is caught on camera.
1x14 The Selfish Gene aired: Thursday Jan 15, 2015
With their hands forced, Shinichi and Migi reunite with Mamoru in order to capture and interrogate the private investigator.
1x15 Something Wicked This Way Comes aired: Thursday Jan 22, 2015
Spurred by Reiko's words, Shinichi decides to go on a crusade to eradicate the Parasites and kills one associated with Takeshi's camp. The group decides to send Miki to take care of him.
1x16 Happy Family aired: Thursday Jan 29, 2015
Shinichi & Migi manage to barely escape from Miki, while Takeshi's camp takes measures to cover up loose ends by burning Kuramori's office and killing his family.
1x17 The Adventure of the Dying Detective aired: Thursday Feb 5, 2015
After dealing with three enemies who wanted her dead, Reiko learns that her child was kidnapped by Kuramori who intends to get revenge on her. Reiko then asks Shinichi for help, and leaves to confront Kuramori, unaware that Murano is following her, hoping to meet Shinichi again.
1x18 More than Human aired: Thursday Feb 12, 2015
Surrounded by the police, Reiko sacrifices herself to protect her child and entrusts the baby to Shinichi before dying. After several interrogations, Shinichi protects his secret from the investigators, who come with one last resort to discover the truth.
1x19 In Cold Blood aired: Thursday Feb 19, 2015
Despite having no evidence against Shinichi, the police are still certain that he is hiding something, and they start an operation to bring Takeshi's group down.
1x20 Crime and Punishment aired: Thursday Feb 26, 2015
The police storm the Town Hall to bring down Takeshi's group, but chaos ensues when the cops encounter an enemy that they can't bring down.
1x21 Sex and Spirit aired: Thursday Mar 5, 2015
Gotou breaks free from the police siege, but not before meeting Shinichi and vowing to kill him on a later occasion. In face of a seemingly invincible threat, Shinichi is driven into despair until Satomi appears to comfort him and renews his will to survive.
1x22 Quiescence and Awakening aired: Thursday Mar 12, 2015
Motivated by Satomi to stay alive, Shinichi resolves to fight Gotou. With Migi's support, they press their attack in an isolated forest. However, they fail to finish Gotou at a critical juncture, causing Shinichi to lose Migi and flee in defeat.
1x23 Life and Oath aired: Thursday Mar 19, 2015
Despite not seeing any chance to win, Shinichi confronts Gotou and thanks to a desperate move, manages to injure him severely and rescue Migi from inside his body, turning the tables against him,
1x24 Parasyte aired: Thursday Mar 26, 2015
After returning home, Migi appears in Shinichi's dreams and bids farewell to him, revealing that he will enter into a dormant state and may never awaken again. One year later, Uragami appears before Shinichi and takes Satomi hostage, thus he must fight him by himself to save her.

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