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Tuesdays at 18:30 on TV Tokyo
Genres Action Animation Children Comedy Fantasy
A young boy named Ash Ketchum embarks on a journey to become a "Pokemon Master" with his first Pokemon, Pikachu. Joining him on his travels are Brock, a girl-obsessed Rock Pokemon Trainer, and Misty, a tomboyish Water Pokemon Trainer who may have a crush on him. Ash and Co. end up traveling through various regions, including Kanto, the Orange Islands, and Johto, and then enter the Pokemon League competitions there. Along the way, they run into many confrontations with Jessie, James, and Meowth, a trio of Pokemon thieves who are apart of an evil organization called "Team Rocket". But everytime Team Rocket try to do their evil deeds, they fail thanks to Ash and his Pokemon.
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Pokemon Anime episode list

Season 1 Episode List

1x1 Pokémon! I Choose You! aired: Tuesday Apr 1, 1997
After beginning his Pokémon journey, Ash is supposed to meet Professor Oak - a Pokémon researcher who is giving Pokémon to all the 10-year-olds in Pallet Town. Arriving late, Ash finds that all the Pokémon are taken - all except for Pikachu. After a harrowing misadventure together, Pikachu and Ash form an unbreakable bond of friendship.
1x2 Pokémon Emergency! aired: Tuesday Apr 8, 1997
Finally arrived in Viridian City, Ash is cornered by Officer Jenny who asks why he is carrying Pikachu instead of having it in a Pokéball. He explains that Pikachu doesn't like Pokéballs and shows her his Pokédex proving that he is one of the Pallet Town Trainers. Jenny takes Ash to the Pokémon Center where Nurse Joy begins treatment on the injured Pikachu. Before Pikachu's treatment finishes, however, the Center is attacked by two members of Team Rocket, an evil organization. Ash and Pikachu fend off Team Rocket and head to the Viridian Forest with Misty in tow because of her fried bike.
1x3 Ash Catches a Pokémon aired: Tuesday Apr 15, 1997
Ash, Pikachu and Misty have entered the Viridian Forest. Ash has spotted a Caterpie and thrown a Pokéball at it. Capturing it, Ash is overjoyed at his first catch. Misty, however, hates bugs and screams every time it comes near her. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is following them, ready for a fresh attempt at capturing Pikachu. Ash decides to capture another Pokémon, and manages to get a Pidgeotto. Can he, Misty, and his Pokémon, fend off Team Rocket again?
1x4 Challenge of the Samurai aired: Sunday Apr 27, 1997
Ash and Misty are now wandering through Viridian Forest. A Samurai challenges Ash to a battle, and it turns out to be Metapod Versus Metapod. After a short time, a swarm of Beedrill attacks, and Ash's Metapod is taken by them. Can Ash get his Pokémon back from them or will it be doomed to live its life without Ash?
1x5 Showdown in Pewter City aired: Tuesday Apr 29, 1997
Ash meets a strange old man named Flint, who instructs him in the etiquette of Pokémon training and the rules of the Pokémon League. To enter the League, trainers must collect badges from gym leaders, like the gym in Pewter City run by Brock. Ash quickly challenges Brock to a match and loses. After intense and strange training from Flint, Pikachu battles again and wins, earning Ash a Boulder Badge and a new friend - Brock.
1x6 Clefairy and The Moon Stone aired: Tuesday May 6, 1997
Brock has joined Ash and Misty, as they continue on their path to Pokémon greatness. First, they must find a short cut to Cerulean City, through the caves of Mt. Moon. Upon reaching Mt. Moon, our heroes witness a young researcher being attacked by a large number of Zubats. With Pikachu's electric shock, they rescue the researcher at the mouth of the caves. Full of gratitude for their assistance, the researcher, Seymour, offers to guide them through the caves. Along the way they witness many injured Pokémon. The poor condition of these Pokémon has been brought about by explorers searching for a Moon Stone reported to exist somewhere within the caves of Mt. Moon. These precious stones posses the capability of 'powering up' Pokémon. As more and more people come in search of these stones, the natural habitats of the Pokémon have become worse and worse leaving the Pokemon to fight for their daily survival. With the help of a group of the Pokémon Clefairy, our heroes defeat Team Rocket and witness the legendary Moon Stone work its magic on these enchanting Pokémon.
1x7 The Water Flowers of Cerulean City aired: Tuesday May 13, 1997
In his search to collect Trainer Badges, Ash heads for Cerulean City, intending to confront the Cerulean Gym Leader. For some reason, Misty expresses a desire to avoid Cerulean City and disappears somewhere along the way. Without concern for Misty, Ash and Pikachu continue toward the Cerulean City Gym. When they arrive, the exterior of the Gym gives the strange appearance of an aquarium. Upon entering the building, Ash and Pikachu are entranced by a synchronized swimming show being performed by three beautiful sisters. Could this truly be the Cerulean Gym? And what could be the role of the three beautiful swimming sisters? More importantly, will Ash be able to defeat the strangely absent Gym Leader to earn his next badge?
1x8 The Path to The Pokémon League aired: Tuesday May 20, 1997
After receiving his second badge, Ash sets off triumphantly for Vermilion City. Along the way, they hear of a trainer named A.J.-a fierce-Pokémon-trainer who has never lost a match. Full of self-confidence from his own record of ten victories in a row, Ash heads directly for the gym to find his new opponent. When they arrive, a huge bulletin in front of the gym announcing, "This Gym Not Authorized by the Pokémon League" along with a neon sign declaring "98 Consecutive Victories" appeal to Ash's over-confidence. A.J. is on the brink of achieving his goal of 100 straight victories, after which he will embark on a journey to gather badges. Will victory fall on the side of Ash and his 10 straight victories or with A.J. and his string of 98? In the process, will Ash learn some important lessons about the bonds between Pokémon and trainer?
1x9 The School of Hard Knocks aired: Tuesday May 20, 1997
Our three heroes have lost their way in the depths of a dense wood, shrouded in thick, white mist. Momentarily giving up, they decide to break for a brief rest. As Ash wanders deeper into the wood, searching for firewood, he happens across a young boy being bullied by five classmates gathered around him. Eavesdropping on their conversation, Ash learns that the boys are attending the Pokémon Seminar (or 'Pokémon Zem' for short) - a preparatory school for Pokémon trainers. Graduates from the Pokémon Seminar are automatically qualified to participate in the Pokémon League without undergoing any actual test of skill. Although many children dream of entering the illustrious Seminar (or rather their parents dream of them entering), only the most wealthy children can enter the school. But there must be a reason for the gloom overshadowing the faces of the students of this aristocratic school.
1x10 Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village aired: Tuesday Jun 3, 1997
Still lost, the party continues to wander. Falling from a rope bridge, stumbling into pitfalls, being caught in various traps, they struggle on until reaching a village, not shown on their map, inhabited by Pokemon that have been injured in battle or abandoned by their masters. In this village, a kind-hearted young woman named Melanie cares for these Pokemon. Even as our heroes, touched by Melanie's kind example, attempt to assist her in caring for the Pokemon, Team Rocket is slowly making its way toward the village. A combined effort of Melanie and Ash's Pokemon is needed to battle and defeat Team Rocket, and as a result, Ash's courage earns him a battle between Pikachu and Melanie's bravest Pokemon, Bulbasaur. Will Pikachu defeat Bulbasaur, thus increasing Ash's collection of Pokemon?
1x11 Charmander: The Stray Pokémon aired: Tuesday Jun 10, 1997
As our heroes press on toward Vermilion City, they encounter a lone, weak Charmander at a mountain pass. Standing atop a stone, it appears to be waiting for someone. Ash immediately attempts to capture it, but fails. Giving up, Ash and friends head for a nearby Pokemon Center. There they run into Damien—the very boy who had abandoned the Charmander. A storm erupts. Our heroes go out in the middle of the night to rescue the deserted Pokemon. Their timing couldn't be better for they saved the fiery Pokemon from an attack of vicious Spearow. Upon their return to the Pokemon Center, the Charmander is taken care of immediately, but the next morning he is gone, without a trace. Ash and friends go out to find him only to be side-tracked by the devious Team Rocket. Just when they thought they had captured Pikachu and rendered our heroes temporarily helpless, Charmander comes to the rescue. Will he ultimately become the next Pokemon to join Ash?
1x12 Here Comes The Squirtle Squad aired: Tuesday Jun 17, 1997
A company of Squirtles stand in the path of our heroes' enthusiastic march. To make matters worse, joining forces with Team Rocket, the Squirtles capture Ash and friends. When the Squirtles lock Pikachu, who has been critically injured, in a cage, Ash runs to retrieve a healing Potion. Upon Ash's return, a battle ensues between Team Rocket and our heroes. When it becomes apparent that Team Rocket has deserted the Squirtles, and even endangered them, Ash and his love of Pokémon prevails, and saves a Squirtle from certain doom. Will Ash's kind and brave act go unnoticed by the Squirtle?
1x13 Mystery at the Lighthouse aired: Tuesday Jun 24, 1997
The party emerges from the forest onto a beach, where in the distance they see a lighthouse, shining at the tops of a cliff. The lighthouse belongs to Bill, a Pokémon researcher who is awaiting the coming of a one-of-a-kind Pokémon, never before seen by humans. Before long, a tremendously large shadow begins to take form in the sea mists, but this possible discovery could be hindered due to the infamous Team Rocket lurking in the background cooking up another one of their schemes. Could such a legendary Pokémon truly exist?
1x14 Electric Shock Showdown aired: Tuesday Jul 1, 1997
Our heroes finally reach Vermilion City. They make their way to the Pokémon Center to refill their empty stomachs, but once there, they witness dozens of injured Pokémon being treated. Pikachu and Ash are alarmed to learn that all of these Pokémon were injured in battles with the Vermilion Gym Leader, Lt. Surge. Nonetheless, eager to earn a badge, Ash challenges Lt. Surge. Pikachu reluctantly enters the battle only to discover its opponent to be a Raichu, a fierce Pokémon with tremendous electric power. In order for Pikachu to successfully compete, it must demonstrate a stronger will than ever before displayed in battle. Could Pikachu possibly have a chance against Raichu's overwhelming strength?
1x15 Battle Aboard the St. Anne aired: Tuesday Jul 8, 1997
Ash and his party arrive at a port where the SS Anne, an international cruise liner, is docked. Receiving free tickets, from a mysterious duo, for a Pokémon Trainer party aboard the Santa Anne, they board the ship filled with anticipation of good food and lots of Pokémon excitement. Aboard the ship, bustling with Pokémon Trainers, Ash meets a distinguished gentleman who suggests they make a Pokémon trade. Ash exchanges his Butterfree for the gentleman's Raticate. Just then, the SS Anne is taken over by Team Rocket who had arranged the party as a ploy to steal Pokémon.
1x16 Pokémon Shipwreck aired: Tuesday Jul 15, 1997
With the St. Anne deep underwater, the group recovers and discover their predicament. Jessie and James wake up as well. When they meet up they initially start a battle, but the weight of their Pokémon rocks the boat. They agree to work together to get out. They find their way to a weak point in the boat where Charmander welds through it. Water gushes in and the three escape on water Pokémon. Team Rocket try to escape, but their Magikarp is too weak. They eventually float to the surface and are discovered by Pidgeotto who was searching for dry land. Just when the group are about to push overboard the apparently dead Team Rocket, they wake up. After sitting around starved for days with no land in sight, they start to consider eating Magikarp. They discover that Magikarp is all scale and bones. After James kicks Magikarp overboard, it evolves into Gyarados. The angry Gyarados does a Dragon Rage attack on them and they all spin away in a tornado created by Gyarados.
1x17 Island of the Giant Pokémon! aired: Tuesday Jul 22, 1997
As our heroes and Team Rocket beat the odds by surviving the sinking ship, they are dragged into another potentially deadly situation when they are attacked by the ferocious Pokemon, Gyarados. One Gyarados becomes many and Ash, friends and foe are swept up in a tornado landing them in various locations on an island. Ash loses Pikachu and the Poke Balls containing Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. Jessie and James from Team Rocket, who land in another remote part of the island, also lose their Pokemon. Thus both Pokemon and their masters are left searching for each other on this strange island, inhabited by gigantic Pokemon. Where could this island be?
1x18 Beauty and the Beach aired: Tuesday Jul 29, 1997
Ash, Misty and Brock begin their vacation in Porta Vista. Team Rocket are waiting for them trying to find ways to catch Pikachu. Ash and co. later ride a boat, and they crash into Team Rocket's submarine which then crashes into a dock owned by an old man. Ash needs to find some way to pay back the old man for his dock. Meanwhile, Team Rocket land on a beach and meet an old lady named Nastina working on her beach house. They volunteer to help her. Ash firsts tries to work at a restruant and customers flock. Team Rocket then sabotage it and the customers go away. Disappointed, Ash goes to Professor Oak and his mom. They tell him of a swimsuit competition for girls and for pokemon. Ash enters Misty who for pokemon, dresses Squirtle like an alien and Starmie as the UFO. She is greeted in the competition by Jesse and James. James pretends to be a girl with a fake inflatable body suit. They have Ekans and Koffing wrapped together as the great "Leviathan". Jesse and James are angry they lost, so they attack with their submarine and send a heat seeking missle. Ash gets Charmander to turn it around and it hits Team Rocket who blast off again. Nastina goes with them. In the end, Ash's mom wins the contest and they get enough money to pay back the old man.
1x19 Tentacool & Tentacruel aired: Tuesday Aug 5, 1997
Our heroes arrive at Hutber Port, where a ferryboat line runs to the mainland. There they meet a cousin of the old man's competitor from Acapulco who, having recently acquired a great deal of money, is trying to construct a huge luxury hotel, turning a coral reef area into a tremendous resort. This section of coral reef, however, is very important to the Tentacool and Horsea that live there. When a huge school of Tentacool interferes with the construction of the hotel, the cousin and a group of young people organize a campaign to drive them away, offering a reward of $10,000 to anyone who can repel the Tentacool. Naturally this draws the attention of Team Rocket who attempt to get rid of the Tentacool by spreading a mixture of super secret stun sauce over the ocean. Their plan backfires, however, transforming the Tentacool into a gigantic Tentacruel which begins a fierce counterattack against the humans. In order to defeat this reign of terror, Ash, Misty, Brock and their Pokemon are drawn into a battle that will require more than just strong combative skill.
1x20 The Ghost of Maiden's Peak aired: Tuesday Aug 12, 1997
After leaving Acapulco in search of Saffron City, our heroes finally arrive at a small port town in the middle of celebrating a summer festival. In order to recover from their hard journey, Ash and his party decide to participate in the festival. Team Rocket's interest in the festivities, on the other hand, is purely monetary. Brock and James are both bewitched by a picture scroll shown in a shrine open only on the day of the summer festival. The picture depicts a beautiful young maiden in a scene from the legend of Maiden Rock—a point on a cape near the town. According to the priest's explanation, the girl in the picture lived 2,000 years ago, and awaited the return of a lover captured in battle, until she finally turned into stone. Every year at this season, the ghost of this girl steals the spirit of a young man and this year it is James' and Brock's turn. What could the ghost possibly be after? And what is its true identity?
1x21 Bye Bye Butterfree aired: Tuesday Aug 19, 1997
As they journey toward Saffron City, our heroes come to a path that continues along the side of a sheer cliff. When the party sees a flock of Butterfree flying above the ocean, Brock, as a Pokemon breeder, explains that it is the Butterfree's egg-laying season. In order to continue their posterity, Butterfree find mates during this season and cross the sea together. Ash releases his Butterfree, sending it off toward the flock. His Butterfree performs a dance to attract a pink Butterfree, but is brutally rejected. Ash, Misty and Brock try to encourage Butterfree, but Butterfree can't recover from the shock of rejection. Just then Team Rocket arrives to poach the Butterfree. Ash's Butterfree tries to prevent the capture of his fellow Pokemon with very little success. Determined to free them and win the heart of the pink Butterfree, he battles Team Rocket with the strength and courage of a Pokemon in love. Can Ash's Butterfree rescue his fellow Butterfree Pokemon and win the heart of his pink Butterfree? If so, will he leave Ash, his beloved Pokemon trainer, to follow his love and fulfill the Butterfree destiny?
1x22 Abra and the Psychic Showdown aired: Tuesday Aug 26, 1997
The party finally arrives in Saffron City where a young girl manages a gym of Pokemon using her psychic powers. If Ash defeats this particular Gym Leader, Ash can earn a gold badge. Gathering all their strength, Ash and Pikachu challenge her. She happily accepts, but adds the strange condition that if Ash loses, they must become her friend. The official gym battle begins, but Pikachu is helpless against the young girl's Pokemon, Abra. To make matters worse, Abra evolves in the middle of the match, turning into the more powerful, Kadabra. Employing even stronger psychic powers against Pikachu, Saffron City's Gym Leader defeats Ash. As this strange story unravels, Ash encounters a mysterious man who seems to be the key to solving the puzzle to this young girl's disturbing power.
1x23 The Tower of Terror aired: Tuesday Sep 2, 1997
Ash realizes that he must battle and collect a ghost Pokemon in order to defeat the young girl's psychic Pokemon. In search of a ghost Pokemon, he heads immediately for a tower in Lavender Town where they are said to live. Jessie, James and Meowth from Team Rocket are already at the tower, but as they lay in wait for our heroes, they are attacked by Gastly, Haunter and Gangar. In the process of trying to defeat the ghost Pokemon, Ash learns a lesson or two about the mystical spirit world. Can Ash capture a ghost Pokemon and if so, will it be enough to defeat the psychic Gym Leader of Saffron City?
1x24 Haunter versus Kadabra aired: Tuesday Sep 9, 1997
Unbenownst to Ash, one of the ghost Pokemon decides to join Ash and friends on their journey and more importantly help Ash battle the powerful Saffron City Gym Leader. Ash returns to Saffron City with one goal, to win a gold badge. The scene is set and Ash and the young girl are once again face to face when suddenly, Ash's ghost Pokemon is nowhere to be found. Feeling completely humiliated, Ash leaves the gym. Brock and Misty are left behind and as a result, the young girl uses her powers to turn them into miniature dolls, rendering them helpless. The mysterious man from Ash's previous encounter with this baffling Gym Leader shows up providing Ash with some information that could ultimately be the key to defeating her. Determined to rescue Brock and Misty, Ash returns to the Saffron City Gym ready to do what it takes to win and save his friends. Just when his attempt seems hopeless, the ghost Pokemon shows up with a unique combative technique. Will this be enough to rescue Ash's friends as well as the young Gym Leader from her dark and lonely world?
1x25 Primeape Goes Bananas aired: Tuesday Sep 16, 1997
On their way to Celadon City, our heroes encounter Mankey, a wild Pokemon that if rubbed the wrong way can go into uncontrollable fits. Not realizing its unpredictability, the party accidentally upsets Mankey. To make matters worse, Team Rocket arrives and an all out war is waged by Mankey, who evolves into a ferocious Primeape, against anyone in its path. Will Ash be able to add Mankey/Primeape to his ever growing collection of Pokemon without having to withstand Primeape's unrelenting wrath?
1x26 Pokémon Scent-sation! aired: Tuesday Sep 23, 1997
The party arrives in Celadon City, a perfectly pleasant town full of large department stores, condominiums, and fancy arcades. Brock and Misty are mesmerized, listening to a pretty young girl in a miniskirt, selling perfume. Appalled by the price of the perfume, Ash is kicked out of the department store, and heads for the Pokemon gym alone, but he is denied entrance to the Celadon Gym. The perfume that Ash criticized in the department store is produced in this gym. Brock and Misty enter the gym and befriend those who inhabit it, but Ash must go to some outrageous lengths in order to even set foot in the gym let alone prove himself worthy of battle against its Master.
1x27 Hypno's Naptime aired: Tuesday Sep 30, 1997
Our heroes come to a town in which a great deal of children have recently turned up missing. Working together with Jenny to search for these children, they begin an investigation at the Pokemon Center, inquiring into the disappearances, but Joy has other concerns. For some reason, the Pokemon in the Center aren't getting well at all. Jenny reveals that a mysterious sleep wave has been passing in and out of the town for several days. Our heroes suspect a connection between the missing children and the Pokemon's poor condition. Team Rocket begins a sinister search of their own for the source of these strange occurrences. What could be the cause of this sleep wave?
1x28 Pokémon Fashion Flash aired: Tuesday Oct 7, 1997
At Brock's persistent request, our heroes stop by Scissor Street, a town of breeders famous for its Pokemon beauty salons. Brock makes a special request to visit a salon called Coron. The owner of the Beauty Salon, Coron, is a breeder who has received the most superior ranking in the Pokemon Breeder Contest for three years straight. Recently, a store called Salon Roquet has been introducing outrageous fashions, making wild profits and disrupting long-term shop-owners.
1x29 The Punchy Pokémon aired: Tuesday Oct 14, 1997
In the outskirts of Fuchsia City, our heroes come across Hitmonchan, a fighting Pokemon. With little thought, Ash attempts to capture it, but he and Pikachu are badly defeated. Hitmonchan's master has abandoned his family, training day and night, aiming for victory at the P1 Grand Prix (the number one Pokemon Grand Prix). His daughter tells Ash and his friends of her desire to make her father remember his family. In the meantime, Ash's party enters the P1 Grand Prix, but with Team Rockets unwanted, not to mention, unofficial presence at the competition, the battle goes out of control.
1x30 Sparks Fly for Magnemite aired: Tuesday Oct 21, 1997
As our heroes make their way through the industrial town of Gringy City, Pikachu, perhaps weary from travel, is in a strange state; the electric sacks on his cheeks are continually twitching as though overcharged. At the town's Pokemon Center, Joy diagnoses Pikachu as being in the first stages of a Pokemon cold. She begins treatment immediately, but the town suddenly goes into a blackout. Assuming the problem to be in the power-generating station near the beach, Ash and friends go to investigate. There they discover the Pokemon, Magnemite and a pack of Grimer—Pokemon created from sludge. What exactly is going on?
1x31 Dig Those Diglett! aired: Tuesday Oct 28, 1997
Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu are lost deep in the mountains. As they press forward on a rough road not even shown on their map, they suddenly hear a large explosion. Running toward the sound in surprise, the party emerges on a construction site where tractors are building a tremendous dam. Ash learns that the foreman is trying to recruit skilled Pokemon trainers because ground Pokemon, Diglett, are interfering with construction and delaying the completion of his work. The foreman has been recruiting Pokemon trainers to get rid of the Diglett. He will award free passes for travel to a luxurious natural hot springs to anyone who can accomplish this. As Ash scopes out the recruits, he notices a familiar enemy in the mix, Gary.
1x32 The Ninja Poké-Showdown aired: Tuesday Nov 4, 1997
Fuchsia Gym, the authorized gym where Ash seeks his next badge, turns out to be a hidden ninja's lair. After finally discovering and entering the gym, he is held up by a complex system of traps. At last, the gym's eccentric trainer challenges Ash to a match. Just as he defeats the trainer, the official battle with the Master begins. The battle goes out of control as Team Rocket also enters the gym and its vast array of traps. Can Ash actually earn the gym badge?
1x33 The Flame Pokémon-athon aired: Tuesday Nov 11, 1997
Our heroes come to a prairie where the Laramies, a family of Pokemon Ranchers live. They learn from a daughter of the Laramie family that a race is held at the ranch once a year to measure the growth of everyone's Pokemon. Team Rocket, however, attacks her, the race's top contender. Injured, the daughter of the Laramie family decides to give up on the race, but entrusts her hopes of victory to Ash. Who will be the winner in a race between Ash, Brock, Misty, and Team Rocket?
1x34 The Kangaskhan Kid aired: Tuesday Nov 18, 1997
On their way to a safari zone teeming with Pokemon, our heroes walk right into the middle of a jungle. Without knowing they are in a region in which Pokemon are protected, Ash tries to capture a Chansey and is arrested by Jenny, the safari ranger. After talking with the ranger, Ash is released, but not before he learns that there are Pokemon poachers in the area. Our heroes accompany the ranger into the forest, pursuing the poachers. Within the jungle, a young man leads a pack of Kangaskhan. His name is Tommy and no one knows the secret of his childhood.
1x35 The Legend of Dratini aired: Tuesday Nov 25, 1997
Our heroes decide to take a trip through the Safari Zone, where they figure they'll be able to easily snag as many Pokemon as they want. What they don't count on is the heavily armed and trigger-happy game warden, who draws his six-shooters at the slightest provocation. After staring down the business end of the warden's magnum several times, Ash sets his sights on the mythical, legendary Dratini, a Pokemon that according to Professor Oak, is one of the most difficult to find creatures in existence. Team Rocket's in the Zone too, though. Just as Ash and crew leave the warden's station, Jesse challenges them to a winner-takes-all duel. Whichever side manages to grab the most booty in the Jungle Zone will get all of the loser's Pokemon and Poke Balls. The game is on, and Pikachu hangs in the balance.
1x36 The Bridge Bike Gang aired: Tuesday Dec 2, 1997
Just leaving the Safari Zone, the group comes across a bridge which could be used as a shortcut to Sunny Town. They discover that the bridge is too long to walk and they would need bicycles to cross. They go to the Pokémon Center where Nurse Joy asks them to take some medicine to a sick Pokémon across the bridge. They borrow bicycles from the center and are off. Halfway, they come across a bike gang. They battle the gang and before long Jessie and James show up. They are welcomed as this is where they used to live and were well known by the gang members. They are all quickly chased off by the police and Ash and the group continue to deliver the medicine. They come to a raised part of the bridge as a boat is going by and they desperately make the jump. They use Team Rocket who on the other side were trying to show off as good riders and bounce off of them to make it across. They are blocked by the gang, but tell them they are getting medicine to a sick Pokémon. They gang helps them to the center and the Pokémon gets the medicine just in time.
1x37 Ditto's Mysterious Mansion aired: Tuesday Dec 9, 1997
The group is seeking shelter from the storm and they find it in an old theater house. They meet a girl named Duplica who has a talent for pretending to be other people. They meet her Ditto who has a problem; it cannot transform it's face. She tells them about her problems and they try to help her. Eventually, Team Rocket steals Ditto and try to make it transform into various things. They are very harsh on Ditto to make it transform perfectly, and it succeeds under the pressure they put it under. They give Meowth to Duplica pretending it is Ditto, but she is not fooled and eventually gets back the real Ditto. Now that Ditto can transform perfectly, Duplica can put on her shows.
1x38 Electric Soldier Porygon aired: Tuesday Dec 16, 1997
Ash and friends find out that there is something wrong the Pokéball transmitting device at the local Pokémon Center. To find out what's wrong, everyone must go inside the machine.
1x39 Pikachu's Goodbye aired: Thursday Apr 16, 1998
The group come into a forest where it is quiet and peaceful. They notice a large group of Pikachu that Ash's Pikachu tries to make friends with. Ash scares them off, but Pikachu is later accepted when it dives to save a young Pikachu that was washing away down the waterfall. Ash starts to miss Pikachu as they hear a noise. Team Rocket successfully get all of the Pikachu in a net. Ash's Pikachu is the hero again as it chews a hole in the net and Ash and the group use the net they were caught in as something for the Pikachu to jump onto. Ash decides to leave Pikachu behind, but Pikachu doesn't want to. Ash refuses to keep Pikachu many times, but Pikachu persists until Ash realizes how much Pikachu likes him. He then let's Pikachu stay with him.
1x40 The Battling Eevee Brothers aired: Thursday Apr 16, 1998
While traveling through the woods, the group encounters an Eevee that was apparently abandoned by a tree. They take it to its address in Stone Town and find it belongs to a little boy. He left it there because his older brothers wanted him to evolve it. Misty tells him to let his brothers know how he feels, but Team Rocket show up to get the food, stones, and the Pokémon. They find Team Rocket thanks to Horsea leaving a trail of ink and they recover everything. During the fight, the small boy proves his Eevee can fight well just as it is and tells his brothers he wants to keep his Eevee just how it is. They agree and let him keep his Eevee.
1x41 Wake Up Snorlax! aired: Thursday Apr 23, 1998
Having not eaten in days, the group search for a town and find one. Unfortunately, the town has no food because the water supply was being blocked by a Snorlax. They try many tricks to wake up the Snorlax, but it does not work. Team Rocket comes by and they help to wake up the Snorlax because they want to steal it. They eventually wake it up by getting the old man who owned it to play his Pokéflute. When it wakes up, it eats all the thorns blocking the water flow and then goes back to bed somewhere else. The water is flowing again and the village can grow crops. The group leave and continue on their way.
1x42 Showdown at Dark City aired: Thursday Apr 30, 1998
The group now arrives in Dark City. In this city, everyone hates Pokémon trainers because there are two main unofficial gyms in the city trying to beat each other out so they can be the official gym of Dark City. They soon discover that both of the main Pokémon at each gym get enraged at the color red. They dump ketchup on the two gym leaders and their Pokémon start chasing them. They get madder at the group who played the trick, but they have lightning rods set up and Pikachu attacks them with the lightning rods to gain additional electricity. Nurse Joy then shows up because she is the inspector for the Pokémon League and won't let either of them be official gyms unless they start acting better. They agree and rebuild the city from the destruction they caused.
1x43 The March of The Exeggutor Squad aired: Thursday May 7, 1998
The group ends up in the middle of a carnival. Ash and Brock decide to enjoy themselves while Misty and Pikachu find this man who is trying to be a magician. Misty agrees to help him, but his show is still a failure. He soon gets desperate and uses his Exeggcute to hypnotize Ash into using his Pokémon to catch Exeggutor. The others catch up to him only to find the Exeggutor hypnotizing each other and marching blindly into the city demolishing things. The carnival manager plants a time bomb to blow them up, but Ash sends Charmander to stop the Exeggutor. The magician helps with his fire spell and they fend them off together. At the end, Charmander evolves into Charmeleon.
1x44 The Problem with Paras aired: Thursday May 14, 1998
The group arrives in a small little village where there is not even a Pokémon Center. They must stock up on supplies, so they go. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is still following them, but Meowth is very sick. A lady comes up to them and gives Meowth some medicine and he gets better. Meowth also takes a liking to the girl who cared for him. The group meet the same girl and she wants to battle them. She needs the mushroom on a Parasect to make a new super potion, but her Paras will not evolve because it isn't getting any battle experience and is very weak. Pikachu fires a tiny static bolt at it and it faints. He sends Charmeleon, who is disobedient and flames Paras real good. Later on, Meowth tries to help Paras by making it think it is winning battles. It gets more confidence and it works. Paras eventually evolves into Parasect and the girl can get what she needs.
1x45 The Song of Jigglypuff aired: Thursday May 21, 1998
The group is wandering through a desert and they find Neon Town. It is a flashy town where the people never get any sleep and are on edge. They leave the noisy town to find a Jigglypuff in the forest. Misty attacks it to catch it, but it starts crying and she doesn't catch it. The Jigglypuff can't sing, so they try to help it to sing. They find a fruit in the forest that soothes a sore throat. Jigglypuff eats some and starts to sing. The song Jigglypuff sings puts everyone to sleep, which upsets it, so it scribbles on their faces with a marker it finds from Ash's backpack. They decide to have it sing in Neon Town where no one ever sleeps. It works, and the whole town is put to sleep. They all wake up the next morning and are a lot nicer because they were relaxed from a nice sleep.
1x46 Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon aired: Thursday May 28, 1998
The group continue on their way and notice people digging in Grandpa Canyon. Gary shows up for this too. Meanwhile, Team Rocket plants bombs in the canyon. Ash notices this just as Meowth lights the fuse. Ash and Squirtle chase it trying to put out the fuse. It gets to the end and Pikachu shoots an electric beam at it in panic. The blast goes off and they find themselves underground. They meet some ancient Pokémon who they thought to be extinct including an Aerodactyl who swoops up into the air with Ash. Charmeleon evolves into Charizard and chases after the Aerodactyl. Jigglypuff pops out and starts singing. Aerodactyl falls asleep and drops Ash. Ash is caught by Charizard who lands and falls asleep. Officer Jenny tells everyone that it was just a dream caused by Jigglypuff's song and sends the people on their way. Ash gets an egg from the site, which Brock steals from him to take care of.
1x47 A Chansey Operation aired: Thursday Jun 4, 1998
Pikachu is going through trees looking for apples. Pikachu then finds one which he swallows whole. Pikachu is not feeling well and the nearest Pokémon Center is far away. They take Pikachu to a human hospital instead and the doctor there gets the apple out. He is then called by Nurse Joy who says there has been an accident and needs him to take care of some Pokémon because there was an accident. Some Chansey arrive and they help the Pokémon arriving to recover. Team Rocket is there, too. Meowth has lost his charm and their other Pokémon are hurt. Their Pokémon are helped by Chansey. The doctor is put to sleep by some anesthetic and while he sleeps, Team Rocket attack. They catch Ash and friends in stretchers. A Chansey stands in front of them to protect them, and Team Rocket's Pokémon will not hurt Chansey because it helped them earlier. Team Rocket get away with just a Voltorb which explodes in their faces and Meowth gets his charm back.
1x48 Holy Matrimony! aired: Thursday Jun 11, 1998
The group walk by a missing sign that has a picture of James as a young boy. A limousine drives by and takes them to the estate where James used to live. They learn that his parents had supposedly died and James was entitled to an inheritance. Jessie and James arrive to collect this money, but soon discover that it was a trick to get James back and force him to marry Jessiebell. She is a girl who looks just like Jessie and tries to make James a gentleman. She attacks and chases him with a Vileplume and he eventually escapes. He catches up with Jessie and Meowth realizing that life is better free even though he isn't well off.
1x49 So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd aired: Thursday Jun 18, 1998
The group stop in the forest where there is a Farfetch'd lurking around. Brock and Ash go to get some water and Misty notices a Farfetch'd. She chases it into the forest where the trainer of the Farfetch'd secretly switches bags. He is a thief who uses Farfetch'd to distract his victims. Psyduck escapes from him and gets back to Misty. Psyduck then guides them to the guy who stole her Pokémon. They have a battle with the Farfetch'd who surprises its trainer by showing it can battle by defeating Ash's Bulbasaur. Misty battles next with Psyduck. Farfetch'd strikes Psyduck on the head repeatedly until it's headache is bad enough and it uses a disable attack. The boy realizes his wrong and hands the stolen Pokémon over to Officer Jenny. He promises to lead a better life training his Farfetch'd and catching Pokémon rather then stealing them.
1x50 Who gets to keep Togepi? aired: Thursday Jun 25, 1998
The group stop at a Pokémon Center for a rest and get a message from Professor Oak who wants to talk to them. When they talk, he discusses Muk and offers Ash a Pokédex upgrade. Ash takes the upgrade and they are on their way. Ash and the group wonder about what could be inside the egg Brock has been taking care of since Ash found it in Grandpa Canyon; just as Team Rocket trick them and get the egg. They find them and fight for it. During the battle, the egg goes flying and Pikachu catches it. Misty takes it just in time to see it hatch. It is Togepi, and they all fight over who should keep it. They have a tournament and Ash wins it, but Togepi wants to go with Misty because a Togepi thinks the first thing it sees is its parent. Togepi first saw Misty and so, Misty gets Togepi.
1x51 Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden aired: Thursday Jul 2, 1998
Continuing on their way, Ash battles a man with a Rhyhorn. The battle is tough, but Bulbasaur wins. Bulbasaur's bulb then starts flashing. They rush it to a Pokémon Center and discover it is going to evolve. Bulbasaur leaves his bed and is taken by other Bulbasaur to the mysterious garden where the Bulbasaur evolve into Ivysaur. The group manage to get into the garden behind vines and are watching the ceremony. Bulbasaur doesn't want to evolve. The Venusaur leading the ceremony gets mad at Bulbasaur and attacks it. Ash jumps out in front of Bulbasaur to save it and tries to reason with the Venusaur. Team Rocket float in and use a vacuum device to suck up all the Ivysaur and the Venusaur. Bulbasaur saves them and Venusaur agrees to let Bulbasaur evolve when it wants to.
1x52 Princess vs. Princess aired: Thursday Jul 9, 1998
It is Princess Day, the day when there are incredible discounts in the malls, and all sorts of events and activities. But, only for girls. Just after having gone shopping and buying a present to get on the boss' good side, Jessie encounters a Lickitung. The Lickitung eats everything Jessie had bought, and so she captures it. When Jessie and Misty hear about a competition where girls can enter to win a set of Pokémon dolls they both get very excited. They have to participate in a Pokémon tournament and Misty and Jessie both win one battle after another, until the final match which Jessie versus Misty. Pikachu beats all of Jessie's Pokémon, except for Lickitung. Lickitung beats Pikachu, then all of Misty's other Pokémon. Just as Misty is about to call Staryu, Psyduck comes out. Lickitung's attacks don't effect Psyduck, but do give it a big headache. Through some psychic attacks, Lickitung loses. Misty becomes the winner of the dolls. Jessie is terribly disappointed, but then James and Meowth bought larger versions of the clothes the dolls wore, and so Jessie was happy again pretending to be the dolls on the stand with James and Meowth.
1x53 The Purr-fect Hero aired: Thursday Jul 9, 1998
Continuing on their way, they find out about a school where a Pokémon trainer was to visit them but cannot come. Ash agrees to come in place of this person and shows them his Pikachu. The kids examine Pikachu and much to their joy, Pikachu doesn't enjoy the pulling and grabbing. Ash pulls Pikachu away just in time to save the kids from a Thundershock. Team Rocket invade the school pretending to be magicians. They play a trick where they take Pikachu, and put it into their box and it disappears and Meowth appears. A little boy named Timmy is excited to see Meowth, as he was saved by a wild Meowth in the past. Team Rocket get away, but when they make it away from the school and open their box expecting to see Pikachu. They find Timmy in the box instead. When Meowth realizes that Timmy thinks this Meowth is the one who saved him before, Meowth does his best to play the role. Back at the school, everyone is admiring Meowth, just as Meowth accidentally says something. When Misty realizes that, Meowth runs off. So, Ash and the kids follow Meowth to a dead end where Team Rocket is waiting. They start a Pokémon battle which causes a rock slide. The wild Meowth comes by again and saves Timmy and Ash from being crushed by a rock, and Team Rocket rolls away on another rock.
1x54 The Case of of the K-9 Caper! aired: Thursday Jul 16, 1998
While traveling through the forest, the group see who they think is a thief. Ash sends Pikachu after it, but Pikachu is scared because he holds a gun. When a Growlithe comes by to knock the gun out of it's hand, Pikachu goes. They are all stopped because he isn't a thief, but a police officer training the K-9 police squad. Ash wants to have them train Pikachu, but doesn't realize he must go, too. Jenny gets Ash and Pikachu early in the morning and they start. Ash and Pikachu don't make it as the course is tough. Brock suggests for him to not try because he feels Pikachu is already the perfect Pokémon. Team Rocket intrude as usual, this time with gases to confuse the smell of things and higher everyone's voices. Jessie and James dress as Officer Jenny and they use megaphones that give them different voices. They use a Jenny voice to command the Growlithe around, but Pikachu fights them. Jessie dresses as Ash then, and switches to an Ash voice. Pikachu is not confused, making Ash realize how perfect Pikachu really is. The Growlithe continue to attack until they realize Jessie isn't the the real Officer Jenny. They beat off Team Rocket and the group continue on their way.
1x55 Pokémon Paparazzi aired: Thursday Jul 23, 1998
As Ash and the group continue on their way, they notice a boy trying to take a picture of Pikachu. The boy, whose name is Snap, invites them to his place for pancakes and he tries to get a picture of Pikachu. They don't know that Team Rocket had hired him to capture Pikachu. They misunderstood his ad stating he could "capture" any Pokémon. Team Rocket dressed up as an old couple, asked him to "capture" Pikachu and that is what he is doing. Team Rocket show up again and try to get Pikachu, but Snap saves them and Team Rocket is defeated as usual. He agrees to follow the group on their journeys so he can get some shots of rare Pokémon.
1x56 The Ultimate Test aired: Thursday Jul 30, 1998
Ash and friends arrive at a school that promises that if you can pass their tests, you can enter the Pokémon League without getting all the badges. Ash enters the school, and so does Jessie and James. The tests begin and Jessie is kicked out for complaining the tests are way too hard. Ash and James make it to the third part of the test where you fight with your examiner's Pokémon. Ash fights with Weezing and wins. James is delighted to see Pikachu by his side, but when he looses to a Graveler he sends out two Pokémon at once which is against the rules and is kicked out. For revenge, Team Rocket attacks the school with the Pokémon they got, but the Pokémon turned on them because they were owned by the instructor. Ash decides then that it would be easier to get all of the badges rather than go through these tests and he leaves the school.
1x57 The Breeding Center Secret aired: Thursday Aug 6, 1998
While out with their photographer friend Snap, they are taking a few pictures of their Pokémon. They see an ad for a breeding center where they treat the Pokémon well. Misty brings her Psyduck there and hopes they will improve it. They find a restaurant where you eat free if you bring in a Psyduck. Misty and the group rush back to the breeding center to discover it is fake. It is a center run by Team Rocket, but not Jessie and James. The boss is angry because they always mess up and trusts this new plan to other members Butch and Cassidy. Jessie and James break into the center at the same time not knowing about it, and try to steal Pokémon. They are all thrown in jail except for Misty and Pikachu, who make it out. Misty gets Pikachu to get Snap's camera which proves their innocence and takes it to Jenny. Butch and Cassidy are arrested as well as Jessie and James, although Jessie and James dig their way out.
1x58 Riddle Me This aired: Thursday Aug 13, 1998
Ash and the group are sailing towards Cinnibar Island, and they happen to meet Gary on the boat. Gary tells them there is no gym on Cinnibar Island anymore, and that they were wasting their time going. When they arrive, they meet a strange looking guy who gives information in riddles. He shows them the gym. It is a broken down piece of debris, and hasn't been used in a long time. The gym leader Blaine was sick of battling tourists who came on vacation, rather than for a Pokémon match. The group try to find a place to stay the night. Unfortunately, all the places are packed with tourists. Ash is beginning to get very hungry, just as he smells something good cooking. They find Gary staying in one of the hotels and they even have an Electabuzz for entertainment playing some music. Gary decides to offer Ash some leftovers from their banquet if he will spin around three times and say "Pikachu". Ash refuses, but Pikachu does it hoping to help out Ash. Ash stops Pikachu, just as the star of their show arrives. It is Jigglypuff going to sing them a song. The group run away to safety, just as Jigglypuff begins to sing accompanied by the Electabuzz's music. The whole crowd falls asleep and get some lovely Jigglypuff squiggles on their faces. Ash and the group find the riddle man's hotel, and he offers a free stay as a reward for solving a riddle. Meanwhile, Team Rocket attempt to steal the Pokémon inside the lab on the island. Ash stops them as usual, with help from his Pokémon. They get to a hot spring, when Togepi jumps on a lever that opens a secret passage. They follow it down to see a hidden Pokémon gym. The riddle man is there to greet them, as he reveals his true identity. He is Blaine, and is ready to battle Ash. The battle is tough with Squirtle first losing, and Charizard refusing to battle. Pikachu makes a comeback, by defeating Rhydon through a direct shock to its horn. Blaine then calls Magmar, who Pikachu is unable to beat. Magmar uses a Fire Blast attack, which is about to hit Pikachu.
1x59 Volcanic Panic aired: Thursday Aug 20, 1998
Pikachu is swallowed up by Magmar's fire blast attack. Luckily, Pikachu had dodged it and was hanging on to the edge. Pikachu crawled back up and was safe from the lava below. Ash forfeits the match. Blaine congratulates Ash for making a wise choice, and directs them to the hot springs. Meanwhile, Team Rocket prepares freeze guns to freeze Magmar. They enter the arena to find Magmar, and they tell it that it's won a prize. They then fire at it, and freeze Magmar solid. As Jessie and James celebrate, Magmar melts through the ice. In a panic, they freeze over the entire gym. This causes the Volcano walls to crack, and lava begins to pour into the arena. Ash calls Charizard to throw rocks to block the flow of lava, but Charizard refuses to listen. Magmar begins to throw rocks, but it is no good. When Charizard sees the problem, it begins to throw rocks. Brock and Misty's Pokémon help, too. The flow is stopped, and Blaine offers another chance for Ash to win the Volcano badge. They battle atop the Volcano, Charizard versus Magmar. It is a tough battle, but Charizard prevails. Unfortunately, Charizard stops listening to Ash after the battle. Blaine gives a Volcano badge to Ash and they continue on their way.
1x60 Beach Blank-Out Blastoise aired: Thursday Aug 27, 1998
Ash and friends are running to catch the last ferry off of Cinnibar Island, and just as they are approaching the ferry, they collide with a Wartortle, it was running to find help for it's leader, Blastoise. Wartortle and Ash's Squirtle, with the Squirtle Squad sunglasses, swim to the Squirtle Island. They find everyone on the island asleep, including Blastoise. Ash and Squirtle check out Blastoise, and hear a strange noise which puts them to sleep. Pikachu manages to wake them all up, and then they try to wake up Blastoise. It eventually wakes up on it's own, when the strange noise stops. Squirtle then notices something stuck in one of Blastoise's Hydro cannons. It is squishy and pink, and then it's ear sticks out. Then the noise starts again and everyone falls asleep. Team Rocket intrude on the island, hoping to catch Blastoise, but Meowth, the one who went to get Blastoise, fell asleep, they dragged him back, slapped him a few times, and threw him back. They then used their Gyarados grabber (I forgot to mention they came on their Mecha-Gyarados). They successfully got away, until they hear the noise coming out of Blastoise's shell. They begin to sink into the water but all the Squirtles and Wartortles save them. Back on the island Team Rocket chase the Squirtles and Wortortles around, and so Ash's Squirtle and Pikachu try to wake up Blastoise. They succeed, and guess what pops out? It's Jigglypuff! And Jigglypuff is blown away into the Mecha Gyarados. Blastoise successfully drives off Team Rocket, except Jigglypuff is still inside, luckily Jigglypuff is blasted out and lands on the island. Jigglypuff sings, everyone sleeps, everyone gets scribbled on. Misty is annoyed because the marker scribbling makes her look like a cartoon character, Ash chimes in, "Like that could ever happen!"
1x61 The Misty Mermaid aired: Thursday Sep 3, 1998
On the way to Viridian City, Misty notices that Horsea isn't feeling well. She decides to take Horsea back to the Cerulean City gym to get a chance to swim around in their bigger pool. Her sisters get an idea to generate publicity for the gym by having an underwater ballet. To everyone's surprise, they picked Misty to be the star of the show. They begin the show. Misty swims around a little with the Pokémon as they tell the story. She swims into a hidden area for a desperately needed breath of air, and goes back to the audience. Then, it's time for everyone in mermaid land to go to sleep. The large shell closes on Misty, and gives her the chance to take out a breathing device while no one is looking. Team Rocket tie up the two sisters who were to play the villains, and replace them on stage. Jessie dressed as a male dancer, and James in a ballerina costume. They try to steal all the Pokémon, and are defeated by Ash and Pikachu as usual. The crowd believes that the entire attack was staged and applaud the show. The show was successful in generating publicity for the gym, and everyone is lining up to buy tickets to their next shows. Misty leaves Horsea and Starmie with her sisters, and the group continue onward to Viridian City.
1x62 Clefairy Tales aired: Thursday Sep 10, 1998
Jigglypuff is taking a walk through the woods, singing its favorite song. A Caterpie and Pidgey fall out of the trees, and Jigglypuff draws on their faces only to be knocked out with a tea pot. When Jigglypuff gets back up, it discovers a space ship crashed in the woods. Some Clefairy come out, the leader with a flower on its head. Meanwhile, the gang are enjoying some ice cream, just as they spot a Clefairy. They chase after it while their stuff is stolen. They report this to Officer Jenny, and they find out lots of people have had their stuff stolen. They meet a guy named Oswald, who thinks aliens have stolen their stuff. Just then, two mysterious beings land and take Pikachu. It's Jessie and James, being lifted with a crane by Meowth. Ash stops them, only to have Pikachu taken by a Clefairy. They follow it into a manhole, which leads to an underground cave. They find a new spaceship the Clefairy are building, which is about to launch. They board the ship to find Pikachu behind glass. They plan to use Pikachu to power their space ship. The Clefairy jump in to guard. Then, Jigglypuff walks in on the whole scene, walks up to one of the Clefairy, and Jigglypuff whacks the Clefairy. The battle begins. Jigglypuff slaps around all the Clefairy knocking them all out. Jigglypuff then finds the master control room, and so does Oswald. Jigglypuff slaps around the master Clefairy, and the Clefairy puts up a good fight, slapping back. Oswald fiddles with the control, and breaks it off. Jigglypuff grabs it, and starts singing. As everyone is asleep, the rocket blasts off. Pikachu is hit in the nose with a mallet, which startles him, and then Pikachu's electric shock begins to power the space ship. In mid-air Team Rocket try to abandon the ship, but they are on the wrong side and break off to crash into the land. Ash and the group manage to use Bulbasaur to wrap its vines around the point of a skyscraper, and they swing to safety. The ship soon crashes in the woods, and Oswald along with the Clefairy scare the people camping out there.
1x63 The Battle of the Badge aired: Thursday Sep 17, 1998
The gang arrive in Viridian City. They find the gym where Ash is about to battle, just as Gary shows up bragging about having ten Badges. He enters the gym just for practice. Gary's battle with Giovanni is quite easy, winning against Giovanni's Kingler and Rhydon with his Nidoking and Arcanine. Then, Giovanni decides to bring out a new Pokémon. Gary is defenseless against it, as it brings chaos to the whole gym. Meanwhile, Ash in carelessness flings Togepi into the air, as it lands with Team Rocket. While Jessie and James struggle to capture it, they eventually present it to Giovanni only to find Giovanni only wants rare and powerful Pokémon. Ash finds the gym in a wreck, as he wakes up Gary. Gary is terrified, as he describes this new Pokémon as truly evil. Ash goes in to compete to be totally surprised to find the gym masters are Jessie and James, as Giovanni had to leave for an emergency. The battle is intense, as the trainer is electrically shocked as their Pokémon get hurt. The shocks bring Ash to his knees just as he sends out Pidgeotto, who beats Jessie's Pokémon, shocking her. Meowth has a control panel to blow up the opponents' side of the playing field, but Gary bursts in to stop him. The match finishes and Ash wins. Jessie is completely fried. Then, Togepi decides to play with the explosion controller, and accidentally sends Jessie and James flying. Gary's cheerleaders do a cheer for Ash. Then, the group continue along. Realizing that Ash doesn't know where the Pokémon League is, they decide to head back to Pallet Town to ask Professor Oak and visit home.
1x64 It's Mr. Mime Time aired: Thursday Sep 24, 1998
The group is getting closer and closer to Pallet. Just as Ash is running towards home, he crashes into a wall. The wall is totally invisible, created by a Mr. Mime. Just then, a girl from the circus shows up to try to catch Mr. Mime. Ash protests that he was going to catch it, but Brock holds him back. The Mr. Mime gets away. They arrive back at the circus, where their Mr. Mime is incredibly lazy sitting around and eating snacks. They dress Ash up as a Mr. Mime to be in the show, hoping to make Mr. Mime jealous of Ash and try to do better. Team Rocket swoop in, and steal Ash, thinking it's Mr. Mime. Meanwhile, Ash's mom brings Brock and Misty to her house. Just as they are leaving, Mr. Mime comes knocking on the window. Ash's mom thinks it's Ash, and brings him in for a snack. Ash then arrives in the Meowth balloon he stole from Team Rocket, and comes home. His mom then realizes that it was a real Mr. Mime, and then Ash asks Mr. Mime to help him. Ash's mom asks Mr. Mime to help Ash and it agrees. Later, Team Rocket burst out with a tank trying to steal the Pokémon from the circus. Mr. Mime builds a wall to stop them. They turn around, and the circus' Mr. Mime builds a wall to stop them. Eventually surrounding them, they try to escape but end up blasting themselves off again...
1x65 Showdown at the Po-ké Corral aired: Monday Oct 5, 1998
Ash is there, and ready to take on anyone who challenges him. He's at the Pokémon League! He throws the Pokéball to begin the first battle, but the Pokéball is trying to capture Ash! He can feel himself being pulled in! No, he was only dreaming, and Mr. Mime had the vacuum cleaner to his head. So, he and the group head out to Professor Oak's lab. They find that Gary is also visiting. After comparing the two boys' Pokédexes, he concludes that Ash has seen more Pokémon, but Gary has caught more Pokémon! Oak informs Ash that the Pokémon League is only once a year, and happening in two months. They go into the Pokéball room, to see all the Pokémon of the people of Pallet town, and notice all 20 of Ash's Safari balls. These are the Tauros he caught in the Safari Zone. Anyway, they go out to see all the places where the Professor raises and studies Pokémon. Ash and Gary decide to have a battle, but are interuppted by Team Rocket. Oak is impressed by Meowth's talking, but as soon as they try to steal Pokémon, Ash's Tauros run by, trampling and blasting Team Rocket into the air. Oak tells Ash that he is responsible for saving Oak's lab, as they were his Tauros, but he is also responsible for reparing the fence, which the Tauros trampled over.
1x66 The Evolution Solution aired: Monday Oct 5, 1998
Ash's mom and friends are going to go to Seafoam Islands. Misty and Brock are going to go surfing. Ash goes to Oak's lab to discover that Oak is trying to find out why Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro. Professor Oak suggests that Ash go to the Seafoam Islands to meet Professor Westwood who made the Pokédex who would know the answer. Ash and Pikachu head to the Seafoam Islands and startle Brock and Misty into falling off their surfboards. They go to Westwood's lab to discover he is the fifth of many Westwoods, and he insists to be called that. He happens to be researching the Slowpoke and Shellder, too. Somehow, a Shellder bites Slowpoke's tail and it becomes a Slowbro. Meanwhile, the Team Rocket boss is taking a vacation and making Jessie and James dig for clams. They find a Shellder and James decides to try to capture it. James copies Ash to call out Weezing. James defeats the Shellder, but Jessie steps up to capture it. They go to the boss, but he is annoyed with them as usual. He tells them to steal all the Pokémon from the lab. They find that all he Professor Westwood has is a Slowpoke. They send out the Shellder to make it evolve into Slowbro. They have a hard time with it, and it clamps on Psyduck's head, giving it a major headache. Psyduck uses disable to stop everyone, but then the Shellder clamps onto Slowpoke's tail evolving it. Slowbro uses mega-punch and so Team Rocket blasts off again. Westwood figures out why Slowpoke evolves, which is because both Pokémon benefit. Shellder balances Slowpoke so it can use mega-punch, and Shellder gains transportation on Slowpoke's tail.
1x67 The Pi-Kahuna aired: Thursday Oct 8, 1998
Ash is running down the road and is hit in the face with muck splashed up by a car. Ash gets caught in the traffic with cars scattered everywhere. Officer Jenny clears the disturbance, and tells Ash of a great big wave that comes every twenty years called Humunga Dunga. They decide to go surfing, although Misty warns Ash to continue on his training. She joins in on the fun. Ash gets on the wave, but falls. Pikachu notices another Pikachu on the cliff staring into the sea. It is looking for big waves for its owner to surf. Then a big wave comes, but Ash can't move his foot to get to safety. The Pikachu named Puka alerts its owner named Victor of Ash. Victor and Puka swoop in to save him. When Ash recovers, Victor tells of getting Puka from the sea, and how he wanted to be like Jan who was the only man to ever ride Humunga Dunga all the way to a tall peak where he planted his flag. Meanwhile, Team Rocket successfully capture the two Pikachu and brought them into their Mecha Gyarados. They did not get far, as they were stopped and blown away by some real Gyarados. Both Pikachu were flung into the air. Ash saves his with Bulbasaur. Puka falls in the water, so Victor throws it a surfboard, and dives. They both get to the surfboard and Puka feels the large wave, Humunga Dunga coming. Ash and the Group make it back to the shore to watch Victor and Puka ride the wave all the way to the top of the peak matching what Jan did so many years ago.
1x68 Make Room for Gloom aired: Thursday Oct 15, 1998
Back at home, Ash is anxious to leave for a garden so that he does not have to worry about all the chores that his mom makes him do in the garden. When they get there, they are scared because they think that the garden hose a man is holding toward them is a flamethrower. Bulbasaur starts sniffing around in the garden, but then sniffs a particular plant which knocks him out. Ash leans forward to take a sniff but a girl named Florinda warns him not to. She tells them about the plant, and that it paralyzes anyone who smells it. Bulbasaur is cured by a few drops from Gloom, and Florinda tells the group about how hard she tried to train Gloom. She shows them the Leaf stone she used to try to evolve Gloom, but it failed. Professor Oak suddenly appears on the scene to state that the stone was a fake. She identifies the people who sold the stone to her and the rest quickly realize it is Team Rocket. Team Rocket were snooping around the garden trying to steal some plants, but get caught. Ash and the group try to stop them but Meowth has mixed up a paralyzing ball that he throws at them, and they fall to the ground. They ask Florinda to use Gloom to stop them, but she is sure Gloom cannot. They eventually convince her, and so she gives it a try. Gloom turns out to be a lot more powerful than the others thought. Florinda did not think Solar Beam was a big deal. The garden is saved. Brock hears Florinda asking if he can stay and help with the garden. Of course he agrees, but only to find out he was imagining it. She then asks the other guy in the garden the same thing. He agrees, leaving poor Brock feeling he could never love again. All three leave the garden and they continue onward.
1x69 Holiday Hi-Jynx aired: Thursday Oct 22, 1998
It's Christmas time, and Santa (James) is entering the house. He is caught. Jessie's evil plan to capture Santa should work. Jessie is mad because a Jynx who she thought was Santa Claus took her favorite doll when she was young. Now, she is going to get her revenge. Meanwhile, Ash and friends are snooping around to discover a Jynx. Ash battles it, first with Pikachu, who's kissed to sleep, and then Charmander, who is successful. Jynx blocks Ash's Pokéball, and tells them that she was shining Santa's boot for him when she drifted away from the North Pole. Ash and the group try to take Jynx back to the North Pole, but the Pokémon get tired. As a last desperate attempt, Ash takes off his clothes and starts pulling everyone himself. He is stopped by a Lapras, who first tests them to make sure their intentions are good, then offers to help them the rest of the way to the North Pole. Team Rocket follows them all the way to the North Pole. When they finally make it, Jessie and James emerge from their Gyarados, all tired out. They say their motto, only to find themselves freezing cold. Meowth goes back in, under a nice warm blanket, and then he pushes the button to trap the group while they snatch the Jynx who Jessie thinks is Santa that took her doll. They soon find out that it wasn't Santa after all, and that the Jynx was only trying to help Jessie by fixing the doll. She gets the doll back from the real Santa, but isn't so grateful and ties him up. They take all the presents for Christmas, but are stopped by Lapras and Charmander. They still manage to escape with the presents, until all of Santa's Jynx use a combined Psywave attack to bring back the Mecha-Gyarados and get back the presents, and then make sure Team Rocket blasts off again. Back at Jessie and James' house they are sleeping in their bed, hoping Santa will have something for them. Jynx shows up at the window, and kisses them so they will sleep tight. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
1x70 Snow Way Out aired: Thursday Oct 29, 1998
Ash and the group come to a fork in the road. Ash quickly chooses the path to the right, thinking it would be just a little hill. It turned out to be a huge snow mountain. The compass did not work, and they are totally lost. Ash calls out Pidgeotto to find a way, and Pidgeotto does. So, they begin to follow. Meanwhile; Jessie, James, and Meowth are in the cold, too. James and Meowth huddle closely as to not freeze, but Jessie is enjoying her time in the snow, remembering from her childhood the snowgasboards her mother used to make her (food made out of snow). Ash and the group decide to dig a cave in the snow, and camp out for the night. Pikachu is blown away in the harsh blizzard winds. Ash finds Pikachu hanging over a cliff just about to fall off. Eventually rescuing Pikachu, they proceed with the help of his other Pokémon to dig a cave in the snow, and Charmander keeps them warm for a while. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has built an igloo, keeping warm using matches. Meowth goes through all three matches, and they use the last three to imagine they are in a hot place. When Jessie's match goes out, she finds the other two sleeping, and slaps them awake. Back at Ash's cave, Charmander gets tired, so Ash takes him back into his Pokéball. Ash does the same for all the others, but Pikachu refuses so Ash let's him stay out. The other Pokémon come out of their balls again, and huddle around Ash so they can stay warm. When the storm stops, they come out to find Brock and Misty had a nice warm cave in the snow by a hot spring. They take off back onto the road in Team Rocket's balloon out of the cold. Meanwhile; Jessie, James, and Meowth, are pulling each other's cheeks to stay warm, until they land in the hot spring. It's nice there, but a little too warm.
1x71 Lights, Camera, Quack-tion aired: Thursday Nov 5, 1998
The group continue on their way to find a girl who wants a Pokémon battle. She chooses her Raichu to battle against Pikachu. The battle does not even begin until Team Rocket slams their net down to capture Pikachu. They accidentally get the girls' Raichu, which shocks them. Then a movie director named Spielbug enters to stop the action and tell about how famous a director he is. He tells about a Pokémon movie he is making, but cannot find anyone to co-star with Wigglytuff because she is too tough. Everyone gets slapped who offends her in the slightest way. All the Pokémon audition and then sing, but on Jigglypuff's turn everyone falls asleep. After that, Wigglytuff decides with a few slaps that she won't work with any of Team Rocket's Pokémon. All the other Pokémon just quit, leaving Psyduck on stage who gets the part. Arbok and Weezing don't take the rejection easily, and it takes a talk from Jessie and James to give them more confidence to be famous again. They come back to attack the movie, and steal all the Pokémon. Psyduck is the only one left. Wigglytuff's crying and Misty's yelling gives Psyduck a bad headache, and he saves the Pokémon from Team Rocket. Then, Wigglytuff and Psyduck are back together. Spielbug then gets an even better idea for a movie about Pokémon trainers.
1x72 Go West Young Meowth aired: Thursday Nov 12, 1998
Ash and friends and his mom get invited to Hollywood for the premiere of the movie that was made in the previous episode. Although he worries they won't let him go because he should be training, they were going to let him come anyway. Team Rocket decide that they are going to crash the party. Meowth remembers his life many years ago. He was starved for food, and overall unliked by everyone. The night he was tied up in a tree, he saw a movie where a Meowth got an ice cream and some fried chicken. He decided he would go to Hollywood to get those things he needed so badly. Team Rocket hid on the bus to Hollywood that Ash and friends were taking. It leads to an abandoned street where they find the old movie theater. The director is there to greet Ash and the group. Jessie and James agree to wait outside the theater while Meowth goes to meet up with some of his old friends. On his way, he remembers some more things he went through a long time ago in this street. He'd break into the snack stand to steal a piece of chicken just to survive. But the guy caught him, and he had a frying pan thrown at him. Knocking him down without the chicken, he struggled into the alley to find many more Meowth who were lead by a Persian. They threw him a little food. They were his friends. Later, he met a female Meowth named Meowsy and immediately fell in love. But, she had no interest in a dirty old street Meowth and her owner came by to take her in her diamond covered Pokéball. Meowth decided he should learn to talk and act human. So, he started by standing up straight. He was too slow, and the next time he was stealing some chicken the guy caught him and roughed him up. He started looking at a small group of people, and tried to say what they said. He got out a book and tried to learn to read and speak. Eventually, he could do it. Most impressed with himself, he proceeded back to Meowsy but was rejected again. This time because she thought he was a freak. Standing upright, and talking only made her like him less. He then vowed to become richer and better than she ever was, and joined Team Rocket. Back in the alley, Meowth meets his old friends,and the Persian tells him that he'd be useful back in the gang, as being able to talk would help them out. He decides to not stay, until he discovers Meowsy. She tells her story, that her trainer abandoned her on the road and she was forced to join the gang. Meowth then jumps out to defend her from the gang so he could take her with him in Team Rocket. Then, after wondering what took him so long, Jessie and James enter the scene and the Meowth gang scatters. Persian and Meowth decide to have a battle for who Meowsy gets to stay with. Meowth wins, but Meowsy decides to stay with Persian because she still thinks Meowth is a freak. Back in the theater, the movie just finishes. Misty complains that none of them are in it. Spielbug argues that through artistic license, he decided to cut out all parts with them. All those scenes ended up on the cutting room floor. Jessie and James burst in, and try to steal the show as usual. They fail as usual, too. Meowth, on the roof, is still upset about how Meowsy doesn't like him as he stares at the moon. He wonders if Meowsy is staring, too.
1x73 To Master the Onixpected! aired: Thursday Nov 19, 1998
Ash and Brock are watching Master Bruno of the Elite Four battling on television. Misty turns it off, telling Ash to really start training. Ash's mom knows of where to find Bruno. They head up to a mountain where they stop for muskrat meatballs where an elderly lady has been getting them stolen. They find Team Rocket, and get the meatballs back. The group then head further up the mountain to discover a large trail left by a giant Onix. They escape thanks to Master Bruno. They start to follow him up the mountain, and ask him to help train Ash. He tricks them into helping him prepare dinner. They ask him the secret of Pokémon training, then he tells them that it's simply to catch the most powerful Pokémon. Brock's image of Master Bruno is shattered. They hear a noise, it is Team Rocket trying to catch a giant Onix. The Onix drives Team Rocket into a cave. The group see it and try to save Team Rocket, but Team Rocket does not get a break and are flung into the air by the Onix. Ash falls into the area where Onix is. Pikachu dives to protect him, but electric attacks are no good against the Onix. Master Bruno jumps in to save them. He eventually discovers that the Onix was so violent because it had a Sandslash stuck in between one of the rocks of it's body. Master Bruno is off, and the group continue away from the mountain.
1x74 The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis aired: Thursday Nov 26, 1998
Ash is training against Brock. Pikachu is battling Vulpix until Jigglypuff gets in the line of fire. Pikachu holds back its attack and Vulpix deflects it's fire attack to uncover some ancient artifacts. A girl named Eve swoops in to take the artifact they found. She explains about the ancient city of Pokémonpolis and tells of a warning written on an old tablet but she cannot understand it. In the night, Team Rocket sneak in to steal any valuable artifacts they can get out of the unsearched underground. Arbok, who was sent in to find them, comes out with a small black bar-like object which traps him inside along with the rest of Team Rocket. The group come out the following morning to discover the object on the ground. It captures the leader and some workers but the rest make it safely back to their camp to see the black thing turn into a giant Gengar. They then notice everything floating around inside. Ash, Misty and Brock go to stop the Gengar from destroying Pallet Town, but get its attention along with some of their Pokémon forcing them to retreat back to camp. They discover Eve under the spell making everything float. The glass around the artifact breaks, and the key to it connects. Then it turns into a giant Alakazam. The two giant Pokémon battle it out, until Jigglypuff sings a son, that doesn't work on them. Jigglypuff is flung off into the air, but it's song makes another artifact turn into a giant Jigglypuff. it starts to sing. Then, that puts the giant Pokémon to sleep and it whips out a paint brush to paint designs on their faces.
1x75 Bad to the Bone aired: Thursday Dec 3, 1998
Ash goes to Professor Oak to ask for advice about what to do about the Pokémon League as he has not done much training being sidetracked the past while. He tells Ash it is too late but to try his best anyway. They hit the road to Indigo Plateau to find a guy named Otoshi who challenges Ash. If Otoshi wins, he may take all of Ash's badges. Ash defeats him, to discover he didn't have any badges. They were stolen, by Team Rocket. Meanwhile, James and Meowth discover the badges they just stole to be gone. Jessie had taken them, to go onto the Pokémon League alone. Otoshi's Marowak gets frustrated, and walks away. Otoshi despairs, until they spot Team Rocket's balloon. James and Meowth take off, but are stopped by Ash and searched. They find nothing, and James and Meowth are off to get Jessie. They find her, forgive her, and get back together. Otoshi battles them for the badges back, but almost loses until Marowak shows up to stop them. Marowak came back after remembering some of the better times with Otoshi. They get the badges back, and Otoshi and Ash go their separate ways towards the Pokémon League.
1x76 All Fired Up! aired: Thursday Dec 10, 1998
Ash has made it to the Pokémon League. A man is carrying the torch up towards the League, where it will burn throughout the entire event. Ash steps in and asks if he can carry the torch. Although Officer Jenny would not let him, the president of the Pokémon League decides to let him try. Of course, he does not get far until Team Rocket try to steal the torch, and they manage to get away with it. Further away, they struggle to keep it lit. They do not succeed and just end up getting burned. Fortunately, the president had a spare flame and gave Ash another try. Ash continues with the torch until someone else takes it, as it continues towards the center of the stadium where it will burn. The following day, as it is just about to reach the top, Team Rocket are there to intercept it and manage to get the flame into another robotic device which they have. They get inside, and Ash tries to stop them from getting away with it. Ash steps out in front, and so Team Rocket decide they are going to fry Ash with the flame. They hold the flame towards Ash, but much to their surprise it does not burn him. A Moltres emerges from the flame, burns out Team Rocket and they blast off again. The Moltres then landed in the large torch, and the flame is lit for the Pokémon League tournament to begin.
1x77 Round One - Begin! aired: Thursday Dec 17, 1998
Ash goes in to sign up for the Pokémon League. In the Pokémon League competition, each participant must battle in all four arenas. After sign up is complete, he ends up battling in the water arena. Ash meets Gary before the battle, who is very confident as usual. Gary enters his battle and wins it. Ash meets his challenger in the water arena. His name is Mandy, and he is quite confident he will win as well. Before the battle, Ash gets Krabby from Oak through an exchange system. Then, he heads towards the arena for battle. Ash enters the arena. Just as the battle is about to begin, Team Rocket is in the announcer's stand cheering him on. They are soon carted away by a group of five Officer Jennies. Ash fights the battle hard. Using his Krabby, he manages to win the first battle which then evolves into a Kingler. Continually fighting the battles with Mandy's Pokémon, Ash wins them all much to the surprise of Mandy who was sure he would win. With the first Pokémon battle won, Ash faces the next arena.
1x78 Fire and Ice aired: Thursday Dec 24, 1998
Ash wins his second battle in the rock arena, as Squirtle defeats Nidorino. After the battle, Ash decides to go off to find something to eat as he and Pikachu are both starved. He leaves his other Pokémon behind to eat as well, although Misty and Brock feel he should have taken them to a Pokémon Center. They catch up with Ash, Pokéballs in hand, to tell Ash to take them to the center. They cannot because the center is filled up. After deciding to go looking for another center, Ash spots a restaurant. He arrives inside to find there is plenty of food there, except he has no money. Fortunately, they are offering free meals to participants in the Pokémon League and Ash gets the food for free. After a nice meal, and another close call for Togepi (where Pikachu saves the day as usual), they head out to notice Brock is missing. They find him out on the street watching all the Nurse Joys and Officer Jennies passing by. They then find a finger from the alley summoning them. They discover a hidden Pokémon Center, or so they think. Ash gives in his Pokémon, before noticing that Brock is not reacting the way he should when a Nurse Joy is around. They discover it is Team Rocket and they are getting away with Ash's Pokémon. The center turns into their balloon and they start to float away, until Onix stops them and brings back Ash's Pokémon. Then after piercing their balloon, Team Rocket is let off to blow away. Back in the competition in the ice arena, Ash is winning until the competitor calls out an Arcanine. The battle is hard as Arcanine melts the ice all around leaving Pikachu no place to run. Pikachu dives, shocks, and wins the battle.
1x79 The Fourth Round Rumble aired: Friday Jan 1, 1998
Gary is battling his fourth match of the Pokémon League. His Nidoking is battling against a Golem. After a little fighting, Nidoking is defeated and Gary is out of the Pokémon League. This defeat makes Ash nervous that he too may lose his fourth battle. Brock tells him not to give up, and so he does not. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are trying selling things to get money. They seem to be good at it as they sell out of official Pokémon League badges. Meowth is up to his usual tricks and they are not official. He is in fact making them out of bottle caps. They decide to try a distraction with some fake Pikachu being taken away by their balloon. A couple of Officer Jennies spot the balloon and Growlithe takes it down. Jessie and James were going to use the distraction to allow them to steal all the spectators Pokémon with a vacuum. The Jennies notice their vacuum and ticket it. Team Rocket run for cover and disguise themselves as snack salesmen and start selling hot-dogs and ice-cream. Ash enters his last arena before he can battle in the Indigo arena. His opponent Jeanette starts with a Beedrill. Ash fights the Beedrill with his Bulbasaur. After a few close calls, Bulbasaur leech seeds it to victory. Next, Bulbasaur battles Scyther. Again it is close, but Bulbasaur wins again. Then, Jeanette brings out a Bellsprout. Ash believes it is going to be an easy win, but surprisingly to everyone Bellsprout defeats Bulbasaur. Ash sends Pikachu to take care of Bellsprout, but poor Pikachu is knocked out cold by Bellsprout's thin twig arm. Luckily before battle, Ash had gotten his Muk and this was his last hope for this match. Muk proves to be invulnerable to Bellsprout's attacks. Muk moves towards the helpless Bellsprout and smothers it. Ash has won his fourth match, and it is on to the central Indigo arena. After the match, Jessie and James found they had a successful day, and sold many hot-dogs and ice-cream. They are quite pleased with their ability to sell.
1x80 A Friend In Deed aired: Thursday Jan 7, 1999
Ash and the gang are going to find a place to eat. After a successful fourth win, Ash is getting ready for his fifth battle. He does not know who he is up against yet. His mom invades the kitchen inside the restaurant and starts making something for Ash. Her cooking is great, leaving the chef asking for the recipe. They all have a nice meal. Later as Ash is getting on the elevator to go back outside, a boy named Richie is rushing to catch the elevator as well. Ash stops the door for him and he gets on. They are going down, just as the power goes out. They are trapped in the elevator, but Richie has a plan to get Pikachu to power the elevator the rest of the way down. Once they get out, they hear an announcement that they have to get their Pokémon inspected by the Pokémon League or they will be disqualified from the competition. It is really another plan of Team Rocket to steal everybody's Pokémon. They fool everyone and get all the Pokémon until Pikachu shocks Jessie as she tries to pick him up, and so they reveal themselves. They successfully get away, but Ash and Richie chase after them. Ash decides to dive down the mountain, but Richie stops him. Ash becomes mad at Richie, as they continue the chase. They leap out in front of the van. James swerves aside, falling over into a stream. The van is still going and Jessie and Meowth are okay. Unfortunately, James was knocked unconscious by the fall. Jessie manages to steer them to safety. Later on Ash is sorry for becoming mad at Richie, realizing that his life was saved. The two boys camp out for the night. The following morning they find Team Rocket and the stolen Pokémon. Jessie and James wake up to discover them, and lock the door. They start driving away. Ash searches the bag for one of his Pokémon, but cannot find which ones are his. Pikachu finds Bulbasaur, but Bulbasaur cannot seem to penetrate the wall. Richie calls out his Charmander, which gets through the wall. Ash and Richie eventually succeed in getting all the Pokémon back, and return to the League building to find out who Ash is battling for the fifth round. It turns out to be Richie... Both of them friends, both with ambitions of becoming the greatest trainer in the world.
1x81 Friend and Foe Alike aired: Thursday Jan 14, 1999
Ash is to battle Richie in the next round of the Pokémon League competition. Misty is looking up some information on the computer about him. She finds that Richie won all of his first four rounds with just one Pokémon. Ash goes to the Pokémon Center and finds Richie there who was just picking up his Pokémon. Ash promises Richie a great battle the following day. Ash picks up his Pokémon and returns to the small house where he is staying to sleep for the night. The next day, they receive a phone call. It is Richie's voice, and rudely insults Misty over the phone. She hands it to Ash, and the voice tells Ash to meet him outside at a specific location and to bring Pikachu. When Ash arrives, he finds Richie (it is a dummy, except Ash thinks it is really Richie) and suddenly is trapped by Team Rocket. They throw him in their van and drive away, keeping Ash from the competition. Ash escapes using Squirtle to flood the van, and Team Rocket are up to their eyeballs in water. The back bursts open, and Ash starts to run back to be in time for the competition. Team Rocket get in his way again, bent on keeping him away from the league competition. He uses Bulbasaur and Pikachu to whip and shock them. He continues towards the league, but Team Rocket catch up on bicycles. They use Weezing to smog him out, but he hops on a bicycle and continues along. They catch up to him in their balloon and hook the bicycle. They start to float away, and so Pikachu is carried up by Pidgeotto to give them another big shock. Pidgeotto then starts to carry Ash toward the stadium. Meanwhile, back at the stadium after already being given ten additional minutes after the battle was supposed to start, they are about to declare that Ash has forfeit the match. Just as they almost declare Richie the winner, Ash shows up floating toward the stadium in the Team Rocket balloon. They begin the battle, and Ash sends Squirtle against Richie's Butterfree named Happy. Squirtle loses, and so Pikachu leaps out to battle and defeats Happy. Richie calls his Charmander and it defeats Pikachu. Ash is out of reliable Pokémon, as Bulbasaur would lose for sure, and so he desperately sends out Charizard. Charizard actually battles, and defeats Charmander. Richie lastly sends out his Pikachu named Sparky. Charizard blows Sparky around a bit, deeming it to not be a worthy opponent and lays down for a nap. Since Charizard refused to battle Sparky won, and Ash was defeated by Richie. Despite his immense disappointment, Ash looks up and congratulates Richie, and they are still friends in the end.
1x82 Friends to the End aired: Thursday Jan 21, 1999
Ash is sad about his loss at the Pokémon League. He is not speaking to anyone, and when Misty comes in to try to cheer him up it quickly turns into an argument between the two. Pikachu brings a quick finish to the argument with a thundershock on everyone. Ash and the gang decide to head out to cheer on Richie for his sixth round. Richie fights the match hard, and unfortunately loses. After coming out of the match, Richie is determined to try harder for next year which inspires Ash to do just the same. As they talk, both of their Pikachu play behind them until they fall into a hole dug by Team Rocket. They rush to save their Pikachu, but fall into another hole. Ash struggles to get out, but upon sliding back down, the hole collapses into deeper inside the ground. Jessie and James fish out the two Pikachu from the other hole and trap them in a cage. They get out of the hole with the help of their Pokémon Pidgeotto and Happy, and defeat Team Rocket. Back at the Pokémon League, they receive their badges for participating and are treated to a great display of fireworks. Team Rocket try to dig below the arena to get in, but end up being blown away along with the fireworks. Ash says goodbye to Richie and proceeds back home to Pallet Town.

Season 2 Episode List

2x1 Pallet Party Panic aired: Thursday Jan 28, 1999
Following the completion of the Pokémon League, Ash is back home in Pallet Town. Professor Oak and Delia throw him a party which of course Team Rocket crashes, but Ash is able to send them off with the help of Charizard, who proceeds to wreck the party. Later that day Professor Oak asks Ash to run a errand for him. He wants Ash to go to the Orange Islands and pick up the GS Ball from Professor Ivy. He agrees and leaves soon after. Along the way they become trapped ina forest where the same flock of Spearow from the beginning of Ash's journey is still causing trouble, along with their newly evolved Fearow leader. Now they must figure out a way to get out of the forest before the Spearow manage to get to them.
2x2 A Scare in the Air aired: Thursday Feb 4, 1999
The gang stop at a convenience store to pick up enough food and supplies to last them the year's four month journey to the islands. They spot a booth where they are having a contest and the lucky winner gets a free ride to Valencia Islands by blimp. Ash gets really lucky and wins it. They approach the Blimp which seems broken down and old looking. It is secretly controlled by Team Rocket's blimp brigade. Jessie and James guide them to their first class seats. Jigglypuff hitches a ride, too. The blimp is very tippy and Team Rocket cannot control it. After stabilizing, Misty notices Togepi is missing. They search everywhere, but first spot Jigglypuff under a white sheet that they think is a ghost. Misty spots Togepi high up and goes after it, Bulbasaur helping her to keep balance on the thin rails. Misty saves Togepi. They then try to keep the blimp stable until they land at the island.
2x3 Pokéball Peril aired: Thursday Feb 11, 1999
They are on the island, and they are searching for Professor Ivy. They find some girls and ask them where he is. They are directed to a girl, where they see a Gyarados who she has trained. She shows them the GS Ball which is a mysterious Pokéball with special properties that they cannot open. It cannot be transported. They tell Professor Oak about it over the phone. They are to give it to Professor Oak for examination. They go out to look at some of the Pokémon on the island. They notice they look different, which is because of the different climate on the island. There is a Butterfree that won't eat, but Brock prepares something it will eat because it tastes good. Brock proceeds to clean up the girls' kitchen and do some other things. He joins Ivy on a late night observing session, as they watch the Vileplume spread their pollen. A Raticate gets in the way and begins to suffer. Ivy leaps out to save it, but gets caught in the pollen. They are both rushed to Nurse Joy who tells them they are going to both be okay. The gang begin to head off, except Brock decides to stay behind and take care of things. They proceed back to find the blimps looking new and fresh. When they get on board, Team Rocket trap Ash and Misty in the cage. They make a few jokes about Ash and Misty loving each other. They both blush, and Jigglypuff jumps out to start singing. Team Rocket make it off the blimp with Jigglypuff riding on the top of their parachute. Ash, Misty and their Pokémon are trapped on the blimp.
2x4 The Lost Lapras aired: Thursday Feb 18, 1999
After picking up the "GS Ball" from Professor Ivy, Brock decided to stay on the island so Ash and Misty head back home by blimp. Unfortunately, our duo gets double-crossed by Team Rocket once again, and Jigglypuff puts the whole crew to sleep. After another crash landing in the middle of nowhere they meet a new friend named Tracey while trying to help a Lapras that washed up on the beach.
2x5 Fit To Be Tide aired: Thursday Feb 25, 1999
Ash, Misty and their new friend, Tracey, are on a new adventure exploring the Orange Islands as Ash sets out to qualify for the Orange League Tournament. After hearing that the Mikan Gym Leader is known as one of the toughest trainers in the Orange Crew, Ash can't wait for the challenge. He learns that Pokémon battles are run a little differently on the Orange Islands, but he can always rely on his Squirtle to pull them through!
2x6 Pikachu Re-Volts aired: Thursday Mar 4, 1999
The group are headed towards Mandarin Island on Lapras. When they arrive there, they see a person being attacked by some Pokémon. As they go to investigate; Pikachu stops, turns around, and attacks Ash. Togepi jumps out of Misty's arms. Then a group of Magnemite surround Ash, shocking him. To create a distraction, an Electrode rolls by and explodes in front of Ash. When the smoke clears Pikachu and Togepi are gone. They find out from Officer Jenny that the same thing has happened to many others. They believe it is some sort of psychic Pokémon behind all of this, because Jenny's Gastly is not effected. Meanwhile, Jessie and James are on the island and Meowth suddenly goes bad. They follow him to the source of all this, it is the work of Butch and Cassidy. They argue over the correct way to say the motto. They then send their evil Pokémon on Jessie and James. When they wake up a bit later after being unconscious they are with Ash and the group and Officer Jenny. Although not wanting to help, they agree to tell them who is behind this and come up with a plan. Jessie and James return to the building with a huge cart of Pokéballs. The rest of the gang are hiding inside. Once in; Ash, Misty, Tracy, and Officer Jenny burst out of the cart. The brainwashed Pokémon begin to attack, and Ash rushes to get Pikachu. Gastly protects Ash from the attacks, and he gets to Pikachu. Ash taunts Pikachu into attacking him, and he dodges the thunderbolts. Ash rushes towards the machine that which have been amplifying the Drowzee's psychic waves that have been causing all of this. Pikachu's thunderbolt, besides shocking Ash, destroys the machine. Pikachu and all the other Pokémon revert to their normal selves and return to their trainers. Outside of the place, they battle Butch and Cassidy. Drowzee tries a metronome attack, and Togepi starts one simultaneously. The whole building explodes, and it was because of Togepi's metronome. After receiving an award, Ash and the others get back on Lapras to head for the next island.
2x7 The Crystal Onix aired: Thursday Mar 11, 1999
While riding around the Orange Islands on his Lapras, Ash finds a mysterious message in a bottle, which leads the gang on a new adventure. Ash, Misty and Tracey travel to Sunburst Island, which is famous for its artists and glassblowers. They meet a struggling young shopkeeper who's seeking inspiration from a legendary "Crystal Onix." Having been unable to find this special Pokémon, the shopkeeper turns to our heroes. With Tracey and his observational Pokémon on board, they set out to fire up a new friend's creative drive!
2x8 In The Pink aired: Thursday Mar 18, 1999
A raging whirlpool whisks our heroes to top-secret Pinkan Island, a magical place where sheer cliffs and special berries have created a plethora of pink Pokemon. Tracey's Pokemon watching skills are put to quite a test, while Ash's attempts at observing lead to trouble for both his friends and a feisty pink Rhyhorn. Officer Jenny and Professor Oak must explain to the gang why scientists alone are allowed on the island: poachers would run wild in such a unique environment. Have some found their way to Pinkan already?
2x9 Shell Shock aired: Thursday Mar 25, 1999
Aboard Lapras, the group follows a news crew to an uninhabited island, where a scientific expedition is underway after the discovery of a fossilized Kabuto. A series of natural disasters place our heroes in mortal danger, with only the power of their Pokemon to help them. What is the secret of the Kabuto, and who wants that secret to remain hidden?
2x10 Stage Fight aired: Thursday Apr 1, 1999
Ash, Misty, and Tracey buy tickets to the Pokémon Showboat, a wonderful carnival where Pokémon can speak and perform plays! A young actress from the performance has been having problems with her Raichu ever since it shocked her early in their relationship. Ash and Pikachu may be able to help. Of course, they'll have to deal with Team Rocket first, as they attempt to steal all the talking Pokémon.
2x11 Bye Bye Psyduck aired: Thursday Apr 8, 1999
While Pikachu, Togepi and Psyduck are sleeping on Lapras' back, Psyduck slips off and into the water. They search, but cannot find him, until a girl named Marina comes by because her Tentacruel had found Psyduck. They notice the tail is glowing, and Marina says that's a sign it's going to evolve. Marina knows a lot about water Pokémon, as does Misty. The two girls decide to have a battle. During the battle, when Misty goes to use Psyduck, she notices the pokéball is empty. She asks Ash to throw her the bag, but he doesn't throw far enough and it lands in the water. When Misty goes to recover her bag, there is a Golduck hanging from it. She believes it to be hers and starts to use it in battle. Team Rocket intrude, and capture Marina's Tentacruel and Psyduck, but Team Rocket are defeated easily by Golduck. Misty then battles Marina with Golduck and wins. When Misty pulls out her pokéball for Golduck, her Psyduck comes out. They are all a little confused for a while until they realize it was a wild Golduck, simply it likes to show off for girls, as it sees three girls walking by, it runs off to meet them, leaving Misty behind.
2x12 The Joy of Pokémon aired: Thursday Apr 15, 1999
As the group continue through the Orange Islands, they notice a Nurse Joy whizzing by in a kayak. They decide to follow it. They come to an island, and see a huge Magikarp. It is flopping around and Nurse Joy comes by to give it some calcium, then she throws it back in. Ash is hungry so, Nurse Joy invites them over for lunch. They then go for a kayak ride, except she gets too far ahead of them and when Ash, Misty and Tracey catch up they see her kayak empty, and get worried. They see a pink figure floating up, thinking it's Chansey, except it's really Jigglypuff, who they got away from before it sang. When Nurse Joy and Chansey pop up from helping a sick Cloyster, she invites them underwater to see her look it over. Ash begins to run out of breath and tries to get back above water, but can't because a Dewgong decides to start playing with Ash. They make it out okay, and back at the cabin, Nurse Joy tells them her story about when she found a sick Magikarp and decided to take care of it. She then decided to treat Pokémon around the islands rather than just work in a Pokémon center. She goes out to help some sick baby Seel as a hurricane is starting. Tracey goes out and Ash and Misty follow, they want to help her, but got washed out and she had to save them. After resting on a beach are trapped by Team Rocket. Magikarp comes to save them, evolves into Gyarados and beats them. They go off to help the baby Seel and are on their way to Navel Island.
2x13 Navel Maneuvers aired: Thursday Apr 22, 1999
They land on Navel Island, where Ash plans on earning his 2nd Orange League badge. They see a guy ride in on a boat. His name is Danny, and he introduces himself to the group, taking a liking to Misty. They go to the bottom of the mountain where they find a cable car and a small sign. Anyone who wants to compete for the badge must climb the mountain without the help of any Pokémon. Tracey and Misty took the cable car to the top of the mountain to meet Ash and Danny at the top. While climbing, they see Misty and Tracey slowly riding up, cheering them on, although Misty was more interested in seeing Danny get to the top, Ash gets distracted and when some rock crumbles below his feet begins to fall. He grabs on, and almost calls out Bulbasaur to help, but is reminded by Danny not to, so he doesn't. Ash and Danny slowly make it to the top, when they get there Tracey and Misty are happy to see them, Misty again more interested in seeing Danny okay. They then realize Danny is going to be Ash's opponent as Danny is in a sense the gym leader. Ash must win two out of three competitions to earn the badge. They begin by determining who's Pokémon can freeze all the water gushing out of a geyser the fastest. Danny wins with his Nidoqueen, so they start the 2nd competition. The first one to carve a small ice sled out of ice is the winner. Ash uses Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Charizard. Although Misty and Tracey believe using Charizard was a mistake, but after a little pleading from Ash, Charizard carves out the ice block in three single fire blasts, making Ash the winner of the 2nd competition. The final was to use the ice sled to race down the mountain to the finish line. They began down the hill, and Ash got out of control. Danny pulled far ahead until he fell into a trap by Team Rocket. Ash stopped to check on him, and they used the opportunity to get Pikachu. Dan was able to stop them with his Electrode, which exploded in their balloon. They restarted the ice-sled race from the middle where they left off, and Danny pulled ahead once again. Ash got caught in the bushes and it seemed hopeless until he pulled out of the trees right beside Danny. They were close until Ash started spinning out of control again, but spun his way right through the goal and into the water. Ash received the sea ruby badge for his efforts as well Danny was glad to give it to him.
2x14 Snack Attack aired: Thursday Apr 29, 1999
While Ash and friends are still discovering new islands, they come upon the seven "Grapefruit Islands" where groves of giant grapefruit are ripe and in season. When it looks like thieves are stealing the grapefruit, Ash, Tracey and Misty volunteer to help catch them. Surprisingly enough, what looked like hundreds of thieves was actually just one giant, hungry… and sleepy culprit!
2x15 A Shipful of Shivers aired: Thursday May 6, 1999
Ash, Tracey and Misty find more excitement than they bargain for when they reach their next destination. Professor Oak tells them that divers have recovered an Orange League Championship trophy off the coast of Moro Island that dates back over three hundred years! The trophy is on display at the Moro Island Museum of Art for all to see. By the time they get to the museum, Team Rocket has already paid a visit and now it's up to our heroes to track them down!
2x16 Meowth Rules! aired: Thursday May 13, 1999
Team Rocket has engine trouble and lands on an island where the natives are waiting for the "Great Meowth of Bounty" to arrive and fulfill an ancient prophesy. When Meowth gets mistaken for this great creature with special powers, he enjoys the special treatment and decides to play along. But, when he's unable to perform the ancient ritual that's expected of him, the treatment he gets isn't quite so fun anymore.
2x17 Tracey Gets Bugged aired: Thursday May 20, 1999
They land on another island known for all the bug Pokémon you can catch. Misty is afraid to go because of her fear of bugs. Anyway, they all go and search for bugs, eventually discovering an injured Scyther in the woods, they try to catch it, but it's reluctant to go anywhere, Tracey has Venonat put it to sleep so then they catch it and take it to Nurse Joy. It is upset to be taken away to be nursed, it's spirit destroyed having lost leadership of it's group to another Scyther. Meanwhile, Team Rocket schemes to catch the entire group of Scyther, first blasting them with glue so they can't move, then a net to trap them. This is revenge from Jessie for them having cut off her hair. Scyther rushes off to help his trapped friends, and Ash's group follows originally believing Scyther was just going to battle the leader again for the group. When they arrive, Scyther cuts the group free, except they are still stuck in the glue. Scyther beats all of Team Rocket's Pokémon with the help of one of the other Scyther. They all go to wash off in a small pond and Tracey having previously caught Scyther calls it back. He attempts Ash's pose for catching a Pokémon, but Ash corrects him on it, and shows him how to do it correctly.
2x18 A Way Off Day Off aired: Thursday May 27, 1999
In an attempt to cheer up, the group head to a small island hoping to find some new things to do. On the island, Togepi and Pikachu spot some fruit growing on the trees. Ash and Misty rush over to pick some, but find they are horribly sour. Tracey shows them to pick darker fruit that are ripe, and they taste sweet. Deciding to stay awhile, and have a little vacation, they call out all their Pokémon. Most of the Pokémon are scared of Tracey's Scyther, except Togepi who gleefully walks over to Scyther. Scyther is nice to Togepi so the others are no longer scared. Charizard is laying aside not interested in socializing with the other Pokémon, ash comes over to try to get Charizard to join the fun, but ends up with a flame in the face. The flame continues towards Scyther who blocks it, and begins staring down Charizard who stares right back, and Ash stands between them getting them to stop. Meanwhile, Jessie and James just happened to land on the island and decided to have their own vacation, but they spot some of the group's Pokémon and realizing they are there, decide to quit their vacation and try to steal them. Back with the group, Snorlax is hungry, but Jigglypuff pops out of a pile of fruit and they all fall asleep. Snorlax is still sleeping when the others wake up. Tracey prepares some fruit sandwiches for the group, but no one gets any before the just awoken Snorlax downs the whole plateful of sandwiches all in one bite. Later on, they are sleeping. Pikachu wakes to notice Ash is gone. Pikachu soon finds Ash gazing at the stars. They talk about how it's been on the Orange Islands, thinking about past experiences. Jessie and James secretly stand across the lake, having Victreebel spray a long distance sleep powder to make sure they stay asleep. They try to steal the Pokémon using a suction cup and a rope, but Snorlax is too heavy ruining their plan. They are defeated by Scyther and Charizard, who glare at each other after winning. The group head onward to the next island, while Team Rocket have landed on a little island with a large group of Farfetch'd who decide to have fun beating up Team Rocket with their sticks.
2x19 The Mandarin Island Miss-match aired: Thursday Jun 3, 1999
Ash, Misty and Tracey are on Mandarin Island where Ash has just won three battles in a row. But, he finally meets his match when they run into, Prima, one of the very best trainers on the Orange Islands. Misty is thrilled to meet her hero because she also trains water-type Pokémon, but, it's Ash who learns a very valuable lesson from this trainer who also sets him on course for a chance at another Orange League badge!
2x20 Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon? aired: Thursday Jun 10, 1999
Our heroes are on their way to Trovita Island when they come across two Pokémon trainers who seemingly hate each other, even though their two Pokémon are in love. He has a male Nidoran and she has a female Nidoran and all that the two Pokémon want is to be together. It takes Misty, the true romantic, to see that perhaps it's the two trainers that are in love as well!
2x21 Get Along, Little Pokémon aired: Thursday Jun 17, 1999
Ash's group continuing on toward Trovita island find themselves tiring from the long walk. A storm approaches and they head for cover, having to help Misty because she can barely move. They spot several Magnemite absorbing the electricity of the storm. They meet a guy named Ethan who explains about his Magnemite who gather up electricity from the storms to help out towns that are experiencing power failures. The number 6 Magnemite often strays from the group and Ethan's Jolteon has to bring it back. There is a town that is left without power and it is up to Ash to bring the Magnemite to the town to provide it. On the way, Ash is stopped by none other than Team Rocket. By generating electricity by rubbing themselves very fast, they draw the Magnemite towards themselves and into their net. Pikachu helps to bring back the Magnemite and then in helping Pikachu, Magnemite number 6 evolves into a Magneton defeating Team Rocket. Ethan, Misty and Tracey arrive at the town to see that power has been restored, all thanks to Ash and the Magnemite.
2x22 The Mystery Menace aired: Thursday Jun 24, 1999
Ash and the group have finally made their way to the city of Trovitopolis, which should lead them right to Trovita Island and the next Orange League gym! Everything seems normal until the earth cracks right beneath their feet and they find themselves in the sewer underground, and not alone. There seems to be some sort of a "monster" living there that has been terrorizing the town. Will Ash, Misty and Tracey be able to find it, before it finds them?
2x23 Misty Meets Her Match aired: Thursday Jul 1, 1999
Floating their way to Trovita Island on Lapras, they spot a girl drowning by a whirlpool. Misty saves the girl with Staryu, while the girl's older brother watches most impressed with Misty. When they arrive on the island he greets Misty and has a quick dance with her. His name is Rudy, and he is the Trovita Gym leader. Rudy invites Misty to dinner and his little sister who Misty saved asks too. They are off at dinner and Rudy invites Misty to come check out the Pokémon in his gym. He has taught them all to dance, and he invites Misty to dance with him and the Pokémon. While dancing, he asks Misty if she'll stay and live on the island with him, asking for her decision after the match with Ash the next day. The next day the match begins, and Ash starts with Pikachu. Pikachu battles against Rudy's Electabuzz, but is quickly defeated. The next match is Bulbasaur against Exeggutor. Exeggutor looses and falls over the edge of the plateau they stand on. It falls and knocks Team Rocket off of the edge that they were climbing up to get to Ash. Ash has Bulbasaur save Exeggutor grabbing on with it's vine and returning it to the field. The final determining match is Squirtle against Starmie. Starmie spins fast to generate an electric charge weakening Squirtle. Squirtle is nearly defeated but saves himself learning a new attack, the hydro pump. Misty cheers on Ash the rest of the battle and Rudy realizes she likes Ash more than him. Starmie is defeated, Ash gets the badge, and they all leave the island.
2x24 Bound For Trouble aired: Thursday Jul 15, 1999
Pikachu and Meowth got bound together and lost in the middle of an island.
2x25 Charizard Chills aired: Thursday Jul 22, 1999
Ash, Tracey and Misty are sailing along on Lapras when they almost crash into another Pokémon trainer wanting to battle Ash. This trainer heard about Ash from the Trovita Island gym leader and wants to put his Pokémon up against Ash's. When the new trainer uses a super-powerful Poliwrath on Charizard, it's more than anyone expects. Charizard finally decides to obey and respect Ash as not only his trainer but also his friend, and the two become closer than ever!
2x26 The Pokémon Water War aired: Thursday Jul 29, 1999
Our heroes try, but are unable to extinguish a dangerous fire, until the local fire brigade - a trained team of Wartortles - arrives and squelches the flames. As a second fire rages, however, Team Rocket abducts the Wartortles, leaving Ash, Misty, Brock, and their Pokémon to somehow save the nearby town from a fiery end.
2x27 Pokémon Food Fight aired: Thursday Aug 5, 1999
Ash and friends meet Gulzar.
2x28 Pokémon Double Trouble aired: Thursday Aug 12, 1999
Ash and co are headed towards the next island for the next gym to win the next badge. Ash is suddenly greeted by a mother mistaking Ash for her son Travis (in a similar fashion to the events of the start of Hypno's Naptime) After having thoroughly squished Ash into her breasts, and after staring at him for a while, she finally realizes that it isn't her son after all. So, then A giant Rhydon robot attacks all the people on the beach, being run by Jessie, James and Meowth. It's powered by Arbok and Lickitung with an automatic crack of the whip, and with Weezing at the head blowing out gas (because James was too lazy to teach it hyper-beam). It all seems hopeless as Arbok is sent forward to attack Ash with poison sting, but The lady's Alkazam teleports in at her command to block the attack, and to seal the robot's mouth shut. Ash's Charizard flames the giant robot which then explodes sending them blasting off again. Ash learns the lady is the Gym Leader, her name is Luanna. Ash goes to compete at the gym, which is also a hotel, to which the group get to stay while Ash has his competition. Prior to the match, they're in a hot tub discussing the upcoming match. Ash becomes overheated and turns bright red, and so they desperately take him out of the tub to cool off. When the match begins, Ash's team is Charizard and Pikachu, and Luanna's team is Alakazam and Marowak. Charizard and Pikachu don't seem to be getting along as a team and fight amongst themselves and refuse to help each other. They nearly lose the match, but as Pikachu sees Charizard struggling, he shocks Alakazam to set Charizard free. Marowak sends Pikachu flying with his attack, but Charizard catches Pikachu on his wing. They're finally working together and with Ash's direction for Charizard to fly upwards with Pikachu, as Alakazam is preparing a hyper-beam, Marowak's bone is returning just under them to hit Alakazam who loses control of the now large hyper-beam, which explodes in his face along with Marowak, knocking them both out. Ash wins the match and receives the final Orange League badge, the Jade Star badge.
2x29 The Wacky Watcher aired: Thursday Aug 19, 1999
Continuing to float through the water on Lapras, the group encounter a large school of Magikarp swimming by, as well as an odd individual following and studying them. The Magikarp are headed for a deserted island and they follow. Watching for the Magikarp, the odd man meets Ash and co. His name is Dr. Quackenpoker. He is watching the Magikarp. The group are watching as the Magikarp are swimming upstream, and trying to climb a waterfall to return home. Team Rocket see all the Magikarp, and decide to try to steal them thinking they could have a huge army of Gyarados after they evolved. They have nets, because they cannot afford Pokéballs (heh, must've spent ALL their money on the Meowth-bot and the Giant Rhydon-bot in the last two episodes) and James makes a catch. The Magikarp flips away, and within the net, drag the three of them into the water to wash downstream. They continue studying Magikarp as well as sitting down for a while to have a quick discussion about Pikachu and Ash's relationship and about Togepi, making it quite clear this guy knows about more than just Magikarp. Later, they are noticing the Magikarp are worried about something, and soon enough, TR's Magikarp sub starts swallowing all the Magikarp whole. It becomes too much for the sub to hold, and they start sinking, but after spitting a bunch out, float back up. In their latest plan, they start throwing Magikarp at the group, who try to catch them in their arms to prevent the Magikarp hurting themselves falling into the water. So, with Ash's arms full, they steal Pikachu and put him under glass.. as usual. Ash attacks with Bulbasaur, except Jessie, James and Meowth keep passing Pikachu around amongst themselves. Then, James gets a Magikarp stuck on his head, to which they try to pull it off. Dr. Quackenpoker (or whatever) tries to stop them, because the Magikarp's grip is very strong and James is more likely to have his head pulled off. Calming down the Magikarp, it splashes off into the water. Team Rocket didn't want to give up and want to get Pikachu. Just then, all the Magikarp start evolving into Gyarados and it sends TR and their sub flying off into the sky. Tracey and Dr. Quackenpoker rush to count the amount of evolutions this time, and it's 70% of the Magikarp. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are surrounded by Gyarados in a episode ending situation they'll no doubt magically be out of by the next episode.
2x30 The Stun Spore Detour aired: Thursday Aug 26, 1999
Ash and Pikachu stand at the edge of a rock by the water, all excited about the upcoming battle, and then a huge wave from the sea looms over them and splashes down. Meanwhile, Tracey is studying a Vileplume and Ash is going to meet Tracey, but after meeting Tracey, trips on a rock and tumbles into him. They both land inside the Vileplume and breathe in the stun spore. Pikachu rushes to get help, and a clueless Misty doesn't understand Pikachu's desperation so quickly. She sees they've breathed in the stun spore, and they collapse. will they ever be found.
2x31 Hello Pummelo aired: Thursday Sep 2, 1999
The episode starts with Ash, Misty, Tracey, and Pikachu riding on Lapras. Ash is talking about fighting the final member of the Orange Crew. This moment is suddenly interrupted by a shadowed Pokémon flying just above the water's edge. The Pokémon then flies up into the sky and out of sight. At the Pummelo Island Hall of Fame where records are kept of all the trainers who ever won in the Orange Islands, Ash sees a statue of the Pokémon he saw hover above the water. He takes out Dexter to find out that the Pokémon they saw earlier was the Dragon Pokémon, Dragonite. The caretaker of the Hall of Fame tells Ash that Dragonite is the most powerful Pokémon that Drake, the final Orange Island Crew Gym Leader, has. Ash then gets registered and is told that his battle with Drake will begin at 10:00 the next morning.Meanwhile, in the stadium, Drake is testing his Pokémon for the battle ahead. Team Rocket pops up wanting to steal Drake's Dragonite, but Drake commands Dragonite to use Hyper Beam and Team Rocket blasts off again just as soon as they had appeared. Team Rocket crash lands on the beach where they hear that Drake will face a challenger tomorrow morning. Meowth suddenly has an idea and whispers into Jesse's and James's ears.The next morning, Ash goes into the stadium with Misty and Tracy following shortly behind. Team Rocket is in the crowd spectating and reveal their plan of stealing Dragonite after Ash has weakened it. On the field, Drake and Ash shook hands and went to their separate parts of the stadium. Suddenly, the battle area of the stadium changes from a normal stone area, to a rocky area with a pond in the middle which slightly startled Ash.Drake calls out his first Pokémon, Ditto. Ash then chooses Pikachu. Ditto transforms into Pikachu. Ash then tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. Then Ditto uses the same attack. The two attacks cancel one another out. The two continue battling until finally Ditto faints. Drake recalls Ditto and Ash does the same with Pikachu and congratulates it on a good job. Drake then chooses Onix and Ash chooses Squirtle. Ash tells Squirtle to use Water Gun, but before Squirtle can move, Onix binds Squirtle to make it immobile. Squirtle withdraws into its shell and then uses Hydro Pump. Onix is sprayed with water and then faints. Drake returns Onix to its Pokéball and then chooses Gengar. Ash recalls Squirtle and again congratulates it on a job well done.Ash then calls out Lapras who lands in the pond. Ash tells Lapras to attack, but then Drake tells Gengar to use Hypnosis. Gengar attempts to attack, but Lapras dives under the pond and evades the attack. Lapras then powers up for an Ice Beam while Gengar powers up for Night Shade. The two Pokémon release their energy simultaneously and the energy formed by the two attacks blinds everyone in the stadium. Ash stares at the battlefield, waiting to see the outcome.
2x32 Enter The Dragonite aired: Thursday Sep 9, 1999
As if a gym battle with a Dragonite isn't challenge enough for one day, Team Rocket secretly surveys the weakened state of Ash's battling Pokémon and plots to turn the situation to their advantage.
2x33 Viva Las Lapras aired: Thursday Sep 16, 1999
It's piracy on the open seas and Ash and friends must rescue a local school of Lapras from would-be poachers, but how can they be of help when the Lapras, conditioned to fear humans, shun the young Trainers?
2x34 The Underground Round Up aired: Thursday Sep 23, 1999
Ash, Misty, and Tracey are on their way back to Pallet Town when they reach and island where a ferry is supposed to from their to Pallet Town. The town is deserted except for tons of electrode. Togepi befriends a Voltob but then tons of electrode appear. A guy saves them who says heys a diglett rancher. He is moving the electrode to a field away from town on the mainland. He gets a phone call from the mayor saying he has hired somebody else to get rid of the electrode.
2x35 A Tents Situation aired: Thursday Sep 30, 1999
Ash returns home, where he is pleasantly surprised by an old friend. Unfortunately he faces a new trial, as Team Rocket has besieged the famous Oak Laboratory and captured all the Pokéballs there.
2x36 The Rivalry Revival aired: Thursday Oct 7, 1999
An errand of Professor Oak's sets Ash on the road once again, but first he must face his old hometown rival, Gary, in a Pokémon battle.

Season 3 Episode List

3x1 Don't Touch That 'Dile aired: Thursday Oct 14, 1999
Ash begins his journey in Johto, a region largely unexplored and populated with Pokémon entirely new to him and his friends.
3x2 The Double Trouble Header aired: Thursday Oct 21, 1999
In Pokémon battle, Ash soundly defeats an ambitious young trainer, who runs away dejectedly. Before Ash can comfort the novice, though, Team Rocket steps in, convincing the lad that Ash won by foul play, and recruiting the girl to their cause.
3x3 A Sappy Ending aired: Thursday Oct 28, 1999
Ash and friends discover a forest where Pinsir invaders are causing heavy deforestation. Investigation reveals the root of the problem: Team Rocket is carelessly harvesting sap from a nearby wood, thereby upsetting the balance of nature.
3x4 Roll On, Pokémon! aired: Thursday Nov 4, 1999
Ash and friends are fortunate enough to stumble into a small valley where Donphan are used to harvest precious stones. Not so fortunate are the valley's residents; Team Rocket is on the heels of the young trainers and already hatching a plan to steal the stones for themselves.
3x5 Illusion Confusion aired: Thursday Nov 11, 1999
Who would be foolish enough to brave a thick forest in the dead of night without a Hoothoot guide? Certainly not Ash Ketchum… but when he settles for the only guide available-an inept Hoothoot with no sense of direction-maybe he would have been better off alone?
3x6 Flower Power aired: Thursday Nov 18, 1999
Upon finally making their way out of the forest, Ash, Misty and Brock find themselves at the outskirts of a large city called Flowender. Wondering what they should do next, Misty suggests that they relax and do some sight seeing. Brock quickly jumps in and tells Misty that he cannot relax in a city full of girls that need his protection.As Ash, Misty and Brock walk along the city streets, they stumble across a young lady who advises them to see the Pokémon Exhibition.
3x7 Spinarak Attack aired: Thursday Nov 25, 1999
Our heroes make their way to Cattailia City, a town recognized for its magnificent buildings. A patrol car barrels down the street, and knowing that Officer Jenny must be inside, Brock gives chase. However, a few seconds later, he trips over a thin web. Ash and Misty catch up with him and after Togepi notices something approaching, a Spinarak appears.
3x8 Snubbull Snobbery aired: Thursday Dec 2, 1999
While walking through the middle of town, our friends notice that it is full of huge mansions. Apparently, Palm Hills is famous for its sprawling estates and sweeping lawns. Ash, Misty and Brock then come across a very large mansion and stand at the gate in complete amazement. While gazing at this majestic mansion, three butlers are seen in the background searching for something.
3x9 The Little Big Horn aired: Thursday Dec 9, 1999
Brock saves a lost and frightened Stantler fawn and carefully nurses it back to health before releasing it. Little does he know that Team Rocket lies hidden nearby, waiting to capture the defenseless fawn.
3x10 The Chikorita Rescue aired: Thursday Dec 16, 1999
Ash encounters a wild Chikorita and engages it in battle, thinking to add it to his team, but as Team Rocket watches the battle from afar, they decide the Chikorita would be better suited to their own nefarious uses.
3x11 Once In A Blue Moon aired: Thursday Dec 23, 1999
Professor Oak's errand - to deliver the mysterious GS Ball to a Pokéball expert - is interrupted when a Quagsire with a penchant for spherical objects steals the GS ball for use in a nocturnal ritual.
3x12 The Whistle Stop aired: Saturday Jan 1, 1999
When Team Rocket attacks Ash and his friends, a brave young Trainer and her flock of Ledyba come to the rescue. With a bolt of electricity, Pikachu makes quick work of Team Rocket, but they look to capture a prize anyway: the same bolt from Pikachu sends one of the Good Samaritan's Ledyba flying right into their clutches.
3x13 Ignorance Is Blissey aired: Thursday Jan 6, 2000
Team Rocket can't believe their luck when the Blissey employed in a Pokémon Center willingly gives them the center's entire food supply. As they abscond with the grub, however, an collective pang of conscience tells them to return their ill-gotten booty. However, they are ashamed lest this act of decency ruin their carefully cultivated reputation as troublemakers.
3x14 A Bout With Sprout aired: Thursday Jan 13, 2000
As Ash, Misty and Brock are walking through town looking for the Violet City gym, a little girl and boy are seen fighting over Pikachu. The kids, by continually grabbing and poking Pikachu, make him launch an all-out thunderbolt attack. Ash quickly picks him up, but although saving the kids from Pikachu's attack, he takes the full brunt of it. A rather attractive woman then comes running out, calling for Zackie and Lizy (the boy and girl fighting over Pikachu). Upon learning that our friends were on their way to the Violet City gym, she introduces herself as Miss Priscilla, a teacher from the Pokémon Academy.
3x15 Fighting Flyer with Fire aired: Thursday Jan 20, 2000
As our heroes stare in amazement at the Violet City gym, Jessie and James, in a rather pathetic disguise, make their appearance pretending to be conducting a survey on behalf of the Pokémon Bureau. Although Ash, Misty and Brock have never heard of it, they let Jessie examine Pikachu to see if he meets the official Violet City gym standards. Jessie and James confiscate Pikachu and run off.
3x16 For Cryin' Out Loud! aired: Thursday Jan 27, 2000
Cute and cuddly is one thing, but a bawling Marill is too much even for Misty. When all Misty's attempts to toughen up the picayune Pokémon fall short, Team Rocket takes her by surprise. Misty is left with no help or hope in sight, save for little Marill.
3x17 Tanks A Lot! aired: Thursday Feb 3, 2000
Team Rocket's most recent super vehicle, the Arbotank, is their ticket to world domination - until Togepi and its newfound Sentret buddy climb inside and inadvertently initiate a cross-country joyride that wreaks unstoppable destruction on everything in their path.
3x18 Charizard's Burning Ambitions aired: Thursday Feb 10, 2000
When Ash hears of the nearby Charicific Valley, he is sure a quick trip would be just the thing to reignite his Charizard's flagging spirits. When they reach the valley, though, they find its dragon denizens anything but cordial. Judged weak, and denied entrance to the valley, Charizard is left more dejected than ever.
3x19 Grin to Win! aired: Thursday Feb 17, 2000
The annual Sunflora contest is only a day away and yet our heroes' new friend and Sunflora Trainer is unable to convince her star Pokémon to compete. Complicating things further, Team Rocket enters under pseudonyms, planning to win by whatever means are required.
3x20 Chikorita's Big Upset aired: Thursday Feb 24, 2000
Ash is battling some kid in the neighborhood he was in. Ash used Chikorita while the kid used Raticate. Chikorita took quite a beating but still would not give up. Ash, seeing that Chikortia is a bit to exhausted tries to calls it back and uses Pikachu. Chikorita refuses to go in its Pokeball. Ash was holding up the battle until dark all because he could not call back Chikorita.
3x21 Foul Weather Friends aired: Thursday Mar 2, 2000
Our heroes chance upon a Hoppip, the fluffy 'Cottonweed' Pokémon that is able to drift for miles on a passing wind. The Trainer of this Pokémon, whom they meet soon after, uses it and several others of its kind to help her forecast the weather.
3x22 The Superhero Secret aired: Thursday Mar 9, 2000
The legendary Gligarman grows old and begins to bend under the weighty task of fighting crime. When Ash and friends wander into town, they bring with them a challenge that threatens to be Gligarman's last - Team Rocket.
3x23 Mild'n Wooley aired: Thursday Mar 16, 2000
The group meet Mary, a girl who lives on a Mareep farm and wants to compete in the upcoming Mareep Festival.
3x24 Wired for Battle aired: Thursday Mar 23, 2000
When the most promising trainee at a Pokémon dojo abandons battle altogether, opting to gather information for his comprehensive Poké-database instead, it's up to Ash and friends to convince him that battling, and life for that matter, is more than just a matter of probability.
3x25 Good 'Quil Hunting aired: Thursday Mar 30, 2000
Our heroes are walking through a thick forest, Brock thinks there's something wrong with his map but Misty thinks they're just lost again. A tall kid comes up to them and asks if they've seen any Cyndaquil around, which are supposed to be all over this area. Ash gets excited and starts to look around for one.
3x26 A Shadow of a Drought aired: Thursday Apr 6, 2000
Ash carelessly makes enemies of the Slowpoke-worshipping residents of Azalea Town, but sees a chance at redemption when Team Rocket arrives to capture each and every one of these revered Pokémon.
3x27 Goin' Apricorn aired: Thursday Apr 13, 2000
Ash, Misty, Brock and the girl are walking through the woods, the girl explains that getting PokeBalls is a lot more complicated than people think. They approach a large tree but fall into a covered hole. Team Rocket comes and Meowth lassos Pikachu with a rope, then Jessie puts him into an electric-proof jar.
3x28 Gettin' The Bugs Out aired: Thursday Apr 20, 2000
Ash and friends have delivered the GS Ball safely to Kurt and are heading to the Azalea Town Gym for the next badge. Misty thinks Ash will have a tough time with without Charizard but Ash is confident that Cyndaquil has the firepower he needs.The Azalea Gym is a large dome with a forest-like environment inside. Misty becomes nervous, then a Caterpie drops down in front of her and she freaks. A boy standing up on a tree branch says that this is in fact the Gym and that bug Pokemon are the best. Misty isn't thrilled. Ash introduces himself and the boy says he's Bugsy, the Gym leader.
3x29 A Farfetch'd Tale aired: Thursday Apr 27, 2000
An inexperienced young Trainer mistakenly scares off his own Farfetch'd. Ash and friends are happy to help, but will have to find it before Team Rocket, their stomachs as empty as their piggy bank, can get their hands on this savory Pokémon.
3x30 Tricks of the Trade aired: Thursday May 4, 2000
At the Pokémon Swap Meet, our heroes befriend a young Pokémon trainer who's having difficulties finding a trading partner willing to accept his Wobbuffet. When Jessie inadvertently deposits her Pokéball across from his in the exchanger, this young trainer gets more than he had bargained for.
3x31 The Fire-ring Squad aired: Thursday May 11, 2000
Our friends have stopped at a Pokémon Center. Ash calls Professor Oak, he's going to send his Tauros back. Professor Oak says that's okay, but he wants to keep Heracross a while longer. Ash tells Heracross to do whatever the Professor tells it.Nurse Joy complements Ash on taking such good care of his Pokémon. Brock flirts with her, but she says she has to examine more Pokémon for the upcoming Fire and Rescue Grand Prix and she goes, leaving Ash wondering what the Grand Prix is.
3x32 No Big Woop aired: Thursday May 18, 2000
Ash and friends enthusiastically volunteer to watch over a troubled trainer's school of Wooper, but as always Team Rocket interferes, this time hoping to use the Wooper's soothing qualities to pacify Giovanni.
3x33 Tunnel Vision aired: Thursday May 25, 2000
Passing through a mountain, Ash and friends are once again confronted by the pesky Snubbull that chases Team Rocket around...
3x34 Hour of the Houndour aired: Thursday Jun 1, 2000
Ash and friends befriend a group of wild Houndour.
3x35 The Totodile Duel aired: Thursday Jun 8, 2000
Ash and Misty's "friendly" rivalry is tested when they both try to capture a Totodile at the same time. Unable to determine whose Pokéball had captured the wild Pokémon, the two must battle it out to determine the Totodile's new master.
3x36 Hot Matches! aired: Thursday Jun 15, 2000
When Ash and friends hear of a virtually undefeatable trainer operating nearby, they seek her out, only to see first Brock's Vulpix and then Ash's Cyndaquil take heavy abuse from her Skarmory-despite its disadvantage against the Fire element.
3x37 Love, Totodile Style aired: Thursday Jun 22, 2000
Ash's Totodile falls head over tail for a passing Azumarill, but is still unsuccessful in having its feelings requited when Team Rocket kidnap the Pokémon before Totodile's eyes.
3x38 Fowl Play aired: Thursday Jun 29, 2000
Ash has his sights set on a rare and brightly-colored Noctowl, but this Pokémon's hypnosis leaves Ash's team unable to tell reality from illusion, much less stand up to another Pokémon in battle.
3x39 Forest Grumps aired: Thursday Jul 6, 2000
When an Ursaring attack leaves Team Rocket and our heroes in compromising positions, compromise they do, members of each team being paired with members of the other. But such a pairing one would guess to be doomed from the start… and one would be right this time.
3x40 The Psychic Sidekicks aired: Thursday Jul 13, 2000
Ash and co. are wandering through a forest, as they slowly make their way to Goldenrod City. They'd prefer to be quickly making their way to Goldenrod City, as, according to rumor, this forest is full of Ghosts. As a precaution, Misty sends out Psyduck to protect them, since it's the only one who knows any Psychic attacks. The kids are pushing their way through the underbrush, when a dark, grinning face pops out of the bushes, terrifying them all! Misty shoves Psyduck in front of her, but it runs back behind her, and retreats into its Pokéball. Ash approaches the supposed Ghost, who Bites him hard on the hand... but then it raises its other head from the bushes - it's not a Ghost Pokémon at all, it's a Girafarig!
3x41 The Fortune Hunters aired: Thursday Jul 27, 2000
A Pokémon Fortune Telling boom turns out to be a Team Rocket plot to steal Pokémon from local trainers. The engineers of this plot, though, are not the Team Rocket regulars, but by the formidable Butch and Cassidy.

Season 4 Episode List

4x1 A Goldenrod Opportunity aired: Thursday Aug 3, 2000
Our heroes have finally reached the next stop on the road to Johto: Goldenrod City! Looking to challenge the city's Gym Leader, Ash finds out the gym is closed for the day. Knowing they must wait until tomorrow, the gang decides to shop around and enjoy the city when they run into a local trainer, Whitney. After a close-encounter with Team Rocket, our heroes realize Whitney is actually the Goldenrod City Gym Leader! Will Ash win his next Johto League badge?
4x2 A Dairy Tale Ending aired: Thursday Aug 10, 2000
Whitney takes our heroes to her uncle's Miltank farm in the outskirts of Goldenrod City. Here they sample the finest in Miltank dairy products and learn how to groom and care for these Pokémon. Ash realizes this is a great opportunity to study Miltank first-hand and hopes it will help him against Whitney's Miltank in their next battle. After learning about Miltank and coming out victorious in a battle against Team Rocket, Ash realizes the answer to overcoming Whitney's strongest Pokémon is good old-fashioned team-work.
4x3 Air Time aired: Thursday Aug 17, 2000
Following his victory against Whitney, Ash and the others sit down to have breakfast at the Goldenrod City Pokémon Center. Suddenly a man, who introduces himself as the producer of Pokétalk Radio, invites Ash to an interview at their radio show, saying all trainers who defeat Whitney must come for an interview.
4x4 The Bug Stops Here aired: Thursday Aug 24, 2000
In this episode, Ash meets Casey again and both of them compete in the Bug Catching Contest at the National Park. But Team Rocket sneaks in.
4x5 Type Casting aired: Thursday Aug 31, 2000
In return for passage across a river after a storm has washed out the bridge, Ash and his pals must find the Pokemon called Sudowoodo.
4x6 Fossil Fools aired: Thursday Sep 7, 2000
Ash, Misty and Brock have reached the famous Ruins of Alph. Summoned there by a note from Professor Oak they join him and an old student of his, Foster in a facility for studying Pokémon fossils. Foster has made an amazing discovery, live pre-historic water-type Pokémon thought to be extinct for thousands of years! Does their appearance have anything to do with the interrupted water flow from a nearby reservoir? Watch as our heroes find out what's fishy with the freshwater!
4x7 Carrying On aired: Thursday Sep 14, 2000
Just outside of Ecruteak City, our heroes see a flying Pidgey being attacked by a huge Fearow and decide to intervene. With Brock carrying the wounded Pidgey, the gang enters Ecruteak City in hopes of finding its trainer. Not only do our heroes find this Pidgey's home, they discover it is a member of the "Carrier-Pidgey Express!" Join Ash, Misty and Brock as they learn about caring for carrier-Pidgey and witness the dedication of a young boy and his grandfather to these very special Pokémon.
4x8 Hassle in the Castle aired: Thursday Sep 21, 2000
Team Rocket breaks into a castle clinic where Pokemon are used to cure patients and end up throwing themselves and Brock into maze in the basement.
4x9 Two Hits and a Miss aired: Thursday Sep 28, 2000
Walking along a twisted path on their way to Ecruteak City, Ash, Misty, and Brock feel a loud noise and a slight rumbling coming from behind them. It happens to be a runaway Tauros, with its trainer in close pursuit. After nearly avoiding being trampled, Ash spots an unsuspecting old man down the road. Knowing the man is in real danger, Ash slides down the hill to save him.
4x10 A Hot Water Battle aired: Thursday Oct 5, 2000
Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile are fighting with each other when they tumble into a passage beneath the jungle where Team Rocket member Meowth is also trapped. The unlikely foursome must work together to save themselves.
4x11 Hook, Line, and Stinker aired: Thursday Oct 12, 2000
Misty is eager to show off her fishing skills in a competition until she realizes that a rude, but skilled Poliwrath trainer, has also entered.
4x12 Beauty and the Breeder aired: Thursday Oct 19, 2000
Brock returns the Vulpix to old friend Suzie and together they enter the Pokemon Breeder Competition. Team Rocket also registers and aims to win.
4x13 A Better Pill to Swallow aired: Thursday Oct 26, 2000
Team Rocket kidnap a number of Shuckle that create natural remedies for ailments. Ash must save the Shuckle before the medicine is tainted.
4x14 Power Play! aired: Thursday Nov 2, 2000
After being humiliated by Gary, Ash must accept his help to fight against Team Rocket's new offense.
4x15 Mountain Time aired: Thursday Nov 9, 2000
Ash's group and their new forest patrol friend must work fast to save the Pikachu and Togepi after being kidnapped by Team Rocket.
4x16 Wobbu-Palooza! aired: Thursday Nov 16, 2000
Breaking for lunch at a spot in the forest, our heroes notice a nearby Wobbuffet and begin to look around for it's co-horts, Team Rocket! Although there's no sign of Team Rocket, everywhere they look there are more Wobbuffet popping up. The gang follows them to Wobbuffet Village and finds out the village is about to have their annual Wobbuffet fair. Due to festival rules, our heroes aren't able to help when a gang of punks and their Pokémon try to ruin the fair. Team Rocket are the only one's in a position to help. Will they come to the town's aid because they have a Wobbuffet of their own?
4x17 Imitation Confrontation aired: Thursday Nov 23, 2000
Stopping off at a Pokécenter, the gang looks around for nurse Joy. Suddenly she appears with Chansey, but makes the confusing statement "Nurse Joy is seeing a patient." Brock nears the Joy-look-alike and reveals it isn't nurse Joy and Chansey at all, but Duplica and her Ditto! Our heroes find out the real nurse Joy is checking on Duplica's newest Pokémon, "Mini-dit." Though there's nothing wrong with Mini-dit, it retains it's pint size, even when Transforming into large Pokémon. Be sure to watch for a teeny Arbok, an undersized Ursaring and a wee Wobbuffet. Although it may be small, this puny Pokémon can sure pack a wallop!
4x18 The Trouble With Snubbull aired: Thursday Nov 30, 2000
Pampered Pokémon Snubbull ran away into the woods and has evolved into a strong Granbull. It soon falls into the hands of Team Rocket who won't hand the Pokémon over without a reward from the rich owner.
4x19 Ariados, Amigos aired: Thursday Dec 7, 2000
Ash, Pikachu and Brock take a break by the lake while Misty heads deeper into the forest with Togepi. As Misty picks the local flora, Togepi wanders over to a very strange looking bush, it appears to have legs...spider legs! Summoned by Misty's shrieks, Ash and Brock discover an Ariados in the bush. Just then, a trainer from Fuschia City appears on the scene. She explains she's training with this Ariados to learn the special art of Pokémon Jujitsu. Accepting an invitation from the trainer, the gang joins her for a day at the Pokémon Jujitsu Academy. Find out what happens as Brock and Pineco blow the lid off a technical class, Ash is critiqued on battle techniques and Misty gets all wrapped up in Pokémon health, beauty and nutrition!
4x20 Wings 'N' Things aired: Thursday Dec 14, 2000
It's a sunny day on the road to Johto when our heroes encounter a Yanma....a troublemaker of a Yanma! When Yanma steals Ash's hat, the gang chase after it as it returns to it's trainer, a young boy named Zachary. Although Ash gets his hat back, even Zachary can't control Yanma's antics. After Yanma breaks every window in town with its Sonic Boom attack, Zachary's father forces Zach to return Yanma to the wild. A moment too late, Zachary realizes he can't abandon his friend. Will Zachary be able to find Yanma and learn what it takes to become a true Pokémon trainer?
4x21 The Grass Route aired: Thursday Dec 21, 2000
En route to Ekruteak, Ash and company are caught by the sight of a Skiploom racing by. Following after it, they encounter its trainer, Ephram. He and his Skiploom are training for the upcoming annual Grass-Type tournament, a contest for Grass Pokémon only. Confident he can win any "local" tournament, Ash decides he and Bulbasaur will enter as well. Ephram and his Skiploom train hard as the tournament quickly approaches. However, Ash doesn't think it is necessary for someone of his Pokémon prowess to prepare. Find out who triumphs as young Ephram and Ash face-off in the final round of the tournament!
4x22 The Apple Corp! aired: Thursday Jan 4, 2001
Catching a sweet scent on the breeze, Ash and Pikachu follow their noses to a nearby apple orchard. As Misty and Brock follow, they warn the trainer and his Pokémon against eating apples that don't belong to them. No sooner is this said than Pikachu is caught red-handed with couple of cores! Once Ash proves Pikachu's innocence to the orchard owner, he and Pikachu track down the real thieves, a band of hungry Pichu forced into the orchard due to low amounts of wild growing fruit. Find out how Ash and Pikachu teach them team-work and help create a symbiotic relationship between the Pichu and the proprietor!
4x23 Houndoom's Special Delivery aired: Thursday Jan 11, 2001
When Team Rocket attacks our heroes as they travel through a mountain pass, Weezing's Smoke Screen attack separates Togepi and Misty. Togepi wanders away as Misty, Ash and Brock try to locate the pint-sized Pokémon. Finding Togepi scared and alone, a passing Houndoom becomes its temporary care-taker and brings Togepi home to its trainer. Will Misty ever be reunited with Togepi?
4x24 A Ghost of a Chance aired: Thursday Jan 18, 2001
Arriving in Ecruteak, Ash immediately heads to the Gym to challenge it's leader for his next Johto League badge. Our heroes soon realize this isn't a normal gym....it bursts into flames as soon as they enter! Trying to douse the flames with their water Pokémon, they find out the blaze is bogus. It's actually the Gastly, Haunter and Gengar instigating the illusion. Find out how these Ghost-Types end up helping our heroes when Togepi and Pikachu get lost among the ruins. Plus, don't miss the "Gastly" lesson they teach Team Rocket!
4x25 From Ghost To Ghost aired: Thursday Jan 25, 2001
The time finally comes for Ash's fourth Gym Battle in the Johto League. In the Ecruteak Gym, he must face Morty and his team of powerful ghost Pokémon. But Ash has already been witness to Morty's Gengar and been stunned by the Pokémon's power. Does he have a chance against a whole team of such powerful Pokémon phantoms? As Ash muses over battle strategies, Nurse Joy overhears and suggests he uses his Noctowl.
4x26 Trouble's Brewing aired: Thursday Feb 1, 2001
Ash and his friends must beat three skilled sisters to prove that they are worthy companions for their fourth and youngest sister.
4x27 All That Glitters! aired: Thursday Feb 8, 2001
When a flock of Murkrow steal Ash's new earned badges and James' prized bottle cap collection Ash must actually team up with the Pokémon thieves to prevent them from being used for James' nefarious plans.
4x28 The Light Fantastic aired: Thursday Feb 15, 2001
Parched from a long desert journey, our heroes are excited to see a promising sparkle in the distance. As they press toward this spectacle, a city in utter ruin unfurls before them. This desolation notwithstanding, they are able to locate an intact Pokémon Center and learn from the Joy in residence that there ruins had once been a great city, inhabited by a tribe of people who were known for the reverence they showed to Remoraid.
4x29 UnBEARable aired: Thursday Feb 22, 2001
Hearing a rustling sound, Misty awakens to find an adorable Teddiursa that had wandered into the abandoned shack where she was putting up for the night. She is overjoyed to gain such a cuddly companion, but beginning the following day, Misty and friends face a string of troubles. In all cases, the Teddiursa is quick to point out the culprits, blaming other Pokémon belonging to Ash, Misty and Brock.
4x30 Moving Pictures aired: Thursday Mar 1, 2001
It's a small Pokémon world. In their travels, Ash and friends chance upon their old shutterbug buddy Todd, who is now traveling far and wide in search of the dream photo opportunity - a close-up of the Legendary Pokémon, Articuno. Their reunion is cut short when a chunk of solid ice comes falling out of a perfectly blue sky. Out heroes examine the object and discover that a Sunkern is frozen inside. Observing the Pokémon to still be alive, Ash and friends rush it off to be treated at the Pokémon Center.
4x31 Spring Fever aired: Thursday Mar 8, 2001
Continuing with Todd, their search for Articuno, Ash and friends no sooner stop for a snack break than a trio of Swinub appears and makes off with Misty's rice cake. The children jump to pursuit and soon learn that these Pokémon are in the employ of a father-daughter team of water prospecters. The Swinub's keen sense of smell allows them to detect substances buried deep underground. Impressed by thier operations, Team Rocket decided to pirate the idea and its key Pokémon and turn them to their own gain.
4x32 Freeze Frame aired: Thursday Mar 15, 2001
On their quest to capture Articuno on film, Todd and our heroes run into a frozen Jigglypuff! Ash uses his Cyndaquil to defrost the melodious Pokémon. When Todd asks Jigglypuff if it has seen Articuno, Jigglypuff nods towards Snow Top Mountain. Undeterred by the incredible height and icy conditions, the gang heads up the mountain where they run into a Pokécenter. Both Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy explain the legend of Articuno; Centuries ago, a group of travelers were lost on the mountain. Certain they would perish, they almost gave up hope but an Articuno appeared and guided the group to safety. As a tribute, they created a statue of Articuno that still stands today. Some say that anyone traversing Snow Top Mountain is protected by Articuno. After hearing the story, Todd is convinced there are Articuno on the mountain and continues his vertical journey. With Ash and Co. in tow, a blizzard kicks up and temporarily blinds the group. Brock and Misty want to stay put and let the blizzard pass, but Todd and Ash are determined to continue. Little do they know, directly ahead of them is a cliff edge and a deadly drop. Will Articuno come to their rescue? Is this Legendary Pokémon really the guardian of the mountain, or is it merely a legend?
4x33 The Stolen Stones! aired: Thursday Mar 22, 2001
Continuing on their journey to Olivine City, Ash, Misty and Brock find themselves walking along a canyon bottom with unstable boudlers above them. All of a sudden, a gust of wind knocks the boudlers loose and they are trapped... until a pack of Arcanine comes and rescues the gang.
4x34 The Dunsparce Deception aired: Thursday Mar 29, 2001
Ash, Misty, and Brock are still journeying toward Olivine City when they come across a boy who seems to be looking for something. He introduces himself as Bucky and explains that he's looking for a Dunsparce. Recently, he and his family went away to visit his sick grandfather. When they came back, all the kids in town had a Dunsparce, so now he wants one too.
4x35 The Wayward Wobbuffet aired: Thursday Apr 5, 2001
Knowing our heroes are still en-route to Olivine, Team Rocket lies in wait. Dressed as scientists, they explain they've just repaired the amazing "Poké Pod." To test it out, Pikachu is placed in the pod and locked in tight. When Team Rocket reveals their true identity and runs, Ash and Co. are in hot pursuit. When our heroes catch up to Team Rocket, there isn't a Poké Pod or Pikachu in site! Realizing Wobbuffet was hiding for the handoff, Ash chases after it. In Wobbuffet's rash retreat, it trips dropping the Pikachu containing Poké Pod and falls into the rapids of a nearby river. Since the only way to release Pikachu from the Poké Pod is to possess the key around Wobbuffet's neck, it's an all-out race to reach Team Rocket's blue bad-boy first. This proves problematic as Wobbuffet plummets over waterfalls, wanders through forests, gets taken for a ride on the roof of a run-away truck, blows for miles in a hot-air balloon and falls helpless to the helm of a speedboat! Who will reach Wobbuffet and the key first?
4x36 Sick Daze aired: Thursday Apr 12, 2001
The morning sun shines brightly upon our heroes and their Pokémon after spending the night next to a sparkling stream. Ash and his Pokémon wash up for breakfast and notice Brock kneeling over a pot of porridge on the campfire. After asking what's on this morning's menu and getting no response, Ash places a hand on Brock's shoulder. Brock's only response is to fall to the ground! Misty discovers that Brock has a fever and tries to convince him to spend the day resting in bed. Brock finally agrees and tells them there are directions on how to perform his chores in his notebook. As Ash and Misty begin the day's chores they easily become overwhelmed. They must cook, do the dishes, feed the Pokémon, haul water, gather and split wood and even polish Brock's rock Pokémon. Certain disaster seems eminent when Ash decides to speed up the polishing process with his Totodile's Water Gun! Will Ash and Misty be able to perform all of Brock's chores, take care of the Pokémon and fend off Team Rocket's nighttime attack all on their own?
4x37 Ring Masters aired: Thursday Apr 19, 2001
As Ash and company pass through an intriguing little village, they notice a Feraligatr in the midst of a battle. Drawing closer, they see the Feraligatr defeat one opponent after another, but it never seems to tire! When the gang meets the Feraligatr's trainer, they find out that Pokémon battles in this town are of a different breed. Here they practice the art of Pokémon Sumo. Overfed Pokémon are taught to wrestle and are forbidden from using special attacks in Sumo matches. As luck would have it, the Sumo conference is being held the following day. True to his nature, Ash decides to enter the conference, certain he can win. He is surprised, however, to find out he must use a Pokémon that weighs at least 80 kilograms. For Ash, that means only one Pokémon...Snorlax! Although Snorlax makes the weigh-in, it doesn't seem to be interested in moving towards the ring, let alone battling. Watch the surprising turn of events as Ash cleverly uses Snorlax's "guts" to his advantage.
4x38 The Poké Spokesman aired: Thursday Apr 26, 2001
On the long trek to Olivine City, our heroes notice Pikachu looks a bit worn out. Brock suggests it's the trudging along this trail that has taken a toll. Just then, an old man appears from beside the path and explains the soil in this region contains minerals that absorb electricity. He walks up to Pikachu, kneels down and starts speaking to Pikachu in Pokémon tongue! Upon Pikachu's response, he rises and tells Ash that Pikachu is exhausted and cannot walk much further. Introducing himself as Simon, he suggests the crew follow him to his rest-stop. Upon their arrival, Ash hooks up Pikachu to a nearby bicycle with the electrodes attached to it. The more Ash pedals, the more electricity is pumped back into Pikachu's cheeks. Simon explains to Misty and Brock he won't charge for the "recharge" and he'll waive his translation fee. Surprised he charges at all for his rest-stop remedies, Misty and Brock are cut short of saying anything by the arrival of Officer Jenny. There to arrest Simon, she explains several local trainers have been swindled out of money recently by a person claiming to be a Pokémon interpreter. Can Simon really talk to the Pokémon, or is he the scam artist Officer Jenny has been looking for?
4x39 Control Freak! aired: Tuesday May 1, 2001
As our heroes and their Pokémon enjoy another fine meal prepared by Brock, Golbat begins to act strangely and flies away. Brock, Ash and Misty chase after the Flying-type and end up at an archaeological dig. When they meet the intelligent and beautiful archeologist, Tierra she explains her ultra-sonic equipment had just been destroyed and perhaps its errant waves attracted Golbat. She also tells our heroes of an ancient golden mask and scepter, once belonging to a queen who had the power to control all Pokémon. She is now looking for a buried temple said to contain these two priceless artifacts and asks Brock if his Golbat will use it's Sonic attack to help her locate the exact placement of the temple. Overhearing our heroes, Team Rocket employs their latest mechanical menace, the Dig-a-Tron to beat the gang to the temple. When Jessie dons the mask and scepter she has the power to control all Pokémon, even Pikachu! What will become of the Pokémon under Jesse's rule?
4x40 The Art of Pokémon aired: Thursday May 10, 2001
As our heroes enter the historic city of Whitestone, they notice it appears to be made of marble! Brock's guide book explains this phenomena. Generation after generation in Whitestone has painted all of the buildings white. After so many years, the layers have given the impression the city is made of marble. Just as the gang enters the city, they notice a band of Smeargle running amok, painting every bare wall in site with their tails. Dexter quickly explains these Pokémon express themselves by painting and the color in their tail depends upon the Pokémon's mood. Just then, the townsfolk appear in an angry mob, demanding the Smeargle stop this graffiti. Before the scene gets out of control, a famous artist appears to claim the Smeargle. All are astonished to find out this world famous abstract artist uses Smeargle to create his masterpieces. He begs the townspeople to allow the Smeargle to express themselves. Apparently, the Smeargle have been through a creative dry-spell and he hopes they will find a way to create beautiful artwork once again. Will the artist, Smeargle and townspeople find a way to live in harmony?
4x41 The Heartbreak of Brock aired: Thursday May 17, 2001
At the end of a long day, our heroes search for a Pokémon Center in a small town near Olivine City. Unable to locate one they ask a local lady for directions. She explains the nearest Pokémon Center is ten miles away! Too exhausted to extend today's journey, the gang decides to set up camp in a local park. As he gets water from a nearby fountain, Brock notices a Nidorina approaching to take a drink. Running after Nidorina is her trainer, who trips and almost falls into the fountain. She is narrowly saved by Brock and immediately falls head over heals in love with him. Introducing herself as Temaku, she insists Brock and his friends stay with her at her father's house. How will Brock handle a large does of his own medicine from the smitten Temaku?
4x42 Current Events aired: Thursday May 24, 2001
Having reached a Power Plant, Ash and friends enter and find themselves in an electric labyrinth. How will they get out?
4x43 Turning Over A New Bayleef aired: Thursday May 31, 2001
After several more run-ins with its trainer, Bayleef gets scolded and decides to run away. However, it slips and falls into the river. Our heroes follow the scent, then follow the river which leads to an old woman's house.
4x44 Doin' What Comes Natu-rally aired: Thursday Jun 7, 2001
When our heroes stumble upon a one-day street performance, they get to see all types of Pokémon with unique skills. Anxious to know the future, Misty volunteers to have her fortune read by Natu. A young boy named McKenzie and his Pokémon, Natu begin the reading but make several mistakes. Embarrassed, McKenzie runs away with Natu before Misty's future is revealed. The gang follows McKenzie and suggests he wear a mask during his performances to help boost his confidence. Misty explains if he wears the mask no one will know who he is. McKenzie's father likes the idea too, believing the mask will lend an exciting element to the performance. When McKenzie returns to the stage, will he and Natu be able to remember the routine and use Natu's Future Sight to tell patron's fortunes?
4x45 The Big Balloon Blow-Up aired: Thursday Jun 14, 2001
When our heroes happen upon an unusual formation in the middle of a grassy field, Brock believes it is a crop circle...placed there by aliens! Just then, something comes hurtling out of the sky towards them. A far away voice calls down an apology for almost hitting Ash with the object. Skyler, a boy training for a hot air balloon race, introduces himself to the gang and explains he was practicing for the upcoming event. Getting a marker as close to the center of the large, circular target by throwing it from the hot air balloon is one aspect of the competition. Intrigued by the hot-air balloon racing circuit, Ash quickly makes up his mind to enter as well. When Brock reminds him they don't have a chance of winning without a hot air balloon, Skyler's father says he has something to help them out. Pulling a balloon out of his shop, he begins to fill it up and to our heroes surprise, it's a Pikachu shaped hot air balloon! When Team Rocket decides to enter the race as well, Jesse and James sabotage several of the balloons the night before the big event.
4x46 The Screen Actor's Guilt aired: Thursday Jun 21, 2001
When Brock is later mistaken for a celebrity, Smoochum, Togepi, and Pikachu start following a robotic Skiploom
4x47 Right On, Rhydon! aired: Thursday Jun 28, 2001
On the way to Olivine City, Ash and friends run into a girl who is trying to build a tunnel threw a mountain, but leaking water is causing her Rock Pokémon to stop digging. In order to finish the tunnel, Ash and friends decide to help her capture a Rhydon that likes water that lives nearby.
4x48 The Kecleon Caper aired: Thursday Jul 5, 2001
On the way to Olivine City, a blimp lands in the town that Ash and friends are in. It turns out that there are two sick Pokémon on board and Brock is allowed to treat them. The two pokémon are Kecleon, and some after being healed they go on a hiding spree.
4x49 The Joy of Water Pokémon aired: Thursday Jul 12, 2001
Ash and his pals come to a Pokemon Centre in a quiet little forest when they encounter two Chanceys and someone wearing a scuba suit, that person appears to be Nurse Joy! But she is different from all the other Nurse Joys, because this Nurse Joy is great at handling Water Pokemon, and Misty is excited to meet her but what will she expect?
4x50 Got Miltank? aired: Thursday Jul 19, 2001
As Ash, Misty, and Brock head to Olivine City, Team Rocket attacks. In the battle, Cyndaquil and Weezing's attacks cause an explosion and Cyndaquil is separated from Ash. When Cyndaquil wakes up it is in an oasis with a Miltank. Ash then sets out to find it.
4x51 Fight For The Light! aired: Thursday Jul 26, 2001
Ash battles for a new badge in Olivine in a battle where Onix defeats Totodile.
4x52 Machoke, Machoke Man! aired: Thursday Aug 2, 2001
Ash, Misty, Brock and Janina (a girl who was assistant to Jasmine, the wannabe) sail toward Cianwood city. First they got to the store to get Ampharos's medicine. After they said goodbye to Janina, Ash walked toward to Cianwood gym. But then they stopped, because they saw a man on a field battling with Machoke! As they seen the battle, the man was just practicing Machoke's powerfull attacks. He dodged every one of them until he got attacked by Karate Chop. And then he ran crying to Machoke and they hugged. Then he saw Ash and others and called them down. He talked about his Machoke's training for a while, and after made them do some exercise. They were marching while walking to the Gym. When they came there, Ash and co. saw students with Pokemon who called the man their teacher. Then man introduced himself as Chuck, the fighting Gym Leader of this Gym. He called them inside to have a little snack. But snack wasn't so little. Everybody got a big plate with porridge stuff including littl

Season 5 Episode List

5x1 Around the Whirlpool aired: Thursday Aug 9, 2001
In a scuffle with Team Rocket, Ash and friends are thrown from the ship bearing them to the Whirl Islands. As powerful whirlpools draw them toward impending doom, a mysterious form under the sea shifts the powerful undertow, drawing them to safety. Shortly thereafter, a Corsola comes skipping over the sea's surface and guides the children back to a ship wherein awaits their old friend, Professor Elm. They ride the ship to a bustling harbor in the first of the Whirl Islands. There they learn of an upcoming competition in which Water Pokémon trainers will vie for the title of Whirl Island champion.
5x2 Fly Me To The Moon aired: Thursday Aug 16, 2001
Ash and friends discover an island on which the Pidgey population-long protected by environmental regulation and free from predators-has grown to unusually stout proportions and virtually abandoned any desire for flight. There Ash and friends find one Pidgey, however, in which the desire to soar through the heavens burns more fiercely than even in Pidgey from beyond this island. Anxious to see this Pidgey achieve its dreams, the young trainers join with the Pidgey's trainer and follow the Pokémon in a jet-assisted hot air balloon, tracking its flight as the Pidgey climbs higher into the stratosphere than any Pokémon in history.
5x3 Takin' It On the Chinchou aired: Thursday Aug 23, 2001
On their way to the Whirl Cup competition, Ash and friends are fortunate enough to pass a small mountain village just as an annual Chinchou migration is about to occur. Long ago seismological forces had combined to lift the mountain out of the depths of the sea, bringing along with it the undersea nesting ground of these Chinchou.
5x4 A Corsola Caper! aired: Thursday Aug 30, 2001
Just as Ash and friends arrive at a new island, their ears are met with cries for help. A family had built their house upon a Corsola nesting ground, and when a new, hyperactive Corsola arrived and frightened off the previous Corsola residents, the ground beneath the house weakened and the house was washed out to sea. The father and daughter who had been outside during the catastrophe now look on helplessly as another daughter-trapped inside the house-is washed out toward a large whirlpool. Ash and Misty call their Pokémon to action and manage to save the young girl, but this proves to be only the first challenge of the day. As Ash and friends set about recollecting the Corsola that had reinforced the foundation of this family's home, Team Rocket soon arrives and attempts to steal not only the needed Corsola, but also collections of local artwork made from Corsola horns, which these Pokémon shed regularly. While assisting this local family, Misty waits not so patiently for an opportunity to catch the Corsola that had first driven the others away, and make it her own.
5x5 Mantine Overboard! aired: Thursday Sep 6, 2001
Ash and co. go after a treasure chest in a sunken ship.
5x6 Octillery The Outcast aired: Thursday Sep 13, 2001
After reaching the town where the preliminary round of the Whirl Cup is held, Ash and Misty enter and earn the two victories required to continue on to the finals. A friend they had met earlier is not as fortunate. When Misty tries to console him with promises of the next Whirl Cup to be held in three years, he remains depressed, saying that it was not lack of ability but the low spirits of his Octillery that had brought about his defeat. The Pokémon had been depressed ever since it evolved from a Remoraid and was subsequently spurned by its onetime Remoraid friends. If the boy cannot somehow mend these friendships between Pokémon that have now grown different in appearance, he doesn't see any hopes of victory even in three years time. Ash and friends willingly lend their knowledge and enthusiasm to this problem of Pokémon sociology.
5x7 Dueling Heroes aired: Thursday Sep 20, 2001
As the final round of the Whirl Cup begins, Ash and Misty must each face formidable opponents. Ash has his Kingler transferred from Oak's lab in preparation, but when he and his Totodile begin their first battle, they must face an opponent with a powerful Kingdra. Misty also faces a challenging duel with an experienced opponent and his Qwilfish. Meanwhile, Team Rocket sets about stealing an ancient jewel used in a reward ceremony to be performed for the tournament's victor.
5x8 The Perfect Match! aired: Thursday Sep 27, 2001
Ash and Misty each emerge victorious from arduous bouts only to be paired against one another in the next round. As these two square off, Team Rocket plots to steal the tournament's prize using reverse psychology: they leave an anonymous tip with the local police force that the prize is in danger. This tip, Jessie reasons, will lead to heightened security, which will in turn lead to overconfidence and carelessness, effectually making it easier for Jessie and James to sneak in and claim their prize. With Ash already in strong position, Misty accidentally deploys Psyduck to face his Kingler. In a surprise turn, however, Psyduck launches a Confuse attack that wins the match for Misty. Ash takes his place in the stands and cheers for Misty as she begins her next round. Meanwhile Team Rocket watches in shock as-contrary to Jessie's plan-not only is the police presence at the event fortified, but the police show no sign of growing overconfident.
5x9 Plant it Now... Diglett Later aired: Thursday Oct 4, 2001
A village of kind, elderly people prepares a great meal for Ash and friends, and in return requests that the Pokémon Trainers assist them in defending their village against a gang of marauders that invades the village every year and attempts to rustle their sizable herd of Diglett.
5x10 Hi Ho Silver... Away! aired: Thursday Oct 11, 2001
The gang has decided to explore the rest of the remaining unseen Whirl Islands and reach a town, in which everything is shaped after the Silver Feather.
5x11 The Mystery is History aired: Thursday Oct 18, 2001
Ash and the gang have just gone through a cave, and decide to take a quick rest. The gang is surprised by another Pikachu!
5x12 A Parent Trapped! aired: Thursday Oct 25, 2001
With the young Lugia in the possession of Butch and Cassidy, Ash and friends set about rescuing it while protecting its parent from itself. The parent Lugia fights desperately to free its child-playing right into Team Rocket's hands. If Ash fails to win the Lugia's trust and convince it not to oppose Team Rocket alone, it seems this Pokemon is fated to end up in captivity along with its child.
5x13 A Promise is a Promise aired: Thursday Nov 1, 2001
Ash and the gang, along with Richie, captured by Team Rocket and held at their base. Dr. Number and the other Rockets look upon their capture of the parent Lugia, but they rather use that than the child so they carry that one off.
5x14 Throwing in the Noctowl aired: Thursday Nov 8, 2001
Ash and friends have missed the ferry back to Olivine City. An old fisherman tells them that there is a plane service that can get them to Olivine that day. The fisherman turns out to be the one running the plane and they take off for Olivine. Several problems arise along the course of the trip including Team Rocket, Jigglypuff, and broken plane parts.
5x15 Nerves of Steelix! aired: Thursday Nov 15, 2001
Ash finally battles Jasmine in Olivine City to get his next badge.
5x16 Bulbasaur... the Ambassador! aired: Thursday Nov 22, 2001
Professor Oak and Tracey have a problem. The Pokémon in Professor Oak's garden are acting very agressive. Seeing the extremity in this case they call Ash for his Bulbasaur because Bulbasaur took care of and understood wild Pokémon in the past.
5x17 Espeon, Not Included aired: Thursday Nov 29, 2001
Ash, Misty, and Brock head back to Ecruteak City where they meet up with Sakura.
5x18 For Ho-Oh The Bells Toll! aired: Thursday Dec 6, 2001
When Ash, Misty, and Brock run to investigate a mysterious chorus of bells that spontaneously ring out, they chance to meet their old friend Morty and a Pokémon researcher of his acquaintance. Morty and the researcher discover that the sacred Crystal bells, which are said to ring when a legendary Ho-oh returns, are missing. Since the bells were also used to heal the Bug Pokémon living in that area, these Pokémon lash out against their human neighbors, covering the town with their webs. Ash and friends decide to get to the heart of things and, in the forest, find Team Rocket restrained by webs and hanging from a tree. Ash, Misty, Brock, Morty, and the researcher begin to battle with the Bug Pokémon.
5x19 Extreme Pokémon! aired: Thursday Dec 13, 2001
In a racing competition called Extreme Pokémon in which you are pulled by your Pokémon, Ash and Gary face off once again. The prize is a Pokémon egg. With Bayleef racing with Ash and Arcanine with Gary, who will win?
5x20 An EGG-sighting Adventure! aired: Thursday Dec 20, 2001
Ash must save his newly won egg from Team Rocket before it hatches.
5x21 Hatching a Plan aired: Thursday Dec 27, 2001
Ash's egg hatches into a baby Phanpy. Team Rocket tries to get it on their side by decepting it, but when they trap it with Pikachu, Pikachu explains that Ash is a good trainer and friend.
5x22 Dues and Don'ts aired: Thursday Jan 10, 2002
Upon realizing that Ash and friends have many more Pokémon than they do, Team Rocket goes on a search for a new Pokémon. They find a Delibird in a cage, free it and capture it. A lady comes out and says that if they athey can prove re members of Team Rocket, they can keep the Delibird. They search through Team Rocket records to find they names aren't listed. Will Jessie and James finally get a new Pokémon?
5x23 Just Waiting On a Friend aired: Thursday Jan 17, 2002
As they journey towards Mahogany Town, Ash and friends stop in a house for the night. When they arrive, they discover that there's a girl named Lakoko who owns it and a Ninetales. Brock instantly falls in love with her. Strangely, she likes him too. Brock says that he wants to marry her and she agrees that she wants to marry him. He is about to hug her but actually goes through her. Ash and Misty get scared and as they get suspicious, a fog appears and Ninetales Fire Blasts them out of the house. Meanwhile, Team Rocket tries to sneak into the house but they run into some booby traps. Ash and Misty sneak in and find that there's an old picture of Brock in the house. There's also a diary written by Lakoko that is over 200 years old...
5x24 A Tyrogue Full of Trouble aired: Thursday Jan 24, 2002
Ash and friends chance into a Tyrogue, nearly falling victim to a ploy it lays out in an attempt to make off with all of their Pokémon food. Just as they tie things up with the Tyrogue, they learn that it is in fact not wild, but owned by a devoted student of Chuck, the Cianwood Gym leader. This student, who prides himself for his martial arts ability, explains that he is now taking his Tyrogue to an exhaustive tournament in which Fighting type Pokémon vie for the title. Meanwhile, though, he is having a terrible time disciplining his mischievous Pokémon. As if to accent this complaint, an angry local arrives, exclaiming that Tyrogue has wrought havoc in town for the last time.
5x25 Xatu the Future aired: Thursday Jan 31, 2002
Ash and friends stumble onto a community which relies on the predictions of Xatus. Ultimately the people learn not to rely on the pokemon tha much and the caretaker of the Xatus becomes a weather girl.
5x26 Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution aired: Thursday Feb 7, 2002
Heading for Mahogany Town, Pikachu, Togepi and several wild Pokémon seem a little sick. Ash and friends go to the Lake of Rage to find a red Gyarados. Team Rocket comes to battle but they're beaten with the help of Lance of the Elite Four. Defeated, Team Rocket goes to a Rocket HQ where they meet there Team Rocket members named Shiranui and Tatusumi who are going to try and capture the Red Gyarados. They and other Team Rocket members, not including Jessie, James and Meowth, go on a search for the Gyarados. Lance disguises himself as a Team Rocket member and they capture the Gyarados while Ash and friends watch helplessly. The Gyarados is taken on a truck and Lance is still with them in disguise...
5x27 Rage of Innocence aired: Thursday Feb 14, 2002
Since Ash, Misty and Brock are all trapped, Jesse and James decide to take an advantage of the moment to catch Pikachu. They press the wrong button and it frees Ash and the others! Then Lance comes with Dragonite to help Ash. With Dragonite, they destroy Team Rocket's evolution inducement ray, and go off to save the red Gyarados. Since the ray was destroyed, the Gyarados becomes stronger and breaks free with Team Rocket. But now, it's angry and rampages towards Mahogany Town! Lance had called Officer Jenny to come and arrest Tyson and the Rocket Grunts. Ash and friends go to help the Gyarados, while Lance fights Tyson's two Fearows with Dragonite. After winning, Lance goes to help Ash calm down the Gyarados. He eventually captures it. Tyson and the Rocket Grunts are arrested, Lance flies off, and Ash is now in Mahogany Town ready to challenge the gym leader!
5x28 As Cold as Pryce aired: Thursday Feb 21, 2002
With the business of the Red Gyarados over, Ash decides to challenge the Gym Leader Pryce but he isn't in town. They find him meditating under a waterfall. Ash battles him with Phanpy and quickly loses. Afterwards, Pryce tells the gang that his most prized Pokémon Piloswine disappeared a long time ago and he needs help finding it. The groupd agrees to help and they set out immediately. Jessie and James are nearby and they decide to steal it. Can Ash and the others find it before Jessie and James do?
5x29 Nice Pryce, Baby! aired: Thursday Feb 28, 2002
Having earned Pryce's respect and permission to face the trainer in a gym battle, Ash makes the unlikely choice of sending out Cyndaquil, a Fire Pokémon, to face his opponent on an Ice battlefield. Fortunately, Ash's strategy pans out as he leads the gym leader to lower his defenses, allowing Ash to take the first victory in a two-on-two match. Next the gym leader sends out his trusty Piloswine, which immediately unleashes a Blizzard attack that completely alters the battlefield, allowing it to make quick work of Ash's defending Pokémon. With one victory each, the round enters sudden death with each trainer playing his oldest, most reliable Pokémon. A seasoned duo, Ash and Pikachu may match the teamwork of the gym leader and his Piloswine
5x30 Whichever Way the Wind Blows aired: Thursday Mar 7, 2002
Our friends find themselves in a meadow with lots off Gloom, Vileplume, Bellossom and Oddish. Steve there new friend tells Ash and Friends that he came to this area so he could do studies on all the Grass-type Pokemon. He also added when the wind blows, the Gloom may evolve into Bellossom (NE winds) or Vileplume (NW winds). Vileplume and Bellossom fight over territory since the very old and large tree covers so much of the land; they both need the sun shine, so over the day they fight for the area not covered in shade. Jesse, and James both get Stun Spored by the Vileplume and Bellossom, So Meowth goes to a convenient store and buys Salvea Weed. A major storm comes in and makes very large amounts of Gloom evolve all at once, but since the wind was coming from the NE and NW, they both were even in numbers in the end. The war broke out and Ash, Misty, Brock, and Steven all knew they had to fight to finally see that fighting does not solve anything. Jesse and James try with help from there Pokemon to catch the Grass Pokemon. All the Pokemon know now that they should all just live together as friends, so they all took on Team Rocket and made them blast off again! Ash, Misty, and Brook say good bye to there new friend Steve since this new problem has been solved.
5x31 Some Like It Hot! aired: Thursday Mar 14, 2002
Ash, Misty, and Brock encounter a gigantic Magcargo that refuse to step aside and let a traveller pass. When Misty's Water tactics fail to move the stubborn Fire Pokémon, a passing trainer taunts her, declaring that Fire Pokémon, his specialty, are far superior to Water. Their rivalry escalates into a full-on Pokémon battle.
5x32 Hocus Pokémon aired: Thursday Mar 21, 2002
Ash, Brock, and Misty meet up with a witch named Lily. She is seeking ingredients to conduct a spell to make humans more friendly with Pokemon. The one last ingredient she needs is tears of an Aipom, and the group fights Team Rocket to get an Aipom. Lily then conducts the spell, turning Ash into a Pikachu!
5x33 As Clear as Crystal aired: Thursday Mar 28, 2002
When Pikachu is left exhausted in battle, the gang meets a trainer who guides them to a secret, yet legendary lake that somehow serves to restore energy to the Electric Pokémon that live along its banks.
5x34 Same Old Song and Dance aired: Thursday Apr 11, 2002
In the midst of their travels, Ash and friends meet up with a young girl who, along with her two Igglybuff assistants, stars in her own musical variety television program. Our heroes are content to sit back and enjoy the show, but unfortunately Team Rocket has other plans in mind.
5x35 Enlighten Up! aired: Thursday Apr 18, 2002
Ash, Misty and Brock stop by a lake where they meet with Team Rocket. As they're about to battle each other, a Slowpoke with a flag comes and sits on a rock fishing. This lady comes and says the Slowpoke is looking for "enlightment". She offers everyone to take to Slowpoke Temple to learn this. There's a giant gold statue of a Slowpoke. They go through tests, such as having to concentrate so hard they won't move or else they'll be hit by sticks(!). The next is cleaning the temple, which Ash and Team Rocket compete in. Jesse and James go off to steal the statue, and Meowth distracts Ash by fishing with him. The same Slowpoke is fishing much better than Ash and friends, because the pokemon know they won't be captured. The gold statue is stolen by Jesse and James, but Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro and defeats them. Ash and friends head off, while Team Rocket stay at the temple, this time to truthfully learn enlightment.
5x36 Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up? aired: Thursday Apr 25, 2002
Ash, Brock, and Misty, on their adventure to the way to the Johto League, they stop to rest in a small town, and learn that Prof. Oak and Mary are doing an outdoor show in Maroon Town, a nearby town. They go there, and as usual, Team Rocket pop up and they impersonate Prof. Oak and Mary. A standoff to prove the real Prof. Oak is held, and the real Oak was, fortunately, picked, and Team Rocket get foiled.
5x37 Wish Upon a Star Shape aired: Thursday May 2, 2002
The gang is relaxing in a field when a Cleffa lands on Phanpy, the gang then witness a flying saucer which crashes into a mountain. The Pokemon Myserty Club (PMC, Ken and Mary) appear to get the Cleffa and interrupt Team Rocket's plan to capture the Cleffa as well. While both Pokemon escape into the forest, PMC, Rocket and Ash all search for them. Ash, Misty and Brock stumble upon the Clefairy rocket ship which needs to be repaired. As PMC and Rocket fight using their machines, the Clefairy steal their machine parts for repair. As the ship leaves, Cleffa evolves into Clefairy and leaves a sad Phanpy behind. Meanwhile, PMC examine crop circles being created by Snorlax.
5x38 Outrageous Fortunes aired: Thursday May 9, 2002
On meeting up with a proud Pokémon trainer who dares all comers to face his Poliwrath, Misty and Ash quickly rise to the challenge. Misty, in particular, encourages her Poliwhirl to watch closely as it may someday evolve into a Poliwrath. As is often the case, the battle isn't long over before this challenger and Ash and Misty have become fast friends. Meanwhile, Team Rocket, having furtively observed this battle and been convinced that the Poliwrath is a match even for Pikachu, decide to first capture it and then use it to capture Pikachu. Unfortunately, this logic does not hold as they find capturing a Pokemon stronger than Pikachu even more difficult than simply capturing Pikachu. A surprise is in store for Misty, as her Poliwhirl evolves not into a Poliwrath, but into another Pokemon altogether.
5x39 One Trick Phony! aired: Thursday May 16, 2002
After defeating a girl who has a Smoochum, Ash is determined to beat Clair, as he is getting close to Blackthorn City. Seeing that Ash just can't get enough battling, the trainer suggests as she leaves that he give a local Pokémon battle park a try.
5x40 I Politoed Ya So! aired: Thursday May 23, 2002
When Ash, Misty, and Brock pause for a picnic by a lake, Politoed wanders off and is mistaken by another trainer for her own Politoed.
5x41 The Ice Cave! aired: Thursday May 30, 2002
As they continue on their journey, Ash and co go through the Ice Cave, a shortcut to Blackthorn City. But when they slip, they fall into a hole. Why is there a hole? Team Rocket, of course.
5x42 Beauty is Skin Deep aired: Thursday Jun 6, 2002
Finally reaching the outskirts of Blackthorn City, Ash pushes to quickly seek out the gym where he hopes to earn his final Johto badge. Before he has the opportunity, he chances into a Dratini and learns that its eager trainer, Clair, is in fact the Blackthorn Gym leader.
5x43 Fangs for Nothin' aired: Thursday Jun 13, 2002
Team Rocket steals the Dragon Fang as Ash begins his battle for the final Johto badge with Clair. Then TR gets Dragonite on their side to help them escape.
5x44 Great Bowls of Fire! aired: Thursday Jun 20, 2002
Ash's Charizard flys in and lands on Ash. Liza also lands in on Charla who is in love with Charizard. Rocket find a bowl in a Dragon Shrine which upsets Dragonite and causes a fire in a field. So Ash, Liza and Clair set to put out the fire to save wild Pokemon.After the fire is put out, TR is greatful that they were saved from the fire. Dragonite is under an attack rage and starts attacking Clair, Ash and the gang. This leads to a battle between Dragonair and Charizard versus Dragonite which ends his attack rage.
5x45 Better Eight Than Never aired: Thursday Jun 27, 2002
Ash's battle with Claire begins right away and Ash uses Snorlax, Pikachu and Charizard. Meanwhile, Team Rocket dig underground to get back the Dragon Fang but end up meeting Charla. Ash wins his 8th gym badge and is allowed to enter the Johto League as Leeza, Charla and Ash's Charizard fly off.
5x46 Why? Wynaut! aired: Thursday Jul 4, 2002
Ash plans to go to Newbarktown to register for the Johto Silver Conference now that he has all 8 badges even though the Silver Conference is in 3 months. Team Rocket has plans of their own, they decide to steal Ash's badges for money or to enter the Conference themselves. They are successful in stealing his badges and run away with them. Meanwhile, Wobbuffet meets a Wynaut in the woods who steals the badges from Team Rocket. When Ash realizes his loss of badges he goes through the list of the gym leaders he fought to get them.Team Rocket think a Wooper stole the badges, so they try to find one. While Ash tries on his own to try to find the badges. Noctowl and Bayleef find Wynaut and the badges and some berries he has in a box. But when Team Rocket find Bayleef with the badges, they attack Bayleaf and escape with the badges. Claire comes in with Dragonair to chase the Rocket balloon. When Ash gets his badges back he realizes he's missing his Rising badge, Wynaut appears holding the badge. He hands it to Bayleef and escapes without Ash seeing him.Now that Ash has all 8 badges, Claire tells Ash the directions to Newbarktown to register for the Johto League Silver Conference.
5x47 Just Add Water aired: Thursday Jul 11, 2002
On the road back to New Bark Town, Ash and friends stop for a rest near the ocean. There they spot a sign advertising a synchronized Pokémon swimming event. Close behind is Team Rocket, who quickly hatch a plan to steal all of the Pokémon from the swimming show.
5x48 Lapras of Luxury aired: Thursday Jul 18, 2002
Ash and friends return to New Bark Town, but before Ash is able to register for the Johto League Championship, Professor Elm sends him on an errand to retrieve a Pokémon egg from a nearby marine Pokémon laboratory. At the laboratory, Ash and friends meet up with a young researcher who uses the supersonic waves from a Lanturn to detect the singing voices of traveling Lapras.
5x49 Hatch Me if You Can aired: Thursday Jul 25, 2002
Ash receives an egg from Prof. Elm, and as the egg hatches into a Larvitar, Ash must help the shy pokemon find its parents. Unfortunately, Team Rocket has their eye on this rare pokemon.
5x50 Entei at Your Own Risk aired: Thursday Aug 1, 2002
On their way to Mount Silver, the gang come across a hot spring and meet Nelson who is looking for an Entei. Ash, Misty and Brock decide to release their Pokemon for them to enjoy the hot springs and hot sand. Team Rocket appear pretending to be researchers in order to steal Larvitar. After escaping from Rocket's truck, Nelson and his Misdreavous meet Ash again.Nelson wants to battle Ash, so Ash sends out Phanpy first. While battling, TR steal Misdreavous after they find out how powerful she is. Rocket then steal all the wild Pokemon in the hot spring as well as Brock's Pinco. When Brock chases after it, Pineco evolves into Forretress. After Rocket over-powers their machine, it causes the hot spring to get out of control. But then, Entei's flamethrower saves the spring and blasts TR away. Nelson then tries to catch Entei, but it uses roar to escape.
5x51 A Crowning Achievement aired: Thursday Aug 8, 2002
Brock leads Ash and Misty toward a beautiful lake he has read about in his guidebook, but when they arrive at its supposed location, they find nothing but a dried-up stream, surrounded by a number of thirsty Slowpoke. Ash and friends spot a Sumo Crown, but are stopped from approaching it by a young girl and her Slowpoke. The girl explains that she and her Slowpoke are researching legends surrounding the Slowpoke and a supposed Slowking.
5x52 Here's Lookin' At You, Elekid aired: Thursday Aug 15, 2002
While the gang looks for Larvitar's mother, they run into Casey, to see that her Bayleef has evolved into Meganium. It seems that Casey is after a wild Elekid who is a very good tricker. The group decides to help her find it. Meanwhile, James trades his Victreebell for a Weppinbell and it evolves.
5x53 You're a Star, Larvitar! aired: Thursday Aug 22, 2002
Ash and friends reach the base of Mount Silver, where they hope to return their Larvitar to its birthplace. On their way, Ash faces a young trainer in Pokémon battle, pitting his Cyndaquil against the trainer's Magby. After the battle, Ash has thoughts about trying to make his Cyndaquil evovle. Following behind, Jessie and James note the trainers and their rare and valuable Pokémon preparing to battle in the Johto Championship. Setting aside their usual plans for capturing Pikachu-they capture Larvitar and many other Pokémon.
5x54 Address Unown! aired: Thursday Aug 29, 2002
Having finally reached amount Silver, Ash and friends stop momentarily when they discover a lost Unown on their path. Spotting these two rare Pok�n together, Team Rocket decides to kidnap both of them. When this Unown is attacked, however, a defensive instinct leads it to teleport itself into another dimension. Unfortunately, Ash and friends are also caught up in this interdimensional escape.
5x55 Mother of All Battles aired: Thursday Sep 5, 2002
After many days of travel, Ash and friends finally reach the area where their Larvitar was born. They soon encounter a Tyranitar that they recognize from Larvitar's visions to be its mother. Unfortunately, this Tyranitar mistakes them for the poachers that had stolen her child. Our heroes struggle to convince the mother Tyranitar of their good intentions, but to no avail. Things only get worse when the actual poachers arrive, intent on capturing not only the child, but its mother as well.
5x56 Pop Goes the Sneasel aired: Thursday Sep 12, 2002
Ash and friends offer to help the Silver Conference Officials retrieve the Ho-Oh Flame from atop a mountain shrine. However, a Sneasel and its buddies Machop and Machoke are guarding the shrine. They also meet another trainer, from the Hoenn Region, named Harrison. Harrison vowes to catch the Sneasel. Will he succeed and will they get the Flame?
5x57 A Claim to Flame! aired: Thursday Sep 19, 2002
Gary and Ash meet up again.
5x58 Love, Pokémon Style aired: Thursday Sep 26, 2002
Ash's Squirtle makes an appearance.
5x59 Tie One On! aired: Thursday Oct 3, 2002
Ash calls on Bulbasaur for his next battle against a trainer named Jackson, who is well known for having a powerful Meganium and a Shiny Magneton.
5x60 The Ties that Bind aired: Thursday Oct 10, 2002
Ash is about to take on his long time rival, Gary Oak, in the next battle of the Johto League Silver Conference, and he's determined to do everything he can to win. He stays up all night researching strategies and trying to learn more about Gary's Pokémon. Gary has a lot of strong Pokémon, and he trains many different types, so Ash has to pick his team carefully. Gary starts out with Nidoqueen, and Ash uses Tauros. Gary wins the first round, but Ash takes the second. It's going to be a very close match! In round three, it's Ash's Heracross versus Gary's Blastoise.
5x61 Can't Beat the Heat! aired: Thursday Oct 17, 2002
Our hero is in the middle of the first match of the championship tournament at the Johto League Silver Conference. His opponent is his long time rival – Gary Oak. Each trainer is down one Pokémon, with five to go. Gary's Blastoise is very strong and knocks out Ash's Heracross. Ash isn't surprised – that Blastoise was the Squirtle that Gary got when he first started out as a trainer! Gary recalls Blastoise and the battle continues. Finally, each trainer is down to their last Pokémon. Gary has saved Blastoise till the end – and Ash calls out Charizard! Blastoise has the advantage because it's a Water Type, but Ash is very clever. He uses Charizard's Flame Thrower attack to scorch the battle field, trapping Blastoise. Blastoise uses Hydro Pump to cool off the field, but it backfires. The field becomes all steamy and no one can see. Charizard finishes off the battle with a Seismic Toss. Ash is thrilled to have finally defeated his rival – but his next opponent will be Harrison from Hoenn.
5x62 Playing With Fire! aired: Thursday Oct 24, 2002
Ash is battling Harrison from Hoenn at the Johto League Silver Conference. Pikachu is very excited to be battling. It's a close match the whole way through, but one by one Harrison knocks out Totodile, Snorlax, and Noctowl. Ash cleverly guides Bayleef through a rough battle with Harrison's Houndoom. Houndoom is a fire type Pokémon so it has the advantage, but Ash had Bayleef use its Vine Whip attack to close Houndoom's mouth. In the end, Bayleef is able to knock out Houndoom! But Bayleef is no match for Harrison's last Pokémon. Harrison's sixth Pokémon is one that Ash has never seen before – Blaziken. It's a fire type Pokémon and it's at a really high level. Ash has saved Charizard for last.
5x63 Johto Photo Finish aired: Thursday Oct 31, 2002
Our hero is at the end of a tough battle with Harrison at the Johto League Silver Conference. The winner of this battle will go on to the semi-finals. Each trainer has battled hard and is down to their last Pokémon. Ash is using Charizard. Harrison is also using a high level fire type called Blaziken. Charizard flies up with Blaziken and is in position for a powerful Seismic Toss. After the impact, however, both Pokémon are standing! As Charizard tossed Blaziken down, Blaziken had directed a Flame Thrower attack towards the ground to propel it back up, softening the blow of the impact! Both Pokémon battle well, and it seems like neither will give in, but, in the end, Charizard faints. Harrison continues on into the semi-finals, but is defeated in the next round. After his battle, he tells Ash all about Hoenn and the amazing Pokémon there. As the Silver Conference comes to a close and the gang prepares to leave for Vermillion City, Gary makes a surprising announcement – he's giving up battling. He's decided to become a Pokémon Researcher.
5x64 Gotta Catch Ya Later! aired: Thursday Nov 7, 2002
With the Johto League Silver Conference behind them, Ash, Brock and Misty head back to Viridian City to relax. Their vacation is cut short when Misty receives an urgent call beckoning her back to Cerulean City to run the gym while her sisters cruise the world. Brock, too, realizes that has things he has to do. After a teary goodbye, Ash returns home to Pallet Town – but soon grows restless for adventure. When his former rival Gary takes off on a new journey, leaving behind all of his Pokémon except Blastoise, Ash starts thinking about his next journey.
5x65 Hoenn Alone! aired: Thursday Nov 14, 2002
Ash has left all of his Pokémon behind in Pallet Town – except Pikachu – and boarded a ship bound for Littleroot Town in Hoenn. Unfortunately, Team Rocket is on board as well, and they're cooking up a scheme to catch Pikachu once and for all. They nab Pikachu and hop off the boat just as it pulls into a port. Their plan quickly goes awry, and Meowth and Pikachu end up in a bad neighborhood. While Meowth and Pikachu team up to chase off a gang of territorial Haunter, Ash teams up with Officer Jenny to rescue Pikachu before the boat leaves.

Season 6 Episode List

6x1 Get the Show on the Road! aired: Saturday Nov 1, 2003
In the land of Hoenn, a girl named May travels to Prof. Birch's lab. She is attacked by a wild ghost pokemon called Duskull. Scared, but unharmed, she travels on her bike to the lab in Littleroot Town.Ash also travels to Littleroot town and signs up for the Hoenn League. Ash arrives in town to discover that Littleroot doesn't have a pokemon center! Ash rushes to the Profesor's lab and talks to one of the assistants. The assistant alerts Prof. Birch and the he assists him.Meanwhile, May arrives at the lab to find that the Prof. isn't there. The assistants tell her that he drove into the woods and she rides after them.In the woods, the prof. tumbles down a cliff and lands on a Pochyena. He is suddenly surrounded by a group of the pokemon and he looks like he is in trouble. Suddenly, May arrives and the prof. tells her to take one of the pokemon out of his bag and use it to battle the Pochyena. She ends up throwing Mudkip. Birch tells Mudkip to do a water gun attack.As May and Prof.Birch find Ash. As the group is about to leave, Team Rocket arrive on the scene in a giant robot. They reintroduce themselves to Ash and let May and the prof. know who they are. Jessie still doesn't care about this mission and James and Meowth do the dirty work as they launch an arm that begins draining Pikachu's energy. However, it accidentely HEALS Pikachu and he uses a super-powered Thunderbolt.Back at the lab, May picks the fire pokemon, Torchic. Prof. Birch gives her a pokedex and she qiuetly says how she really doesn't like Pokemon. May's damaged bike due to Pikachu's thunderbolt makes her angry but she decides to ask Ash if she can go with him on his journey. He says OK and they head over to Oladale town as Ash's journey in Hoenn begins.
6x2 A Ruin with a View aired: Saturday Nov 8, 2003
Ash is ready to head to Oldale Town to sign up for the Hoenn League. May has offered to show Ash the way in exchange for his company to Oldale Town - which is only fair, seeing as Pikachu destroyed May's bike when it was sick! In Oldale Town, May visits her first Pokémon Center and is amazed with all of its services, and by the ancient ruins next door. Things quickly turn sour when Team Magma, a mysterious band of criminals, shut down the electricity at the Pokémon Center and kidnap Professor Alden in order to invade the ruins. With no electricity, all of the Pokémon are in danger - including May's Torchic. It's up to Ash and May to save the day - and in doing so they uncover mysterious ancient Pokémon.
6x3 There's No Place Like Hoenn aired: Saturday Nov 15, 2003
Ash and May have made it all the way to Petalburg City – the first city with a gym. Ash is very excited to take on the gym leader. May seems a little uneasy – perhaps it's because she hasn't yet told Ash that her father, Norman, is the gym leader in Petalburg! When Ash first gets to the gym, he meets May's little brother, Max, who is pretending to be the gym leader. Max knows a lot about Pokémon and can't wait until he's old enough to become a trainer. Once Ash finally meets Norman, he learns that he will need three Pokémon in order to battle at the gym. He only has Pikachu with him. When Norman agrees to an unofficial battle, Ash encounters his first Vigoroth. Ash realizes that he will have to train hard in order to win a badge in Petalburg City. After a quick scuffle with Team Rocket, Ash and May are ready to hit the road again. Max has decided to tag along, too!
6x4 You Never Can Taillow aired: Saturday Nov 22, 2003
Ash, May, and Max are strolling through the Petalburg forest on hopes of seeing new pokemon and adventures. May suggest that they should stop for a quick lunch break but Max on the otherhand think that they should continue to find pokemon in the forest. May and Max begin to pull Ash back and forth to see what he should do: eat lunch, or find new pokemon, Ash on the otherhand get extremely annoyed and decides that they can take a qiuck lunch break and later find pokemon. Ash, Max, May, and Pikachu start to have a lunch but soon find out that none of them have food on them to eat, and all of pikachu's pokemon food container was empty leaving them at a starving situation. Ash then tells May and Max about is friend Brock and how he always cooks meals for him and Misty and how he helps him out during their travels together. While in the forest a flock of vicious Taillow begin to attack Ash and his friends but when all hope is lost an old friend come to the rescue
6x5 In the Knicker of Time! aired: Saturday Nov 22, 2003
Brock is ready to travel again and has joined up with Ash, May and Max as the journey on towards Rustboro City. In the forest they encounter a giant Zigzagoon, which they soon realize is actually a trainer in a Zigzagoon suit. Nicolai the Knickerbocker is a trainer that believes in becoming one with Pokémon in order to understand them. While battling, he wears a costume of whichever Pokémon he is using. When not dressed as a Pokémon, he wears knickers in order to be closer to nature. Nicolai is very excited to learn that May is the daughter of the Petalburg Gym leader. He challenges her to a battle and quickly defeats her. Nicolai taunts her for losing, saying that he doesn't think her father will be difficult to beat since she is such an inexperienced trainer. Brock, Ash and May shrug off the defeat and continue on their way, but Max is furious. Without telling anyone, he goes off in search of Nicholai to defend his father's honor.
6x6 A Poached Ego! aired: Saturday Nov 29, 2003
Our heroes are headed for Rustboro City, where Ash hopes to have his first real gym battle in Hoenn. Team Rocket is making their way along the same path when they stumble upon a cage full of Ekans. Jessie is delighted that their work has been done for them and orders Arbok to attack. Arbok can't manage to attack the helpless Ekans, however, because it remembers when it used to be an Ekans. Jessie is sympathetic. James soon makes a similar concession when they find a cage of Koffing that Wheezing will not hurt. The cages belong to a poacher named Rico who uses his Fearrow and Pupitar to chase off Team Rocket. Team Rocket returns to the scene, now hoping to free the Ekans and Koffing. Things turn dangerous when Rico's Pupitar evolves into a Tyrannitar, and Team Rocket is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice for the Pokémon that they love.
6x7 Tree's a Crowd aired: Saturday Nov 29, 2003
Deep in the woods, Ash spies a Treecko. He's wanted to catch a Treecko since he first saw one at Professor Birch's laboratory. He follows the Treecko to an enormous tree that seems to be dying. There, Ash's Treecko has an argument with all of the other Treecko. It seems that Ash's Treecko is very attached to the tree and wants to stay with it, while the rest of the clan wants to move on to a new tree. Ash watches as the lone Treecko struggles to save the tree. He and Pikachu feel badly for the Treecko and try to help. In the end, however, the tree dies and falls. Now that its home is gone, Treecko is ready to make a new home with Ash. He and Pikachu battle, and Ash catches his Treecko!
6x8 A Tail with a Twist aired: Saturday Dec 6, 2003
Ash's newly caught Treecko may be a bit standoff-ish, but the little green Pokémon is quite a fighter. When Team Rocket sees Treecko knocked down and hurt by a Seviper, they decide that they must have that Seviper. Jessie is very impressed with its "sneaky, snakey ways." Meanwhile, Treecko escapes from the Pokémon Center where Ash brought it to recover. When the gang finds Treecko, it is practicing its attack moves. Again and again, Treecko jumps from the top of a waterfall and tries to break a rock at the bottom with its tail. Ash is very impressed with the rigor of its training. All of Treecko's hard work appears to have paid off - when Team Rocket attacks and catches Pikachu with the help of their new Seviper, Treecko is able to save the day.
6x9 Taming of the Shroomish aired: Saturday Dec 6, 2003
Ash, May, Brock and Max have arrived at a small city on their way to Rustboro City. Brock decides to stock up on supplies, while Max is eager to go hunting for city dwelling Pokémon. Max soon stumbles upon a very frightened Shroomish who is hiding in an alleyway. Ash, Max, Pikachu and their new Shroomish friend head off to find a Pokémon Center. On their way they pass by a deserted mansion that is being torn down. There, the gang learns that not long ago most of the city was forest and that many, many Shroomish lived in the area. They also learn that strange things are going on at the mansion, and many people believe that it's haunted. A little investigation reveals that the mansion is actually inhabited by all of the Shroomish who used to live in the forest. When the forest was destroyed, they had nowhere else to go. All of the strange noises and smells that the construction workers were hearing were actually the Shroomish! The grandson of the owner decides to tear down the mansion as planned, but to convert all of that land into a forest for the Shroomish.
6x10 You Said a Mouthful! aired: Saturday Dec 13, 2003
En route to Rustboro City, Ash and the gang pass by an unofficial gym boasting the world's most powerful Pokémon. Even though he can't win a badge there, Ash is intrigued and decides to battle the trainer named Anthony and this mysterious Pokémon. The world's most powerful Pokémon turns out to be a Pelipper. Pelipper attacks Ash's Treecko with a Vine Whip. It then attacks Taillow with Flame Thrower. Finally, it attacks Pikachu with a Thunder Attack. Ash and crew are amazed – Pelipper should only have Water and Flying type attacks, but somehow it knows Grass, Fire and Electric type attacks! That's not physically possible! Team Rocket decides that they must have this awesome Pokémon, so they, too, challenge Anthony. This time, however, Anthony panics and the truth comes out. Pelipper has been hiding Poké Balls inside its large beak. Rather than being disappointed, Team Rocket decides that this is an excellent opportunity. They blackmail Anthony and use his Pelipper for a new challenge. This time, trainers will lose their Pokémon if they lose to Pelipper. Team Rocket's latest hoax is very successful at first, and they con many trainers out of their Pokémon, but they soon get carried away. They fill Pelipper's beak up with so many Poké Balls that when Pelipper does a Water Gun attack, all of the Poké Balls spill out!!!
6x11 A Bite to Remember aired: Saturday Dec 13, 2003
As our heroes travel on towards Rustboro City, they stumble into a forest filled with many different kinds of Pokémon. It turns out that the area is actually a Pokémon preserve, and it's looked after by a girl named Katrina. Katrina takes care of all of the Pokémon in the area and helps to nurse them back to health when they are sick. Max takes a particular liking to her Poochyena and he's determined to see it evolve before they leave the preserve. All of the Poochyena's companions who were born at the same time have already evolved, but this one Poochyena just doesn't seem ready. Max decides to coach the Pokémon and leads it out into the forest. Team Rocket has followed Max and they decide to play a trick on him to take the Poochyena. They claim to be researchers working on an evolution machine. Max is too smart too be fooled, but that doesn't stop Team Rocket from taking Poochyena. Luckily, Katrina and Ash show up just in time. This time Poochyena gets in on the action, too. That last battle turns out to be just what this little Poochyena needs – it evolves right before Max's eyes!
6x12 The Lotad Lowdown aired: Saturday Dec 20, 2003
Ash, Pikachu, Brock, May and Max decide to cool off in a picturesque lake en route to Rustboro City. But they're not the only one's splashing around! The lake is actually home to a whole flock of Lotad. The Lotad seem to be having fun with their new friends, but a little girl named Natalie thinks that Ash and crew are out of line. She brings them back to the flower shop which her two older sisters run. There, Ash and the gang learn all about berries and the effects that different berries have on Pokémon. Brock promptly falls in love with the two older sisters, making little Natalie very jealous. In fact, Natalie isn't the only one smitten with Brock – a quirky little Lotad seems to have taken a liking to him as well. Natalie decides to win Brock's affection by finding a Sitrus Berry and she wanders off into the woods. She finds one, but a Beedrill wants it, too! Luckily, Brock arrives in time to save her from the Beedrill. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has decided to catch all the Lotad in the lake and it's up to Brock's quirky Lotad friend and Pikachu to save the day.
6x13 All Things Bright and Beautifly! aired: Saturday Dec 27, 2003
Rustboro City is on the horizon, but they're not there yet. Ash, Brock, Max and May have just arrived at a Contest Hall. Janet and Chaz, two experienced Pokémon Coordinators, teach the gang all about Contests. Pokémon Contests are different from battles in that it's not the strength of the attack that matters, but the beauty of its execution. Winners get ribbons instead of badges. The gang decides that they want to try entering today's contest, but they're too late. All is not lost, however, because Chaz offers to teach Pikachu the Iron Tail attack. And Janet lets May assist her with during the contest. During the contest, Chaz and Janet both perform really well and make it to the final round. In the end, Janet's Beautifly steals the show! May is really impressed and she's determined to one day enter a contest herself.
6x14 All in a Day's Wurmple aired: Saturday Jan 3, 2004
As the gang continues to make their way towards Rustboro City, May spots a Wurmple that she's dying to catch – but she's not the only one with her eye on the cute little bug Pokémon. Jessie wants it, too. May ventures off on her own to catch her Wurmple, but Team Rocket follows and gives her trouble. Luckily, she gets some help from a trainer named Franklin. Meanwhile, Ash and Pikachu are practicing Pikachu's Iron Tail attack. A trainer named Franklin sees them practicing and challenges them to a battle. Franklin teaches Ash about double battles, which are common in the Hoenn region. With help from her new friend Franklin, May catches the Wurmple she wanted. When she and Franklin go to meet up with the gang, everyone is really surprised. The Franklins are actually identical twins – Forrest and Forrester Franklin! All is not lost for Team Rocket, however. Jessie manages to snag a Wurmple of her own before Team Rocket blasts off at the end of the episode.
6x15 Gonna Rule the School! aired: Saturday Jan 10, 2004
Rustboro City at last! Now that Ash and friends have arrived in Rustboro City, they're taking a moment to sightsee. They bump into a schoolteacher, Roxanne, and her class on a class trip. The kids are about Max's age and one of them, Kenny, is afraid of Pokémon. Roxanne invites the gang back to see the Pokémon Trainer's School. Ash is anxious to get to his gym battle, but Roxanne persuades him to wait. As it turns out, Ash would have had to wait anyway. Roxanne is the gym leader, too! The Pokémon Trainer's School is pretty big and has all kinds of different classes. May is especially interested in a class on Pokémon Contests. Max decides to attend the beginners' class that Kenny is in. He's in the middle of battling the class show-off, Tommy, when the principal comes running in to tell them that the school's Poké Balls have all been stolen. Team Rocket strikes again! Kenny steps in and saves the day by telling Max which attacks will work best, and Tommy cooperates, too. When they work together, the kids are able to defeat Team Rocket and save the Poké Balls. Just to be safe, Roxanne's Geodude sends Team Rocket blasting off again. Now that Ash has seen Roxanne and her Geodude in action, he's really ready for his gym battle!
6x16 The Winner By a Nosepass aired: Saturday Jan 10, 2004
Pikachu is getting pretty good at its Iron Tail attack and that's a good thing. Ash is finally about to take on Roxanne, the leader of the Rustboro City Gym. He's going to need all the help he can get to take down her Geodude. May, on the other hand, isn't really looking forward to the battle. In fact, she announces that she's not going to be a trainer anymore. She wants to become a Pokémon Coordinator and compete in contests instead. When the battle begins, it doesn't look like Ash has much of a chance. Roxanne's Geodude knocks out Treecko pretty quickly. It's all up to Pikachu. Electric attacks aren't going to help much against a strong Rock Type – but Ash is very clever and Pikachu not only brings down Geodude, but it wipes out Nosepass with its newly perfected Iron Tail Attack. Ash defeats Roxanne and receives his Stone Badge.
6x17 Stairway to Devon aired: Saturday Jan 17, 2004
Now that he's received a badge from the Rustboro City Gym, Ash is ready to leave Rustboro and head off to Dewford Island for his next gym battle. May has other ideas. She is thrilled to finally be in a big city and wants to do some shopping. Brock agrees, so they decide to stay. Meanwhile, Max is in a state of panic. He accidentally spilled his drink into May's PokéNav and it looks broken. He gets a tip from a strange old man to take the PokéNav to the Devon Corporation building. The man says that since they manufacture the device, they might be able to fix it. Desperate to avoid May's wrath, Max decides to go for it. Once inside, he learns that the strange old man is actually the president of Devon Corp! Max is really excited by all of the interesting projects the company is working on – but it soon becomes clear that there's in an intruder in the building who is after some of those experiments. Ash and crew arrive just in time to help Officer Jenny catch the intruder, but it's actually Team Rocket who end up saving the day!
6x18 On a Wingull and a Prayer! aired: Saturday Jan 24, 2004
Ash enjoyed meeting the president of Devon Corp. and learning a little about Team Aqua, a dangerous group of evildoers, but now he really wants to get to Dewford Island. Unfortunately, May's map is about 10 years old and they end up in a deserted part of town that used to be the port. From there they can see the new port, but it looks very far away. May goes off to look for someone with a boat and runs into Briney, a retired sailor, and his Wingull, Peeko. Briney offers to take the gang over to Dewford Island, but when she returns with Ash and the gang, Briney seems very angry and says that he has no idea what she's talking about. It's like he doesn't even recognize her. Meanwhile, Officer Jenny swings by and she tells them that Team Aqua is planning to meet up somewhere in the area and to be careful. Brock and May realize quickly that Briney might actually be in trouble – and they're right. A Team Aqua thug – the same one who tried to steal from Devon Corp. - has kidnapped his Peeko and taken his boat. Luckily Briney has another boat that he kept hidden from the thug. They chase after the Team Aqua agent and catch up to him just a few seconds too late. He is able to meet up with a Team Aqua submarine and get away. Luckily, they manage to rescue Peeko and tomorrow they'll head out for Dewford Island.
6x19 Sharpedo Attack! aired: Saturday Jan 31, 2004
As Mr. Briney takes the gang to the closest Island they are attacked by a gang of Sharpedo and are forced to stay on a deserted island. They must convince the Sharpedo that they do not want to harm them and also protect those same pokemon from Team Rocket.
6x20 Brave The Wave aired: Saturday Feb 7, 2004
Ash battles in the Dewford Gym but cannot match Gym Leader Brawley and his fighting spirit.
6x21 Which Wurmple's Which? aired: Saturday Feb 14, 2004
After James tricked Ash and friends to fish in an area so that Team Rocket could commit their usual schemes, the two sides had a battle until May sent out her Wurmple. Jessie sent out her Wurmple to show that it's better and then they had a riduculous argument, which resulted in the battle starting again, in which Meowth bumped into the two Wurmples.May and Jessie both take one and soon after, Pikachu blasted them off again, but then May finds out that the Wurmple she took isn't her Wurmple!
6x22 A Hole Lotta Trouble aired: Saturday Feb 14, 2004
Team Rocket digs another hole, this time in Granite Cave, to capture "The Twerps" but it only succeeds in separating everyone (Including Team Rocket)! How will they get out of the cave?
6x23 Gone Corphishin' aired: Saturday Feb 21, 2004
Ash chases down a mysterious Pokemon that keeps assaulting people on Dewford's beach.
6x24 A Corphish Out of Water aired: Saturday Feb 28, 2004
After Corphish is injured following a Team Rocket encounter, Ash must rush his newest Pokemon to the Dewford Center-which is surrounded by a school of hungry Carvanha.
6x25 A Mudkip Mission aired: Saturday Mar 13, 2004
While in training, Ash and the others stumble upon a lake full of Mudkip under the watchful eye of an old man who is the protector of the Mudkip in the lake.
6x26 Turning Over A Nuzleaf aired: Saturday Mar 27, 2004
While walking through Granite Cave, the gang stumble upon Loudred in the middle of a long sleep. When it is accidentally woken, the gang are forced to run and find themselves separated from Pikachu, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Silcoon, Lotad and Corphish. While the worried trainers search, the Pokemon begin to fight among themselves until they find themselves attacked by a group of Nuzleaf.
6x27 A Three Team Scheme! aired: Saturday Apr 17, 2004
Ash and his friends accidentally stumble upon another Pokemon Trainer's Secret Base. Meanwhile, Team Aqua and Team Magma both attempt to take over the Secret Base and wind up in battle with one another.
6x28 Seeing is Believing! aired: Saturday Apr 24, 2004
May and Jessie both blissfully await the day when they shall receive a Beautifly. However, Jessie is unaware that she will never have one, because her Wurmple became a Cascoon instead of a Silcoon.
6x29 Ready, Willing and Sableye aired: Saturday May 1, 2004
Corphish's bad attitude showing no signs of improving so Ash plans to humble it a bit by putting a good scare into it deep inside an abandoned mine. Little does he know, however, Jessie, James, and Meowth have already infiltrated the mine.
6x30 A Meditite Fight! aired: Saturday May 8, 2004
Ash and friends get caught in a hurricane and must take a treacherous mountain path to reach safety. Also, Ash meets up with an apprentice of Gym Leader Brawley, who is in preparation for the upcoming re-match.
6x31 Just One of The Geysers aired: Saturday May 15, 2004
Ash's long-awaited rematch with Brawly of the Dewford Gym finally arrives. For the location, Brawly selects a secret sparring area he has hidden on a nearby island. Above and beyond this gym leader's ability and powerful Pokemon, the battlefield itself presents many unique challenges, most notably a huge geyser that erupts into the air without warning.
6x32 Abandon Ship! aired: Saturday May 15, 2004
Ash and friends foil a Team Rocket kidnapping scheme on the high seas, but are then left high and dry themselves when Team Rocket's boat breaks down. Drifting with the tide, they eventually come to rest against an abandoned ship. On board, they meet one of the ship's original passengers, who has returned to search for the Marshtomp he was separated from when the ship first ran aground.
6x33 Now That's Flower Power! aired: Saturday May 22, 2004
As May prepares for the upcoming Pokémon Contest, a passing retired Coordinator compliments her on her battling skills. On hearing that she is preparing for her first Contest, he invites her and her friends to his house where he keeps some items that could prove helpful to May's performance.
6x34 Having A Wailord Of A Time aired: Saturday May 22, 2004
Impressed at how well they had raised their own Pokemon, Nurse Joy enlists Ash and Max to babysit the Treecko, Mudkip, and Torchic awaiting a Pokemon trainer just about to begin her first journey. The Torchic proves to be the most rambunctious of the group, and when Ash sends several of his Pokemon to gently coax it into obedience, he inadvertently causes the troublesome chick to evolve into a Combusken.
6x35 Win, Lose or Drew! aired: Saturday May 29, 2004
May and the others arrive in Slateport City, where she can compete in her first contest. Also compeating is May's new rival, Drew and a young man named Robert who uses Milotic.
6x36 The Spheal of Approval aired: Saturday May 29, 2004
Having at long last completed her Pokemon Contest, May suggests a day of recreation in Slateport City before moving on. While she and Brock shop in the city's famous market district, Ash and Max check out a local oceanic museum. What should have been a day of leisure, however, turns into one battle after another as both Team Rocket and Team Magma storm the very same museum in search of a rare rock discovered on the ocean floor.
6x37 Jump for Joy! aired: Saturday Aug 28, 2004
While cutting through a mountain pass, Ash and friends decide to stop into the local Pokemon Center for directions. Imagine their surprise when they discover it vacated, with no sign of Nurse Joy. The plot thickens when they take it upon themselves to investigate and discover security camera footage of a Shriftry immobilizing Joy with Stun Spore before carrying her off. Their only clue as to Joy's location is a mysterious entry on Shriftry in the Pokedex, indicating that these Pokemon inhabit only trees that are over 1000 years old.
6x38 A Different Kind of Misty aired: Saturday Aug 28, 2004
When Ash and friends get lost in a dark and foggy mountain pass, the first people they meet are Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket, fresh from their latest heist. Ash and friends manage to recover the stone the trio had stolen from a nearby lighthouse, but only in time to be themselves mistaken for the thieves.
6x39 A Poké-BLOCK Party aired: Saturday Sep 4, 2004
The gang finally reach Mauville City, however Ash's Gym battle is forced to wait as the gang see an advert for a Pokemon Trick House, offering anyone who makes it through wih a lifetime supply of Pokéblocks. May is eager to win the prize, so the gang decide to enter, and meet up with a girl and her Whismur. But when Jigglypuff decides to perform her song, things may get complicated for the gang, and Team Rocket too.
6x40 Watt's With Wattson? aired: Saturday Sep 4, 2004
Ash's third Gym battle with the electric master Wattson is full of surprises when, after an encounter with a robotic Raikou, Pikachu wins the match alone with super-charged Thunderbolts. However Ash's joy at receving the badge disappears when Pikachu turns ill, and a depressed Wattson leaves Mauville City convinced he is a weak Gym Leader.

Season 7 Episode List

7x1 What You Seed is What You Get aired: Saturday Sep 11, 2004
The gang begins on a journey to Fallabor Town, so May can compete in another Contest. In a field on rare Watmel Berries, Ash battles with the protecter of the Watmels to strengthen his Treeko and make it learn new abilities.
7x2 Love at First Flight aired: Saturday Oct 16, 2004
While resting next to Lake May, the gang spots a Volbeat and an Illumise practising for an upcoming dance contest. However a practice session goes wrong and Illumise suddenly vanishes.
7x3 Let Bagons Be Bagons aired: Saturday Sep 18, 2004
While walking through a mountainous area, the gang encounter a Bagon, who is attempting to realize its life long dream to fly in the skies.
7x4 The Princess and the Togepi aired: Saturday Sep 25, 2004
Misty arrives in Hoenn, however her reunion with Ash and Brock is cut short when an evil Colonel kidnaps Togepi with the help of Team Rocket.
7x5 A Togepi Mirage! aired: Saturday Oct 2, 2004
Cornered by Colonel Hanson and Team Rocket, the gang are amazed when they see Togepi's amazing power in defending them. After escaping, Togepi takes the gang to a dimension populated by unhappy Togepi which has caused the land to grow weak. However when Misty's Togepi is captured by Hanson in order for him to rule the Mirage Island, it leads to a confrontation during which Togepi undergoes the ultimate transformation...
7x6 Candid Camerupt! aired: Saturday Oct 9, 2004
After collapsing in a hot area, the gang find themselves in the company of the Winstrate family, all of whom are avid Pokemon trainers whose son Vito has left to become the Hoenn champion. Soon the whole gang are challenged to battle the various family members. Meanwhile Vito unwittingly joins forces with Team Rocket in their plans to capture Pikachu...
7x7 I Feel Skitty! aired: Saturday Oct 23, 2004
While training for the Pokemon contest in Fallabor Town, May encounters a Skitty, a Pokemon known for it's cuteness. While determined to add Skitty to her team, May notices that Skitty is upset at having lost it's scent and listening to Brock's advice, takes it to a Pokemon Aromatherapy center. However it isn't long until Team Rocket have their eye on Skitty, while Meowth falls in love with the cute Pokemon.
7x8 ZigZag Zangoose! aired: Saturday Oct 23, 2004
Still on the way to Fallabor Town, Ash and friends encounter their friend Nicolai, who now has a Zangoose in his team. However Team Rocket attack during the battle, but the plan to capture Pikachu is forgotten when Zangoose and Seviper begin a fierce battle stemming from animosity between the two species. When Zangoose is injured, Nicolai tends to his injured Pokemon, while Jessie turns Pokemon trainer to Seviper for the inevitable rematch...
7x9 Maxxed Out! aired: Saturday Oct 30, 2004
Stopping at a Pokemon Center on their way to Fallabor Town, the gang is surprised when a kid enters who looks like an older version of Max (they even have the same name). While the two boys don't get on at first, they are forced to work together to stop Team Rocket from catching Surskit, a Bug/Water Pokémon which can glide across water.
7x10 Pros and Con Artists aired: Saturday Oct 30, 2004
The gang have finally arrived in Fallabor Town so May can compete in her next contest. May is excited about the prospect of her Beautifly winning the competition and a ribbon, while all Brock wants to do is meet the female coordinators. However the gang encounter Grace, another competitor in the contest who is going to use her Medicham, known for it's fighting and psychic abilities. Things become even more intense when May's rival Drew turns up with his Roselia announcing he is to enter as well...
7x11 Come What May! aired: Saturday Nov 6, 2004
The contest begins and May is more determined to win than ever. With Ash, Brock and Max cheering her on, May and Beautifly soon find themselves progressing to the battle rounds against Drew and his Roselia, Grace and her Medicham and a disguised (and cheating!) Jessie from Team Rocket and her Dustox.
7x12 Cheer Pressure aired: Saturday Nov 6, 2004
With the Contest in Fallabor Town over, the gang are now headed to Lavaridge Town so Ash can battle for his next Gym Badge. However they soon re-encounter Kazuchi, who taught his Plusle and Minun the Helping Hand attack and as a result was invited to join a group of cheerleaders. Soon the gang are in the company of said cheerleaders and thier leader, but it seems this group aren't fair when it comes to Pokemon battles...
7x13 Game Winning Assist aired: Saturday Nov 13, 2004
After escaping a group of angry Slugma, Ash and Co. find themselves in a meadow populated by Numel. After befriending the meadow owner, the gang stay at her cabin, and May learns that her rebellious Skitty knows Assist, which allows it to borrow an attack from another Pokemon in May's team. However Skitty's new ability is put to the test when Team Rocket arrive to steal the Numel.
7x14 Fight for the Meteorite aired: Saturday Nov 13, 2004
Needing to pass Mt. Chimney to reach Lavaridge Town, Ash and friends begin their journey over the mountain in a cable car. However Team Magma arrive in order to steal a meterorite that recently landed there from the local Professor. When Team Aqua also arrive to get the meteorite and disable the in-transit cable car, Ash manages to escape and decides to try and save the meterorite from the duelling rivals.
7x15 Poetry Commotion! aired: Saturday Nov 20, 2004
Ash and Co. reach Lavaridge Town where they meet Flannery, the Gym Leader. Having just inherited the Gym from her Grandfather days earlier and determined to prove her abilities, she is just as eager as Ash to battle, but the Gym's battlefield is full of holes and therefore cannot be used. Deciding to help, the gang are soon hard at work filling the holes, however Team Rocket are standing by ready to snatch one of Flannery's Pokemon, a Torkoal that they can give to Giovanni!
7x16 Going, Going, Yawn aired: Saturday Nov 20, 2004
Ash and Flannery begin their long-awaited Gym battle, with Ash beginning with Corphish and Flannery starting with her newly-evolved Magcargo. With Flannery desperate to prove herself as a worthy Gym Leader, Ash has to hope that his Pokemon are strong enough to defeat her.
7x17 Going for a Spinda aired: Saturday Nov 27, 2004
With their adventures in Lavaridge Town over, the gang decide to head back through Mauville City to Petalburg City so Ash can re-challenge Norman to a proper Gym battle. Ash, rememebering Pikachu being beaten up by Vigaroth, is eager to get back to prove himself as a worthy trainer. Before they get too far, however, the gang encounter a group of Spinda, a Pokemon known for having unique markings on their face. Soon they are helping a girl find a Spinda which has a heart-shaped mark on its face, and Team Rocket are looking for the same one to use as bait for Pikachu...
7x18 All Torkoal, No Play aired: Saturday Nov 27, 2004
Continuing towards Mauville City, the gang enter Steel Valley, which is home for Steel Pokemon. Before they get too far, however, the gang encounter a Torkoal under attack by Magnemite and a Skarmory. Having wandered into the valley due to it's love of rocky landscapes, the Pokemon that live there have tried to get it to leave. Realizing the pain it's gone through Ash becomes determined to help Torkoal stand up to the other Pokemon. However, unknown to the gang, a Steelix also lives in the valley...
7x19 Manectric Charge aired: Saturday Dec 4, 2004
Having reached Mauville City, the gang decide to visit Wattson at his Gym. However, when neither he or his assistant are there, the group go exploring and come across a carnival run by Team Rocket. Just as Team Rocket succeed in stealing the gang's Pokemon, Wattson appears and uses Electrike to fight Jessie, James and Meowth into blasting off, which causes the Pokemon to evolve into Manectric. With them out of the way, Ash challenges Wattson to a battle against his newly-captured Torkoal...
7x20 Delcatty Got Your Tongue aired: Saturday Dec 4, 2004
The gang are now headed to Verdanturf Town so May can compete in her next contest, however it isn't long before they fall into one of Team Rocket's classic pitfall traps. While the group are able to send TR blasting off, May's Skitty accidentally breathes in a lot of Ash's Torkoal's smoke and becomes unwell. With no Pokémon Center around, the gang ends up in a Pokémon Aromatherapy Shop, run by a legendary Pokémon Coordinator known for winning many contests with her Skitty, which has since evolved into a Delcatty. While she starts teaching May about contests, Team Rocket plan to steal both Skitty and Delcatty for Giovanni.
7x21 Disaster of Disguise aired: Saturday Dec 11, 2004
While preparing to enter the Verdanturf Contest with Skitty, May and the others are amazed when they encounter her rival Drew who announces that he is not going to enter as his Roselia is injured after a battle with a Dusclops belonging to a masked trainer. Soon the gang encounter the Masked Co-ordinator and Ash begins a battle with Pikachu Vs. Dusclops, but when a woman appears looking for her lost son, the Masked Co-ordinator flees, and the gang and drawn into the mystery of his identity...
7x22 Disguise Da Limit aired: Saturday Dec 11, 2004
May is preparing for her third contest, and is nervous about entering, despite her Skitty's confidence. Meanwhile Kimimaro (the Phantom Co-ordinator from the previous ep) escapes from his mother and shows up to enter as well with his Dusclops, while Jessie from Team Rocket enters with her Dustox again. When the contest starts, while Kimimaro and Jessie are able to get off good opening appeals, May's Skitty has trouble with it's newly-learnt Blizzard and ends up getting a lower score than the two, making her think she won't progress to the battle rounds. Meanwhile, Kimimaro's mother has discovered where he is and is on her way to the contest to remove her son...
7x23 Take The Lombre Home aired: Saturday Jan 29, 2005
The gang are now back on the road to the Petalburg City Gym so Ash can battle Norman for his fifth badge, but before long the gang get thirsty and decide to look for water. During the search, Brock's Lotad accidentally falls down a well. After being recovered, Lotad surprises everyone by evolving into Lombre. Soon, Lombre is approached by a woman requiring Lombre's help chasing a Solrock the gang encontered earlier out of her town so the recent drought will end.
7x24 True Blue Swablu aired: Saturday Feb 5, 2005
While walking through a forest, the gang come across a large amount of debris caused by a recent storm trapping an injured Swablu. Determined to help the Pokemon return to it's flock, May begins to care for the flying Pokemon and develops a bond with it. Meanwhile Team Rocket notice Swablu and immediately begin working out how to capture it...
7x25 Gulpin it Down aired: Saturday Feb 12, 2005
While enjoying a picnic in the harbour area of a city, the gang are curious when some of their food goes missing, but this is overshadowed when a state-of-emergency is declared. The gang learn that the city has been besieged by a large group of Gulpin, a Pokemon known for it's large appetite. The gang agree to help get rid of the group, not realizing it's going to lead to a super-sized battle between one of the Gulpin and Ash's Treecko!
7x26 Exploud and Clear aired: Saturday Feb 19, 2005
The gang is nearing Petalburg and Ash is excited about his battle with Norman. During a picnic, Ash notices Treecko isn't very happy due to its defeat by a Gulpin. Before Ash can make it feel better, a Loudred rampages through the camp followed by its trainer Guy. While he is able to calm Loudred down, Guy is worried as since it evolved from Whismur, it's become increasingly disobedient. Ash and Guy decide to have a Pokémon battle, Ash using his Treecko and Guy using Loudred. The battle takes an unexpected turn when both Pokémon evolve at the same time. Exploud promptly takes off on another rampage. While everyone looks for it, Team Rocket decides to steal it for Giovanni.
7x27 Go Go Ludicolo! aired: Saturday Feb 26, 2005
The gang decide to settle down for a picnic, and Ash takes the opportunity to introduce his newly-evolved Grovyle to his other Pokemon. While Taillow and Torkoal are happy to have him on the team, Corphish becomes worried that Ash will now favor Grovyle over the others given it's higher stage, especially when Grovyle manages to get fruit off a tree easily and fend off a Team Rocket attack. However the crisis is interrupted by a Ludicolo and it's bongo-playing trainer, who challenge Ash to a match. Ash decides that, since Corphish looks desperate for a battle, he should let it. However things don't go well and Corphish is easily beaten, which makes it feel worse and causes it runs off. While walking through the forest, Corphish finds the Ludicolo and it's trainer, but when Team Rocket attempt to capture the two, it's up to Corphish to save the day!
7x28 A Double Dilemma aired: Saturday Mar 5, 2005
The gang have arrived in North Petalburg, a suburb of the main city, and are amazed when they discover that Norman is an idol to everyone who lives there, and May and Max are soon mobbed by Norman fans. While May delightfully shows off her Beautifly and Skitty, Ash also runs into fans of Norman who, after hearing that Ash is planning to challenge the Gym Leader, keep challenging Ash to battle after battle, which exhausts most of his Pokemon and when the crown encourage May to battle him, it leads to a showdown between Ash's Taillow and May's Torchic. Meanwhile, after hearing of Norman's popularity Jesse, James, Meowth and Wobbuffet decide to dress up as Norman, Caroline, May and Max in order to sell autographs and get away with the money...
7x29 Love, Petalburg Style! aired: Saturday Mar 12, 2005
The gang have finally arrived back in Petalburg City, and while May and Max are reunited with Caroline, Ash encounters Norman in the Pokemon Center where he is deep in conversation with Nurse Joy. Meanwhile, May begins to tell her mother about her journey, but Caroline gets angry when May mentions her Beautifly, and it turns out that Norman and Nurse Joy have been spending a lot of time together. While this is all going on, Ash encounters the Vigoroth that defeated Pikachu, as well as Slakoth and Slaking which also belong to Norman, and naturally, Team Rocket want to get thier hands on them...
7x30 Balance of Power aired: Saturday Mar 19, 2005
Having already won four badges during his adventures in Hoenn, Ash finally starts his long-awaited rematch with Norman, except this time it is an official Gym Battle with a Balance Badge on the line! Ash begins with Pikachu while Norman starts with a fast Slakoth which Pikachu is unable to hit, and after receivng a bit of damage, Ash is forced to change to Torkoal to counter Slakoth's Blizzard attack. With Norman's Vigoroth and Slaking still to come, and Max rooting for his father to win, can Ash defeat the toughest Gym Leader he's faced so far...
7x31 A Six Pack Attack! aired: Saturday Mar 26, 2005
Fortree City is the location of the next Gym, so this is the gang's destination, however they soon meet up with Professor Birch, who si on his way to Littleroot Town's harbour where he is to pick up Professor Oak who is visiting Hoenn. Ash and Brock decide to join him while May and Max go to Birch's lab. At the lab May and Max meet up with Birch's assistant who shows them a new batch of starters, and then Professor Oak (who has made his own way to the lab) turns up. Max is overjoyed to meet his idol, and Oak lets him meet a Bulbasaur, Charamnder and Squirtle. However soon Team Rocket turn up and nab all six starters and take them to their Secret Base. With Ash, Brock and Birch still waiting at the narbour, it's up to May, Max and Oak to rescue them!
7x32 The Bicker The Better aired: Saturday Apr 2, 2005
After starting the long road to Fortree City, Ash and May are challenged to a Tag Battle, which involves two trainers against another two and each trainer using one of their Pokemon. The match is Corphish & Skitty vs. Nidoking & Nidoqueen. However the match doesn't go well, with Corphish and Skitty attacking each other rather than their opponents, leading Ash and May to fall out. They get a chance to settle their rivalry when they encounter Team Rocket, who are also arguing after losing to the same couple. Soon, the match is Ash & James vs. May & Jessie, with both teams determined to win...
7x33 Grass Hysteria! aired: Saturday Apr 9, 2005
While walking through a dark forest, a Skarmory attacks the gang. When Skitty pops out it's Pokeball, May rushes to save it and ends up being carried off by the Steel Bird Pokemon, carrying her over a huge fence and dropping her off in a grassy area. While there, May encounters a Bulbasaur and becomes friends with it, but is soon attacked by other Grass Pokemon whom are extremely distrustful of humans. Meanwhile Ash, Brock and Max appeal to the Forest's protectors to allow them entry to rescue May, and when they are disallowed, the three decide to sneak in and save their friend...
7x34 Hokey Pokéballs aired: Saturday Apr 16, 2005
As Ash and friends walk through a city, May decides to let her Bulbasaur out to see life outside of the forest. It tries to take an apple but May tells it not to saying that you have to buy things. Then, it decides to get in the back of a pickup truck full of flowers. Ash and Brock catch the truck and tell the driver to stop. May gets Bulbasaur back and they decide to find a Pokémon Center. When they arrive, Team Rocket is pretending to be mechanics fixing the transporter. After they leave, Ash decides to ask Professor Oak to send his Bulbasaur to meet May's but when the PokéBall arrives, it's empty. Every PokéBall that has come through the transporter since Team Rocket fixed it is empty. Then, the real mechanics arrive. Ash and friends chase Team Rocket and find them due to the trail of PokéBalls James left behind on accident.
7x35 Whiscash and Ash aired: Saturday Apr 23, 2005
While resting by a lake, Ash decides to polish his Badge Case and remembers all the Gym Battles he's so far had in Hoenn, when suddenly a larger than normal Whiscash, a Water-Ground type Pokemon jumps out and eats the case. Determined to get his hard-earned badges back, he dives in but nearly drowns when he is saved by a Fishing Master who has spent years trying to catch the giant Whiscash. Determined to retrieve the badges, Ash and the others start fishing. Meanwhile Team Rocket are also trying to get a hold of the same Whiscash (figuring if they capture it, they will get both a new Pokemon and a bunch of badges) but things go crazy when a Feebas bites onto Jesse's hair...
7x36 Me, Myself and Time aired: Saturday Apr 30, 2005
After becoming separated from his friends in a dense mist, Ash comes across a Baltoy spinning dangerously close to the edge of a cliff. After saving the Pokemon, Ash meets it's trainer Calista who is looking for a fabled treasure that lies nearby. Always eager for an adventure, Ash and Pikachu agree to help, but the quest is interrupted when Team Rocket try to snag Pikachu (as usual). However, a mysterious woman appears and after sending Team Rocket blasting off with her Xatu, explains that she too has a Baltoy which has become trapped in a cavern, and if she helps to release it, then she will show Calista how to find the treasure...
7x37 A Fan with a Plan aired: Saturday May 7, 2005
The gang enter Rubello Town, and May is delighted to see that a Pokemon Contest is due to begin the next day. Deciding to enter, May meets up with Drew, who is also entering with his new Masquerain, but Drew is soon surrounded by a lot of female admirers (sounds a bit like Gary) which makes May feel a little jealous. However, the jealously is forgotten when she also gets a group of fans approach her. Savannah, the head of the group, explains that they saw May in the Verdanturf Contest and that she will be entering this contest with her Lairon and Flareon, making May realise she's got a new rival. Deciding to enter Bulbasaur in the contest, May and Savannah have a practice battle when Team Rocket appear. It seems that Jessie has attempted to enter Dustox in the contest, but she can't as she doesn't meet the entry requirement of a Ribbon, so she's gonna steal one instead...
7x38 Cruisin' for a Losin' aired: Saturday May 14, 2005
It's Contest Day in Rubello Town and May is as determined as ever to win, and with her victories in Fallabor and Verdanturf Town she is extremely confident. After May uses Beautifly in the Appeal rounds (participants are allowed to use different Pokemon for the Appeal and the Battle Rounds), she easily passes the qualifiers with Drew and Savannah. However, as she prepares for the Battle Rounds against Lairon, Ash warns her that Bulbasaur might not be ready, since it's never actually been in a battle before but May is confident in it's abilities, but is she being a bit overconfident, especially since the winner of the match will face Drew and his Masquerain in the final...
7x39 Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend aired: Saturday May 21, 2005
Continuing the trek to Fortree City, Ash and the gang come across a Spoink, a Psychic-Type Pokemon. However, this Spoink is upset after losing the Pearl it keeps on top of it's head. After Spoink tries putting a couple of round Pokemon on it's head (including an Igglybuff and a Voltorb), the Pearl is found, however Team Rocket, working with renewed vigor after Giovanni threatened to replace them, steal the Pearl. After coming across a fair, James is approached by the same Magikarp Salesman who has made his life a misery in the past and offers to trade Feebas for the Pearl. After discovering Feebas evolves into Milotic, the most beautiful of Pokemon, Jessie, James and Meowth eagerly agree. However, when they let their new Feebas have a swim in a nearby river, they discovered the Feebas is just a Magikarp painted with a Feebas colors, meaning they have been swindled yet again (when will they learn?)! After Ash and the others hear what's happened, they realise that, in order to get Spoink's Pearl back, they need to find the Magikarp Salesman before Team Rocket do!
7x40 That's Just Swellow aired: Saturday May 28, 2005
While walking through a mountainous and windy area, Ash and his friends notice a boy training his Swablu to carry rings, however when Swablu gets knocked out of the sky, Ash thinks fast and uses Taillow to save it. The boy, whose name is Shane, explains that he is practicing for the PokeRinger tournament, a competiton where Flying Pokemon have to grab a ring suspended in mid-air and get it back to the finish before it's opponents. Hearing that the registration for contestants is still open, Ash excitedly decides to enter with Taillow while May enters with Beautifly. Also entering is James, with Jessie's Dustox, since he trained to be a PokeRinger as a child and is determined to win without cheating. As the competition starts, Ash is dismayed when he drawn into the same group as last year's champion Volt, an arrogant trainer who uses his Volbeat's electric attacks to win. However, when Taillow is able to win the first round, knocking Volt out, Ash becomes even more determined to win. Meanwhile, James manages to knock May and Beautifly out of the competition, and begins to think he has a chance too!
7x41 Take This House and Shuppet aired: Saturday Jun 4, 2005
Alas, it is just another day in the life of Team Rocket, as they make a landing following a recent blast off, except this time they all have Afro-Hairstyles courtesy of Pikachu's Thunderbolt! Whilst arguing amongst themselves whose fault their latest trip through the skies was, they notice a huge mansion... so naturally they decide to rob the joint. Meanwhile Ash and the gang have their own Afro's, but while they continue the road to Fortree City, a rainstorm starts up, and while it puts their hair back to normal, they have to find shelter, and come across the same mansion. After entering May and Max have yet another argument, but when Max goes missing May and the others need to find him, not realising he's made friends with one of the mansion's inhabitants, a friendly Shuppet!
7x42 A Shroomish Skirmish aired: Saturday Jun 11, 2005
While having a picnic in one of Hoenn's many forests, Ash's Corphish and May's Torchic get into a huge scrap when Corphish, having eaten it's own, decides to take Torchic's food for itself. While the two fight, Team Rocket spot an easy opportunity for food when they see a bunch of Shroomish carrying apples, but when they attempt to steal the apples, a group of the Shroomish suddenly evolve into Breloom and chase Jesse, James and Meowth into Ash's camp, where the grass type Pokemon send everyone blasting off (Ash and friends too!). Upon landing, the group have been separated into five smaller groups containing Ash, Brock, Pikachu and Swellow in one, Jesse and James in another, May and Mudkip in the third, Max and Meowth in the fourth and Corphish and Torchic (who are still angry with each other) in the last. It's up to the groups to ifnd each other before the angry Breloom do!
7x43 Unfair-Weather Friends aired: Saturday Jun 18, 2005
Nearing Fortree City, Ash and the gang are caught in a sudden snowstorm. When the storm disappears as suddenly as it came, the group discover that it was the work of a Castform, a Unique Pokemon which has the ability to change it's type and form along with the weather. This Castform belongs to the local Weather Research Institute, where the resident scientists study weather conditions. However the gang's tour around the complex is interrupted when Commander Isabel from Team Aqua (whom the group previously encountered on Dewford Island and Mt. Chimney) attacks the Institute attempting to get a hold of the data hoing it will lead her to the location of the legendary Pokemon that Team Aqua have been hoping for and it's up to Ash and Co. to stop the data from falling into such dangerous hands...
7x44 Who's Flying Now? aired: Saturday Jun 25, 2005
The gang have reached Fortree City, and Ash is determined to finally challenge the local Gym Leader. Heading straight for the Gym, Ash is disappointed to learn that Winona, the Gym Leader, is away for the day at Fortree's Feather Carnival, a celebration of Flying Pokemon (which is the type Winona specializes in). Proceeding to the main part of the city, the gang notice the inhabitants unique way of living in treehouses, and also find Winona giving kids rides on her giant Skarmory, and May decides she wants a go too. Meanwhile, Team Rocket encounter the Magikarp Salesman again, where he offers James a chance to buy a Chmiecho, a very unique Pokemon which has soothing tones. James, obviously having forgotten the million other times he's been swindled by this guy, happily accepts, until it turns out to be a Hoppip dressed as a Chimecho (surprise surprise!). However James anger quickly fades when he encounters a genuine Chimecho and makes it his own. With a new Pokemon in their squad, Team Rocket plan to use Chimecho's Heal Bell attack to capture Pikachu...
7x45 Sky High Gym Battle! aired: Saturday Jul 9, 2005
After the excitement of the Feather Carnival, Ash is more than ready for his sixth Gym Battle. Ash decides to begin with Grovyle, while Winona begins with Altaria, a Flying/Dragon type. Despite the type disadvantage, Grovyle's speed is able to get the better of Altaria's power and is able to defeat it. Winona then decides to send out Pelipper, and Ash recalls Grovyle for some rest and sends out Pikachu, which has a double type advantage. However when Pikachu tries a Thunderbolt, Pelipper is able to channel it into the ground using Steel Wing. After a furious shooting battle, Pikachu and Pelipper knock each other out. Down to her last Pokemon, Winona sends out her Swellow, which is Shiny and therefore has higher stats. With a weakened Grovyle and his own Swellow, can Ash defeat Winona and win a Feather Badge?
7x46 Lights, Camerupt, Action! aired: Saturday Jul 16, 2005
Ash is admiring his newly acquired Feather Badge that just recently won and they find out the next gym is in Mossdeep City but decide to stop at Lilycove City on the way. On their way they see a man struggling with a Camerupt that has equipment on it's back Ash and Co. manage to get the Camerupt out of the water and they find out from the man that Camerupt was carrying film equipment for movies.Meanwhile in the bushes Team Rocket plans to steal the movies and the Camerupt and give them to Giovanni...
7x47 Crazy as a Lunatone aired: Saturday Aug 20, 2005
A meteor falls from the sky the and lands on Earth. The PMC hear this and go out to check the meteor. They build a machine and blast the meteor with a missile to get samples. The meteor starts to glow and a Lunatone comes out of it. They try to catch the Lunatone but it stuns them with its Psychic powers and escapes to a town neary. Meanwhile Ash and Co. have arrived in the same town Lunatone went to. While Team Rocket heard the meteor and are in the bushes thinking to get the meteor and give it to Giovanni...
7x48 The Garden of Eatin' aired: Saturday Aug 27, 2005
Ash and Co. are one the way to Lilycove when they notice a sign for a banana garden. Max wants to go in because there are Slaktoh in there. They find the gate to the place locked but go in anyway.W hen they go in they find the place empty. Then they feel shaking on the ground and then it suddenly cracks open.J ust as it cracks open a young man saves them and brings them to the reception office. They find out from the guy that a Snorlax is eating all the bananas and scaring the Slakoth. Then Team Rocket notice the Snorlax so they plan to capture it and bring it to the boss.
7x49 A Scare to Remember aired: Saturday Sep 3, 2005
Nearing Lilycove City, Ash and the gang soon come across Team Rocket who, as usual, try to capture Pikachu using one of their shock-proof mechas. However, they don't get very far when it starts to sink into the ground and, before long, it explodes, sending Team Rocket blasting off, but the explosion is so large it sends Ash and the others blasting off too (strange, they don't get blasted off at all for years, and then they get blasted off twice within two months...). The groups are separated and when Mewoth lands with Pikachu, he is overjoyed to find Pikachu has amnesia, and starts to tell Pikachu that he is a part of Team Rocket! While the two Pokemon start to look for Jesse and James, Ash, May, Max and Brock start looking for Pikachu. However will they find him before Meowth completely turns him against his friends?
7x50 Pokéblock, Stock and Berry aired: Saturday Sep 3, 2005
The gang have arrived in Lilycove City, however while it is simply intended to be a quick rest stop quickly turns into an extended stay when May find out that a contest is due to start soon. While walking through the city, Pikachu catches the scent of Pokeblocks and leads the gang to them, where they meet Kanata, another contest entrant who owns the Psychic Pokemon Grumpig. After learning a lot about Berries and how to blend them, May decides that, since both Beautifly and Skitty have already won contests and Bulbasaur isn't quite ready, she should enter Combusken into the Lilycove Contest. Meanwhile, while May is busy, Ash decides to take the opportunity to teach his Swellow Aerial Ace...
7x51 Lessons in Lilycove aired: Saturday Sep 10, 2005
The gang finally arrives at Lilycove City.When they sit down to rest May sees a poster for a Pokemon Contest.She finds out they're having it tomorrow and the group starts moving. Pikachu runs off and when they find Pikachu they see him at a berry stand.At the berry stand they see a young girl arguing with a man.Before they get to check it out a guy comes offering free samples of berries.Then they see the young girl strugling with a bag of berries she drops the berries but before they hit the ground her Grumpig lifts up the berries with it's Psychic before they hit the ground.Meanwhile Team Rocket plans to steal Grumpig.
7x52 Judgment Day! aired: Saturday Sep 10, 2005
With their stay in Lilycove over, Ash and the gang must now catch a ferry to Mossdeep City so Ash can compete in the next Gym. However, in their hurry the gang accidentally catch the wrong boat and end up on Banba Island instead. Deciding to head into the City to find another way to Mossdeep, the gang enounter Jimmy, an up-and-coming Pokemon Referee who owns an Ivysaur, Charmeleon and Wartortle. Jimmy takes them to the Referee School (they must have a school for everything in Hoenn!) where Ash and Brock have a Double Battle. Afterwards Jimmy explains that he started with a Squirtle, and after catching Ivysaur and Charmeleon, he attempted to be a great battler and win Gym Badges in Kanto, but the only one he won was the Cascade Badge from Cerulean... and that was for just cleaning the place for Misty's sister Daisy! While Ash and the gang try to encourage him, Team Rocket plan on steal Jimmy's Pokemon...

Season 8 Episode List

8x1 Clamperl of Wisdom aired: Thursday Sep 9, 2004
On the way to Mossdeep City, Ash and friends encounter Spoink again. It is floating on a log and a wave knocks it off. They rescue it, but it starts jumping around and the pearl on its head falls into the ocean. After searching the ocean with Mudkip and Corphish, Ash and friends head for a nearby island with the sad Spoink. There, they meet Isiah who is studying a blue pearl. Team Rocket tries to steal it, but Spoink ends up foiling their plans and runs off with the pearl!
8x2 The Relicanth Really Can aired: Thursday Sep 16, 2004
On their way to Mossdeep, Ash and Co. stop on a beach and they see a diver coming on the beach with a box.The man goes up to them and show them a necklace made of Green Shards.He said he found it on a Relicanth so he brings them to his shop and say he's going to looks for the treasure of a sunken ship.Ash and Co. agree to go with him and they go in a sub. Meanwhile in their Magikarp Sub,Team Rocket sees all the Relicanth underwater so the plan to steal all the Relicanth and the treasure so they can give it to Giovanni.
8x3 The Evolutionary War aired: Thursday Sep 23, 2004
Ash and the gang are still on their way to Mossdeep when Max says that, according to the PokeNav, there are three islands approaching called the A, B, & C Islands , one of which has a Pokemon Center. However the journey is interrupted when a bunch of kids ride past on a bunch of Huntail and Gorebyss, which both evolve from Clamperl. While at the Pokemon Center, the group hear a brother and sister arguing about if Huntail or Gorebyss are better than each other, which is a rivalry between the other two islands. While attempting to mediate the quarrel, Ash and the others meet up with their old friend Professor Birch, who explains he is on the island to investigate the mystery of Clamperl's evolution...
8x4 Training Wrecks aired: Thursday Sep 30, 2004
The gang visit Small Rocky Muscle Island, the final island stop before Mossdeep, and they soon meet the trainers who live there, and discover that their philosphy is that a trainer should focus on enhancing their own body as well as their Pokemon, and therefore they spend a lot of time weight training and they invite Ash and the others to join them. While May and Max spend their time on the island getting to know the benefits of weight training, Ash finds himself in a Double Battle with the group's leader. Ash decides to use Pikachu and Grovyle against his Quagsire and Walrein, but this soon proves to be a mistake, as Quagsire is able to intercept all of Pikachu's Electric Attacks (and since it's part ground, it has no effect) and Walrein is able to use it's Ice Ball attack to inflict major damage, leaving Ash in trouble. Meanwhile Team Rocket, upon arriving on Ganga Island, have their Magikarp sub washed away, and find themselves stranded...
8x5 Gaining Groudon aired: Thursday Oct 7, 2004
After being blasted into the sea at the end of the last episode, Ash and co. are still drifting, with the boat that was to take them to Mossdeep long gone and no land in sight. The gang are overjoyed when a sub rises nearby, but once after sneaking aboard their joy turns to fear when they realise that the sub belongs to Team Magma which is on their main HQ and despite trying to hide, the gang are spotted by Team Magma's leader, Maxie. Under arrest, Maxie tells the group about Team Magma's ambition to increase the amount of land on Earth by awaking the legendary Pokemon Groudon, and in order to help with this Team Magma have already captured Groudon's nemesis Kyogre as well as the Blue Orb that controls it, which they plan to swap with Team Aqua for the Red Orb. Meanwhile, Tactical Commander Shelly of Team Aqua is also aboard the base and sets about releasing Kyogre, but when the huge Pokemon gets free it begins to tear up the place, causing the Blue Orb to fuse with Pikachu making it super-powered. While Ash and Pikachu are separated from Brock, May and Max, Lance arrives to help with the situation but things get worse when Archie and Team Aqua turn up...
8x6 The Scuffle of Legends aired: Thursday Oct 14, 2004
Coming Soon
8x7 Its Still Rocket Roll to Me aired: Thursday Oct 21, 2004
As they finally arrived in front of the gym, a pretty young lady runs from the door and runs out. Ash stops her and asks about the Gym Leader of the town. The pretty lady with glasses tells them that the gym leader is at the Space Center and it seems that the woman is the mother of the Gym Leader. Max glasses shine and it seems that Max knows a lot about it.
8x8 Solid as a Solrock aired: Thursday Oct 28, 2004
Outside of the Gym, Team Rocket was there trying to plan something. It seems that they're planning to steal Solrock and Lunatone. If they steal them, Giovanni will be pleased. As the gang is happy, they are excited to go inside but James stops Meowth and Jessie and he makes them remember the power of Lunatone.
8x10 Vanity Affair aired: Thursday Nov 4, 2004
After his victory over Tate and Liza, Ash starts to do his training again for the next Gym Leader which in Sootopolis City. In the middle of the city, two guys are battling. Ash and a guy are training their Pokemon. It's Scizor Vs. Torkoal. Since Torkoal has the advantage over Bug type Pokemon, May and Max are very glad. After the fierce fire attack from Torkoal to Scizor, it faints and Ash is declared as the winner. After the battle, Ash's opponent comes to him and congratulates him. Behind the alley, a strange sea captain appears.
8x11 Where's Armaldo? aired: Thursday Nov 11, 2004
With Ash and the gang on a ferry, Max sees a nearby island to stop at and sightsee. Instead of going to the next Gym Leader and to the next Pokemon Contest Hall, May and Ash want to train their Pokemon first. They all go on the Island and start training. While in the forest, Max sees a Cradily. Eventually, everyone ends up in Professor Proctor's mansion. They see several fossil pokemon that have been brought back to life. Team Rocket steals an Armaldo. Will they be able to get it back?
8x12 A Cacturne for the Worse aired: Thursday Nov 18, 2004
Ash, May, Max, & Brock head for Izabe Island for May's Next Contest. On the boat they meets Harley who is also in the contest. Harley gets mad at mad and says he will defeat her. After Getting past all of Harley's dirty tricks May manages to pull off a win and get a fourth ribbon.
8x13 Claydol Big and Tall aired: Thursday Nov 25, 2004
Ash and friends are now in the mountains of Izabe Island. An old man named Sigourney tells them the legend of the giant Claydol and how it was sealed away in a giant Pokéball. Team Rocket overhears the story and they decide to steal it. This is easier said than done. A normal-sized Claydol would fit inside one of the big red eyes of the giant one. They drop bombs upon the Pokéball which is resting in a lake. The Claydol comes out and blasts Team Rocket off again. Because they were directly above it, they come back down right on top of it.The Claydol then sets ff for the town it almost destroyed the last time it was released. Brock releases Lombre and Mudkip and they try a Water Gun but Claydol uses Rapid Spin to deflect it. The deflected Water Gun hits a cliff and makes a hole. Team Rocket teams up with Ash and the others in order to get Claydol back in its Pokéball. The old man explains that the Claydol's favorite food is eggplant. Ash and James try to give it some eggplant but it ignores them. They dress up in eggplant costumes but this only ticks Claydol off. It turns out that Claydol's LEAST favorite food is eggplant and it tries to squash Ash and James. The old man explains that the last time Claydol was out, a beautiful maiden subdued it so May, Jessie, Meowth and Wobbuffet dress up as maidens but Claydol ignores them too. May then gets in a nurse costume and Jessie, Meowth and Wobbuffet try ballerina, cherrleader and maid costumes respectively. The Claydol falls for Wobbuffet in its maid costume and they lead it away from the town. The original giant Pokéball was destroyed when Team Rocket blew a hole in it so they put Claydol in another giant Pokéball from the top of the mountain.
8x14 Once in a Mawile aired: Thursday Dec 2, 2004
Ash and friends are now enjoying another of Brock's famous picnics in the forest of Izabe Island. Ash and Brock decide to have a battle for practice. Brock sends out Lombre while Ash releases Torkoal. A little later in the battle, Torkoal uses Overheat and sends Lombre blasting away. A girl named Samantha and her Mawile find it. Mawile falls in love with Lombre. Lombre doesn't seem too interested in Mawile. Brock tells it to return the love because when two Pokémon are in love, their trainers could possibly fall in love. It does no such thing. Samantha says that she and Mawile are ribbon performers and that they are on their way to a performance. They give everyone a sneak preview of the show. Later that night, Team Rocket interrupts the real performance. They steal Mawile so Ash, Pikachu, Lombre, May, Max and Samantha go to get it back while Brock and Corphish stall the audience. After getting Mawile back, Lombre rummages through Samantha's bag backstage and finds a Water Stone and evolves into Ludicolo. Ludicolo goes and joins Samantha and Mawile on stage and the crowd loves it. Mawile seems frightened by Ludicolo but Ludicolo is finally in love with Mawile. Instead, Mawile runs after a Psyduck after the show once again in love and leaving Ludicolo and Brock heartbroken.
8x15 Beg, Burrow and Steal aired: Thursday Dec 9, 2004
While exploring Izabe Island Ash & the others wind up above a Trapinch Labyrinth. They meet Elisa & Hal who are mapping the Labyrinth. Hal is also searching for an underground lake. Team Rocket attacks and try to steal Pikachu but thanks to Ludicolo & some Trapinch Team Rocket's Robot is destroyed but they end up in the Labyrinth with Pikachu! Ash & Elisa follow them and are soon followed by Hal. May, Max, & Brock also follow and they, Ash, & Elisa end up in the underground lake that Hal was talking about. Hal arrives and everybody sees the Trapinch evolve into Vibrava. Brock & Ludicolo once again battle Team Rocket with the help of the Vibrava. After Team Rocket is defeated Ash & the others ride the Vibrava up out of the Labyrinth. Elisa then tells them how to get to town and Ash & The others leave.
8x16 Absol-ute Disaster aired: Thursday Dec 16, 2004
Ash and the gang enter a town who hate the Absol. They blame the Absol for all the troubles in their town but all is not what it seems.
8x17 Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt aired: Thursday Dec 23, 2004
Still heading for Serrosey Town and the ferry to Sootopolis City, Ash and friends stop at a Pokémon Center to stay warm as a blizzard approaches. At the Center, a mischeivous Snorunt steals all 7 of Ash's Badges. Will he get them back or will he have to battle the Gym Leaders all over again?
8x18 Do I Hear a Ralts? aired: Thursday Jan 6, 2005
While in the forest of Izabe Island, Max hears a voice. He investigates it and finds a sick Ralts. He and his friends must save the little Pokémon and give it back to its family before it's too late...
8x19 The Great Eight Fate! aired: Thursday Jan 13, 2005
Having finally arrived in Sootopolis City, Ash and friends witness a water show performed by the Sootopolis Gym Leader Juan. Ash challenges the Coordinator turned Gym Leader to a battle and he accepts.
8x20 Eight Ain't Enough aired: Thursday Jan 20, 2005
Ash and Juan continue their battle in the Sootopolis City Gym.
8x21 Showdown at Linoone aired: Thursday Jan 27, 2005
A Linoone steals May's Pokéballs.
8x22 Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut? aired: Thursday Feb 3, 2005
Ash and friends find themselves on Mirage Island which is inhabited by Wynaut!
8x23 Date Expectations aired: Thursday Feb 10, 2005
On their way to Pacifidlog Town, the boat Ash and friends are riding breaks down, forcing them to make a pit stop on Donto Island. It is currently the Donphan mating season, which they get caught up in the middle of and end up being separated from each other. May now has to make the ultimate decision: stay and find Max and miss the final contest before the Grand Festival, or leave alone for Pacifidlog Island trusting that Ash will find Max and come to the Contest the next morning.
8x24 Mean With Envy aired: Thursday Feb 17, 2005
Finally in Pacifidlog Town, May prepares for the upcoming Contest, the one that will determine if she gets into the Grand Festival. When Skitty chases after an Aipom, May runs into Joshua & Erika, two Coordinators who are entering the Contest as well. May and Erika don't get off to a good start. At the contest May, Joshua, Erika, and the Jester (really Jessie in another disguise) all make it to the next round.
8x25 Pacifidlog Jam aired: Thursday Feb 24, 2005
With qualifying for the Grand Festival hanging on the line, May is more determined then ever to win the contest. First Erika faces Jessie and Meowth and Meowth somehow uses Transform. When the judges find out they are DQed. Then May faces of against Joshua and after some troubles pulls off a win. Erika finally apolgizes to May and together the two have a great battle. After a lucky Fire Spin from Assist May & Skitty win and May quailfies for the Grand Festival.
8x26 Berry, Berry Interesting aired: Thursday Mar 3, 2005
On thier way to the Grand Festival, the gang stops at an island filled with berries. May decides to make Pokéblocks but no one except a wild Munchlax likes it. When Munchlax is blamed of eating everyone's Pokéblocks, May decides to prove them wrong and capture the Munchlax.
8x27 Less is Morrison aired: Thursday Mar 10, 2005
Still on there way to Slateport City and the Grand Festival Ash and friends stop to eat in a field. When Munchlax runs off everybody goes to look for it. Ash bumps into Morrison a fellow Pokémon Trainer wanting to compete in the Hoenn League. Ash & Morrison constantly try to prove who is better, but when Pikachu & Beldum are captured byt Team Rocket they must work together to save them.
8x28 The Ribbon Cup Caper! aired: Thursday Mar 17, 2005
On the boat to Slateport City the mysterious disguising thief - Brody returns and steals the Ribbon Cup, which forces officials to cancel the Grand Festival! Now Ash and friends must get the Ribbon Cup back and save the Grand Festival! Not only that but Team Rocket decide to go after it as well.
8x29 Ash and May! Heated Battles of Hoenn!! aired: Thursday Mar 24, 2005
In the first Pokémon clip show, the group are still on the boat looking towards the Grand Festival. Ash remembers all of his Hoenn Gym Battles and then May remembers all of her contest battles.
8x30 Hi Ho Silver Wind! aired: Thursday Apr 7, 2005
May enters the Grand Festival.
8x31 Deceit and Assist aired: Thursday Apr 7, 2005
May advances further into the Grand Festival.
8x32 Rhapsody in Drew aired: Thursday Apr 7, 2005
May must face Drew in the Grand Festival, a battle that has been going on since they met, and a battle that will soon be over. And while May battles Drew, Ash continues to train Snorunt...
8x33 Island Time aired: Thursday Apr 14, 2005
Ash and friends head out for Ever Grande City and the Hoenn League Championships.
8x34 Like a Meowth to a Flame aired: Thursday Apr 21, 2005
Ash and friends arrive in Ever Grande City and meet Tyson and his Meowth. When the Moltres Flame Torch is stolen, it is up to Ash and his new friend to save it and the Ever Grande Tournament.
8x35 Saved By The Beldum aired: Thursday Apr 28, 2005
Morrison finally shows up to register at the Hoenn League and the preliminaries get underway.
8x36 From Brags to Riches aired: Thursday May 5, 2005
The Hoenn League continues.
8x37 Shocks and Bonds aired: Thursday May 12, 2005
The Hoenn League Finals begin.
8x38 A Judgment Brawl aired: Thursday May 19, 2005
The Hoenn League Finals continue.
8x39 Choose It or Lose It! aired: Thursday May 26, 2005
Ash's battle with Morrison isn't turning out like he hoped. Morrison does not want to battle Ash, and quickly loses his second Pokémon, Growlithe. But with a little coaching from Ash, Morrison agrees to battle, and gives him a run for his money.
8x40 At the End of the Fray aired: Thursday Jun 16, 2005
Ash must battle another one of his rivals, Tyson, to further himself in the League.
8x41 The Scheme Team aired: Thursday Jun 23, 2005
On his way home to Pallet Town, Ash meets Scott, Leader of the Battle Froniter. After losing to the new Viridian City Gym Leader, Agatha, Scott tells Ash about the Battle Frontier. Ash agrees to take the challenge but first he returns to Pallet Town and meets up with his old friend Misty.
8x42 The Right Place and the Right Mime aired: Thursday Jun 30, 2005
Back in Pallet Town, Ash and friends meet up at Professor Oak's Laboratory. The new starter Squirtle takes a liking to May, as does Muk to Professor Birch. having a quick drink before lunch, Ash tells everyone about the Battle Frontier Challenge that Scott invited him to. May decides to join him on her quest to conquer the Kanto Grand Festival. Outside, Ash introduces May and Max to Snorlax. As Munchlax greets his evolved form, a stampede of Ash's Pokémon comes to greet him. Tauros and Ash have some fun, and Bayleef greets Ash happily. Later, Team Rocket attacks again, and Professor Birch tries to help. Professor Oak and Delia remain calm and say that Ash can handle it himself. He and the others do handle it fine, and Team Rocket goes blasting off again. Professor Oak gives Ash and May new Pokédexes, May's a different color: gold. Max asks to have one but Tracey gives him his PokéNav back with the Battle Frontier information. Squirtle decides to join May on her journey, and Ash chooses to leave Torkoal and Glalie at the Lab, along with May's Bulbasaur. The next morning, everyone heads out, with Phanpy tagging along. Just as they're leaving Pallet Town, Brock arrives, and the five friends head for the Battle Factory and Cerulean City.
8x43 A Real Cleffa Hanger aired: Thursday Jul 7, 2005
Ash and friends are heading towards the Battle Factory where Ash hopes to earn his first Frontier Symbol. A Cleffa emerges from the bushes and makes some friends with Ash and May's Pokémon. It also takes a liking to Misty's Azurill. During a Team Rocket attack, Misty, Max, Pikachu, Azurill, and Cleffa are sent over a cliff and into a river below. Ash, May, and Brock head out to look for them as Misty and Max try to find their way back to them. A storm moves in so Misty and Max are forced to take cover in a cave. Ash and the others meet a Clefairy and a Clefable along their searches, and the next morning, the gang reunites. Several Cleffa, Clefairy, and Clefable help send Team Rocket blasting off again. That night, the Pokémon do their Moon Dance for the full moon.
8x44 Numero Uno Articuno aired: Thursday Jul 21, 2005
Ash arrives at the Battle Factory where he challenges Noland and his friend Articuno with Charizard.
8x45 The Symbol Life aired: Thursday Jul 28, 2005
Ash and Charizard battle Noland and Articuno for the Knowledge Symbol.
8x46 Hooked On Onix aired: Thursday Aug 4, 2005
On thier way to the Battle Arena, Ash and friends take a break. When they run out of water Ash, May, & Brock go to look for some while Max stays and feeds the Pokémon. When Munchlax eats all of the food a battle ensuses which enrages some nearby Geodude who in return, attack and Pikachu, Corphish, Phanpy, Squirtle, and Munchlax are separated from the rest. Meanwhile, Team Rocket convinces an Onix, who is the king of a Rock Pokémon Kingdom, that Ash and the others are evil. Onix then sends his Rock army to capture them...
8x47 Rough, Tough Jigglypuff aired: Thursday Aug 11, 2005
While traveling towards the Battle Arena, Ash and friends get caught in a trap made by a man named Mitch. Mitch is trying to capture a Jigglypuff to give to his daughter for her birthday. Ash and the others try to help capture it but it is super strong, smarter, and tricky which makes it that much more difficult...
8x48 On Cloud Arcanine aired: Thursday Aug 18, 2005
On their way to the Battle Arena, Ash and friends stop by a cake shop. An Arcanine comes running by and May falls in love with it and decides to catch it. Drew returns and also wants to capture it...
8x49 Sitting Psyduck aired: Thursday Aug 25, 2005
On their way to Saffron City, Ash and friends encounter a Psyduck that is running away from a Machop, Machoke, and Machamp. They fend off the Fighting Pokémon and decide to find its trainer, but Team Rocket has their eyes set on Psyduck too...
8x50 Hail to the Chef! aired: Thursday Sep 1, 2005
On their way to Saffron City, Ash and friends arrive at one restaurant, and Team Rocket arrives at another one. They are run by two twin sisters named Rhonda and Rhoda. The chefs at the restaurants are their pokémon. Rhonda's Mr. Mime makes good looking food but it tastes horrible, while Rhoda's Sneasel makes great food that looks bad. After they get in another fight, they decide to have a competition to see whose pokémon can make the best meal in looks, taste, and performance. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is using this competition as a way to steal Mr. Mime and Sneasel.
8x51 Caterpie's Big Dilemma aired: Thursday Sep 8, 2005
On their way to Saffron City, Ash and friends are accused of breaking into a lab by a kid named Xander and a man named Dr. Gordon. After they are set free Team Rocket breaks in and tries to steal some of the Doctor's inventions. Jessie drops a briefcase and a bunch of blue candy drops on the ground which Xander's friend Caterpie eats. It grows to an enormous size and goes and climbs to the top of the radio tower in town. While Ash and friends try to figure out how to make is small again, Jessie and James show up again and use the candy to make Cacnea and Dustox larger than life...
8x52 The Saffron Con aired: Thursday Sep 15, 2005
Finally in Saffron City, May prepares for the upcoming contest. She checks out the stadium and meets Lillian Meridian, the younger sister of Vivian Meridian. At the Pokémon Center, she runs into Harley again. At first she doesn't want to believe him but after the info he tells her is true she believes him. He tells her that she can register for the contest with her Hoenn Pass by 11:00 the next morning, but Max doesn't believe him. She goes to train not realizing that he is lying and that Team Rocket is also entering the Contest and plans to steal all the Coordinator's Pokémon!
8x53 A Hurdle for Squirtle aired: Thursday Sep 22, 2005
As the Saffron Contests begins, Harley apologizes to May put she yells at him and says she will win the ribbon. May, Harley, and Empress Jessebella (Jessie) make it through the appeal rounds with great appeals. In the battle rounds Harley goes up against Jessebella with his Ariados Vs. her Wobbuffet. Harley doesn't attack because of Counter and Mirror Coat and Wobbuffet can't attack leading to both getting a yellow card and they lose half their points. Not wanting to be disqualified, Harley uses String Shot to tie up Wobbuffet and deplete Jessebella's points. After beating more opponents, May and Squritle have to face Harley and Ariados in the final round.. Will May win the Saffron Contest and get her first Kanto Ribbon?
8x54 Pasta La Vista! aired: Thursday Sep 29, 2005
Still in Saffron City, May wants to go to a noodle shop but Max finds a dojo and Ash wants to go to it. Ash and Max head for the dojo while May and Brock go the the noodle shop. At the shop, a woman runs out pulling a man along with him. They argue and we learn that their names are Terry and Kyle. Terry pulls Kyle away from the shop; May gives chase, wanting Kyle's "Battle Noodles" with Brock behind, in love with Terry. At the dojo, Ash and Max are mistaken for students by Master Ham and are set to cleaning the floors. Terry, Kyle, May, and Brock burst in and Master Ham gets in an argument with Kyle, who turns out to be his son. To settle it, they decide to have a battle, Master Ham using Hitmonlee and Kyle using Hitmonchan. During the battle, Master Ham's bad back fires up on him and he is forced to quit. Ash offers to battle for him, but Kyle objects to that. May offers to battle for Kyle and the match is reset. Ash is given Hitmonlee to train with while May is given Hitmonchan. They practice and then battle each other with Kyle's Noodle Shop on the line!

Season 9 Episode List

9x1 Fear Factor Phony aired: Thursday Oct 6, 2005
On their way to the Battle Arena, Ash and friends arrive in a Ghost Town where they are a group of Ghost Pokémon scaring anyone who comes by. After being scared, they find a group of Psychic Pokémon, who after being abandoned, have been playing loud music all day and night. While Ash and friends try to cheer up the Psychic Pokémon, Team Rocket team-up with the Ghost Pokémon and try to stop the Psychic Pokémon for good!
9x2 Sweet Baby James aired: Thursday Oct 13, 2005
On the way to the Battle Arena, both James' Chimecho and May's Munchlax fall sick. They bring them to James' old summer mansion where they are attended to by James' Nanny and Pop-Pop. James has everyone play along with him when he says he is the leader of a major business. Meanwhile, even though they promised James they would stay out of trouble, Jessie and Meowth decide to steal all the Pokémon in the garden as well as Nanny and Pop-Pop's friend Mime Jr!
9x3 A Chip Off the Old Brock aired: Thursday Oct 20, 2005
During a training match against Ash's Grovyle, Brock's Mudkip evolves into Marshtomp and with its new power injures a nearby Flaaffy. They offer to help Flaaffy, but it turns out the girl, Mariah, has a Grandma that owns a pharmacy nearby. At the pharmacy, Flaaffy is healed. Ash and the others then learn that Grandma Katie has a student named McCauley that is learning the secrets behind medicine. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decides to steal all of Katie's medicine.
9x4 Wheel of Frontier aired: Thursday Oct 27, 2005
At the Pokémon Center Ash recieves his Snorlax from Professor Oak. He learns about the Arena Tycoon Greta from Scott, who tells him that she battles with Fighting Pokémon. At the Battle Arena, Ash ends up with a two-on-two battle with Greta. Greta chooses Hariyama and Medicham while Ash chooses Grovyle and Snorlax. In the first round Greta quickly overwhelms Grovyle. Can Ash and Snorlax pull through and beat Greta?
9x5 May’s Egg-Cellent Adventure aired: Thursday Nov 3, 2005
On the way to the Battle Dome, Ash and friends stumble upon a Pokémon Breeding Farm. On the farm, a girl named Nicolet dreams of entering Pokémon Contests, but doesn't want to leave the Farm. May tries to encourage her but instead she challenges May to a battle a launches attack after attack at Munchlax. Munchlax, using its new attack Focus Punch, wins the battle. Meanwhile, Team Rocket comes up with a plan to steal all the eggs!
9x6 Weekend Warrior aired: Thursday Nov 10, 2005
May arrives in Silver Town for her second Pokémon Contest. As the contest begins a guy named Jeremy enters the contest much to his wife and son's protest. Jeremy tries to tell his wife why he loves contests but she doesn't want to listen so May steps in to help Jeremy. As the final round arrives, it is a battle between May and Jeremy.
9x7 On Olden Pond aired: Thursday Nov 17, 2005
On the way to the Battle Dome, Ash and the others decide to stop at a famous fishing spot for the day. However, the lake is deserted. They find out from the owner of a fishing house, Tiffany, that a company wants to buy the lake and turn the land into a resort. In order to scare people away from the land so Tifanny and her Grandma get no business, the leader of the comapny uses his Crawdaunt to terrorize the lake. When Tiffany fins out, she challenges his to a battle. The next day Ash prepares to fight him for the future of the lake.
9x8 Tactics Theatrics!! aired: Thursday Nov 24, 2005
Ash finally arrives at the Battle Dome ready for his next Frontier Battle. After a little press conference Ash finally begins his battle against the Frontier Brain, Tucker. The battle will be a double battle, which Tucker uses Swampert and Arcanine for. Ash chooses Swellow and Corphish and the battle begins. The battle quickly goes in Tucker's favor as his Pokémon are very skilled at combinations together.
9x9 Reversing The Charges aired: Thursday Dec 1, 2005
On their way to the Battle Pike, Ash and friends encounter an Elekid with an attitude problem. Lately, the mountains where Elekid lives have been struck by tons of lightning, which has caused Elekid to absorb it and go crazy. Following an attack, May's Egg becomes stuck in Elekid's antenna and it runs off. Now they must get the egg back! However, Elekid attacks Team Rocket and separates James from Mime Jr! Now, May's egg is with Team Rocket and Mime Jr is with May! Can Ash and the others stop Elekid from attacking more Pokémon and save May's Egg?
9x10 The Green Guardian aired: Thursday Dec 8, 2005
On their way to the Battle Pike, Ash and friends decide to ride along Cycling Road. However it is closed and they must go through the forest below. After hearing a noise, Pikachu wanders away and finds an injured Celebi under some thick vines. Ash and the others then meet up with the Pokémon Ranger Solana who agrees to help them find Pikachu. When they finally find Pikachu and Celebi, the reunion is short-lived as Team Rocket attacks wanting Celebi for themselves!
9x11 From Cradle to Save! aired: Thursday Dec 15, 2005
On the way to the Battle Pike, Ash and friends stumble across a ninja school. However, there have been thefts around the school lately and they are told to be alert. On one of their tasks, which is to find the teacher's Kecleon, Ash and another Ninja stumble across a Bonsly. Bonsly is quickly blamed for all of the recent thefts at the school but Brock quickly proves them wrong. Soon after, the real thieves, which is none-other than Team Rocket, show up to steal all of the Pokémon at the Ninja School!
9x12 Time Warp Heals All Wounds! aired: Thursday Dec 22, 2005
Ash and friends finally arrive in Fuchsia City with the Battle Pike only a day away. May's egg then begins to glow signaling that it is ready to hatch. However, before she can celebrate her Squirtle runs off. May finds Squirtle at the train station with an old lady named Edna. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decides to divide and conquer to capture everyone's Pokémon. Back at the train station, Edna explains that she is waiting for her husband to return. Then Edna's granddaughter, Katrina, shows up and gets her Grandma to go home. Katrina tells May that many years ago Edna's husband, Jonathan, left for the big city in order to become a Pokemon Doctor. Edna tried to reach the station but the train left before she got there and she wishes it had just been snowing that day so she could have told Jonathan they were going to have a baby. One year later, he died in an accident but she refuses to believe it. She also tells May that Edna lost her pendant that day. When May and Squritle find the pendant, they, along with Meowth (who was following and listening to them), get transported back in time to that exact day, and decide to fix Edna's future by fixing the past by making sure that it starts to snow.
9x13 Queen of the Serpentine! aired: Thursday Jan 5, 2006
Ash finally arrives at the location of the Battle Pike ready to battle. Team Rocket tricks him into coming into their own fake Battle Pike where they capture Pikachu. With the help of the real Frontier Brain - Pike Queen Lucy, they save Pikachu. Ash challenges Lucy to a battle, and even though it is her day off, she accepts as she has a crush on Brock. Ash the two begin their battle Ash realizes Lucy is no pushover. Can Ash win? And who will Brock cheer for!
9x14 Off the Unbeaten Path! aired: Thursday Jan 12, 2006
On their way to the Battle Palace, Ash & friends stop at Potpourri Island where they learn about the Pokémon Orienteering Contest. The contest is a race around the island where a trainer and one Pokémon must go to five different locations and get the special stamps at those locations. The winner will receive a special medal along with a ton of fruit. As the contest begins, Ash goes with Pikachu, May with Eevee, Brock with Bonsly, Max with Munchlax, James with Mime Jr, and Jessie with Meowth. Who will win the contest and win all that fruit? That is if Jessie and Meowth don't succeed in stealing it along with Ash, May, and Brock's Pokémon!
9x15 Harley Rides Again aired: Thursday Jan 19, 2006
Ash and friends finally arrive in Wisteria Town where May prepares for her next contest. Harley shows up and this time, he's not so friendly! He declares that he will win this contest and his Fourth Ribbon. Team Rocket tries to convince Harley to work with them to help beat May and get Pikachu but he just calls them losers and leaves. In the contest, both May and Harley manage to breeze through the appeals and battles and end up facing each other, Munchlax to Octillery. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decides to get revenge on Harley.
9x16 Odd Pokémon Out! aired: Thursday Jan 26, 2006
While on the way to May's next contest, Ash and friends must stop at a nearby island to switch to the ferry to the next island. They let their Pokémon out to play and Donphan, still as playful as ever, tries to play with some Rhyhorn, only to be chased by their parents. After being saved by Nurse Joy and her Meganium, Grovyle gets into a conflict with a wild Tropius and beaten badly. Meganium heals Grovyle and Grovyle falls in love with her. However, Meganium and Tropius love each other! Now Grovyle decides to battle Tropius again to get revenge, and win Meganium's love!
9x17 Spontaneous Combusken! aired: Thursday Feb 2, 2006
After losing a ribbon to Harley, May arrives on Chrysanthemum Island ready to win her Thrid Ribbon. Ash is also working hard trying to help Sceptile regain its ability to use attacks. When Drew shows up, May finds out he didn't send her the letter. Later, while training on the beach, she meets a girl named Brianna who reveals that she sent the letter and rose to May. When Brianna finds out May knows Drew she freaks out as she has a crush on Drew. When she finally meets Drew, Brianna claims that she will beat May in the contest and win Drew's respect and love! Meanwhile, Jessie also enters the contest with James' Mime Jr.
9x18 Cutting the Ties That Bind! aired: Thursday Feb 9, 2006
Ash and friends have finally arrived on Metallica Island, the location of the Battle Palace. Before challenging the Frontier Brain, Ash does a little training hoping to boost Sceptile's confidence. However, Sceptile still can't muster the strength needed to use attacks and runs into the woods frustrated. Ash and Pikachu quickly run after Sceptile, but once the get on the woods, they are attacked but a swarm of Beedrill and are knocked into the river! Ash manages to save Sceptile, but Pikachu is swept away! Ash and Sceptile manage to get of the river and take a rest for the night, and Pikachu also manages to get out of the river. An old man finds Pikachu and helps to heal him. When Scott appears at the Pokémon Center, he reveals to the others that this is the time of year when the Kakuna evolve and Beedrill will attack anything to protect them! Can Ash manage to find Pikachu, boost Sceptile's confidence, and get out of the woods without being stung?
9x19 Ka Boom With a View! aired: Thursday Feb 16, 2006
Ash finally arrives at Battle Palace, ready to take on Spenser for the Spirit Symbol. As they head out to the battlefield Ash learns that he has the entire surronding Jungle to battle in! As the battle begins, May, Brock, and Max head up in a balloon with Scott to watch the battle. As the battle begins, Ash pits his newly "revived" Sceptile against Spenser's Shiftry and the battle quickly takes into the forest. Will Ash manages to be able to beat Spenser while battling in a forest? And does he have a secret weapon waiting in the wings?
9x20 King and Queen for a Day! aired: Thursday Feb 23, 2006
On their way to the Battle Tower, Ash and friends arrive in a town back on the mainland of Kanto. Then, Team Rocket (in disguise) convinces them to get free massages, which they agree to get. It turns out to be a trap and a battle ensues between Sceptile and Dustox (with the help of Munchlax's metronome) that destroys the tent and separates Pikachu, Bonsly, Meowth, and Mime Jr. from everybody else! The four of them land in the middle of the city are chased around by a bunch of guys in black suits. They manage to lose them and after helping a lady, Meowth manages to get some food for the four of them, but it is short lived as the men quickly find them again. It turns out that they men are chasing them because they are mistaking Bonsly and Mime Jr. for the famous Pokémon stars, King Bonsly and Queen Mime Jr. Jessie and James manage to find them and Jessie manages to get Mime Jr. and Bonsly in the filming of the King and Queen's TV show! This is all a part of Jessie and James' plan to become rich, can Ash and the others find Bonsly and stop Team Rocket's “evil” plan? Or will they just end up in the craziest TV show ever?
9x21 Curbing the Crimson Tide! aired: Thursday Mar 2, 2006
In a dark alley three kids come face to face with the mysterious "Red Lighting". One kid sends out his Poliwag only to have it beaten and scribbled on. Then, Ash and the others arrive in the same city. Nurse Joy tells them of Red Lighting and how he is unbeatable. While visiting a park, May's Squirtle runs off and is attacked by Red Lighting and is easily defeated. After following Red Lighting to a house on the top of a skyscraper, they find out it is just a Scizor that belongs to a little girl, however she has no plans to stop her little plan. Now Ash decides to stop her for good.
9x22 What I Did For Love! aired: Thursday Mar 9, 2006
May finally arrives in Gardenia Town ready to win her Fourth Ribbon. She gains a nice surprise when she finds out the Eevee has learned Dig. While May prepares for the contest, Brock meets another Pokémon Breeder named Yuma. After seeing his Pokémon skills, she convinces him to enter the Gardenia Contest. After amazing appeals by Squirtle and Bonsly, both May and Brock make it to the battle rounds. Will May be able to beat her friend in order to win her Fourth Kanto Ribbon?
9x23 Three Jynx and a Baby! aired: Thursday Mar 9, 2006
On their way to the Battle Tower, May finds a Smoochum behind a bush. She tries to pick it up, only to be attacked by three Jynx, Smoochum's sisters. After a short battle Ash and the others leave and head for town. Soon after, Team Rocket take Smoochum and plan to make her a star. The Jynx then begin to attack the town and Ash and May hold them back before luring them to where Smoochum is. However, when they get there, Jessie has no intentions to give Smoochum back to her sisters!
9x24 Talking A Good Game aired: Thursday Mar 16, 2006
As Ash and the others finally arrive at the Battle Tower, Ash does some last minute training with Pikachu. He is suddenly attacked by a Beedrill and a girl comes to his rescue. After sending Beedrill away they are attacked by a Gyarados and she once again talks to him and helps him calm down. Soon Team Rocket attacks wanting Pikachu and this human who can talk to Pokémon. After fending Team Rocket off, she introduces herself as Anabel. Before Anabel can properly introduce herself, Ash runs off to the Battle Tower, only to find out Anabel is the leader. As the battle begins, Ash quickly falls behind as Anabel can speak to Pokémon through telepathy. Can Ash manage to get past her special ability and win his Sixth Frontier Symbol?
9x25 Second Time's the Charm! aired: Thursday Mar 23, 2006
After a devastating defeat at the hands of Anabel, Ash is eager to challenge her again, except this time he plans to think with his Pokémon like Anabel instead of rush in. While training for the re-match, Ash is once again attack by Beedrill and then Team Rocket after eating their lunch. After sending Team Rocket away, Ash and May try to learn how to talk to their Pokémon just like Anabel, however Corphish and Combusken just look on with blank looks. After finishing his little “lesson” Ash begins his battle with Anabel. Just like last time Anabel uses her telepathy ability to fight. Even though Ash is at a disadvantage, he surprisingly does better than last time, even managing to win in the first round! Will Anabel prove to powerful with her telepathy, or will Ash overcome it to win his Sixth Frontier Symbol?
9x26 Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys Crisis! (1) aired: Thursday Apr 13, 2006
On the way to the Battle Pyramid, Ash and friends meet up with Solana, the Pokémon Ranger. She is there because of a geometric problem in the area that is disturbing electronics of all kinds including the Pokéballs. Everyone figures out that the disturbance is caused by a lonely Deoxys. When they go to investigate the place where Deoxys' meteor crashed, Deoxys becomes scared and flees with Max and Meowth.
9x27 Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys Crisis! (2) aired: Thursday Apr 13, 2006
With Max and Meowth taken by Deoxys, Ash and the others head back to the Pokémon Center to devise a plan. Solana manages to fix their Pokéballs and so they head out in search of their friends. In Deoxys' world, it explains to Max (through Meowth) that it is very lonely and confused. However, the geometric imbalance is starting to create Chaos in the world, this pain causes Deoxys to start attacking everybody. Their only hope is for Solana to use the Capture Styler on Deoxys, but it only works when Deoxys is in normal form. Now the others must battle to save themselves from Deoxys and wait patiently for the right time to capture it.
9x28 All That Glitters Is Not Golden! aired: Thursday Apr 20, 2006
On the way to Pewter City and then the Battle Pyramid, Ash and May encounter a Golden Sudowoodo. Ash tries to catch it but fails. In town, Brock doesn't believe them but a bunch of people do and want info. After the people mob them for information, they retreat with a boy named Keenan where they learn that Sudowoodo is his. Keenan tells them for some reason Sudowoodo will not come back to Keenan. Meanwhile, Team Rocket hear of this and decide to capture Sudowoodo, however the townspeople also have their eyes on Sudowoodo! It turns out that Sudowoodo is Gold because of an experiment that Keenan performed on it, which is why it will not go back to Keenan. Can Ash and friends stop Team Rocket and the townspeople from taking Sudowoodo? And can Keenan get the chance to reconcile with his pokémon?
9x29 New Plot, Odd Lot! aired: Thursday Apr 27, 2006
Finally in Mulberry Town, May learns that this is the last contest before the Grand Festival! May becomes nervous and begins to doubt herself, but this is quickly put to rest when Harley shows up bragging about his five ribbons. Harley finds Team Rocket outside planning Jessie's contest strategy. Harley decides to help Jessie, but only so May won't make it to the Grand Festival. He gives her Cacturne and Banette to use. As the appeals get underway, Jessie takes an early lead, but thanks to James, Meowth, and Harley's Ariados, May and Combusken are starting to slip up. Will May be able to pass the appeals and get to the second round.
9x30 Going For Choke! aired: Thursday May 4, 2006
As the battle rounds for the Mulberry Contest begin, James and Meowth trick Ash, Brock, and Max into a huge metal box so that they can't cheer May on, in hopes that it will cause her to lose. Harley is more determined then ever to make sure May loses. Jessie and May easily breeze through the battle rounds. As the final round arrives, May sticks with her trusty Squirtle and Jessie stays with Harley's Banette. Will May be able to beat Jessie and win her final ribbon so she can compete in the Grand Festival? And what about Ash and the others, can Drew rescue them in time?
9x31 The Ole' Berate and Switch aired: Thursday May 11, 2006
After failing to capture Pikachu, Jessie, James, and Meowth go their separate ways. Butch and Cassidy also split which leads to Jessie teaming up with Butch and James with Cassidy. Both teams then try to prove who is better by capturing Pikachu and Pokémon that trainers are using in a fake battle tournament set up by them.
9x32 Grating Spaces! aired: Thursday May 18, 2006
On their way to the Battle Pyramid, Ash and friends arrive in Pewter City to find the gym redecorated! Brock's siblings explain that three people convinced their parents to get the gym redecorated to make it look nicer and then they sent Flint and Lola on a vacation! When Brock looks at the inside of the gym it looks just as bad, and he finds out that his Onix has evolved into Steelix! Then, the re-modelers, who are actually Team Rocket in disguise, return with a new Charizard and Aggron given to them from Delibird (and actually meant for Butch and Cassidy) and challenge Brock and Ash to a battle to decide the fate of Pewter Gym!
9x33 Battling the Enemy Within aired: Thursday May 25, 2006
Ash and friends finally arrive at the Battle Pyramid. As they get close, they fall into some ancient ruins. After almost being crushed, they run into a guy named Brandon who owns a Regirock! Brandon acts as if they are in the wrong for being there and decides to take them out. Brandon tells them that these are the ruins of the Ancient Empire Pokélantis, and the legend of its King and the legendary Ho-Oh. When they find the throne room, Ash touches a sphere and he is possessed by the evil King himself. He then tries to steal everyone's pokémon! Brandon decides to stop him in a battle and save Ash. Will Brandon be able to win and set Ash free? Or will the King win and steal all the Pokémon?
9x34 Slaking Kong aired: Thursday Jun 8, 2006
On the way to Indigo Plateau for May's Grand Festival, a group of Aipom come by and steal Ash's hat and May's ribbons! A old man comes by and tells them that local Aipom, Mankey, and Vigoroth have been stealing his berries and taking them up to the mountains. He also tells them that there is a rumor about a giant monster living in the mountains. They follow the Aipom into the mountains to a giant wooden fence. When the fence opens up, they run in and find out that it is really a Giant Slaking working with Team Rocket! They plan to use all the berries to make and sell Pokéblock at the Grand Festival, and Jessie will use May's ribbons to compete! After being chased out of the Slaking's territory, Ash and Brock are separated from everybody else, along with the Aipom that stole Ash's hat. Can they reunite, get May's Ribbons back, solve the mystery of the Giant Slaking, and get Ash's hat back?
9x35 May, We Harley Drew'd Ya! aired: Thursday Jun 15, 2006
Ash and friends finally arrive at the Indigo Plateau for May's Kanto Grand Festival. Before the competition, excitement already unfolds as Aipom returns and steals everybody's hats! With that help of Drew and a new trainer named Solidad, they manage to get the hats back. After Drew leaves, Solidad tells May how she knows Drew, and how much he talks about May. While this is going on, Brock and Max run into a cloaked figure that they suspect to be Harley. As the next day begins, May, Drew, and Solidad all pull off impressive performances, but everyone begins to wonder where Harley is. All of a sudden, Harley, dressed as May and calling himself Mayley, comes out for a Harley original appeal. As the first round ends, May, Drew, Harley, and Solidad all progress, however, Harley has set out to defeat all of them!
9x36 Thinning The Hoard! aired: Thursday Jun 22, 2006
The Grand Festival continues with appeals as Drew shows off his new Absol. May, Harley, and Solidad also do great appeals and the four of them all make it into the Top 16, which are the battle rounds. In the first match, May has to battle Harley. She chooses Munchlax and Eevee while he uses Cacturne and his new Wigglytuff. Eevee and Munchlax easily take out Cacturne but Wigglytuff badly beats them back. After devising a perfect strategy, May wins. Soon after, Solidad and Drew beat their opponents. Now in the Top 8 May must face Drew! She selects Combusken and Squirtle and Drew picks Absol and Flygon. Will May be able to beat her long time rival?
9x37 Channeling The Battle Zone aired: Thursday Jun 29, 2006
As May and Drew continue their battle. Drew quickly gains a lead with a new combo move. As the battle progresses, May manages to finally defeat Flygon with Squritle. However, her victory is soon spoiled as Absol quickly takes out Squirtle. Combusken and Absol continue to battle with neither side letting down. During the battle, Combusken learns Overheat and is able to strike back with amazing power. As the battle ends, it comes down to May winning by just a few points! After the battle, Ash finally catches the troublesome Aipom. May then finds herself up against Solidad and her amazing Pidgeot and Slowbro. Can May defeat Solidad and go on to win the Grand Festival?
9x38 Aipom and Circumstance! aired: Thursday Jul 6, 2006
On the way to Fennel Valley and the Battle Pyramid, Ash and friends stop for lunch. After they are done eating, Aipom tries to show Ash the flowers it gathered, but when Pikachu jumps on Ash's shoulder, Aipom gets jealous, grabs Ash's hat, and runs off. Ash, Pikachu, and Brock run off after it and wind up in a village where people are stretching. A boy named Hank explains that they are about to compete in a contest to decide who will be the king of their village for the next year. As the contest begins, Aipom comes by, takes the crown, and runs off into the woods, and everyone gives chase. In the woods Aipom puts the crown on and it gets stuck to her head! Now Ash must catch up with Aipom and remove the crown before the people of the village or Team Rocket get a hold of it!
9x39 Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight! aired: Thursday Jul 20, 2006
On thier way to the Battle Pyramid, Ash and friends meet a trainer who uses a Chatot for her pokémon comedy routine. She hopes to win an upcoming comedy showdown by using Chatot to imitate people and pokémon. Chatot gets away from its trainer and now Ash and the others have to find it, but Team Rocket is also after this pokémon.
9x40 Duels of the Jungle! aired: Thursday Jul 27, 2006
Ash and friends continue thier journey to the Battle Pyramid for Ash's final symbol. They come across a injured wild Weavile. They try to help it but it attacks and badly injures Aipom. They find out from a townperson that Weavile was attacked by a member of its own group instead of a Sneasel. Ash and friends then decide to find Weavile and help it beat its adversary.
9x41 Overjoyed! aired: Thursday Aug 3, 2006
Ash and friends finally arrive at the Battle Pyramid. Ash has a training match against Nurse Joy and Chansey which he loses. He then trades Aipom for Torkoal and faces off against Brandon and his Registeel.
9x42 The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing! aired: Thursday Aug 10, 2006
While Ash is preparing hinself for another rematch with Brandon, Drew appears again and May challenges him to a battle.
9x43 Pinch Healing! aired: Thursday Aug 17, 2006
A bus full of Pokémon breaks down in front of the Pokémon Center. However, Nurse Joy has fallen sick! Now Ash, May, Max, and Brock must take care of the Pokémon and save them from Team Rocket! Jap Title: The Pokémon Center Is Very Busy!
9x44 Gathering The Gang Of Four! aired: Thursday Aug 24, 2006
Ash calls in Bulbasuar, Squirtle, and Charizard for his upcoming 4-on-4 rematch with Brandon. In the first round, Ash sets Charizard up against Dusclops. Jap title: First Pokémon! Final Battle!!
9x45 Pace - The Final Frontier! aired: Thursday Aug 31, 2006
Ash continues his battle against Brandon. The battle continues to stay fairly balanced, that is until Regice comes out, can Ash finally beat Brandon? Jap title: Deciding Match! VS Regice!!
9x46 Once More With Reeling aired: Thursday Sep 7, 2006
On their way back to Pallet Town, Ash and May compete in a Pokémon Contest. During the break, May's Combusken evolves into Blaziken! In the final round, Ash pits Sceptile against May's Blaziken! jap title: Ash VS May! The Last Battle!!
9x47 Home Is Where The Start Is aired: Thursday Sep 14, 2006
After tying in the contest, May decides that she will head to Johto alone. After her and Max head back to Hoenn on a ship, Ash and Brock must depart as well. On the way back to Pallet, Ash runs into Gary and his Elekible, a new Pokémon. Gary refuses to battle and leaves. Ash finally arrives home and is greeted by the usual homecoming party. Finally Gary decides to battle with Ash. After losing to Gary, Ash leaves all his Pokémon except Pikachu and Aipom (who sneaks along) at Oak's Lab and heads to the Shinou region. Jap title: End of a Journey, Yet Beginning of a Journey!!

Season 10 Episode List

10x1 Following A Maiden's Voyage! aired: Thursday Sep 28, 2006
In the far-off region of Sinnoh, a girl named Dawn has reached her 10th birthday and has set out from her hometown of Twinleaf to meet Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town to receive her Starter Pokémon. Her dream is to take part in Super Contests positioned throughout the land. On her way, however, she gets lost. When she manages to reach the Lab, the three Starters, Turtwig, Piplup, and Chimchar, are fighting and manage to escape the building. Now it's up to Dawn to get them all back so she can begin her journey.
10x2 Two Degrees of Separation! aired: Thursday Sep 28, 2006
After getting her starting Pokémon, Piplup, Dawn begins her quest to compete in Super Contests. After many failed capture attempts, she runs into Ash's Pikachu who is still separated from Ash and she tries to catch it. The capture fails because Pikachu is already someone elses Pokemon. Then Team Rocket come and attack Pikachu! Meanwhile, Brock returns with new clothes and him, Ash, and Aipom set out to find Pikachu. Can they find Pikachu? and can Dawn save Pikachu?!
10x3 When Pokémon Worlds Collide! aired: Thursday Sep 28, 2006
Paul challenges Ash to a battle, however, since he has not found Pikachu yet so he has to decline. Finally, Ash finds Pikachu with Dawn. After thanking her, he returns to Sandgem Town along with Brock and Dawn where Paul challenges him again, and he accepts.
10x4 Dawn of a New Era! aired: Thursday Oct 5, 2006
After Dawn fails to capture a Buneary, her and Ash begin to fight constantly. They soon run into a trainer named Nando who temporarily stops the fighting. Dawn decides to battle Nando in order to prove to Ash that she is better then he thinks. However, Nando's Budew easily beats Piplup. At the pok�mon center Nurse Joy tells them that he is trying to decide between contests and gym battles. Ash and Dawn decide to try and "help" him decide. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decides to attack Dawn thinking that because she is a new trainer, they can easily beat her.
10x5 Gettin' Twiggy With It! aired: Thursday Oct 19, 2006
On the way to Jubilife City, Team Rocket captures Pikachu and flies off. After Starly pops the balloon, a wild Turtwig sends Team Rocket blasting off before running into the woods with the injured Pikachu. Ash, Brock, and Dawn meet Clara who lives on the lake and she explains that Turtwig helps injured pok�mon and tires to keep peace in the forest. Ash, Brock, and Dawn go into the woods to find Pikachu and Turtwig, and Team Rocket is planning on stealing both.
10x6 Different Strokes for Different Blokes! aired: Thursday Oct 26, 2006
While preparing a to eat one of Brock's meals, Aipom and Piplup get into a fight which Turtwig tries to break up. Paul shows up and seeing Ash's new Turtwig, he wants to battle it. During the battle Turtwig will not dodge attacks which worries Ash. Team Rocket then interrupts and Ash and Paul wind up going over the cliff side. At the bottom of the cliff is a forest where wild Stantler live and create illusions so that they will not be disturbed. Now Ash has to make it out of the forest without the interruptions of the Stantler, as well as some Beedrill and Ursaring.
10x7 Like It or Lup It! aired: Thursday Nov 2, 2006
Ash and Brock help Dawn train for an upcoming contest. However, her planned appeal always makes Piplup dizzy and it always fails. While they prepare to eat lunch, Team Rocket finds a pile of berries belonging to a Golduck, Wooper, Quagsire, and Poliwag, and steal them. When some of these berries wind up with some Ludicolo, Golduck begins to yell at the Ludicolo. Team Rocket attacks Golduck and sends it flying so that Ludicolo will join there side. Soon, Piplup winds up leading the Golduck to fight the Ludicolo and Team Rocket in what will be a Water Pok�mon showdown!
10x8 Gymbaliar aired: Thursday Nov 9, 2006
Team Rocket open a Gym in hopes of scamming people of their Pokemon. However, Jessie can not win a single match. Her luck changes when a Croagunk follows Meowth from the store, and soon she is winning every battle. Ash and friends run into a girl name Minnie and she is headed to the Gym. Ash decides to go with her. When Minnie loses, she lets them take her Scizor to train it. However, this is Team Rocket's plan, to steal the Pokemon. However, when Ash wins they steal Pikachu and run. Can Ash get Pikachu and all the other Pokemon back, and what surprise does Croagunk have in store?
10x9 Setting the World On Its Buneary! aired: Thursday Nov 16, 2006
While everyone is getting ready for breakfast, Dawn is in the middle of a hair fiasco, which eventually gets solved with Bubblebeam from Piplup. Before breakfast, Dawn once again fails at capturing a Buneary. During breakfast Dawn leaves to chase it down, but Buneary freezes everyone (minus Pikachu, Starly, and Croagunk), and bounces away with Pikachu. Team Rocket then decides to capture the pair of Pokemon.
10x10 Not on MY Watch Ya Don't! aired: Thursday Nov 23, 2006
Ash and friends finally arrive in Jubilife City, and Dawn is ready for the upcoming Pokemon Contest. However, she wants to go get a Poketch for the contest, but they are all gone! At a street corner, Team Rocket disguised as clowns are giving free ones out, and Dawn, Ash, and Brock take one. At a park, a boy comes up to them and reveals that they are fake. It turns out that the fake ones are a scheme to hypnotize the Pokemon of the trainers who took one and capture. However, Ash, Dawn, and Brock soon catch onto this and plan to stop Team Rocket.
10x11 Mounting a Coordinator Assault aired: Thursday Dec 7, 2006
The Jubilife contest is about to begin and Dawn is excited for her first contest. She comes across Zoey, a girl who will also be competing in the contest. While practicing with Ash, Aipom interferes in her battle and Dawn convinces Ash to join the contest. As the two get registered, Jessie will also be entering the contest with James' Carnivine, while James and Meowth sell fake seals. As the contest begins, Dawn is nervous while Ash and Jessie are confident. Can Dawn win her first contest?
10x12 Arrival of a Rival! aired: Thursday Dec 14, 2006
The battle rounds of the Jubilife contest are about to begin and Ash, Dawn, Jessie, and Zoey all make it to the finals. Tension rises quickly between Ash and Zoey when Zoey finds out that Ash also enters Gym Battles. Their battle is up first, and although Ash puts up a good fight, Zoey wins in the end. As the next semi-finals begin, Dawn must beat Zoey. Will she be able to beat Zoey and Jessie and win her first ribbon?
10x13 A Staravia is Born! aired: Thursday Dec 21, 2006
On the way to Oreburgh City, Ash is training Starly so that it will learn Aerial Ace. During the training they meet a girl named Rosebay whos job is to protect the wild Pokemon in the valley. She has noticed that the population of bird Pokemon has decreased over the last copule of days. In turns out that this is all a plan by Team Rocket, who is capturing them inside of an underground base. When Starly winds up in this trap, he tries to rally the Pokemon into trying to break free.
10x14 Leave It To Brocko! aired: Thursday Dec 21, 2006
During the middle of the night, a Nuzleaf falls from its home in a tree and it carried across the forest by a Vileplume. The next day Nurse Joy tries to help it, but Nuzleaf just attacks her. Ash and friends come by and try to help. However, Team Rocket soon attacks and they capture Nuzleaf, Bonsly, and Brock! Brock tricks them into letting him loose from the tree he is tied to in order for him to cook a meal for them. While Team Rocket is eating, Brock grabs the Pokemon and escapes. During the escape, Bonsly evolves into Sudowoodo. Now, Brock must get Nuzleaf back to its tree, meet up with Ash and Dawn, and fend off Team Rocket!
10x15 Shapes of Things to Come! aired: Thursday Jan 11, 2007
Ash and friends finally arrive in Oreburgh City. They head to the Gym and run into Paul. It turns out that Roark, the leader is working at the Oreburgh mines. After digging up a fossil, Roark returns to the Gym and begins his battle with Paul. The realization of Roark's power comes into view when he easily takes out Paul's Azumarill. As the battle continues, Paul now has to face three rock-types, with his only type advantage knocked out. Will Paul be able to pull off a win?
10x16 A Gruff Act to Follow! aired: Thursday Jan 18, 2007
Ash's match against Roark must be put off until the morning so that Roark's Pokemon can heal. At the Pokemon Center, Ash is picking his line-up as Paul picks up his Pokemon. After finding out he gave away Azumarill, tensions between Ash and Paul heat up even more. Paul decides to watch Ash's battle, which he soon regrets when Aipom is quickly defeated by Cranidos. When he sees the power of Pikachu, he decides to stay. Ash manages to defeat Cranidos with Turtwig, but he still has Onix and Geodude to deal with. Can he win his first badge?
10x17 Wild in the Streets! aired: Thursday Jan 25, 2007
Ash begins training with Brock for his re-match against Roark. Dawn decides to train for her next contest. Meanwhile, Team Rocket finally steals the fossil machine from the museum, hoping to resurrect tons of fossil Pokemon for Giovanni. When the first fossil is regenerated, the Aerodactyl flies away and begins to terrorize Oreburgh City. Soon, a Kabutops and Armaldo break free from the museum and join Aerodactyl in the rampage. Now, it is up to Ash, Dawn, Brock, Roark, and Officer Jenny to stop them.
10x18 O'er the Rampardos We Watched! aired: Thursday Feb 1, 2007
Ash returns to Oreburgh Gym, ready to challenge Roark again. As the battle starts, Ash quickly surprises everyone when Pikachu manages to take down Onix. As the second battle begins, Ash pits Aipom against Geodude. After a long struggle, Ash manages to beat Geodude, and loses Pikachu and Aipom before the real test begins, defeating Roark's newly-evolved Rampardos.
10x19 Twice Smitten, Once Shy! aired: Thursday Feb 8, 2007
After staring at a Pachirisu for some time, Dawn decides to capture it. After she captures it, she is immediately attached to it, loving to spend time with it. However, Pachirisu's playful nature causes Dawn to freak out and doubt her abilities as a trainer. She decides to release Pachirisu, and runs away. Jessie sees this and decides to capture the Pokemon for herself. However, Dawn begins to have second thoughts and decides to re-capture Pachirisu.
10x20 Mutiny In the Bounty aired: Thursday Feb 22, 2007
On the way to Floaroma Town, Ash and the others hear some screaming nearby. At a house, a Pokemon hunter named J has just captured a girl named Melodies Gardevoir and she quickly flees the scene. Ash gives chase to her, and tries to battle her, only to have Pikachu frozen in stone and stolen just like Gardevoir. They decide to help Officer Jenny and try to help capture J, but eventually she also gets Meowth as well! Before she can take off, Ash, Jessie, and James sneak under her vehicle and follow her to her secret flying base. Now, the reluctant allies must work together to get back their Pokemon from Jes clutches.
10x21 Ya See We Want An Evolution! aired: Thursday Mar 1, 2007
Ash and the others return to Jubilife City, needing to go through the town to get to Floaroma Town. The end up at the headquarters of the B Button League, a group of people who want to get their pok�mon to be strong and beautiful without evolving them, as well as their leaders, Haley and Oralie. Meanwhile, the Magikarp salesman once again swindles Team Rocket. This time he gets them to buy a machine that will force Pokemon to evolve. Ash decides to battle Oralie, and she will be using her Magikarp. Despite being at an advantage with Pikachu, the Magikarp still beats both Pikachu and Piplup! After seeing Magikarp's power, Team Rocket decides to steal Magikarp and Feebas and force them to evolve, giving them a powerful Gyarados and a beautiful Milotic, not to mention they also steal Pikachu and plan to evolve it into Raichu. Now, Ash and the others must get their Pokemon back before Team Rocket makes them evolve, and ruins all their hard work.
10x22 Borrowing on Bad Faith! aired: Thursday Mar 8, 2007
On the way to Floaroma Town, Dawn finds out that a unofficial Pokemon contest is being held nearby, and Dawn wants to enter it for some practice. Ash's Aipom then steals his hat and runs off. Aipom accidentally ends up on a cliff, and is about to fall off when Team Rocket passes by. Jessie saves Aipom, and when Ash and the others arrive, she demands that she wants to use Aipom in the Pokemon contest as a reward for saving it. Ash reluctantly agrees, but soon regrets it when he thinks Aipom likes Jessie more then him. With the contest beginning, Dawn is entering her Pachirisu and Jessie will still enter with Aipom, but will Ash be okay with the result?
10x23 Faced With Steelix Determination aired: Tuesday Mar 13, 2007
Team Rocket are planning their next pitfall trap, and like usual, they get themselves into trouble. While digging, their shovels suddenly get stuck in the ground. When they try to pull them out, a Steelix pops out of the ground, with the shovels stuck in its head! The Steelix grows angry and begins to chase them. Meanwhile, Ash and the others discover an injured Bidoof. After healing it of its injuries, they decide to help it back to its village. However, Soon Team Rocket and the rampaging Steelix come by, forcing them to run to the Bidoof�s village. Lucky for them, the Bidoof village is surrounded by a huge rock wall, but Steelix will be able to break through soon. Now Ash and the others must figure out how to stop Steelix before he destroys the Bidoof village.
10x24 Cooking Up a Sweet Story! aired: Thursday Mar 29, 2007
On the way to Floaroma Town Ash and friends arrive at a cake shop where they meet Theresa and her aunt Abigail, who run the shop. They find out that a annual bake-off will be held soon and usually Abigail wins it making her special cake with her Pikachu, Sugar. However, Sugar recently left leaving Abigail sad and debating whether or not she will be entering the contest this year. Theresa convinces Ash to let Abigail borrow his Pikachu for the contest, and pretend that it is Sugar, and he agrees. However, Team Rocket once again threatens to ruin the plan.
10x25 Oh Do You Know the Poffin Plan! aired: Thursday Mar 29, 2007
Ash and friends finally arrive in Floaroma Town, the site of the next Pok�mon Contest. Dawn learns that a class about cooking Poffin will take place that day and wants to join so that she can use them to win the Floaroma Contest. When they arrive at the place they are greeted by Forsythia, the class teacher. As the class begins Ash's poffins turn out burnt while Dawn's taste bad. As they try to make better ones they learn about Forsythia's shy Roserade and how it does not like to be around people. However when Team Rocket attacks, Roserade might be their only hope.
10x26 Getting the Pre-Contest Titters! aired: Thursday Apr 5, 2007
Ash and Pikachu are helping Dawn to train Pachirisu to control its electricity. During the training one of Dawn's childhood friends named Kenny arrives at the contest hall. He immediately begins telling Ash and Brock funny stories of Dawn which gets her angry, not to mention he has a Prinplup, the evolved form of Piplup. Kenny reveals that like Dawn he also lost to Zoey and her Glameow. While they catch up and Kenny and Ash battle, James and Meowth are sent on a mission to find a new contest pok�mon for Jessie. Their target just happens to be Kenny's Prinplup.
10x27 Settling a Not-So-Old Score! aired: Thursday Apr 5, 2007
As the Floaroma Town contest begins, Pachirisu�s stage fright puts Dawn in a state of panic. However, Dawn pulls out a Poffin which snaps Pachirisu out of it, and she puts on a great appeal. While she worries weather or not she will make it to the next round, Jessie and Kenny pull of great appeals, and soon all three of them make it to the next round. In the first round, Dawn must face Jessie. After struggling for a little bit, Dawn manages to pull off a win. As the contest winds down, the final battle is Dawn vs. Kenny. Will Dawn beat her childhood rival and win her first Contest Ribbon.
10x28 Drifloon On the Wind aired: Thursday Apr 12, 2007
On the way to Eterna City, Ash and the others arrive at a Pok�mon Center where they are accused of trying to steal food. They find out that the center is run by Nurse Joy and her two daughters Marnie and Paige. After they clear things up, Ash, Dawn, and Brock decide to help the three. When Marnie needs to go deliver her dad's lunch to him at the Valley Windworks, Nurse Joy has Paige go feed the local pok�mon. Paige decides to show Ash her pok�mon friend Suicune! However, the legendary pok�mon is not at the lake it usually is. At the Windworks, the Marnie and Paige's dad uses his Ampharos to fend off a Team Rocket attack. However, the explosion causes the wires to be damaged and with a storm coming, the Pok�mon Center loses power. Nurse Joy decides to go to the Power Plant and figure out the problem. Paige then decides to go using Drifloon. They try to stop her, put the wind carries her, Pikachu, and Drifloon away! They head to the Power Plant and the power has been restored. Ash tells them about Paige and borrows Marnie's Drifloon to go after her. With the storm getting fiercer, will Ash be able to save Paige, or will Marnie be forced to call on an old friend to save her?
10x29 The Champ Twins aired: Thursday Apr 12, 2007
On the way to Eterna City, Ash and Dawn run into a TV crew who are recording local battles. Ash and Dawn decide to find a local pair of trainers who are on a winning streak and challenge them. They run into the trainers, named Ryan and Bryan and challenge them to a battle. The brothers agree as long as it is a tag battle. They agree and pit Turtwig and Piplup against Croconaw and Quilava. Soon Turtwig and Piplup end up attacking each other, leading to their defeat and a fight begins between them. After seeing the battle, Team Rocket steals Croconaw and Quilava. Now Ash and Dawn must help get them back so that they can have a rematch and show them their true strength, as well as redeem themselves.
10x30 Some Enchanted Sweetening! aired: Thursday Apr 19, 2007
Ash, Dawn, and Brock arrive in Eterna Forest where they immediately have to chase Aipom who is trying to get some Honey spread on a nearby tree. They meet the girl who spread the honey, Cheryl, who reveals that she was trying to capture a Burmy so she can find a special kind of honey called Enchanted Honey. She needs to capture a male Burmy, and she finally succeeds in doing so. Now she needs to evolve it into Mothim so that she can use it to find the honey. However, Team Rocket shows up and steals Burmy so that they can use Mothim�s power for themselves.
10x31 The Grass-Type Is Always Greener! aired: Thursday Apr 26, 2007
Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Cheryl continue to look for the Amber Castle so they can find some Enchanted Honey. While following Mothim, they run into a girl named Gardenia. After seeing Ash's Turtwig, Gardenia asks Ash for a battle. Ash agrees and he quickly thinks he has victory after she recalls Cherubi and is confident in Turtwig's speed. However, Gardenia's Turtwig is extremely fast and takes down both Turtwig and Staravia. Ash then realizes he must train even harder for the Eterna Gym. While they continue their search, Gardenia tells them to find a Combee to help them in their search. Before they can go find one, Team Rocket shows up to cause trouble.
10x32 An Angry Combeenation aired: Thursday May 3, 2007
Continuing their search for the Amber Castle, Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Cheryl chase after a Combee hoping it will bring them to a Combee Wall, and the Amber Castle. After losing Combee twice, they finally manage to come to a cliff which has tons of Combee Walls hovering in the valley below. The find a cave behind it and head into it. Also inside the cave, Team Rocket decides to start digging for some honey. This angers the Combee and they start attacking. Ash and the others arrive and confuse the Combee and send Team Rocket packing. After accidentally knocking down a Combee Wall, the finally find the Amber Castle. Inside they see the ruler, Vespiquen. Cheryl asks for some of the honey, but Team Rocket breaks in and start attacking. The army of Combee attack back and the ensuing battle threatens to destroy the castle.
10x33 All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go aired: Thursday May 10, 2007
On the way to Eterna City, Ash, Dawn, and Brock decide to stop and watch a Pokémon costume contest. They are extremely excited to watch it, and when they find out that the prize for winning the contest is a Pokémon egg, they decide to enter. Brock enters Croagunk as a Politoed, Dawn enters Piplup as a Weedle, and Ash enters Pikachu who will do impressions of other Pokémon. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is also entering the contest. As the first round gets underway, Ash, Brock, Jessie, and James all make it past, while Piplup accidentally uses Bubblebeam, making Dawn lose. As the final judging is about to begin, Jessie and Meowth decide to skip the contest and steal the Pokémon egg.
10x34 Buizel Your Way Out of This! aired: Thursday May 17, 2007
While heading for Eterna City, Ash and the others come across a trainer and his defeated Zigzagoon. He tells them that he was attacked by a wild Buziel that is incredibly strong. They decide to go after it so that one of them can capture them. At the river they encounter Zoey, who is looking for a Water-Type. They finally encounter the Buizel, but one by one, Piplup, Glameow, and Pikachu are all defeated. They then follow Buizel to its training ground and try the same training. At the same time they must also defeat Team Rocket, who want Buizel to themselves.
10x35 An Elite Meet and Greet! aired: Thursday May 24, 2007
Ash and the others stop so that Dawn can introduce everyone to Buizel. However Buizel could care less. Ash decides to please Buizel by battling it with Turtwig, with the result of Turtwig being badly injured and taken to the Pokémon Center. There they meet an unexpected visitor in a member of the Sinnoh Elite 4: Lucian. Lucian tells them about the Champion League, a league you can enter after you beat regional leagues. Following the conversation, Buizel wants to battle with Lucian, and he accepts Buizel's offer. Lucian's choice of Pokémon is his Bronzong. However, Bronzong quickly defeats Buizel, damaging its fighting attitude, and worrying Dawn. Meanwhile Team Rocket plans to steal Bronzong and Buizel.
10x36 A Secret Sphere of Influence! aired: Thursday May 31, 2007
Ash, Dawn, and Brock finally arrive in Eterna City. They head to the museum where the rare Adamant Orb has been stolen by thieves. They soon run into both Gardenia and Nando. Since the thieves used a Sunflora to help rob the museum, they believe Nando and his new Sunflora are the thieves. Ash, Dawn, and Brock send out their Pokémon to try and catch the real thieves, and they even have help from Viridian City's Officer Jenny. The poilce officers then begin their search for Nando's Sunflora, who has just run into Pikachu and Piplup. Meanwhile, Team Rocket, who are the real thieves, hideout is a small room since the entire museum is sealed off, but they are soon found by Pikachu, Piplup, and Sunflora.
10x37 The Grass Menagerie! aired: Thursday Jun 7, 2007
The day finally arrives where Ash will challenge Gardenia for his second Sinnoh Badge. As the battle begins Gardenia and her Cherubi seem to have the upper-hand while using the weather to their advantage. Ash brings out Staravia and scores an early win, but can he repeat the success when Gardenia chooses Turtwig and whatever Pokémon she has in store? Meanwhile, Team Rocket try to sneak into the gym to get Pikachu but end up in a underground filled with treasure.
10x38 One Big Happiny Family! aired: Thursday Jun 21, 2007
After leaving Eterna City, Ash, Dawn, and Brock travel down Cycling Road to Hearthome City, the location of the next gym and contest. Soon Brock's egg begins to glow, so they head to a nearby Pokémon center. Then they get there it seems to be abandoned. However, Nurse Joy and Chansey are there, but Nurse Joy acts extremely sad since her center has looked like a dumped ever since Cycling Road was built, and she thinks she is no longer needed since no one stops by. They try to cheer her up (as well as eventually help her restore the center), since they need her to help with Brock's egg. In the center, the egg finally hatches into Happiny. Brock and Happiny instantly take a liking to each other, and Brock gives her a bath and starts to work on a stone for her to hold. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is lurking around the center and plan to steal Happiny so they can evolve it into Chansey and run their own hospital and become rich.
10x39 Steamboat Willies! aired: Thursday Jul 5, 2007
Continuing on their way to Hearthome City, Ash and the others come across a giant river. They discover there is a steamboat they can take that will bring them to a location near Hearthome City. They go on the boat and let their Pokémon out to enjoy it. Ash, Dawn, and Brock decide to go shopping before the ship leaves, and they leave Pikachu and Piplup in charge. While they are at the store, Pachirisu accidentally falls on the ships control and the ship begins to set sail! To make matters worse, Team Rocket is on the ship with all the Pokémon ready to be stolen.
10x40 Top - Down Training! aired: Thursday Jul 19, 2007
On the way to Hearthome City, Ash, Dawn, and Brock stop at a Pokémon center. On the TV they watch a battle between Lucian and the Sinnoh Champion: Cynthia. When Ash hears that Cynthia is in nearby Amity Square, he rushes off to meet her. When they arrive at the square, Paul is also there and challenges her to battle. Cynthia agrees and the two begin their battle. However, Paul soon losses four of his Pokémon to Cynthia's powerful Garchomp and calls off the battle. He takes his Pokémon to the Pokémon Center where Cynthia then heals them. Meanwhile, Ash might learn more about Paul and how he treats his Pokémon, while Team Rocket plan to steal Paul's Pokémon.
10x41 A Stand-Up Sit-Down! aired: Thursday Jul 26, 2007
Continuing their journey to Hearthome City, Ash and friends are traveling through the woods when a worried Glameow and Misdreavus come over to them. They follow the pair and find Zoey, who has sprained her foot. They help her back to her camp when she introduces them to her new Shellos. Zoey also reveals that in the Hearthome Contest, trainers not only have to use two Pokémon in the battle rounds, but in the appeal round too! Zoey then offers to help Dawn in her training, as well as demonstrating her combination. Meanwhile, Jessie takes a break from catching Pikachu in order to show the two coordinators up.
10x42 The Electrike Company! aired: Thursday Aug 9, 2007
On the way to Hearthome City, Ash, Dawn, and Brock stop by a scenic lake to relax and let their Pokémon out. While relaxing, an Electrike comes running by and accidentally attack them, and shocking Ash. Electrike's trainer, Jaco, comes over to apologizes. Jaco tells them that he is a breeder. They a man comes over to Jaco and tells Ash and the others of the Training Center for electric Pokémon that is nearby. While there, Jaco confesses that he would rather breed flying-types, but he is stuck in the center raising an Electrike that he does not have faith in. However, Brock does convince him to let him help take care of Electrike for a little while. Meanwhile, Team Rocket see the dedication that Electrike is putting forth, which inspires James and Meowth to help, while Jessie decides to capture it.
10x43 Malice in Wonderland! aired: Thursday Aug 16, 2007
Continuing their journey to Hearthome City, Ash, Dawn, and Brock become lost in the woods. When it starts to rain, they head under an old gate to stay dry. They notice that on the other side it is not raining so they continuing walking. They finally arrive at the Pokémon center, where Professor Oak and Johanna are. They tell Ash and Dawn of the playoffs being held to determine the worlds greatest trainer and coordinator and tell them to compete. The two agree, and end up facing Cynthia and Johanna! Although it seems they will lose, both of them prevail. Even more strange, all the Nurse Joys and Officer Jenny's suddenly love Brock, Jessie becomes a TV Star, James find tons of rare bottle caps and Giovanni finally wants Meowth instead of Persian. However, this may just be one big illusion.
10x44 Mass Hip-Po-Sis! aired: Thursday Aug 23, 2007
Continuing the journey to Hearthome City, Ash, Dawn, and Brock stop to eat lunch. After eating Turtwig brings them to a cliff where a Hippopotas is stuck on the cliff. After helping it, the Sinnoh Now staff shows up and tells them they were filming it and it accidentally got lost from its family. They decide to help the Pokémon get back to its family, and must do it before Team Rocket captures the easily tricked Pokémon.
10x45 Ill-Will Hunting aired: Thursday Aug 30, 2007
Continuing their journey to Hearthome City, Ash, Dawn, and Brock comes across the rare Pokémon Shieldon. Before they can marvel at the rare Pokémon, Hunter J and her minions return, and they want Shieldon! While battling her minions, they run into Gary! They hold J off long enough for them to get away. They then plan to meet up with Professor Rowan. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decide to sneak aboard J's ship to "teach" her a lesson. J then has her minions surround they area where Ash's group is, but they manage to find a way out. J then corners them and attacks. Despite Ash battling his hardest, J manages to get one of the Shieldon. Ash and Gary then sneak aboard J's ship to get it back.
10x46 A Maze-ing Race! aired: Thursday Sep 13, 2007
Continuing the journey to Hearthome City, Dawn decides to make a pit stop at a local Pokémon center in order to get a new PokeTch function. However, Nurse Joy then reveals that the center giving it out is on the other side of the woods, so Dawn heads there. On the way, Team Rocket intercept them and drag them into a cave to take a picture with their pokemon. Before that can happen a group of rock Pokémon roll throw, causing them to all run. Ash, Dawn, and Brock wind up separated from each other in a maze. To makes matters worse, some of the Pokémon are lost too. While they try to find each other in the maze, Team Rocket tries to keep them separate so they can catch all of their Pokémon.
10x47 Sandshrew's Locker aired: Thursday Sep 27, 2007
Ash and friends have almost arrived at Hearthome City. Before they can continue their journey, a girl named Mira appears and says she will teleport them to Hearthome City. However, she ends up teleporting them to a nearby lake and asks Ash, Dawn, and Brock to help her retrieve her Grandma's pendant from the sunken town. When they get attacked by a Gyarados, Mira finally tells them the whole story. The so called pendant is actually a pokeball with one of Mira's old pokemon in it - a Sandshrew. After seeing how much Mira cares for it, the three decide to help her despite the lies she has been telling.
10x48 Satoshi to Hikari! Aratanaru Bōken ni Mukatte!! aired: Thursday Sep 27, 2007
A clip show summarizing the important events of the first 47 Diamond and Pearl episodes, including Ash's victories over Roark and Gardenia and the introductions of new rivals Paul and Zoey.
10x49 Dawn's Early Night aired: Thursday Oct 4, 2007
Ash heads for the Hearthome Gym for his battle, only to find out that the gym is closed. Nando then tells them about the Hearthome Tag Battle Tournament, which they decide to compete in. Before that happens, Dawn must compete in the pokemon contest. The contest won't be as easy as she thinks, not only must she pull off a double performance, but do so while competing with Jessie, Zoey, and Nando. All four of them pull off great opening appeals, but when the Final 8 are selected, Dawn is not one of them. She is crushed at the loss and leaves to be alone. The final round then comes down to Zoey and Nando, but who will achieve victory?
10x50 Tag! We're It...! aired: Thursday Oct 4, 2007
Taking Nando's advice, Ash and Brock decide to enter the Hearthome Tag Battle Tournament. In order to cheer her up following her contest loss, Ash also enters Dawn in the tournament. As everyone is paired up with their partners, Ash finds out that his partner will be none other then Paul! Things are just a strange for Dawn due to her partner, Conway, being a little to attached to her. Meanwhile, Brock gets lucky when he is paired with the beautiful Holly. As the tournament begins, Dawn and Conway, and Brock and Holly manage to pull off wins, but can Ash and Paul set aside their differences and work together?
10x51 Glory Blaze aired: Thursday Oct 18, 2007
Ash and Paul, Dawn and Conway, and Brock and Holly have all made it to the next round of the Tag Battle Tournament. Due to the big crowds at the Pokémon center, Brock helps Nurse Joy out, while Dawn and Conway try to figure out strategies for the upcoming matches. Meanwhile, Paul is training Chimchar and is forcing it to battle Torterra, Ursaring, Murkrow, and Elekid all at once. When Ash and Dawn find out they are angered. Things go so far that even Nurse Joy intervenes to help Chimchar. After heading back to the center, Paul finally reveals why he trains Chimchar so hard.
10x52 Smells Like Team Spirit! aired: Thursday Oct 25, 2007
Following Paul releasing Chimchar, Ash offers it to join his team. Delighted, Chimchar joins Ash. The next day the final rounds of the Tag Battle Tournament begin. Dawn and Conway beat their opponents, while Brock and Holly go up against Ash and Paul. Paul refuses to work properly with Ash and quickly ends the battle, even at the risk of knocking Ash's Staravia out. The final round then begins, with Ash choosing to use his new Chimchar. Despite their lack of cooperation, Ash and Paul manage to barely work together in the battle between Dawn and Conway. With Chimchar under a new trainer, and Ash facing a team that has the advantage, who will win the tournament?

Season 11 Episode List

11x1 Tears for Fears aired: Saturday Apr 12, 2008
On the way to Veilstone City, Ash and the other decide to have a picnic. When Chimchar sees the happy environment, it seems confused since Paul never treated it this way.
11x2 Once There Were Greenfields aired: Saturday Apr 19, 2008
On the way to Veilstone City, Ash and the others arrive in a town where the once again see Gardenia, the Eterna Gym Leader. Team Rocket also arrives in town. Gardenia asks Ash and friends to have a tag battle between her and James. Gardenia then tells James that he is not using Cacnea to its full potential, and offers to take Cacnea and help train it.
11x3 Throwing the Track Switch! aired: Saturday Apr 26, 2008
On the way to the next town, Ash and the others run into Zoey. She reveals that the new contest will be held in Solaceon Town. Ash and Dawn decide to start training. However, both Aipom and Buizel seem to be distracted by the training of the other trainer, so Zoey says that they should trade them.
11x4 The Keystone Pops! aired: Saturday May 10, 2008
On the way to Solaceon Town, Ash and Dawn are doing some late night training with their new Buizel and Aipom. During the battle, Buizel accidentally destroys a nearby stone tower, and unleashes the pok�mon Spiritomb. Spiritomb attacks them before flying away. The next morning Ash and the others arrive in a nearby village that was attacked by Spiritomb. They meet an old woman who tells them the tale of Spiritomb. After realizing the trouble they have caused, Ash, Dawn, and Brock decide to help seal Spiritomb away. Meanwhile Team Rocket disguise them selves as psychics in order to capture both Pikachu and Spiritomb.
11x5 Bibarel Gnaws Best! aired: Saturday May 17, 2008
As the others continue their travels, they come across some people who are set to build a new stone bridge. However, they are having problems with their employee: Bibarel, who doesn't want to work anymore.
11x6 Nosing 'Round the Mountain! aired: Saturday May 24, 2008
On the way to the next town, Ash and the others meet a trainer who has a Nosepass. Ash asks to battle him and the trainer agrees. During the battle the trainer says he must go, as something regarding Nosepass' evolution is going to take place.
11x7 Luxray Vision aired: Saturday May 31, 2008
Ash and friends are lost while on the trip to Solaceon Town. They find a mansion nearby and decide to check it out. When they approach they are attacked by an young girl named Marble, her Luxray, and a bunch of security guards, who believe they are thieves. The owner comes out and the misunderstanding in resolved. The owner, Matthew, reveals that three criminals want to steal his treasure the Old Charm, at 8:00. Ash, Dawn, and Brock agree to help out. It turns out that Team Rocket are the thieves, and they make off with the treasure. Their plan ends abruptly when their balloon pops and crash lands in another part of the mansion. Everyone heads to get there, but Team Rocket falls prey to the mansion's traps. Now it is up to Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Marble to find Team Rocket and get the Old Charm back, but with a mansion full of traps and a disobedient Luxray, that may be harder then planned.
11x8 Journey to the Unown! aired: Saturday Jun 7, 2008
Ash and friends arrive in Solaceon Town for Dawn's next contest. Dawn is training and shows off Aipom's new move, Double Hit. Brock reveals that this means Aipom is close to evolving. Soon Kenny arrives and reveals his new Breloom. Ash wants to battle him, and Kenny agrees. During the battle Kenny shows off the move Energy Ball, which Ash immediately wants to teach Turtwig. Kenny agrees and the battle is called off to begin training. Meanwhile Team Galactic Commander Saturn as his two henchman arrive at the Sloaceon Ruins and retrieve a special cube, and before leaving, they upset all of the ruins' Unown. Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Kenny arrive at the ruins, and are then unexpectedly caught in the Unown's warped dimension and must figure out a way to stop them.
11x9 Team Shocker! aired: Saturday Jun 14, 2008
The day of the Solaceon Contest has finally arrived, and Dawn, Kenny, and Jessie are all determined to win. As the contest gets underway, all of them pull off dazzling appeals. When the final eight are selected, Dawn is not included. Dawn congratulates Kenny and Jessie. The final match comes down to Kenny and Jessie, and in a startling upset, Jessie defeats Kenny and wins her first ribbon. Kenny leaves town for the next destination that evening, while Dawn begins to sulk, trying to figure out why she keeps losing. The next day Zoey shows up and is ready to get Dawn back to winning form.
11x10 Tanks for the Memories! aired: Saturday Jun 21, 2008
On the way to Veilstone City, Brock brings the group to the Mountain Hut Maid Café where they meet the owners, sisters Spring, Summer, and Autumn. The sisters show them how they produce the milk, which is where they learn that Autumn's Miltank, Ilta, does not like to listen. Brock agrees to help Autumn and Ilta, so Ash and Dawn decide to help Spring and Summer with the café in their absence. Brock then bestows all his breeding knowledge to help Autumn and Ilta get along and cooperate. Meanwhile, Team Rocket try to have their own café, but when that fails they decide to steal Ilta instead.
11x11 Hot Springing a Leak! aired: Saturday Jun 28, 2008
Continuing the journey to Veilstone City, Ash is busy training Turtwig so it can perfect Energy Ball. Realizing that it is getting late, Brock insists that they get to the next town before it gets dark. Dawn says that instead they should go to a nearby hot springs hotel owned by her friend's family. They arrive there and Dawn introduces them to her childhood friend Leona. While they immediately jump into the hot springs, they find out that the water level is low and they are cold. Leona reveals that it happened just recently, and her parents went off to find out the reason. Ash, Dawn, and Brock agree to help her find the reason and head up into the mountains with her. They soon discover a fresh hot spring in the mountains. The hot spring was made by a disguised Team Rocket, who is tapping into Leona's pipeline, and now they must find a way to get the water back.
11x12 Riding the Winds of Change! aired: Saturday Jul 5, 2008
Ash and friends stop to have lunch in a city while Ash continues to train Turtwig to master the move Energy Ball. They are suddenly interrupted by a group of Gligar and a Gliscor who swoop down on them and steal all of their food. While trying to decide what to do, Paul appears and scares the hoard off, revealing that he wants to capture Gliscor. Ash, Dawn, and Brock then run into Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny who reveal that Gliscor was trapped in the city due to recently strong winds, and its attempts at using sonar to escape attracted a group of Gligar. Ash, Dawn, and Brock agree to help them get the group of pok�mon back to the forest. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is planning a way to capture the pok�mon, while Paul plots on how to capture Gliscor, and Ash has a few encounters with a awkward Gligar.
11x13 Sleight of Sand! aired: Saturday Jul 12, 2008
Still on the way to Veilstone, Ash and friends stop by a sand-pit to have some fun. All of a sudden a Hippowdon emerges from underneath it. Trouble appears when the over curious Pachirisu falls into its mouth.
11x14 Lost Leader Strategy! aired: Saturday Jul 19, 2008
Ash & friends finally arrive at Veilstone City. In the forest outside the town, they witness a battle between a female martial-artist and a Lucario. The girl is revealed to be Maylene, Gym Leader of the city. Ash asks for a gym battle immediately, but Maylene isn't feeling up to it. Meanwhile, Ash and friends also meet someone unexpected.
11x15 Crossing the Battle Line! aired: Saturday Jul 26, 2008
Following Dawn's two contest losses, and Maylene's loss to Paul, both girls have lost their confidence in battle. The two of them decide to have a battle to regain their spirits.
11x16 A Triple Fighting Chance aired: Saturday Aug 2, 2008
Maylene has regained her confidence and accepts Ash challenge request. As the battle begins, Maylene begins with Machoke, while Ash chooses to use Staravia to show off its new training skills.
11x17 Enter Galactic! aired: Saturday Aug 9, 2008
On the night before Ash, Dawn, and Brock leave Veilstone City, they stop at a park with some meteors. However, Team Galactic shows up and wants to take them.
11x18 Bells are Singing! aired: Saturday Aug 16, 2008
While training with Gligar, Ash notices singing. When the group investigate, they find out it is coming from three Chingling. They are introduced to their trainer, who is trying to get the spoiled Chingling to have a better attitude.
11x19 Pokemon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu (1) aired: Saturday Nov 1, 2008
On the way to the next town, Ash and friends encounter a Pokmon Ranger named Kellyn who is working undercover to protect a Riolu that can use Aura before it evolves from Pokmon Hunter J. Soon J returns, and she is not happy about seeing Ash again. Ash and friends agree to help the Ranger protect Riolu, but J is more persistent then ever.
11x20 Pokemon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu (2) aired: Saturday Nov 8, 2008
J has managed to capture Riolu and delivers it to her client. In order to help get it back, Ash is reunited with his old Ranger friend Solana, and together they agree to save Riolu.
11x21 Crossing Paths! aired: Saturday Aug 23, 2008
On the way to Pastoria City, Ash and friends encounter a Pokémon Ranger who is working undercover to protect a Riolu that can use Aura before it evolves from Pokémon Hunter J. Soon J returns, and she is not happy about seeing Ash again.
11x22 Pika and Goliath! aired: Saturday Aug 30, 2008
Ash and friends encounter a boy who has a Pichu and Raichu, and he thinks that Ash's Pikachu is wild. Meanwhile, Pikachu might have to revisit a very important issue regarding its future.
11x23 Our Cup Runneth Over! aired: Saturday Sep 6, 2008
On the way to Pastoria City, Ash and friends have stopped at a pokémon center to do some training. On TV, Dawn watches Sinnoh Now which reveals the Wallace, the Hoenn Champion and a contest master, is in Sinnoh to host a special tournament. Dawn decides to train for the contest, but Zoey's advice gets to her and she begins to doubt herself again. Then Rhonda comes up to them says she is looking for Wallace, who is supposed to be nearby. Ash and friends decide to look for him, and near a lake they find him. He then invites them to come over, and when he finds out Dawn wants to enter the Wallace Cup, he asks to see some of her moves.
11x24 A Full Course Tag Battle! aired: Saturday Sep 13, 2008
At a pier near Lake Valor, Ash, Dawn, and Brock wait for a ship to come which has their old friend May on it. The boat lands and they greet each other. As they leave the pier May talks about Max, reveals her new Glaceon and tells about her travels in Johto. When Ash gets hungry, she tells them she made reservations at the Seven Stars Restaurant. Once they get there, they find out they must win a tag battle before they can eat. Ash and Brock win their battle easily, but before Dawn and May can battle Team Rocket steals food from the restaurant and they decide to find them and get it backd Dawn.
11x25 Staging A Heroes' Welcome! aired: Saturday Sep 20, 2008
The Wallace Cup is finally beginning and the competition is going to be fierce with Ash, Dawn, May, Zoey, and Jessie all competing for the prestigious Aqua Ribbon, which can be used in any region's Grand Festival. As the appeals start, May, Zoey, and Ash all put on great appeals, but Dawn is till nervous about her two previous failed contest bids and wonders if she really can make it past the appeals.
11x26 Pruning a Passel of Pals! aired: Saturday Sep 27, 2008
After everyone passes the first round of the Wallace Cup, the group returns to the lake resort to talk about their journeys. Ash and Pikachu head down to the lake where see a glow in the lake, and a shadow emerges and then disappears. Ash heads back to tell Dawn about it. The next day the contest resumes.
11x27 Strategy With a Smile! aired: Saturday Oct 11, 2008
As the finals of the Wallace Cup begin, Dawn begins her first match. After winning, she must now battle May (who has defeated Zoey) for the Wallace Cup Ribbon!
11x28 The Thief That Keeps On Thieving! aired: Saturday Oct 18, 2008
The group meet a young boy who is chasing after a Yanma. They learn that he is a beginning trainer, just having started his journey. He tells them that he has been running after the Yanma for three days, but the Pokémon constantly escapes. Ash and his friends agree to help him make his first capture.
11x29 Chim-charred! aired: Saturday Oct 25, 2008
Ash and the others are running after Gligar who has been blown away by a gust, and run into Paul. After a huge argument about their different ways of treating Pokémon, Ash challenges Paul to a battle.
11x30 Cream of the Croagunk Crop! aired: Saturday Nov 15, 2008
Ash and his friends have arrived in Pastoria City and head to the Gym. The Gym Leader Crasher Wake comes out but denies Ash's request for a Gym Battle because of an urgent matter. The group decides to accompany him instead and follow him.
11x31 A Crasher Course in Power! aired: Saturday Nov 22, 2008
The time has finally come for Ash's gym battle against Crasher Wake. However, the battle may prove more then Ash can handle with Buizel's latest attitude problem.
11x32 Hungry For The Good Life! aired: Saturday Nov 29, 2008
A Swinub constantly shows up at Mr. Backlot's mansion and eats away all the Poffins. Dawn tries to stop it by making her own Poffins for the Swinub.
11x33 Fighting Fear With Fear! aired: Saturday Dec 13, 2008
Ash continues his training with Gligar, but finds out it has become fearful of battles since the battle against Paul's Gliscor. The group meets Gary again, and Ash asks Gary to help him solve the problem with Gligar, and Gary might have something that could change Gligar forever.
11x34 Arriving in Style! aired: Saturday Dec 20, 2008
Ash and friends return to Hearthome City to challenge the Gym Leader who was gone during their last visit. However, they hear that the Gym Leader is still gone, making Ash unable to have his Gym Battle. The group meets an Idol Pokémon Stylist and her Lopunny. Upon seeing Dawn's Buneary, the woman suggests her to enter the Pokémon Collection, a famous fashion show.
11x35 The Psyduck Stops Here! aired: Saturday Dec 27, 2008
While traveling through a deep valley, Ash and friends encounter a swarm of Psyduck in the middle of a road. Upon trying to pass them, the Psyduck suddenly start attacking them, and to make things worse, there are too many to battle. Trying to find away to get past them, they decide to try a figure out how to get around them.
11x36 Camping It Up! aired: Monday Jan 5, 2009
Ash and friends have decided to participate in a Pokémon summer school. At this event, many trainers gather and spend time together for one week while learning various things about Pokémon. The trainers' first task is to choose a random Pokeball, raise/train the Pokémon contained and battle with it.
11x37 Up Close and Personable! aired: Saturday Jan 10, 2009
While continuing at the summer school, everyone's pokémon seems to be become hypnotized when they go near a lake. Ash and friends decide to investigate.
11x38 Ghoul Daze aired: Saturday Jan 17, 2009
On the fifth day of Summer School, the trainers must learn how to behave correctly when handling Ghost pokémon. The trainers must team up with someone and find a special treasure in a nearby mountain. While there, Conway is attacked by the mysterious pokémon Dusknoir.
11x39 One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team aired: Saturday Jan 24, 2009
The end of Summer School has almost arrived and it's time for the final test. Trainers must chose a pokémon and use it to cross a forest, a lake, and eventually the finish line, but which team will reach the goal first?
11x40 A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine aired: Saturday Jan 31, 2009
When Piplup becomes over exhausted, Ash and friends must hurry to a pokémon center to treat it. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has been living a luxurious life style ever since the summer school ended. When they realize they are getting bigger, they decide to start a strict training regime.
11x41 Playing The Leveling Field aired: Saturday Feb 7, 2009
On the way to Celestic Town, Ash and friends stop in a nearby town for Dawn to train. In town they meet up with Zoey who reveals that she lost in a battle to the Hearthome City Gym Leader Fantina, who is also in town. When Ash hears this, he immediately runs to find her, so he can challenge her.
11x42 Doc Brock aired: Saturday Feb 14, 2009
On the way to Celestic Town, Ash and friends set up camp for the day. When Brock notices they are low on supplies, he heads into town to get more. Ash and Dawn believe running camp will be easy, but when Pachirisu gets sick things begin to get crazy.
11x43 Battling the Generation Gap! aired: Thursday Feb 12, 2009
Ash and friends have finally arrived in Celestic Town, which means it is finally time for Dawn to try and win her third ribbon. At the contest hall Dawn meets an older coordinator. Things heat up when she finds out that the woman is her mom's old contest rival! With the pressure building from this revelation, will Dawn pull off a win and earn her third ribbon?
11x44 Losing Its Lustrous! aired: Saturday Feb 28, 2009
Following Dawn's contest victory, Ash and friends decide to visit Celestic Town's museum before leaving. There they run into Cynthia and her grandmother. Then an middle-aged man shows up. Everyone heads into the museum where they see the mysterious Lustrous and Adamant orbs. Meanwhile, a sinister plot is unfolding as Team Galactic is gathering in Celestic Town.
11x45 Double Team Turnover! aired: Saturday Mar 7, 2009
Team Galactic launches a full scale attack on the Celestic Museum in hoped of obtaining both the Lustrous and Adamant orbs. The Galactic commanders surround the entire museum and are ready to fight. With the help of Cynthia, will Ash, Dawn, and Brock be able to stop Team Galactic from achieving their evil goal?
11x46 If the Scarf Fits, Wear It! aired: Saturday Mar 21, 2009
On the way back to Hearthome City, Ash and friends stop in Solaceon Town. After reading about a monster in a local paper, they decide to go searching for it. While looking they run into their Summer Academy friend Angie at her parents daycare center. There they discover that the monster in town is partially Angie's fault. They then agree to help her get the monster (which is really a Lickilicky) back before her parents get home.
11x47 A Trainer and Child Reunion! aired: Saturday Mar 28, 2009
On the way to Hearthome City, Ash and friends stop in a town where it turns out that Aaron of the Sinnoh Elite 4 is hosting a public practice session. They decide to watch, and then Aaron unexpectedly invites them to his training center. There they learn a little bit about Aaron and his pokémon. However, Team Rocket has plans to take Aaron's pokémon.
11x48 Aiding the Enemy aired: Saturday Apr 4, 2009
Ash and friends stop at a pokémon center so they can watch Cynthia's champion match on TV. Paul is also there. Ash and Paul quickly get into another argument which results in them having a battle. Paul uses his Honchkrow while Ash uses Turtwig. During the battle, Turtwig evolves into Grotle, and it immediately learns that it has lost its speed. Grotle must now figure out a way to deal with its lose of speed.
11x49 Barry's Busting Out All Over! aired: Saturday Apr 11, 2009
Ash and friends finally arrive back in Hearthome City so that Ash can have his rematch with Hearthome City Gym Leader Fantina. On the way to the gym a trainer runs into him. He quickly runs off, leaving his badge case on the ground. As he can't have his battle with Fantina just yet, he tries to find the owner. In the park he again runs into Barry, the trainer the case belongs too. Barry reveals that he knows about Ash from the Tag Team Tournament. He then starts talking about how he idolizes Paul and wants his pokémon to be just like Paul's. Ash is upset with this, and challenges him to a battle. However, first Barry must go get his pokémon from a pokémon stand where some people watch your pokémon. However, it turns out to be just a scam by Team Rocket. After that is taken care of, Ash and Barry begin their battle.
11x50 Shield with a Twist! aired: Saturday Apr 18, 2009
The time has finally come for Ash's rematch against Hearthome City Gym Leader Fantina. The battle will be a three-on-three battle with Gengar and Buizel as the first match-up. Will Ash be able to overcome Fantina's powerful Ghost-type Pokémon and win his 5th Badge?
11x51 Jumping Rocket Ship! aired: Saturday Apr 25, 2009
Ash and friends take a blimp to Canalave City, home of the next Sinnoh Gym. Once they land, however, Team Rocket's latest scheme backfires and everyone's Pokémon blast off and are scattered throughout the city. Now Ash and friends must find their Pokémon before Jessie and James do.
11x52 Sleepless in Pre-Battle! aired: Saturday May 2, 2009
Ash heads to the Canalave Gym for a battle, but the Gym Leader is not there, and all of his pupils are fast asleep. After bumping into Officer Jenny, they find out that a bunch of people in town are having nightmares. They decide to help find the source, and it leads to Team Rocket. They have created a machine that gives everyone nightmares, and thus makes the citizens want to buy what they believe to be real Lunar Wings. Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Jenny manage to destroy the machine, but that night they still have nightmares. With no other option they head to Newmoon Island to find the legendary Cresselia, hoping she can help.

Season 12 Episode List

12x1 Get Your Rotom Running! aired: Saturday May 9, 2009
Ash contacts Professor Oak who tells them about a hotel in the city that serves a delicious dessert. They head to the hotel, but it is closed. As they turn to leave the door mysteriously opens. They then head inside where they are attacked by a Rotom.
12x2 A Breed Stampede! aired: Saturday May 16, 2009
While awaiting the return of the Canalave Gym Leader, Ash decides to train. Dawn also decides to begin training her newly evolved Piloswine for its contest debut. However, Piloswine begins to ignore Dawn. Trying to reconnect with it, Dawn enrolls in a "Pokémon Friendship School".
12x3 Ancient Family Matter aired: Saturday May 23, 2009
Roark, the Oreburgh Gym Leader, and son of Byron, the Canalave Gym Leader, is visiting his father. The two of them, both users of Fossil Pokémon, are having an argument about who likes them more; and they end up battling. Meanwhile, Ash has returned to the Canalave Gym for a Gym Battle after hearing that Byron is back.
12x4 Dealing With Defensive Types! aired: Saturday May 30, 2009
Ash finally gets to battle the Canalave City Gym Leader, Byron. In the first round Byron chooses his Bronzor, while Ash uses Chimchar. Ash tries to use Chimchar's type-advantage to score an early victory, but this begins to prove ineffective when he learns that Byron has a defensive style of battling.
12x5 Leading a Stray! aired: Saturday Jun 6, 2009
Ash and friends are having lunch when all of a sudden a Luxio comes along and steals all of their food. They follow it into the sewers where they discover a Wailmer that is trapped in the sewer and can't make it back to the ocean.
12x6 Steeling Peace of Mind! aired: Saturday Jun 13, 2009
Everyone is getting prepared to leave Canalave City to head to Dawn's next contest. Before they leave, Ash calls Barry to tell him of his win at the Canalave Gym. Barry is at Iron Island, and something is currently wrong with his Empoleon. Ash, Dawn, and Brock head to Iron Island to see him, but all of the steel pokémon are going crazy. A man named Riley appears and helps them, and they decide to find the source of the problem.
12x7 Saving the World from Ruins aired: Saturday Jun 20, 2009
Ash, Dawn, and Brock, along with their new friend Riley search for the source of the mysterious waves affecting the Steel Pokémon, and find Team Galactic. What is Team Galactic's plan, and what do they want with the ruins on Iron Island?
12x8 Cheers on Castaways Isle! aired: Saturday Jun 27, 2009
Ash and friends decide to take a boat to the location of the next contest. On the ride Team Rocket appear and steal Pikachu and Piplup. They manage to escape but they wind up on a deserted island. Will they be able to make it back to their trainers?
12x9 Hold the Phione! aired: Saturday Jul 4, 2009
Ash and friends arrive in the town where Dawn will enter her next Pokémon Contest. They find out that a lot of people have come to the town in order to see the legendary Pokémon Phione, who lives in the surrounding sea. Legend has it that anyone who sees Phione will have good luck, so Dawn decides to try and catch a glimpse of it.
12x10 Another One Gabites the Dust! aired: Saturday Jul 11, 2009
Dawn is getting ready to participate in her next contest. She meets a girl with a Gabite who is not so friendly. She believes that Dawn's victory in the Wallace Cup was pure luck and is determined to defeat Dawn. Dawn is now determined to defeat her and prove that her win was not just luck.
12x11 Stealing the Conversation! aired: Saturday Jul 18, 2009
Ash and friends arrive in a town where an Officer Jenny and her Chatot are working hard to find Team Rocket and arrest them. Jenny wants Ash and friends to help.
12x12 The Drifting Snorunt! aired: Saturday Jul 25, 2009
Ash and friends are lost in a blizzard when they run into a Froslass. Froslass leads the trainers to a small lodge, where it provides them with warm soup and a bath. But is it as friendly as it seems?
12x13 Noodles Roamin' Off! aired: Saturday Aug 1, 2009
After yet another failed attempt to steal Ash's Pikachu, Team Rocket wind up at a Ramen shop. Jessie and James are surprised when they discover that the shop owner was one of their underclassmen from their days at the Team Rocket training facility.
12x14 Pursuing a Lofty Goal! aired: Saturday Aug 8, 2009
On the way to Snowpoint City, Ash and friends stop in a town where a PokéRinger competition is to be held. Ash is eager to participate in the contest with Staravia. However, he soon finds out that Paul is also entering with his Honchkrow.
12x15 Trials and Adulations! aired: Saturday Aug 15, 2009
On the way to the next town, Ash and friends decide to stop and take a break. Dawn heads to a river to fill up her canteen, but is attacked by a wild Aggron and falls into the river. She manages to get out of the river far down stream, and is now lost from Ash and Brock. Aggron returns and after calling out Mamoswine, it is badly hurt. Now, Dawn must take care of Mamoswine by herself, and hide from Team Rocket and Aggron at the same time.
12x16 Fushigina Ikimono Pocket Monsters! aired: Thursday Mar 26, 2009

12x17 The Lonely Snover! aired: Saturday Aug 22, 2009
On the way to Snowpoint City, Ash and friends suddenly find themselves stuck in a bunch of traps. Soon a Snover pops out of the bushes. It's is very playful and wants to be with someone. Team Rocket, however, want to steal Snover for themselves.
12x18 Stopped in the Name of Love! aired: Saturday Aug 29, 2009
On the way to Dawn's next contest, Piplup suddenly begins to show signs of evolving. When they arrive at the next Pokémon Center, Kenny and Barry are there as well. Dawn and Piplup must decide whether or not to have Piplup evolve into Prinplup, while trying to fend off Team Rocket who want to capture Dawn's Piplup, Kenny's Prinplup, and Barry's Empoleon to have a complete evolutionary set.
12x19 Old Rivals, New Tricks! aired: Saturday Sep 5, 2009
Ash and friends have arrived at the location of Dawn's next Pokémon Contest. With only one more ribbon needed to enter the Grand Festival, she is extremely excited. With both Jessie and Kenny entering the contest, however, will Dawn be able to pull off a win?
12x20 To Thine Own Pokemon Be True! aired: Saturday Sep 12, 2009
After learning about a Pokemon Ping Pong Tournament from Barry, Dawn decides to enter. The previous champion sees them preparing and notes that Dawn is a shoe-in for victory with her Ambipom, who seems to have a natural talent for the game.
12x21 Battling A Cute Drama! aired: Saturday Sep 26, 2009
Ash and friends stop in a town on the way to Snowpoint City. There they meet a girl who only likes cute Pokémon. After she insults Dawn's Piplup, Dawn challenges her to a battle.
12x22 Classroom Training aired: Saturday Oct 3, 2009
Ash and friends finally arrive in Snowpoint City. They are welcomed by the Gym Leader, Candice. She offers to show them around town. She brings them to a trainer's school where she is a teacher.
12x23 Sliding Into Seventh! aired: Saturday Oct 10, 2009
Ash finally arrives at Snowpoint Gym for his battle with Candice. This gym will be different from his previous gym challenges, with each trainer using 4 pokémon each. Can Ash defeat Candice and win his seventh badge?
12x24 A Pyramiding Rage! aired: Saturday Oct 17, 2009
At the Snowpoint City Pokémon Center, Ash and friends run into Paul, who has come to town to challenge Candice. Surprisingly Paul's brother Reggie also arrives at the center. To add to the surprises, Pyramid King Brandon arrives in Snowpoint City. After Ash and Reggie talk about their great battles in Kanto, Paul becomes upset and challenges Brandon to a battle.
12x25 Pillars of Friendship aired: Saturday Oct 24, 2009
Pokémon Hunter J arrives in Snowpoint City and targets the legendary Pokémon Regigigas, which is sleeping inside the Snowpoint Temple. After J commands her henchmen to launch an attack, a maiden from the shrine asks Ash and his friends for help. But Ash and the others come too late; Regigigas has been reawakened and starts rampaging.
12x26 Frozen on Their Tracks aired: Saturday Oct 31, 2009
While on a train heading to Lake Acuity, Ash and his friends meet Looker; an International Police Officer who is currently tracking Team Galactic.
12x27 Pedal to the Mettle! aired: Saturday Nov 7, 2009
Ash and friends arrive at Lake Acuity, the site where Ash and Paul will have their full 6-vs-6 battle. After healing his Pokémon, Ash meets up with Paul and the two begin their long awaited battle. Who will ultimately be victorious?
12x28 Evolving Strategies! aired: Saturday Nov 14, 2009
Ash and Paul continue their 6-on-6 battle. With both teams fighting extremely hard it could be anyone's match, so Paul calls out his newly evolved Magmortar, hoping it will secure him victory.
12x29 Uncrushing Defeat aired: Saturday Nov 21, 2009
With all of his Pokémon weak and injured from the battle with Paul, Ash rushes to the Pokémon Center in order to get them healed. Nurse Joy does not, however, have the berry needed to properly heal Monferno. Brock decides to help and heads to Lake Acuity to find it. While at the lake, something strange happens....
12x30 Promoting Healthy Tangrowth! aired: Saturday Dec 5, 2009
Dawn decides to start training for the next Pokemon Contest with Mamoswine. However, despite overcoming its disobedience, Mamoswine still won't battle. Things turn bad when Mamoswine runs into a forest and Dawn chases after it.
12x31 Beating the Bustle and Hustle! aired: Saturday Dec 12, 2009
Dawn's favorite television show, Pokémon Hustle, is searching for actors near their current locations, and Dawn decides to try out for the show. Ash and Brock decide to try out, as well.
12x32 Gateway to Ruin! aired: Saturday Dec 19, 2009
Ash and friends are on their way to the town where Dawn's next contest will be held. They arrive at Mt. Coronet, the massive mountain that divides the Sinnoh region in half. The mountain also divides the region's pokémon, like Shellos. The Blue and Pink Shellos have ended up on the opposite side of the mountain, and while trying to figure out why, Piplup falls into an artificial tunnel, and when they go to rescue him, they come across something sinister.
12x33 Three Sides to Every Story! aired: Saturday Dec 26, 2009
While on the way to Twinleaf Town, Piplup falls in love with a Marill. However, an Elekid also has its sights on Marill. What will become of this love triangle, especially when Team Rocket show up?
12x34 Strategy Begins at Home! aired: Saturday Jan 2, 2009
Ash and friends go to Dawn's hometown of Twinleaf. Upon arrival, they find that they made it in time for the Twinleaf Town Festival, where a Pokémon Contest is about to be held. Dawn decides to enter, and it isn't long before she finds herself facing none other than her mother, Johanna, in battle. Knowing that Johanna won the Grand Festival in the past, will Dawn be able to defeat her?
12x35 A Faux Oak Finish! aired: Saturday Jan 9, 2010
As the Twinleaf Town Festival continues, Ash and friends are surprised when they find that one of the upcoming Pokémon courses is to be hosted by none other than Professor Oak. Trouble starts brewing, however, when James brings back an old plan: to disguise himself as the professor.
12x36 Historical Mystery Tour aired: Saturday Jan 16, 2010
Ash and friends are still enjoying the Twinleaf Festival when they run into Barry. Wanting to see how the other one has improved, Ash and Barry decide to have a battle. However, plans are put on hold when the mysterious Xatu appears out of nowhere.
12x37 Challenging A Towering Figure! aired: Saturday Jan 23, 2010
Ash and friends find out that the main event for the Twinleaf Town Festival is a battle tournament, and the winner gets to have a battle with the Sinnoh Battle Frontier Brain, Palmer. Excited about that, Ash enters the tournament with hopes of battling him.
12x38 Where No Togepi Has Gone Before! aired: Saturday Jan 30, 2010
The Twinleaf Town Festival has concluded, and Ash and friends continue their journey to the town hosting Dawn's next Pokémon Contest. The three soon fall into yet another one of Team Rocket's traps. However, things are not what they seem. A mischievous Togepi stirs up trouble for everyone and in the end they must work together in order to stop Togepi.
12x39 An Egg Scramble! aired: Saturday Feb 6, 2010
Ash and friends arrive at a festival promoting the Johto region where they meet two trainers from the Johto Region and their starters, Chikorita and Totodile. At the festival, Dawn and the girl have a battle over a Pokémon egg. However, Team Rocket also has their eyes on the egg.
12x40 Gone With the Windworks! aired: Saturday Feb 13, 2010
The two Johto trainers decide to join Ash, Dawn, and Brock on their journey. While on the way to Dawn's next contest, the group stops near the Valley Windworks for Dawn to do some training. When Marill goes missing, the group heads into the windworks to find it, but once inside they are attacked by wild Pokémon and become trapped. Will they be able to escape the building?
12x41 A Rivalry to Gible On! aired: Saturday Feb 20, 2010
While on the way to the Dawn's contest, Ash and friends encounter a wild Gible, a very rare Dragon-Type Pokémon. Ash and Kazunari are both interested in capturing one, and they both go after it. Who will catch Gible?
12x42 Dressed for Jess Success! aired: Saturday Feb 27, 2010
The time for the Lilypad Pokémon Contest has finally arrived. Dawn is excited for the contest since she still only needs one more ribbon in order to get into the Grand Festival. Meanwhile, when Jessie gets sick, James takes her place in the contest. Who will win the contest?
12x43 Bagged Then Tagged! aired: Saturday Mar 6, 2010
Following the pokémon contest, Ash and friends decide to take a break. While they rest, they decide to have a tag battle since Lyra and Khoury have to return to Johto soon. However, before that happens Team Rocket shows up and steals Pikachu and Piplup, putting their plans on hold.
12x44 Try for the Family Stone! aired: Saturday Mar 13, 2010
Still on the way to Sunyshore City so Ash can battle for his final Sinnoh Gym Badge, Ash and friends meet a female trainer and her Misdreavus who are battling a Murkrow for a Dusk Stone, which has the power to evolve Misdreavus into Mismagius. It also has the power to evolve Murkrow into Honchkrow, so she is frantic to get the stone.
12x45 Sticking With You Know Who! aired: Saturday Mar 20, 2010
On the way to Sunyshore City, Ash and friends stop in a forest. Things start to get chaotic, however, as Pikachu gets upset with Piplup in a debate over which of them Ash likes best. However, a mysterious wave all of a sudden makes the two Pokémon inseparable, so Ash and the others must solve the problem.
12x46 Unlocking the Red Chain of Events! aired: Saturday Mar 27, 2010
On the way to Sunyshore City, Ash and friends are walking through a grassland and come across Meowth of Team Rocket, who is injured. When they ask him what happened while treating his wounds, Meowth says that he was attacked by Team Galactic in a large building called the Fuego Ironworks. Not only that, Jessie, James, and even Looker of the International Police have been captured. Upon hearing this, Ash and the others decide to head to the Fuego Ironworks to save them.
12x47 The Needs of Three! aired: Saturday Apr 3, 2010
Team Galactic has almost achieved its ultimate goal. In order to complete their plan, Cyrus hires Pokémon Hunter J to catch the legendary Lake Guardians, Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit. Will J and Team Galactic succeed, or will Ash and friends put a stop to their plans?
12x48 The Battle Finale of Legend! aired: Saturday Apr 10, 2010
Cyrus has succeeded in his goal of awakening Dialga and Palkia and now the entire Sinnoh region is in danger. Cyrus plans to rebuild the world in his image, but that means the destruction of everything. Can Ash, Dawn, Brock, Looker, and Cynthia stop Team Galactic and save Sinnoh?
12x49 The Treasure is All Mine! aired: Saturday Apr 17, 2010
With only one more badge needed to enter the Sinnoh League, Ash and friends resume their journey to Sunyshore City. Meanwhile, James stumbles upon a treasure chest that holds a big secret.
12x50 Mastering Current Events! aired: Saturday Apr 24, 2010
While on the way to Sunyshore City, Ash and friends meet a master of air battles. Hoping to improve Gliscor's flying, Ash decides to have a battle with him, and the results may be more than he expected.
12x51 Double-Time Battle Training! aired: Saturday May 1, 2010
Knowing that the next contest is going to be a double performance, Dawn begins training Mamoswine and Cyndaquil. Zoey arrives and decides to help Dawn with her training.
12x52 A Meteoric Rise to Excellence! aired: Saturday May 8, 2010
On the way to Dawn's next Pokémon Contest, Ash and friends come across a wild Gible. Gible is determined to learn the powerful move Draco Meteor, so Ash decides to help by doing some special training with it.
12x53 Gotta Get a Gible! aired: Saturday May 15, 2010
Ash and friends continue on their way to the next town when they notice that the Gible they helped has been following them. Ash decides to try and catch it, but Barry shows up and wants to catch it too. Now the two trainers race to capture it first.

Season 13 Episode List

13x1 Regaining the Home Advantage! aired: Saturday Jun 5, 2010
On the way to Dawn's next contest, Ash and friends encounter a Magnezone in a forest. The Magnezone is enraged and is quickly heading for a nearby town, so Ash and the others try to stop the rampaging Pokémon before it makes it to the city.
13x2 Short and To the Punch! aired: Saturday Jun 12, 2010
While on the way to the next contest town, Gible falls in a river. Buizel saves it. This attracts the attention of a trainer, who wants to have a battle between Buizel and his Mr. Mime. Ash agrees. Mr. Mime proves to be too strong for Buizel though. Following this loss, Buizel is determined to get stronger and defeat Mr. Mime.
13x3 A Marathon Rivalry! aired: Saturday Jun 19, 2010
On the way to the next contest, Ash and friends meet a trainer who is training for a competition known as the Pokéathlon. Interested in what it is, they decide to go check it out. Ash then decide to enter the competition.
13x4 Yes, in Dee Dee It's Dawn! aired: Saturday Jun 26, 2010
Contest day has finally arrived and Dawn is trying to perfect Mamoswine and Cyndaquil's "Flame-Ice" combination. However, a Plusle and Minun shows up. Dawn begins to act strangely, revealing that she has a bad experience with a Plusle and Minun in the past. Things are made worse when Dawn's mean spirited rival Ursula shows up. Ursula is ready to defeat Dawn. Can Dawn keep it together for the contest?
13x5 Playing the Performance Encore! aired: Saturday Jul 3, 2010
Dawn and Ursula have made it past the first round and must now face each other in battle. Although Mamoswine and Cyndaquil are doing great, Ursula has a secret plan for Plusle and Minun. Will Dawn be able to defeat Ursula and win her fifth and final ribbon?
13x6 Fighting Ire with Fire! aired: Saturday Jul 10, 2010
On the way to Sunyshore City, Ash and friends run into Barry, who has just recently defeated the Sunyshore Gym Leader, winning a badge. Ash and Barry decide to have a battle, Empoleon vs. Monferno. During the battle Monferno's Blaze ability becomes activated and trouble begins. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is planning on stealing all of their pokémon.
13x7 Piplup, Up and Away! aired: Saturday Jul 17, 2010
Piplup is getting sick and tired of being constantly hit by Gible's failed Draco Meteor attacks. Fed up, Piplup runs away, and heads towards Professor Rowan's lab. Will Dawn be able to find her beloved Pokémon?
13x8 Flint Sparks the Fire! aired: Saturday Jul 24, 2010
Ash and friends have finally arrived in Sunyshore City, where Ash will challenge the Gym Leader and try to win his eighth badge. However, something is wrong with Volkner, the Gym Leader, and he does not seem interested in battling at all. However, his friend, Flint of the Sinnoh Elite Four has an idea to rekindle his spirit.
13x9 The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore! aired: Saturday Jul 31, 2010
Ash is finally going to battle Volkner, the Gym Leader of Sunyshore City so he can get his eighth badge and qualify for the Sinnoh League. However, a mysterious power outage occurs, canceling the battle. Everyone heads to Sunyshore Tower, the source of the city's power, but it has disappeared! Now they must somehow trace it and bring it back.
13x10 Teaching the Student Teacher! aired: Saturday Aug 7, 2010
With Ash's Sunyshore Gym match delayed, Ash and friends head towards Lake Valor for the Grand Festival. They meet up with Dawn's mother Johanna who asks them to help out at a school. They help out, but things get hectic, especially when a kid takes a "liking" to Piplup. Dawn decides to use this time at the school to perfect some combos for the Grand Festival, while Jessie sets her sights on her fourth ribbon.
13x11 Keeping in Top Forme! aired: Saturday Aug 14, 2010
Continuing on to the Grand Festival, Ash and friends find a girl named Marley in a river and swiftly bound for a waterfall. Brock rescues her, and they find out that a legendary Shaymin is with her, injured by a group of thugs who want to steal it. Team Rocket, who are the ones responsible, set out in an attempt to nab Shaymin once more. Ash and friends, knowing the danger, join Marley in helping to keep Shaymin safe while returning it to its friends.
13x12 Pokémon Ranger: Heatran Rescue Mission! aired: Saturday Oct 16, 2010
Ash and friends encounter a Pokémon Ranger named Ben. They find out that the legendary Heatran has been disturbed and is now going on a rampage, and Ben is on a mission to calm it down. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decide to catch Heatran, eager for the legendary Pokémon's power.
13x13 An Elite Coverup! aired: Saturday Aug 21, 2010
On the way to the Grand Festival at Lake Valor, Ash and friends arrive in a small town and run into a young boy who left his Magby at what was apparently a fake Daycare Center. As a result, it was stolen, so Ash and friends decide to help. After they begin their search for Magby, they encounter a woman who introduces herself as Bertha, and who also seems to know how to find Magby. While Ash and Dawn don't see it themselves, Brock realizes who Bertha is. What is Bertha's secret?
13x14 Dawn of a Royal Day! aired: Saturday Aug 28, 2010
Ash and friends arrive in a town where they find out that one of the last contests before the Grand Festival is going to be held. Since Dawn already has her fifth ribbon, however, she decides not to participate. As they're moving on, a woman comes up to them and asks them to follow, bringing them to a princess by the name of Salvia. Surprisingly, Salvia looks as if she could be Dawn's identical twin, and because of this, the former asks Dawn if she could take her place as princess for one day so that she could participate in the Pokémon Contest. How will Dawn react to this extraordinary request?
13x15 With the Easiest of Grace! aired: Saturday Sep 4, 2010
With the Grand Festival coming up soon, Dawn begins to train with her new Togekiss. Togekiss likes to move as elegantly as possible when performing a move in battle which causes confusion. Meanwhile, Jessie decides that Togekiss is perfect for her, and sets her sights on catching it.
13x16 Dealing With a Fierce Double Ditto Drama! aired: Saturday Sep 11, 2010
Ash and friends finally arrive at Valor Lakefront, site of the Grand Festival. Trouble ensues, however, when they encounter a girl named Makina, dressed up as Flint of the Elite Four, and owner of two Ditto; one of alternate coloration. Despite the fact that she's only been a trainer for a month, Makina mocks Ash for being a "newbie," and loudly proclaims that regular trainers and Gym Leaders alike would run in fear from her two Ditto (which is her reason for not having any gym badges). When battling Ash, however, Makina's tough facade starts to break, and she shows that she's not exactly as "all-powerful" and as she claims.
13x17 Last Call, First Round! aired: Saturday Sep 18, 2010
Ash and friends return to Lake Valor where the Grand Festival is to begin shortly. Dawn reunites with her rivals and gets ready for the first round. The first round is a double performance, and Dawn chooses Buneary and Cyndaquil. Will she make it past the first round?
13x18 Opposites Interact! aired: Saturday Sep 25, 2010
The Grand Festival continues and Dawn and her rivals have made it past the appeals round, and have moved on to the battle rounds. Dawn's first opponent is Ursula, who decides to use Gabite and and her newly evolved Flareon. Along with Mamoswine and Pachirisu, will Dawn be able to defeat Ursula and progress to the Top 16 round?
13x19 Coming Full Festival Circle! aired: Saturday Oct 2, 2010
As the Grand Festival rages on, Dawn, Zoey, Nando, and Jessie battle their way past tons of talented coordinators and the four of them arrive in the Top 4. The first battle is Zoey vs. Nando. Nando chooses Kricketune and his new Lopunny while Zoey goes with Leafeon and her newly evolved Mismagius. As the battle goes on, both trainers put on an amazing battle, with neither giving an inch. Later, Dawn and Jessie take the stage for their battle. Which two coordinators will advance to the final stage and battle for the Ribbon Cup?
13x20 A Grand Fight for Winning! aired: Saturday Oct 9, 2010
The final round of the Grand Festival has arrived. As they promised long ago, Dawn and Zoey are the final two contestants. As the battle begins, Zoey chooses her Glameow and her newly evolved Gallade, while Dawn goes with Piplup and Togekiss. With only one battle standing between them and the Ribbon Cup the battle is sure to be fierce, but who will ultimately win?
13x21 For the Love of Meowth! aired: Saturday Oct 23, 2010
With the Grand Festival over, Ash and friends begin to head back to Sunyshore City. Team Rocket is once again in pursuit, but their plans are put on hold when Meowth falls in love with another Pokémon. Now he must choose whether or not to follow his new love, or stay with Jessie and James.
13x22 The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World! aired: Saturday Oct 30, 2010
Ash and friends return to Sunyshore City and Ash is excited to finally get the chance to battle Volkner to try and win his eighth and final badge. Will Ash be able to defeat Volkner and finally be able to qualify for the Sinnoh League?
13x23 Four Roads Diverged in a Pokémon Port! aired: Saturday Nov 6, 2010
Ash and friends run into Kenny who is having a special training session with Olivine Gym Leader Jasmine. Kenny is already preparing for the next Grand Festival, and this worries Dawn as she has not decided what her next step will be. Kenny challenges Ash to a battle and says that if he defeats him, then Dawn must travel with him. Who will win the battle?
13x24 Bucking the Treasure Trend aired: Saturday Nov 13, 2010
Ash and friends board a ship which will take them to the location of the Sinnoh League. On the boat they meet a trainer named Buck. They decide to help him find a treasure which is said to be located on a nearby island.
13x25 An Old Family Blend! aired: Saturday Nov 20, 2010
It is almost time for the Sinnoh League competition to start. Knowing that the Sinnoh League is going to be tough with rivals like Barry and Paul competing, Ash decides it is best if he uses Pokémon not only from his Sinnoh journey, but all his other past journeys as well. However, which ones will he choose.
13x26 League Unleashed aired: Saturday Nov 27, 2010
The first round of the Sinnoh League begins. Ash's first opponent is Nando. Sending out Staraptor against Nando's Roserade, he thinks he has a good advantage. However, Nando is no push over and begins to take the lead. Will Ash be able to defeat Nando, the trainer who fought grandly in the Grand Festival?
13x27 Casting a Paul on Barry! aired: Saturday Dec 4, 2010
The third round of the Lily of the Valley Conference is about to start. Much to his happiness, Barry's next match will be against Paul, a trainer he looks up too. As the battle begins Paul believes it will be an easy win, but Barry soon proves that he is no pushover. Which trainer will advance to the next round?
13x28 Working on a Right Move! aired: Saturday Dec 11, 2010
The Sinnoh League continues and it is time for Ash's battle. Ash will be going up against Conway. As the battle begins Ash gets in over his head when Conway uses the move Trick Room, changing the battle. Will Ash be able to defeat Conway and progress in the tournament.
13x29 Familiarity Breeds Strategy! aired: Saturday Dec 18, 2010
After defeating Conway, Ash has now progressed to the Top 8 in the Sinnoh League, and it's finally time for him to go up against Paul in the Sinnoh League battle promised after Monferno's evolution. With the return of Gliscor, Ash decides to use the same Pokémon he used in his full battle with Paul at Lake Acuity, determined to show that they have grown considerably since then. The time has come; will Ash finally be able to defeat the rival he made when he first set foot in the Sinnoh Region, and progress even further in the tournament?
13x30 A Real Rival Rouser! aired: Saturday Jan 8, 2011
Ash and Paul's battle in the Sinnoh League quarter-finals rages on. Things are looking good for Ash, who has so far defeated Paul's Aggron and Gastrodon and still has all of his Pokémon remaining, but the tables start to turn when Paul sends out his new Drapion. Will Ash be able to hold his ground and defeat his Sinnoh Region rival once and for all?
13x31 Battling a Thaw in Relations! aired: Saturday Jan 15, 2011
Ash and Paul's battle in the Sinnoh League quarter-finals rages on as both trainers give it their all. Eventually, both Ash and Paul have just one Pokémon remaining; Infernape for Ash and Electivire for Paul. Which trainer will emerge victorious in this decisive battle and move on to the semi-finals?
13x32 The Semi-Final Frontier! aired: Saturday Jan 22, 2011
Ash has defeated Paul and advanced to the semi-finals of the Sinnoh League. Ash's biggest challenge, however, is now ahead of him. His next opponent is Tobias, who has won his eight badges and advanced to the semi-finals of the tournament using solely his Darkrai. Will Ash be able to defeat Darkrai, as well as Tobias's other Pokémon, and advance to the finals?
13x33 The Brockster Is In! aired: Saturday Jan 29, 2011
With the Sinnoh League behind them, Ash and friends take a ship back to Dawn's hometown of Twinleaf. A crisis emerges, however, when a group of Tentacruel attack the ship and poison many of the Pokémon on board. With no other doctor on the ship, Brock is the only one who can help those Pokémon. Will he succeed before it's too late?
13x34 Memories are Made of Bliss! aired: Saturday Feb 5, 2011
Back in Twinleaf Town, Ash, Dawn, and Brock finally come to realize that their journey together is over. Everyone is sad about this, especially Piplup who is overwhelmed with tears. However, as one journey ends, one is also set to begin.

Season 14 Episode List

14x1 In the Shadow of Zekrom! (1) aired: Thursday Sep 23, 2010
Once again Ash sets his sights on a new region and a new adventure. Continuing his journey alone, Ash arrives in the beautiful Unova region with just Pikachu at this side. While on his way to visit Professor Juniper, Unova's resident professor, a mysterious shadow appears above and Pikachu loses the ability to use his electric attacks. Ash also encounters a trainer named Trip and the two decide to have an unlikely ending battle.
14x2 Enter Iris and Axew! (2) aired: Thursday Sep 23, 2010
With Pikachu healed up, Ash decides to not return with his mom and Professor Oak to Kanto and to travel around the Unova region instead. As he begins his travels he meets a girl named Iris and together they decide to travel with each other, but when Pikachu and Axew are stolen by Team Rocket, will they be able to save their only Pokémon?
14x3 A Sandile Gusher of Change aired: Thursday Sep 30, 2010
After learning that the first gym of Unova is located in Striaton City, Ash and Iris begin their journey there. However, they are stopped by a boy who requests their help. A group of Sandile are terrorizing his sand bath resort and he wants Ash and Iris's help to stop them.
14x4 The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice! aired: Thursday Oct 7, 2010
While on the way to Striaton City, Ash and Iris arrive in Karakusa Town and Ash hears about a place called the Pokémon Battle Club. Interested, he decides to go check it out. However, trouble is abound as a mysterious pokémon has been spotted nearby and both Ash and Iris wants to capture it.
14x5 Triple Leaders, Team Threats! aired: Thursday Oct 14, 2010
Ash and Iris arrive in Striaton City, the location of Unova's first gym. When they arrive in town they meet a boy named Cilan who says he is a Pokémon Sommelier, someone who is able to test the compatibility between a Pokémon and trainer. He leads them to the Gym where it is revealed that he and his two brothers are all the Gym Leaders of Striaton City. Will Ash be able to defeat the three brothers and win his first badge?
14x6 Dreams by the Yard Full! aired: Thursday Oct 21, 2010
Ash is taking a break at the Pokémon Center following his Gym Battle when all of a sudden Iris comes dashing in. Apparently Axew has fallen asleep and will not wake up. Overhearing, a professor named Fennel and her Munna come to help them.
14x7 Snivy Plays Hard to Catch! aired: Thursday Oct 28, 2010
While on the way to the next Gym, Ash, Iris, and Cilan stop to take a break. While eating a Snivy comes by and starts eating their food. They try to stop it but it uses Attract to stun Pikachu and cause other mischief. What will they do to stop it.
14x8 Saving Darmanitan From the Bell! aired: Thursday Nov 4, 2010
While stopping for lunch by a river, Pikachu and Axew's food suddenly goes missing. Everyone begins to search around and they find a Darumaka eating the food. They give chase but lose it and get lost.
14x9 The Bloom Is on Axew! aired: Thursday Nov 11, 2010
On the way to Nacrene City, Axew wanders off to get some apples and ends up trapped in the horms of the bug pokémon Scolipede. The Pokémon begins rampaging and now everyone must find a way to stop it and get Axew back.
14x10 A Rival Battle for Club Champ! aired: Thursday Nov 18, 2010
On the way to the next city Ash and his friends run into Trip again. Determined to prove that his previous loss was just a fluke, Ash challenges him to a battle. Trip accepts and the two get ready to have a five-on-five battle.
14x11 A Home for Dwebble! aired: Thursday Dec 2, 2010
On the way to Nacrene City, Ash and friends encounter the Pokémon Dwebble. However, this Dwebble does not have a rock on its back as it should. It begins to make a new shell, but then three more Dwebble show up and trouble starts.
14x12 Here Comes the Trubbish Squad! aired: Thursday Dec 9, 2010
Ash and friends are continuing their journey when a group of kids suddenly appear in front of them. They begin throwing mud balls at Ash and his friends and as they run off, a Trubbish steals Ash's hat. They then give chase.
14x13 Minccino-Neat and Tidy! aired: Thursday Dec 16, 2010
Ash and friends meet a girl named Bianca. Professor Juniper has asked Bianca to meet up with them in order to deliver a badge case to Ash. As Bianca gets the case out it is all dusty from sitting at the bottom of her bag. Suddenly a Minccino comes by and snatches the case and runs off with it. Ash and friends give chase.
14x14 A Night in the Nacrene City Museum! aired: Thursday Dec 23, 2010
Ash, Iris, and Cilan finally arrive at Nacrene City, the location of Unova's second gym. When they arrive at the gym, which is located in the city's museum, the door is locked. They soon find out that some strange things have been happening in the museum. Ash, determined to have his gym battle, decides to head inside and find out what is happening.
14x15 The Battle According to Lenora! aired: Thursday Jan 6, 2011
With their museum adventure behind them, Ash finally gets to challenge the Nacrene City Gym Leader, Lenora. Lenora specializes in Normal-type Pokémon and is no pushover. Will Ash be able to defeat Lenora and earn his second badge?
14x16 Rematch at the Nacrene Gym! aired: Thursday Jan 13, 2011
After his devastating loss against Lenora, Ash heads to the Nacrene City Battle Club to train for a rematch. While at the Battle Club, his training proves useful for both Oshawott and Tepig. With renewed confidence, Ash heads back to the gym to battle Lenora yet again. Will he defeat Lenora and win his second badge?
14x17 Scraggy-Hatched to Be Wild! aired: Thursday Jan 20, 2011
The day everyone has been waiting for has arrived! Ash's egg finally hatches, and it hatches into a Scraggy! However, the celebration ends when Scraggy proves to be a little troublemaker, and soon puts Ash and friends in danger with some wild Pokémon.
14x18 Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest! aired: Thursday Jan 27, 2011
Continuing their journey, Ash and friends reach Pinwheel Forest. There Ash sets his sights on catching a Sewaddle after encountering one. However, this Sewaddle is not careful and winds up in some dangerous situations. Meanwhile, Ash and friends also receive help with Sewaddle from Castelia City Gym Leader Burgh.
14x19 A Connoisseurer's Revenge! aired: Thursday Feb 17, 2011
Continuing their journey, Ash and friends come across an authorized Pokémon Connoisseurer. The Connoisseurer is at a new store performing readings for people and their Pokémon. They decide to go watch them so that Ash can get a free reading and Cilan can see another Connoisseurer in action. However, this Connoisseurer has a connection to Cilan.
14x20 Dancing With the Ducklett Trio! aired: Thursday Feb 24, 2011
While Ash is doing some training with his Scraggy, he and his friends are confronted by the same Sandile they met near Nuvema Town. Ash, wanting to accept Sandile's challenge is interrupted by three Ducklett which quickly snatch Ash's hat and Sandile's sunglasses.
14x21 The Lost World of Gothitelle! aired: Thursday Mar 3, 2011
Ash, Iris, and Cilan arrive at the famous Skyarrow Bridge, their last obstacle before reaching Castelia City. They try crossing the bridge, but a Gothitelle appears and prevents them from crossing. They must now find a way to get past it and get into the city.
14x22 A Venipede Stampede! aired: Thursday Mar 10, 2011
Ash and friends have finally arrived in Castelia City. While exploring the city they run into Burgh. After hearing a noise underground, they go to find out what it was and find a wild Venipede. It is injured, and even though they heal it, the other Venipede in the sewers become upset and begin attacking the city above. Now Ash and friends must help to stop them.
14x23 Battling for the Love of Bug-Types! aired: Thursday Mar 17, 2011
The time has arrived, Ash is finally going to battle Burgh to try and win his third badge in Unova. Burgh is an excellent Bug-type trainer with many tricks up his sleeve. Will Ash be able to win his third badge?
14x24 Emolga the Irresistible! aired: Thursday Mar 24, 2011
Ash, Iris, Cilan and Bianca are on their way to Nimbasa City. Axew encounters an Emolga that had just stolen a bunch of apples from a group of Patrat.
14x25 Emolga and the New Volt Switch! aired: Thursday Mar 31, 2011
Iris decides to do some training with her new Emolga. However, while training it is discovered that it has a problem. Whenever Emolga uses Volt Switch, instead of switching places with one of Iris's other Pokémon, it also switches places with Ash and Cilan's Pokémon as well!
14x26 Scare at the Litwick Mansion! aired: Thursday Apr 7, 2011
Continuing to Nimbasa City, Ash and friends suddenly find themselves caught in the rain. They notice a mansion nearby and go inside hoping to seek shelter from the rain. However, things are not as they seem. Soon a group of Litwick begin tormenting them and cause havoc.
14x27 The Dragon Master's Path! aired: Thursday Apr 14, 2011
While on the way to Nimbassa City, Ash and friends encounter a trainer who is skilled in training Dragon-type Pokémon. Iris, determined to achieve her goal given to her by the elder of her town, seeks the wisdom of the trainer, hoping to make Axew stronger.
14x28 Oshawott's Lost Scalchop! aired: Thursday Apr 21, 2011
On the way to Nimbasa City, Ash meets a Pokémon trainer and the two decide to battle. During the battle Oshawott's scalchop is kicked away from Oshawott and becomes lost in the woods. Devastated, Oshawott frantically searches for it, and eventually a replacement for it.
14x29 Cottonee in Love! aired: Thursday Apr 28, 2011
While on the way to Nimbasa City, Ash and friend encounter a group of Cottonee. One of these Cottonee is in love with another one, but she rejects him, so Cilan decides to help the Pokémon win her love.
14x30 A UFO for Elgyem! aired: Thursday May 5, 2011
Continuing their journey to Nimbasa City, Ash and friends are suddenly woken up in the middle of the night by a mysterious light. Soon after they encounter a professor and the mysterious Pokémon Elgyem.
14x31 Ash and Trip's Third Battle! aired: Thursday May 12, 2011
Continuing their journey to Nimbasa City, Ash and friends stop to have lunch. However, they end up ruining Cilan's lunch. Soon after Ash and Iris wander off and run into Trip. After seeing Trip's new Pokémon Ash is eager to battle and Trip agrees to a three one three battle. Who will win?
14x32 Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open! aired: Thursday May 19, 2011
While taking a break on their journey, Ash and friends come under attack by wild Pokémon and the gang's Pokemon are badly poisoned. The only thing nearby that can heal them are herbs found at the bottom of a nearby lake. However, when Oshawott goes to get them, it is attacked by a wild Palpitoad and Stunfisk. Now everyone must find a way to stop the two Pokémon and heal the gang's Pokemon.
14x33 Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster aired: Thursday May 26, 2011
On their way to Nimbasa City, a girl confronts Iris and demands a battle against her and Axew. She says she is a Dragon Buster and it is her job to defeat Dragon Trainers. Due to his lack of experience Axew falls easily and in a fit of rage, Iris calls out Excadrill. Excadrill still ignores Iris and too is defeated. Following the battle Iris finally reveals what happened to her and Excadrill and decides it is time to finally get him to listen to her.
14x34 Gotta Catch A Roggenrola! aired: Thursday Jun 2, 2011
On their way to Nimbasa City, Ash and friends come across a group of Roggenrola who are being targeted by Team Rocket. When Team Rocket reveals their plan for the Pokémon they decide to stop them and save the Pokémon.
14x35 Where Did You Go, Audino? aired: Thursday Jun 9, 2011
Ash and friends arrive in a town where the pokémon Audino is popular among the residents. However, the Audino have been mysteriously disappearing and acting strangely. Cilan decides to help Officer Jenny get to the bottom of this strange case.
14x36 Archeops in the Modern World! aired: Thursday Jun 16, 2011
Ash, Iris, and Cilan meet up with Professor Juniper and Fennel who reveal they are going to revive a Pokémon fossil. the fossil is the pokémon Archen. Archen is a wild pokémon that likes to do as it pleases, but it cannot fly. Ash and friend decide to help it learn to fly. Meanwhile, Team Rocket also set their sites on the pokémon.
14x37 A Fishing Connoisseur in a Fishy Competition! aired: Thursday Jun 23, 2011
Continuing to Nimbasa City, Ash and the gang decide to take a rest stop in a town. They run into Bianca who presents a fishing competition poster, unknowingly staged by Team Rocket. Cilan decides to enter the fishing contest. Meanwhile Team Rocket plans to steal the Pokemon the contestants caught.
14x38 Zorua The Movie! The Legend of the Pokémon Knight!! aired: Thursday Jun 30, 2011
Continuing to Nimbasa City, Ash and friend encounter a boy who directs movies. The boy is having troubles with both his lead actress and his pokémon Zorua. Ash and friends agree to help him with his movie.
14x39 Reunion Battles In Nimbasa! aired: Thursday Jul 7, 2011
Ash and friends arrive in Nimbasa Town where they learn of a tournament that is to be held. They decide to enter it before they leave town. However, they have stiff competition as trainers they've encountered in Unova also gather for the tournament.
14x40 Cilan Versus Trip, Ash Versus Georgia!! aired: Thursday Jul 21, 2011
The next round of the Club Battle tournament begins with a battle between Cilan and Trip. Meanwhile, Ash, Iris, and Bianca wait in the wings for their upcoming battles. Who will progress to the next round?
14x41 The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Emolga Versus Sawk! aired: Thursday Aug 4, 2011
The Club Battle tournament continues with Ash and Georgia's battle ending. Next up is Cilan vs Luke and Iris vs Stephan. With tough opponents ahead of them will Cilan and Iris continue to advance in the tournament?
14x42 The Club Battle Finale: A Heroes Outcome! aired: Thursday Aug 11, 2011
The Club Battle semi-finals conclude with Ash and Iris as the victors. Now the two friends are set to go head to head in the tournament finale. Who will be crowned the victor?
14x43 Meowth's Scrafty Tactics! aired: Thursday Aug 18, 2011
On the way to Nimbasa City, Ash and friends find Meowth of Team Rocket lying in a bush. Meowth says he botched a Team Rocket operation and was fired and disowned. He then joins Ash, Iris, and Cilan. Meanwhile a Scrafty comes by and kidnaps Axew.
14x44 Purrloin: Sweet or Sneaky? aired: Thursday Aug 25, 2011
While continuing to Nimbasa City, Ash and friends come across a Purrloin. Meowth and Oshawott fall for the little pokémon and soon begin to follow whatever it says. However, Cilan doesn't trust Purrloin and follows everyone reluctantly.
14x45 Beheeyem, Duosion, and the Dream Thief! aired: Thursday Sep 1, 2011
On the way to Nimbasa City, Ash and friends encounter a Beheeyem. After discovering it's secret ability, they decide to try and test it out. Meanwhile, Officer Jenny shows up and reveals that she is investigating the Beheeyem.
14x46 Beartic Mountain Feud! aired: Thursday Sep 8, 2011
While on the way to Nimbasa City, Ash and friends come across a Cubchoo that has been separated from its pack. They decide to help find the pack, but that proves difficult when another group of Beartic constantly attacks them.
14x47 Crisis from the Underground Up! (1) aired: Thursday Sep 15, 2011
Ash and friend finally arrive in Nimbasa City. Before heading to gym they decide to check out the Battle Subway. However, a mysterious event causes the Subway System to halt. They head to the Pokmon Center where strange events begin...
14x48 Battle For The Underground (2) aired: Thursday Sep 15, 2011

14x49 Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader! aired: Thursday Sep 22, 2011
Back in Nimbasa City following the subway disaster, Ash and friends encounter Bianca again. She is also there to battle Elesa at the gym. However, the battle is put on hold temporarily while Elesa is modeling. After seeing Bianca and Ash, Elesa returns to the gym. Bianca's match is stopped briefly by the appearance of her father. Her father wants her to return home, saying she is not ready to be a trainer. However, Elesa manages to convince him to let her battle. Bianca's dad agrees to let her continue traveling if she can defeat Elesa.
14x50 Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym! aired: Thursday Sep 29, 2011
Ash finally gets his chance to battle Elesa for his fourth Unova Gym badge. Ash is confident in his line-up and believes the battle will be no problem. As expected, Elesa's Zebstrika takes center stage first. Using his trusted Palpitoad, Ash manages to take down the Pokémon that single-handedly took out all of Bianca's Pokémon. However, when Elesa defeats Palpitoad Ash is left rethinking his entire battle strategy.
14x51 Lost at the Stamp Rally! aired: Thursday Oct 6, 2011
Following Ash's victory at the Nimbasa Gym, Ash, Iris, and Cilan decide to do some sight seeing in Nimbasa City. However, Cilan quickly becomes distracted by a stamp rally. If one can collect all the stamps, they will get a chance to battle the Subway Bosses, Ingo and Emmet. While collecting the stamps, Cilan meets Erina who has lost her Axew. Cilan decides to help her find it. Meanwhile, Ash and Iris find Erina's Axew and try to find her owner.
14x52 Ash Versus the Champion! aired: Thursday Oct 13, 2011
Ash and friends begin their journey towards Driftveil City. On their way they run into Trip. Their reunion is short lived as everyone is surprised when the Champion of Unova, Alder appears! Trip, having met Alder when he was younger, wants to show Alder his progress as a trainer. However, Ash challenges him to a battle. During the battle Alder gives no commands to his Bouffalant, and falls asleep. This causes Trip to loose interest in Alder as a champion, though when a wild Gigalith begins rampaging, his view of him might change.
14x53 A Maractus Musical! aired: Thursday Oct 27, 2011
Continuing to Driftveil City, Ash and friends come across a trainer named Toby who is training his three Maractus for a Pokémon musical. However, one of his Maractus keeps messing up at a certain part of the routine, messing the whole routine up. When Toby starts to give up hope on his routine, Ash, Iris, and Cilan decide to help him and his Maractus learn the routine.
14x54 The Four Seasons of Sawsbuck! aired: Thursday Nov 3, 2011
On the way to Driftveil City, Ash and friends stop at a Pokémon Center where they meet a Pokémon Photographer named Robert. Robert shows them his photographs and everyone is impressed. Robert then shows them his grandfather's photobook. Iris and Cilan are shocked at one of the pictures. The pictures shows all four seasonal forms of Sawsbuck together in one place. Believing this to be impossible, they question Robert and he says he wants to try and find the place the picture was taken and prove that the picture is real. Ash, Iris, and Cilan, wanting to see the Sawsbuck as well, join Robert on his journey.
14x55 Scraggy and the Demanding Gothita! aired: Thursday Nov 10, 2011
Continuing their way to Driftveil City, Ash and Iris have a practice battle with Scraggy and Axew. After the battle, a Gothita appears and takes a liking to Scraggy. Gothita's trainer Katharine appears soon after. After seeing how much Gothita likes Scraggy, she offers Ash a trade. Ash refuses to trade Scraggy, and so Katharine demands a battle, and if she wins he must trade Scraggy. Midway through the battle it starts to rain and everyone runs to a nearby cottage to take shelter. During the middle of the night Gothita wakes up and takes off with Scraggy. Axew and Snivy give chase but will they be able to stop Gothita?
14x56 The Lonely Deino! aired: Thursday Nov 17, 2011
Continuing their journey to Driftveil City, Ash and Cilan are about to have a practice battle. However, two Deino run into the area and start wrecking all their stuff and running out of control. Ash and Iris decide to capture them, but it fails. Soon a man named Bobby comes by and reveals that he is watching these Deino for other trainers at his Daycare Center. They follow him back to his Daycare Center and see all the Pokémon he is taking care of. They also see that there is a third Deino at the center, but it is very shy. As Ash and Cilan help Bobby take care of the other pokémon, Iris makes it her personal mission to help the shy Deino come out of its shell.
14x57 The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue! aired: Thursday Nov 24, 2011
Ash and friends arrive in Driftveil City and immediately head to the gym. However, the gym leader, Clay, does not want to battle at the moment. With nothing else to do they decide to tour the city. They run into a motorcyclist named Charles who acts like their tour guide. Soon they witness a crime taking place and the town's hero, the Mighty Accelgaurd, save them. Ash becomes a fan of the hero and wants to meet him, which leads them to being in the middle of a villainous plot.
14x58 A Call for Brotherly Love! aired: Thursday Dec 1, 2011
While in Driftveil City, Ash and friends run into Cilan's brother Chili. Chili has also left the Striaton Gym so he can improve as a trainer. He and Cilan have a battle which ends with Cilan's victory. Following the battle Chili and Pansear blame each other for the loss and the two end up in a fight. Pansear takes off leading to everyone searching for it. Meanwhile, Pansear is determined to become stronger and prove itself.
14x59 Stopping the Rage of Legends! (1) aired: Thursday Dec 8, 2011
Ash tries to challenge Clay to a gym battle again but Clay refuses because he has to find some Revival Herbs for Driftviel City. He says if Ash can find some, he will battle him. Ash, Iris, and Cilan learn that they grow on Milos Island and head there to find some. Upon arriving on the island they find out that the herbs have all dried up for some reason. They meet Lewis who decides to pray to Landorus in order to save the island. However, things go unexpectedly wrong when the Legendary Weather pokémon Tornadus and Thundurus show up and begin rampaging.
14x60 Stopping the Rage of Legends! (2) aired: Thursday Dec 22, 2011
Ash and friends have succeeded in summoning Landorus.Team Rocket alert Dr. Zager of this and he begins his journey to the island. Despite the legend saying Landorus is key to the battle being stopped, Landorus begins to become overwhelmed by the combined forces of Tornadus and Thundurus. Before Ash and friends can figure out what to do, Dr. Zager arrives and captures the Kami trio. Everyone must now figure out how to save the trio and restore Milos Island.
14x61 Battling the King of the Mines! aired: Thursday Jan 5, 2012
After returning to Driftveil City with a bunch of Revival Herbs, Clay finally accepts Ash's gym challenge. Clay's first Pokémon is Krokorok, who quickly proves Clay and his Ground-Type pokémon are all about power. Ash must overcome Clay's powerful and tactful attacks if he wishes to earn his fifth badge.
14x62 Crisis at Chargestone Cave! aired: Thursday Jan 12, 2012
After winning his fifth badge, Ash and friends begin heading for Mistralton City. On the way they notice a Joltik has taken all of Pikachu, Emolga, and Stunfisk's electric energy, leaving them severely weak. Upon healing them at the Pokémon center they run into Bianca who had the battery in her Xtransceiver drained as well. Nurse Joy determines that something must have happened in Chargestone Cave to make the Joltik and Galvantula appear in the forest. Bianca, who was already heading for the cave to see Professor Juniper, joins the group as they try to figure out what is happening at the cave.
14x63 Evolution Exchange Excitement! aired: Thursday Jan 19, 2012
Ash and friends have joined Professor Juniper at Chargestone Cave so that Juniper and Bianca can trade their Karrablast and Shelmet so they may evolve. Before the trade they decide to have a battle. However, the battle is soon interrupted by a strange electric disturbance in one of the caves areas. After investigating and discovering and helping an injured Klinklang, they return to base camp and proceed with the trade. However, Bianca's new Escavalier wont' listen to Bianca. Professor Juniper decides they should have a tag battle with Ash and Cilan to get Bianca and Escavalier in sync.
14x64 Explorers of the Hero's Ruin! aired: Thursday Jan 26, 2012
Professor Juniper's father Cedric arrives at Chargestone Cave where he reveals that he is trying to find some ruins nearby that are said to be related to the Hero's Legend and Zekrom. Ash, Iris, and Cilan are eager to see the ruins as well as ask Cedric if they can join him. He agrees and they all set out for the ruins. Once they get there they get more than they bargained for when they stumble upon trap after trap on their way to ruins secret treasure.
14x65 Battling the Bully! aired: Thursday Feb 2, 2012
While on the way to Mistralton City, the Sunglasses Krokorok appears and demands to battle with Pikachu. However, the resulting battle sends both Pokémon flying. Ash, Iris, and Cilan manage to track them down to a nearby town where they find Pikachu with a kid name Mick. Mick and his friends Glenn and Sean like to battle but Glenn never lets Mick battle since he has no strong Pokémon. Mick asks Ash if he can borrow Pikachu and battle his friends and Ash agrees. Ash then begins to train with Mick so he can battle properly.
14x66 Baffling the Bouffalant! aired: Thursday Feb 16, 2012
While on the way to Mistralton City, the group stops to have lunch. However, a heard of Bouffalant stampedes towards them and causes Iris, Axew, Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott to get get separated from everyone else. While trying to find Ash and Cilan Iris runs into Nurse Joy who explains that the Bouffalant and very territorial and will attack anyone who is not a Bouffalant. In order to find each other and get out of the area everyone must now wear disguises to avoid being attacked.
14x67 Cilan Takes Flight! aired: Thursday Feb 23, 2012
Ash, Iris, and Cilan finally arrive in Mistralton City. Upon arriving they head to the gym where they find out they need a reservation to challenge the Gym Leader. Ash makes a reservation just as Skyla, the Gym Leader, arrives via plane. When she exits she announces the Gym battles will take place with 15 challengers. Ash and Cilan are horrified to see Skyla's own method of battling called "Air Battles". Using her Air Battles method, Skyla mentally determines whether or not a trainer could defeat her or not. As a Gym Leader himself, Cilan decides to put an end to the Air Battles and challenges Skyla to a regular battle.
14x68 An Amazing Aerial Battle! aired: Thursday Mar 1, 2012
Ash and Skyla's grandfather convince Skyla to have a battle with Ash so that Skyla can see her Air Battles might not always be right. Despite having no concrete plan, Ash is determined that his team of Krokorok, Tranquill, and Pikachu ccan take down Skyla and prove Air Battles are not the way to go. The next day the battle begins. However, Skyla quickly takes out Krokorok putting Ash behind early in the battle. Will Ash be able to win, earn his sixth Unova Badge, and prove Air Battles are wrong?
14x69 Climbing the Tower of Success! aired: Thursday Mar 8, 2012
After winning his sixth badge, Ash and friends bump into Stephan. He is in town to compete in the Bell of Wishes Festival that is being held that day. Ash,Iris, and Cilan, after finding out that the winner gets to ring the bell atop Mistralton Tower and get a wish granted, decide to compete in the festival.
14x70 The Clubsplosion Begins! aired: Thursday Mar 15, 2012
Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Stephan arrive in a town where a new tournament called the Clubsplosion is to be held. They are all excited to enter the tournament and soon reunite with Bianca, Trip, Burgundy, and Georgia who are all also entering. As the tournament gets underway, who will make it past the first round?
14x71 Search for the Clubultimate! aired: Thursday Mar 22, 2012
The Clubsplosion tournament continues to rage on with Iris and Burgundy being the next battle. Although Burgundy's Dewott has an advantage over Iris's Excadrill, Iris and Excadrill, are able tosuccessful get past that and pull off a win. The next battle sees Georgia battling with her newly evolved Bisharp. As the round is set to conclude, the final battle is Trip vs. Bianca. Who will come out victorious.
14x72 A Clubsplosion of Excitement! aired: Thursday Mar 29, 2012
The Clubsplosion tournament continues to heat up as Trip and Bianca continue their battle. It's a battle of the titans as Trip's newly evolved Conkeldurr goes up against Bianca's newly evolved Emboar. Surprising to everyone, Bianca defeats Trip and advances to the next round, where she must now face Georgia in battle. Meanwhile, Ash and Cilan begin their next round battles.
14x73 Commanding the Clubsplosion Crown! aired: Thursday Apr 5, 2012
The Clubsplosion tournament is drawing to close. As the semi finals progress, Ash and Bianca are both defeated, leaving Stephan as one of the two finalists. As a battle of the fighting types begins, will Stephan be able to win the competition?
14x74 Battling the Leaf Thieves! aired: Thursday Apr 12, 2012
While journeying to Icirrus City, Ash and friends are put in danger when Axew is kidnapped by a wild Durant. They must now go deep into Durant's nest in order to get Axew back.
14x75 A Restoration Confrontation! (1) aired: Thursday Apr 19, 2012
Ash, Iris, and Cilan become lost in Twist Mountain and stumble upon an archeologist. He is looking for the fossil of the ancient pokémon Tirtouga. However, Team Rocket is also looking for the fossil.
14x76 A Restoration Confrontation! (2) aired: Thursday Apr 26, 2012
Team launch their plan to revive the Tirtouga fossil and use it to open the Gate of Time.
14x77 Evolution by Fire! aired: Thursday May 3, 2012
On the way to Iccirus City, Ash and friends run into a trainer who turns out to be Tepig's previous trainer who abandoned him. The trainer wants to battle Ash and prove Tepig is useless.
14x78 Guarding the Guardian of the Mountain! aired: Thursday May 10, 2012
Ash and friends run into Brycen, the Gym Leader of Iccirus City. They then join him to help stop a poacher from catching a Volcarona.
14x79 Caution: Icy Battle Conditions! aired: Thursday May 17, 2012
Ash challenges Brycen in order to try and win his seventh Unova Gym Badge.
14x80 Clash of the Connoisseurs! aired: Thursday May 24, 2012
Ash and friends come across a young girl who is trying to choose her first Pokémon. Cilan then competes with another Connoisseur to help the young girl.
14x81 Crisis at Ferroseed Research! aired: Thursday May 31, 2012
Ash and friends run into Gerogia who in on her way to a Ferroseed Research in order to try and make her pokémon more powerful. However, once they get there they are thrown into a major crisis and electric moss begins growing uncontrollably.
14x82 An Epic Defense Force! aired: Thursday Jun 7, 2012
Ash, Iris and Cilan arrive in Virbank City for Ash's next Gym Badge. They meet Luke and his Zorua who are in Virbank City for the opening of Pokéstar Studios and Cilan ends up dragging Ash and Iris to the studios. The group meet Mr. Gold, the owner of the studios and complements Luke on his previous film and wish him luck in the upcoming film competition. Luke asks Ash and his friends for help in the competition and they agree to help him.
14x83 Rocking the Virbank Gym! (1) aired: Thursday Jun 14, 2012
Ash is preparing for his battle at the Virbank Gym at the Pokecenter where he sees many trainers enter with poisoned pokemon. He learns that the gym leader of the Virbank Gym specializes in Poison-type pokemon and should come up with a strategy to avoid poisonous attacks. The gym leader, Roxie suggests that Ash should use six pokemon in his battle while she uses three pokemon.
14x84 Rocking the Virbank Gym! (2) aired: Thursday Jun 14, 2012
Ash's battle against Roxie continues after her Koffing knocks out Ash's Boldore and Unfezant. Koffing is then knocked out by Ash's Leavanny and then Roxie sends out her Scolipede.

Season 15 Episode List

15x1 All for the Love of Meloetta! aired: Thursday Jun 21, 2012
After winning his eighth gym badge, Ash and his friends meet Sinnoh region champion, Cynthia at a Bearticone ice cream stand. They go with her to stay at her villa when they find an injured Meloetta on the road.
15x2 Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times! aired: Thursday Jun 28, 2012
Ash and friends arrive in Undella town. When they get to Cynthia's villa they find out Dawn is also staying there. Ash challenges Dawn to a battle but is interrupted by Cilan who wants to battle Dawn first.
15x3 Expedition to Onix Island! aired: Thursday Jul 5, 2012
Ash and Iris are training for the upcoming tournament when Dawn suggests they should take a break to a nearby, deserted island. She tells them the island has a rare Onix. Everyone decides to go.
15x4 The Mystery of the Missing Cubchoo! aired: Thursday Jul 19, 2012
Ash and Dawn take a break after a battle when they meet a boy named Chris who is looking for his lost Cubchoo. Ash and his friends haven't seen it and decide to help him look.
15x5 Iris and the Rogue Dragonite! aired: Thursday Jul 26, 2012
An injured Dragonite sets off an alarm at a power plant after sustaining injuries from a battle with a Hydreigon. Officer Jenny arrives at the villa looking for Cynthia's but she isn't there. Officer Jenny tells everyone about a Dragonite that has begun destroying the power plant. Iris doesn't believe that a Dragon-type Pokémon would do something like that and they all head to the power plant to stop Dragonite.
15x6 Jostling for the Junior Cup! aired: Thursday Aug 2, 2012
Ash and his friends arrive in Lacunosa Town for the Junior Cup. The Cup begins with an exhibition match between Cynthia and Caitlyn. Iris and Georgia face off against each other but Iris' newly caught Dragonite refuses to listen to Iris' commands.
15x7 Battling Authority Once Again! aired: Thursday Aug 23, 2012
Ash, Cilan, Iris, Dawn and Trip make it through the first round of the cup. In the second round Iris and Dawn face off against each other. Iris' Dragonite continues to not listen to her commands. Trip and Cilan face off against each other in the Semi finals.
15x8 Ash, Iris and Trip: Then There Were Three! aired: Thursday Aug 30, 2012
After beating Cilan, Trip moves onto the finals. The battle between Ash and Iris is under with Ash's Krokorok against Iris's Dragonite.
15x9 Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure! aired: Thursday Sep 6, 2012
It's the final battle of the Junior Cup with Trip facing off against Alder. Dawn leaving for the Wallace Cup in Unova. Ash and Dawn have a battle before she leaves.
15x10 The Road to Humilau aired: Thursday Sep 13, 2012
Ash and his friends accompany a trainer named Cameron to Himalau City for his eighth gym badge. On the way there, Ash and Cameron get separated from Iris and Cilan and make their own way to Himalau City. Once they get there, Cameron challenges Marlon, the gym leader of the Himalau Gym.
15x11 Unrest at the Nursery! aired: Thursday Sep 20, 2012
Ash and his friends help a nursery worker named Leila, they try to get a Vullaby and Rufflet to stop fighting with each other. Vullaby runs away from the Nursery and Cilan and Leila go look for it.
15x12 Meloetta and the Undersea Temple! aired: Thursday Sep 27, 2012
Ash is training at Cynthia's Villa when Ridley arrives thinking that ash had taken Meloetta away from him. After apologising for his mistake, Team Rocket arrives to take Meloetta. Ash and Meloetta try to get away from the Villa but they are captured by Giovanni. They are then taken to the undersea ruins.
15x13 Unova's Survival Crisis! aired: Thursday Oct 4, 2012
After Capturing Meloetta, Team Rocket has brought the Undersea Temple to the surface and used her song to obtain the Reveal Glass. Team Rocket now plan on using the Reveal Glass to summon the forces of nature. Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus to take over the Unova region. Now Ash and his friends have to save Meloetta and put an end to Team Rocket's plan.
15x14 Beauties Battling for Pride and Prestige! aired: Thursday Oct 11, 2012
Ash and his friends learn that the Unova League will be held in in Vertress City and leave Cynthia's Villa. On the way there they stop for lunch when Oshawott and Tepig get into a fight and Emolga gets knocked away. Iris and the other go to retrieve Emolga when they meet three trainers, Moira, Sher and Minana who insult their Pokemon and walk away. When they get into a nearby town, they learn that the three trainers are part of a performance group. In order for the group to confront the three trainers, they need to disguise themselves as beautiful and elegant trainers.
15x15 A Surface To Air Tag Battle Team! aired: Thursday Oct 18, 2012
On the way to the Unova League, Ash and Cilan get challenged to a Tag Battle against the brothers Soren and Rocko who have trained their Braviary and Drilbur to perform amazing combination attacks.
15x16 A Village Homecoming! aired: Thursday Oct 25, 2012
On the way to Vertress City, Ash, Cilan, and Iris find their way to Iris's hometown: the Village of Dragons. While there, Iris shows Axew to her elder and helps her childhood friend Shannon when one of her Zweilous suddenly evolves into Hydreigon and goes out of control.
15x17 Drayden Versus Iris: Past, Present, and Future! aired: Thursday Nov 8, 2012
The gang arrives in Opelucid City for Iris' scheduled rematch against the Dragon Master and Gym Leader Drayden, who handed her and Excadrill their first-ever defeat years ago. Upon arrival, Iris remembers her difficult time in going to school there and trying to adjust to urban life. She and the others then travel to the Opelucid Gym for her rematch with Drayden, where she puts her Excadrill and Dragonite to the test, respectively, against Drayden's Haxorus and Druddigon in order for him to evaluate her training and skills.
15x18 Team Eevee and the Pokemon Rescue Squad! aired: Thursday Nov 15, 2012
Near Vertress City, the gang meets the Pokémon Rescue Squad's Virgil - trainer of Team Eevee - and his brother Davey, whom they decide to assist in helping a group of troubled Cryoganal.
15x19 Curtain Up, Unova League! aired: Thursday Nov 22, 2012
The Unova League begins, and as the preliminary round matches get underway, Ash finds himself up against Trip.
15x20 Mission: Defeat Your Rival! aired: Thursday Nov 29, 2012
Ash's battle against Trip continues, with Pikachu facing Serperior. As the preliminaries end and the first round begins, Bianca pits her Escavalier and Emboar against Cameron's Samurott and Riolu.
15x21 Lost at the League! aired: Thursday Dec 6, 2012
During a break in the competition, Iris's Axew follows a balloon and gets lost in Vertress City. Pikachu manages to track him down, but they are cornered by a group of Trubbish and their Garbodor leader.
15x22 Strong Strategy Steals the Show! aired: Thursday Dec 13, 2012
The third round of battles at the Unova League begins and Ash finds himself up against Stephan, putting Krookodile, Palpitoad, and Leavanny up against Stephan's Liepard, Zebstrika, and Sawk.
15x23 Cameron's Secret Weapon! aired: Thursday Dec 20, 2012
In the fourth round of matches, Ash battles against Cameron - who begins the match by revealing his secret weapon, Hydreigon.
15x24 A Unova League Evolution! aired: Thursday Jan 10, 2013
Ash's Snivy and Pikachu must face off against Cameron and his newly evolved Lucario.
15x25 New Places... Familiar Faces! aired: Thursday Jan 17, 2013
With the Unova League tournament over, Ash and company return to Nuvema Town to meet up with Professor Juniper and to tell Professor Oak about his results. Along the way, they meet Nanette who is going to see Juniper for her first Pokémon, and eventually chooses Tepig and asks to have her first battle with Ash. However, during the battle, a robot appears and it is piloted by a very familiar trio. Later, Professor Juniper gets a call from her father, who invites Ash and friends to visit him at the White Ruins, located north of Icirrus City.
15x26 The Name's N! aired: Thursday Jan 24, 2013
On a boat heading to see ruins dedicated to Reshiram, Ash, Iris, and Cilan meet the mysterious boy calling himself N, who quickly befriends their Pokémon. However, when Team Rocket attacks the group once more and James's Amoonguss paralyzes Pikachu with Stun Spore, N's timely intervention helps turn the tide of the fight.
15x27 There's a New Gym Leader in Town! aired: Thursday Jan 31, 2013
The group's boat arrives in Aspertia City, and they arrange to meet Cheren, Professor Juniper's acquaintance and the city's new Gym Leader. A teacher at the local Pokémon School, Cheren is lacking in confidence regarding his worth for the title, something Cilan - as a former Gym Leader himself - connects with him over. After misadventures in the Pokémon House on the school grounds - including a series of mishaps between Cilan, Pansage, and a flock of Ducklett - Ash has an unofficial Gym match against Cheren, Oshawott facing off against Herdier.
15x28 Team Plasma's Pokemon Power Plot! aired: Thursday Feb 7, 2013
When Team Plasma scientist Colress uses his machine to draw out Pokémon strength, the controlled wild Pokémon attack the residents of nearby Floccesy Town. Ash, Iris, and Cilan get caught in the middle of the mayhem when Pikachu and Axew also fall under his control, but when they are saved by Looker, they agree to aid him in his investigation of Team Plasma and Colress's scheme.
15x29 The Light of Floccesy Ranch! aired: Wednesday Feb 13, 2013
While stopped at Floccesy Ranch, Iris's Dragonite helps rancher Elly's Ampharos get into the fighting spirit.
15x30 Saving Braviary! aired: Thursday Feb 21, 2013
Ash and friends once again run into N, who has freed a Braviary held captive by Team Plasma. They help him bring it to a Pokémon Center, but when Braviary is tracked by a pair of Team Plasma Grunts - Nero and Bianco, who respectively use a Seviper and Zangoose in battle - N puts his life on the line. Successfully freeing Braviary, N joins the group on their journey to the White Ruins.
15x31 The Pokemon Harbor Patrol! aired: Thursday Feb 28, 2013
Upon returning to Virbank City, Ash and friends meet Halsey who runs a rescue team consisting of his two Frillish, his Dewott, and his Watchog. Making his personal feelings on the idea of Pokémon putting themselves at risk for the sake of humans known, N's belief that Watchog (who seems ill-suited for the Team's risky endeavours) is being used as a tool causes an ideological clash between Halsey and N, but the two young men must put their enmities aside when a fire breaks out in Virbank City's Industrial Complex.
15x32 The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion! aired: Thursday Mar 7, 2013
Ash and his friends come across the Kanto Fair, and seeing a Charmander perform on stage reminds him of his old friend Charizard. He tells Iris, Cilan and N about his and Charizard's history, with Misty and Brock making cameos during the tale. Professor Oak sends Charizard over, and after he meets Iris' Dragonite, the two trainers agree to have a friendly match. Ash's offer to let Charizard rejoin his team is met with approval from all parties involved.
15x33 Team Plasma's Pokemon Manipulation! aired: Thursday Mar 14, 2013
Colress appears and tests his newly-advanced machine on Dragon-type Pokémon - first taking over a young trainer's Haxorus, and later Iris's Dragonite. As Ash and Charizard try to stop them, N puts himself in the crossfire, knowing the Pokémon should be friends and not fight.
15x34 Secrets from out of the Fog! aired: Thursday Mar 21, 2013
After N is hurt by Colress's machine, two young women, Anthea and Concordia, come to save him. It is from these two girls that Ash and the others learn the truth about N's life, including his link to the evil Ghetsis.
15x35 Meowth, Colress, and Team Rivalry! aired: Thursday Mar 28, 2013
Team Plasma's Colress convinces Team Rocket's Jessie and James to use his technology on Meowth to make him stronger, but it is all part of Colress's plans to test his Pokémon controlling device.
15x36 Ash and N A Clash of Ideals! aired: Thursday Apr 4, 2013
At the ruins dedicated to the Pokémon Reshiram, N steals the Light Stone from Cedric Juniper, and Ash's attempt to stop him ends with them separated from the others. Team Plasma move to attack the White Ruins while Team Rocket watch on in anticipation, and Iris, Cilan and Looker attempt to fight off the enemy forces.
15x37 Team Plasma and the Awakening Ceremony! aired: Thursday Apr 11, 2013
Ash and N prepare to save Iris, Cilan, and Professor Juniper's father from the clutches of Team Plasma before Ghetsis can revive Reshiram, but their attempts to fight back are hampered by Colress's Pokémon controlling machine, forcing them all to call back their Pokémon. Pikachu gets hit by the machine's beam, which sways N into surrendering the Light Stone in exchange for its freedom just as Ghetsis arrives, ready to begin the ritual.
15x38 What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals! aired: Thursday Apr 18, 2013
As the revived Reshiram quickly falls under Ghetsis' control, Ash and friends try to develop a strategy to stop Team Plasma. Looker convinces Team Rocket to help in the fight against the villains, while Ash and Pikachu aim to destroy the controlling machine, and N hopes to pacify the enraged Reshiram before it destroys the world in a righteous fury - akin to when it burned down Team Plasma's castle in the past.
15x39 Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures! aired: Thursday Apr 25, 2013
With Team Plasma defeated once and for all, Satoshi decides it is time to go back to Kanto. Iris and Dent decide to go with him to further their skills, and Professor Juniper charters all of them a cruise through the Dekorora Islands on a boat with a mysterious crew. Once settled in their cabins, however, Satoshi finds that they are locked in and their Pokémon are not with them.
15x40 Danger, Sweet as Honey! aired: Thursday May 2, 2013
The cruise makes a stop on Honey Island, known for its colonies of the Honeycomb Pokémon Honeymitsu, Pupa Pokémon Cocoon, Stinger Pokémon Spear, and its honey-flavored cuisine.
15x41 Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness! aired: Thursday May 9, 2013
As Satoshi and his friends prepare for the upcoming Marine Cup Tournament on board their new cruise ship, the group learns that Ripple, a jewel collector, will display her collection after the tournament, but she discovers that her rare Eye of Lepardas has been stolen. Ripple suspects Shoal, a mysterious man who has been asking to buy the Eye of Lepardas from her, even though it was watched over by her Miruhog all night. Dent takes on his detective role once more to discover the thief of the Eye of Lepardas.
15x42 Crowning the Scalchop King! aired: Thursday May 16, 2013
On Scalchop Island, Ash's Oshawott goes up against the Dewott named Caesar to see who will win the battle at the Scalchop King Competition.
15x43 The Island of Illusions! aired: Thursday May 23, 2013
On the way to Mahora Island, the gang's boat passes through fog and they believe they see a familiar shape in it. After avoiding a giant Heatmor when Pikachu's attacks do not work against it, Axew gets poisoned by a Foongus's Mushroom Spore attack, forcing the gang to take him to an old Pokémon Center which they soon discover is operating illegally.
15x44 To Catch a Rotom! aired: Thursday May 30, 2013
Ash, Iris, and Cilan catch up with Professor Oak who has come to one of the Decolore Islands to investigate the Plasma Pokémon Rotom and its Forme Change capabilities. However, the Rotom native to the island are more interested in Pikachu, Emolga, and Stunfisk.
15x45 The Pirates of Decolore! aired: Thursday Jun 6, 2013
When Team Rocket tries to ransack the group's cruise ship's food store, they are thwarted by a group of self-styled pirate Pokémon group made up of a Croconaw, an Octillery, an Azumarill, and a Ducklett, leaving Ash to try to get the food back.
15x46 Butterfree and Me! aired: Thursday Jun 13, 2013
On Wayfarer Island, Ash and his friends see the native Metapod and Butterfree, and when they find a Caterpie who has not yet evolved, Ash takes it upon himself to help the very lazy Pokémon join the rest of its friends, remembering the times he had raising his own Butterfree years ago.
15x47 The Path That Leads to Goodbye! aired: Thursday Jun 20, 2013
On Capacia Island, after a Dunsparce Ash fails to capture and hurts Axew, Iris gets so mad at him that she says she will no longer be Ash's friend and leaves.
15x48 Searching For a Wish! aired: Thursday Jun 27, 2013
Ash, Iris, and Cilan take a break on Capacia Island only to discover they have arrived on the one week once every 1000 years when Jirachi awakens and grants a wish. Gemma, a young girl who lives on the island, wants to ask Jirachi to bring prosperity back to the island, but Team Rocket has other plans.
15x49 Capacia Island UFO! aired: Thursday Jul 4, 2013
Ash must find a way to stop Beheeyem from taking over a town on Capacia Island after the townspeople, Iris, Cilan, and even Pikachu are placed under the strange Pokémons' control.
15x50 The Journalist from Another Region! aired: Thursday Jul 18, 2013
While on Harvest Island, Ash and his friends meet the Pokémon Reporter Alexa, who has come all the way from the Kalos Region with her Gogoat and Helioptile. She has come to investigate Harvest Island's fruit harvest festival, which the others realize has a Pokémon Sumo tournament. Ash, Iris, and Cilan enter Pignite, Pansage, and Dragonite in the tournament to win the grand prize Focus Band.
15x51 Mystery on a Deserted Island! aired: Thursday Jul 25, 2013
Alexa tells Ash, Iris, and Cilan about Yashi Island, a desert island where a pirate ship crashed years ago, and the ship's treasure has never been found. The group decides to investigate, and Team Rocket follows to get the treasure for themselves.
15x52 A Pokémon of a Different Color! aired: Thursday Aug 1, 2013
On Cave Island, Ash and his friends meet up with Clair, Gym Leader of Johto's Blackthorn City, who has come to the island to capture a different-colored Druddigon, but her Dragonite left without her. When they find her Dragonite, Iris's Dragonite takes an instant dislike to it and the two fight, hampering Clair's plans to find the different-colored Druddigon on the other side of the island from the port.
15x53 Celebrating the Hero’s Comet! aired: Thursday Aug 15, 2013
The appearance of Woodate Comet approaches, so Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Alexa go stake out the ruins where the legendary hero it is named after first spotted it. However, they must deal with several Ghost Pokémon and Team Rocket who are once again trying to capture Pikachu.
15x54 Go Go Gogoat! aired: Thursday Aug 22, 2013
On another island, Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Alexa meet a boy named Tony who touches Alexa's Gogoat's horns, causing it to temporarily bond with him. They all help Tony meet his father on the other side of the island.
15x55 Team Rocket’s Shocking Recruit! aired: Thursday Sep 5, 2013
After being scolded by Iris, an ambush by Team Rocket starts to make Emolga wish she did not have to be with such strict trainers and fights on Team Rocket's side.
15x56 Survival of the Striaton Gym! aired: Thursday Sep 12, 2013
Chili and Cress meet up with Cilan on Paladin Island as they have both been beaten by a challenger at the Striaton Gym named Morana who exclusively uses Ice-type Pokémon such as Mamoswine and Glalie. It is up to Cilan and Pansage to face off against Morana and her Abomasnow for the honor of the Striaton City Gym.
15x57 Best Wishes Until We Meet Again! aired: Thursday Sep 19, 2013
The group finally reaches the waters off of Kanto, just as Team Rocket once again tries to do their best to take Ash's Pikachu.
15x58 The Dream Continues! aired: Thursday Sep 26, 2013
With Iris and Cilan heading off on their own adventures in Johto, Ash is restless and still wishes to become a Pokémon Master. To that end, Alexa suggests that he travel with her back to her home in the Kalos region just as Team Rocket hatches another plan to steal Pikachu.

Season 16 Episode List

16x1 Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! aired: Thursday Oct 17, 2013
Ash arrives in the Kalos Region with Alexa, who reveals her sister is a Gym Leader, but she seems to be away.
16x2 Lumiose City Pursuit! aired: Thursday Oct 17, 2013
Ash heads to Professor Sycamore's laboratory, where he discovers the professor is investigating a strange looking Garchomp. Team Rocket overhears the conversation and tries to steal Garchomp for themselves.
16x3 A Battle of Aerial Mobility! aired: Thursday Oct 24, 2013
After Ash registers for the Kalos League, he encounters a Pokémon called Dedenne and a Fletchling, whom his newly captured Froakie does his best to battle.
16x4 A shockingly cheeky friendship! aired: Thursday Oct 31, 2013
Clemont tries to capture the Dedenne that keeps stealing their food.
16x5 A blustery Santalune Gym battle! aired: Thursday Nov 7, 2013
Ash and his new group of friends finally meet up with Alexa in Santalune City where she introduces Ash to her sister, the Gym Leader Viola. Ash has his first Gym Battle in the Kalos Region, but he is defeated when Viola's Bug-type Pokémon put up too good a fight. Afterwards, an old friend reunites with Ash.
16x6 Battling on thin ice! aired: Thursday Nov 14, 2013
Ash challenges Viola to a rematch, now ready for Surskit's freezing strategy.
16x7 Giving chase at the Rhyhorn race! aired: Thursday Nov 21, 2013
Ash is introduced to the world of Rhyhorn racing, and Serena, whose mother is a famous Rhyhorn racer, coaches Ash in the upcoming race. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has their sights on capturing Pikachu and the Racing Rhyhorn.
16x8 Grooming Furfrou! aired: Thursday Nov 28, 2013
In the next town, the guidebook reveals that it is home to Charisma Trimmers, people whose expertise is styling the Pokémon Furfrou. Jessica, a Charisma Trimmer in training, is having problems with her confidence, which is only exacerbated by the expert Charisma Trimmer Moussalli, but she is not all who she appears to be.
16x9 Clemont's Got a Secret! aired: Thursday Dec 5, 2013
Upon returning to Lumiose City, the group meets up with Clemont's and Bonnie's father Meyer who reveals to Ash and Serena that Clemont is Lumiose City's Gym Leader. Meyer also reveals that the Clembot, a robot Clemont had built to look after the gym in his absence, has gone haywire. Ash and Clemont infiltrate the gym to beat the Clembot in a Pokémon battle to take back the Lumiose Gym.
16x10 Mega-Mega Meowth Madness! aired: Thursday Dec 12, 2013
Before heading to Cyllage City, the group decides to stop by the Sycamore Pokémon Lab. Team Rocket decides to kidnap Professor Sycamore, as well as Serena and Bonnie, to pry the professor's mind for the secrets behind Mega Evolution, while Ash and Clemont have to deal with a gluttonous little Chespin with a penchant for macarons.
16x11 The Bamboozling Forest! aired: Thursday Dec 19, 2013
While on their journey, the group stops for lunch when they are interrupted by two Pancham. However when Team Rocket attacks, the Pokémon get separated from their trainers. As Ash and his friends try to reach Pikachu, so does Team Rocket, but they cross paths with a Pangoro along the way.
16x12 To Catch a Pokémon Smuggler! aired: Thursday Jan 9, 2014
While heading towards the next city, the group sees a man escaping from Officer Jenny and along the way find a Scatterbug that fell out of the man's truck. It turns out that the man is a Pokémon poacher who has been capturing Vivillon of different patterns and the group decide to help Jenny catch him.
16x13 Kindergarten Chaos! aired: Thursday Jan 16, 2014
Ash and the group comes across a girl named Penelope who asks to battle Ash and if she wins he has to go out with her.
16x14 Seeking Shelter from the Storm! aired: Thursday Jan 30, 2014
When Ash and his friends are caught in a rain storm, they find a nearby abandoned mansion to take refuge, but unbeknownst to them Team Rocket has as well. And both groups are frightened by strange occurrences through the house, all centered on a mysterious shadow.
16x15 An Appetite for Battle! aired: Thursday Feb 6, 2014
Chespin gets fat after eating so many of Serena's macarons, so Clemont decides to put it on a diet by making an exercise machine and having it exercise through Pokémon Battles, but Chespin is not making progress.
16x16 A Jolting Switcheroo! aired: Thursday Feb 13, 2014
Bonnie and another girl's bags get mixed up, leaving the other girl with Clemont's Dedenne and Bonnie with the girl's Pichu.
16x17 A Rush of Ninja Wisdom! aired: Thursday Feb 20, 2014
Ash and his friends meet up with Ninja Trainer Sanpei who owns a Frogadier. Ash challenges Sanpei to a series of ninja-training exercises, as Froakie learns a new move.
16x18 Awakening the Sleeping Giant! aired: Thursday Feb 27, 2014
In Camphrier Town, Ash and his friends come across a Snorlax blocking their path. The local King Shabboneau has a Poké Flute that will wake it, but it was stolen by the selfish Princess Allie of Parfum Palace. Ash tries to retrieve it, but the princess demands a Pokémon Battle.
16x19 A Conspiracy to Conquer! aired: Thursday Mar 13, 2014

16x20 Breaking Titles at the Chateau! aired: Thursday Mar 20, 2014
Ash and his friends make it to the Battle Chateau where they participate in some matches while waiting for the battle between Viola and Cyllage City's Gym Leader Grant.
16x21 A PokéVision of Things to Come! aired: Thursday Mar 27, 2014

16x22 Going for the Gold! aired: Thursday Apr 10, 2014
Ash and his friends make it to Ambrette Town and marvel at its aquarium. They meet the aquarium's director Rodman and his partner Clauncher, and they try to help him complete the aquarium's collection by capturing a gold-colored Magikarp.
16x23 Coming Back into the Cold! aired: Thursday Apr 17, 2014
Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie meet up with Alexa again, who is covering the new fossil exhibit at the Ambrette Town Museum, meeting the revived fossil Pokémon Amaura and Aurorus in the museum's cold storage. However, Team Rocket arrives to steal Amaura, leaving Ash and his friends on a rescue mission.
16x24 Climbing the Walls! aired: Thursday Apr 24, 2014
Ash and his friends make it to Cyllage City, where Ash plans on challenging the Gym Leader Grant. Having already seen his strategy with Onix at the Battle Chateau, Ash plans on having Froakie face the Rock Pokémon in battle, and later Pikachu against Tyrunt.
16x25 A Battle by Any Other Name! aired: Thursday May 8, 2014
While on the road, Serena makes some Poké Puffs for Pikachu and Fennekin, but her cooking skills are attacked by Miette, who has the Meringue Pokémon Slurpuff. The two decide to head to the next town and hold a Poké Puffs Contest to see who is the better pastry chef.
16x26 To Find a Fairy Flower! aired: Thursday May 15, 2014
While brushing out her hair, Bonnie tries a new flower accessory, only to discover that a Flabébé is latching onto it because she has lost her Fairy Flower. The gang tries to help Flabébé get a new Fairy Flower, but it appears the season is over.
16x27 The Bonds of Evolution aired: Thursday May 22, 2014
Upon arriving in the next town, Ash learns that the Kalos Region Champion Diantha will be holding an exhibition match, but he misses out on the sign up deadline. He heads to Professor Sycamore's lab, being tasked to help in his research on Mega Evolution, when he meets Diantha there by chance. She allows him a friendly match, Pikachu against her Gardevoir, and she shows she knows what Mega Evolution is.
16x28 Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike! aired: Thursday May 29, 2014
Ash, Serena, and Bonnie must find out who has been impersonating them in the town they have just arrived in.
16x29 Mega Revelations! aired: Thursday May 29, 2014
Ash and friends meet up with Korrina and her Lucario, and soon discover that she is the Shalour City Gym Leader, and she seems to possess a Mega Stone.
16x30 The Cave of Trials! aired: Thursday Jun 5, 2014
Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie help Korrina and her Lucario find the Mega Stone Lucarionite in Geosenge Town's caves, only to come face to face with a Blaziken protecting the caves.
16x31 The Aura Storm! aired: Thursday Jun 12, 2014
Korrina finally finds the Lucarionite, but after using it, she loses control of Mega Lucario, who is much too strong for Pikachu to defeat. Her grandfather Gurkinn must step in and take care of matters, with his own Mega Lucario.
16x32 Calling from Beyond the Aura! aired: Thursday Jun 19, 2014
Korrina's grandfather Gurkinn tasks her with more training to rein in Mega Lucario, and Ash and company accompany her as they travel to Pomace Mountain only to fall into a trap laid by Team Rocket.
16x33 The Bonds of Mega Evolution! aired: Thursday Jul 3, 2014
The group heads into the mountains around Pomace Mountain and meet with Mabel, a flower arranger who has mastered the art of Mega Evolution herself with her Mawile, prompting Korrina to have a friendly match.
16x34 The Forest Champion! aired: Thursday Jul 10, 2014
Continuing on their journey to Shalour City, Ash and his friends come across the Wrestling Pokémon Hawlucha who is protecting a group of Pokémon in the forest from stronger Pokémon like Machamp, Conkeldurr and a Ursaring.
16x35 Battles in the sky! aired: Thursday Jul 24, 2014
At Kalos Canyon, Ash learns of the Sky Battle trend and tries it out with Fletchling and Hawlucha against Sky Trainer Moria and her Talonflame.
16x36 The cave of mirrors! aired: Thursday Jul 31, 2014
While travelling in the Reflection Cave, Ash's reflection takes Pikachu away from him, prompting him to follow into a world within the reflection, leaving Clemont, Serena, and Bonnie to find a way to bring him back. After Ash arrives in the Mirror Dimension, he discovers that his mirror self needs help finding his Pikachu.
16x37 Forging forest friendships! aired: Thursday Aug 7, 2014
While practicing for his upcoming Gym battle against Korrina with Hawlucha, Froakie, and Clemont, Ash is kidnapped by the Elder Tree Pokémon Trevenant, leaving Froakie and Hawlucha to trust each other in saving Ash, as Trevenant keeps the others at bay with its power over the forest.
16x38 Summer of discovery! aired: Thursday Aug 14, 2014
Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie make it to Professor Sycamore's Pokémon Summer Camp, where they meet Shauna, Trevor, and Tierno, who have received Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle from Professor Sycamore for their first Pokémon, and want to test their skills against Ash and his friends.
16x39 Day three blockbusters! aired: Thursday Aug 21, 2014
Serena and Shauna decide to have a little PokéVision contest, but while Serena was looking for locations with her friends, she and Ash become trapped at the bottom of a cliff.
16x40 Foggy Pokémon Orienteering! aired: Thursday Aug 28, 2014
The summer campers participate in a Pokémon Orienteering stamp rally where they must use their Pokémon to navigate through a course to get stamps at various stations. However, Bonnie and Pikachu get lost in the foggy woods and come across a mysterious Pokémon.
16x41 Battling into the Hall of Fame! aired: Thursday Sep 4, 2014
After all of the activities at the Pokémon Summer Camp, Ash's team and Tierno's team have the same amount of points. To settle the tie, all six will participate in a tag team match. But first, they have to save Tierno, Shauna, and Trevor's Pokémon from Team Rocket.
16x42 Origins of Mega Evolution! aired: Thursday Sep 18, 2014
Before they have their Gym Battle, Ash and Korrina must stop Team Rocket after they have stolen a scroll on Mega Evolution from the Tower of Mastery.
16x43 Showdown at the Shalour Gym! aired: Thursday Sep 25, 2014
Ash challenges Korrina for the Shalour Gym's Rumble Badge, with his Hawlucha, Fletchinder, and Pikachu facing off against her Mienfoo, Machoke, and Mega Lucario.
16x44 Splitting Heirs! aired: Thursday Oct 2, 2014
Bonnie and Clemont get into a fight after Bonnie wondered off to look for Chespin and when they encounter two brothers and their Meowstic having a rivalry, it gives Clemont a chance to teach Bonnie a lesson.
16x45 The Clumsy Crier Quiets the Chaos! aired: Thursday Oct 9, 2014
On their way to Coumarine City, the group goes to a Pokémon Center where Nurse Joy is assisted by a Wigglytuff with bad luck. However, they all soon find themselves having to deal with a Salamence that has gone out of control, and Wigglytuff is the only one who can save Joy.
16x46 Dreaming a Performer's Dream! aired: Thursday Oct 16, 2014
After a Pancham disrupts a Pokémon Showcase and steals Ash's hat and Clemonts's glasses, Serena battles it with her Fennekin in an attempt to capture it and teach it some manners.
16x47 A Campus Reunion! aired: Thursday Oct 23, 2014
Clemont returns to his old school where he relives his younger years and reminisces about a Shinx he had befriended, but was forced to leave it behind after his graduation celebration. When he reunites with it, it has evolved into Luxio ever since and Clemont tries to heal the rift that was caused a few years ago.
16x48 Bonnie for the Defense! aired: Thursday Oct 30, 2014
While walking by herself, Bonnie comes across a group of children who are protecting an injured Lapras from intruders while it rests up before returning to the sea. Bonnie soon joins them in protecting Lapras from Team Rocket.
16x49 Pathways to performance partnering! aired: Thursday Nov 13, 2014
After Pancham and Chespin get into a fight, Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie meet Nini, a Pokémon Performer preparing for the Pokémon Showcase. Serena becomes inspired to add performances to her battle style as well, and has to use it quickly when Team Rocket kidnaps Chespin, Fennekin, Pancham and Nini's Pokémon.
16x50 An undersea place to call home! aired: Thursday Nov 20, 2014
After encountering the Mock Kelp Pokémon Skrelp on the Muraille coastline, Ash and his friends join two marine archaeologists on an expedition to the sunken luxury liner known as the Cussler where Skrelp, Dragalge, and several marine Pokémon live. However, Team Rocket has their sights set on capturing all of the Pokémon that call the Cussler home.
16x51 When dark and light collide! aired: Thursday Nov 27, 2014

16x52 A stealthy challenge! aired: Thursday Dec 11, 2014
Ash and the others meet up with Sanpei and his Greninja who comes to them for help in dealing with another Ninja Trainer. They help Sanpei out, but something happens to Ash's Froakie.
16x53 A Race for Home! aired: Thursday Dec 18, 2014
When Serena's mother Grace visits the group on their journey and learns of her daughter's new goal of becoming a Pokémon Performer, Grace wonders if her daughter is truly dedicated to her goals and challenges her to a Skiddo race to prove her determination.
16x54 Facing the Grand Design! aired: Thursday Dec 25, 2014

16x55 A Slippery Encounter! aired: Thursday Jan 8, 2015
Satoshi befriends a Numera who is very friendly, but because it is a Dragon-type it is afraid of Dedenne.
16x56 One for the Goomy! aired: Thursday Jan 15, 2015
Team Rocket kidnaps Numera, but Dedenne manages to track them down to save their new friend.
16x57 Thawing an icy panic! aired: Thursday Jan 22, 2015
Satoshi and his friends team up with Hiyoku City's Gym Leader to stop Team Rocket from stealing a Vanipeti, which incurred the anger of it's fellow Pokémon.
16x58 Green, Green Grass Types of Home! aired: Thursday Jan 29, 2015
Satoshi challenges Fukuji for the Plant Badge and gets backed into a corner by his powerful grass-type Pokémon.
16x59 Under the pledging tree! aired: Thursday Feb 5, 2015
Hiyoku City holds an annual festival to celebrate the bond between trainer and Pokémon. However when Satoshi has trouble deciding on a present for his Pokémon, Serena helps inspire him on their shopping trip.
16x60 Showcase, debut! aired: Thursday Feb 12, 2015
The day of the Hiyoku City Tripokalon arrives and the group reunites with Sana. Serena makes a step towards her dream but quickly learns that first times can be tough.
16x61 An oasis of hope! aired: Thursday Feb 19, 2015
The gang encounters a Boopig in the badlands which uses its superior strength to dominate the Baneboo in the area's oasis. When they end up getting captured by Team Rocket, Numera steps up to the plate to defend its friends.
16x62 The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination! aired: Thursday Feb 26, 2015
Citron and the others arrive at the Kalos Power Plant and discover Team Rocket to be manipulating the electric Pokémon in the area. After putting a stop to their schemes, Citron decides to go on ahead of the others and prepare for the upcoming battle with Satoshi in Miare City.
16x63 A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways! aired: Thursday Mar 5, 2015
Musashi and Sonansu are separated from Kojiro and Nyarth after being sent flying from the power plant. A passer-by then saves Musashi from drowning in a river and she seems fall in love with her rescuer.
16x64 Battling With Elegance With a Big Smile! aired: Thursday Mar 12, 2015

16x65 Good friends, great training! aired: Thursday Mar 26, 2015

16x66 Confronting the darkness! aired: Thursday Apr 2, 2015

16x67 Moment of Lumiose truth! aired: Thursday Apr 9, 2015

16x68 Garchomp's Mega Bond! aired: Thursday Apr 16, 2015

16x69 Defending the homeland! aired: Thursday Apr 23, 2015

16x70 Beyond the Rainbow! aired: Thursday Apr 30, 2015

16x71 So you're having a bad day! aired: Thursday May 7, 2015

16x72 Scary hospitality! aired: Thursday May 14, 2015

16x73 A fashionable battle! aired: Thursday May 21, 2015

16x74 Fairy-Type Trickery! aired: Thursday May 28, 2015

16x75 Rivals: Today and Tomorrow! aired: Thursday Jun 4, 2015

16x76 A not so flying start! aired: Thursday Jun 11, 2015

16x77 A relay in the sky! aired: Thursday Jun 18, 2015

16x78 A Frenzied Factory Fiasco aired: Thursday Jun 25, 2015

16x79 Tairenar and Yancham! A captivating fiery performance! aired: Thursday Jul 2, 2015

16x80 Rotom's Wish! aired: Thursday Jul 9, 2015

16x81 A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell? aired: Thursday Jul 23, 2015

16x82 Over the Mountain of Snow! aired: Thursday Jul 30, 2015

16x83 Adventures in running errands! aired: Thursday Aug 13, 2015

16x84 Mending a broken spirit! aired: Thursday Aug 20, 2015

16x85 A legendary photo op! aired: Thursday Aug 27, 2015

16x86 The tiny caretaker! aired: Thursday Sep 10, 2015

16x87 A Trip Down Memory Train! aired: Thursday Sep 17, 2015

16x88 The frocking find in the flowers! aired: Thursday Sep 24, 2015

16x89 Tag team inspiration! aired: Thursday Oct 1, 2015

16x90 A performance pop quiz! aired: Thursday Oct 8, 2015

16x91 Cloudy fate, bright future! aired: Thursday Oct 15, 2015

16x92 All eyes on the future! aired: Thursday Oct 22, 2015

Season 17 Episode List

17x1 From A to Z! aired: Thursday Oct 29, 2015

17x2 Love Strikes! Eevee, Yikes aired: Thursday Nov 5, 2015

17x3 A Giga Battle with Mega Results aired: Thursday Nov 12, 2015

17x4 A Fiery Rite of Passage! aired: Thursday Nov 19, 2015

17x5 Dream a Little Dream from Me! aired: Thursday Nov 26, 2015

17x6 The Legend of the Ninja Hero! aired: Thursday Dec 3, 2015

17x7 A Festival of Decisions! aired: Thursday Dec 10, 2015

17x8 A Dancing Debut! aired: Thursday Dec 17, 2015

17x9 Meeting at Terminus Cave! aired: Thursday Dec 24, 2015

17x10 A Cellular Connection! aired: Thursday Jan 14, 2016

17x11 A Windswept Encounter! aired: Thursday Jan 21, 2016

17x12 Party Dancecapades! aired: Thursday Jan 28, 2016

17x13 A Meeting of Two Journeys aired: Thursday Feb 4, 2016

17x14 An Explosive Operation aired: Thursday Feb 11, 2016

17x15 A Watershed Moment! aired: Thursday Feb 18, 2016

17x16 Master Class Choices! aired: Thursday Feb 25, 2016

17x17 An Electrifying Rage! aired: Thursday Mar 3, 2016

17x18 Unlocking Some Respect! aired: Thursday Mar 10, 2016

17x19 Master Class is in Session! aired: Thursday Mar 17, 2016

17x20 Performing a Pathway to the Future! aired: Thursday Mar 24, 2016

17x21 A Keeper for Keeps?! aired: Thursday Apr 7, 2016

17x22 Battling at Full Volume! aired: Thursday Apr 14, 2016

17x23 The Synchronicity Test! aired: Thursday Apr 21, 2016

17x24 Making Friends and Influencing Villains! aired: Thursday Apr 28, 2016

17x25 Championing a Research Battle! aired: Saturday May 7, 2016

17x26 A Full-Strength Battle Surprise! aired: Thursday May 12, 2016

17x27 All Hail the Ice Battlefield! aired: Thursday May 19, 2016

17x28 Seeing the Forest for the Trees! aired: Thursday May 26, 2016

17x29 A Real Icebreaker! aired: Thursday Jun 2, 2016

17x30 A Diamond in the Rough! aired: Thursday Jun 9, 2016

17x31 A Gaggle of Gadget Greatness! aired: Thursday Jun 16, 2016

17x32 A League of His Own! aired: Thursday Jun 30, 2016

17x33 Valuable Experience For All! aired: Thursday Jul 7, 2016

17x34 Analysis Versus Passion! aired: Thursday Jul 21, 2016

17x35 A Riveting Rivalry! aired: Thursday Jul 28, 2016

17x36 Kalos League Passion with a Certain Flare! aired: Thursday Aug 4, 2016

17x37 Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted! aired: Thursday Aug 11, 2016

17x38 Down to the Fiery Finish! aired: Thursday Aug 18, 2016

17x39 A Towering Takeover! aired: Thursday Aug 25, 2016

17x40 Coming Apart at the Dreams! aired: Thursday Sep 1, 2016

17x41 Attack on Miare Gym! Citroid Forever!! aired: Thursday Sep 8, 2016

17x42 The Megalith Moves Forward! The Kalos Line of Defense!! aired: Thursday Sep 15, 2016

17x43 The Zygarde Counterattack! The Final Decisive Battle of Kalos!! aired: Thursday Sep 15, 2016

17x44 Starting from Zero! Citron's Decision!! aired: Thursday Oct 6, 2016

17x45 The Last Battle with Satoshi! Serena's Choice!! aired: Thursday Oct 13, 2016

17x46 Farewell, Satoshi-Gekkouga! Xerosicy's Counterattack!! aired: Thursday Oct 20, 2016

17x47 The Endless Zero! Until the Day We Meet Again!! aired: Thursday Oct 27, 2016

Season 18 Episode List

18x1 Alola to New Adventure! aired: Thursday Nov 17, 2016
While on vacation in the Alola region, Ash and Pikachu discovers and enrolls in the island Pokemon school.
18x2 The Guardian's Challenge! aired: Thursday Nov 17, 2016
Ash and Pikachu have decided to enroll in the Pokémon School. One day, their classmates decide to hold a surprise welcome party for them. But in the middle of this excited party, Tapu Koko, the Pokémon known as the island's guardian deity, shows up.
18x3 Loading the Dex! aired: Thursday Nov 24, 2016
Professor Kukui gives Ash an intelligent Rotom Pokédex that is capable of human speech. Ash goes to find and catch his first Pokémon in Alola, but he instead encounters Team Rocket, who are aided by a wild Mimikyu that despises Pikachu.
18x4 First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-style! aired: Thursday Nov 24, 2016
Ash is on the verge of catching his first pokemon, as team rocket stoops in to ruin the day
18x5 Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio! aired: Thursday Dec 1, 2016
Ash's class is going on a fishing trip, and Professor Kukui asks Lana to be in charge! Everyone casts their lures, with varying results—Lana befriends one Pokémon after another, but Ash and Mallow can't get the timing right, Sophocles is too busy collecting data, and Lillie hooks a magnificent Milotic that gets away when she freezes. When they take a break, all their new Pokémon friends get scooped up in a Team Rocket net—and then find themselves falling toward some rocks! But Lana's Popplio has been working hard for such an occasion, and it creates a giant water balloon to cushion the fall and save the day!
18x6 A Shocking Grocery Run! aired: Thursday Dec 8, 2016
On their day off from Pokémon School, Ash and his Pokémon are left home alone when Professor Kukui is called away. After some mishaps with laundry and cooking, Ash goes shopping and runs into Sophocles at the mall.
18x7 That's Why Litten Is a Scamp! aired: Thursday Dec 15, 2016
Ash offers a piece of his sandwich to a wild Litten, but it grabs the whole thing and runs off! Ash's classmates have had similar experiences, but everyone says it's so cute they can't get mad. Ash disagrees—he wants to catch Litten and teach it not to steal food!
18x8 Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge! aired: Thursday Dec 22, 2016
Principal Oak assigns Ash's class a special project: taking care of a Pokémon Egg. They soon realize someone will need to take the Egg home after school—and Mallow suggests Lillie! Lillie is stunned for a moment but soon steps up, hoping to get over her fear of touching Pokémon.
18x9 To Top a Totem! aired: Thursday Jan 5, 2017
Hala asks Ash how to keep Alolan Rattata and Raticate from overrunning the town. With his classmates' help, Ash suggests recruiting their natural rivals, Yungoos and Gumshoos. Hala agrees, and Ash faces his first trial: battling the enormous Totem Gumshoos and its allies to gain their assistance!
18x10 Trial and Tribulation! aired: Thursday Jan 19, 2017
Ash faces off against Kahuna Hala in his first grand trial! His Rowlet defeats Hala's Crabrawler, but it's so exhausted afterward that it falls asleep in midair! Hala's next Pokémon is the powerful Hariyama, who withstands every attack Pikachu tries. Hala unleashes the Fighting-type Z-Move, All-Out Pummeling—but thanks to Quick Attack, Pikachu dodges every hit. Then Ash's own Z-Move, Breakneck Blitz, overwhelms Hariyama and wins the grand trial!
18x11 Young Kiawe Had a Farm! aired: Thursday Jan 19, 2017
On their day off from school, Ash joins Kiawe and his Charizard on their route, delivering fresh Moomoo Milk from Kiawe's family farm on Akala Island. Ash wants to know all about farm life, so Kiawe takes him home to meet the family—and help out with all the chores!
18x12 The Sun, the Scare, the Secret Lair! aired: Thursday Jan 26, 2017
Team Rocket has been living in the lap of lazy luxury thanks to Bewear...but a wake-up call from the Boss gets them back on track, and they head to the beach in search of Pokémon.
18x13 Racing to a Big Event aired: Thursday Feb 2, 2017
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18x14 Getting to Know You aired: Thursday Feb 9, 2017

18x15 Rocking Clawmark Hill aired: Thursday Feb 23, 2017

18x16 They Might Not Be Giants aired: Thursday Mar 2, 2017

18x17 Crystal-Clear Sleuthing aired: Thursday Mar 9, 2017

18x18 A Seasoned Search! aired: Thursday Mar 16, 2017

18x19 A Guardian Rematch aired: Thursday Mar 23, 2017

18x20 Partner Promises! aired: Thursday Apr 6, 2017

18x21 One Journey Ends, Another Begins... aired: Thursday Apr 6, 2017

18x22 Beware of Shovels aired: Thursday Apr 13, 2017

18x23 Shocking! Dugtrio Split Up aired: Thursday Apr 20, 2017

18x24 Alola! The First Visiting Day aired: Thursday Apr 27, 2017

18x25 Fighting for a Crystal, Team Rocket VS Team Skull aired: Thursday May 4, 2017

18x26 Farewell, Sophocles aired: Thursday May 11, 2017

18x27 Come Forth, the Red, Red Gaze of Lycanroc aired: Thursday May 18, 2017

18x28 The Fierce Pokébase Match! Aim for a Home Run to Turn the Tide!! aired: Thursday May 25, 2017

18x29 Are You Going to Sleep in the Morelull Forest Too? aired: Thursday Jun 8, 2017

18x30 Lillie, Take Good Care of Pikachu aired: Thursday Jun 15, 2017

18x31 Olivia Appears! Crying, Laughing, the Island Kahuna! aired: Thursday Jun 22, 2017

18x32 Treasure Discovery! Search of Stoutland! aired: Thursday Jun 29, 2017

18x33 A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell? aired: Thursday Jul 23, 2015

18x34 Over the Mountain of Snow! aired: Thursday Jul 30, 2015

18x35 Adventures in running errands! aired: Thursday Aug 13, 2015

18x36 Mending a broken spirit! aired: Thursday Aug 20, 2015

18x37 A legendary photo op! aired: Thursday Aug 27, 2015

18x38 The tiny caretaker! aired: Thursday Sep 10, 2015

18x39 A Trip Down Memory Train! aired: Thursday Sep 17, 2015

18x40 The frocking find in the flowers! aired: Thursday Sep 24, 2015

18x41 Tag team inspiration! aired: Thursday Oct 1, 2015

18x42 A performance pop quiz! aired: Thursday Oct 8, 2015

18x43 Cloudy fate, bright future! aired: Thursday Oct 15, 2015

18x44 All eyes on the future! aired: Thursday Oct 22, 2015

Season 19 Episode List

19x1 From A to Z! aired: Thursday Oct 29, 2015

19x2 Love Strikes! Eevee, Yikes! aired: Thursday Nov 5, 2015

19x3 A Giga Battle with Mega Results! aired: Thursday Nov 12, 2015
Ash and his friends run across Nurse Joy, who is stuck in a crevice. When they help her, they discover that Nurse Joy and her Audino do not always get along. Nurse Joy hopes the Mega Stone she found will help create a deeper bond between the two.
19x4 A Fiery Rite of Passage! aired: Thursday Nov 19, 2015
The gang come across a Litleo arguing with a Pyroar. When they learn it is time for Litleo to become independent, they decide to watch it from afar. However, Team Rocket has other plans.
19x5 Dream a Little Dream from Me! aired: Thursday Nov 26, 2015
As the heroes and Team Rocket go to sleep, a Darkrai appears and casts dream spells on them. This places Pikachu and Meowth in Squishy's dreams. The two begin to see the past and future of Squishy as well as the gang's Pokémon.
19x6 The Legend of the Ninja Hero! aired: Thursday Dec 3, 2015
The gang meet up with their ninja friend Sanpei, who invites them to his village for a festival. However, they soon get interrupted when a Ninja Army attacks and kidnaps the village's chieftain. An unexpected turn of events happens to Ash's Frogadier.
19x7 A Festival of Decisions! aired: Thursday Dec 10, 2015
As the gang fight off the evil ninjas, help soon starts to rise when Ash's Frogadier acquires a mysterious new power.
19x8 A Dancing Debut! aired: Thursday Dec 17, 2015

19x9 Meeting at Terminus Cave! aired: Thursday Dec 24, 2015

19x10 A Cellular Connection! aired: Thursday Jan 14, 2016

19x11 A Windswept Encounter! aired: Thursday Jan 21, 2016

19x12 Party Dancecapades! aired: Thursday Jan 28, 2016

19x13 A Meeting of Two Journeys! aired: Thursday Feb 4, 2016

19x14 An Explosive Operation! aired: Thursday Feb 11, 2016

19x15 A Watershed Moment! aired: Thursday Feb 18, 2016

19x16 Master Class Choices! aired: Thursday Feb 25, 2016

19x17 An Electrifying Rage! aired: Thursday Mar 3, 2016

19x18 Unlocking Some Respect! aired: Thursday Mar 10, 2016

19x19 Master Class Is in Session! aired: Thursday Mar 17, 2016
Serena, Jessie, Shawna, Miette, and Nini compete in the final contest. The winner gets to compete against the queen of the showcases.
19x20 Performing a Pathway to the Future! aired: Thursday Mar 24, 2016
Serena attempts to battle in the master class with all she has and loses after to the kalos queen
19x21 A Keeper for Keeps? aired: Thursday Apr 7, 2016
Bunnelby finds a Buneary and Bonnie tells a girl to marry her brother and she gets interested in Clemont. Bonnie then tries to woo the girl away from Clemont due to her nightmares. After, Team Rocket kidnap the 2 rabbit Pokémon.
19x22 Battling at Full Volume! aired: Thursday Apr 14, 2016
Rock guitarist Jimmy and his Pikachu, Spike, are always looking for other strong Pikachu Trainers to battle. But Ash is in bed with a fever, and when Jimmy shows up, Serena decides to disguise herself as Ash, and Pikachu plays along.
19x23 The Synchronicity Test! aired: Thursday Apr 21, 2016
Ash's rematch with Alain. Greninja VS Mega-Charizard.
19x24 Making Friends and Influencing Villains! aired: Thursday Apr 28, 2016
Ash and co. find a Pokémon and try to get it back with its group. Meanwhile, Team Rocket, tries to separate the ghost Pokémon from its friends because of the macaroon incident earlier.
19x25 Championing a Research Battle! aired: Thursday May 5, 2016
Diantha visits Ash and battles him, but only to be interrupted by Team Rocket.
19x26 A Full-Strength Battle Surprise! aired: Thursday May 12, 2016
Ash battles Sawyer and loses. They both travel to Snowbelle City to challenge the 8th gym leader.
19x27 All Hail the Ice Battlefield! aired: Thursday May 19, 2016

19x28 Seeing the Forest for the Trees! aired: Thursday May 26, 2016
Ash, angry that he lost against Wulfric, the 8th gym leader, runs into the forest. The next morning, Serena goes to find Ash. Ash loses his temper and yells at her. Meanwhile, Team Rocket find Pikachu useless without Ash.
19x29 A Real Icebreaker! aired: Thursday Jun 2, 2016
sh re-challenges Wulfric. Abomasnow evolves into its mega form and Ash wins, setting his sights on the Pokémon league.
19x30 A Diamond in the Rough! aired: Thursday Jun 9, 2016

19x31 A Gaggle of Gadget Greatness! aired: Thursday Jun 16, 2016

19x32 A League of His Own! aired: Thursday Jun 30, 2016
After meeting up with old friends, Ash starts battling in the Lumiose Conference and he faces Alan as first his first opponent..
19x33 Valuable Experience for All! aired: Thursday Jul 7, 2016
At the Kalos League, Sawyer and Tierno battle against each other. The winner will battle at the semifinals against Ash or Allan.
19x34 Analysis Versus Passion! aired: Thursday Jul 21, 2016
Ash battles Sawyer in the semi-finals of the Kalos League.
19x35 A Riveting Rivalry! aired: Thursday Jul 28, 2016
Ash competes with Sawyer in the semi-finals of the Kalos League.
19x36 Kalos League Passion with a Certain Flare! aired: Thursday Aug 4, 2016
The Kalos League Final continues and it is getting tense. With Alain just having Bisharp and Charizard left, Ash has the upper hand with Goodra, Pikachu and Greninja still in reserve. With Pikachu already worn out after taking out Tyranitar and Metagross, it may not last long. Who will emerge triumphant in this battle and become the Kalos League Champion?
19x37 Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted! aired: Thursday Aug 11, 2016
The Kalos League Final continues and it is getting tense. With Alain just having Bisharp and Charizard left, Ash has the upper hand with Goodra, Pikachu and Greninja still in reserve. With Pikachu already worn out after taking out Tyranitar and Metagross, it may not last long. Who will emerge triumphant in this battle and become the Kalos League Champion?
19x38 Down to the Fiery Finish! aired: Thursday Aug 18, 2016
Alain beats Ash and wins the Kalos League. Meanwhile, Team Flare prepares to move ahead with their plan of controlling Zygarde.
19x39 A Towering Takeover! aired: Thursday Aug 25, 2016

19x40 Coming Apart at the Dreams! aired: Thursday Sep 1, 2016
Team Flair continues on changing the world and ruining Luminous city. Ash and his friends are in trouble.
19x41 The Right Hero for the Right Job! aired: Thursday Sep 8, 2016
As Ash and the gang are separated each one is trying to help others in different ways.
19x42 Rocking Kalos Defenses! aired: Thursday Sep 15, 2016

19x43 Forming a More Perfect Union! aired: Thursday Sep 15, 2016

19x44 Battling with a Clean Slate! aired: Thursday Oct 6, 2016

19x45 The First Day of the Rest of Your Life! aired: Thursday Oct 13, 2016

19x46 Facing the Needs of the Many! aired: Thursday Oct 20, 2016

19x47 Till We Compete Again! aired: Thursday Oct 27, 2016
Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie say farewell to each other on the last episode of XY&Z. Meanwhile, Dedenne is really sad to say goodbye to everybody and runs away. Bonnie eventually .
19x48 The Legend of X, Y, and Z! aired: Thursday Nov 3, 2016

Season 20 Episode List

20x1 Alola to New Adventure! aired: Thursday Nov 17, 2016
While on vacation in the Alola region, Ash and Pikachu discovers and enrolls in the island Pokemon school.
20x2 The Guardian's Challenge! aired: Thursday Nov 17, 2016
Ash and Pikachu have decided to enroll in the Pokémon School. One day, their classmates decide to hold a surprise welcome party for them. But in the middle of this excited party, Tapu Koko, the Pokémon known as the island's guardian deity, shows up.
20x3 Loading the Dex! aired: Thursday Nov 24, 2016
Professor Kukui gives Ash an intelligent Rotom Pokédex that is capable of human speech. Ash goes to find and catch his first Pokémon in Alola, but he instead encounters Team Rocket, who are aided by a wild Mimikyu that despises Pikachu.
20x4 First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-style! aired: Thursday Nov 24, 2016
Ash is on the verge of catching his first pokemon, as team rocket stoops in to ruin the day
20x5 Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio! aired: Thursday Dec 1, 2016
Ash's class is going on a fishing trip, and Professor Kukui asks Lana to be in charge! Everyone casts their lures, with varying results—Lana befriends one Pokémon after another, but Ash and Mallow can't get the timing right, Sophocles is too busy collecting data, and Lillie hooks a magnificent Milotic that gets away when she freezes. When they take a break, all their new Pokémon friends get scooped up in a Team Rocket net—and then find themselves falling toward some rocks! But Lana's Popplio has been working hard for such an occasion, and it creates a giant water balloon to cushion the fall and save the day!
20x6 A Shocking Grocery Run! aired: Thursday Dec 8, 2016
On their day off from Pokémon School, Ash and his Pokémon are left home alone when Professor Kukui is called away. After some mishaps with laundry and cooking, Ash goes shopping and runs into Sophocles at the mall.
20x7 That's Why Litten Is a Scamp! aired: Thursday Dec 15, 2016
Ash offers a piece of his sandwich to a wild Litten, but it grabs the whole thing and runs off! Ash's classmates have had similar experiences, but everyone says it's so cute they can't get mad. Ash disagrees—he wants to catch Litten and teach it not to steal food!
20x8 Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge! aired: Thursday Dec 22, 2016
Principal Oak assigns Ash's class a special project: taking care of a Pokémon Egg. They soon realize someone will need to take the Egg home after school—and Mallow suggests Lillie! Lillie is stunned for a moment but soon steps up, hoping to get over her fear of touching Pokémon.
20x9 To Top a Totem! aired: Thursday Jan 5, 2017
Hala asks Ash how to keep Alolan Rattata and Raticate from overrunning the town. With his classmates' help, Ash suggests recruiting their natural rivals, Yungoos and Gumshoos. Hala agrees, and Ash faces his first trial: battling the enormous Totem Gumshoos and its allies to gain their assistance!
20x10 Trial and Tribulation! aired: Thursday Jan 19, 2017
Ash faces off against Kahuna Hala in his first grand trial! His Rowlet defeats Hala's Crabrawler, but it's so exhausted afterward that it falls asleep in midair! Hala's next Pokémon is the powerful Hariyama, who withstands every attack Pikachu tries. Hala unleashes the Fighting-type Z-Move, All-Out Pummeling—but thanks to Quick Attack, Pikachu dodges every hit. Then Ash's own Z-Move, Breakneck Blitz, overwhelms Hariyama and wins the grand trial!
20x11 Young Kiawe Had a Farm! aired: Thursday Jan 19, 2017
On their day off from school, Ash joins Kiawe and his Charizard on their route, delivering fresh Moomoo Milk from Kiawe's family farm on Akala Island. Ash wants to know all about farm life, so Kiawe takes him home to meet the family—and help out with all the chores!
20x12 The Sun, the Scare, the Secret Lair! aired: Thursday Jan 26, 2017
Team Rocket has been living in the lap of lazy luxury thanks to Bewear...but a wake-up call from the Boss gets them back on track, and they head to the beach in search of Pokémon.
20x13 Racing to a Big Event aired: Thursday Feb 2, 2017
Tune in to Disney XD every Saturday morning to watch all-new Pokémon episodes! New episodes of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon debut every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Don't miss a minute of exciting Pokémon adventures starring Ash, Pikachu, and all their friends in the Alola region at 9 a.m. this Saturday, June 10!
20x14 Getting to Know You aired: Thursday Feb 9, 2017

20x15 Rocking Clawmark Hill aired: Thursday Feb 23, 2017

20x16 They Might Not Be Giants aired: Thursday Mar 2, 2017

20x17 Crystal-Clear Sleuthing aired: Thursday Mar 9, 2017

20x18 A Seasoned Search! aired: Thursday Mar 16, 2017

20x19 A Guardian Rematch aired: Thursday Mar 23, 2017

20x20 Partner Promises! aired: Thursday Apr 6, 2017

20x21 One Journey Ends, Another Begins... aired: Thursday Apr 6, 2017

20x22 Beware of Shovels aired: Thursday Apr 13, 2017

20x23 Shocking! Dugtrio Split Up aired: Thursday Apr 20, 2017

20x24 Alola! The First Visiting Day aired: Thursday Apr 27, 2017

20x25 Fighting for a Crystal, Team Rocket VS Team Skull aired: Thursday May 4, 2017

20x26 Farewell, Sophocles aired: Wednesday May 11, 2016

20x27 Come Forth, the Red, Red Gaze of Lycanroc aired: Thursday May 18, 2017

20x28 The Fierce Pokébase Match! Aim for a Home Run to Turn the Tide!! aired: Thursday May 25, 2017

20x29 Are You Going to Sleep in the Morelull Forest Too? aired: Thursday Jun 8, 2017

20x30 Lillie, Take Good Care of Pikachu aired: Thursday Jun 15, 2017

20x31 Olivia Appears! Crying, Laughing, the Island Kahuna! aired: Thursday Jun 22, 2017

20x32 Treasure Discovery! Search of Stoutland! aired: Thursday Jun 29, 2017

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