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This show has ended
Genres Animation Comedy
Old-time superhero Space Ghost has retired from the life-saving business and recruited his (imprisoned) nemesises Zorak and Moltar to assist him in his new life: as a late night talk show host. With his co-host and former villian Zorak, and his director Moltar they interview celebs on earth through their intergalactic video phone.
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Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode list

Season 1 Episode List

1x1 Explode aired: Friday Feb 2, 1996
While Space Ghost trades witty repartee (read: the usual insipid silliness) with Terry Jones, Lokar tries to lure Moltar away from the show and onto his own talk program with promises of lots of fancy fringe benefits.
1x2 Story Book House aired: Friday Mar 17, 1995
Space Ghost interviews the cast of Gilligan's Island and tries to find out if the show is real.
1x3 Girlie Show aired: Friday Mar 24, 1995
As Space Ghost swoons over the thought of meeting Fran Drescher, whom he has a crush on, Zorak and Moltar plot a rebellion behind Space Ghost's back.
1x4 Hungry aired: Friday Mar 31, 1995
The Ghost Planet gang are hungry. They order a pizza but it gets delivered to the wrong address. Zorak's nephew Raymond is visiting the studio. Michael Stipe offers to take the guys to dinner, but Zorak eats Raymond instead.
1x5 Fire Drill aired: Friday Jun 2, 1995
Donny Osmond comes prepared for Space does a woolly Panda.
1x6 Banjo aired: Saturday Sep 10, 1994
While Zorak is trying to use hypnotic powers on Space Ghost, the pet sea monkey Banjo is steadily growing out of control.
1x7 Sleeper aired: Friday Jul 28, 1995
Space Ghost finds himself making his interview with The Jerky Boys extremly awkward when he accidentally insults them and tries to change the subject by saying "Punch" multiple time to prove it loses all it's meaning when repeated.
1x8 Jerk aired: Friday Aug 4, 1995
When Moltar is kidnapped by the mysterious Your Mother, Space Ghost reluctantly recruits the help of Zorak, who dresses up as the super "hero" Batmantis, to rescue him.
1x9 Urges aired: Friday Oct 20, 1995
Dr. Joyce Brothers gives Space Ghost advice on how to improve himself...but eventually reveals that she believes Space Ghost has a split personality, Space Ghost sadly proves her right...
1x10 The Mask aired: Friday Nov 4, 1994
Space Ghost defends the honor of Lassie against the director of The Mask, whilst Jim Carrey refuses to give advice to the universe.
1x11 Gum, Disease aired: Friday Nov 11, 1994
Moltar is feeling sick, and his constant sneezing and throwing up do more damage than usual to the production of the show, Zorak wants some gum, and only Branford Marsalis can deliver it.
1x12 A Space Ghost Christmas aired: Sunday Dec 25, 1994
Space Ghost, Zorak, Moltar, and the Council of Doom unite for the festive season with altered variations of Christmas classics

Season 2 Episode List

2x1 President's Day Nightmare aired: Monday Feb 20, 1995
The fate of one animation creator hangs in the balance as Space Ghost hosts a series of new cartoon shorts, only one of them, or the winner of a swimsuit competition, will emerge victorious
2x2 $20.01 aired: Friday Feb 9, 1996
Space Ghost is fed up with Moltar and Zorak, and decides to replace them with his super computer named Mo 2000.
2x3 Lovesick aired: Wednesday Feb 14, 1996
The show's energy takes a serious hit while Space Ghost deals with his emotions after being dumped.
2x4 Transcript aired: Friday Feb 23, 1996
Space Ghost interviews Jonathan Richman. That's it.
2x5 Sharrock aired: Friday Mar 1, 1996
The show takes a while to start, with the title music heavily extended, Thurston Moore joins the show as Ghost Planet comes under attack, forcing Space Ghost to bombard the audience with another extended musical number before finally revealing that the entire show was simply a dedication to the music of the late Sonny Sharrock.
2x6 Boo! aired: Friday Mar 8, 1996
Michael Norman isn't afraid of Space Ghost, and Bill Nye is afraid that he might never know what Space Ghost IS...
2x7 Freak Show aired: Wednesday May 22, 1996
Space Ghost's interview is interrupted by a pirate channel created by one of the show's more...dedicated fans (aka a geek who knows everything about the show and lives with his mother). Despite Moltar's efforts, the geek is determined to have his demands met before he will relinquish control.
2x8 Switcheroo aired: Wednesday Jun 5, 1996
While Space Ghost is called away on various pretenses, his evil twin brother Chad tries to take his place.
2x9 Surprise aired: Wednesday Jun 19, 1996
While Space Ghost is out, Zorak and Moltar recruit the Council of Doom to plan a surprise party for Space Ghost's birthday. But by the looks of it, the Council is hoping it'll be the unpleasant kind of surprise...
2x10 Glen Campbell aired: Wednesday Oct 9, 1996
Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, finally comes face to face with Space Ghost in a great interview as he salutes Space Ghost, asks him what he's a ghost of, and gives his opinion on Casper's resemblance to Richie Rich. Also, Moltar escapes...
2x11 Jacksonville aired: Wednesday Oct 16, 1996
Space Ghost is forced to deal with the annoying and easily frightened Tansit who has replaced Moltar as the show's director, when Space Ghost forces Tansit to reveal where Moltar is, he leaves his special guests Metallica to the mercy of Zorak.
2x12 Late Show aired: Wednesday Oct 23, 1996
Former Late Show with David Letterman writers scripted this unabashed spoof of late-night talk show convention.
2x13 Cookout aired: Wednesday Dec 11, 1996
This one starts out with arguments about Beefaroni, and Space Ghost elects the Council of Doom and Brak to judge a cooking contest. Zorak wants all of the bones for a soup, and they talk about cooking Space Ghost. One chef makes duck tacos, and another plays gymnastics with a dead chicken. Space Ghosts says it's a tie, and then blows up the Council of Doom, and finally Brak gets shot. He cries, and wants his lawyer. This is a double episode.
2x14 Art Show aired: Wednesday Dec 18, 1996
Space Ghost assembles artists for a special on the power of portraits.
2x15 Woody Allen's Fall Project aired: Wednesday Dec 25, 1996
Re-enactments of classic moments from the last few series played by real actors, a strange episode.

Season 3 Episode List

3x1 Rehearsal aired: Friday Jul 18, 1997
A behind the scenes episode.
3x2 Gallagher aired: Friday Jul 25, 1997
Space Ghost introduces 'Space Time Quiz Fun 9000' and his 'contestants'. What follows is a rapid-fire conversation in more ways than one, as Odenkirk's growing addiction to power-band blasts results in a steady volley from Space Ghost.
3x3 Edelweiss aired: Friday Aug 1, 1997
Zorak is zapped until he can apparently no longer regenerate, leaving Space Ghost without a bandleader. Moltar is instructed to fill in for his dearly departed friend by singing renditions of German folk songs, which puts Beck, the show's lone guest, to sleep.
3x4 Anniversary aired: Friday Aug 8, 1997
Space Ghost marks a 'special notch in the belt that is the Space Ghost saga'.
3x5 Zoltran aired: Friday Aug 15, 1997
Space Ghost chats with Robin Leach until his guest reveals that he is, in fact, an evil villain named Zoltran.
3x6 Pilot aired: Friday Aug 22, 1997
Lokar hosts a fake pilot for the show Birdman Coast to Coast.
3x7 Speck aired: Friday Aug 29, 1997
Moltar and mechanic-turned-musician Jack Logan share a creepy conversation about items underneath their beds. Meanwhile, an irritating speck in Space Ghost's eye stops the show cold, a final calamity on a night of amusing mishaps.
3x8 Zorak aired: Friday Sep 5, 1997
An episode dedicated to Zorak. Includes an edited version of the episode "Zorak" from the original Space Ghost series.
3x9 Switcheroo II aired: Friday Sep 12, 1997
Zorak and Moltar have a convention without inviting Space Ghost, prompting him to create Space Ghost Con '97.
3x10 Mayonnaise aired: Friday Sep 19, 1997
While attempting to introduce Jon Stewart to the wonders of aroma therapy, Moltar accidentally cuts off his oxygen.
3x11 Brilliant Number One aired: Friday Sep 26, 1997
Space Ghost pays homage to his real boss by continually referring to Peter Fonda as 'Ted Turner's brother-in-law.'
3x12 BooBooKitty aired: Friday Oct 3, 1997
During Space Ghost's interview with McKean & Lander (or lack thereof), a menacing 'kitty' blimp hovers around Ghost Planet.
3x13 Needledrop aired: Friday Oct 10, 1997
Space Ghost decides to do the 'hip shake' throughout the show. Meanwhile, Zorak attempts to hypnotize all the guests.
3x14 Sphinx aired: Friday Oct 17, 1997
Mike Judge kindly asks Space Ghost to 'whack the Rugrats.' Space Ghost agrees to the job, as long as he can get onto one of Judge's shows.
3x15 Pavement aired: Friday Oct 24, 1997
Space Ghost repeatedly confuses Pavement with The Beatles and saves Jupiter from Fidor. The Great Gazoo has a cameo.
3x16 Untitled aired: Friday Oct 31, 1997
Space Ghost, an unofficial member of the P-Funk Mob, sets the groove in motion with George Clinton, but Moltar attempts to wrest the show from Space Ghost's control so he can interview his hero and the star of TV's 'CHiPs,' Erik Estrada.
3x17 Hipster aired: Friday Nov 7, 1997
Space Ghost's hip brother Chad takes over the show and makes fun of how Space Ghost is a square. Zorak and Moltar keep asking what happened to Space Ghost but Chad won't tell.
3x18 Piledriver aired: Friday Nov 14, 1997
Grandpa Space Ghost (voiced by Randy "Macho Man" Savage, RIP) stops by the show to visit his nephew, Tad Ghostal.
3x19 Suckup aired: Friday Nov 21, 1997
Desperate for a new gig, Space Ghost kisses up to Talk Soup host John Henson and Entertainment Tonight host Bob Goen by telling each that they are 'pretty men.'
3x20 Dam aired: Friday Dec 5, 1997
Space Ghost welcomes its first-ever Academy Award–winner, Charlton Heston, who after much prodding, offers his trophy to Space Ghost.
3x21 Boatshow aired: Friday Dec 12, 1997
Steve Allen and Andy Dick guest-star in this musical extravaganza! Brak is on the street. Space Ghost sings. Zorak sings. Andy has to dance.
3x23 Telethon aired: Friday Dec 19, 1997
Space Ghost holds a telethon with the Council of Doom because he's out of money, but ends up losing even more money.
3x24 Dimethylpyrimidinol Bisulfite aired: Friday Dec 26, 1997
Space Ghost and Zorak try to endorse ointment and potted meat to the home viewing audience.
3x25 Joshua aired: Thursday Jan 1, 1998
A parody of corporate videos with a brief appearance at the end of two winners of a haiku contest.

Season 4 Episode List

4x1 Terminal aired: Friday Aug 7, 1998
Space Ghost is terminally ill and will die when the show ends, but no-one seems to care. Perhaps they see through Space Ghost's 'illness'.
4x2 Toast aired: Friday Aug 14, 1998
Space Ghost wants to impress the love of his life (Merrill Markoe) but doesn't know how to act around 'women of the opposite sex.
4x3 Lawsuit aired: Friday Aug 21, 1998
Jace, Jan, and Blip from the original Space Ghost try to sue Space Ghost. Space Ghost gets out of it, and he blasts Blip. He also claims he destroyed Paris.
4x4 Cahill aired: Friday Aug 28, 1998
A vicious storm on Ghost Planet has Space Ghost scared silly. (Note: The episode's name comes from the show's editor, Michael Cahill)
4x5 Warren aired: Friday Sep 4, 1998
Space Ghost grows angry upon learning that he has been 'imposternated' on Warren's television program, so he goes with Moltar and Zorak to confront him. Warren is actually a very bitter bush. We then meet an evil replica of Space Ghost, or is it Gary Owens...
4x7 Chinatown aired: Friday Sep 11, 1998
This one starts out with the credits running early. There is a dog for a director, and Zorak plays the organ bag. Space Ghost blasts him. Moltar is at the ballpark, and there is talk about ""ra for Re"" (The Sun God?), and a guy named Roger is mentioned. Space Ghost interrupts Tyra because Zorak messed up the note cards. Zorak sings a crime song, and talks about hot chicks. We then find out that Moltar is at a foreign ballgame. The dog is in the ship, where there is loud music. They take the dog and trade for Moltar, and the crowd hoorays.
4x8 Rio Ghosto aired: Friday Sep 18, 1998
Space Ghost pursues a movie career.
4x9 Pal Joey aired: Friday Sep 25, 1998
Annoying intern Joey wreaks havoc on the set while trying to get a job. Meanwhile, Space Ghost reveals to Michael Moore that he doesn't pay his employees.
4x10 Curses aired: Friday Nov 27, 1998
There is a showing of part of an old Space Ghost show. Space Ghost eats a bald guest. Emo is crazy, and Space Ghost eats him. There is a pretty woman, and Space Ghost demands more guests. Space Ghost says, "I'm never eating here again." He then eats Zorak and attacks Moltar.
4x11 Intense Patriotism aired: Friday Dec 4, 1998
Space Ghost, Zorak, and Moltar are moving to America. Space Ghost invites Jeff Foxworthy on the show and asks him about rednecks. Jeff obviously doesn't enjoy himself. Space Ghost hopes to become America Ghost as they find a place to land, in America.
4x12 Waiting for Edward aired: Friday Dec 25, 1998
Moltar beats the crap out of Space Ghost in a fist fight, and then jumps up and down on his back. Later, Zorak sits on Space Ghost's lap and demands $10 for "special services".
4x22 Brilliant Number Two aired: Sunday Dec 14, 1997
Space Ghost, once again, interviews Peter Fonda and the 'moonwalking' Buzz Aldrin. This is a sequel to "Brilliant Number One".

Season 5 Episode List

5x1 Kentucky Nightmare aired: Monday May 7, 2001
Space Ghost is now promoting a liquor company. With the company mascot, everything is going crazy. Windows cracked, bears attacking, and killer bees.
5x2 The Justice Hole aired: Sunday Jul 22, 2001
An agitated Space Ghost leaves his own show, but can't find anything to do.
5x3 Knifin' Around aired: Sunday Sep 2, 2001
Space Ghost wants to burn 100 Radiohead cd's with some kind of laser cannon, right in front of Radiohead! Moltar sings, we meet Space Ghost's wife Bjork, and Zorak talks like a hillbilly.
5x4 Flipmode aired: Sunday Oct 14, 2001
After Space Ghost has been sent to the slammer for years of mistreating Jan and Jace, Birdman is called upon to guest host the show, but spends most of his time lamenting an impending divorce from his wife Galaxy Girl, a.k.a. Sylvia. This is a sequel to "Lawsuit".
5x5 Sweet For Brak aired: Sunday Nov 18, 2001
Space Ghost becomes jealous when Brak's spin off, The Brak Show becomes a hit. Meanwhile, Zorak teaches the band Tenacious D how to perform.
5x6 Mommentary aired: Sunday Dec 30, 2001
The show's voice actors and writers rehearse (in live-action) the episode Fire Ant.
5x7 Mommentary (2): Creator's Commentary aired: Sunday May 12, 2002
The S.G writers commentate on their mothers' commentary
5x8 Mommentary (3): Jellybean aired: Sunday May 12, 2002
Zorak and Moltar leave Ghost Planet and break into Space Ghost's apartment. Brak and Tansut replace them on the show.

Season 6 Episode List

6x9 Fire Ant (Short Version) aired: Monday Jan 3, 2000
A much shorter version of Space Ghost's "interview" with Conan O'Brian and his encounter with the small Fire Ant.
6x10 Snatch (Alternate Ending) aired: Friday Jan 28, 2000
Ghost Planet Industries is attacked by replicating pods. The kind that copy your DNA, kill you off, and take over while you sleep.

Season 8 Episode List

8x1 Baffler Meal aired: Wednesday Jan 1, 2003
Space Ghost is forced into a raw deal with the deadly Colonial Man, forever altering the future of classic rock - again. Willie Nelson and a mockery of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force star in this episode.
8x2 Whipping Post aired: Sunday Nov 23, 2003
Space Ghost is angry about a variety of topics, and rants mightily to his guest, comedian Dennis Miller
8x3 Eat a Peach aired: Sunday Nov 30, 2003
Space Ghost Explains The Birds And Bees To Zorak And Moltar. As in Bees can't drive and crows can shoot lasers out of they're eyes. Also, Moltar feels bad that Space Ghost seems to give Zorak more attention, as does Todd Barry when the crew decides not to share any crow with him.
8x4 In Memory of Elizabeth Reed aired: Sunday Dec 7, 2003
In one of the most random episodes ever, Space Ghost's interview with William Shatner is cut short when he is called into action to take part in an epic space battle.
8x5 Idlewild South aired: Sunday Dec 14, 2003
Zorak and Moltar are doing drugs and drinking booze when the show starts. Space Ghost wonders what they're doing, and Moltar encourages Space Ghost to drink some because it will "Make you feel like a Cowboy". After 1 sip he starts riding his TV, doing the Robot, and other crazy stuff, that eventually results in a series space ship related accident.
8x6 Dreams aired: Sunday Jan 11, 2004
Space Ghost hosts a telethon to raise money for "Retardos" and enlists Triumph's help.
8x7 Live at the Fillmore aired: Monday Apr 12, 2004
Television series finale. When Space Ghost spends the show budget to get himself out of jail, they have to find ways to run the show without money. They try doing a "remote without cameras" interviewing the old Susan Powter interview, interviewing a show, and punching Space Ghost in the crotch. Space Ghost then does his one man show "Racism is Bad" followed by more crotch punching and omelets.

Season 9 Episode List

9x1 Billy aired: Saturday May 3, 2008
Space Ghost interviews Billy Mitchell, the first person to reach a perfect score in Pac-Man and Donkey Kong score record holder.
9x2 Rand aired: Tuesday Jun 13, 2006
Space Ghost interviews Rand Miller, creator of Myst.
9x3 Kenny aired: Tuesday Jul 4, 2006
Blues musician Kenny Wayne Shepherd is interviewed.
9x4 Al aired: Tuesday Oct 10, 2006
"Mr. pong", Allan Alcorn, is interviewed.
9x5 Steve aired: Tuesday Jan 23, 2007
Space Ghost interviews Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple.
9x6 Rob aired: Wednesday Feb 28, 2007
Space Ghost interviews Rob Fulop, creator of several hit Atari 2600 titles such as Demon Attack.
9x7 Howard aired: Saturday Mar 17, 2007
Space Ghost interviews Howard Warshaw, designer of E.T on the Atari 2600, often called "the worst game ever made".
9x8 Wayne aired: Saturday Apr 21, 2007
Wayne Coyne, lead singer of the Flaming Lips, is interviewed.

Season 10 Episode List

10x1 Richard aired: Tuesday Sep 11, 2007
Space Ghost interviews "Lord British", other wise known as Richard Garriott, best known for creating Ultima.
10x2 Stephen aired: Wednesday Oct 31, 2007
Space Ghost interviews Stephen Bristow, an early employee of Atari who conceptualized games like Breakout.
10x3 David aired: Friday Nov 30, 2007
Space Ghost interviews David Crane, a prolific game programmer who started work on the Atari 2600 and continued all the way up to the controversial Night Trap.
10x4 Chantal aired: Tuesday Dec 25, 2007
Lead singer of the band Morningwood, Chantal Claret, is interviewed.
10x5 Dee aired: Sunday May 25, 2008
Space Ghost interviews the lead singer of twisted Sister, Dee Snider.
10x6 Barenaked Ladies aired: Saturday May 31, 2008
Space Ghost interviews the Barenaked Ladies.

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