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If you like Spartacus, be sure to check out these other user recommended shows that are similar to Spartacus.

TV Show (22 eps) | 2005 | Trailer
1 fan recommends Rome
Spartacus and Rome both take place within the Roman Empire and feature good amounts of brutal violence and crass language. I watched Rome after Spartacus was done airing and thoroughly enjoyed both. Spartacus follows the gladiators/slaves, while Rome focuses mainly on the soldiers/military.

TV Show (67 eps) | 2011 | Trailer
1 fan recommends Game of Thrones
Spartacus is like Game of Throne's simpler, less clothed sibling. Spartacus has gladiators fighting and rebelling. Both series feature nudity, Spartacus more so. They have a similar feel going with the older/ancient/medieval backdrops. If you like one, you may like the other.

TV Show (13 eps) | 2012 | Trailer
fan recommends Primeval: New World

TV Show (216 eps) | 2001 | Trailer
fan recommends Smallville

TV Show (73 eps) | 2005 | Trailer
fan recommends Battlestar Galactica

TV Show (91 eps) | 2007 | Trailer
fan recommends Chuck

TV Show (42 eps) | 2012 | Trailer
fan recommends Revolution

TV Show (200 eps) | 1992 | Trailer
fan recommends Sailor Moon

TV Show (26 eps) | 2015 | Trailer
fan recommends Marvel's Daredevil

TV Show (111 eps) | 2007 | Trailer
fan recommends Burn Notice

TV Show (27 eps) | 2007 | Trailer
fan recommends Gurren Lagann

TV Show (29 eps) | 2006 | Trailer
fan recommends Jericho

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