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If you like Steven Universe, be sure to check out these other user recommended shows that are similar to Steven Universe.

TV Show (0 eps) |
1 fan recommends Star vs Forces of Evil
Both are about children with magical powers and have to learn to use them.
Star vs Forces of Evil have good humor, is original and creative.
Steven Universe is also original, new, fresh and make you have a lot of emotions.

TV Show (40 eps) | 2012 | Trailer
fan recommends Gravity Falls

TV Show (27 eps) | 2007 | Trailer
fan recommends Gurren Lagann

TV Show (26 eps) | 2012 | Trailer
fan recommends Bodacious Space Pirates

TV Show (48 eps) | 2009 | Trailer
fan recommends A Certain Scientific Railgun

TV Show (25 eps) | 2014 | Trailer
fan recommends Hamatora

TV Show (64 eps) | 2009 | Trailer
fan recommends Warehouse 13

TV Show (12 eps) | 2011 | Trailer
fan recommends Aria: The Scarlet Ammo

TV Show (26 eps) | 2001 | Trailer
fan recommends Cowboy Bebop

TV Show (214 eps) | 1997 | Trailer
fan recommends Stargate SG-1

TV Show (265 eps) | 2006 | Trailer
fan recommends Gintama

TV Show (65 eps) | 2008 | Trailer
fan recommends Merlin

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