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Dailys at 11:00 PM on Comedy Central (US)
Genres Comedy News Talk Show
Forget trying to keep pace with 24 hour news networks- the best fake news show in the world will provide you with all the news you can handle. The Daily Show is a comedic view of recent news headlines and political figures through a series of satirical monologues by Jon Stewart along with segments by correspondents and finally interviews with guest celebrities and political figures.
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The Daily Show episode list

Season 1 Episode List

1x1 Premier Episode aired: Monday Jul 22, 1996
Premier Episode This is a place holder.
1x2 Mary Kay Place aired: Tuesday Jul 23, 1996

1x3 Jon Cryer aired: Wednesday Jul 24, 1996

1x4 Jackie Chan aired: Thursday Jul 25, 1996

1x5 Episode 5 aired: Monday Jul 29, 1996

1x6 Bobby Slayton aired: Tuesday Jul 30, 1996

1x7 Jamie Lee Curtis aired: Wednesday Jul 31, 1996

1x8 Episode 8 aired: Thursday Aug 1, 1996

1x9 Gordon Elliott aired: Monday Aug 5, 1996

1x10 Engelbert Humperdinck aired: Tuesday Aug 6, 1996

1x11 Susan Norfleet aired: Wednesday Aug 7, 1996

1x12 Kevin Meaney aired: Thursday Aug 8, 1996

1x13 Dennis Miller aired: Monday Aug 12, 1996

1x14 Henriette Mantel aired: Tuesday Aug 13, 1996

1x15 Phyllis Diller aired: Wednesday Aug 14, 1996

1x16 Charlton Heston aired: Thursday Aug 15, 1996

1x17 Edward Burns aired: Monday Aug 19, 1996

1x18 John Hulme & Michael Wexler aired: Tuesday Aug 20, 1996

1x19 Dave Attell aired: Wednesday Aug 21, 1996

1x20 Mario Van Peebles aired: Thursday Aug 22, 1996

1x21 Rolonda Watts aired: Monday Sep 9, 1996

1x22 Eric Stoltz aired: Tuesday Sep 10, 1996

1x23 The Amazing Kreskin aired: Wednesday Sep 11, 1996

1x24 Jon Stewart aired: Thursday Sep 12, 1996

1x25 Robert Wuhl aired: Monday Sep 16, 1996

1x26 Wink Martindale aired: Tuesday Sep 17, 1996

1x27 Joan Rivers aired: Wednesday Sep 18, 1996

1x28 Jerry Springer aired: Thursday Sep 19, 1996

1x29 Clea Lewis aired: Tuesday Sep 24, 1996

1x30 David Cross aired: Wednesday Sep 25, 1996

1x31 Dan Hedaya aired: Thursday Sep 26, 1996

1x32 Tom Rhodes aired: Monday Sep 30, 1996

1x33 Joey Slotnick aired: Tuesday Oct 1, 1996

1x34 Kathy Ireland aired: Wednesday Oct 2, 1996

1x35 Jennifer Tilly aired: Thursday Oct 3, 1996

1x36 Renée Taylor & Joseph Bologna aired: Monday Oct 7, 1996

1x37 Maria Conchita Alonso aired: Tuesday Oct 8, 1996

1x38 Jeff Stilson aired: Wednesday Oct 9, 1996

1x39 Frank DeCaro aired: Thursday Oct 10, 1996

1x40 Jamie Foxx aired: Monday Oct 21, 1996

1x41 Robert Schimmel aired: Tuesday Oct 22, 1996

1x42 Bill Murray aired: Wednesday Oct 23, 1996

1x43 Janet Leigh aired: Thursday Oct 24, 1996

1x44 Arianna Huffington aired: Wednesday Nov 6, 1996

1x45 Richard Dean Anderson aired: Thursday Nov 7, 1996

1x46 Brenda Vaccaro aired: Monday Nov 11, 1996

1x47 Kurt Loder aired: Tuesday Nov 12, 1996

1x48 Marilu Henner aired: Wednesday Nov 13, 1996

1x49 David Cross & Bob Odenkirk aired: Thursday Nov 14, 1996

1x50 Michael Boatman aired: Monday Nov 18, 1996

1x51 Elayne Boosler aired: Tuesday Nov 19, 1996

1x52 James Doohan aired: Wednesday Nov 20, 1996
Tonight, James Doohan, otherwise known as Scotty from Star Trek.
1x53 Mark Curry aired: Thursday Nov 21, 1996

1x54 Robin Leach aired: Monday Dec 2, 1996

1x55 Bobcat Goldthwait aired: Tuesday Dec 3, 1996

1x56 Tom Bergeron aired: Wednesday Dec 4, 1996

1x57 Julia Sweeney aired: Thursday Dec 5, 1996

1x58 Bruce Davison aired: Monday Dec 9, 1996
This is a place holder.
1x59 Jim Breuer aired: Tuesday Dec 10, 1996

1x60 Richard Lewis aired: Wednesday Dec 11, 1996
This is a place holder.
1x61 Wes Craven aired: Thursday Dec 12, 1996
This is a place holder.
1x62 Rob Morrow aired: Monday Dec 16, 1996

1x63 Robyn Lively aired: Tuesday Dec 17, 1996

1x64 Debbie Reynolds aired: Wednesday Dec 18, 1996

1x65 Holiday Spectacular aired: Thursday Dec 19, 1996

Season 2 Episode List

2x1 David Faustino aired: Monday Jan 6, 1997

2x2 Kathy Kinney aired: Tuesday Jan 7, 1997

2x3 John Salley aired: Wednesday Jan 8, 1997

2x4 Jill Novick aired: Thursday Jan 9, 1997

2x5 Richard Kind aired: Monday Jan 13, 1997

2x6 Vincent D'Onofrio aired: Tuesday Jan 14, 1997

2x7 Jonathan Katz aired: Wednesday Jan 15, 1997

2x8 Richard Kline aired: Thursday Jan 16, 1997

2x9 Sydney Barrows aired: Monday Jan 20, 1997

2x10 John Cleese aired: Tuesday Jan 21, 1997

2x11 Tracy Nelson aired: Wednesday Jan 22, 1997

2x12 Steve Guttenberg aired: Thursday Jan 23, 1997

2x13 Vondie Curtis-Hall aired: Monday Jan 27, 1997

2x14 Christopher Guest aired: Tuesday Jan 28, 1997

2x15 Jonathan Silverman aired: Wednesday Jan 29, 1997

2x16 Rodney Dangerfield aired: Thursday Jan 30, 1997

2x17 Rob Estes aired: Monday Feb 3, 1997

2x18 Montel Williams aired: Tuesday Feb 4, 1997

2x19 Timothy Dalton aired: Wednesday Feb 5, 1997

2x20 John Leguizamo aired: Thursday Feb 6, 1997

2x21 Scott Glenn aired: Monday Feb 10, 1997

2x22 Uri Geller aired: Tuesday Feb 11, 1997

2x23 Nancy Glass aired: Wednesday Feb 12, 1997

2x24 Chevy Chase aired: Thursday Feb 13, 1997

2x25 Paul Rudd aired: Monday Feb 24, 1997

2x26 Pauly Shore aired: Tuesday Feb 25, 1997

2x27 Tommy Davidson aired: Wednesday Feb 26, 1997

2x28 Merrill Markoe aired: Thursday Feb 27, 1997

2x29 Debi Mazar aired: Monday Mar 3, 1997

2x30 Carol Alt aired: Tuesday Mar 4, 1997

2x31 Jackie Collins aired: Wednesday Mar 5, 1997

2x32 Bruno Kirby aired: Thursday Mar 6, 1997

2x33 Charles Osgood aired: Monday Mar 10, 1997

2x34 Pat O'Brien aired: Tuesday Mar 11, 1997

2x35 Richard Lewis aired: Wednesday Mar 12, 1997

2x36 Blair Brown aired: Thursday Mar 13, 1997

2x37 George Segal aired: Monday Mar 17, 1997

2x38 Spalding Gray aired: Wednesday Mar 19, 1997

2x39 Jennifer Tilly aired: Thursday Mar 20, 1997

2x40 Famke Janssen aired: Monday Mar 24, 1997

2x41 Joe Pantoliano aired: Tuesday Mar 25, 1997

2x42 the cast of 'Viva Variety' aired: Wednesday Mar 26, 1997

2x43 Marlon Wayans & Kadeem Hardison aired: Thursday Mar 27, 1997

2x44 Michael DeLorenzo aired: Monday Apr 7, 1997

2x45 Milton Berle aired: Tuesday Apr 8, 1997

2x46 John Waters aired: Wednesday Apr 9, 1997

2x47 Joanna Kerns aired: Thursday Apr 10, 1997

2x48 Ron Palillo aired: Monday Apr 14, 1997

2x49 David Alan Grier aired: Tuesday Apr 15, 1997

2x50 Keith Olbermann aired: Wednesday Apr 16, 1997

2x51 Peri Gilpin aired: Thursday Apr 17, 1997

2x52 Tom Wopat & John Schneider aired: Monday Apr 21, 1997

2x53 Kevin Meaney aired: Tuesday Apr 22, 1997

2x54 Cathy Moriarty aired: Wednesday Apr 23, 1997

2x55 Dr. Joyce Brothers aired: Thursday Apr 24, 1997

2x56 Janeane Garofalo aired: Monday Apr 28, 1997

2x57 Wilt Chamberlain aired: Tuesday Apr 29, 1997

2x58 Wendy Liebman aired: Wednesday Apr 30, 1997

2x59 Joely Fisher aired: Thursday May 1, 1997

2x60 Connie Britton aired: Monday May 5, 1997

2x61 Sheryl Lee Ralph aired: Tuesday May 6, 1997

2x62 Mike Myers aired: Wednesday May 7, 1997

2x63 Patrick Dempsey aired: Thursday May 8, 1997

2x64 Lea Thompson aired: Monday May 12, 1997

2x65 Judd Nelson aired: Tuesday May 13, 1997

2x66 Tisha Campbell aired: Wednesday May 14, 1997

2x67 Ron Leibman aired: Thursday May 15, 1997

2x68 Rita Rudner aired: Monday May 19, 1997

2x69 Charo aired: Tuesday May 20, 1997

2x70 Sammy Hagar aired: Wednesday May 21, 1997

2x71 Kenny Anderson aired: Thursday May 22, 1997

2x72 Kim Coles aired: Monday Jun 2, 1997

2x73 Elayne Boosler aired: Tuesday Jun 3, 1997

2x74 Ken Ober aired: Wednesday Jun 4, 1997

2x75 Vince Vaughn aired: Thursday Jun 5, 1997

2x76 Andy Dick aired: Monday Jun 9, 1997

2x77 Reginald Vel Johnson aired: Tuesday Jun 10, 1997

2x78 Charles Shaughnessy aired: Wednesday Jun 11, 1997

2x79 Troy Donahue aired: Thursday Jun 12, 1997

2x80 Marlon Wayans & Shawn Wayans aired: Monday Jun 16, 1997

2x81 David Arquette aired: Tuesday Jun 17, 1997

2x82 Bobcat Goldthwait aired: Wednesday Jun 18, 1997

2x83 Eric Schaeffer aired: Thursday Jun 19, 1997

2x84 Robert Wuhl aired: Monday Jun 23, 1997

2x85 Darrell Hammond aired: Tuesday Jun 24, 1997

2x86 Peter Fonda aired: Wednesday Jun 25, 1997

2x87 Brent Spiner aired: Thursday Jun 26, 1997

2x88 Dyan Cannon aired: Monday Jul 7, 1997

2x89 Betty White aired: Tuesday Jul 8, 1997

2x90 Kathy Griffin aired: Wednesday Jul 9, 1997

2x91 Julia Sweeney aired: Thursday Jul 10, 1997

2x92 Richard Jeni aired: Monday Jul 14, 1997

2x93 Brendan Fraser aired: Tuesday Jul 15, 1997

2x94 Belinda Carlisle aired: Wednesday Jul 16, 1997

2x95 The Bert Fershners aired: Thursday Jul 17, 1997

2x96 First Anniversary Special aired: Tuesday Jul 22, 1997

2x97 Sugar Ray Leonard aired: Wednesday Jul 23, 1997

2x98 Ben Stein aired: Thursday Jul 24, 1997

2x99 Erica Jong aired: Monday Jul 28, 1997

2x100 Thomas Haden Church aired: Tuesday Jul 29, 1997

2x101 Jay Mohr aired: Wednesday Jul 30, 1997

2x102 John Leguizamo aired: Thursday Jul 31, 1997

2x103 Cindy Crawford aired: Monday Aug 11, 1997

2x104 Lauren Lane aired: Tuesday Aug 12, 1997

2x105 Joy Behar aired: Wednesday Aug 13, 1997

2x106 Tony Randall aired: Thursday Aug 14, 1997

2x107 Marilu Henner aired: Monday Aug 18, 1997

2x108 Isaac Hayes aired: Tuesday Aug 19, 1997

2x109 Loretta Lynn aired: Wednesday Aug 20, 1997

2x110 Rebecca Lobo aired: Thursday Aug 21, 1997

2x111 Vicki Lawrence aired: Tuesday Sep 2, 1997

2x112 Lorrie Morgan aired: Wednesday Sep 3, 1997

2x113 Christopher McDonald aired: Thursday Sep 4, 1997

2x114 Khandi Alexander aired: Monday Sep 8, 1997

2x115 Mark Addy aired: Tuesday Sep 9, 1997

2x116 Michael Palin aired: Wednesday Sep 10, 1997

2x117 Andrew Dice Clay aired: Thursday Sep 11, 1997

2x118 Stefanie Powers aired: Monday Sep 15, 1997

2x119 Yasmine Bleeth aired: Tuesday Sep 16, 1997

2x120 Richard Lewis aired: Wednesday Sep 17, 1997

2x121 David Cross & Bob Odenkirk aired: Thursday Sep 18, 1997

2x122 Guy Pearce aired: Monday Sep 22, 1997

2x123 Debbie Reynolds aired: Tuesday Sep 23, 1997

2x124 Jaleel White aired: Wednesday Sep 24, 1997

2x125 Maureen McCormick aired: Thursday Sep 25, 1997

2x126 Joe Lando aired: Monday Sep 29, 1997

2x127 Keith Olbermann aired: Tuesday Sep 30, 1997

2x128 John Tesh aired: Wednesday Oct 1, 1997

2x129 Sharon Lawrence aired: Thursday Oct 2, 1997

2x130 Alan Ruck aired: Monday Oct 6, 1997

2x131 Harland Williams aired: Tuesday Oct 7, 1997

2x132 Janeane Garofalo aired: Wednesday Oct 8, 1997

2x133 Penelope Ann Miller aired: Thursday Oct 9, 1997

2x134 Joey Lawrence aired: Monday Oct 20, 1997

2x135 Richard Jeni aired: Tuesday Oct 21, 1997

2x136 Lucy Lawless aired: Wednesday Oct 22, 1997

2x137 Annie Potts aired: Thursday Oct 23, 1997

2x138 Matt Stone and Trey Parker aired: Monday Oct 27, 1997
Matt Stone and Trey Parker from the series South Park
2x139 Suzanne Somers aired: Tuesday Oct 28, 1997

2x140 Adam Arkin aired: Wednesday Oct 29, 1997

2x141 Paul Provenza aired: Thursday Oct 30, 1997

2x142 Michael J. Fox aired: Monday Nov 3, 1997

2x143 Jason Gedrick aired: Tuesday Nov 4, 1997

2x144 French Stewart aired: Wednesday Nov 5, 1997

2x145 Paul Rodriguez aired: Monday Nov 10, 1997

2x146 Lynn Whitfield aired: Tuesday Nov 11, 1997

2x147 Gail O'Grady aired: Wednesday Nov 12, 1997

2x148 Bill Murray aired: Thursday Nov 13, 1997

2x149 Fred Savage aired: Monday Nov 17, 1997

2x150 Kathy Griffin aired: Tuesday Nov 18, 1997

2x151 Bill Murray (2) aired: Wednesday Nov 19, 1997

2x152 Denis Leary aired: Thursday Nov 20, 1997

2x153 Alexandra Wentworth aired: Monday Dec 1, 1997

2x154 Ernie Hudson aired: Tuesday Dec 2, 1997

2x155 Richard Belzer aired: Wednesday Dec 3, 1997

2x156 Garcelle Beauvais aired: Thursday Dec 4, 1997

2x157 Benjamin Salisbury aired: Monday Dec 15, 1997

2x158 Mark Hamill aired: Tuesday Dec 16, 1997

2x159 Andy Williams Christmas Special aired: Wednesday Dec 17, 1997

2x160 Jamie Luner aired: Thursday Dec 18, 1997

Season 3 Episode List

3x1 Robert Townsend aired: Monday Jan 5, 1998

3x2 Alan Thicke aired: Tuesday Jan 6, 1998

3x3 Ricki Lake aired: Wednesday Jan 7, 1998

3x4 Jason Bateman aired: Thursday Jan 8, 1998

3x5 Randy Quaid aired: Monday Jan 12, 1998

3x6 Caroline Rhea aired: Tuesday Jan 13, 1998

3x7 Tracey Ullman aired: Wednesday Jan 14, 1998

3x8 Dave Chappelle aired: Thursday Jan 15, 1998

3x9 Bruce Boxleitner aired: Monday Jan 19, 1998

3x10 Alexander Chaplin aired: Tuesday Jan 20, 1998

3x11 Ben Stiller aired: Wednesday Jan 21, 1998

3x12 Mark Cohen aired: Thursday Jan 22, 1998

3x13 Jim Breuer aired: Tuesday Jan 27, 1998

3x14 Janeane Garofalo aired: Wednesday Jan 28, 1998

3x15 Matthew Lillard aired: Thursday Jan 29, 1998

3x16 Rose McGowan aired: Monday Feb 2, 1998

3x17 Harry Hamlin aired: Tuesday Feb 3, 1998

3x18 Gloria Reuben aired: Wednesday Feb 4, 1998

3x19 Carol Leifer aired: Thursday Feb 5, 1998

3x20 Michael Bergin aired: Monday Feb 9, 1998

3x21 Maury Povich aired: Tuesday Feb 10, 1998

3x22 Jayson Williams aired: Wednesday Feb 11, 1998

3x23 Richard Lewis aired: Thursday Feb 12, 1998

3x24 Dan Cortese aired: Tuesday Feb 17, 1998

3x25 Marlon Wayans aired: Wednesday Feb 18, 1998

3x26 Gordon Elliott aired: Thursday Feb 19, 1998

3x27 Jackie Collins aired: Monday Feb 23, 1998

3x28 Michael Boatman aired: Tuesday Feb 24, 1998

3x29 Matthew Modine aired: Wednesday Feb 25, 1998

3x30 Peter Graves aired: Thursday Feb 26, 1998

3x31 Miguel Ferrer aired: Monday Mar 9, 1998

3x32 Timothy Dalton aired: Tuesday Mar 10, 1998

3x33 Jason Priestley aired: Wednesday Mar 11, 1998

3x34 Henry Thomas aired: Thursday Mar 12, 1998

3x35 Holly Robinson Peete aired: Monday Mar 16, 1998

3x36 Carrot Top aired: Tuesday Mar 17, 1998

3x37 Dave Grohl aired: Wednesday Mar 18, 1998

3x38 Robert Klein aired: Thursday Mar 19, 1998

3x39 Mark Harmon aired: Monday Mar 23, 1998

3x40 Jeffrey Ross aired: Tuesday Mar 24, 1998

3x41 Olivia Newton-John aired: Wednesday Mar 25, 1998

3x42 Vivica A. Fox aired: Thursday Mar 26, 1998

3x43 Al Franken aired: Monday Mar 30, 1998

3x44 Jody Watley aired: Tuesday Mar 31, 1998

3x45 Dave Foley aired: Wednesday Apr 1, 1998

3x46 Mimi Rogers aired: Thursday Apr 2, 1998

3x47 Natasha Henstridge aired: Monday Apr 13, 1998

3x48 Ben Stein aired: Tuesday Apr 14, 1998

3x49 Scott Bakula aired: Wednesday Apr 15, 1998

3x50 Denis Leary aired: Thursday Apr 16, 1998

3x51 Jonathan Silverman aired: Monday Apr 20, 1998

3x52 Loni Anderson aired: Tuesday Apr 21, 1998

3x53 Mark Wahlberg aired: Wednesday Apr 22, 1998

3x54 Johnny Galecki aired: Thursday Apr 23, 1998

3x55 Bob Hoskins aired: Monday Apr 27, 1998

3x56 Sheryl Lee Ralph aired: Tuesday Apr 28, 1998

3x57 Jason Gedrick aired: Wednesday Apr 29, 1998

3x58 Patrick Swayze aired: Thursday Apr 30, 1998

3x59 Paul Rudd aired: Monday May 4, 1998

3x60 Natasha Gregson Wagner aired: Tuesday May 5, 1998

3x61 Patrick Swayze aired: Wednesday May 6, 1998

3x62 Jon Favreau aired: Thursday May 7, 1998

3x63 Rob Estes aired: Monday May 18, 1998

3x64 Jack Wagner aired: Tuesday May 19, 1998

3x65 Tiffani Amber Thiessen aired: Wednesday May 20, 1998

3x66 Doug Savant aired: Thursday May 21, 1998

3x67 Andy Kindler aired: Tuesday May 26, 1998

3x68 Matthew Perry aired: Wednesday May 27, 1998

3x69 Suzanne Somers aired: Thursday May 28, 1998

3x70 Bobcat Goldthwait aired: Monday Jun 1, 1998

3x71 Eric Stoltz aired: Tuesday Jun 2, 1998

3x72 David Boreanaz aired: Wednesday Jun 3, 1998

3x73 Jeff Foxworthy aired: Thursday Jun 4, 1998

3x74 Jon Cryer aired: Monday Jun 8, 1998

3x75 Marilu Henner aired: Tuesday Jun 9, 1998

3x76 Norm MacDonald aired: Wednesday Jun 10, 1998

3x77 Peter MacNicol aired: Thursday Jun 11, 1998

3x78 William Shatner aired: Tuesday Jun 16, 1998

3x79 Bob Saget aired: Wednesday Jun 17, 1998

3x80 Cathy Lee Crosby aired: Thursday Jun 18, 1998

3x81 Peter Scolari aired: Monday Jun 22, 1998

3x82 Roma Maffia aired: Tuesday Jun 23, 1998

3x83 Greg Germann aired: Wednesday Jun 24, 1998

3x84 Scott Thompson aired: Thursday Jun 25, 1998

3x85 Veronica Webb aired: Monday Jun 29, 1998

3x86 Diamond Dallas Page aired: Tuesday Jun 30, 1998

3x87 Joy Behar aired: Wednesday Jul 1, 1998

3x88 Tony Randall aired: Monday Jul 20, 1998

3x89 Richard Lewis aired: Tuesday Jul 21, 1998

3x90 Second Anniversary Special aired: Wednesday Jul 22, 1998

3x91 Jay Mohr aired: Thursday Jul 23, 1998

3x92 Jerry Mathers aired: Monday Jul 27, 1998

3x93 Jonathan Katz aired: Tuesday Jul 28, 1998

3x94 Yasmine Bleeth aired: Wednesday Jul 29, 1998

3x95 David Brenner aired: Thursday Jul 30, 1998

3x96 Nick DiPaolo aired: Monday Aug 3, 1998

3x97 Lisa Ann Walter aired: Tuesday Aug 4, 1998

3x98 Lemmy aired: Wednesday Aug 5, 1998

3x99 Adam Arkin aired: Thursday Aug 6, 1998

3x100 Dana Gould aired: Monday Aug 10, 1998

3x101 Carla Gugino aired: Tuesday Aug 11, 1998

3x102 LL Cool J aired: Wednesday Aug 12, 1998

3x103 Penn & Teller aired: Thursday Aug 13, 1998

3x104 Dr. Joyce Brothers aired: Monday Aug 17, 1998

3x105 Joseph Gordon-Levitt aired: Tuesday Aug 18, 1998

3x106 Debbie Matenopoulos aired: Wednesday Aug 19, 1998

3x107 Sela Ward aired: Thursday Aug 20, 1998

3x108 Josie Bissett aired: Monday Aug 24, 1998

3x109 Pam Grier aired: Tuesday Aug 25, 1998

3x110 Rosanna Arquette aired: Wednesday Aug 26, 1998

3x111 Amy Brenneman aired: Thursday Aug 27, 1998

3x112 Peter Gallagher aired: Tuesday Sep 8, 1998

3x113 Colin Quinn aired: Wednesday Sep 9, 1998

3x114 Terry Jones aired: Thursday Sep 10, 1998

3x115 Renee Hicks aired: Monday Sep 14, 1998

3x116 Dr. Ruth Westheimer aired: Tuesday Sep 15, 1998

3x117 Ben Stiller aired: Wednesday Sep 16, 1998

3x118 Vince Vaughn aired: Thursday Sep 17, 1998

3x119 Jackie Chan aired: Monday Sep 21, 1998

3x120 Bonnie Raitt aired: Tuesday Sep 22, 1998

3x121 Denis Leary aired: Wednesday Sep 23, 1998

3x122 Janeane Garofalo aired: Thursday Sep 24, 1998

3x123 Brian Benben aired: Monday Sep 28, 1998

3x124 John Waters aired: Tuesday Sep 29, 1998

3x125 Will Ferrell & Chris Kattan aired: Wednesday Sep 30, 1998

3x126 Faith Ford aired: Thursday Oct 1, 1998

3x127 Billy Connolly aired: Monday Oct 5, 1998

3x128 Richard Grieco aired: Tuesday Oct 6, 1998

3x129 Dee Snider aired: Wednesday Oct 7, 1998

3x130 Jeff Goldblum aired: Thursday Oct 8, 1998

3x131 Stephen Baldwin aired: Monday Oct 19, 1998

3x132 Chris Elliott aired: Tuesday Oct 20, 1998

3x133 Jennifer Tilly aired: Wednesday Oct 21, 1998

3x134 Erik Estrada & Larry Wilcox aired: Thursday Oct 22, 1998

3x135 Margaret Cho aired: Monday Oct 26, 1998

3x136 David Cross & Bob Odenkirk aired: Tuesday Oct 27, 1998

3x137 Kevin Sorbo aired: Wednesday Oct 28, 1998

3x138 Kevin James aired: Thursday Oct 29, 1998

3x139 Blair Underwood aired: Monday Nov 2, 1998

3x140 Upright Citizens Brigade aired: Tuesday Nov 3, 1998

3x141 Queen Latifah aired: Wednesday Nov 4, 1998

3x142 Henry Winkler aired: Thursday Nov 5, 1998

3x143 John Fugelsang aired: Monday Nov 9, 1998

3x144 Travis Tritt aired: Tuesday Nov 10, 1998

3x145 Roma Downey aired: Wednesday Nov 11, 1998

3x146 Ken Olin aired: Monday Nov 16, 1998

3x147 Kate Mulgrew aired: Tuesday Nov 17, 1998

3x148 Shannen Doherty aired: Wednesday Nov 18, 1998

3x149 Jerry Springer aired: Thursday Nov 19, 1998

3x150 Jon Favreau aired: Monday Nov 30, 1998

3x151 Todd Rundgren aired: Tuesday Dec 1, 1998

3x152 Patricia Heaton aired: Wednesday Dec 2, 1998

3x153 Bill Maher aired: Thursday Dec 3, 1998

3x154 Tim Conway aired: Monday Dec 7, 1998

3x155 Elijah Wood aired: Tuesday Dec 8, 1998

3x156 Jeremy Piven aired: Wednesday Dec 9, 1998

3x157 Patrick Stewart aired: Thursday Dec 10, 1998

3x158 Wendie Malick aired: Monday Dec 14, 1998

3x159 Deborah Norville aired: Tuesday Dec 15, 1998

3x160 Jon Stewart aired: Wednesday Dec 16, 1998

3x161 Richard Lewis aired: Thursday Dec 17, 1998
The Daily Show, which has recently named the "best Late Night Comedy" by TV Guide, marks a change. Craig Kilborn, who has hosted the show since 1996, will leave, as will popular correspondents A. Whitney Brown and Brian Unger.

Season 4 Episode List

4x1 Michael J. Fox aired: Monday Jan 11, 1999

4x2 Sandra Bernhard aired: Tuesday Jan 12, 1999

4x3 Tracey Ullman aired: Wednesday Jan 13, 1999

4x4 Gillian Anderson aired: Thursday Jan 14, 1999

4x5 David Alan Grier aired: Monday Jan 18, 1999

4x6 William Baldwin aired: Tuesday Jan 19, 1999

4x7 Michael Stipe aired: Wednesday Jan 20, 1999

4x8 Carmen Electra aired: Thursday Jan 21, 1999

4x9 Matthew Lillard aired: Monday Jan 25, 1999

4x10 David Cross aired: Tuesday Jan 26, 1999

4x11 Yasmine Bleeth aired: Wednesday Jan 27, 1999

4x12 D. L. Hughley aired: Thursday Jan 28, 1999

4x13 George Carlin aired: Monday Feb 1, 1999

4x14 Dave Foley aired: Tuesday Feb 2, 1999

4x15 Kellie Martin aired: Wednesday Feb 3, 1999

4x16 Jerry O'Connell aired: Thursday Feb 4, 1999

4x17 Melissa Gilbert aired: Monday Feb 8, 1999

4x18 Brendan Fraser aired: Tuesday Feb 9, 1999

4x19 Pamela Anderson, Natalie Raitano, Molly Culver aired: Wednesday Feb 10, 1999

4x20 Daniel Stern aired: Thursday Feb 11, 1999

4x21 Melina Kanakaredes aired: Tuesday Feb 16, 1999

4x22 Ed McMahon aired: Wednesday Feb 17, 1999

4x23 Mike Judge aired: Thursday Feb 18, 1999

4x24 John Tesh aired: Monday Mar 1, 1999

4x25 Eric McCormack aired: Tuesday Mar 2, 1999

4x26 Jeri Ryan aired: Wednesday Mar 3, 1999

4x27 Ryan Phillippe aired: Thursday Mar 4, 1999

4x28 Ian McKellen aired: Monday Mar 8, 1999

4x29 Jon Voight aired: Tuesday Mar 9, 1999

4x30 Sammy Hagar aired: Wednesday Mar 10, 1999

4x31 Hootie & the Blowfish aired: Thursday Mar 11, 1999

4x32 Peter Krause aired: Monday Mar 15, 1999

4x33 Chris Isaak aired: Tuesday Mar 16, 1999

4x34 John Larroquette aired: Wednesday Mar 17, 1999

4x35 Joseph Gordon-Levitt aired: Thursday Mar 18, 1999

4x36 Jennifer Grey aired: Monday Mar 22, 1999

4x37 Norm Macdonald aired: Tuesday Mar 23, 1999

4x38 Sandra Bullock aired: Wednesday Mar 24, 1999

4x39 Janine Turner aired: Thursday Mar 25, 1999

4x40 Ron Howard aired: Monday Mar 29, 1999

4x41 Omar Epps aired: Tuesday Mar 30, 1999

4x42 Diane Lane aired: Wednesday Mar 31, 1999

4x43 Stephen Baldwin aired: Thursday Apr 1, 1999

4x44 Ernie Hudson aired: Monday Apr 12, 1999

4x45 Josh Charles aired: Tuesday Apr 13, 1999

4x46 Jackie Chan aired: Wednesday Apr 14, 1999

4x47 Marlee Matlin aired: Thursday Apr 15, 1999

4x48 Sharon Lawrence aired: Monday Apr 19, 1999

4x49 Rob Estes aired: Tuesday Apr 20, 1999

4x50 Angelina Jolie aired: Wednesday Apr 21, 1999

4x51 David Spade aired: Thursday Apr 22, 1999

4x52 Seth Green aired: Monday Apr 26, 1999

4x53 Sheryl Lee Ralph aired: Tuesday Apr 27, 1999

4x54 Chris Robinson aired: Wednesday Apr 28, 1999

4x55 Joy Behar aired: Thursday Apr 29, 1999

4x56 Thomas Gibson aired: Monday May 10, 1999

4x57 Paula Cale aired: Tuesday May 11, 1999

4x58 Ted Danson aired: Wednesday May 12, 1999

4x59 Esai Morales aired: Thursday May 13, 1999

4x60 Jane Seymour aired: Monday May 17, 1999

4x61 Robert Schimmel aired: Tuesday May 18, 1999

4x62 Camryn Manheim aired: Wednesday May 19, 1999

4x63 Ray Romano aired: Thursday May 20, 1999

4x64 Patricia Richardson aired: Monday May 24, 1999

4x65 Suzanne Somers aired: Tuesday May 25, 1999

4x66 Natalie Portman aired: Wednesday May 26, 1999

4x67 Jamie Foxx aired: Thursday May 27, 1999

4x68 Harry Connick Jr. aired: Monday Jun 7, 1999

4x69 Caroline Rhea aired: Tuesday Jun 8, 1999

4x70 Damon Wayans aired: Wednesday Jun 9, 1999

4x71 Timothy Hutton aired: Thursday Jun 10, 1999

4x72 Mike Myers aired: Monday Jun 14, 1999

4x73 Rob Lowe aired: Tuesday Jun 15, 1999

4x74 Mike Myers aired: Wednesday Jun 16, 1999

4x75 Heather Graham aired: Thursday Jun 17, 1999

4x76 Felicity Huffman aired: Monday Jun 21, 1999

4x77 Jimmy Kimmel aired: Tuesday Jun 22, 1999

4x78 Adam Sandler aired: Wednesday Jun 23, 1999

4x79 Richard Belzer aired: Thursday Jun 24, 1999

4x80 Margaret Cho aired: Monday Jun 28, 1999

4x81 Scott Wolf aired: Tuesday Jun 29, 1999

4x82 Roseanne Barr aired: Wednesday Jun 30, 1999

4x83 Rob Schneider aired: Thursday Jul 1, 1999

4x84 Adam Arkin aired: Monday Jul 12, 1999
Adam Arkin
4x85 Miss Piggy aired: Tuesday Jul 13, 1999

4x86 John Leguizamo aired: Wednesday Jul 14, 1999

4x87 Robert Klein aired: Thursday Jul 15, 1999

4x88 Christa Miller aired: Monday Jul 19, 1999

4x89 David Brenner aired: Tuesday Jul 20, 1999

4x90 Third Anniversary Special aired: Wednesday Jul 21, 1999

4x91 Joely Fisher aired: Thursday Jul 22, 1999

4x92 Donny Osmond aired: Monday Jul 26, 1999

4x93 Wendie Malick aired: Tuesday Jul 27, 1999

4x94 Vince Neil aired: Wednesday Jul 28, 1999

4x95 Janeane Garofalo aired: Thursday Jul 29, 1999

4x96 Bebe Neuwirth aired: Monday Aug 2, 1999

4x97 Garry Marshall aired: Tuesday Aug 3, 1999

4x98 Denis Leary aired: Wednesday Aug 4, 1999

4x99 Jeffrey Tambor aired: Thursday Aug 5, 1999
Jeffrey Tambor
4x100 Dave Foley aired: Monday Aug 9, 1999

4x101 Dom Irrera aired: Tuesday Aug 10, 1999

4x102 Pierce Brosnan aired: Wednesday Aug 11, 1999

4x103 Eduardo Sanchez & Daniel Myrick aired: Thursday Aug 12, 1999

4x104 Carson Daly aired: Monday Aug 16, 1999

4x105 Molly Ringwald aired: Tuesday Aug 17, 1999

4x106 Sarah Jessica Parker aired: Wednesday Aug 18, 1999

4x107 French Stewart aired: Thursday Aug 19, 1999

4x108 Cheryl Ladd aired: Monday Aug 23, 1999

4x109 LL Cool J aired: Tuesday Aug 24, 1999

4x110 Dwight Yokam aired: Wednesday Aug 25, 1999

4x111 Nia Long aired: Thursday Aug 26, 1999

4x112 Summer Spectacular aired: Monday Aug 30, 1999

4x113 Elayne Boosler aired: Monday Sep 13, 1999

4x114 Tom Green aired: Tuesday Sep 14, 1999

4x115 Jason Priestly aired: Wednesday Sep 15, 1999

4x116 David Cross aired: Thursday Sep 16, 1999

4x117 Andy Richter aired: Monday Sep 20, 1999

4x118 Donny Osmond & Marie Osmond aired: Tuesday Sep 21, 1999

4x119 Dave Chappelle aired: Wednesday Sep 22, 1999

4x120 Steve Zahn aired: Thursday Sep 23, 1999

4x121 Norm Macdonald aired: Monday Sep 27, 1999

4x122 Melissa Joan Hart aired: Tuesday Sep 28, 1999

4x123 Richard Lewis aired: Wednesday Sep 29, 1999

4x124 Bruce McCulloch and Mark McKinney aired: Thursday Sep 30, 1999

4x125 Greg Proops aired: Monday Oct 4, 1999

4x126 Maury Povich aired: Tuesday Oct 5, 1999

4x127 Brooke Shields aired: Wednesday Oct 6, 1999

4x128 Molly Shannon aired: Thursday Oct 7, 1999

4x129 Rebecca Gayheart aired: Monday Oct 18, 1999

4x130 Steven Wright aired: Tuesday Oct 19, 1999

4x131 Amy Brenneman aired: Wednesday Oct 20, 1999

4x132 Melissa Gilbert aired: Thursday Oct 21, 1999

4x133 Cathy Moriarty aired: Monday Oct 25, 1999

4x134 Louie Anderson aired: Tuesday Oct 26, 1999

4x135 Sarah Michelle Gellar aired: Wednesday Oct 27, 1999
Tonight, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
4x136 Melanie C. aired: Thursday Oct 28, 1999

4x137 Chris O'Donnell aired: Monday Nov 1, 1999

4x138 Jennifer Love Hewitt aired: Tuesday Nov 2, 1999
Tonight, actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.
4x139 Dave Grohl aired: Wednesday Nov 3, 1999

4x140 Roshumba Williams aired: Thursday Nov 4, 1999

4x141 Kellie Martin aired: Monday Nov 8, 1999

4x142 Kathy Griffin aired: Tuesday Nov 9, 1999

4x143 Christina Ricci aired: Monday Nov 15, 1999

4x144 Tori Amos aired: Tuesday Nov 16, 1999
Tonight, singer Tori Amos promotes her new album, To Venus and Back.
4x145 Lennox Lewis aired: Wednesday Nov 17, 1999

4x146 Bill Maher aired: Thursday Nov 18, 1999

4x147 Goo Goo Dolls aired: Monday Nov 29, 1999

4x148 Stephen Rea aired: Tuesday Nov 30, 1999

4x149 Laura San Giacomo aired: Wednesday Dec 1, 1999

4x150 Michael Boatman aired: Thursday Dec 2, 1999

4x151 Paul Rudd aired: Monday Dec 6, 1999

4x152 Senator Bob Dole, part 1 aired: Tuesday Dec 7, 1999

4x153 Senator Bob Dole, part 2 aired: Wednesday Dec 8, 1999

4x154 Rob Schneider aired: Thursday Dec 9, 1999

4x155 Joan Lunden aired: Monday Dec 13, 1999

4x156 Shannen Doherty aired: Tuesday Dec 14, 1999

4x157 George Carlin aired: Thursday Dec 16, 1999

4x158 David Boreanaz aired: Monday Dec 20, 1999

4x159 Jewel aired: Tuesday Dec 21, 1999

Season 5 Episode List

5x1 Cynthia Nixon aired: Tuesday Jan 4, 2000

5x2 Robbie Williams aired: Wednesday Jan 5, 2000

5x3 Richard Belzer aired: Thursday Jan 6, 2000

5x4 Joe Montana aired: Monday Jan 10, 2000

5x5 Will Ferrell aired: Tuesday Jan 11, 2000

5x6 Ice Cube aired: Wednesday Jan 12, 2000

5x7 Michael Stipe aired: Thursday Jan 13, 2000

5x8 Penelope Ann Miller aired: Monday Jan 17, 2000

5x9 Frankie Muniz aired: Tuesday Jan 18, 2000

5x10 Freddie Prinze Jr. aired: Wednesday Jan 19, 2000

5x11 Jerry Springer aired: Thursday Jan 20, 2000

5x12 Selma Blair aired: Monday Jan 24, 2000

5x13 Peter Krause aired: Tuesday Jan 25, 2000

5x14 Jenny McCarthy aired: Wednesday Jan 26, 2000

5x15 David Arquette aired: Thursday Jan 27, 2000

5x16 Jeff Bridges aired: Tuesday Feb 1, 2000

5x17 Bob Dole aired: Wednesday Feb 2, 2000

5x18 Jason Priestly aired: Thursday Feb 3, 2000

5x19 Moby aired: Monday Feb 14, 2000

5x20 Dennis Farina aired: Tuesday Feb 15, 2000

5x21 Matthew Perry aired: Wednesday Feb 16, 2000

5x22 Ed McMahon aired: Thursday Feb 17, 2000

5x23 Snoop Dogg aired: Tuesday Feb 22, 2000

5x24 Charlize Theron aired: Wednesday Feb 23, 2000

5x25 Rachael Leigh Cook aired: Thursday Feb 24, 2000

5x26 Forest Whitaker aired: Monday Feb 28, 2000

5x27 Vin Diesel aired: Tuesday Feb 29, 2000

5x28 Tobey Maguire aired: Wednesday Mar 1, 2000

5x29 Ellen DeGeneres aired: Thursday Mar 2, 2000

5x30 Neil Patrick Harris aired: Monday Mar 6, 2000

5x31 Kevin Pollak aired: Tuesday Mar 7, 2000

5x32 Bob Dole aired: Wednesday Mar 8, 2000

5x33 Garry Shandling aired: Thursday Mar 9, 2000

5x34 Eddie Izzard aired: Monday Mar 13, 2000

5x35 Kim Delaney aired: Tuesday Mar 14, 2000

5x36 Wolf Blitzer aired: Wednesday Mar 15, 2000

5x37 Drew Carey aired: Thursday Mar 16, 2000

5x38 Chris Meloni aired: Monday Mar 20, 2000

5x39 Marla Sokoloff aired: Tuesday Mar 21, 2000

5x40 Eric Idle aired: Wednesday Mar 22, 2000

5x41 Leelee Sobieski aired: Thursday Mar 23, 2000

5x42 John Lydon aired: Monday Mar 27, 2000

5x43 Joshua Jackson aired: Tuesday Mar 28, 2000

5x44 Sam Donaldson aired: Wednesday Mar 29, 2000

5x45 Jimmy Smits aired: Thursday Mar 30, 2000

5x46 Roger Daltrey aired: Monday Apr 10, 2000

5x47 Ben Stein aired: Tuesday Apr 11, 2000

5x48 Patrick Stewart aired: Wednesday Apr 12, 2000

5x49 David Alan Grier aired: Thursday Apr 13, 2000

5x50 Stanley Tucci aired: Monday Apr 17, 2000

5x51 Samantha Mathis aired: Tuesday Apr 18, 2000

5x52 Diamond Dallas Page aired: Wednesday Apr 19, 2000

5x53 Arlen Specter aired: Thursday Apr 20, 2000

5x54 Hugh Hefner aired: Monday Apr 24, 2000

5x55 Kirsten Dunst aired: Tuesday Apr 25, 2000

5x56 Jeanne Tripplehorn aired: Wednesday Apr 26, 2000

5x57 Stephen Baldwin aired: Thursday Apr 27, 2000

5x58 S. Epatha Merkerson aired: Monday May 1, 2000

5x59 Luke Wilson aired: Tuesday May 2, 2000

5x60 Julie Warner aired: Wednesday May 3, 2000

5x61 Eric Close aired: Thursday May 4, 2000

5x62 Wendie Malick aired: Monday May 8, 2000

5x63 Jesse L. Martin aired: Tuesday May 9, 2000

5x64 Andy Richter aired: Wednesday May 10, 2000

5x65 Betty White aired: Thursday May 11, 2000

5x66 Tracey Ullman aired: Monday May 15, 2000

5x67 Kyle MacLachlan aired: Tuesday May 16, 2000

5x68 Jane Leeves aired: Wednesday May 17, 2000

5x69 Michael Rapaport aired: Thursday May 18, 2000

5x70 Laura Kightlinger aired: Tuesday May 30, 2000

5x71 Thandie Newton aired: Wednesday May 31, 2000

5x72 Sonja Christopher aired: Thursday Jun 1, 2000

5x73 Penn and Teller aired: Monday Jun 5, 2000

5x74 Kelli Williams aired: Tuesday Jun 6, 2000

5x75 Michael Moore aired: Wednesday Jun 7, 2000

5x76 When the Elderly Go on TV with Al Greenwood aired: Monday Jun 12, 2000

5x77 Mark Curry aired: Tuesday Jun 13, 2000

5x78 Jimmy Kimmel & Adam Carolla aired: Wednesday Jun 14, 2000

5x79 Julie Brown aired: Thursday Jun 15, 2000

5x80 Heather Donahue aired: Monday Jun 19, 2000

5x81 Joe Lockhart aired: Tuesday Jun 20, 2000

5x82 Freddie Prinze Jr. aired: Wednesday Jun 21, 2000

5x83 Alicia Silverstone aired: Thursday Jun 22, 2000

5x84 Cheri Oteri aired: Monday Jun 26, 2000

5x85 Jeff Probst aired: Tuesday Jun 27, 2000

5x86 Richie Sambora aired: Wednesday Jun 28, 2000

5x87 John C. Reilly aired: Thursday Jun 29, 2000

5x88 Anna Paquin aired: Monday Jul 10, 2000
Anna Paquin
5x89 J.K. Simmons aired: Tuesday Jul 11, 2000

5x90 Famke Janssen aired: Wednesday Jul 12, 2000

5x91 Billy Crudup aired: Thursday Jul 13, 2000

5x92 Shawn & Marlon Wayans aired: Monday Jul 17, 2000
Shawn & Marlon Wayans
5x93 Halle Berry aired: Tuesday Jul 18, 2000

5x94 Fourth Anniversary Special aired: Wednesday Jul 19, 2000

5x95 Al Roker aired: Thursday Jul 20, 2000

5x96 Peter Fonda aired: Monday Jul 24, 2000

5x97 Joe Eszterhas aired: Tuesday Jul 25, 2000

5x98 Jennifer Beals aired: Wednesday Jul 26, 2000

5x99 Campaign Trail to the Road to the White House aired: Monday Jul 31, 2000

5x100 Republican National Convention Pt. 1 aired: Tuesday Aug 1, 2000

5x101 Republican National Convention Pt. 2 aired: Wednesday Aug 2, 2000

5x102 Republican National Convention Pt. 3 aired: Thursday Aug 3, 2000

5x103 Republican National Convention Pt. 4 aired: Friday Aug 4, 2000

5x104 Democratic National Convention Pt. 1 aired: Tuesday Aug 15, 2000

5x105 Democratic National Convention Pt. 2 aired: Wednesday Aug 16, 2000

5x106 Democratic National Convention Pt. 3 aired: Thursday Aug 17, 2000

5x107 Democratic National Convention Pt. 4 aired: Friday Aug 18, 2000

5x108 Jeremy Piven aired: Tuesday Aug 22, 2000

5x109 Slash aired: Wednesday Aug 23, 2000

5x110 Vincent D'Onofrio aired: Thursday Aug 24, 2000

5x111 Donal Logue aired: Tuesday Sep 5, 2000

5x112 Greg Kinnear aired: Wednesday Sep 6, 2000

5x113 Spinal Tap aired: Thursday Sep 7, 2000

5x114 Joe Mantegna aired: Monday Sep 11, 2000

5x115 Eugene Levy aired: Tuesday Sep 12, 2000

5x116 Lennox Lewis aired: Wednesday Sep 13, 2000

5x117 Senator Joe Lieberman aired: Thursday Sep 14, 2000

5x118 Ryan Phillippe aired: Monday Sep 18, 2000

5x119 Jamie Lee Curtis aired: Tuesday Sep 19, 2000

5x120 Barenaked Ladies aired: Wednesday Sep 20, 2000

5x121 Jamie Foxx aired: Thursday Sep 21, 2000

5x122 Jonathan Katz aired: Monday Sep 25, 2000

5x123 Bill Goldberg aired: Tuesday Sep 26, 2000

5x124 Sylvester Stallone aired: Wednesday Sep 27, 2000

5x125 Tony Danza aired: Thursday Sep 28, 2000

5x126 Dean Cain aired: Monday Oct 2, 2000

5x127 Ashton Kutcher aired: Tuesday Oct 3, 2000

5x128 Jewel aired: Wednesday Oct 4, 2000

5x129 Ralph Nader aired: Thursday Oct 5, 2000

5x130 Alice Cooper aired: Monday Oct 16, 2000

5x131 Christian Slater aired: Tuesday Oct 17, 2000

5x132 Joshua Jackson aired: Wednesday Oct 18, 2000

5x133 Brendan Fraser aired: Thursday Oct 19, 2000

5x134 Kevin James aired: Monday Oct 23, 2000

5x135 Jeff Garlin aired: Tuesday Oct 24, 2000

5x136 Posh Spice & Baby Spice aired: Wednesday Oct 25, 2000

5x137 Steven Weber aired: Thursday Oct 26, 2000

5x138 Brett Butler aired: Monday Oct 30, 2000

5x139 David Frost aired: Tuesday Oct 31, 2000

5x140 Phil Donahue aired: Wednesday Nov 1, 2000

5x141 Michael Richards aired: Thursday Nov 2, 2000

5x142 Arlen Specter aired: Monday Nov 6, 2000

5x143 Indecision 2000 Choose and Loose aired: Tuesday Nov 7, 2000

5x144 Richard Belzer aired: Wednesday Nov 8, 2000

5x145 Michael Moore aired: Thursday Nov 9, 2000
Tonight, documentary director Michael Moore promoting his TV series on Bravo called The Awful Truth.
5x146 Adam Sandler aired: Monday Nov 13, 2000

5x147 Patricia Arquette aired: Tuesday Nov 14, 2000

5x148 Adam Sandler aired: Wednesday Nov 15, 2000

5x149 Rhys Ifans aired: Thursday Nov 16, 2000

5x150 Tales of Survival with Vance DeGeneres aired: Monday Nov 20, 2000

5x151 John Goodman aired: Monday Nov 27, 2000

5x152 Laura San Giacomo aired: Tuesday Nov 28, 2000

5x153 Billy Campbell aired: Wednesday Nov 29, 2000

5x154 Anthony Clark aired: Thursday Nov 30, 2000

5x155 Thomas Gibson aired: Monday Dec 4, 2000

5x156 Faith Ford aired: Tuesday Dec 5, 2000

5x157 Chris O'Donnell aired: Wednesday Dec 6, 2000

5x158 Marlan Wayans aired: Thursday Dec 7, 2000

5x159 Ira Glass aired: Monday Dec 11, 2000

5x160 Greta Van Susteren aired: Tuesday Dec 12, 2000

5x161 Indecision 2000 Special aired: Wednesday Dec 13, 2000

5x162 Wolf Blitzer aired: Thursday Dec 14, 2000

5x163 Marla Sokoloff aired: Monday Dec 18, 2000

5x164 Marisa Tomei aired: Tuesday Dec 19, 2000

5x165 Jeri Ryan aired: Wednesday Dec 20, 2000
Tonight, actress Jeri Ryan promotes her new movie Dracula 2000.
5x166 Gillian Anderson aired: Thursday Dec 21, 2000
Tonight, actress Gillian Anderson from the The X-Files.

Season 6 Episode List

6x1 Richard Lewis aired: Tuesday Jan 9, 2001

6x2 Vitamin C aired: Wednesday Jan 10, 2001

6x3 Julia Stiles aired: Thursday Jan 11, 2001

6x4 William Dafoe aired: Monday Jan 15, 2001

6x5 Tim Robbins aired: Tuesday Jan 16, 2001

6x6 Sam Donaldson aired: Wednesday Jan 17, 2001

6x7 Lynn Whitfield aired: Thursday Jan 18, 2001

6x8 Bill O'Reilly aired: Monday Jan 22, 2001

6x9 Matthew McConaughey aired: Tuesday Jan 23, 2001

6x10 Terry Bradshaw aired: Wednesday Jan 24, 2001

6x11 Topher Grace aired: Thursday Jan 25, 2001

6x12 David Boreanaz aired: Monday Jan 29, 2001

6x13 Dyan Cannon aired: Tuesday Jan 30, 2001

6x14 James van der Beek aired: Wednesday Jan 31, 2001

6x15 Tim Blake Nelson aired: Thursday Feb 1, 2001

6x16 Dave Grohl aired: Monday Feb 12, 2001

6x17 Kermit the Frog aired: Tuesday Feb 13, 2001

6x18 Jessica Alba aired: Wednesday Feb 14, 2001

6x19 Wanda Sykes aired: Thursday Feb 15, 2001

6x20 Greg Germann aired: Tuesday Feb 20, 2001

6x21 Chris Rock aired: Wednesday Feb 21, 2001

6x22 Kelly Ripa aired: Thursday Feb 22, 2001

6x23 Ted Danson aired: Monday Feb 26, 2001

6x24 Joe Pantoliano aired: Tuesday Feb 27, 2001

6x25 Heather Locklear aired: Wednesday Feb 28, 2001

6x26 Warren Christopher aired: Thursday Mar 1, 2001

6x27 Martin Short aired: Monday Mar 5, 2001

6x28 Ed Burns aired: Tuesday Mar 6, 2001

6x29 Carmen Electra aired: Wednesday Mar 7, 2001

6x30 Javier Bardem aired: Thursday Mar 8, 2001

6x31 Chris Meloni aired: Monday Mar 19, 2001

6x32 Mary Stuart Masterson aired: Tuesday Mar 20, 2001

6x33 Jeff Varner aired: Wednesday Mar 21, 2001

6x34 Denis Leary aired: Thursday Mar 22, 2001

6x35 Richard Roeper aired: Monday Mar 26, 2001

6x36 Richard Lewis aired: Tuesday Mar 27, 2001

6x37 Mark Harmon aired: Wednesday Mar 28, 2001

6x38 Jennifer Love Hewitt aired: Thursday Mar 29, 2001

6x39 Lisa Ling aired: Monday Apr 2, 2001

6x40 Amy Sedaris aired: Tuesday Apr 3, 2001

6x41 D.L. Hughley aired: Wednesday Apr 4, 2001

6x42 Steven Weber aired: Thursday Apr 5, 2001

6x43 Paul Reubens aired: Monday Apr 9, 2001

6x44 Bob Costas aired: Tuesday Apr 10, 2001

6x45 Damon Wayans aired: Wednesday Apr 11, 2001

6x46 Brittany Daniel aired: Thursday Apr 12, 2001

6x47 Don Hewitt aired: Monday Apr 23, 2001

6x48 Rachael Leigh Cook aired: Tuesday Apr 24, 2001

6x49 Tom Green aired: Wednesday Apr 25, 2001

6x50 Tom Cavanagh aired: Thursday Apr 26, 2001

6x51 Eric McCormack aired: Monday Apr 30, 2001

6x52 Dominic Chianese aired: Tuesday May 1, 2001

6x53 No Guest aired: Wednesday May 2, 2001

6x54 Robert Patrick aired: Thursday May 3, 2001

6x55 Chris Robinson aired: Monday May 7, 2001

6x56 James Van Der Beek aired: Tuesday May 8, 2001

6x57 Richie Sambora aired: Wednesday May 9, 2001

6x58 Patricia Richardson aired: Thursday May 10, 2001

6x59 Maura Tierney aired: Monday May 14, 2001

6x60 Denise Quiñones aired: Tuesday May 15, 2001

6x61 Heath Ledger aired: Wednesday May 16, 2001

6x62 Jerry Springer aired: Thursday May 17, 2001

6x63 Richard Schiff aired: Tuesday May 29, 2001

6x64 Bradley Whitford aired: Wednesday May 30, 2001

6x65 Leah Remini aired: Thursday May 31, 2001

6x66 Jake Johannsen aired: Monday Jun 4, 2001

6x67 Richard Belzer aired: Tuesday Jun 5, 2001

6x68 Al Roker aired: Wednesday Jun 6, 2001

6x69 Bernie Mac aired: Thursday Jun 7, 2001

6x70 Joe Queenan aired: Monday Jun 11, 2001

6x71 Gene Simmons aired: Tuesday Jun 12, 2001

6x72 David Duchovny aired: Wednesday Jun 13, 2001

6x73 Jeff Greenfield aired: Thursday Jun 14, 2001

6x74 Martin Short aired: Monday Jun 18, 2001

6x75 Michael Rapaport aired: Tuesday Jun 19, 2001

6x76 Alec Baldwin aired: Wednesday Jun 20, 2001

6x77 Mýa aired: Thursday Jun 21, 2001

6x78 Sam Robards aired: Monday Jun 25, 2001

6x79 Johnny Knoxville aired: Tuesday Jun 26, 2001

6x80 Jet Li aired: Wednesday Jun 27, 2001

6x81 Bridget Fonda aired: Thursday Jun 28, 2001

6x82 Sean Hayes aired: Monday Jul 9, 2001
451. Sean Hayes First aired: 7/9/2001 Production Code: 6001 Tonight, actor Sean Hayes from Will & Grace.
6x83 The Spice Girls aired: Tuesday Jul 10, 2001
452. Spice Girls First aired: 7/10/2001 Production Code: 6002 Tonight, the Spice Girls. Replay of Posh & Baby Spice Interview from (2000-10-25).
6x84 James Woods aired: Wednesday Jul 11, 2001
James Woods
6x85 Vince Vaughn aired: Thursday Jul 12, 2001
Vince Vaughn
6x86 Jon Favreau aired: Monday Jul 16, 2001
Jon Favreau
6x87 Maria Bartiromo aired: Tuesday Jul 17, 2001
Maria Bartiromo
6x88 Ed Norton aired: Wednesday Jul 18, 2001
They Might Be Giants
6x89 Hank Azaria aired: Thursday Jul 19, 2001
Hank Azaria
6x90 Larry Miller aired: Monday Jul 23, 2001

6x91 Paul Giametti aired: Tuesday Jul 24, 2001
Paul Giametti
6x92 Senator Joe Lieberman aired: Wednesday Jul 25, 2001

6x93 Senator John McCain aired: Thursday Jul 26, 2001
Senator John McCain
6x94 Jerri Manthey aired: Monday Jul 30, 2001

6x95 Peter Krause aired: Tuesday Jul 31, 2001

6x96 Jackie Chan aired: Wednesday Aug 1, 2001

6x97 Janeane Garofalo aired: Thursday Aug 2, 2001

6x98 Andie MacDowell aired: Monday Aug 6, 2001

6x99 Joe Rogan aired: Tuesday Aug 7, 2001

6x100 Tara Reid aired: Wednesday Aug 8, 2001

6x101 Jason Biggs aired: Thursday Aug 9, 2001

6x102 David Rakoff aired: Monday Aug 13, 2001

6x103 John Carpenter aired: Tuesday Aug 14, 2001

6x104 Seth Green aired: Wednesday Aug 15, 2001

6x105 Fabio aired: Thursday Aug 16, 2001

6x106 Cuba Gooding Jr. aired: Monday Aug 20, 2001

6x107 Griffin Dunne aired: Tuesday Aug 21, 2001

6x108 Will Ferrell aired: Wednesday Aug 22, 2001

6x109 Kevin Smith aired: Thursday Aug 23, 2001

6x110 They Might Be Giants aired: Monday Sep 10, 2001

6x112 The Comeback Episode aired: Thursday Sep 20, 2001
The Daily Show returns to the air from the New York studio in their first episode after the tragedy of September 11th, 2001.
6x113 Frank Rich aired: Monday Sep 24, 2001

6x114 Aaron Brown aired: Tuesday Sep 25, 2001

6x115 Jeff Greenfield aired: Wednesday Sep 26, 2001

6x116 Tenacious D aired: Thursday Sep 27, 2001

6x117 Kelsey Grammer aired: Monday Oct 1, 2001

6x118 Jim Belushi aired: Tuesday Oct 2, 2001

6x119 Stephen Morse aired: Wednesday Oct 3, 2001

6x120 Kate Beckinsale aired: Thursday Oct 4, 2001

6x121 Owen Wilson aired: Tuesday Oct 9, 2001

6x122 Jeremy Piven aired: Wednesday Oct 10, 2001

6x123 John Miller aired: Thursday Oct 11, 2001
John Miller
6x124 Emeril Lagasse aired: Monday Oct 15, 2001

6x125 Lorraine Bracco aired: Tuesday Oct 16, 2001
Tonight, actress Lorraine Bracco from The Sopranos.
6x126 Snoop Dogg aired: Wednesday Oct 17, 2001

6x127 Fareed Zakaria aired: Thursday Oct 18, 2001

6x128 Lance Bass aired: Monday Oct 22, 2001

6x129 Don Dahler aired: Tuesday Oct 23, 2001

6x130 Greta Van Susteren aired: Wednesday Oct 24, 2001

6x131 Jeff Bridges aired: Thursday Oct 25, 2001

6x132 Rob Morrow aired: Tuesday Oct 30, 2001

6x133 Richard Holbrooke aired: Wednesday Oct 31, 2001

6x134 Kevin Spacey aired: Thursday Nov 1, 2001

6x135 Paul Rudd aired: Monday Nov 5, 2001
Tonight, actor Paul Rudd.
6x136 P.J. O'Rourke aired: Tuesday Nov 6, 2001

6x137 George Stephanopoulos aired: Wednesday Nov 7, 2001

6x138 Jennifer Saunders aired: Thursday Nov 8, 2001

6x139 Steve Kroft aired: Monday Nov 12, 2001

6x140 Anne Robinson aired: Tuesday Nov 13, 2001

6x141 Carson Daly aired: Wednesday Nov 14, 2001

6x142 John Stamos aired: Thursday Nov 15, 2001

6x143 Edward Burns aired: Monday Nov 26, 2001

6x144 Star Jones aired: Tuesday Nov 27, 2001

6x145 Jennifer Garner aired: Wednesday Nov 28, 2001

6x146 David Halberstam aired: Thursday Nov 29, 2001

6x147 Nadine Strossen aired: Monday Dec 3, 2001

6x148 John Edward aired: Tuesday Dec 4, 2001

6x149 Marg Helgenberger aired: Wednesday Dec 5, 2001

6x150 Ted Danson aired: Thursday Dec 6, 2001

6x151 Stephen Colbert as Al Sharpton aired: Monday Dec 10, 2001

6x152 Dave Gorman aired: Tuesday Dec 11, 2001

6x153 Janeane Garofalo aired: Wednesday Dec 12, 2001

6x154 Tracey Ullman aired: Thursday Dec 13, 2001

6x155 Elijah Wood aired: Monday Dec 17, 2001

6x156 Peggy Noonan aired: Tuesday Dec 18, 2001

6x157 Gary Sinise aired: Wednesday Dec 19, 2001

6x158 Jamie Foxx aired: Thursday Dec 20, 2001

Season 7 Episode List

7x1 Anjelica Houston aired: Tuesday Jan 8, 2002
Anjelica Houston
7x2 Luke Wilson aired: Wednesday Jan 9, 2002
Luke Wilson
7x3 Jack Black aired: Thursday Jan 10, 2002
Jack Black
7x4 Leslie Stahl aired: Monday Jan 14, 2002
Leslie Stahl
7x5 Ian McKellan aired: Tuesday Jan 15, 2002
Ian McKellan
7x6 Colin Hanks aired: Wednesday Jan 16, 2002
Colin Hanks
7x7 Jeremy Northam aired: Thursday Jan 17, 2002
Jeremy Northam
7x8 Al Sharpton aired: Monday Jan 21, 2002
Al Sharpton
7x9 Anthony LaPaglia aired: Tuesday Jan 22, 2002
Anthony LaPaglia
7x10 Harold Ramis aired: Wednesday Jan 23, 2002
Harold Ramis
7x11 Sebastian Junger aired: Thursday Jan 24, 2002
Sebastian Junger
7x12 Ron Insana aired: Monday Jan 28, 2002
Ron Insana
7x13 Elmore Leonard aired: Tuesday Jan 29, 2002
Elmore Leonard
7x14 John King aired: Wednesday Jan 30, 2002
John King
7x15 Jason Schwartzman aired: Thursday Jan 31, 2002
Jason Schwartzman
7x16 Ron Howard aired: Monday Feb 4, 2002
Ron Howard
7x17 Greta Van Susteren aired: Tuesday Feb 5, 2002
Greta Van Susteren
7x18 LL Cool J aired: Wednesday Feb 6, 2002
LL Cool J
7x19 Barry Manilow aired: Thursday Feb 7, 2002
Barry Manilow
7x20 Scott Bakula aired: Monday Feb 11, 2002
Scott Bakula
7x21 John Stossel aired: Tuesday Feb 12, 2002
John Stossel
7x22 Ralph Nader aired: Wednesday Feb 13, 2002
Ralph Nader
7x23 Rebecca Romijn aired: Thursday Feb 14, 2002
Rebecca Romijn
7x24 Jeri Ryan aired: Tuesday Feb 19, 2002
Jeri Ryan
7x25 Bethany McLean aired: Wednesday Feb 20, 2002
Bethany McLean
7x26 Michael Moore aired: Thursday Feb 21, 2002
Michael Moore
7x27 David Remnick aired: Monday Mar 4, 2002
David Remnick
7x28 Richard Lewis aired: Tuesday Mar 5, 2002
Richard Lewis
7x29 Milla Jovovich aired: Wednesday Mar 6, 2002
Milla Jovovich
7x30 Tom Arnold aired: Thursday Mar 7, 2002
Tom Arnold
7x31 Bea Arthur aired: Monday Mar 11, 2002
Bea Arthur
7x32 Denis Leary aired: Tuesday Mar 12, 2002
Denis Leary
7x33 Joe Klein aired: Wednesday Mar 13, 2002
Joe Klein
7x34 Bill O'Reilly aired: Thursday Mar 14, 2002
Bill O'Reilly
7x35 Andy Richter aired: Monday Mar 18, 2002
Andy Richter
7x36 John McCain aired: Tuesday Mar 19, 2002
John McCain
7x37 John Leguizamo aired: Wednesday Mar 20, 2002
John Leguizamo
7x38 Aidan Quinn aired: Thursday Mar 21, 2002
Aidan Quinn
7x39 Paula Zahn aired: Monday Apr 1, 2002
Paula Zahn
7x40 David Brock aired: Tuesday Apr 2, 2002
David Brock
7x41 Jon Favreau aired: Wednesday Apr 3, 2002
Jon Favreau
7x42 Ashley Judd aired: Thursday Apr 4, 2002
Ashley Judd
7x43 Tony Danza aired: Monday Apr 8, 2002
Tony Danza
7x44 Judy Woodruff aired: Tuesday Apr 9, 2002
Judy Woodruff
7x45 Patricia Arquette aired: Wednesday Apr 10, 2002
Patricia Arquette
7x46 The Goo Goo Dolls aired: Thursday Apr 11, 2002
The Goo Goo Dolls
7x47 Samuel L. Jackson aired: Monday Apr 15, 2002
Samuel L. Jackson
7x48 Lisa Beyer aired: Tuesday Apr 16, 2002
Lisa Beyer
7x49 Tara Reid aired: Wednesday Apr 17, 2002
Tara Reid
7x50 Richard Dreyfuss aired: Thursday Apr 18, 2002
Richard Dreyfuss
7x51 Michael Clarke Duncan aired: Monday Apr 22, 2002
Michael Clarke Duncan
7x52 Beau Bridges aired: Tuesday Apr 23, 2002
Beau Bridges
7x53 Elvis Costello aired: Wednesday Apr 24, 2002
Elvis Costello
7x54 H.W. Crocker III aired: Thursday Apr 25, 2002
H.W. Crocker III
7x55 Susan Caskie aired: Monday Apr 29, 2002
Susan Caskie
7x56 Alanis Morrissette aired: Tuesday Apr 30, 2002
Alanis Morrissette
7x57 Robin Roberts aired: Wednesday May 1, 2002
Robin Roberts
7x58 Willem Defoe aired: Thursday May 2, 2002
Willem Defoe
7x59 Simon Baker aired: Monday May 6, 2002
Simon Baker
7x60 Mark Bowden aired: Tuesday May 7, 2002
Mark Bowden
7x61 Diane Lane aired: Wednesday May 8, 2002
Diane Lane
7x62 David Boreanaz aired: Thursday May 9, 2002
David Boreanaz
7x63 Moby aired: Monday May 13, 2002
7x64 Liev Schreiber aired: Tuesday May 14, 2002
Liev Schreiber
7x65 Rupert Everett aired: Wednesday May 15, 2002

7x66 Allison Janney aired: Thursday May 16, 2002
Allison Janney
7x67 Matt Walsh Goes To Hawaii aired: Thursday May 23, 2002
Matt Walsh Goes To Hawaii
7x68 Colin Firth aired: Monday Jun 3, 2002
Colin Firth
7x69 Ashleigh Banfield aired: Tuesday Jun 4, 2002
Ashleigh Banfield
7x70 Adam Carolla & Jimmy Kimmel aired: Wednesday Jun 5, 2002
Adam Carolla & Jimmy Kimmel
7x71 Christopher Whitcomb aired: Thursday Jun 6, 2002
Christopher Whitcomb
7x72 Charles Grodin aired: Monday Jun 10, 2002
Charles Grodin
7x73 Val Kilmer aired: Tuesday Jun 11, 2002
Val Kilmer
7x74 Michael Bloomberg aired: Wednesday Jun 12, 2002
Michael Bloomberg
7x75 Joseph Cirincione aired: Thursday Jun 13, 2002
Joseph Cirincione
7x76 Freddie Prinze Jr. aired: Monday Jun 17, 2002
Freddie Prinze Jr.
7x77 Christian Slater aired: Tuesday Jun 18, 2002
Christian Slater
7x78 Cynthia McFadden aired: Wednesday Jun 19, 2002
Cynthia McFadden
7x79 David Cross & Bob Odenkirk aired: Thursday Jun 20, 2002
David Cross & Bob Odenkirk
7x80 Colin Farrell aired: Monday Jun 24, 2002
Colin Farrell
7x81 David Scheffer aired: Tuesday Jun 25, 2002
David Scheffer
7x82 Paul Sorvino aired: Wednesday Jun 26, 2002
Paul Sorvino
7x83 Clint Mathis aired: Thursday Jun 27, 2002
Clint Mathis
7x84 Adam Sandler aired: Monday Jul 8, 2002
Adam Sandler
7x85 John King aired: Tuesday Jul 9, 2002
John King
7x86 Busta Rhymes aired: Wednesday Jul 10, 2002
Busta Rhymes
7x87 Steve Irwin aired: Thursday Jul 11, 2002
Steve Irwin
7x88 John Ritter aired: Monday Jul 15, 2002
John Ritter
7x89 Michelle Williams aired: Tuesday Jul 16, 2002
Michelle Williams
7x90 Ann Coulter aired: Wednesday Jul 17, 2002
Ann Coulter
7x91 Natasha Henstridge aired: Thursday Jul 18, 2002
Natasha Henstridge
7x92 Regis Philbin aired: Monday Jul 22, 2002
Regis Philbin
7x93 Tim Blake Nelson aired: Tuesday Jul 23, 2002
Tim Blake Nelson
7x94 Steven Weber aired: Wednesday Jul 24, 2002
Steven Weber
7x95 Seth Green aired: Thursday Jul 25, 2002
Seth Green
7x96 Cynthia Nixon aired: Monday Jul 29, 2002
Cynthia Nixon
7x97 Robert Wagner aired: Tuesday Jul 30, 2002
Robert Wagner
7x98 Martin Lawrence aired: Wednesday Jul 31, 2002
Martin Lawrence
7x99 Mike Myers aired: Thursday Aug 1, 2002
Mike Myers
7x100 Charles Schumer aired: Monday Aug 5, 2002
Charles Schumer
7x101 Antonio Banderas aired: Tuesday Aug 6, 2002
Antonio Banderas
7x102 Vin Diesel aired: Wednesday Aug 7, 2002
Vin Diesel
7x103 Paul Rudd aired: Thursday Aug 8, 2002
Paul Rudd
7x104 Michael C. Hall aired: Monday Aug 12, 2002
Michael C. Hall
7x105 Scott Ritter aired: Tuesday Aug 13, 2002
Scott Ritter
7x106 Kevin Nealon aired: Wednesday Aug 14, 2002
Kevin Nealon
7x107 Rich Eisen aired: Thursday Aug 15, 2002
Rich Eisen
7x108 Denis Leary aired: Monday Aug 19, 2002
Denis Leary
7x109 Jim Lehrer aired: Tuesday Aug 20, 2002
Jim Lehrer
7x110 Robin Williams aired: Wednesday Aug 21, 2002
Robin Williams
7x111 Matthew Perry aired: Thursday Aug 22, 2002
Matthew Perry
7x112 Lorraine Bracco aired: Monday Sep 9, 2002
Lorraine Bracco
7x113 Zach Braff aired: Tuesday Sep 10, 2002
Zach Braff
7x114 Sarah Vowell aired: Thursday Sep 12, 2002
Sarah Vowell
7x115 John Miller aired: Monday Sep 16, 2002
John Miller
7x116 Jason Lee aired: Tuesday Sep 17, 2002
Jason Lee
7x117 Damon Wayans aired: Wednesday Sep 18, 2002
Damon Wayans
7x118 Djimon Hounsou aired: Thursday Sep 19, 2002
Djimon Hounsou
7x119 Kate Hudson aired: Tuesday Sep 24, 2002
Kate Hudson
7x120 George Stephanopoulos aired: Wednesday Sep 25, 2002
George Stephanopoulos
7x121 Goldie Hawn aired: Thursday Sep 26, 2002
Goldie Hawn
7x122 Bonnie Hunt aired: Monday Sep 30, 2002
Bonnie Hunt
7x123 Patrick Dempsey aired: Tuesday Oct 1, 2002
Patrick Dempsey
7x124 David Schwimmer aired: Wednesday Oct 2, 2002
David Schwimmer
7x125 Rita Wilson aired: Thursday Oct 3, 2002
Rita Wilson
7x126 Jake Gyllenhaal aired: Monday Oct 7, 2002
Jake Gyllenhaal
7x127 Jill Hennessy aired: Tuesday Oct 8, 2002
Jill Hennessy
7x128 Peter Jennings aired: Wednesday Oct 9, 2002
Peter Jennings
7x129 Oliver North aired: Thursday Oct 10, 2002
Oliver North
7x130 Road to Washington Special aired: Monday Oct 14, 2002
Road to Washington Special
7x131 Judy Woodruff aired: Tuesday Oct 15, 2002
Judy Woodruff
7x132 Richard Lewis aired: Wednesday Oct 16, 2002
Richard Lewis
7x133 Greg Kinnear aired: Thursday Oct 17, 2002
Greg Kinnear
7x134 Sen. John Edwards aired: Monday Oct 28, 2002
North Carolina Senator John Edwards (D).
7x135 Victoria Clark aired: Tuesday Oct 29, 2002
Victoria Clark
7x136 Pat Buchanan aired: Wednesday Oct 30, 2002
Pat Buchanan
7x137 Ted Koppel aired: Thursday Oct 31, 2002
Ted Koppel
7x138 Christina Aguilera aired: Monday Nov 4, 2002
Christina Aguilera
7x139 Live Election Night Special aired: Tuesday Nov 5, 2002
Live Election Night Special
7x140 Candy Crowley aired: Wednesday Nov 6, 2002
Candy Crowley
7x141 Jakob Dylan aired: Thursday Nov 7, 2002
Jakob Dylan
7x142 Alexandria Pelosi aired: Tuesday Nov 12, 2002
Alexandria Pelosi
7x143 Kiefer Sutherland aired: Wednesday Nov 13, 2002
Kiefer Sutherland
7x144 Tom Arnold aired: Thursday Nov 14, 2002
Tom Arnold
7x145 Ja Rule aired: Monday Nov 18, 2002
Ja Rule
7x146 Rep. Harold Ford aired: Tuesday Nov 19, 2002
Rep. Harold Ford
7x147 Catherine Crier aired: Wednesday Nov 20, 2002
Catherine Crier
7x148 Kevin James aired: Thursday Nov 21, 2002
Kevin James
7x149 Andy Richter aired: Monday Dec 2, 2002
Andy Richter
7x150 Katrina Vanden Heuvel aired: Tuesday Dec 3, 2002
The Nation editor Katrina Vanden Heuvel
7x151 Colin Quinn aired: Wednesday Dec 4, 2002
Colin Quinn
7x152 Rob Schneider aired: Thursday Dec 5, 2002
Rob Schneider
7x153 Al Gore aired: Monday Dec 9, 2002
Former Vice-President and Presidential Candidate (D) Al Gore.
7x154 Tom Brokaw aired: Tuesday Dec 10, 2002
Tom Brokaw
7x155 Sandra Bullock aired: Wednesday Dec 11, 2002
Sandra Bullock
7x156 Anna Paquin aired: Thursday Dec 12, 2002
Anna Paquin
7x157 Sen. Charles Schumer aired: Monday Dec 16, 2002
Sen. Charles Schumer
7x158 Charles Barkley aired: Tuesday Dec 17, 2002
Charles Barkley
7x159 Edward Norton aired: Wednesday Dec 18, 2002
Edward Norton
7x160 John Cusack aired: Thursday Dec 19, 2002
John Cusack

Season 8 Episode List

8x1 Cameron Diaz aired: Tuesday Jan 7, 2003
Cameron Diaz
8x2 Ray Liotta aired: Wednesday Jan 8, 2003
Ray Liotta
8x3 Philip Seymour Hoffman aired: Thursday Jan 9, 2003
Philip Seymour Hoffman
8x4 Kathy Bates aired: Monday Jan 13, 2003
Kathy Bates
8x5 Michael Moore aired: Tuesday Jan 14, 2003
Michael Moore
8x6 Dave Chappelle aired: Wednesday Jan 15, 2003
Dave Chappelle
8x7 Joseph Lieberman aired: Thursday Jan 16, 2003
Joseph Lieberman
8x8 Merv Griffin aired: Monday Jan 20, 2003
Merv Griffin
8x9 Simon Cowell aired: Tuesday Jan 21, 2003
Simon Cowell
8x10 John C. Reilly aired: Wednesday Jan 22, 2003
John C. Reilly
8x11 Jimmy Kimmel aired: Thursday Jan 23, 2003
Jimmy Kimmel
8x12 Rosie Perez aired: Monday Jan 27, 2003
Rosie Perez
8x13 Bill Moyers aired: Tuesday Jan 28, 2003
Bill Moyers
8x14 Jeff Greenfield aired: Wednesday Jan 29, 2003
Jeff Greenfield
8x15 Laurence Fishburne aired: Thursday Jan 30, 2003
Laurence Fishburne
8x16 Doug Wilson aired: Monday Feb 3, 2003
Doug Wilson
8x17 Kate Hudson aired: Tuesday Feb 4, 2003
Kate Hudson
8x18 Arianna Huffington aired: Wednesday Feb 5, 2003
Arianna Huffington
8x19 David Frum aired: Thursday Feb 6, 2003
David Frum
8x20 Joe Klein aired: Monday Feb 10, 2003
Joe Klein
8x21 Bebe Neuwirth aired: Tuesday Feb 11, 2003
Bebe Neuwirth
8x22 Michael Clarke Duncan aired: Wednesday Feb 12, 2003
Michael Clarke Duncan
8x23 Ben Affleck aired: Thursday Feb 13, 2003
Ben Affleck
8x24 Steve Kroft aired: Tuesday Feb 18, 2003
Steve Kroft
8x25 Jeff Daniels aired: Wednesday Feb 19, 2003
Jeff Daniels
8x26 Luke Wilson aired: Thursday Feb 20, 2003
Luke Wilson
8x27 Eric Idle aired: Monday Mar 3, 2003
Eric Idle
8x28 Walter Isaacson aired: Tuesday Mar 4, 2003
Walter Isaacson
8x29 Adrien Brody aired: Wednesday Mar 5, 2003
Adrien Brody
8x30 David Cross aired: Thursday Mar 6, 2003
David Cross
8x31 Leslie Gelb aired: Monday Mar 10, 2003
Leslie Gelb
8x32 Colin Quinn aired: Tuesday Mar 11, 2003
Colin Quinn
8x33 Dick Gephardt aired: Wednesday Mar 12, 2003
Dick Gephardt
8x34 Tom Cavanagh aired: Thursday Mar 13, 2003
Tom Cavanagh
8x35 Eric Alterman aired: Monday Mar 17, 2003
Eric Alterman
8x36 Jason Lee aired: Tuesday Mar 18, 2003
Jason Lee
8x37 John Hulsman aired: Wednesday Mar 19, 2003
John Hulsman
8x38 Eddie Griffin aired: Thursday Mar 20, 2003
Eddie Griffin
8x39 Jim Kelly aired: Monday Mar 24, 2003
Jim Kelly
8x40 Connie Nielsen aired: Tuesday Mar 25, 2003
Connie Nielsen
8x41 Ringo Starr aired: Wednesday Mar 26, 2003
Ringo Starr
8x42 Hilary Swank aired: Thursday Mar 27, 2003
Hilary Swank
8x43 Chris Rock aired: Monday Mar 31, 2003
Chris Rock
8x44 Anthony Swofford aired: Tuesday Apr 1, 2003
Anthony Swofford
8x45 Kelly Preston aired: Wednesday Apr 2, 2003
Kelly Preston
8x46 Colin Farrell aired: Thursday Apr 3, 2003
Colin Farrell
8x47 Martha Burk aired: Monday Apr 7, 2003
Martha Burk
8x48 Susan Sarandon aired: Tuesday Apr 8, 2003
Susan Sarandon
8x49 Ambassador David Scheffer aired: Wednesday Apr 9, 2003
Ambassador David Scheffer
8x50 Dennis Miller aired: Thursday Apr 10, 2003
Dennis Miller
8x51 Patrick Stewart aired: Monday Apr 21, 2003
Patrick Stewart
8x52 Rachel Weisz aired: Tuesday Apr 22, 2003
Rachel Weisz
8x53 Richard Lewis aired: Wednesday Apr 23, 2003
Richard Lewis
8x54 Fareed Zakaria aired: Thursday Apr 24, 2003
Fareed Zakaria
8x55 Dr. Sanjay Gupta aired: Monday Apr 28, 2003
Dr. Sanjay Gupta
8x56 Julia Louis-Dreyfus aired: Tuesday Apr 29, 2003
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
8x57 John Malkovich aired: Wednesday Apr 30, 2003
John Malkovich
8x58 Famke Janssen aired: Thursday May 1, 2003
Famke Janssen
8x59 Chris Matthews aired: Monday May 5, 2003
Chris Matthews
8x60 Caroline Kennedy aired: Tuesday May 6, 2003
Caroline Kennedy
8x61 Graham Norton aired: Wednesday May 7, 2003
Graham Norton
8x62 Paul Rudd aired: Thursday May 8, 2003
Paul Rudd
8x63 Randy Jackson aired: Monday May 12, 2003
Randy Jackson
8x64 Joshua Jackson aired: Tuesday May 13, 2003
Joshua Jackson
8x65 Diane Ravitch aired: Wednesday May 14, 2003
Diane Ravitch
8x66 Michael Kinsley aired: Thursday May 15, 2003
Michael Kinsley
8x67 Iraq - A Look Baq aired: Monday May 26, 2003
Iraq - A Look Baq (or how we learned to stop reporting and love the war)
8x68 William Kristol aired: Tuesday May 27, 2003
William Kristol
8x69 Lisa Ling aired: Wednesday May 28, 2003
Lisa Ling
8x70 David Halberstam aired: Thursday May 29, 2003
David Halberstam
8x71 Bill Hemmer aired: Monday Jun 2, 2003
Bill Hemmer
8x72 Eddie Izzard aired: Tuesday Jun 3, 2003
Eddie Izzard
8x73 Madeleine Albright aired: Wednesday Jun 4, 2003
Madeleine Albright
8x74 Tyrese Gibson aired: Thursday Jun 5, 2003
Tyrese Gibson
8x75 Guy Pearce aired: Monday Jun 9, 2003
Guy Pearce
8x76 Newt Gingrich aired: Tuesday Jun 10, 2003
Newt Gingrich
8x77 Sidney Blumenthal aired: Wednesday Jun 11, 2003
Sidney Blumenthal
8x78 Ludacris aired: Thursday Jun 12, 2003
8x79 Harrison Ford aired: Monday Jun 16, 2003
Harrison Ford
8x80 Lewis Lapham aired: Tuesday Jun 17, 2003
Lewis Lapham
8x81 Kelly Clarkson aired: Wednesday Jun 18, 2003
Kelly Clarkson
8x82 Ron Livingston aired: Thursday Jun 19, 2003
Ron Livingston
8x83 Tony Snow aired: Tuesday Jul 8, 2003
Tony Snow
8x84 Erica Jong aired: Wednesday Jul 9, 2003
Erica Jong
8x85 Carson Daly aired: Thursday Jul 10, 2003
Carson Daly
8x86 Angelina Jolie aired: Monday Jul 14, 2003
Angelina Jolie
8x87 Gary Hart aired: Tuesday Jul 15, 2003
Gary Hart
8x88 Rowan Atkinson aired: Wednesday Jul 16, 2003
Rowan Atkinson
8x89 Martin Lawrence aired: Thursday Jul 17, 2003
Martin Lawrence
8x90 Gabrielle Union aired: Monday Jul 21, 2003
Gabrielle Union
8x91 Scott Glenn aired: Tuesday Jul 22, 2003
Scott Glenn
8x92 Dick Morris aired: Wednesday Jul 23, 2003
Dick Morris
8x93 Joseph Wilson aired: Thursday Jul 24, 2003
Joseph Wilson
8x94 Paul Teutul, Jr. & Paul Teutul, Sr. aired: Monday Jul 28, 2003
Paul Teutul, Jr. & Paul Teutul, Sr.
8x95 Brian Williams aired: Tuesday Jul 29, 2003
Brian Williams
8x96 Alyson Hannigan aired: Wednesday Jul 30, 2003
Alyson Hannigan
8x97 Soledad O'Brien aired: Thursday Jul 31, 2003
Soledad O'Brien
8x98 Denis Leary aired: Monday Aug 4, 2003
Denis Leary
8x99 John Popper aired: Tuesday Aug 5, 2003
John Popper
8x100 Robert Duvall aired: Wednesday Aug 6, 2003
Robert Duvall
8x101 Tracey Ullman aired: Thursday Aug 7, 2003
Tracey Ullman
8x102 Samuel L. Jackson aired: Monday Aug 11, 2003
Samuel L. Jackson
8x103 Kim Cattrall aired: Tuesday Aug 12, 2003
Kim Cattrall
8x104 Paul Giamatti aired: Wednesday Aug 13, 2003
Paul Giamatti
8x105 Again, A Look Back aired: Thursday Aug 14, 2003
Again, A Look Back - Stephen Colbert's Clip show from 2002, used to preempt due to the blackout
8x106 Jim Hightower aired: Monday Aug 18, 2003
Jim Hightower
8x107 Cynthia Nixon aired: Tuesday Aug 19, 2003
Cynthia Nixon
8x108 Will Shortz aired: Wednesday Aug 20, 2003
Will Shortz
8x109 Rep. Dennis Kucinich aired: Thursday Aug 21, 2003
Rep. Dennis Kucinich
8x110 I'm A Correspondent, Please Don't Fire Me Special aired: Monday Sep 1, 2003
I'm A Correspondent, Please Don't Fire Me Special - Rob Corddry and Ed Helms clip show
8x111 Al Franken aired: Tuesday Sep 9, 2003
Al Franken
8x112 Kate Beckinsale aired: Wednesday Sep 10, 2003
Kate Beckinsale
8x113 No Guest aired: Thursday Sep 11, 2003
No Guest on this episode.
8x114 John Edwards, Cuba Gooding Jr. aired: Monday Sep 15, 2003
John Edwards, Cuba Gooding Jr. (Edwards' presidential candidacy announcement)
8x115 Madeleine Albright aired: Tuesday Sep 16, 2003
Madeleine Albright
8x116 Charlie Sheen aired: Wednesday Sep 17, 2003
Charlie Sheen
8x117 Christina Ricci aired: Thursday Sep 18, 2003
Christina Ricci
8x118 Michael Caine aired: Tuesday Sep 23, 2003
Michael Caine
8x119 Ben Stiller aired: Wednesday Sep 24, 2003
Ben Stiller
8x120 Jonah Goldberg aired: Thursday Sep 25, 2003
Jonah Goldberg
8x121 Jack Black aired: Monday Sep 29, 2003
Jack Black
8x122 Joe Scarborough aired: Tuesday Sep 30, 2003
Joe Scarborough
8x123 Vivica A. Fox aired: Wednesday Oct 1, 2003
Vivica A. Fox
8x124 Rob Lowe aired: Thursday Oct 2, 2003
Rob Lowe
8x125 Michael Moore aired: Monday Oct 6, 2003
Michael Moore
8x126 Live coverage of the California Recall aired: Tuesday Oct 7, 2003
Live coverage of the California Recall
8x127 Sen. Hillary Clinton aired: Wednesday Oct 8, 2003
Sen. Hillary Clinton
8x128 Tim Robbins aired: Thursday Oct 9, 2003
Tim Robbins & Howard Dean
8x129 Dr. Henry Kissinger aired: Monday Oct 20, 2003
Dr. Henry Kissinger
8x130 Angelina Jolie aired: Tuesday Oct 21, 2003
Angelina Jolie
8x131 Walter Isaacson aired: Wednesday Oct 22, 2003
Walter Isaacson
8x132 Anthony Hopkins aired: Thursday Oct 23, 2003
Anthony Hopkins
8x133 Ted Danson aired: Monday Oct 27, 2003
Ted Danson
8x134 Wanda Sykes aired: Tuesday Oct 28, 2003
Wanda Sykes
8x135 Norm Macdonald aired: Wednesday Oct 29, 2003
Norm Macdonald
8x136 Neal Pollack aired: Thursday Oct 30, 2003
Neal Pollack
8x137 Kyle MacLachlan aired: Monday Nov 3, 2003
Kyle MacLachlan
8x138 Michael Beschloss aired: Tuesday Nov 4, 2003
Michael Beschloss
8x139 Bob Newhart aired: Wednesday Nov 5, 2003
Bob Newhart
8x140 Colin Firth aired: Thursday Nov 6, 2003
Colin Firth
8x141 Will Ferrell aired: Monday Nov 10, 2003
Will Ferrell
8x142 Peter Dinklage aired: Tuesday Nov 11, 2003
Peter Dinklage
8x143 Wyclef Jean aired: Wednesday Nov 12, 2003
Wyclef Jean
8x144 Brendan Fraser aired: Thursday Nov 13, 2003
Brendan Fraser
8x145 Heidi Klum aired: Monday Nov 17, 2003
Heidi Klum
8x146 Bernard Goldberg aired: Tuesday Nov 18, 2003
Bernard Goldberg
8x147 James Spader aired: Wednesday Nov 19, 2003
James Spader
8x148 Billy Bob Thornton aired: Thursday Nov 20, 2003
Billy Bob Thornton
8x149 Who Are the Daily Show? Special aired: Monday Nov 24, 2003
Who Are the Daily Show? Special
8x150 Adam Goldberg aired: Monday Dec 1, 2003
Adam Goldberg
8x151 Sen. Tom Daschle aired: Tuesday Dec 2, 2003
Sen. Tom Daschle
8x152 Sean Hannity & Alan Colmes aired: Wednesday Dec 3, 2003
Sean Hannity & Alan Colmes
8x153 Alec Baldwin aired: Thursday Dec 4, 2003
Alec Baldwin
8x154 Eva Mendes aired: Monday Dec 8, 2003
Eva Mendes
8x155 Steve Buscemi aired: Tuesday Dec 9, 2003
Steve Buscemi
8x156 Sen. Zell Miller aired: Wednesday Dec 10, 2003
Sen. Zell Miller
8x157 Gen. Wesley Clark aired: Thursday Dec 11, 2003
Gen. Wesley Clark
8x158 Maggie Gyllenhaal aired: Monday Dec 15, 2003
Maggie Gyllenhaal
8x159 Ben Affleck aired: Tuesday Dec 16, 2003
Ben Affleck
8x160 Julia Stiles aired: Wednesday Dec 17, 2003
Julia Stiles
8x161 Natalie Portman aired: Thursday Dec 18, 2003
Natalie Portman

Season 9 Episode List

9x1 Tom Brokaw aired: Tuesday Jan 6, 2004
Tom Brokaw
9x2 Elijah Wood aired: Wednesday Jan 7, 2004
Elijah Wood
9x3 Charlize Theron aired: Thursday Jan 8, 2004
Charlize Theron
9x4 Richard Lewis aired: Monday Jan 12, 2004
Richard Lewis
9x5 Catherine Weitz aired: Tuesday Jan 13, 2004
Catherine Weitz
9x6 Carol Moseley-Braun aired: Wednesday Jan 14, 2004
Carol Moseley-Braun
9x7 Sen. Joe Biden aired: Thursday Jan 15, 2004
Sen. Joe Biden
9x8 Philip Seymour Hoffman aired: Monday Jan 19, 2004
Philip Seymour Hoffman
9x9 Jeff Garlin aired: Tuesday Jan 20, 2004
Jeff Garlin
9x10 John McCain aired: Wednesday Jan 21, 2004
John McCain
9x11 Erika Christensen aired: Thursday Jan 22, 2004
Erika Christensen
9x12 Ken Auletta aired: Monday Jan 26, 2004
Ken Auletta
9x13 Richard Perle aired: Tuesday Jan 27, 2004
Richard Perle
9x14 Christine Todd Whitman aired: Wednesday Jan 28, 2004
Christine Todd Whitman
9x15 Kelsey Grammer aired: Thursday Jan 29, 2004
Kelsey Grammer
9x16 Randy Jackson aired: Monday Feb 2, 2004
Judge on "American Idol", Randy Jackson!
9x17 Donald Trump aired: Tuesday Feb 3, 2004
Guest Donald Trump from "The Apprentice".
9x18 Senator Bob Dole aired: Wednesday Feb 4, 2004
Former Kansas US Senator, Bob Dole.
9x19 Noah Wyle aired: Thursday Feb 5, 2004
Actor Noah Wyle from "ER".
9x20 Charles Lewis aired: Monday Feb 9, 2004
Founder of the Center for Public Integrity: Investigative Journalism in the Public Interest, Charles Lewis, guest stars.
9x21 Dave Chappelle aired: Tuesday Feb 10, 2004
Comedian and actor, the host of "Chappelle's Show", Dave Chappelle.
9x22 Paul Rudd aired: Wednesday Feb 11, 2004
Actor Paul Rudd.
9x23 Drew Barrymore aired: Thursday Feb 12, 2004
Actress Drew Barrymore.
9x24 Tyra Banks aired: Monday Feb 23, 2004
Tyra Banks
9x25 John Podhoretz aired: Tuesday Feb 24, 2004
John Podhoretz
9x26 Norah Jones aired: Wednesday Feb 25, 2004
Norah Jones
9x27 Samuel L. Jackson aired: Thursday Feb 26, 2004
Samuel L. Jackson
9x28 Edie Falco aired: Monday Mar 1, 2004
Edie Falco
9x29 Mark Ebner aired: Tuesday Mar 2, 2004
Mark Ebner
9x30 Rudolph Giuliani aired: Wednesday Mar 3, 2004
Rudolph Giuliani
9x31 Willem Dafoe aired: Thursday Mar 4, 2004
Willem Dafoe
9x32 Val Kilmer aired: Monday Mar 8, 2004
Val Kilmer
9x33 Ed Gillespie aired: Tuesday Mar 9, 2004
Ed Gillespie
9x34 George Carlin aired: Wednesday Mar 10, 2004
George Carlin
9x35 Paula Zahn aired: Thursday Mar 11, 2004
Paula Zahn
9x36 Sen. Charles Schumer aired: Monday Mar 15, 2004
Sen. Charles Schumer
9x37 John Stossel aired: Tuesday Mar 16, 2004
John Stossel
9x38 Mekhi Phifer aired: Wednesday Mar 17, 2004
Mekhi Phifer
9x39 Ethan Hawke aired: Thursday Mar 18, 2004
Ethan Hawke
9x40 Wynton Marsalis aired: Monday Mar 22, 2004
Wynton Marsalis
9x41 Tom Hanks aired: Tuesday Mar 23, 2004
Tom Hanks
9x42 Jamie Foxx aired: Wednesday Mar 24, 2004
Jamie Foxx
9x43 Al Franken aired: Thursday Mar 25, 2004
Al Franken
9x44 Jennifer Beals aired: Monday Mar 29, 2004
Jennifer Beals
9x45 Richard Clarke aired: Tuesday Mar 30, 2004
Richard Clarke
9x46 Karen Hughes aired: Wednesday Mar 31, 2004
Karen Hughes
9x47 Johnny Knoxville aired: Thursday Apr 1, 2004
Johnny Knoxville
9x48 Jerry Seinfeld aired: Monday Apr 5, 2004
Jerry Seinfeld
9x49 Matthew Perry aired: Tuesday Apr 6, 2004
Matthew Perry
9x50 Tim Robbins aired: Wednesday Apr 7, 2004
Tim Robbins
9x51 Jason Bateman aired: Thursday Apr 8, 2004
Jason Bateman
9x52 Melissa Etheridge aired: Monday Apr 19, 2004
Melissa Etheridge
9x53 Mark Ruffalo aired: Tuesday Apr 20, 2004
Mark Ruffalo
9x54 John Gibson aired: Wednesday Apr 21, 2004
John Gibson
9x55 Arianna Huffington aired: Thursday Apr 22, 2004
Arianna Huffington
9x56 Bob Kerrey aired: Monday Apr 26, 2004
Bob Kerrey
9x57 Rebecca Romijn-Stamos aired: Tuesday Apr 27, 2004
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos
9x58 Fareed Zakaria aired: Wednesday Apr 28, 2004
Fareed Zakaria
9x59 Bob Woodward aired: Thursday Apr 29, 2004
Bob Woodward
9x60 Janeane Garofalo aired: Monday May 3, 2004
Janeane Garofalo
9x61 Amb. Joe Wilson aired: Tuesday May 4, 2004
Amb. Joe Wilson
9x62 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar aired: Wednesday May 5, 2004
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
9x63 Andy Richter aired: Thursday May 6, 2004
Andy Richter
9x64 Sen. John McCain aired: Monday May 10, 2004
Sen. John McCain
9x65 Tim Russert aired: Tuesday May 11, 2004
Tim Russert
9x66 Ken Mehlman aired: Wednesday May 12, 2004
Ken Mehlman
9x67 Bill Kristol aired: Thursday May 13, 2004
Bill Kristol
9x68 David Cross aired: Tuesday Jun 1, 2004
David Cross
9x69 Thomas Friedman aired: Wednesday Jun 2, 2004
Thomas Friedman
9x70 Mario Cuomo aired: Thursday Jun 3, 2004
Mario Cuomo
9x71 Donna Brazile aired: Monday Jun 7, 2004
Donna Brazile
9x72 David Brooks aired: Tuesday Jun 8, 2004
David Brooks
9x73 Morgan Spurlock aired: Wednesday Jun 9, 2004
Morgan Spurlock
9x74 Jennifer Love Hewitt aired: Thursday Jun 10, 2004
Jennifer Love Hewitt
9x75 Stanley Tucci aired: Monday Jun 14, 2004
Stanley Tucci
9x76 Hassan Ibrahim aired: Tuesday Jun 15, 2004
Hassan Ibrahim
9x77 Robert Reich aired: Wednesday Jun 16, 2004
Robert Reich
9x78 Graham Norton aired: Thursday Jun 17, 2004
Graham Norton
9x79 Stephen F. Hayes aired: Monday Jun 21, 2004
Stephen F. Hayes
9x80 Ashley Judd aired: Tuesday Jun 22, 2004
Ashley Judd
9x81 Kevin Kline aired: Wednesday Jun 23, 2004
Kevin Kline
9x82 Michael Moore aired: Thursday Jun 24, 2004
Michael Moore
9x83 Terry McAuliffe aired: Monday Jun 28, 2004
Terry McAuliffe
9x84 Edward Conlon aired: Tuesday Jun 29, 2004
Edward Conlon
9x85 Calvin Trillin aired: Wednesday Jun 30, 2004
Calvin Trillin
9x86 Ralph Nader aired: Tuesday Jul 6, 2004
Ralph Nader
9x87 Will Ferrell aired: Wednesday Jul 7, 2004
Will Ferrell
9x88 Christina Applegate aired: Thursday Jul 8, 2004
Christina Applegate
9x89 Wolf Blitzer aired: Monday Jul 12, 2004
Wolf Blitzer
9x90 Michael Isikoff aired: Tuesday Jul 13, 2004
Michael Isikoff
9x91 Sarah Vowell aired: Wednesday Jul 14, 2004
Sarah Vowell
9x92 Sacha Baron Cohen aired: Thursday Jul 15, 2004
Sacha Baron Cohen
9x93 Gov. Bill Richardson aired: Tuesday Jul 27, 2004
Daily Show coverage of Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention. Highlights include: Speeches by Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton Rob Corddry sobbing like a little girl Interview with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson
9x94 Sen. Joe Biden aired: Wednesday Jul 28, 2004
Daily Show coverage of Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention. Highlights include: Speeches by Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy, and Howard Dean Stephen Colbert uses to word "turd" 8 times Interview with Senator Joe Biden
9x95 Coverage of the Democratic National Convention aired: Thursday Jul 29, 2004
Daily Show coverage of Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention. Highlights include: Speeches by Dennis Kucinich, Al Sharpton, and John Edwards A film about John Kerry A film about Tungsten
9x96 Coverage of the Democratic National Convention aired: Friday Jul 30, 2004
Daily Show coverage of Day 4 of the Democratic National Convention. Highlights include: Stephen Colbert covers John Kerry's acceptance speech Rob Corddry sobbing like a little girl, again Lewis Black is his segment called "Back in Black"
9x97 Henry Bonilla aired: Monday Aug 2, 2004
Henry Bonilla
9x98 Spike Lee aired: Tuesday Aug 3, 2004
Spike Lee
9x99 Aaron Eckhart aired: Wednesday Aug 4, 2004
Aaron Eckhart
9x100 Natalie Portman aired: Thursday Aug 5, 2004
Natalie Portman
9x101 President Bill Clinton aired: Monday Aug 9, 2004
President Bill Clinton
9x102 Maureen Dowd aired: Tuesday Aug 10, 2004
Maureen Dowd
9x103 Tom Cruise aired: Wednesday Aug 11, 2004
Tom Cruise
9x104 Bryan Keefer aired: Thursday Aug 12, 2004
Bryan Keefer
9x105 Norm Coleman aired: Tuesday Aug 17, 2004
Norm Coleman
9x106 Burt Reynolds aired: Wednesday Aug 18, 2004
Burt Reynolds
9x107 Seth Green aired: Thursday Aug 19, 2004
Seth Green
9x108 Robert Smith aired: Monday Aug 23, 2004
Robert Smith
9x109 John Kerry aired: Tuesday Aug 24, 2004
John Kerry
9x110 Ed Gillespie aired: Wednesday Aug 25, 2004
Ed Gillespie
9x111 Indecision 2004: Midway to the Election Spectacular aired: Monday Aug 30, 2004
Indecision 2004: Midway to the Election Spectacular
9x112 Ted Koppel aired: Tuesday Aug 31, 2004
Daily Show coverage of Day 1 of the Republican National Convention. Highlights include: Speeches by John McCain and Rudy Giuliani Stephen Colbert rubs elbows with Republicans and is branded a pervert Interview with Ted Koppel
9x113 Dan Bartlett aired: Wednesday Sep 1, 2004
Daily Show coverage of Day 2 of the Republican National Convention. Highlights include: Speeches by Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Laura Bush George W. Bush biopic "Words Speak Louder Than Actions" Interview with Dan Bartlett
9x114 John McCain aired: Thursday Sep 2, 2004
Daily Show coverage of Day 3 of the Republican National Convention. Highlights include: Zell Miller explodes Footage of Dick and Lynne Cheney (Edited for younger viewers) Interview with Senator John McCain
9x115 Chris Matthews aired: Friday Sep 3, 2004
Daily Show coverage of Day 4 of the Republican National Convention. Highlights include: George W. Bush's acceptance speech Rob Corddry uncovers what protesters wanted and when they wanted it Interview with Chris Matthews
9x116 Drew Barrymore aired: Monday Sep 13, 2004
Drew Barrymore
9x117 Pat Buchanan aired: Tuesday Sep 14, 2004
Pat Buchanan
9x118 Alec Baldwin aired: Wednesday Sep 15, 2004
Alec Baldwin
9x119 Gwyneth Paltrow aired: Thursday Sep 16, 2004
Gwyneth Paltrow
9x120 Richard Clarke aired: Tuesday Sep 21, 2004
Richard Clarke
9x121 Marc Racicot aired: Wednesday Sep 22, 2004
Bush-Cheney campaign chairman Marc Racicot
9x122 Matthew Broderick aired: Thursday Sep 23, 2004
Matthew Broderick
9x123 Rosie Perez aired: Monday Sep 27, 2004
Rosie Perez
9x124 Ralph Reed aired: Tuesday Sep 28, 2004
Ralph Reed
9x125 Seymour Hersh aired: Wednesday Sep 29, 2004
Seymour Hersh
9x126 The Bush-Kerry Debate: The Squabble in Coral Gables aired: Thursday Sep 30, 2004
Live debate update.
9x127 Bishop Desmond Tutu aired: Monday Oct 4, 2004
Bishop Desmond Tutu
9x128 Billy Bob Thornton aired: Tuesday Oct 5, 2004
Billy Bob Thornton
9x129 Bob Schieffer aired: Wednesday Oct 6, 2004
Bob Schieffer
9x130 Bill O'Reilly aired: Thursday Oct 7, 2004
Bill O'Reilly
9x131 Ed Koch aired: Monday Oct 18, 2004
Ed Koch
9x132 Marisa Tomei aired: Tuesday Oct 19, 2004
Messopotamia Iraqi tourism board Soldiers who refused to go on "suicide mission" Bush saying that we will "not have an all volunteer army" and then being corrected by someone in the crowd. Marisa Tomei
9x133 Fareed Zakaria aired: Wednesday Oct 20, 2004
Fareed Zakaria
9x134 Billy Crudup aired: Thursday Oct 21, 2004
Billy Crudup
9x135 Madeleine Albright aired: Monday Oct 25, 2004
Madeleine Albright
9x136 Bob Kerrey aired: Tuesday Oct 26, 2004
Bob Kerrey
9x137 Rev. Jesse Jackson aired: Wednesday Oct 27, 2004
TONIGHT: Rev. Jesse Jackson. Plus, Lewis' "Back In Black"!
9x138 John Zogby aired: Thursday Oct 28, 2004
John Zogby
9x139 Chris Wallace aired: Monday Nov 1, 2004
Chris Wallace
9x140 Indecision 2004: Prelude to a Recount aired: Tuesday Nov 2, 2004
Prelude to a Recount: one-hour live election special airs at 10 PM with guest William Weld.
9x141 Charles Schumer aired: Wednesday Nov 3, 2004
Charles Schumer
9x142 Bill Kristol aired: Thursday Nov 4, 2004
Bill Kristol
9x143 Richard Branson aired: Tuesday Nov 9, 2004
Reports: Mess O' Potamia, Back in Black Guest: Billionaire Richard Branson
9x144 Tom Wolfe aired: Wednesday Nov 10, 2004
Segments: -Coverage of John Ashcroft's resignation -Ed Helms reports on a "retarded" voter on Florida. Guest: Author Tom Wolfe Tom Wolfe talks about his newest novel.
9x145 Kenneth Pollack aired: Thursday Nov 11, 2004
Segments -Coverage of Yasser Arafat's death -Rob Corddry reports on a luxery resort that offers an anti - terrorism training course. Guest: Kenneth Pollack Jon talks to Kenneth Pollack, author of "The Persian Puzzle," about Iran.
9x146 Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison aired: Monday Nov 15, 2004
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison
9x147 Tom Brokaw aired: Tuesday Nov 16, 2004
Segments: -Coverage of Cabinet Resignations -Rob Corddry reports on three publishers fighting over the right to publish South Jersey magazine Guest: News Anchor Tom Brokaw
9x148 Thomas Frank aired: Wednesday Nov 17, 2004
TONIGHT: Jon speaks with Thomas Frank, author of "What's the Matter with Kansas?"
9x149 Woody Harrelson aired: Thursday Nov 18, 2004
Segments: -Coverage of Clinton Presidential Library Opening -Ed Helms reports on marijuana users tricked into registering into the Republican party. Guest: Actor Woody Harrelson
9x150 Jude Law aired: Monday Nov 29, 2004
Jude Law
9x151 Brian Williams aired: Tuesday Nov 30, 2004
Brian Williams
9x152 Christopher Hitchens aired: Wednesday Dec 1, 2004
Christopher Hitchens
9x153 Stephen King aired: Thursday Dec 2, 2004
Stephen King
9x154 Isabella Rossellini aired: Monday Dec 6, 2004
Isabella Rossellini
9x155 Paul O'Neill aired: Tuesday Dec 7, 2004
TONIGHT: Paul O'Neill. Plus, Lewis' "Back In Black"!
9x156 Seth Mnookin aired: Wednesday Dec 8, 2004
Seth Mnookin
9x157 Kate Bosworth aired: Thursday Dec 9, 2004
An interview with Kate Bosworth.
9x158 Kevin Spacey aired: Monday Dec 13, 2004
Kevin Spacey
9x159 Dore Gold aired: Tuesday Dec 14, 2004
Dore Gold
9x160 Billy Connolly aired: Wednesday Dec 15, 2004
TONIGHT: Billy Connolly. Plus, Lewis' "Back In Black"!
9x161 Katie Couric aired: Thursday Dec 16, 2004
Star of "The Today Show", Katie Couric.

Season 10 Episode List

10x1 Paul Giamatti aired: Tuesday Jan 4, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Sideways", Paul Giamatti! Paul Giamatti talks about what it's like to appear in an intelligent, well-acted film.
10x2 Don Cheadle aired: Wednesday Jan 5, 2005
TONIGHT: Actor Don Cheadle talks about his role in the film "Hotel Rwanda".
10x3 Howard Zinn aired: Thursday Jan 6, 2005
Author Howard Zinn!
10x4 John Grisham aired: Monday Jan 10, 2005
Author John Grisham!
10x5 Samuel L. Jackson aired: Tuesday Jan 11, 2005
Actor Samuel L. Jackson talks about his new film and the many other films he's made this year.
10x6 Dennis Quaid aired: Wednesday Jan 12, 2005
TONIGHT: Actor Dennis Quaid! Plus, Lewis' "Back In Black"!
10x7 Annette Benning aired: Thursday Jan 13, 2005
Actress Annette Benning!
10x8 Brian Ross aired: Monday Jan 17, 2005
ABC Reporter, Brian Ross!
10x9 Jim Wallis aired: Tuesday Jan 18, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It", Jim Wallis!
10x10 Michael Beschloss aired: Wednesday Jan 19, 2005
Author Michael Beschloss!
10x11 Joe Lieberman aired: Thursday Jan 20, 2005
Senator Joe Lieberman! Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman talks about his secret to getting along with the Republican party.
10x12 Richard Viguerie aired: Monday Jan 24, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "America's Right Turn: How Conservatives Used New and Alternative Media to Take Power", Richard Viguerie!
10x13 Seymour Hersh aired: Tuesday Jan 25, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "Chain of Command: The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib", Seymour Hersh!
10x14 John Leguizamo aired: Wednesday Jan 26, 2005
Actor John Leguizamo! John Leguizamo talks about Sundance, skiing, and being named a sexy hombre.
10x15 Christine Todd Whitman aired: Thursday Jan 27, 2005
TONIGHT: Former head of the EPA, Christine Todd Whitman! Christine Todd Whitman talks about her new book "It's My Party Too."
10x16 Fareed Zakaria aired: Monday Jan 31, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "The Future of Freedom", Fareed Zakaria!
10x17 Paula Abdul aired: Tuesday Feb 1, 2005
TONIGHT: Judge on "American Idol", Paula Abdul!
10x18 Anderson Cooper aired: Wednesday Feb 2, 2005
TONIGHT: Host of "Anderson Cooper 360", Anderson Cooper!
10x19 Joe Klein aired: Thursday Feb 3, 2005
Author, Joe Klein!
10x20 Redmond O'Hanlon aired: Monday Feb 14, 2005
Author Redmond O'Hanlon!
10x21 Eric Idle aired: Tuesday Feb 15, 2005
TONIGHT: Member of "Monty Python", Eric Idle!
10x22 Alan Cumming aired: Wednesday Feb 16, 2005
TONIGHT: Actor Alan Cumming! Alan Cumming talks to Jon about the myriad double entendres that can be derived from his name. Plus, Lewis' "Back In Black"!
10x23 Mark Mills aired: Thursday Feb 17, 2005

10x24 Rachel Weisz aired: Tuesday Feb 22, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Constantine", Rachel Weisz!
10x25 Peter Jennings aired: Wednesday Feb 23, 2005
TONIGHT: Host of "Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs - Seeing Is Believing", Peter Jennings!
10x26 Christina Ricci aired: Thursday Feb 24, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Cursed", Christina Ricci! Plus, Lewis' "Back In Black"!
10x27 Ben Nelson aired: Monday Feb 28, 2005
Senator Ben Nelson! Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson talks to Jon about the joys of being nicknamed by George W.
10x28 Nancy Soderberg aired: Tuesday Mar 1, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "The Superpower Myth: The Use and Misuse of American Might", Nancy Soderberg!
10x29 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson aired: Wednesday Mar 2, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Be Cool", The Rock! The Rock discusses transitioning from the art of beating people up to film.
10x30 Ari Fleischer aired: Thursday Mar 3, 2005
Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer discusses whether the press corps is obsolete.
10x31 Melissa Boyle Mahle aired: Monday Mar 7, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "Denial and Deception: An Insider's View of the CIA from Iran-Contra to 9/11", Melissa Boyle Mahle!
10x32 Brian Williams aired: Tuesday Mar 8, 2005
Jon helps NBC News Anchor Brian Williams tell the difference between the Daily Show and his news.
10x33 Bruce Willis aired: Wednesday Mar 9, 2005
TONIGHT: Actor Bruce Willis talks about his new movie, "Hostage".
10x34 Paul Krugman aired: Thursday Mar 10, 2005
Economist Paul Krugman talks about his new book and the potential collapse of the New Deal.
10x35 Harry Frankfurt aired: Monday Mar 14, 2005
TONIGHT: Princeton philosophy professor Harry Frankfurt talks about his book "On Bullshit".
10x36 Tom Fenton aired: Tuesday Mar 15, 2005
Author Tom Fenton explains why the news business is at an all-time low.
10x37 Rev. Al Green aired: Wednesday Mar 16, 2005
Guest star is the Reverend Al Green. The Reverend Al sings to Jon and analyzes the power of his own voice.
10x38 Craig Ferguson aired: Thursday Mar 17, 2005
Craid Ferguson, the host of the Late Late Show, guest stars. Craig Ferguson tends to classify himself only with puppets.
10x39 Sandra Bullock aired: Monday Mar 21, 2005
Actress Sandra Bullock guest stars. Sandra Bullock discusses the sexy power of shooting an automatic weapon.
10x40 Catherine Keener aired: Tuesday Mar 22, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "The Interpreter," Catherine Keener. Plus, Lewis "Back In" Black.
10x41 Ozzy Osbourne aired: Wednesday Mar 23, 2005
Steve Carell, who has been off the show for more than a year, working on other shows, made a cameo in a bit on the show.
10x42 The RZA aired: Thursday Mar 24, 2005
TONIGHT: Member of "Wu-Tang", The RZA!
10x43 Reggie Miller aired: Monday Apr 4, 2005
Steve Carell made a cameo in a bit on the show, as Produce Pete. This is Steve's second appearance in the past few days, after being away for more than a year.
10x44 Thomas Friedman aired: Tuesday Apr 5, 2005
TONIGHT: New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman talks about his new book, "The World is Flat."
10x45 Matthew McConaughey aired: Wednesday Apr 6, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Sahara", Matthew McConaughey.
10x46 Drew Barrymore aired: Thursday Apr 7, 2005
Actress Drew Barrymore guest stars. Drew Barrymore talks about bum rushing the Red Sox.
10x47 Byron York aired: Monday Apr 11, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy", Byron York! Plus, Colbert reports on "Tattoo Discrimination."
10x48 Senator Bob Dole aired: Tuesday Apr 12, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "One Soldier's Story: A Memoir," Senator Bob Dole! Plus, Lewis "Back In" Black.
10x49 John P. Avlon aired: Wednesday Apr 13, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "Independent Nation," John P. Avlon! Plus, Ed Helms reports on "Promoting the US."
10x50 David Duchovny aired: Thursday Apr 14, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Trust the Man," David Duchovny! Plus, Samantha Bee reports on "Casting a Town Hall Meeting."
10x51 Robert Reich aired: Monday Apr 18, 2005
TONIGHT: Robert Reich discusses his book, "Reason: Why Liberals Will Win the Battle for America." Plus, Stephen Colbert in "This Week in God".
10x52 Sarah Vowell aired: Tuesday Apr 19, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "Assassination Vacation," Sarah Vowell!
10x53 Dennis Miller aired: Wednesday Apr 20, 2005
TONIGHT: Host of CNBC's "Dennis Miller," Dennis Miller! Plus, Rob Corddry reports on "Dormaid."
10x54 Reza Aslan aired: Thursday Apr 21, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "No god but God," Reza Aslan! Plus, "International Pamphlet."
10x55 Floyd Abrams aired: Monday Apr 25, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "Speaking Freely", Floyd Abrams! Plus, Ed Helms reports on "Tax Shelter."
10x56 Ice Cube aired: Tuesday Apr 26, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "XXX: State of the Union," Ice Cube! Plus, Samantha Bee reports on "Weyco, Inc."
10x57 Christina Hoff Sommers aired: Wednesday Apr 27, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "One Nation Under Therapy," Christina Hoff Somers! Plus, "International Pamphlet."
10x58 Steve Levitt aired: Thursday Apr 28, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "Freakonomics," Steve Levitt!
10x59 Zell Miller aired: Monday May 2, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "A Deficit Of Decency," and US Senator from Georgia, Zell Miller.
10x60 Christiane Amanpour aired: Tuesday May 3, 2005
TONIGHT: CNN International Correspondent, Christiane Amanpour! Plus, Stephen Colbert reports on the "Rick James Sign."
10x61 Martin Short aired: Wednesday May 4, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Jiminy Glick in Lalawood," Martin Short! Plus, Jon investigates the use of web logs on television in "Blogisphere."
10x62 Tom Ridge aired: Thursday May 5, 2005
TONIGHT: Former Secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge! Plus, Bob Wiltfong reports on "Sexy Cheerleading Band."
10x63 Kathleen Turner aired: Monday May 9, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?," Kathleen Turner!
10x64 Wanda Sykes aired: Tuesday May 10, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Monster-in-Law," Wanda Sykes! Samantha Bee reports on "Heavy Betting." Plus, Jon investigates the use of web logs on television in "Blogisphere."
10x65 Al Roker aired: Wednesday May 11, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "The Today Show", Al Roker. Plus, Lewis Black drops by with another segment of "Back In Black."
10x66 Tracey Ullman aired: Thursday May 12, 2005
Comedian and actress Tracey Ullman.
10x67 Gerald Posner aired: Tuesday May 31, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "Secrets of the Kingdom," Gerald Posner! Plus, Rob Corddry reports on "The Price of a Gallon of Gas."
10x68 Bo Bice aired: Wednesday Jun 1, 2005
TONIGHT: Runner-up of "American Idol," Bo Bice! Plus, the latest headlines!
10x69 Russell Crowe aired: Thursday Jun 2, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Cinderella Man," Russell Crowe! Plus, Ed Helms reports on the "Man Saves Chicken Tale of Survival."
10x70 Newt Gingrich aired: Monday Jun 6, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "Never Call Retreat," Newt Gingrich! Plus, Stephen Colbert with "This Week in God".
10x71 Steven Johnson aired: Tuesday Jun 7, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "Everything Bad Is Good for You," Steven Johnson! Plus, Ed Helms reports on the "Guns for Tots Revisited."
10x72 Colin Powell aired: Wednesday Jun 8, 2005
Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell! Plus, the latest headlines!
10x73 Matt Lauer aired: Thursday Jun 9, 2005
TONIGHT: Co-Anchor of "The Today Show," Matt Lauer! Plus, Samantha Bee reports on "Wal-Mart Union."
10x74 Larry Diamond aired: Monday Jun 13, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "Squandered Victory : The American Occupation and the Bungled Effort to Bring Democracy to Iraq", Larry Diamond! Plus the latest headlines!
10x75 Will Ferrell aired: Tuesday Jun 14, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Bewitched," Will Ferrell!
10x76 Flynt Leverett aired: Wednesday Jun 15, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "Inheriting Syria," Flynt Leverett! Plus, Ed Helms reports on the "Speedo Ban."
10x77 Kenneth Timmerman aired: Thursday Jun 16, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "Countdown to Crisis," Kenneth Timmerman!
10x78 Ringo Starr aired: Monday Jun 20, 2005
TONIGHT: Musician, Ringo Starr! Plus, Rob Corddry reports on "Visiting America."
10x79 Dwight Yoakam aired: Tuesday Jun 21, 2005
TONIGHT: Musician, Dwight Yoakam! Dwight was on promoting his new CD, "Blame The Vain". Plus, Lewis' "Back In Black" and the latest headlines!
10x80 Bill Moyers aired: Wednesday Jun 22, 2005
TONIGHT: Journalist, Bill Moyers! Plus, Samantha Bee reports on "Bullying."
10x81 Howard Dean aired: Thursday Jun 23, 2005
TONIGHT: Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Howard Dean! Plus, Stephen Colbert reports on "Republican Party Chairmen."
10x82 Hanna Rosin aired: Monday Jun 27, 2005
Hanna Rosin! Plus, Jon discusses the President's current agenda.
10x83 Morgan Spurlock aired: Tuesday Jun 28, 2005
TONIGHT: Executive Producer of "30 Days," Morgan Spurlock! Plus, Lewis' "Back In Black."
10x84 Marci Hamilton aired: Monday Jul 11, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "God vs. the Gavel," Marci Hamilton! Plus, Ed Helms reports on "The Fountain of Youth."
10x85 Matt Taibbi aired: Tuesday Jul 12, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "Spanking the Donkey," Matt Taibbi! Plus, "Wide World Quasi Sports."
10x86 Bernard Goldberg aired: Wednesday Jul 13, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "100 People Who Are Screwing Up America," Bernard Goldberg! Plus Stephen Colbert reports on Network Storm Tracker Coverage.
10x87 Michael Isikoff aired: Thursday Jul 14, 2005
TONIGHT: Newsweek editor, Michael Isikoff! Plus, Rob Corddry reports on "Harry Potter Book Security."
10x88 Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein aired: Monday Jul 18, 2005
Washington Post editors, Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein!
10x89 Billy Bob Thornton aired: Tuesday Jul 19, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Bad News Bears," Billy Bob Thornton! Plus Lewis "Back In" Black.
10x90 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. aired: Wednesday Jul 20, 2005
TONIGHT: Co-Host of "Ring of Fire," Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.! Plus, Rob Corddry and Ed Helms report on the President's Supreme Court nominee.
10x91 Fareed Zakaria aired: Thursday Jul 21, 2005
TONIGHT: Editor of Newsweek International, Fareed Zakaria! Plus, Samantha Bee reports on "Schwarzenegger Pothole."
10x92 Senator Rick Santorum aired: Monday Jul 25, 2005
Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania! Plus, Rob Corddry reports on Lance Armstrong's recent win of the Tour de France.
10x93 Diane Lane aired: Tuesday Jul 26, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Must Love Dogs," Diane Lane! Samantha Bee reports on "Gay Nascar. Plus, Lewis Black is back for another "Back In Black" segment.
10x94 Bob Costas aired: Wednesday Jul 27, 2005
TONIGHT: Host of "On the Record," Bob Costas! Plus, Jon Stewart reports on the news that Eliot Spitzer, New York State Attorney General, has brought a suit against the music industry regarding Payola - the illegal practice of record companies paying radio stations and disc jockeys to play particular songs.
10x95 Maggie Gyllenhaal aired: Thursday Jul 28, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Happy Endings," Maggie Gyllenhaal! Plus, Stephen Colbert with "This Week in God".
10x96 Senator Joe Biden aired: Tuesday Aug 2, 2005
Senator Joe Biden, D-Delaware!
10x97 John Crawford aired: Wednesday Aug 3, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell," John Crawford! Plus, the latest headlines.
10x98 Miles O'Brien aired: Thursday Aug 4, 2005
TONIGHT: Anchor of CNN's "American Morning," Miles O'Brien! Plus, Stephen Colbert reports on "Cooter."
10x99 Paul Rudd aired: Monday Aug 8, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," Paul Rudd! Plus, the first installment of "Indecision 2008."
10x100 Kate Hudson aired: Tuesday Aug 9, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "The Skeleton Key", Kate Hudson. Plus, Rob Corddry reports on Ethanol.
10x101 John Hockenberry aired: Wednesday Aug 10, 2005
Journalist, John Hockenberry! Plus, the latest headlines!
10x102 Andre Benjamin aired: Thursday Aug 11, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Four Brothers," Andre Benjamin! Plus, Stephen Colbert reports on "This Week in God".
10x103 Steve Carell aired: Monday Aug 15, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," Steve Carell! Plus, the latest headlines.
10x104 Seymour Hersh aired: Tuesday Aug 16, 2005
TONIGHT: Investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh! Plus, Ed Helms visits the Bassmaster Classic Tournament in Pittsburgh to meet the sport's most controversial figure in "Punk Bass Fisherman."
10x105 John Irving aired: Wednesday Aug 17, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "Until I Find You," John Irving! Plus, Ed Helms reports on "So You Want to be a Supreme Court Judge?"
10x106 John Richardson aired: Thursday Aug 18, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "My Father The Spy," John H. Richardson! Plus, Lewis "Back In" Black!
10x107 Chris Wallace aired: Monday Aug 22, 2005
TONIGHT: Host of "FOX News Sunday," Chris Wallace! Plus, the latest headlines!
10x108 Rachel Weisz aired: Tuesday Aug 23, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "The Constant Gardener," Rachel Weisz! Plus, Stephen Colbert reports on "This Week in God."
10x109 Sen. Trent Lott aired: Wednesday Aug 24, 2005
TONIGHT: Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi talks about his new book: "Herding Cats, A Life in Politics". Plus, Samantha Bee investigates "Ousted Councilmen."
10x110 Christopher Hitchens aired: Thursday Aug 25, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "Thomas Jefferson : Author of America," Christopher Hitchens! Plus, the latest headlines!
10x111 Dr. Marc Siegel aired: Tuesday Sep 6, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "False Alarm," Dr. Marc Siegel! Plus, the latest headlines!
10x112 Samuel L. Jackson aired: Wednesday Sep 7, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "The Man," Samuel L. Jackson! Plus, the latest headlines!
10x113 Brian Williams aired: Thursday Sep 8, 2005
TONIGHT: Host/Anchor of "NBC Nightly News", Brian Williams!
10x114 Evolution Schmevolution: A Daily Show Special Report - Day 1 aired: Monday Sep 12, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "The Republican War on Science," Chris Mooney! Plus, Ed Helms takes us on an "Evolution Heritage Tour" in Dayton, TN. This is Day 1 of Evolution Schmevolution: A Daily Show Special Report.
10x115 Evolution Schmevolution: A Daily Show Special Report - Day 2 aired: Tuesday Sep 13, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "A Man without a Country ", Kurt Vonnegut! Plus, Ed Helms takes us on an "Evolution Heritage Tour" at the Bronx Zoo. This is Day 2 of Evolution Schmevolution: A Daily Show Special Report.
10x116 Evolution Schmevolution: A Daily Show Special Report - Day 3 aired: Wednesday Sep 14, 2005
TONIGHT: Guest Panel! Plus, Ed Helms takes us on an "Evolution Heritage Tour" at a Creationist gift shop. This is Day 3 of Evolution Schmevolution: A Daily Show Special Report.
10x117 Evolution Schmevolution: A Daily Show Special Report - Day 4 aired: Thursday Sep 15, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Proof", actress, Gwyneth Paltrow! This is Day 4 of Evolution Schmevolution: A Daily Show Special Report.
10x118 Alan Alda aired: Tuesday Sep 20, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "Never Have Your Dog Stuffed," Alan Alda! Plus, new correspondent Dan Bakkedahl reports on "Bumvertising."
10x119 Ricky Gervais aired: Wednesday Sep 21, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "The Office", Ricky Gervais! Plus, Jon takes a relatively closer look at the history of the White House press secretary.
10x120 George Clooney aired: Thursday Sep 22, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Good Night, and Good Luck", George Clooney! Plus the latest headlines.
10x121 Dr. Irwin Redlener aired: Monday Sep 26, 2005
TONIGHT: Director, at the National Center for Disaster Preparedness, Dr. Irwin Redlener. Plus, Stephen Colbert in "This Week in God".
10x122 Viggo Mortensen aired: Tuesday Sep 27, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "A History of Violence", Viggo Mortensen!
10x123 Jeff Garlin aired: Wednesday Sep 28, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Curb Your Enthusiasm", Jeff Garlin!
10x124 Sen. Chuck Schumer aired: Thursday Sep 29, 2005
Senator of New York, Senator Charles Schumer!
10x125 David Rakoff aired: Monday Oct 3, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "Don't Get Too Comfortable", David Rakoff! Plus, Lewis Black with "Back in Black!"
10x126 Cameron Diaz aired: Tuesday Oct 4, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "In Her Shoes", Cameron Diaz! Plus, Nate Corddry reports on the "U.S.S. Iowa."
10x127 Senator John Edwards aired: Wednesday Oct 5, 2005
Former Democratic Senator, John Edwards!
10x128 Philip Seymour Hoffman aired: Thursday Oct 6, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Capote," Philip Seymour Hoffman! Plus, Rob Corddry reports on "Girls Gone Wild for Kartrina Relief Aid."
10x129 Dolly Parton aired: Monday Oct 17, 2005
Country singer, Dolly Parton!
10x130 Bill O'Reilly aired: Tuesday Oct 18, 2005
TONIGHT: Host of "The O'Reilly Factor", Bill O'Reilly! Plus, Lewis Black with "Back in Black."
10x131 Louis Freeh aired: Wednesday Oct 19, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "My FBI", Louis Freeh! Plus, Rob Corddry with "This Week in God".
10x132 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson aired: Thursday Oct 20, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of Doom, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson!
10x133 Bill Kristol aired: Monday Oct 24, 2005
TONIGHT: Managing editor of "The Weekly Standard", Bill Kristol! Plus, Lewis Black with "Back in Black".
10x134 Al Franken aired: Tuesday Oct 25, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "The Truth (with jokes)", Al Franken!
10x135 Doris Kearns Goodwin aired: Wednesday Oct 26, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "Team of Rivals", Doris Kearns Goodwin!
10x136 Janis Karpinski aired: Thursday Oct 27, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "One Woman's Army", Janis Karpinski!
10x137 D.L. Hughley aired: Monday Oct 31, 2005
TONIGHT: Host of Weekends at the D.L., D.L. Hughley!
10x138 Sen. Barbara Boxer aired: Tuesday Nov 1, 2005
California Senator, Barbara Boxer!
10x139 Mike Wallace aired: Wednesday Nov 2, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of Between You and Me: A Memoir, Mike Wallace! Plus, Rob Corddry reports on "The Price of a Gallon of Gas."
10x140 Robert Ray aired: Thursday Nov 3, 2005
The former independent counsel who investigated the Monica Lewinsky case and Whitewater during the Clinton years, Robert Ray!
10x141 Sen. Barack Obama aired: Monday Nov 7, 2005
Democratic Senator from Illinois, Barak Obama!
10x142 Sen. John McCain aired: Tuesday Nov 8, 2005
Republican Senator from Arizona, John McCain!
10x143 Keira Knightley aired: Wednesday Nov 9, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "Pride & Prejudice," Keira Knightley! Plus Rob Corddry on "You Paid For It ... With Your Money," and Lewis Black with "Back in Black."
10x144 Chris Elliott aired: Thursday Nov 10, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "The Shroud of the Thwacker", Chris Elliott! Plus "This Week in God" with Rob Corddry!
10x145 Martha Stewart aired: Monday Nov 14, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of Martha and The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart!
10x146 Rosario Dawson aired: Tuesday Nov 15, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of Rent, Rosario Dawson! Plus, Lewis Black with "Back in Black."
10x147 John Hodgman aired: Wednesday Nov 16, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "The Areas of My Expertise", John Hodgman!
10x148 Richard Clarke aired: Thursday Nov 17, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of "The Scorpion's Gate", Richard Clarke!
10x149 Adrien Brody aired: Monday Nov 28, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of "King Kong", Adrien Brody!
10x150 Peggy Noonan aired: Tuesday Nov 29, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of John Paul the Great: Remembering a Spiritual Father, Peggy Noonan!
10x151 Nancy Pelosi aired: Wednesday Nov 30, 2005
California Congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi!
10x152 The White Stripes aired: Thursday Dec 1, 2005
The White Stripes perform!
10x153 President Jimmy Carter aired: Monday Dec 5, 2005
TONIGHT: Author of Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis, former President Jimmy Carter!
10x154 Michelle Yeoh aired: Tuesday Dec 6, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of Memoirs of a Geisha, Michelle Yeoh!
10x155 David McCullough aired: Wednesday Dec 7, 2005
Author and historian, David McCullough!
10x156 Ken Auletta aired: Thursday Dec 8, 2005
TONIGHT: Editor of The New Yorker, Ken Auletta!
10x157 Howard Stern aired: Tuesday Dec 13, 2005
Radio talk show host, Howard Stern!
10x158 Tom Brokaw aired: Wednesday Dec 14, 2005
TONIGHT: Former anchor of NBC Nightly News, Tom Brokaw!
10x159 Sarah Jessica Parker aired: Thursday Dec 15, 2005
TONIGHT: Star of The Family Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker!

Season 11 Episode List

11x1 George Packer aired: Wednesday Jan 4, 2006
TONIGHT: Author of The Assassins' Gate : America in Iraq, George Packer!
11x2 Pierce Brosnan aired: Thursday Jan 5, 2006
TONIGHT: Actor, Pierce Brosnan! Also, Jason Jones with "Spear Pressure."
11x3 James Risen aired: Monday Jan 9, 2006
TONIGHT: NY Times reporter and author of State of War, James Risen!
11x4 Albert Brooks aired: Tuesday Jan 10, 2006
TONIGHT: Star of Finding Comedy in the Muslim World, actor and filmmaker, Albert Brooks!
11x5 Peter Bergen aired: Wednesday Jan 11, 2006
CNN's terrorism analyst, Peter Bergen!
11x6 Edward Lazarus aired: Thursday Jan 12, 2006
TONIGHT: Author of Closed Chambers: The Rise, Fall, and Future of the Modern Supreme Court, Edward Lazarus!
11x7 Eugene Jarecki aired: Monday Jan 16, 2006
TONIGHT: Documentary film maker, Eugene Jarecki! Also, Rob Corddry with "This Week in God."
11x8 L. Paul Bremer aired: Tuesday Jan 17, 2006
TONIGHT: Author of My Year in Iraq: The Struggle to Build a Future of Hope and former Head of Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, L. Paul Bremer!
11x9 James Woolsey aired: Wednesday Jan 18, 2006
Former CIA Director, James Woolsey!
11x10 Josh Lucas aired: Thursday Jan 19, 2006
TONIGHT: Actor and star of Glory Road, Josh Lucas! Also, Nate Corddry with an American Resolution.
11x11 Fred Barnes aired: Monday Jan 23, 2006
TONIGHT: Author of Rebel-in-Chief: How George W. Bush Is Redefining the Conservative Movement and Transforming America, Fred Barnes!
11x12 Reza Aslan aired: Tuesday Jan 24, 2006
TONIGHT: Author of No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam, Reza Aslan!
11x13 Anthony Hopkins aired: Wednesday Jan 25, 2006
TONIGHT: Actor and star of The World's Fastest Indian, Anthony Hopkins! Plus "New Year's Resolution" with Ed Helms!
11x14 Bernard-Henri Levy aired: Thursday Jan 26, 2006
TONIGHT: Author of American Vertigo: Traveling America in the Footsteps of Tocqueville, Bernard-Henri Levy!
11x15 Randy Jackson aired: Monday Jan 30, 2006
TONIGHT: Judge on American Idol, Randy Jackson!
11x16 Charles Barkley aired: Tuesday Jan 31, 2006
Retired NBA Star, Charles Barkley!
11x17 Michael Beschloss aired: Wednesday Feb 1, 2006
State of the Union Address: President Bush makes a plea to pass legislation to prohibit human-animal hybrids. Jason Jones talks about America's addiction to oil, switch grass, and a special engine that bears a striking resemblance to a bong. Every year the Democratic Party chooses a rising star to give the Democratic response to the State of the Union Address. Author and Presidential historian Michael Beschloss explains to Jon why the State of the Union Address, and the rebuttal, seem like a group of people putting on a children's theatre show and also discuss presidential speech patterns and the importance of applause during the Address. Stephen Colbert notes that the State of the Union Address was full of the same old cheap rhetorical tricks. Moment of Zen: A montage of reactions to the State of the Union Address.
11x18 Robert O'Harrow, Jr. aired: Thursday Feb 2, 2006
TONIGHT: Author of No Place to Hide: Behind the Scenes of Our Emerging Surveillance Society, Robert O'Harrow, Jr.! Plus, "New Year's Resolution" with Dan Bakkedahl!
11x19 Torie Clarke aired: Tuesday Feb 7, 2006
TONIGHT: Former Assistant Defense Secretary for Public Affairs, Torie Clarke! Plus, Rob Corddry with "This Week In God!"
11x20 Harrison Ford aired: Wednesday Feb 8, 2006
TONIGHT: Actor and star of Firewall, Harrison Ford! Also, the first installment of "Klassic Kolbert."
11x21 Will Arnett aired: Thursday Feb 9, 2006
TONIGHT: Actor and star of Arrested Development, Will Arnett!
11x22 Mike Mullane aired: Monday Feb 13, 2006
Astronaut, Mike Mullane!
11x23 Peter Tertzakian aired: Tuesday Feb 14, 2006
TONIGHT: Author of A Thousand Barrels a Second: The Coming Oil Break Point and the Challenges Facing an Energy Dependent World, Peter Tertzakian!
11x24 Julianne Moore aired: Wednesday Feb 15, 2006
TONIGHT: Actress and star of Freedomland, Julianne Moore! Plus, "Trendspotting" with Demetri Martin.
11x25 Ed Harris aired: Thursday Feb 16, 2006
TONIGHT: Actor and star of Winter Passing, Ed Harris! Plus, Lewis Black with "Back in Black."
11x26 Sarah Vowell aired: Tuesday Feb 21, 2006
TONIGHT: Author of Assassination Vacation, Sarah Vowell! Also, Nate and Rob Corddry with "Brother vs. Brother."
11x27 Matthew Fox aired: Wednesday Feb 22, 2006
TONIGHT: Actor and star of Lost, Matthew Fox!
11x28 Roger Ebert aired: Thursday Feb 23, 2006
TONIGHT: Movie critic, Roger Ebert! Also, Lewis Black with "Back in Black."
11x29 Eugene Linden aired: Tuesday Mar 7, 2006
TONIGHT: The author of The Winds of Change: Climate, Weather, and the Destruction of Civilizations, Eugene Linden!
11x30 Neil Young aired: Wednesday Mar 8, 2006
Musician and composer, Neil Young!
11x31 Bruce Bartlett aired: Thursday Mar 9, 2006
TONIGHT: The author of Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy, Bruce Bartlett!
11x32 Eric Burns aired: Monday Mar 13, 2006
TONIGHT: The author of Infamous Scribblers: The Founding Fathers and the Rowdy Beginnings of American Journalism, Eric Burns!
11x33 Bart Ehrman aired: Tuesday Mar 14, 2006
TONIGHT: The author of Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why, Bart Ehrman! Plus "This Week in God" with Rob Corddry.
11x34 Natalie Portman aired: Wednesday Mar 15, 2006
TONIGHT: Actress and star of V for Vendetta, Natalie Portman!
11x35 Vin Diesel aired: Thursday Mar 16, 2006
TONIGHT: Actor and star of Find Me Guilty, Vin Diesel!
11x36 Clive Owen aired: Monday Mar 20, 2006
TONIGHT: Actor and star of Inside Man, Clive Owen!
11x37 General Georges Sada aired: Tuesday Mar 21, 2006
TONIGHT: Author of Saddam's Secrets: How an Iraqi General Defied And Survived Saddam Hussein, General Georges Sada! Also, "Trendspotting" with Demetri Martin!
11x38 Senator Russ Feingold aired: Wednesday Mar 22, 2006
Wisconsin Senator, Russ Feingold!
11x39 Michael Mandelbaum aired: Thursday Mar 23, 2006
TONIGHT: Author of The Case For Goliath: How America Acts As The World's Government in the Twenty-first Century, Michael Mandelbaum
11x40 Michael Gordon aired: Monday Mar 27, 2006
TONIGHT: Author of Cobra II : The Inside Story of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq, Michael Gordon!
11x41 Fareed Zakaria aired: Tuesday Mar 28, 2006
TONIGHT: Newsweek International editor, Fareed Zakaria!
11x42 Queen Latifah aired: Wednesday Mar 29, 2006
TONIGHT: Actress and star of Ice Age: The Meltdown, Queen Latifah!
11x43 Sharon Stone aired: Thursday Mar 30, 2006
TONIGHT: Actress and star of Basic Instinct 2, Sharon Stone!
11x44 Ricky Gervais aired: Monday Apr 3, 2006
TONIGHT: Actor and podcast host of "The Ricky Gervais Show", Ricky Gervais! Also, Ed Helms with "This Week In God".
11x45 Studs Terkel aired: Tuesday Apr 4, 2006
TONIGHT: Broadcaster and author of "And They All Sang: Adventures of an Eclectic Disc Jockey", Studs Terkel! Also, Senator John McCain stops by to defend his decision to talk in front of Liberty University students.
11x46 Gen. Tony Zinni aired: Wednesday Apr 5, 2006
TONIGHT: Retired Marine General and author of "The Battle for Peace: A Frontline Vision of America's Power and Purpose", Gen. Tony Zinni!
11x47 Josh Hartnett aired: Thursday Apr 6, 2006
TONIGHT: Actor and star of Lucky Number Slevin, Josh Hartnett! Also, Dan Bakkedahl learns about "Beach Ploys".
11x48 Jon Meacham aired: Monday Apr 17, 2006
TONIGHT: The author of American Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers, and the Making of a Nation, Jon Meacham! Also, Ed Helms travels to Alaska to find out about the enormous population of bald eagles in one small town.
11x49 Ryan Nerz aired: Tuesday Apr 18, 2006
TONIGHT: The author of Eat This Book: A Year of Gorging and Glory on the Competitive Eating Circuit, Ryan Nerz!
11x50 Dennis Quaid aired: Wednesday Apr 19, 2006
TONIGHT: Actor and star of American Dreamz, Dennis Quaid!
11x51 Sen. Ted Kennedy aired: Thursday Apr 20, 2006
TONIGHT: Senator from Massachusetts, Sen. Ted Kennedy! Also, Jason Jones with Not In Your Front Yard.
11x52 Efraim Halevy aired: Monday Apr 24, 2006
TONIGHT: The author of Man in the Shadows: Inside the Middle East Crisis with a Man Who Led the Mossad, Efraim Halevy!
11x53 Tom Selleck aired: Tuesday Apr 25, 2006
Actor Tom Selleck!
11x54 Kimberley Strassel aired: Wednesday Apr 26, 2006
TONIGHT: Wall Street Journal editor, Kimberley Strassel!
11x55 Robin Williams aired: Thursday Apr 27, 2006
TONIGHT: Actor and star of R.V., Robin Williams!
11x56 Matthew Continetti aired: Monday May 1, 2006
TONIGHT: The author of The K Street Gang: The Rise and Fall of the Republican Machine, Matthew Continetti!
11x57 Madeleine Albright aired: Tuesday May 2, 2006
TONIGHT: The author of The Mighty and the Almighty: Reflections on America, God, and World Affairs, Madeleine Albright!
11x58 Clark Kent Ervin aired: Wednesday May 3, 2006
TONIGHT: The author of Open Target: Where America Is Vulnerable To Attack, Clark Kent Ervin!
11x59 John Malkovich aired: Thursday May 4, 2006
Actor John Malkovich!
11x60 David Remnick aired: Monday May 8, 2006
The author of Reporting: Writings from the New Yorker, David Remnick!
11x61 Eric Shawn aired: Tuesday May 9, 2006
Author of The U.N. Exposed: How the United Nations Sabotages America's Security and Fails the World, Eric Shawn!
11x62 Billy Connolly aired: Wednesday May 10, 2006
Stand-up comedian Billy Connolly!
11x63 Francis Fukuyama aired: Thursday May 11, 2006
Author of America at the Crossroads: Democracy, Power, and the Neoconservative Legacy, Francis Fukuyama!
11x64 Howard Dean aired: Monday May 15, 2006
The Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Howard Dean!
11x65 Denis Leary aired: Tuesday May 16, 2006
TONIGHT: Actor and star of Rescue Me, Denis Leary!
11x66 Ramesh Ponnuru aired: Wednesday May 17, 2006
TONIGHT: A senior editor for National Review, Ramesh Ponnuru! Plus, Lewis Black: Back in Black.
11x67 Willie Nelson aired: Thursday May 18, 2006
TONIGHT: Legendary country musician and performer of You Don't Know Me: The Songs of Cindy Walker, Willie Nelson!
11x68 Caroline Kennedy aired: Monday Jun 5, 2006
Caroline Kennedy, founder of the Profiles In Courage Award.
11x69 Bill Bennett aired: Tuesday Jun 6, 2006
TONIGHT: Former Secretary of Education and author of America, Bill Bennett.
11x70 Bonnie Hunt aired: Wednesday Jun 7, 2006
Actress Bonnie Hunt from the movie Cars. Plus, Lewis Black reports in Back in Black!
11x71 Lily Tomlin aired: Thursday Jun 8, 2006
Legendary comedian Lily Tomlin!
11x72 Thomas Friedman aired: Monday Jun 12, 2006
The author of The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century, Thomas L. Friedman!
11x73 Ken Mehlman aired: Tuesday Jun 13, 2006
The chair of the Republican National Committee, Ken Mehlman!
11x74 Tim Russert aired: Wednesday Jun 14, 2006
The Host of NBC's Meet the Press and the author of Wisdom of Our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons, Tim Russert!
11x75 Louis C.K. aired: Thursday Jun 15, 2006
The star of the new series Lucky Louie, Louis C.K.!
11x76 Calvin Trillin aired: Monday Jun 19, 2006
American journalist, humorist, and author of Messages from My Father!, Calvin Trillin!
11x77 Juliet Eilperin aired: Tuesday Jun 20, 2006
Tonight: Washington Post reporter Juliet Eilperin, author of Fight Club Politics: How Partisanship is Poisoning the House of Representatives.
11x78 Anderson Cooper aired: Wednesday Jun 21, 2006
Host of CNN's Anderson Cooper: 360, Anderson Cooper.
11x79 Adam Sandler aired: Thursday Jun 22, 2006
Comedian and actor, Adam Sandler!
11x80 Lance Armstrong aired: Monday Jun 26, 2006
Multiple time Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong!
11x81 Helen Thomas aired: Tuesday Jun 27, 2006
The author of Watchdogs of Democracy?: The Waning Washington Press Corps and How It Has Failed the Public, Helen Thomas!
11x82 Al Gore aired: Wednesday Jun 28, 2006
Former Vice-President and star of An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore!
11x83 Kevin Spacey aired: Thursday Jun 29, 2006
Actor and one of the stars of the movie Superman Returns, Kevin Spacey!
11x84 Illario Pantano aired: Monday Jul 10, 2006
Tonight former U.S. Marine and co-author of Warlord: No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy, Illario Pantano.
11x85 John Dean aired: Tuesday Jul 11, 2006
Tonight: Former Nixon legal counsel and author of Conservatives Without Conscience, John Dean.
11x86 Shawn Wayans aired: Wednesday Jul 12, 2006
Tonight: Co-star and writer of the movie Little Man,, Shawn Wayans
11x87 Owen Wilson aired: Thursday Jul 13, 2006
Tonight: Actor and one of the stars of You, Me and Dupree, Owen Wilson.
11x88 Gordon Chang aired: Monday Jul 17, 2006
Tonight: Gordon Chang, author of Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On The World.
11x89 M. Night Shyamalan aired: Tuesday Jul 18, 2006
Tonight: Director of the movie Lady in the Water, M. Night Shaymalan.
11x90 James Maguire aired: Wednesday Jul 19, 2006
Tonight: The author of American Bee: The National Spelling Bee and the Culture of Word Nerds, James Maguire.
11x91 Paul Giamatti aired: Thursday Jul 20, 2006
Tonight: Actor and star of the movie Lady in the Water, Paul Giamatti.
11x92 Senator John McCain aired: Monday Jul 24, 2006
US Senator from Arizona and possible Republican Presidential nominee, John McCain!
11x93 Ed Burns aired: Tuesday Jul 25, 2006
TONIGHT: actor, writer and director of The Groomsman, Ed Burns.
11x94 Sharon Weinberger aired: Wednesday Jul 26, 2006
TONIGHT: Defense reporter and author of Imaginary Weapons: A Journey Through the Pentagon's Scientific Underworld, Sharon Weinberger. Also, Lewis Black in "Back in Black."
11x95 Dr. Alon Ben-Meir aired: Thursday Jul 27, 2006
NYU Professor, Dr. Alon Ben-Meir.
11x96 Will Ferrell aired: Monday Jul 31, 2006
The star of Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Will Ferrell!
11x97 Vali Nasr aired: Tuesday Aug 1, 2006
TONIGHT: Professor of Middle East and South Asia politics and author of The Shia Revival: How Conflicts within Islam Will Shape the Future, Vali Nasr.
11x98 Chris Paine aired: Wednesday Aug 2, 2006
TONIGHT: Writer and director of the documentary Who Killed The Electric Car?, Chris Paine.
11x99 Danny DeVito aired: Thursday Aug 3, 2006
TONIGHT: Actor and star of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Danny DeVito.
11x100 Brian Williams aired: Tuesday Aug 8, 2006
Host of the Nightly News with Brian Williams on NBC, Brian Williams!
11x101 Craig Glenday aired: Wednesday Aug 9, 2006
The author of Guinness World Records 2007, Craig Glenday!
11x102 Dale Earnhardt Jr. aired: Thursday Aug 10, 2006
Famous NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the latest headlines!
11x103 Thomas E. Ricks aired: Monday Aug 14, 2006
The author of Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq, Thomas E. Ricks.
11x104 Samuel L. Jackson aired: Tuesday Aug 15, 2006
The star of the movie Snakes on a Plane, Samuel L. Jackson.
11x105 Thomas Kean aired: Wednesday Aug 16, 2006
The co-author of Without Precedent: The Inside Story of the 9/11 Commission, Thomas Kean!
11x106 Matt Dillon aired: Thursday Aug 17, 2006
The famous actor, Matt Dillon, plus the latest headlines!
11x107 Reza Aslan aired: Monday Aug 21, 2006
Tonight, author and scholar of comparative religions, Reza Aslan.
11x108 William Cohen aired: Tuesday Aug 22, 2006
Tonight former Secretary of Defense William Cohen, author of Dragon Fire.
11x109 Frederick Lane aired: Wednesday Aug 23, 2006
Tonight Frederick Lane, author of The Decency Wars: The Campaign to Cleanse American Culture.
11x110 Martin Short aired: Thursday Aug 24, 2006
Tonight actor and comedian Martin Short.
11x111 Maggie Gyllenhaal aired: Monday Sep 11, 2006
Tonight actress and star of sherrybaby, Maggie Gyllenhaal.
11x112 Gary Hart aired: Tuesday Sep 12, 2006
Tonight former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Gary Hart, author of The Courage of Our Convictions: A Manifesto for Democrats,
11x113 Ed Gillespie aired: Wednesday Sep 13, 2006
Tonight political advisor and author of Winning Right: Campaign Politics and Conservative Policies, Ed Gillespie.
11x114 Norm MacDonald aired: Thursday Sep 14, 2006
Tonight comedian Norm MacDonald.
11x115 Bill Clinton aired: Monday Sep 18, 2006
Tonight former President Bill Clinton!
11x116 Ben Affleck aired: Tuesday Sep 19, 2006
Tonight actor and star of Hollywoodland Ben Affleck.
11x117 Johnny Knoxville aired: Wednesday Sep 20, 2006
Tonight actor and star of Jackass Number Two, Johnny Knoxville.
11x118 CC Goldwater aired: Thursday Sep 21, 2006
Tonight founder of Sweet Pea Films and producer of the documentary Mr. Conservative: Goldwater On Goldwater, CC Goldwater.
11x119 Pat Buchanan aired: Monday Sep 25, 2006
Tonight conservative pundit Pat Buchanan.
11x120 Pervez Musharraf aired: Tuesday Sep 26, 2006
Tonight, President of Pakistan and author of In The Line Of Fire: A Memoir Pervez Musharraf!
11x121 Al Franken aired: Wednesday Sep 27, 2006
Tonight comedian Al Franken.
11x122 Jim McGreevey aired: Thursday Sep 28, 2006
Tonight, former Governor of New Jersey and author of The Confession, Jim McGreevey.
11x123 Trent Lott aired: Monday Oct 2, 2006
Tonight Mississippi Senator Trent Lott, author of Herding Cats: A Life in Politics.
11x124 Dennis Miller aired: Tuesday Oct 3, 2006
Tonight comedian Dennis Miller.
11x125 Ian Bremmer aired: Wednesday Oct 4, 2006
Tonight the President of the Eurasia Group and author of The J Curve: A New Way To Understand Why Nations Rise And Fall, Ian Bremmer.
11x126 David Rakoff aired: Thursday Oct 5, 2006
Tonight GQ writer and author of Don't Get Too Comfortable: The Indignities of Coach Class, The Torments of Low Thread Count, The Neverending Quest for Artisanal Olive Oil, and Other First World Problems, David Rakoff
11x127 James Baker aired: Monday Oct 9, 2006
Tonight former Secretary of State and author of Work Hard, Study...and Keep Out of Politics!: Adventures and Lessons from an Unexpected Public Life, James Baker
11x128 David Cross aired: Tuesday Oct 10, 2006
Tonight comedian and star of Freak Show, David Cross.
11x129 Lou Dobbs aired: Wednesday Oct 11, 2006
Tonight the host of CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight, Lou Dobbs.
11x130 David Mark aired: Thursday Oct 12, 2006
Tonight David Mark, author of Going Dirty: The Art of Negative Campaigning.
11x131 Frank Rich aired: Monday Oct 16, 2006
Tonight New York Times columnist Frank Rich, author of The Greatest Story Ever Sold: The Decline and Fall of Truth from 9/11 to Katrina.
11x132 Amy Sedaris aired: Tuesday Oct 17, 2006
Tonight actress Amy Sedaris, author of I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence.
11x133 John Ashcroft aired: Wednesday Oct 18, 2006
Tonight fromer U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft.
11x134 Kirsten Dunst aired: Thursday Oct 19, 2006
Tonight actress and star of Marie Antionette, Kirsten Dunst
11x135 LeBron James aired: Monday Oct 30, 2006
Tonight NBA superstar LeBron James.
11x136 John Meuller aired: Tuesday Oct 31, 2006
Tonight Ohio State policy analyst and author of Overblown: How Politicians and the Terrorism Industry Inflate National Securty Threats and Why We Believe Them, John Meuller.
11x137 Midwest Midterm Midtacular aired: Wednesday Nov 1, 2006
Tonight John Oliver talks to people who were wooed in 2004. Also Demitri Martin reports on the clubs at Ohio State.
11x138 Sacha Baron Cohen aired: Thursday Nov 2, 2006
Tonight comedian and star of Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen.
11x139 Jerry Seinfeld aired: Monday Nov 6, 2006
Tonight comedian Jerry Seinfeld!
11x140 Midterm Midtacular aired: Tuesday Nov 7, 2006
Combined with The Colbert Report, Dan Rather stops by.
11x141 Howard Dean aired: Wednesday Nov 8, 2006
Tonight chairman of the Democratic National Committe, Howard Dean.
11x142 Dustin Hoffman aired: Thursday Nov 9, 2006
Tonight actor and co-star of Stranger Than Fiction, Dustin Hoffman.
11x143 Tina Fey aired: Monday Nov 13, 2006
Tonight writer, actress and star of 30 Rock, Tina Fey.
11x144 John Edwards aired: Tuesday Nov 14, 2006
Tonight former Senator from North Carolina and author of Home: Blueprints of Our Lives, John Edwards.
11x145 Ted Koppel aired: Wednesday Nov 15, 2006
Tonight former anchor of Nightline, Ted Koppel.
11x146 Muhammad Yumus aired: Thursday Nov 16, 2006
Tonight professor of economics and founder of the Grameen Bank, Muhammad Yumus.
11x147 Rahm Emanuel aired: Monday Nov 27, 2006
Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D, Rep-ILL, chair of the Congressional Campaign Committee for 2006 elections.
11x148 Tom Waits aired: Tuesday Nov 28, 2006
Tonight's Guest: Musician Tom Waits.
11x149 George Clooney aired: Wednesday Nov 29, 2006
Tonight's guest: Actor/Director and star of The Good German, George Clooney
11x150 Tenacious D aired: Thursday Nov 30, 2006
Tonight's guests: Jack Black and Kyle Gass, collectively known as Tenacious D.Black and Gass star in the new film Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny.
11x151 Nathan Lane aired: Monday Dec 4, 2006
Tonight actor and Broadway star Nathan Lane.
11x152 Sen. John Danforth aired: Tuesday Dec 5, 2006
Tonight Missouri Senator and author of Faith and Politics: How the "Moral Values" Devate Divides America and How to Move Forward Together, Senator John Danforth
11x153 Eve Herold aired: Wednesday Dec 6, 2006
Tonight the director of public policy research at the Genetics Policy Institute and author of Stem Cell War: Inside Stories from the Frontlines, Eve Herold.
11x154 Ed Viesturs aired: Thursday Dec 7, 2006
Tonight mountain climber and author of No Shortcut to the Top: Climbing the World's 14 Hightest Peaks, Ed Viesturs.
11x155 Sen. Lincoln Chafee aired: Monday Dec 11, 2006
Tonight Rhode Island Senator and member of both the Senate Committe on Foreign Relations and the Committee on Homland Security and Government Affairs, Senator Lincoln Chafee
11x156 Fareed Zakaria aired: Tuesday Dec 12, 2006
Tonight the editor for Newsweek International, Fareed Zakaria.
11x157 Ricky Gervais aired: Wednesday Dec 13, 2006
Tonight actor and star of Extras, Ricky Gervais.
11x158 Rajiv Chandraeskaran aired: Thursday Dec 14, 2006
Tonight the assistant managing editor for the Washington Post and author of Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq's Green Zone, Rajiv Chandraeskaran.
11x159 Gov. Tom Vilsack aired: Monday Dec 18, 2006
Tonight Iowa Governor and 2008 Presidential candidate, Tom Vilsack.
11x160 Bill Kristol aired: Tuesday Dec 19, 2006
Tonght the editor for the Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol
11x161 Ben Stiller aired: Wednesday Dec 20, 2006
Tonight actor and star of Night at the Museum, Ben Stiller.

Season 12 Episode List

12x1 Louis C.K. aired: Monday Jan 8, 2007
Tonight comedian Louis C.K.
12x2 Harry Frankfurt aired: Tuesday Jan 9, 2007
Tonight philosophy professor and author of On Truth, Harry Frankfurt.
12x3 Gov. Mike Huckabee aired: Wednesday Jan 10, 2007
Tonight former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Jon discusses the first 100 hours of the Democrats and there great start, namely Congress shutting down on the first day (to watch a football game which started at 8:30PM). Jon talks with Jon Oliver, senior comparative presidential historian about media pundits who compare Bush with Lincoln.
12x4 Peter O'Toole aired: Thursday Jan 11, 2007
Tonight legendary actor and star of Venus, Peter O'Toole.Jon begins with a review of George Bush's presidential address about his change of strategy in Iraq. He then discusses Bush's speech with Major Rob Riggle, the show's military analyst. Finally, Jon looks at the Democrats response and the media's use of puns to describe Bush's last chance to cure the Iraq War.
12x5 Josh Bernstein aired: Monday Jan 15, 2007
Tonight the host of Digging for the Truth and author of Digging for the Truth: One Man's Epic Adventure Exploring the World's Greatest Archaeological Mysteries, Josh Bernstein.Jon first looks at the Senate Foreign Relation Committee and the disapproval of Bush's new Iraq plan as the Senator's discuss the details with Condoleeza Rice. Finally, Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore discusses Martin Luther King Jr. Day with Jon.
12x6 Michael Oren aired: Tuesday Jan 16, 2007
Tonight journalist and author of Power, Faith and Fantasy: America in the Middle East 1776 to the Present, Michael Oren.Jon begins by looking at Steve Jobs introduction of the IPhone and then on to Iraq and the White House's public relations offensive to sell Bush's new strategy. Jon discusses Bush's plan further with John Oliver, Senior Policy Analyst. Finally, Jon delves deeper into criticism of the Bush plan with an in depth analysis of Rep. David Wu's comments comparing Bush to Star Trek's Klingons, with Senior Star Trek Analogy Analysts, Leonard Nimoy and George Takei.
12x7 Jerry Rice aired: Wednesday Jan 17, 2007
Tonight former pro-football player and author of Go Long!: My Journey and Beyond the Game and the Fame, Jerry Rice.Jon begins by looking at Castro and the several conflicting reports surrounding his health, including one report stating that Castro had to be implanted with an artificial anus. Jon then looks at Obama's announcement stating that he is starting an exploratory committee in a segment called Countdown to Obamania. Jon then looks at the American Idol premiere with John Hodgman, Resident Expert. Finally, Rob Riggle looks at local politics with a man who changed his name to Andy Griffith in order to run in the election for local sheriff.
12x8 Robin Wright Penn aired: Thursday Jan 18, 2007
Tonight actress and star of Hounddog, Robin Wright Penn.Jon first looks at the Doomsday Clock which was set five minutes ahead, now five minutes before midnight and world wide armageddon. Jon then looks at the start of the non-binding resolution extravaganza, where each Senator seemingly has his own resolution. Jon then looks at NBC's Dateline segment where they capture would-be child predators on camera and confront them, and ABC's Primetime Live response to that ratings grabber. Don Bakkedahl takes that story deeper by taking a look at exploitative television by seeing how people react to shocking behavior. Finally, Jon looks at Rick Sanchez, the reporter who volunteered to taser himself on camera, and all the would be reporters who follow in his painful, sometimes arousing footsteps in Taser Wars 2007.
12x9 Gen. Rupert Smith aired: Monday Jan 22, 2007
Tonight former British Army General Rupert Smith, author of The Utility of Force: The Art of War in the Modern World.Jon begins with a look at the President's State of the Union Address and Bush's strong use of the word strong. Jon discusses with Jason Jones, Senior Political Analyst, the piece of mind we Americans sacrifice when we watch the news about Iraq. Jon briefly looks at all the new nominees who dropped their hat into the presidential race of 2008. Finally, Jon looks at the online newspaper versus the paper kind, and how people are using the vows section of the N.Y. Times to tell their life story as well as living obituaries, where the dead person speaks his own obituary.
12x10 Terry McAuliffe aired: Tuesday Jan 23, 2007
Tonight the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Terry McAuliffe.Jon starts off with a look at the Oscar nominations and how he wasn't asked to host them this year. He then segues into Indecision 2008, with a brief look at the candidates and the media's thirst for polls over who will win the primaries one year from now. Jon discusses with Senior Polling Expert, Samantha Bee, polling in general and how the numbers rise and fall over the course of a few hours. Finally, Louis Black looks at television show disclaimers and apologies in Back in Black.
12x11 Scott McClellan aired: Wednesday Jan 24, 2007
Tonight former White House press secretary Scott McClellan.Jon begins with a thorough review of the President's State of the Union address. Rob Riggle and Samantha Bee then report on their overall impressions of the speech. Finally, Jon looks at the Democrats and medias response to Bush's speech.
12x12 Sen. Charles Schumer aired: Thursday Jan 25, 2007
Tonight New York Senator Charles Schumer.Jon begins with a look at Senator John Kerry's long winded speech about how he is not running for President. Finally, Jon looks at Wolf Blitzer's interview of Dick Cheney and his lack of commenting on anything, specifically how he refuses to answer any question about his lesbian daughter.
12x13 Bill Gates aired: Monday Jan 29, 2007
Tonight the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates and his quick exit after the interview.Jon starts the show with a look at who has or has not said they will run for President. Indecision '08 continues with Jon focusing on two of the Democratic candidates. First, Jon looks at Hillary Clinton and her joking about her husband's infidelity. Finally, Jon looks at the media's overreaction to Obama attending a muslim private school.
12x14 Neil deGrasse Tyson aired: Tuesday Jan 30, 2007
Tonight astrophysicist and author of Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandries, Neil deGrasse Tyson.Jon begins with a look at the Scooter Libby trial with a summary as to how it all began. Furthermore, John Oliver, Senior White House Correspondent comments on the Libby trial in more detail. Finally, Jon looks at how the primaries are now being moved up to earlier and earlier dates. He discusses this with John Hodgman, Resident Expert.
12x15 Sen. Joe Biden aired: Wednesday Jan 31, 2007
Tonight Delaware Senator Joe Biden.Jon first looks at Bush's comments on Vice President Dick Cheney. Jon then looks at Bush's new Iraq strategy, or lack therof, and how anyone fpund disagreeing with Bush, in effect emboldens the terrorists. Jon talks with John Oliver, Senior White House Correspondent, about the intricacies of emboldening terrorists. Finally, Jon discusses with Larry Wilmore, Senior Black Historian, black history month's purpose.
12x16 Sienna Miller aired: Thursday Feb 1, 2007
Tonight actress and star of Factory Girl, Sienna Miller.Jon first looks at Mary Cheney, the Vice President's lesbian daughter, who stated that the birth of her child should not be used for political maneuvering in response to Wolf Blitzer's interview the day before. Jon delves deeper into the issue as to why Dick Cheney's daughter is off limits with John Oliver, Senior Media Critic. Jon also talks with Chrissy Gephardt, lesbian daughter of former presidential candidate, Dick Gephardt. Finally, Jason Jones exposes the real Orange County in a two-part series.
12x17 Walter Scheib aired: Monday Feb 5, 2007
Tonight former White House chef and author of White House Chef: Eleven Years, Two Presidents, One Kitchen, Walter Scheib.Jon begins with a look at the Super Bowl and the ads. Jon moves on to the Bush administrations acceptance of the new global warming report. Dan Bakkedahl, Senior White House Correspondent, talks with Jon about this development. Finally, France shuts off the lights from famous buildings as a response to global warming, Jon discusses this with John Oliver, Senior Envirospondent.
12x18 Mike Rowe aired: Tuesday Feb 6, 2007
Tonight the host of Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe.Jon begins with a look at evangelical minister Ted Haggard, who is now apparently completely heterosexual. Jon then looks at the non-binding resolution wars that continue in Congress. Also, Jon looks at the songs of the new Democratic presidential candidates. Finally, Jason Jones finishes his second part of a two part series on Laguna Beach.
12x19 Ralph Nader aired: Wednesday Feb 7, 2007
Tonight consumer advocate and author of The Seventeen Traditions, Ralph Nader.Jon begins with the bizarre story of the crazy diaper wearing astronaut Lisa Nowak out for revenge. He discusses this latest story with Rob Riggle, Senior Space Correspondent. Finally, Jon look at the media's use of various kinds of news consultant and discusses this with Samantha Bee, Senior Continental Revenge Trek Analyst.
12x20 John Mellencamp aired: Thursday Feb 8, 2007
Tonight, musician John Mellencamp.Jon first looks at the moral outrage over a Super Bowl snickers ad and a suicide prevention groups complaint over GM's ad showing a robot killing itself after losing its job. Jon then looks at Paul Bremmer's failure to account for $8 billion that went to Iraq for reconstruction. Finally, John Oliver investigates a man in Colorado who is suing a bar for sex discrimination because they have a ladies night.
12x21 Jeffrey Rosen aired: Monday Feb 12, 2007
Tonight law professor and legal editor for the New Republic and author of The Supreme Court: The Personalities and Rivalries That Defined America, Jeffrey Rosen.Jon looks at the media's heavy coverage of Anna Nicole's death with Rob Riggle, Senior Entertainment Correspondent & Jason Jones, Senior Media Analyst. Finally, Jon looks at Obama's announcement that he is running for President and he discusses this with Senior Black Correspondent, Larry Wilmore.
12x22 Christopher Horner aired: Tuesday Feb 13, 2007
Tonight attorney and senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and Environmentalism), Christopher Horner.Jon first looks at the media's coverage of Anna Nicole's death fridge and a look inside CNN's own break room fridge. Jon then looks at Douglas Feith, the man who disseminated intelligence to the President about Iraq. Finally, Dan Bakkedahl looks at the polar bear clubs reaction to global warming.
12x23 Ishmael Beah aired: Wednesday Feb 14, 2007
Tonight former child soldier in Sierra Leone's civil war and author of A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, Ishmael Beah.Jon begins the show with a look at the deal struck with North Korea to stop their nuclear weapons program and John Bolton's disapproval of it. Jon then talks with John Hodgman about the nature of love. Finally, Jason Jones looks at partisan political dating sites in 'Must Love Dogma.'
12x24 Meredith Vieria aired: Thursday Feb 15, 2007
Tonight the co-host of Today, Meredith Vieria.Jon begins with a review of the House of Representatives debate and inaction as they try to pass their non-binding resolution. Jon then looks at Iran who, according to the U.S. government, is supplying weapons to insurgents in Iraq. Finally, Jon discusses this Iranian development with John Oliver, Senior Military Speculator.
12x25 Craig Newmark aired: Monday Feb 26, 2007
Tonight the founder of, Craig Newmark.Jon begins by looking at last nights Oscars with Senior Entertainalist, John Oliver. Finally, Samantha Bee gives us a glimpse at religion and fashion in Fashion Week in God.
12x26 John Amaechi aired: Tuesday Feb 27, 2007
Tonight former NBA star and author of Man in the Middle, John Amaechi.Jon begins with a look at Laura Bush's opinion about the current state of Iraq. Jon then looks at the Clinton/Obama war in the media over what David Geffen said. Jon discusses this further with Jason Jones, Senior Hollywood Correspondent. Finally, Rob Riggle looks at rural America's reaction to a Muslim mosque being built in Texas in Loathe Thy Neighbor.
12x27 Jake Gyllenhaal aired: Wednesday Feb 28, 2007
Tonight actor and star of Zodiac, Jake Gyllenhaal.Jon starts off with a story about a hepatitis exposure scare at a Sports Illustrated party for the latest swimsuit issue. Jon then talks about Vice President Cheney's recent trips overseas with John Oliver, Senior Cheney Chaser. Finally, Lewis Black in Back in Black.
12x28 Sam Sheridan aired: Thursday Mar 1, 2007
Tonight sports journalist and author of A Fighter's Heart: One Man's Journey Through the World of Fighting, Sam Sheridan.Jon starts off with a story about Al Sharpton, whose great grandfather it turns out, was once owned as a slave by the now deceased Senator Strom Thurmond's relatives. Jon asks Al Sharpton his opinion about this new story. Finally, a look at the new documentary by James Cameron about Jesus' tomb and conservatives outrage.
12x29 Bob Woodruff aired: Monday Mar 5, 2007
Tonight, journalist and author of In an Instant: A Family's Journey of Love and Healing, Bob Woodruff. Jon first looks at and later discusses the conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical center with Senior Military Analyst, John Oliver. Finally, Jon looks at the Bush administrations record of deflecting blame, even now with the problems at Walter Reed.
12x30 Dr. Richard Jadick aired: Tuesday Mar 6, 2007
Tonight, military doctor and author of On Call In Hell: A Doctor's Iraq War Story, Dr. Richard Jadick.Jon first looks at the Scooter Libby guilty verdict. He then talks about the Walter Reed hearings in Congress and Bush's address to the veterans of the American Legion with Rob Riggle, Senior Military Analyst. Finally, Samantha Bee in a segment called Sam on Your Side. She interviews a CT atheist who is looking to sue a town because the local church bells annoy him.
12x31 Wynton Marsalis aired: Wednesday Mar 7, 2007
Tonight, jazz musician Wynton Marsalis promotes his new album From The Plantation To The Penitentiary.Jon begins with a brief history about the Scooter Libby trial. He discusses this further with Senior Legal Analyst, Samantha Bee. Jon ends the segment with a Robert Novak douchebag montage. Finally, Jon talks with John Hodgman about athletes and the effects of HGH, human growth hormone.
12x32 Dr. Sharon Moalem aired: Thursday Mar 8, 2007
Tonight, Dr. Sharon Moalem, author of Survival of the Sickest: A Medical Maverick Discovers Why We Need Disease.Jon starts off with a report about journalists who are being killed in Russia for criticizing Putin. Kremlin Bureau Chief John Oliver talks with Jon about this new report. Indecision 2008 continues with a look at Clinton & Obama's Southern accent impersonations during their speech's in Selma, AL. Finally, Dan Bakkedahl, Senior Horologist, looks at the upcoming apocalypse that will be caused by daylight savings time being moved up 3 weeks.
12x33 Senator Chris Dodd aired: Monday Mar 12, 2007
Tonight on the show, 2008 presidential candidate Chris Dodd.Jon opens the show with the big announcement by Senator Chuck Hagel that he may or may not run for President. Jon then looks at the continuing President Bush tour of South America in a segment called "Bush: ¿Donde Esta?" Aasif Mandvi talks with Jon about Halliburton moving their corporate headquarters to Dubai in "The Long Kiss Dubai". Finally, Samantha Bee looks at the current celebrity trend of adopting foreign babies in "Totally Doing Starbusiness".
12x34 John Waters aired: Tuesday Mar 13, 2007
Tonight, cult film director John Waters talks about his new Court TV series, 'Til Death Do Us Part.Jon begins with Bush's last day touring South America where he apparently helped box lettuce in Guatemala. Jon then looks at the Democrats complicated withdrawal plan out of Iraq in a segment called '08 Simple Rules for Dating our Withdrawal. Jon then discusses Vice President Cheney's clout and how it never seems to run out. Finally, Jon looks at the Democrats withdrawal from a Fox News sponsored debate because of something Roger Ailes, Fox News President said.
12x35 Zbigniew Brzezinski aired: Wednesday Mar 14, 2007
Tonight, political scientist and the former U.S. National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, promoting his new book Second Chance: Three Presidents and the Crisis of American Superpower.Jon begins with a look at Senator Chris Dodd's blog. Jon then looks into the Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez scandal, where 8 U.S. attorneys were fired for political reasons in a segment called "Nuthin' But A.G. Thang". Jon then talks about the scandal with Aasif Mandvi, Senior Legal Correspondent, in a segment called "Seedy Gonzalez". Finally, a look at a curious phrase White House appointees use: "Serving at the pleasure of the President".
12x36 Sandra Bullock aired: Thursday Mar 15, 2007
Tonight, actress Sandra Bullock promotes her new movie, Premonition.Jon begins with a final look at Bush's tour of South America, which ended in Mexico. Jon then talks about Khalid Sheikh Mohamed's confession about planning several terrorist attacks, including 9/11. Jon then talks with Jon Oliver, Senior Produce Analyst, about the Chiquita banana scandal in a segment called "Banana Drama". Chiquita apparently paid $1.7 million in protection money to a Columbian terrorist group. Finally, Jon looks at Iran's outrage over the new movie 300 and how it unfairly disparages Persians.
12x37 Stephen Prothero aired: Monday Mar 19, 2007
Tonight, the chair of the religion department at Boston University and author of Religious Literacy: What Every American Need to Know-And Doesn't, Stephen Prothero.Jon begins by marking the 4th anniversary of the Iraq War. Jon then looks at the compelling testimony of Valerie Plame in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in a segment called "Blondie". Finally, Jason Jones looks at potential cures for homosexuality in a segment called "Diagnosis Mystery".
12x38 John Bolton aired: Tuesday Mar 20, 2007
Tonight, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. from August 2005 until December 2006, John Bolton.Jon begins with a look at the continuing Justice Department scandal. Jon then talks with Rob Riggle about a term Karl Rove used in an email differentiating between disloyal district attorneys and "loyal Bushies". Finally, all aboard John McCain's Straight Talk Express, because its back and fortunate for us, won't allow McCain to lie as Jon shows in a clip showing McCain misspeak.
12x39 Chris Hansen aired: Wednesday Mar 21, 2007
Tonight, Dateline NBC journalist Chris Hansen promotes his continuing segment on the show and his new book, To Catch a Predator.Jon begins the show with the constitutional showdown over whether Karl Rove will testify about the firing of the eight U.S. attorney's. Jon then looks at Bush's response to the scandal and the "reasonable proposal" he made to have Karl Rove testify, in private and not under oath. John Oliver, Senior Washington Correspondent talks about this proposal with Jon in a segment called "Eight Men Out". Finally, a recap of the John Bolton interview from last night's episode and Bolton's continuing assertion that Jon is wrong. Jon talks about a specific point he made about Abraham Lincoln in last night's interview with Doris Kearns Goodwin (an expert who wrote a book on Lincoln) and how Bolton was in fact, the one who was wrong.
12x40 Don Cheadle aired: Thursday Mar 22, 2007
Tonight, actor Don Cheadle promotes his new movie, Reign Over Me.Jon first talks about Al Gore testifying in front of Congress about global warming in a segment called "Welcome Back, Hotter". Jon then talks about the fired U.S. Attorney's and Press Secretary Tony Snow trying to sell Bush's offer that Karl Rove testify in private and not under oath in "Showdown at Justice". Finally, Jon talks with Demetri Martin about Viacom suing Google and YouTube over copyright infringment.
12x41 Senator John Kerry aired: Monday Mar 26, 2007
Tonight, Senator John Kerry promotes his new book, This Moment on Earth: Today's New Environmentalists and Their Vision for the Future.
12x42 Dennis Miller aired: Tuesday Mar 27, 2007
Tonight, comedian Dennis Miller promotes his new radio show.
12x43 Bill Richardson aired: Wednesday Mar 28, 2007
Tonight, current Governor of New Mexico and 2008 presidential candidate who is also promoting his book, 'Between Worlds: The Making of an American Life', Bill Richardson. Jon begins with a look at Bush's repsonse to the Dems troop withdrawal bill in a segment called "Furious George". Jon then talks with John Hodgman about the President's use of executive privilege. Finally, Larry Wilmore & John Oliver look at the n-word and whether it should be banned in a segment entitled "Wilmore & Oliver Investigates".
12x44 Philip Zimbardo aired: Thursday Mar 29, 2007
Tonight, psychologist Philip Zimbardo promotes his new book, The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil.
12x45 Bill Bradley aired: Monday Apr 9, 2007

12x46 Walter Isaacson aired: Tuesday Apr 10, 2007

12x47 Halle Berry aired: Wednesday Apr 11, 2007

12x48 Richard Preston aired: Thursday Apr 12, 2007

12x49 Andrew Card aired: Monday Apr 16, 2007
Tonight, former White House Chief of Staff for President George W. Bush, Andy Card. Jon begins the show with the fired U.S. attorney's scandal. Over 5 million White House staffer e-mails have gone missing, including some containing information about the fired attorneys in a segment called "The Amazing Erase". The White House claims that the e-mails were mistakenly erased. To put the story in perspective, Jon calls Sen. Ted Stevens(R) from Alaska to help explain the complexity of the internet and email. Furthermore, Jon talks with Senior Technology Correspondent Jason Jones about how easily these e-mails could be accidentally erased.
12x50 Sig Hansen aired: Tuesday Apr 17, 2007
Tonight, Norwegian fisherman Sig Hansen from the show Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel. Jon begins the show with a brief talk about the big rainstorm in the Northeast. Jon then talks about Paul Wolfowitz who used his influence at the World Bank to get a promotion and raise for his girlfriend in a segment called "Loan Wolf". On a lighter note, Jon talks about Richard Gere who over the weekend kissed a Bollywood star during an AIDS awareness rally in India in a segment called "American Gigolo". This kiss led to massive protests in India since public displays of affection are frowned upon there. Senior Mumbai Bureau Chief Aasif Mandvi talks with Jon about the protests, which included burning effigies of Gere on the street. Finally, Rob Riggle goes to Largo, FL and talks with Steve Stanton who was fired from his job as a city manager because he is transgendered in a segment called "Suddenly Susan".
12x51 Ali Allawi aired: Wednesday Apr 18, 2007
Tonight, former Minister of Trade, Defense, & later Finance in the Interim Iraq Governing Council, Ali Allawi, who is also promoting his new book, The Occupation of Iraq: Winning the War, Losing the Peace. Jon begins tonight's show with "Mess O'Potamia", where amid one of the bloodiest days in Iraq, 6 Shiite cabinet ministers resigned because Prime Minister al-Maliki will not set a timetable for U.S. troop withdrawal. Also, Jon looks at Bush's new war czar position, which has been created to apparently cut through all the federal bureaucracy bogging down the Iraq War. Since the position has been rejected by 5 generals that have been asked to fill the spot, the White House is changing the name from "war czar" to "execution manager". Finally, Senior Financial Correspondent John Oliver talks with Jon about the contradictions plaguing the U.S. economy as the stock market hits an all time high, but the dollar has reduced in value by half as $1 now equals 2 British pounds.
12x52 Jeremy Scahill aired: Thursday Apr 19, 2007
Tonight, journalist and author of Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army, Jeremy Scahill. Jon begins the show by talking with Senior Legal Correspondent Aasif Mandvi about the Supreme Courts decision to affirm the partial birth abortion ban in a segment called "America Decides". Jon then talks about Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez who testified before the Senate about not recalling anything he may or may not have done. Finally, Jason Jones talks with Frosty Hardison, a man who got his daughter's Seattle school board to stop a teacher from showing the movie An Inconvenient Truth in her class in a segment called "Apocalypse How?".
12x53 Matt Cooper aired: Monday Apr 23, 2007
Tonight, journalist for the Condé Nast Portfolio, Matt Cooper. Jon begins tonight show with a look at France's runoff election for President between conservative Nicolas Sarkozy and socialist Segolene Royal. Jon then does a brief recap of the Alberto Gonbzalez testimony and talks with Senior Washington Correspondent John Oliver about Bush's reaction to the testimony. Finally, Samantha Bee does a story about Earth Day in a segment called "Man v. Earth: The Wreckoning".
12x54 Senator John McCain aired: Tuesday Apr 24, 2007
Tonight, presidential candidate Senator John McCain. Jon begins the show with a look at the continuing battle in Washington D.C. over funding for the war and the use of timetables in a segment called "Mess O'Potomac". Finally, Jon talks with 1st term President Bush and 2nd term Bush using past clips of the President that seemingly contradict one another.
12x55 Garry Shandling aired: Wednesday Apr 25, 2007
Tonight, comedian Garry Shandling promotes his new DVD Not Just the Best of the Larry Sanders Show. Jon begins tonight's show with a look at Baghdad and how the Bush administration is bridging the gap between Shiites and Sunnis by building a series of walls in Baghdad in a segment called "Extreme Makeover: Baghdad Edition". Jon then talks with Baghdad Bureau Chief Aasif Mandvi about the Baghdad walls in a segment called "Wall or Nothing". Finally, Lewis Black makes fun of several Earth Day television specials in "Back in Black".
12x56 Richard Gere aired: Thursday Apr 26, 2007
Tonight, actor Richard Gere promotes his new movie The Hoax.
12x57 Christopher Hitchens aired: Monday Apr 30, 2007
Tonight, author and journalist Christopher Hitchens promotes his book God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.
12x58 Tobey Maguire aired: Tuesday May 1, 2007
Tonight, the star of Spider-Man 3, actor Tobey Maguire
12x59 Pierre Rehov aired: Wednesday May 2, 2007
Tonight, director Pierre Rehov promotes his new documentary out on DVD, Suicide Killers. Jon begins the show with a good old fashioned Washington D.C. sex scandal. Deborah Jeane Palfrey a.k.a. Miz Julia, has submitted 46 pounds of telephone records from an escort service she ran for 13 years. Jon looks at the media frenzy to see which powerful D.C. men are on the list in a segment called "Beltway: Unbuckled". Senior Washington Correspondent Jason Jones talks with Jon about the how one can hire an escort legally and for nonsexual reasons, namely, by always laying down on your stomach while you get your "massage". Finally, Aasif Mandvi takes a look at both sides of the debate over Chief Illiniwek, the mascot for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who recently was retired because of protests saying the chief perpetuated rascist stereotypes in a segment called "Trail of Cheers".
12x60 Ted Koppel aired: Thursday May 3, 2007
Tonight, journalist Ted Koppel. Politicians on television programs us common folks watch are prevalent this week as Jon begins the show by looking at President Bush and Laura Bush on American Idol & Hillary Clinton on The Insider. As the 4th anniversary of Bush's mission accomplished on the aircraft carrier fiasco loomed large this week, the Democrats passed the Iraq funding bill only to have it vetoed by Bush in a continuing show segment, "Mess O' Potamac". Finally, snitchin' is not hip in the African-American community. Just ask Cam'ron, a rapper who made it clear that those who snitch to the police about crimes in the community, even a serial killer who lives next door, have no street cred and thus sales of their rap albums suffer. Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore talks with Jon about the ethical implications of this stop snitchin' phenomenon and the rappers code of "effix".
12x61 Lee Gutkind aired: Monday May 7, 2007
Tonight, author Lee Gutkind promotes his new book Almost Human: Making Robots Think. Jon begins the show with an in depth look at the Republican presidential candidate debate last week in a continuing show segment, "[email protected]#k to the White House". Senior Correspondent Aasif Mandvi reporting live from the gates of hell talks with Jon about John McCain's comment at the debate that he will hunt Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell in a segment called "Styx & Stones". Finally, John Oliver gives us a behind the scenes look at the Republican debate.
12x62 George Tenet aired: Tuesday May 8, 2007
Tonight, former director of the CIA and author of At the Center of the Storm: My Years at the CIA, George Tenet. Jon begins with Queen Elizabeth II visit to Washington D.C. where she hung out with President Bush at a series of events in a segment called "Elizabeth II: Visit from a Nice Old Lady". Finally, Jon talks with Royal Watcher John Oliver who wasn't as excited as he should be about the Queen's visit.
12x63 Michael Beschloss aired: Wednesday May 9, 2007
Tonight, presidential historian Michael Beschloss promotes his new book Presidential Courage: Brave Leaders and How They Changed America 1789-1989. Jon begins with a foiled terrorist plot to attack Fort Dix in New Jersey by terrorists who delivered pizza to the army base. "Mess O'Potamia" continues as Jon reports about a secret 24 member all Shiite panel dubbed "The Office" who exert their authority to overrule official government decisions in order to help Shiite militias. But fear not, because Dick Cheney is on the way to Iraq to pay a visit and offer his support as Jon's theory on Cheney's evilness is proved once again. The segment concludes with a report about a Palestinian kid's show sporting a Mickey Mouse like character that encourages kids to hate Jews & America. And finally, Jon talks with Youth Spotting Expert Demetri Martin who discusses and give us tips on the use of video resumes to set one apart from those dreary paper resumes.
12x64 Reza Aslan aired: Thursday May 10, 2007
Tonight, author of No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam, Reza Aslan. The show begins with "Mess O' Potomac" as Jon talks about the new Iraq spending bill that promises Bush half of the money now and the other half contingent on a July progress report. Of course, Bush plans another veto saying that any restrictions placed on the Iraq War by Congress is unacceptable and promotes defeatism. So when will the war end and what is Bush's definition of victory or success in Iraq? Jon looks at a series of clips showing the flexibility of Bush's definitions over the course of the Iraq War and also talks with Baghdad Bureau Chief Aasif Mandvi. Finally, Jon crosses over the Atlantic to Great Britain, where Tony Blair announced that he is planning on stepping down as Prime Minister on June 27th. Jon goes over some of the highlights of his speech in a segment called "The Blair Ditch Project". Of course, London Bureau Chief John Oliver stopped by to talk with Jon using an over exaggerated British voice and cliched phrases as a tribute to CNN's Richard Quest.
12x65 Jeremy Paxman aired: Monday May 14, 2007
Tonight, BBC news reporter and author of the new book, On Royalty: A Very Polite Inquiry into Some Strangely Related Families, Jeremy Paxman. The show begins with a clip of Bush "The Decider" taking matters into his own hands and conducting an orchestra during the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown. The fired U.S. attorney's scandal continues as Alberto Gonzalez testifies about what he doesn't remember before the House Judiciary Committee in a segment called "House A.G.". Senior Legal Correspondent Rob Riggle talks with Jon about how White House officials can never comment before, during, and after investigations into wrongdoing in a segment called "Speak No Evil". Finally, Samantha Bee in "This Week In God" talks about the history of Mormons as it relates to current presidential candidate Mitt Romney & about a hispanic man in Florida who founded a church based on the claim that he is the Antichrist.
12x66 Tim Russert aired: Tuesday May 15, 2007
Tonight, the host of Meet the Press and author of Wisdom of Our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons, Tim Russert. "[email protected]#k to the White House" continues with Jon showing us four of the presidential candidates hitting the airwaves on Mother's Day to talk about themselves. Jason Jones enlightens us about the importance of good skin and spin doctoring for politicians in a segment called "Nip/Talk". Finally, in a segment entitled "Banned Width", Jon talks about how reporters are now banned from filming insurgent bombings in Iraq & U.S. soldiers are banned from going on websites like YouTube & MySpace under the guise of protecting confidential military information.
12x67 Don Rickles aired: Wednesday May 16, 2007
Tonight, comedian and author of the new book Rickles' Book: A Memoir, Don Rickles
12x68 Brink Lindsey aired: Thursday May 17, 2007
Tonight, contributing editor to Reason Magazine & author of the new book The Age of Abundance: How Prosperity Transformed America's Politics and Culture, Brink Lindsey.
12x69 Zaki Chehab aired: Monday May 21, 2007
Tonight, journalist and author of Inside Hamas: The Untold Story of the Militant Islamic Movement, Zaki Chehab. The show begins with some breaking news out of the Middle East that amazingly has nothing to do with the U.S. in a segment called "Middle East Trouble?" Military forces in Lebanon attacked a Palestinian refugee camp that harbored an al-Qaeda sect called Fatah al-Islam. Senior Beirut Correspondent Jason Jones stops by to give his report on the breaking news out of Lebanon. The end of an era is at hand as Bush and Blair part ways in a segment called "The End of the Affair". Jon provides us with a touching montage of Bush & Blair's greatest moments together with Dirty Dancing's "I've Had The Time Of My Life" playing in the background. Finally, a segment called "Wilmore and Oliver Investigates: So You've Offended An Entire Race!" The dynamic duo of Larry Wilmore and John Oliver team up once again to examine celebrity racism and whether people are more offensive or generally offended more easily.
12x70 Margaret Spellings aired: Tuesday May 22, 2007
Tonight, the current Secretary of Education under President Bush, Margaret Spellings. Jon begins tonights show with the new Immigration Reform Bill being proposed in Congress in a segment called "Aliens v. Senators". Senior Immigration Correspondent Aasif Mandvi goes over some of the more complicated parts of the bill with Jon. Finally, Dan Bakkedahl experiences the joy in what it's like to be a Mexican crossing the border illegally in a segment called "Mexodus".
12x71 Lt. Col. Kevin Robbins aired: Wednesday May 23, 2007
Tonight, the commander of the U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron “Thunderbirds”, Lt. Col. Kevin Robbins. Jon begins the show with "Mess O'Potomac" as the Democrats withdraw any timetables they had in their Iraq War funding bill, instead opting for a series of objectives that have to be met by the Iraqi's. Who determines if they meet these objectives, why Bush of course. Jon nails Senator Harry Reid who agreed with the new bill, even though it's substantially similar to Senator John Warner's bill, which Reid previously said was weak and compared it to an old cup of tea sitting on a table for a few weeks. Jon then looks at Jimmy Carter's comment that the Bush administration is the worst in history. Senior Presidential Historian John Oliver talks with Jon and delve into Carter's comments and about past president's that may have been worse. Finally, Jon reports that Scotland Yard recently named the alleged murderer of Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko's by following the radioactive trail of the polonium that killed him in a segment called "Polonium Dynamite".
12x72 Al Gore aired: Thursday May 24, 2007
Tonight, former politician and current political activist on the environment and author of The Assault on Reason, Al Gore. Jon begins with a look at the media blitzkrieg on reports about high gas prices in a segment called "Gas Pains". Senior Petroleum Expert Rob Riggle dresses up in Mad Max gear to talk with Jon about this story. Finally, Jon reports about Monica Goodling who testified before the House Judiciary Committee about the fired U.S. attorney's in a segment called "Illegally Blonde".
12x73 Rep. Ron Paul aired: Monday Jun 4, 2007
Tonight, Jon talks with Republican candidate for President, Ron Paul. Jon begins tonight's show by describing his vacation last week to Greece where he met a man named Andrew on the plane, who incidentally is the same man who caused the tuberculosis scare around the world. "[email protected]#k to the White House" continues as Jon reports on the recent Democrat debate. Jon looks at the multitude of raise your hand questions by Wolf Blitzer, the we all speak the same language of Hillary Clinton, the Edwards/Obama snaps, & Biden's glory hole rhetoric. Finally, Jon calls Larry Flynt to discuss his recent Washington Post ad offering $1 million for proof that any government official had an extramarital affair.
12x74 Paul Rudd aired: Tuesday Jun 5, 2007
Tonight, actor Paul Rudd promotes his new movie Knocked Up. Jon begins the show tonight with the Scooter Libby jail sentence. Libby was sentenced to 30 months in jail and a $250,000 fine. Letters of praise and denouncement were sent to the judge to help him determine a sentence. Jon takes a look at some of the letters sent in praise of Libby from the likes of such distinguished individuals as Henry Kissinger & Donald Rumsfeld. Jon reports on Congressman William Jefferson who was charged on numerous counts of corruption in a segment called "Father of the Bribe". Jon not only highlights the numerous charges against Jefferson, but the fact that he kept $90,000 in his freezer. Jon then shows us a nice montage of Bush using the same language he denounced opponents of the immigration reform bill as using, namely, empty political rhetoric such as the word amnesty to induce fear in a segment called "Hasta la Visa". And finally, Rob Riggle visits Disneyland to report on the magic kingdom's dissatisfaction with the city of Anaheim's decision to build low income affordable housing near the park in a segment called "Callous in Wonderland".
12x75 Michael Barone aired: Wednesday Jun 6, 2007
Tonight, political analyst and author of Our First Revolution: The Remarkable British Upheaval That Inspired America's Founding Fathers, Michael Barone. Jon begins with "[email protected]#k to the White House" and a look at Tuesday's Republican debate. Jon highlights some of the debate's finer points from whether the candidates would invade Iraq given what they know now, would they allow openly gay members of the military, and general 'I believe in God' comments and fear mongering. Also, Senior Campaign Theologian John Oliver talks with Jon about God's use of lightning during the debate when Giuliani was speaking about abortion. Finally, Lewis Black in "Back in Black" reports on new technology. Lewis talks about Big Brother in google's new Street View option in google map, a new device allowing movie theatre patrons to rat out rude behavior, and reporting the identities of sex predators.
12x76 Eddie Izzard aired: Thursday Jun 7, 2007
Tonight, comedian and star of the FX show The Riches and Ocean's 13, Eddie Izzard. Jon begins the show by reporting on London's new Olympic logo for the 2012 Olympics. Apparently, the animated logo was removed from the internet for fear that it would cause seizures. Jon then reports on the G-8 Summit in Germany, which sparked a number of protests in a segment called "8 Simple Rulers". Also, Jon reports on Bush's clash with his buddy Vladimir Putin about what to do about the proposed missile shield over Eastern Europe. Finally, a rerun of Samantha Bee's report on gays "corrupting" Nascar by using Fructis hair care products as a sponsor in a segment called "Gays of Thunder".
12x77 David Steinberg aired: Monday Jun 11, 2007
Tonight, comedian and author of The Book of David, David Steinberg. Jon begins with the weekends big story as Peter Pace, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was ousted from his position. As CNN attempted to cover this major news story, they were interrupted by the biggest news story of them all, Paris Hilton entering a car going to jail. Jon shows us that as reluctant as CNN was in covering this story, they did it all day anyway. Next, Jon covers Bush's trip to Europe where Bush was treated like a rock star in Albania in a segment called "Albaniacs". Jon calls Dennis Miller for some help in creating a Bush/Albania joke. Bush also met with the Pope for the first time and Senior Papist Jason Jones talks with Jon about Bush's visit. Finally, Resident Expert John Hodgman talks with Jon about why mixed martial arts is so popular.
12x78 Bob Shrum aired: Tuesday Jun 12, 2007
Tonight, political consultant and author of No Excuses: Concessions of a Serial Campaigner, Bob Shrum. Jon begins tonight with the Senate's debate over whether they should even vote on the immigration bill in a segment called "Kill Bill". Jon then reports on Alberto Gonzales' no confidence vote in the Senate, again, to see if they should vote on it at all, in a segment called "Kill Bill Volume 2". Finally, Samantha Bee reports on whether the U.S. is ready for some of the various presidential candidates and reports on some of the crazier aspects of Mormonism in a segment called "Is America Ready for a Mormon President?"
12x79 Allan Brandt aired: Wednesday Jun 13, 2007
Tonight, the author of The Cigarette Century: The Rise, Fall, and Deadly Persistence of the Product That Defined America, Allan Brandt. "Mess O'Potamia" continues as Jon reports on the second bombing of a holy Shi'ite mosque in Samara by insurgents. Jon reports on Bush's war czar Douglas Lute who says that progress in the war is uneven. Jon also talks about how the military is now fighting alongside the very same insurgents they were fighting against, which brings to mind that old adage, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The segment ends with Senior Iraq Correspondent Aasif Mandvi talking with Jon about these new developments in Iraq. Finally, Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore didn't have much to say about any African-American related news, so after putting on a Detroit Red Wings cap he became a Senior Mexican Correspondent and talked with Jon about immigration reform.
12x80 Angelina Jolie aired: Thursday Jun 14, 2007
Tonight, actress Angelina Jolie promotes her new movie A Mighty Heart. Jon begins the show tonight by showing us the duplicity of White House Press Secretary Tony Snow. Two months ago, Snow said the 8 fired U.S. attorneys were fired for performance reasons. Yesterday, Snow said he never said that. "[email protected]#k to the White House" continues with Jon reporting on Giuliani's 12 easily mockable commitments, Romney's flip floppery on abortion, & McCain's drunken bout with a burger. Jon then highlights the candidates use of the internet in their campaigns such as: buying Rudy Giuliani gear, dinner with Barack, Hillary Clinton's theme song videos, & Gravel's creepy "Rock" video. Finally, Jon reports on a bit of controversy over at the Weather Channel who's chief climatologist said that no meteorologist should get a seal of approval by the American Meteorological Society if they do not speak about global warming. Senator James Inhoffe (R -Oklahoma) was quite mad saying that the Weather Channel uses fear to increase ratings. Jon shows us a local weather promo ad from Oklahoma that will really scare you into watching the weather report.
12x81 Steve Carell aired: Monday Jun 18, 2007
Tonight, actor and comedian Steve Carell promotes his new movie Evan Almighty. With so much going on in the Middle East, Jon begins the show and leaves it up to chance by spinning the spinner to see which part of the Middle East he will cover. The winner, the Gaza Strip. Another good old fashioned civil war is in the making as Jon reports on the infighting between Fatah and Hamas in a segment called "Crisis in Gaza: Warportunity in the Middle East". Senior Gaza Correspondent Aasif Mandvi talks with Jon about this recent development. Finally, Senior Movie Reviewer Rob Riggle reviews Evan Almighty in a segment called "Shits & Riggles". He said the movie was really bad, mainly due to the fact that that he is jealous of Steve Carell's booming career.
12x82 Brian Williams aired: Tuesday Jun 19, 2007
Tonight, journalist and anchor of NBC's Nightly News, Brian Williams.
12x83 Fareed Zakaria aired: Wednesday Jun 20, 2007
Tonight, journalist Fareed Zakaria.
12x84 Greg Bear aired: Thursday Jun 21, 2007
Tonight, author Greg Bear promotes his new novel Quantico.
12x85 Steve Vogel aired: Monday Jun 25, 2007
Tonight, author of The Pentagon: A History, Steve Vogel. Jon begins tonight with a report on Dick Cheney in a segment called "Dick Move". Cheney refuses to comply with the Information Security Oversight Office, a unit of the National Archives that monitors the Executive Branch's handling of classified information. As Jon reports, Cheney sought to abolish this oversight unit with a shotgun, but when that didn't work, Cheney argued that he is not part of the Executive Branch of government and therefore not subject to an executive order asking him to relinquish information. Senior White House Correspondent John Oliver talked with Jon about how Cheney is his own separate branch of government. Finally, Jason Jones reports on a man who gave his Purple Heart to President Bush because of the emotional pains and criticism Bush is experiencing in a segment called "Heart Attack".
12x86 Bruce Willis aired: Tuesday Jun 26, 2007
Tonight, actor Bruce Willis promotes his new movie Live Free or Die Hard. Jon begins tonight's show with something you might not know about our illustrious Vice President in a segment called "You Don't Know Dick". Dick Cheney apparently has a man-sized safe in his office that he uses to store his 'workaday business'. Next, Jon reports on four recent Supreme Court decisions in a segment called "Decisions '07". Jon creates a spinner out of the swing vote judge on the court, Anthony Kennedy. Unfortunately, Kennedy sided with the conservative side of the court in every 5-4 decision. Senior Political Analyst Samantha Bee talks with Jon about the make-up of the Supreme Court and the fact that Cheney is a Supreme Court judge too. Finally, "Trendspotting with Demetri Martin". Youth correspondent Demetri Martin talks about credit cards and how they they target college campuses. Demetri finds this to be a good thing as going deeper into debt is alright since were all gonna die someday anyway.
12x87 Michael Moore aired: Wednesday Jun 27, 2007
Tonight, director Michael Moore promotes his new documentary, Sicko. Jon begins the show with another installment of "You Don't Know Dick". Tonight's little 'Dick nugget' is the fact that the Vice President's residence at the U.S. Naval Observatory is blocked out of Google Earth and pixelated. This is due to the fact that whatever Cheney touches, pixelates instantly. Next, "[email protected]#k to the White House". Jon reports on Giuliani's visit to Pat Robertson's Regent University and one of Giuliani's aid indicted on cocaine charges. Jon also reports on Former EPA Administrator Christie Todd Whitman who testified in front of a House subcommittee defending why she allowed 9/11 rescue workers to work in unsafe breathing conditions, proclaiming at the time that the air was safe to breathe. Finally, Lewis Black in "Back in Black". Lewis talks about how right-wingers are trying to make the internet more conservative. Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox News is trying to control the left-wing liberal conspiracy machine by trying to buy it, namely trying to buy the parent company of The Wall Street Journal. Also, Wikipedia has its own conservative version called Conservapedia where it describes homosexuality as an immoral act. Youtube has spun off and been transformed by conservatives into QubeTV, which simply posts conservative video links off of Youtube like a video of Obama morphing into Osama bin Laden. Lewis ends his report telling us about a Daily Show spin-off show on Fox called the 1/2 Hour News Hour.
12x88 Claire Danes aired: Thursday Jun 28, 2007
Tonight, actress Claire Danes promotes her new movie Evening. Jon begins again with tonight's "You Don't Know Dick" as we learn that Dick Cheney invented his own top secret fication stamp that he stamps documents with. In other Cheney news, Cheney once told Senator Patrick Leahy to go f*ck himself. Well today, Leahy got his revenge and sent a subpoena to the V.P. to obtain info on the administrations wiretap program. Next, Jon reports on the immigration bill that was resurrected only to be killed once again in a segment called "Mexican Standoff". Resident Expert John Hodgman reports on the debate over this bill, including footage of some media pundits who claim illegal aliens bring in disease and criminals into the U.S. Finally, the iPhone is coming out this Friday and Senior Technology Correspondent Rob Riggle will do anything to get his hands on one, including kicking over baby strollers.
12x89 Josh Rushing aired: Monday Jul 16, 2007
Tonight, author of Mission Al Jazeera: Build a Bridge, Seek the Truth, Change the World, U.S. Marine Captain Josh Rushing, a former press officer for U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. Jon returns after two weeks off and begins by reporting on the Scooter Libby commutation. Next, Jon reports on the 'progress' made in Iraq the last two weeks in "Mess O'Potomac". As the Iraqi Parliament is taking off the whole month of August because of the sweltering heat in Baghdad, Jon reports on the Iraqi report card released by the Bush administration last week. Jon also shows us the political contortions used by the Bush administration to sell this progress. Senior Military Affairs Correspondent Rob Riggle talks with Jon about these latest developments. Finally, John Oliver files a report on Sen. James Inhofe's proposal to make English the official language of the U.S. in a segment called "Language Burier".
12x90 Christopher Walken aired: Tuesday Jul 17, 2007
Tonight, actor Christopher Walken promotes his new movie Hairspray. Jon begins tonight reporting on Louisiana Senator David Vitter, who recently was found to be on the D.C. madam's phone list. So you think the Bush administration can't sink any lower with all the scandals surrounding them right now, well Jon has a surprise for us in a segment called "You Have No Idea!" Former Bush administration Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona was not allowed to speak at the Special Olympics because the Kennedy's support the Olympics. Also, Dr. Carmona had to mention Bush in a positive light at his speaking engagements, a minimum of 3 times. His homophobic replacement Dr. John Holsinger was a worthy replacement, as Jon notes from Dr. Holsinger's reports writing in graphic detail about a scientific basis as to why homosexuality is abnormal. Finally, Jon reports on the Catholic church sex abuse scandal in a segment called "Hot & Fathered". The church settled the case with 508 abused victims for $660 million. As Jon notes, half the money comes from the church's sex abuse insurance coverage and it will all be distributed according to the degree of abuse, as assessed by the insurance claims adjuster. L.A. Correspondent Samantha Bee gives Hollywood's reaction to the settlement.
12x91 Matt Groening aired: Wednesday Jul 18, 2007
Tonight, the creator of The Simpsons, who is also promoting the upcoming Simpsons Movie, Matt Groening. Jon begins the show tonight commenting on the Atlanta Falcons quarterback arrested for dogfighting. Jon then reports on the Senate all-nighter as Dems try to tire Republicans out with debate over the Iraq War in a segment called "C-Span After Dark". As Jon notes, the all-night session had a simple message, 'Let Us Vote'. Dems want to vote on an amendment that would bring the troops home by next April while the Republicans are using a filibuster to block them from even voting. The final tally, 52-47, short of the 60 votes needed. Political Theatre Critic John Oliver highlights some of the more dramatic aspects of the Senate debates. Washington Bureau Chief Aasif Mandvi talks with Jon about the sacrifice Senators made in staying up all night.
12x92 Adam Sandler aired: Thursday Jul 19, 2007
Tonight, Adam Sandler promotes his new movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Jon begins by going to Senior Literary Correspondent John Oliver who's at a local NYC bookstore with a report on the upcoming final Harry Potter book in a segment called "Harry Potter and the Endless Build Up". Jon then reports on the current state of Al Qaeda in a segment called "Return of the Jihad". Bush's rhetoric over the years that the terrorist group has weakened is contradictory to a recent National Intelligence Estimate stating that Al Qaeda is stronger than ever. The Bush administration insists that they were right to invade Iraq because it has weakened the terrorists, yet we need to continue to stay in Iraq because of how strong the terrorists are there. Jon talks with Senior Political Correspondent Aasif Mandvi about this mind boggling contradiction. Finally, Jon reports on the death of the loving Jew hating mouse Farfour from the Hamas run children's show Pioneers of Tomorrow who was killed by an Israeli agent for refusing to turn over Palestinian lands in a segment called "Farfour 2007-2007". Farfour's replacement is his cousin, a giant bee named Nahoul. Jon then shows us the Israeli response in a clip from a Jewish run children's program called Dr. Bagelman's Hour of Hate.
12x93 Neil deGrasse Tyson aired: Monday Jul 23, 2007
Tonight, astrophysicist and the host of the new PBS show NOVA ScienceNOW, Neil deGrasse Tyson. Jon begins tonight reporting on the short lived presidency of Dick Cheney last Saturday in a segment called "The Cheney Presidency Remembered". While Bush was undergoing a colonoscopy and had to be under anasthesia, Dick Cheney was President for 2 hours. Jon gives a blow by blow account of this event, taking us on a tour of Bush's colon and Cheney's short lived attempt to start another war. Senior Presidential Historian Samantha Kearns Bee talks about the history of this temporary transfer of power in her new book on the Cheney presidency called "Classified, Assified, or Grassified: Nobody Presides for Free, The Cheney Presidency". Jon then reports on the ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, who talked with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee via a 60" plasma television from Iraq in a continuing show segment called "Mess O' Potomac". Technical difficulties riddled the Senates attempt to talk with Crocker. Crocker summed up his update on Iraq in one word, fear. Finally, Jon talks about Bush's use of so-called experts in segment called "Expert Tease".
12x94 Robert Pallitto aired: Tuesday Jul 24, 2007
Tonight, political scientist and author of Presidential Secrecy and the Law, Robert Pallitto. Jon devotes the entire episode to the CNN YouTube debate last night in a segment called "Indecision v.2.008". Senior Political Reporter Jason Jones talks about his concern that everyday people asking candidates questions threatens real life reporters. Finally, John Oliver takes over Demitri Martin's "Trendspotting" and asks the question whether the YouTube debate has youthanized politics.
12x95 Rob Gifford aired: Wednesday Jul 25, 2007
Tonight, a correspondent on National Public Radio and author of China Road: A Journey into the Future of a Rising Power, Rob Gifford. Jon begins tonight reporting on the House Judiciary Committee citing Josh Bolten and Harriet Miers with contempt of Congress for refusing to testify under oath about the Alberto Gonzalez firings. Who enforces this contempt of Congress charge, why Alberto Gonzalez of course. Jon continues by looking at Alberto's testimony yesterday before the Senate Judiciary Committee in a segment called "Hearing Problems". Alberto's 'I don't recalls' have transformed into flat out refusals to answer any questions. Senior White House Correspondent Rob Riggle discusses the situation with Jon. Finally, Lewis Black in "Back in Black". Lewis takes on professional athletes beginning with Barry Bonds who is about to break the all time home run record while on steroids, NFL quarterback Michael Vick arrested for running a dogfight, & NBA referee Tim Donaghy for fixing several games he bet on.
12x96 Robert Dallek aired: Thursday Jul 26, 2007
Tonight, presidential historian and author of Nixon and Kissinger: Partners in Power, Robert Dallek. Jon begins tonight's show reporting on a story from New Zealand in a segment called "Kiwi the People". The democratically elected government of New Zealand banned the use of any footage from their Parliament for the purpose of satire, ridicule, or denigration. Jon comes to the rescue, taking some footage of their Parliament and spices it up with some political satire and fart jokes. Jon also reports on the suspensions of cyclists in the Tour de France for suspected drug use in a segment called "The Audacity of Dope". Then, Senior Flood Correspondent John Oliver reports from the top of London's Big Ben due to the massive flooding of Great Britain in a segment called "London Flooding". Finally, Jason Jones reports on a lazy Las Vegas man who rents a scooter used for disabled people to move around the city in a segment called "High Rollers".
12x97 Alastair Campbell aired: Monday Jul 30, 2007
Tonight, former press secretary to Tony Blair as well as the author of The Blair Years: The Alastair Campbell Diaries, Alastair Campbell. Jon begins tonight with some sports news as Iraq's soccer team defeats Saudi Arabia in the Asian Cup in a segment called "Achieving Our Goooal". Senior "Football" Correspondent John Oliver talked about the celebrations in the streets of Iraq resulting in only seven deaths for the day, a record low for Iraq. Jon then talks about Sen. Patrick Leahy who issued a subpoena for Karl Rove to testify about the fired U.S. attorney's scandal in a segment called "The Sworn Supremacy". Also, Senior White House Correspondent Aasif Mandvi talks about the use of contempt by the Bush administration. Finally, Jon reports on Britain's new prime minister Gordon Brown who had a sleepover with Bush at Camp David in a segment called "Foxy Brown". As Jon notes, Bush has a new British lapdog.
12x98 Lewis Gordon Pugh aired: Tuesday Jul 31, 2007
Tonight, swimmer & environmentalist Lewis Gordon Pugh. Jon begins tonight reporting on an old Daily Show favorite, Senator Ted Stevens in a segment called "Buy-Cameral Legislature". The FBI & IRS raided Senator Stevens Alaskan home due to allegations that he took oil company bribes in return for lucrative state contracts. As Jon reports, Stevens is being investigated due to his relationship with Bill Allen, an oil company contractor who was convicted this year of bribing state lawmakers. Stevens' home renovation more than doubled the size of his home & was overseen by Allen who's company has made millions in federal contracts. Senior Legislative Correspondent Jason Jones discusses some recent stories of political corruption. Jon then reports on the media's focus on the amount of cleavage shown and clothing worn by the presidential candidates in a segment called "Indecision '08". Resident Expert John Hodgman talks to Jon about how this focus on style over substance has reared it's face in the history of presidential politics via television and radio. Finally, Aasif Mandvi reports on the effect the recent intercontinental Live Earth concert has had on our country and culture. As we see from Aasif's report, raising awareness for global warming through crass consumerism is worth it, especially for Bon Jovi fans.
12x99 Jed Babbin aired: Wednesday Aug 1, 2007
Tonight, former deputy undersecretary of defense during the first Bush administration and author of In The Words of Our Enemies, Jed Babbin. Jon begins tonight reporting on a "giant squid having sex with bigfoot" moment as both Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney were on television yesterday answering questions. Jon first reports on Rumsfeld who was called before the Senate to answer questions about the friendly fire death/coverup of Pat Tillman in a segment called "The Rummy Returns". As Jon notes, even though Rumsfeld has been out of the game for awhile, he jumps right back in not recalling anything. Next, Jon reports on Dick Cheney who was interviewed by CNN's Larry King in a segment called "I Now Pronounce You Dick & Larry". Jon highlights the better parts of the interview, such as Cheney's lack of regret & disregard of polls. Finally, Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore talks with Jon about the recent stock market losses because of problems in the housing market due to sub-prime loans. Larry suggests this is a method employed by African-Americans to get back at the man, even going so far as saying sub-prime is the financial n-word.
12x100 Matt Damon aired: Thursday Aug 2, 2007
Tonight, actor and star of the new film The Bourne Ultimatum, Matt Damon. Jon begins tonight with another Dick Cheney fun fact in a segment called "You Don't Know Dick". When Dick was secretary of defense for the first President Bush, he met with King Hassan of Morocco. As the meeting started, the king put a small silver box containing a fragment of the Koran in his translator's hand and swore him to secrecy on pain of death, whereupon Cheney said, "Damn, I need one of those”. Next, Jon reports on how the presidential candidates use food in there internet clips in a segment called "Indecision v. 2.008: Food Edition". Jon shows us various clips: the Clintons eating at a Dairy Queen, dinner with Barack contest winners converse, Edwards eats at Wendy's for his 30th anniversary, and Giuliani apparently doesn't eat food, just terrorists. Finally, "[email protected]#k to the White House" continues as Clinton v. Obama duke it out over whether they should talk to controversial foreign leaders like Castro and such. As Jon notes, the media overhype the story with some choice boxing metaphors.
12x101 Andy Samberg aired: Tuesday Aug 7, 2007
Tonight, comedian Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live and the star of the new movie Hot Rod. Jon begins tonight reporting on Florida Representative Bob Allen who was caught offering money to an undercover police officer for oral sex in a segment called "[email protected]#k to the White House: Drop and Give Me $20". As Jon notes, Bob Allen authored a bill outlawing the very same lewd acts in public he was caught of and is also the state co-chair of John McCain's campaign. Mr. Allen has a simple explanation for this incident, his fear of black people. Senior Political Correspondent John Oliver talks with Jon about other possible defenses Allen could have used instead of being racist. [email protected]#k continues as Jon reports on the Democratic meeting in Chicago to debate amongst online bloggers in a segment called "Yearly Kos Convention". The highlight of the event was Hillary Clinton, who says she accepts money from lobbyists because they're real people, but is not influenced by them. Jon then reports on the Republicans who skipped church last Sunday to appear in a forum conducted on ABC where they were asked about one of their biggest mistakes. Finally, Jason Jones reports about a project called Cape Wind that will plant hundreds of wind power plants in Nantucket Sound and the rich people who claim that their beautiful views will be destroyed, including Senator Ted Kennedy.
12x102 Sen. Joe Biden aired: Wednesday Aug 8, 2007
Tonight, presidential candidate and author of Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics, Senator Joe Biden. Jon begins tonight reporting on Barry Bonds hitting 756 homeruns, breaking Hank Aaron's record. Senior Correspondent Rob Riggle talks to Jon about where he was during this historic event. Jon then reports on the missing 200,000 weapons given to Iraqi security forces in a segment called "Going, Going, Gun". General Petraeus explains this mishap by saying it was a clerical error. As Jon notes, this isn't the first time something has gone missing in Iraq. The list includes such things as 380 tons of explosives, 12 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars, & 300,000 barrels a day for four years of Iraqi crude oil. Finally, Buck Henry stopped by to talk about Rupert Murdoch who purchased Dow Jones for $5 billion, which is also the company that owns the Wall Street Journal in a segment called "The Henry Stops Here". Buck talks with Jon about the concern that the Journal will be slanted to the conservative right like Murdoch's other newspapers and media outlets.
12x103 Tal Ben-Shahar aired: Thursday Aug 9, 2007
Tonight, psychologist and author of Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment, Tal Ben-Shahar. Jon begins tonight reporting on the recent FOX News interview of President Bush with Neil Cavuto in a segment called "President Bush: In His Own Words". Jon pokes fun at all the nonsensical ways Bush tries to get his point across and his attempt to explain to us, 'in other words', how he thinks. Finally, Jon reports on Mitt Romney's five sons who have decided to forego military service for a more nobler cause, getting their dad elected in a segment called "Mess O' Poromnia". Senior Campaign Embedder Aasif Mandvi reports from Iowa about the five brothers struggle.
12x104 Bill Kristol aired: Monday Aug 13, 2007
Tonight, editor of The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol. Jon begins tonight with a curious tingling sensation running down the back of his spine. Karl Rove resigned from the Bush administation in a segment called "The Departed". Senior White House Correspondent John Oliver talks with Jon about this new story. Finally, Jon talks about the frequent occurrence of memory loss in the Bush administration. Is it some sort of contagious virus? To discover the true cause of this vexing problem, Jon talks with Dr. Mony J. de Leon, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Center for Brain Health at NYU.
12x105 Denis Leary aired: Tuesday Aug 14, 2007
Tonight, star of the show Rescue Me, Denis Leary. Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, and now Rove gone, Jon begins tonight reporting on the new blood being injected into the Bush administration in a segment called "Rice & Ripken: Together at... Why!?" Condoleeza Rice announced that Cal Ripken Jr. will be a U.S. public diplomacy envoy, who's first mission is to go to China. Jon then reports on the recent Democratic candidates forum on the channel Logo, a channel geared towards homosexuals in a segment called "[email protected]#k to the White House: Divas Live". Melissa Etheridge was one of the participants questioning the Democrats, all the while, constantly talking about herself. Jon then shows various clips of the candidates trying to support the gay community, while at the same time trying to show the rest of the country that they don't support them, otherwise known as gay marriage golf. Clinton & Obama both almost make it into the hole, Edwards shagged it back into the bunker, & Kucinich gets a hole-in-one by supporting gay rights and marriage. Bill Richardson was also in the spotlight when he said that homosexuals choose to be gay, later explaining his remark by saying that he didn't understand the question due to jet lag. Jon ends the segment by cutting various clips from the forum into a gay sexual innuendo montage proclaimed as "The Daily Show's Most Immature Montage Ever". Finally, Jon reports on the Iowa straw poll in a segment called "Children of the Corn". The winner, Mitt Romney with 30% of the vote, but as Jon shows us, the media doesn't know if that poll even matters. The poll had 40% less people than the poll from 1999, but as the candidates tell us, it was due to the hot 150 degree weather. Jon then explains what the Iowa straw poll actually is, which is basically an informal poll of Republican voters who have to pay a $35 admission fee (usually payed by the candidates to get people to show up).
12x106 Stephen F. Hayes aired: Wednesday Aug 15, 2007
Tonight, author of Cheney: The Untold Story of America's Most Powerful and Controversial Vice President, Stephen F. Hayes. Jon first reports on the recent visit of Nicolas Sarkozy with President Bush in Maine. Senior Western White House Correspondent Samantha Bee reports from Crawford, TX with some record breaking news. Bush has taken 423 vacation days and is on the verge of breaking Ronald Reagans 436. Next, Larry Wilmore asks the question, "Is America Ready For A Black President?" Larry looks at Obama and whether he's black enough to be considered black and also uses the Negrometer to determine how black a president America is ready for. Finally, Jon shows us a 1994 video of Dick Cheney explaining why it was good thing we didn't invade Baghdad during the first Iraq War in a segment called "Even Dick Don't Know Dick". His predictions back in 1994, his concern that if Saddam is removed what would be put in its place, that Iraq will splinter off into separate parts if the central government falls, and that it would be a quagmire as far as handling it, all came true.
12x107 Sen. John McCain aired: Thursday Aug 16, 2007
Tonight, Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain promotes his new book, Hard Call: Great Decisions and the Extraordinary People Who Made Them. Jon first reports on the China toy recall crisis in a segment called "Great Recall of China". Senior Plaything Analyst John Oliver reports from his play room on this breaking story. And finally "[email protected]#k to the White House" continues with Jon reporting on Hillary Clinton who refuses to share her personal papers from when she was in the White House with Bill. Also, Jon shows various clips of presidential candidates going to hospitals; Clinton steps in the shoes of a nurse, Edwards shaves an old man, & Obama cleans a hospital room.
12x108 Nikolas Kozloff aired: Monday Aug 20, 2007
Tonight, author of Hugo Chavez: Oil, Politics, and the Challenge to the U.S., Nikolas Kozloff. Jon begins the show tonight going live from Baghdad to the show's two Senior Baghdad Correspondent's, Rob Riggle & Aasif Mandvi in a segment called "Operation Silent Thunder". The two correspondent's compete to prove who really is in Iraq. Riggle prevails and ends the segment showing us some of his experiences in Iraq. Jon then reports on the Democrats, who for the 27th time meet to debate in a continuing show segment, "[email protected]#k to the White House". Some of the big highlights was the fly landing on Sen. Chris Dodd's head and the camera's intense focus on Dennis Kucinich's very attractive wife, even when Kucinich wasn't speaking. Finally, Jon reports on Hugo Chavez who is consolodating his power by attempting to eliminate presidential term limits, silencing a television channel which is critical of his policies, and buying $3 billion worth of weapons in case the U.S. invades.
12x109 Alan Weisman aired: Tuesday Aug 21, 2007
Tonight, journalist and author of The World Without Us, Alan Weisman. Jon begins tonight reporting on NBC Sports coverage of the Michael Vick guilty plea. The coverage was apparently more concerned about Vick's career and the gambling aspect of the dogfighting scandal. Jon then goes to Senior Baghdad Correspondent Rob Riggle who's in Iraq in a segment called "Operation: Fluffy Bunny". Rep. Mike Pence once compared Iraq to a summer market in Indiana. Riggle shows us the subtle similarities between Indiana and Iraq. Finally, Jon reports on Karl Rove's farewell tour on the Sunday morning talk show circuit and reviews some of Karl Rove's greatest hits in a segment called "Superbad".
12x110 Sen. Barack Obama aired: Wednesday Aug 22, 2007
Tonight, presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama. Jon begins tonight reporting on the impatience President Bush is trying to quell about the Iraq War and the concerns over the Iraqi Parliament's vacation time in August due to the 130 degree heat in Iraq. Jon goes to Senior Baghdad Correspondent Rob Riggle who's in Iraq in a segment called "Operation Macho Kick-Ass". Riggle shows us some clips of American troops wishing the Iraqi Parliament a good vacation as they do menial tasks around Iraq. Finally, Jon reports on the complex intricacies that is American foreign policy in a segment called "America To The Rescue". For example, invading Iraq has strengthened Iran, creating fear in Saudi Arabia, leading to the U.S. selling $20 billion of weapons to the Saudi's, thus intimidating the Israeli's who are afraid of Hamas which is supported by the Saudi's, causing the U.S. to increase military aid to Israel by 25% or $30 billion over 10 years. This smart foreign policy experience is nothing new. As Jon shows us from back in 1990, the U.S. helped liberate Kuwait, which was invaded by Iraq, who was armed by the U.S. to fight Iran, leading also to American troops being stationed in Saudi Arabia to alleviate fears that Saddam might strike there, pissing off Osama bin Laden, who was fighting the Russians in Afghanistan with weapons given to him by the U.S.
12x111 Lt. Col. John Nagl aired: Thursday Aug 23, 2007
Tonight, one of the military's staff who helped write the Counterinsurgency Field Manual, Lt. Col. John Nagl. Jon first reports on President Bush, who goes over a list of America's past wars to gain support for the Iraq War in a segment called "War Wars". Bush has also apparently changed his mind and is now comparing Iraq to Vietnam, saying that America's mistake was not starting the Vietnam War, but ending it. Senior Political Correspondent Aasif Mandvi reviews Bush's speech from Crawford TX talking about the potential benefits of prolonging the Vietnam War. For instance, Bush would have prolonged his college career to avoid being sent over to Vietnam and would have become a smarter man. Another added benefit, the splendor that would be the Vietnam Memorial, which could be seen from space as it stretches from D.C. to Times Square with the names of the victims. Finally, Senior Baghdad Correspondent Rob Riggle files his final report from Iraq in a segment called "Operation Thundering Cameltoe". Riggle reviews some of the highlights of his visit by writing a letter to his mom. Riggle's favorite part of the trip, shooting different kinds of machine guns into the sand.
12x112 Jeff Garlin aired: Monday Sep 10, 2007
Tonight, comedian Jeff Garlin promotes his new movie I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With and the airing of new shows for Curb Your Enthusiasm. Jon begins tonight's show with news that Senator Larry Craig filed court papers to withdraw his guilty plea over the bathroom sex bust. Senior Public Restroom Correspondent Rob Corddry returns to the show after spending a year undercover at the Minneapolis Int'l Airport. Rob discusses the in's and out's of gay bathroom sex etiquette. Jon concludes the segment with a song highlighting the juicy details about the Craig scandal with a hip-hop singer in a segment called "R-Party: Trapped in the Closet". Finally, "Mess O'Potamia" continues with the Petraus report coming out today and Bush's 6 hour trip to Iraq last week. Senior Foreign Policy Analyst Rob Riggle talked about the progress Bush saw with his own eyes during his short trip inside a heavily fortified part of Iraq's Anbar province.
12x113 Jodie Foster aired: Tuesday Sep 11, 2007
Tonight, actress Jodie Foster promotes her new movie, The Brave One. Jon begins tonight's show reporting on the overly hyped Petraeus report on the progress made in Iraq in a segment called "Iraq Me Dave Petraeus". As Jon notes, Petraeus' testimony before the House had some mic problems. Petraeus also gave a disclaimer before officially testifying saying that he wrote the report himself and not the White House. But as Jon shows us in back to back clips, Petraeus and Bush essentially speak the same language. Resident Expert John Hodgman stopped by to talk with Jon about his keys to success and how Bush consistently redefines failure as success.
12x114 Robert Draper aired: Wednesday Sep 12, 2007
Tonight, author of Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush, Robert Draper. Jon begins tonight's show with some news out of Russia. It seem Vladimir Putin not only dissolved his government by firing his prime minister and his entire cabinet, but also exploded the "father of all bombs", which despite its capability of evaporating all life, is also environmentally friendly. Next, Jon reports on some screaming war protesters at General Petraeus' hearing in a segment called "You're Not Helping". Jon then reports on the Democratic debates on the spanish channel Univision in a segment called "[email protected]#k a la Casa Blanca". Some of the highlights, candidate Bill Richardson was barred from speaking Spanish so as not to gain an unfair advantage, the major topic for the night was of course immigration, and the Republican version was cancelled because only John McCain signed up. Finally, John Oliver speaks with the Qatari ambassador to the U.N. about a little unknown country called Qatar in a segment called "Oliver's Travels".
12x115 Douglas Farah aired: Thursday Sep 13, 2007
Tonight, journalist and author of Merchant of Death: Money, Guns, Planes, and the Man Who Makes War Possible, Douglas Farah. Jon begins tonight's show with an update on Senator John McCain's Straight Talk Express bus now changed into the No Surrender bus. Jon called John over the phone to see how the new bus was treating the Senator. Next, Jon talks about Petraeus' Senate testimony and the 7 minutes allowed per Senator to ask their questions in a segment called "Iraq Me: Dave Petraeus". Senator Barbara Boxer spent the entire 7 minutes not asking a single question. Finally, Samantha Bee in a segment called "This Week In God: Back to School Edition". The religious topics this evening: a plan to teach Arabic in a public school in Brooklyn whose principal was eventually fired for a white Jewish lady, footbaths for Muslims in a university unisex bathroom, and a religious university created by the founder of Dominoes pizza.
12x116 Alan Greenspan aired: Tuesday Sep 18, 2007
Tonight, former Federal Reserve Chairman and author of The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World, Alan Greenspan. Jon begins tonight with a look at the burgeoning new O.J. Simpson story and the media's spin on the phrase, "What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas". Next, Jon tries to sum up Alberto Gonzalez in three words as Alberto enjoyed his last day as Attorney General last Friday in a segment called "That's Al Folks". Finally, Samantha Bee asks the question, "Are We Ready For A Woman President?"
12x117 Gen. Wesley Clark aired: Wednesday Sep 19, 2007
Tonight, former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO and author of A Time to Lead: For Duty, Honor and Country, Gen. Wesley Clark.
12x118 Bill Clinton aired: Thursday Sep 20, 2007
Tonight, former President Bill Clinton promotes his new book, Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World.
12x119 John Bowe aired: Monday Sep 24, 2007
Tonight, journalist and author of Nobodies: Modern American Slave Labor and the Dark Side of the New Global Economy, John Bowe.
12x120 Evo Morales aired: Tuesday Sep 25, 2007
Tonight, the current President of Bolivia, Evo Morales.
12x121 Jamie Foxx aired: Wednesday Sep 26, 2007
Tonight, actor and star of the new movie The Kingdom, Jamie Foxx.
12x122 Ken Burns aired: Thursday Sep 27, 2007
Tonight, documentary filmmaker Ken Burns promotes his new documentary The War, a seven part series on how WWII impacted American family life.
12x123 Jack Cafferty aired: Monday Oct 1, 2007

12x124 Chris Matthews aired: Tuesday Oct 2, 2007

12x125 Ted Koppel aired: Wednesday Oct 3, 2007

12x126 Jack Goldsmith aired: Thursday Oct 4, 2007

12x127 Vicente Fox aired: Monday Oct 8, 2007

12x128 Tiki Barber aired: Tuesday Oct 9, 2007

12x129 Lynne Cheney aired: Wednesday Oct 10, 2007

12x130 Howard Kurtz aired: Thursday Oct 11, 2007

12x131 Tony Snow aired: Monday Oct 15, 2007

12x132 Meryl Streep aired: Tuesday Oct 16, 2007

12x133 Jake Gyllenhaal aired: Wednesday Oct 17, 2007

12x134 Ben Affleck aired: Thursday Oct 18, 2007

12x135 Michael Gerson aired: Monday Oct 29, 2007

12x136 Valerie Plame Wilson aired: Tuesday Oct 30, 2007

12x137 David Wright aired: Wednesday Oct 31, 2007

12x138 Jerry Seinfeld aired: Thursday Nov 1, 2007

Season 13 Episode List

13x1 Ronald Seeber aired: Monday Jan 7, 2008
Tonight, a professor of labor relations at Cornell University who shares his views on worker strikes, Ronald Seeber. Jon begins tonights show by sharing his statement of solidarity with the writer's strike by showcasing his unibrow. Also, the show's name has been changed until the strike is over to A Daily Show With Jon Stewart. Jon then reports on the winners of the Iowa caucus. Finally, Jon summarizes the conflict surrounding the Writers Guild strike in a segment called "Space Reserved For Clever Pun".
13x2 David Frum aired: Tuesday Jan 8, 2008

13x3 John Zogby aired: Wednesday Jan 9, 2008

13x4 Lou Dobbs aired: Thursday Jan 10, 2008

13x5 Fareed Zakaria aired: Monday Jan 14, 2008

13x6 Amb. John Bolton aired: Tuesday Jan 15, 2008

13x7 Jonah Goldberg aired: Wednesday Jan 16, 2008

13x8 Allen Raymond aired: Thursday Jan 17, 2008

13x9 Jon Meacham aired: Monday Jan 21, 2008

13x10 Jim Wallis aired: Tuesday Jan 22, 2008

13x11 P.J. O'Rourke aired: Wednesday Jan 23, 2008

13x12 Gerri Willis aired: Thursday Jan 24, 2008

13x13 Phil Simms aired: Monday Jan 28, 2008

13x14 Doris Kearns Goodwin aired: Tuesday Jan 29, 2008

13x15 Peggy Noonan aired: Wednesday Jan 30, 2008

13x16 Karen Tumulty aired: Thursday Jan 31, 2008

13x17 Tim Gunn aired: Monday Feb 4, 2008

13x18 Chris Wallace aired: Tuesday Feb 5, 2008

13x19 Tom Brokaw aired: Wednesday Feb 6, 2008

13x20 Laton McCartney aired: Thursday Feb 7, 2008

13x21 Philip Shenon aired: Monday Feb 11, 2008

13x22 Bill Kristol aired: Tuesday Feb 12, 2008

13x23 Mark Siegel aired: Wednesday Feb 13, 2008

13x24 Lee Siegel aired: Thursday Feb 14, 2008

13x25 Madeleine Albright aired: Tuesday Feb 26, 2008

13x26 Allen Guelzo aired: Wednesday Feb 27, 2008

13x27 Brian Williams aired: Thursday Feb 28, 2008
Tonight, the anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams. Jon begins tonight's show with a look at Bush's recent presidential news conference and his trip to Africa in a segment called "Bushman of Africa". Senior White House Correspondent John Oliver was along for the ride with President Bush in Africa and talks with Jon about his experience. Finally, Expert Youth Politics Reporter on Voting Demetri Martin reports on why the youth vote is so important this election year in a segment called "Trendspotting with Demetri Martin". The TDS Street Team hits the New York City bar scene and asks young people who their voting for.
13x28 Hillary Clinton aired: Monday Mar 3, 2008
Tonight, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
13x29 Ralph Nader aired: Tuesday Mar 4, 2008

13x30 Martin Fletcher aired: Wednesday Mar 5, 2008

13x31 Sen. Tom Daschle aired: Thursday Mar 6, 2008

13x32 Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell aired: Monday Mar 10, 2008

13x33 Grover Norquist aired: Tuesday Mar 11, 2008

13x34 Ronald Kessler aired: Wednesday Mar 12, 2008

13x35 Dana Perino aired: Thursday Mar 13, 2008

13x36 Brian Fagan aired: Monday Mar 17, 2008

13x37 Jeffrey Sachs aired: Tuesday Mar 18, 2008

13x38 Sen. Arlen Specter aired: Wednesday Mar 19, 2008

13x39 Alex Kingsbury aired: Thursday Mar 20, 2008

13x40 Sen. Chuck Hagel aired: Monday Mar 31, 2008

13x41 Simon LeVay aired: Tuesday Apr 1, 2008

13x42 William Safire aired: Wednesday Apr 2, 2008
Safire's Political Dictionary
13x43 George Clooney aired: Thursday Apr 3, 2008
13x44 Nathan Lane aired: Monday Apr 7, 2008
13x45 Cokie Roberts aired: Tuesday Apr 8, 2008
Ladies of Liberty
13x46 Steve Coll aired: Wednesday Apr 9, 2008
The Bin Ladens
13x47 Aram Roston aired: Thursday Apr 10, 2008
The Man Who Pushed America To War
13x48 Judd Apatow aired: Monday Apr 14, 2008

13x49 Jack Goldsmith aired: Tuesday Apr 15, 2008
The Terror Presidency
13x50 Peter Steinfels aired: Wednesday Apr 16, 2008

13x51 Uma Thurman aired: Thursday Apr 17, 2008

13x52 Sen. Barack Obama aired: Monday Apr 21, 2008

13x53 John Waters aired: Tuesday Apr 22, 2008
Tonight, cult film director John Waters. Jon begins the show tonight looking at the presidential candidates addressing the audience of the WWE. Next, Jon takes a look at so-called military analysts the media uses, but the Pentagon call message force multipliers in a segment called "The Less You Know". Senior Military Analyst Rob Riggle talks with Jon about the recent Pentagon report about Pakistan being a safe haven for terrorists. Finally, Samantha Bee and Larry Wilmore visit Pennsylvania and talk with some voters.
13x54 Howard Fineman aired: Wednesday Apr 23, 2008

13x55 Colin Firth aired: Thursday Apr 24, 2008

13x56 Jimmy Carter aired: Monday Apr 28, 2008

13x57 Newt Gingrich aired: Tuesday Apr 29, 2008

13x58 Robert Schlesinger aired: Wednesday Apr 30, 2008

13x59 Howard Dean aired: Thursday May 1, 2008

13x60 Sen. Harry Reid aired: Monday May 5, 2008

13x61 Fareed Zakaria aired: Tuesday May 6, 2008

13x62 John McCain aired: Wednesday May 7, 2008

13x63 David D. Perlmutter aired: Thursday May 8, 2008

13x64 Douglas J. Feith aired: Monday May 12, 2008

13x65 Bill Moyers aired: Tuesday May 13, 2008

13x66 John Harwood aired: Wednesday May 14, 2008

13x67 Denis Leary aired: Thursday May 15, 2008

13x68 Matt Taibbi aired: Tuesday May 27, 2008

13x69 Fred Burton aired: Wednesday May 28, 2008

13x70 Richard Clark aired: Thursday May 29, 2008

13x71 Scott McClellan aired: Monday Jun 2, 2008

13x72 David Sedaris aired: Tuesday Jun 3, 2008

13x73 Barbara Walters aired: Wednesday Jun 4, 2008

13x74 Adam Sandler aired: Thursday Jun 5, 2008

13x75 Sen. Jim Webb aired: Monday Jun 9, 2008

13x76 Ralph Reed aired: Tuesday Jun 10, 2008

13x77 Rick Shenkman aired: Wednesday Jun 11, 2008

13x78 Richard Engel aired: Thursday Jun 12, 2008

13x79 David Iglesis aired: Monday Jun 16, 2008

13x80 Lara Logan aired: Tuesday Jun 17, 2008

13x81 Steve Carell aired: Wednesday Jun 18, 2008
Tonight, comedian and actor Steve Carell talks about his new movie Get Smart.
13x82 Mike Myers aired: Thursday Jun 19, 2008
Tonight, actor and comedian Mike Myers talks about his new movie The Love Guru.
13x83 James McAvoy aired: Monday Jun 23, 2008
Tonight, actor James McAvoy talks about his new movie with Angeline Jolie, Wanted.
13x84 James Harding aired: Tuesday Jun 24, 2008
Tonight, the editor from The Times in London, James Harding talks about his new book Alpha Dogs: The Americans Who Turned Political Spin into a Global Business.
13x85 Coldplay aired: Wednesday Jun 25, 2008
Tonight, English rock band Coldplay sing a few songs from their new album, Viva La Vida.
13x86 Ted Koppel aired: Thursday Jun 26, 2008
Tonight, Ted Koppel talks about his new special about the symbiotic relationship between the U.S. and China on the Discovery Channel called The People's Republic of Capitalism.
13x87 Andrew Ward aired: Monday Jul 14, 2008
Author Andrew Ward discusses his new book, The Slaves' War.
13x88 Pierce Brosnan aired: Tuesday Jul 15, 2008
Pierce Brosnan talks about his new movie Mamma Mia!
13x89 Kenneth Pollack aired: Wednesday Jul 16, 2008
President Bush is optimistic about the economy, Jason Jones tries to turn Americans' frowns upside down, and Kenneth Pollack explains where we went wrong in the Middle East
13x90 Maggie Gyllenhaal aired: Thursday Jul 17, 2008
Jon breaks out the Dobbs-O-Meter to measure how well the presidential candidates are doing with the Latino community. Kristen Schaal studies the cougar species, and invents her own name for men who date younger women. Maggie Gyllenhaal tells Jon how Batman made her weak in the knees.
13x91 Richard Bitner aired: Monday Jul 21, 2008
Barack Obama travels to the Middle East with all three major network news anchors tagging along. Rob Riggle, Larry Wilmore, John Oliver, Wyatt Cenac and Ed Helms are excited to cover Obama's trip to Baghdad. Wyatt Cenac goes to South Florida to find out which candidate the elderly Jews are voting for, and Richard Bitner explains the risky business of subprime mortgages.
13x92 Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly aired: Tuesday Jul 22, 2008
Obama Quest continues as Barack Obama visits his birthplace in Bethlehem. Former high-ranking Bush administration officials refuse to answer questions from the House Judiciary Committee, while John Oliver explains we're in a golden age of obstructive politics, and we don't even know it. Lewis Black lists America's insane deals in its End of an Empire Sale, and Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly show off their calves.
13x93 T.J. English aired: Wednesday Jul 23, 2008
Robert Novak hits a pedestrian with his car, and Barack Obama visits the holy land.
13x94 Geo Beach aired: Thursday Jul 24, 2008
Geo Beach, host of the History Channel's "Tougher in Alaska," tells Jon why America's coldest state is also its greatest.
13x95 Nancy Pelosi aired: Monday Jul 28, 2008
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tells Jon about her new book, "Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters."
13x96 Bill Bishop aired: Tuesday Jul 29, 2008

13x97 Ben Wattenberg aired: Wednesday Jul 30, 2008

13x98 Brian Williams aired: Thursday Jul 31, 2008

13x99 Dennis Hopper aired: Monday Aug 4, 2008

13x100 Seth Rogan aired: Tuesday Aug 5, 2008

13x101 Sen. Chuck Schumer aired: Wednesday Aug 6, 2008

13x102 David Gregory aired: Thursday Aug 7, 2008

13x103 Ron Suskind aired: Monday Aug 11, 2008

13x104 Sen. Mel Martinez aired: Tuesday Aug 12, 2008

13x105 Philip Pan aired: Wednesday Aug 13, 2008

13x106 Ben Stiller aired: Thursday Aug 14, 2008

13x107 Guess Who's Coming to Denver pt.1 (Gov. Tim Kaine) aired: Tuesday Aug 26, 2008

13x108 Guess Who's Coming to Denver pt.2 (Howard Dean) aired: Wednesday Aug 27, 2008

13x109 Evan Bayh aired: Thursday Aug 28, 2008

13x110 Barack Obamas Acceptance Speech aired: Friday Aug 29, 2008

13x111 Brian Williams aired: Tuesday Sep 2, 2008

13x112 Newt Gingrich aired: Wednesday Sep 3, 2008

13x113 Mike Huckabee aired: Thursday Sep 4, 2008

13x114 Senator McCains Acceptance Speech aired: Friday Sep 5, 2008

13x115 Barton Gellman aired: Monday Sep 15, 2008
Jon Stewart discusses the importance of blinking. Sarah Palin will talk to the press as soon as they stop asking her questions. Jason Jones is the only correspondent in the news team with his own spin-off. Washington Post reporter Barton Gellman discusses his book Angler about Dick Cheney's time as the vice-president.
13x116 Ricky Gervais aired: Tuesday Sep 16, 2008
Ricky Gervais talks about his new film, Ghost Town.
13x117 Charlize Theron aired: Wednesday Sep 17, 2008
Charlize Theron talks about her new movie Battle In Seattle.
13x118 Tony Blair aired: Thursday Sep 18, 2008
Jon talks to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair
13x119 Bill Clinton aired: Tuesday Sep 23, 2008
Former President Bill Clinton stops by the show tonight to discuss the current election.
13x120 Aaron Eckhart aired: Wednesday Sep 24, 2008
Aaron Eckhart discusses his role in The Dark Knight.
13x121 Bob Schieffer aired: Thursday Sep 25, 2008
Journalist and host of CBS's Face the Nation Bob Schieffer talks about his new book Bob Schieffer's America.
13x122 Hooman Majd aired: Monday Sep 29, 2008
Wyatt Cenac watches the debate with some elderly Jewish residents, and Hooman Majd explains that it's within Iran's rights to have nuclear enrichment of uranium on their own soil.
13x123 Bill Maher aired: Tuesday Sep 30, 2008

13x124 Peggy Noonan aired: Wednesday Oct 1, 2008

13x125 Clint Eastwood aired: Thursday Oct 2, 2008

13x126 Tim Robbins aired: Monday Oct 6, 2008

13x127 Sarah Vowell aired: Tuesday Oct 7, 2008

13x128 Michelle Obama aired: Wednesday Oct 8, 2008

13x129 Robert De Niro aired: Thursday Oct 9, 2008

13x130 Amity Shlaes aired: Monday Oct 13, 2008
Amity Shlaes discusses her book "The Forgotten Man".
13x131 Ari Fleischer aired: Tuesday Oct 14, 2008

13x132 Richard Lewis aired: Wednesday Oct 15, 2008

13x133 Robert Reich aired: Thursday Oct 16, 2008

13x134 Eugene Jarecki aired: Monday Oct 20, 2008

13x135 Christopher Buckley aired: Tuesday Oct 21, 2008

13x136 Tom Brokaw aired: Wednesday Oct 22, 2008

13x137 Gov. Jon Corzine aired: Thursday Oct 23, 2008
Jon Corzine talks about the effects of the financial crisis on New Jersey.
13x138 Campbell Brown aired: Monday Oct 27, 2008

13x139 Steve Martin aired: Tuesday Oct 28, 2008

13x140 Senator Barack Obama aired: Wednesday Oct 29, 2008

13x141 Bill Kristol aired: Thursday Oct 30, 2008
Bill Kristol believes Obama will be a conventionally liberal president.
13x142 Doris Kearns Goodwin aired: Monday Nov 3, 2008
Doris Kearns Goodwin believes Barack Obama will win, no question.
13x143 Indecision 2008: America's Choice aired: Tuesday Nov 4, 2008
The towering giants of fake news reunite for their hour-long Election Night special, Indecision 2008: America's Choice. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert report live from Indecision World Headquarters where Comedy Central has rounded up the best researchers and consultants (that it can afford) to provide shallow analysis, obscure factoids, random guesses and pointless sound.
13x144 Chris Wallace aired: Wednesday Nov 5, 2008
The Fox News Sunday anchor delivers an election postmortem.
13x145 Paul Rudd aired: Thursday Nov 6, 2008
With guest Paul Rudd.
13x146 Thomas Friedman aired: Tuesday Nov 11, 2008

13x147 T. Boone Pickens aired: Wednesday Nov 12, 2008
Sarah Palin launches a PR blitz, and T. Boone Pickens wants to end our dependence on foreign oil.
13x148 Bill O'Reilly aired: Thursday Nov 13, 2008
Paul Broun compares Obama to Hitler, and Jon doesn't want Bill O'Reilly to be afraid anymore.
13x149 Sir David Frost. aired: Monday Nov 17, 2008
George W. Bush hosts the G20 Summit, and Sir David Frost discusses his legendary Nixon interview.
13x150 Denis Leary aired: Tuesday Nov 18, 2008
Denis Leary talks about Autism
13x151 Jon Meacham aired: Wednesday Nov 19, 2008
Dick Cheney is indicted, while Joe Lieberman and Ted Stevens face the wrath of their parties.
13x152 Richard Belzer aired: Thursday Nov 20, 2008
Iraq surrenders, and Richard Belzer reads a passage from Obama's inaugural address.
13x153 Anne Hathaway aired: Monday Dec 1, 2008
Three people die in an attempt to get a jump on their holiday shopping. John Oliver explains who is responsible for the terror attacks in Mumbai. Plaxico Burress lets down America's youth by shooting himself in the thigh. MSNBC replaces Fox News as the new administration's mouthpiece, and Anne Hathaway vows to become a train wreck.
13x154 Calvin Trillin aired: Tuesday Dec 2, 2008
Calvin Trillin reads his poems about Al Gore, Sarah Palin and John McCain.
13x155 Arianna Huffington aired: Wednesday Dec 3, 2008
The new Planned Parenthood gift cards make great holiday presents. George W. Bush winds down his presidency with a Charlie Gibson interview. John Hodgman lets Jon know he's also a lame duck, and Arianna Huffington explains blogging.
13x156 Ron Howard aired: Thursday Dec 4, 2008
Three auto industry CEOs carpool to Washington to ask again for a bailout. Dr. Aasif Mandvi learns there's no cure for liberalism. Ron Howard does a cheesy Richard Nixon impression.
13x157 Matthew Alexander aired: Monday Dec 8, 2008
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper shuts Parliament down. Samantha Bee, John Oliver and Aasif Mandvi discuss Canada's dependence on Great Britain. Matthew Alexander explains why torture is counterproductive in interrogating terrorists.
13x158 Mike Huckabee aired: Tuesday Dec 9, 2008
Rod Blagojevich couldn't have made it any easier for the authorities to arrest him. Many of the nation's newspapers are on the brink of collapse thanks to the Internet. Mike Huckabee says the reason we have so much government is because people don't behave well with each other.
13x159 Don Rickles aired: Wednesday Dec 10, 2008
Jason Jones shows some telling footage from his interview with Rod Blagojevich three years ago. Rob Riggle and his uniquely physical interviewing style won't soon be forgotten. Don Rickles gloats over beating Jon at the Emmys.
13x160 Philip Seymour Hoffman aired: Thursday Dec 11, 2008
Hall & Oates perform a song about Alan Colmes and how much he means to all of us. Larry Wilmore says African-Americans support Proposition 8 because marriage is their holiest of holy institutions. Philip Seymour Hoffman shares what he learned about the catholic church while filming "Doubt."

Season 14 Episode List

14x1 David Gregory aired: Monday Jan 5, 2009
Jon wants David Gregory to explain why Brett Favre walking off his charter plane is breaking news on MSBNC.
14x2 Michael Wolff aired: Tuesday Jan 6, 2009
Author Michael Wolff.
14x3 Rachel Maddow aired: Wednesday Jan 7, 2009
Wyatt Cenac, Samantha Bee and John Oliver go undercover for more information on the Obama girls. Aasif Mandvi says Sanjay Gupta's appointment will be a tremendous over achievement in a community of overachievers. Rachel Maddow is insulted as an American that the Obamas can't stay in the presidential guesthouse.
14x4 Dana Perino aired: Thursday Jan 8, 2009
Barack Obama dines with all the living ex-presidents, and Joe the Plumber goes to Gaza. Roland Burris is turned away while trying to take his Senate seat. Dana Perino talks about her 12 days left in the White House.
14x5 Maxwell Kennedy aired: Monday Jan 12, 2009
Barack Obama doesn't sound like a newly elected president. John Oliver explains Rod Blagojevich's Tennyson reference. Jason Jones learns how to be a great pundit, and Maxwell Kennedy discusses kamikaze pilots.
14x6 Daniel Craig aired: Tuesday Jan 13, 2009

14x7 Fareed Zakaria aired: Wednesday Jan 14, 2009
Marcus Schrenker is caught faking his own death. Hillary Clinton gets sleepy at her confirmation hearing. Lewis Black lists the mega corporations asking for bailouts, and Fareed Zakaria talks about terrorism in India.
14x8 Bethany McLean aired: Thursday Jan 15, 2009
Contributing Editor, Vanity Fair
14x9 Abderrahim Foukara aired: Monday Jan 19, 2009

14x10 Bishop Gene Robinson aired: Tuesday Jan 20, 2009
A veritable who's who of statesmen arrives for Barack Obama's historic inauguration. Jason Jones brushes off any comparisons between the Obama and Bush speeches. Wyatt Cenac reports from Obama's crazy-cool inaugural ball. Samantha Bee declares an end to frat boy humor, and Gene Robinson prays for Rick Warren.
14x11 David Sanger aired: Wednesday Jan 21, 2009
Barack Obama watches the inaugural parade and then hits the parties. John Oliver feels the unity in DC, the news networks cover the inauguration differently, and David Sanger warns of the danger Pakistan poses.
14x12 Liam Neeson aired: Thursday Jan 22, 2009
Hillary Clinton frees the State Department, and Barack Obama moves to close Guantanamo Bay. Gitmo is excited to leave, but he still wants to kill you. Rush Limbaugh hopes Barack Obama fails, and Liam Neeson visits the horse stable next door.
14x13 President Jimmy Carter aired: Monday Jan 26, 2009
Rod Blagojevich boycotts his own impeachment trial, Barack Obama closes down Guantanamo, and Jon gives Jimmy Carter a gift.
14x14 Gwen Ifill aired: Tuesday Jan 27, 2009

14x15 Neil DeGrasse Tyson aired: Wednesday Jan 28, 2009

14x16 P.W. Singer aired: Thursday Jan 29, 2009

14x17 Lawrence Lindsey aired: Monday Feb 2, 2009
The Republicans pick Michael Steele as their RNC chairman, and now Wyatt Cenac is confused. The Super Bowl ads show where we are as a culture, and Lawrence Lindsey agrees with Jon's stimulus plan.
14x18 Dev Patel aired: Tuesday Feb 3, 2009
The star of Slumdog Millionaire drops by to promote the Oscar-nominated movie.
14x19 Karen Greenberg aired: Wednesday Feb 4, 2009
Author, The Least Worst Place
14x20 Randall Balmer aired: Thursday Feb 5, 2009
Author of God in the White House: A History: How Faith Shaped the Presidency from John F. Kennedy to George W. Bush
14x21 Walter Isaacson aired: Monday Feb 9, 2009

14x22 Thomas Ricks aired: Tuesday Feb 10, 2009
Barack Obama gives thoughtful answers at a press conference. Samantha Bee meets a few robot soldiers, and Thomas Ricks says we'll be in Iraq for a long time.
14x23 Daniel Sperling aired: Wednesday Feb 11, 2009
The author of "Two Billion Cars: Driving Toward Sustainability" draws up a road map to smarter energy policy.
14x24 John Sununu aired: Thursday Feb 12, 2009
Former US Senator, New Hampshire
14x25 Jeff Bezos aired: Monday Feb 23, 2009
Jeff Bezos the founder of
14x26 Ricky Gervais aired: Tuesday Feb 24, 2009
- Obama brings Republicans together for a summit on the economy - Obama goes to Canada for 7 hours in a segment called - "Canuck Obama" "Unusual Suspect" with Jason Jones investigating claims that Obama is either the Anti-Christ or Hitler
14x27 Tom Selleck aired: Wednesday Feb 25, 2009

14x28 Brian Williams aired: Thursday Feb 26, 2009
Fox News reports on a Joe Biden gaffe, and Congressman Rob Bishop opposes the "monkey bite bill." Hillary Clinton discusses poetry in Asia, and Brian Williams doesn't Twitter.
14x29 Harold Varmus aired: Monday Mar 2, 2009
The Nobel Prize-winning scientist navigates the real world or research in "The Art and Politics of Science."
14x30 Sandra Day O'Connor aired: Tuesday Mar 3, 2009
Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
14x31 Joe Nocera aired: Wednesday Mar 4, 2009
The New York Times columnist Joe Nocera
14x32 Billy Crudup aired: Thursday Mar 5, 2009
"Watchmen" Actor Billy Crudup
14x33 Nathaniel Frank aired: Monday Mar 9, 2009
Author of the new book 'Unfriendly Fire: How the Gay Ban Undermines the Military and Weakens America'.
14x34 Craig Mullaney aired: Tuesday Mar 10, 2009
West Point graduate, Rhodes Scholar, Army Ranger and author of the new book 'The Unforgiving Minute: A Soldier's Education'.
14x35 Paul Rudd aired: Wednesday Mar 11, 2009
Actor Paul Rudd talks about his new movie 'I Love You Man'.
14x36 Jim Cramer aired: Thursday Mar 12, 2009
Jon and Jim Cramer prepare for their highly anticipated skirmish. Bernie Madoff pleads guilty to 11 counts of fraud. Jim Cramer admits to his mistakes, and vows to do a better job reporting the financial market.
14x37 Gen. Richard B. Myers aired: Monday Mar 16, 2009
Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Richard B. Myers talks about his new book 'Eyes on the Horizon: Serving on the Front Lines of National Security'.
14x38 Ian McShane aired: Tuesday Mar 17, 2009
Actor Ian McShane talks about his new show 'Kings'.
14x39 Nandan Nilekani aired: Wednesday Mar 18, 2009
Jon Stewart interviews Nandan Nilekani, Author of 'Imagining India: The Idea of a Renewed Nation'.
14x40 Bruce Springsteen aired: Thursday Mar 19, 2009
Bruce Springsteen comes by the show to promote his new album 'Working on a Dream'.
14x41 Jack Cafferty aired: Monday Mar 30, 2009
Wolf Blitzer's resident political observer takes a break from 'The Cafferty File' to discuss the latest tomfoolery in Washington D.C.
14x42 Seth Rogen aired: Tuesday Mar 31, 2009
Actor Seth Rogen talks about his latest movie 'Observe and Report'.
14x43 Peter Orszag aired: Wednesday Apr 1, 2009
Economist and current Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Barack Obama, Peter Orszag is tonight's guest.
14x44 Tom Zoellner aired: Thursday Apr 2, 2009
Author Tom Zoellner talks about his book 'Uranium - War, Energy and the Rock That Shaped the World'.
14x45 Michael J. Fox aired: Monday Apr 6, 2009
Segments: - - Guests: Actor Michael J. Fox talks about his new book Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist.
14x46 Jehan Sadat aired: Tuesday Apr 7, 2009
Segments: - - Guests: Jehan Sadat, the widow of the assassinated Egyptian president Anwar Sadat talks about her book My Hope for Peace.
14x47 Nancy Pelosi aired: Wednesday Apr 8, 2009
Segments: - - Guests: Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi
14x48 William Cohan aired: Thursday Apr 9, 2009
Segments: - - Guests: Author William Cohan talks about his new book House of Cards: A Tale of Hubris and Wretched Excess on Wall Street.
14x49 Ron Darling aired: Tuesday Apr 14, 2009
Pirates attack an American freighter, and Ron Darling believes in the Mets this year.
14x50 Elizabeth Warren aired: Wednesday Apr 15, 2009
Segments: - - Guests: The Chair on the Congressional Oversight Panel on TARP Elizabeth Warren
14x51 Ben Affleck aired: Thursday Apr 16, 2009
Segments: - - Guests: Actor Ben Affleck talks about his new movie "State of Play".
14x52 Reza Aslan aired: Monday Apr 20, 2009
President Obama releases the memos on America's handbook for torture. Lewis Black examines the TV networks that are reaching out to kids for Earth Day. Reza Aslan believes Al Qaeda is fighting a war of the imagination.
14x53 Ellen Johnson Sirleaf aired: Tuesday Apr 21, 2009
Liberia's "Iron Lady," the first elected female head of state in Africa, discusses her new memoir, "This Child Will Be Great," with Jon.
14x54 Philip Alcabes aired: Wednesday Apr 22, 2009
Philip Alcabes is an infectious-disease epidemiologist who talks about his new book 'Dread: How Fear and Fantasy have Fueled Epidemics from the Black Death to the Avian Flu'.
14x55 Richard Beeman aired: Thursday Apr 23, 2009
Author of "Plain Honest Men", Richard Beeman talks to Jon on the show tonight.
14x56 Christine Lagarde aired: Monday Apr 27, 2009
France's Minister of Finance Christine Lagarde talks with Jon about the state of the global economy.
14x57 Cliff May aired: Tuesday Apr 28, 2009
The President of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Clifford D. May, guest stars on tonight's show.
14x58 Doris Kearns Goodwin aired: Wednesday Apr 29, 2009
Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin joins Jon on the show tonight.
14x59 Hugh Jackman aired: Thursday Apr 30, 2009
Actor Hugh Jackman comes by on the show to talk about his new movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
14x60 Denis Leary aired: Monday May 4, 2009
Actor and star of Rescue Me, Denis Leary is on the show tonight.
14x61 Fareed Zakaria aired: Tuesday May 5, 2009
Journalist and author Fareed Zakaria talks about his new book The Post-American World.
14x62 George Stephanopoulos aired: Wednesday May 6, 2009
The guest on tonight's show is Chief Washington Correspondent for ABC News, George Stephanopoulos.
14x63 Ken Salazar aired: Thursday May 7, 2009
The current U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar talks to Jon tonight.
14x64 Frank Partnoy aired: Monday May 11, 2009
Financial commentator and author of "The Match King: Ivar Kreuger, The Financial Genius Behind a Century of Wall Street Scandals", Frank Partnoy is on the show tonight.
14x65 Tom Hanks aired: Tuesday May 12, 2009
Actor and star of the new movie Angels and Demons, Tom Hanks talks to Jon tonight.
14x66 Husain Haqqani aired: Wednesday May 13, 2009
Pakistan's Ambassador to the U.S. Husain Haqqani talks to Jon Stewart on the show tonight.
14x67 Lisa P. Jackson aired: Thursday May 14, 2009
EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson is talking on the show tonight.
14x68 Sarah Fisher aired: Monday May 18, 2009

14x69 Newt Gingrich aired: Tuesday May 19, 2009

14x70 Elizabeth Edwards aired: Wednesday May 20, 2009
Michael Steele says gay marriage is bad for small business, and President Obama sets a national fuel efficiency standard. John Oliver defends England's moat scandal, and Elizabeth Edwards fights for health care.
14x71 Larry King aired: Thursday May 21, 2009
One of the most popular names in the television news game compares notes with Jon.
14x72 Bob Woodruff aired: Monday Jun 1, 2009

14x73 P.J. O'Rourke aired: Tuesday Jun 2, 2009

14x74 Michael Lewis aired: Wednesday Jun 3, 2009

14x75 Will Ferrell aired: Thursday Jun 4, 2009

14x76 Gretchen Peters aired: Monday Jun 8, 2009

14x77 Peter Schiff aired: Tuesday Jun 9, 2009

14x78 Saad Mohseni aired: Wednesday Jun 10, 2009

14x79 Katie Couric aired: Thursday Jun 11, 2009

14x80 Ed Helms aired: Monday Jun 15, 2009

14x81 Tom Folsom aired: Tuesday Jun 16, 2009

14x82 Peter Laufer aired: Wednesday Jun 17, 2009

14x83 Mike Huckabee aired: Thursday Jun 18, 2009

14x84 Bill Russell aired: Monday Jun 22, 2009

14x85 Larry David aired: Tuesday Jun 23, 2009

14x86 Reza Aslan aired: Wednesday Jun 24, 2009

14x87 Cameron Diaz aired: Thursday Jun 25, 2009

14x88 Dr. Oliver Sacks aired: Monday Jun 29, 2009

14x89 Mike Kim aired: Tuesday Jun 30, 2009
The U.S. leaves Iraq like a houseguest who broke something, and Dick Cheney complains about his own troop withdrawal timeline. Jon hands out Rippy Awards for the media's outstanding coverage of Michael Jackson's death. Mike Kim discusses his mission to help North Koreans escape to China.
14x90 Justin Fox aired: Wednesday Jul 1, 2009

14x91 Robert Kenner aired: Thursday Jul 2, 2009
Filmmaker, "Food, Inc."
14x92 Barney Frank aired: Monday Jul 13, 2009
The Massachusetts congressman discusses the new congress' legislative priorities with Jon.
14x93 Peter Mancall aired: Tuesday Jul 14, 2009

14x94 Kathleen Sebelius aired: Wednesday Jul 15, 2009

14x95 Robert Glennon aired: Thursday Jul 16, 2009

14x96 Brian Williams aired: Monday Jul 20, 2009

14x97 Steven Chu aired: Tuesday Jul 21, 2009
Interview with Energy Secretary Steven Chu.
14x98 Kevin Nealon aired: Wednesday Jul 22, 2009
The controversy over Barack Obama's birth certificate lives on six months into his presidency. "Good Morning America" solves the mystery of Michael Jackson's lost corpse, and Kevin Nealon would never engage in autoerotic asphyxiation.
14x99 Sally Jenkin aired: Thursday Jul 23, 2009
The author and historian sits down with Jon to discuss a largely unknown anti-Confederacy rebellion in Civil War Mississippi.
14x100 Bill Kristol aired: Monday Jul 27, 2009

14x101 Spinal Tap aired: Tuesday Jul 28, 2009

14x102 John Bolton aired: Wednesday Jul 29, 2009

14x103 Judd Apatow aired: Thursday Jul 30, 2009

14x104 Ronald Kessler aired: Monday Aug 3, 2009

14x105 Henry Waxman aired: Tuesday Aug 4, 2009

14x106 Paul Giamatti aired: Wednesday Aug 5, 2009

14x107 Dara Torres aired: Thursday Aug 6, 2009

14x108 Douglas Brinkley aired: Monday Aug 10, 2009

14x109 Austan Goolsbee aired: Tuesday Aug 11, 2009

14x110 Jeff Sharlet aired: Wednesday Aug 12, 2009

14x111 Rachel McAdams aired: Thursday Aug 13, 2009

14x112 David Cross aired: Monday Aug 17, 2009

14x113 Christopher McDougall aired: Tuesday Aug 18, 2009

14x114 Tim Gunn aired: Wednesday Aug 19, 2009

14x115 Betsy McCaughey aired: Thursday Aug 20, 2009

14x116 LeBron James aired: Monday Sep 14, 2009

14x117 Matt Damon aired: Tuesday Sep 15, 2009
The award-winning actor returns to The Daily Show to discuss his new movie, "The Informant."
14x118 Ricky Gevais aired: Wednesday Sep 16, 2009
Actor/Director, "The Invention of Lying"
14x119 Bill Clinton aired: Thursday Sep 17, 2009
Former President of the United States
14x120 Vali Nasr aired: Tuesday Sep 22, 2009

14x121 Tom Ridge aired: Wednesday Sep 23, 2009

14x122 Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich aired: Thursday Sep 24, 2009

14x123 Bruce Bueno De Mesquita aired: Monday Sep 28, 2009

14x124 Ron Paul aired: Tuesday Sep 29, 2009

14x125 Jon Krakauer aired: Wednesday Sep 30, 2009

14x126 Joy Behar aired: Thursday Oct 1, 2009

14x127 Sarah Vowell aired: Monday Oct 5, 2009

14x128 Ray Mabus aired: Tuesday Oct 6, 2009

14x129 William Kamkwamba aired: Wednesday Oct 7, 2009

14x130 David Gregory aired: Thursday Oct 8, 2009

14x131 Janet Napolitano aired: Monday Oct 12, 2009

14x132 Chesley Sullenberger aired: Tuesday Oct 13, 2009

14x133 Barbara Ehrenreich aired: Wednesday Oct 14, 2009

14x134 Jennifer Burns aired: Thursday Oct 15, 2009

14x135 Susie Essman aired: Monday Oct 26, 2009

14x136 Steven D. Levitt aired: Tuesday Oct 27, 2009

14x137 Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, Anna Baltzer aired: Wednesday Oct 28, 2009

14x138 Wanda Sykes aired: Thursday Oct 29, 2009
Comedian Wanda Sykes talks about her new show "The Wanda Sykes Show".
14x139 Bob Menendez aired: Monday Nov 2, 2009

14x140 David Plouffe aired: Tuesday Nov 3, 2009

14x141 Al Gore aired: Wednesday Nov 4, 2009

14x142 Susan Rice aired: Thursday Nov 5, 2009

14x143 Sen. Christopher Bond aired: Monday Nov 9, 2009

14x144 Serena Williams aired: Tuesday Nov 10, 2009

14x145 Clarence Clemons aired: Wednesday Nov 11, 2009

14x146 Dr. Jane Goodall aired: Thursday Nov 12, 2009

14x147 Jake Adelstein aired: Monday Nov 16, 2009

14x148 Vice President Joe Biden aired: Tuesday Nov 17, 2009

14x149 Lou Dobbs aired: Wednesday Nov 18, 2009

14x150 Jack's Mannequin aired: Thursday Nov 19, 2009

14x151 Maziar Bahari aired: Monday Nov 30, 2009

14x152 Thomas Friedman aired: Tuesday Dec 1, 2009

14x153 Lance Armstrong aired: Wednesday Dec 2, 2009

14x154 Michael Specter aired: Thursday Dec 3, 2009

14x155 Dan Rather aired: Monday Dec 7, 2009

14x156 Mike Huckabee aired: Tuesday Dec 8, 2009

14x157 Andrew Ross Sorkin aired: Wednesday Dec 9, 2009

14x158 Gwen Ifill aired: Thursday Dec 10, 2009
Gwen Ifill of PBS talks with Jon Stewart
14x159 Sigourney Weaver aired: Monday Dec 14, 2009

14x160 Ray LaHood aired: Tuesday Dec 15, 2009

14x161 Hugh Grant aired: Wednesday Dec 16, 2009

Season 15 Episode List

15x1 Michael Pollan aired: Monday Jan 4, 2010
A Nigerian terrorist tries to blow up a U.S. airliner on Christmas day. The Best F**king News Team helps Tiger Woods find a new religion, and Michael Pollan encourages Americans to eat healthy food.
15x2 George Lucas aired: Tuesday Jan 5, 2010
John Oliver searches for the best time in American history, and George Lucas talks about his book.
15x3 Adm. Mike Mullen aired: Wednesday Jan 6, 2010
Obama finally responds to the Christmas terror plot, and Mike Mullen praises the U.S. military.
15x4 Maggie Gyllenhaal aired: Thursday Jan 7, 2010
President Obama breaks a promise, and Maggie Gyllenhaal watches scary cartoons with her daughter.
15x5 John Yoo aired: Monday Jan 11, 2010
John Oliver explains the rules of terrorball, and John Yoo discusses the legal limits of torture.
15x6 Paul Ingrassia aired: Tuesday Jan 12, 2010
Wall Street hands out big bonuses, and Paul Ingrassia talks about the auto industry bailout.
15x7 Ringo Starr & the Ben Harper Band aired: Wednesday Jan 13, 2010
Sarah Palin joins Fox News, and Ringo Starr performs with Ben Harper and Relentless7.
15x8 Tom Brokaw aired: Thursday Jan 14, 2010
Glenn Beck reads Sarah Palin a journal entry, and Tom Brokaw talks about his new documentary.
15x9 David M. Walker aired: Monday Jan 18, 2010
Wyatt Cenac waits for Harry Reid's apology, and David Walker hopes to reform America's spending.
15x10 Colin Firth aired: Tuesday Jan 19, 2010
Larry Wilmore reviews Obama's first year, and Colin Firth recalls floating naked in a fish tank.
15x11 Jim Wallis aired: Wednesday Jan 20, 2010
Scott Brown becomes the new president-elect, and Jim Wallis wants to take greed out of Wall Street.
15x12 Julie Andrews aired: Thursday Jan 21, 2010
Keith Olbermann resorts to name-calling, and Julie Andrews talks about her new movie, "Tooth Fairy."
15x13 Bill Gates aired: Monday Jan 25, 2010
John Oliver celebrates a huge victory for corporations, and Bill Gates starts Twittering.
15x14 Elizabeth Warren aired: Tuesday Jan 26, 2010
Wall Street responds to President Obama's threat, and Jon wants to make out with Elizabeth Warren.
15x15 Ethan Watters aired: Wednesday Jan 27, 2010
The ACORN pimp is arrested, and Ethan Watters discusses America's impact on mental health.
15x16 Doris Kearns Goodwin aired: Thursday Jan 28, 2010
Wyatt Cenac forgets he's black, and Doris Kearns Goodwin dares the Republicans to filibuster.
15x17 Austan Goolsbee aired: Monday Feb 1, 2010
Obama joins his political rivals for lunch, and Austan Goolsbee tries to avoid Great Depression Land.
15x18 Brian Williams aired: Tuesday Feb 2, 2010
Jason Jones speeds in his Camry, and Brian Williams remembers his prom night with Jon.
15x19 Atul Gawande aired: Wednesday Feb 3, 2010
Sam Bee learns how hard it is to be a man, and Atul Gawande hopes to save lives with a checklist.
15x20 Rep. Anthony Weiner aired: Thursday Feb 4, 2010
Rachel Maddow eviscerates everyone, and Anthony Weiner fights for health care reform.
15x21 Jenny Sanford aired: Monday Feb 8, 2010
Sarah Palin writes notes on her hand, and Jenny Sanford misses the inmates at the governor's mansion.
15x22 Newt Gingrich aired: Tuesday Feb 9, 2010
Richard Shelby releases nominees, and Newt Gingrich discusses the radical Obama administration.
15x23 Willie Mays aired: Wednesday Feb 10, 2010
Geraldo Rivera defends Haiti's children-takers, and Willie Mays buys soul food with steak money.
15x24 Lee Daniels aired: Thursday Feb 11, 2010
Iran launches pets into space, and Lee Daniels believes in the intelligence of the American audience.
15x25 Ricky Gervais aired: Monday Feb 22, 2010
CPAC holds its conservative Woodstock, and Ricky Gervais ridicules Karl Pilkington.
15x26 Jeff Garlin aired: Tuesday Feb 23, 2010
Wyatt Cenac looks into Bank of America's hidden fees, and Jeff Garlin discusses his food addiction.
15x27 Tracy Morgan aired: Wednesday Feb 24, 2010
John Hodgman tries to fix the Winter Olympics, and Tracy Morgan dreams of opening Chickendales.
15x28 Rep. James Clyburn aired: Thursday Feb 25, 2010
John Oliver covers the bipartisan summit after-party, and James Clyburn recalls his healthy lunch.
15x29 Neil DeGrasse Tyson aired: Monday Mar 1, 2010
Rick Sanchez covers the tsunami threat, and Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses life on other planets.
15x30 Robert Pattinson aired: Tuesday Mar 2, 2010
Samantha Bee tries to find Jonah Falcon a job, and Robert Pattinson worries about over-saturation.
15x31 Lynne Olson aired: Wednesday Mar 3, 2010
Sarah Palin does stand-up comedy, and Lynne Olson looks at the start of the Anglo-American alliance.
15x32 Scott Patterson aired: Thursday Mar 4, 2010
Jon tries Chat Roulette, and Scott Patterson describes the quants controlling Wall Street.
15x33 Harry Markopolos aired: Monday Mar 8, 2010
John Oliver thanks everyone for the Iraq invasion, and Harry Markopolos discusses Wall Street fraud.
15x34 Marc Thiessen aired: Tuesday Mar 9, 2010
Conservative lawyers attack Liz Cheney, and Marc Thiessen discusses the rights of enemy combatants.
15x35 Jerry Seinfeld aired: Wednesday Mar 10, 2010
Eric Massa disappoints Glenn Beck, and Jerry Seinfeld sees the humor in marriage.
15x36 Eamon Javers aired: Thursday Mar 11, 2010
Obama campaigns for health care reform, and Eamon Javers exposes the world of corporate espionage.
15x37 Michael Lewis aired: Monday Mar 15, 2010
Aasif Mandvi dresses up as Captain Moneybags, and Michael Lewis discusses subprime mortgages.
15x38 Jude Law aired: Tuesday Mar 16, 2010
Chris Dodd introduces his own financial reform bill, and Jude Law discusses health care.
15x39 Snoop Dogg aired: Wednesday Mar 17, 2010
The Texas school board votes against Oscar Romero, and Snoop Dogg discusses his GPS voice.
15x40 Gary Locke aired: Thursday Mar 18, 2010
Jon warns America about progressivism, and Gary Locke discusses the census form.
15x41 Ben Stiller aired: Monday Mar 29, 2010
Jason Jones proves how racist basketball has become, and Ben Stiller invites Jon over for Seder.
15x42 Robin Williams aired: Tuesday Mar 30, 2010
Sarah Palin tries to save John McCain, and Robin Williams discusses his new cow valve.
15x43 Roxana Saberi aired: Wednesday Mar 31, 2010
A C-SPAN host takes a racist phone call, and Roxana Saberi describes her ordeal in an Iranian prison.
15x44 Liz Claman aired: Thursday Apr 1, 2010
CNN hires Erick Erickson, and Liz Claman compares Wall Street to a casino.
15x45 Reza Aslan aired: Monday Apr 5, 2010
Insurance companies look for a way to deny kids, and Reza Aslan questions the war in Afghanistan.
15x46 Capt. Richard Phillips aired: Tuesday Apr 6, 2010
Tiger Woods returns to golf, and Richard Phillips describes his capture by Somali pirates.
15x47 Steve Carell aired: Wednesday Apr 7, 2010
Michael Steele plays the race card, and Jon doesn't remember Steve Carell.
15x48 David Remnick aired: Thursday Apr 8, 2010
Obama signs a treaty to limit nuclear arms, and David Remnick discusses Obama's ambition.
15x49 Bryan Cranston aired: Monday Apr 12, 2010

15x50 Rachel Maddow aired: Tuesday Apr 13, 2010

15x51 Richard R. Burt aired: Wednesday Apr 14, 2010

15x52 Tracy Morgan aired: Thursday Apr 15, 2010

15x53 Rep John Dingell aired: Monday Apr 19, 2010

15x54 John O'Hara aired: Tuesday Apr 20, 2010

15x55 Fred Pearce aired: Wednesday Apr 21, 2010

15x56 Zoe Saldana aired: Thursday Apr 22, 2010

15x57 Lisa P Jackson aired: Monday Apr 26, 2010

15x58 Richard Whittle aired: Tuesday Apr 27, 2010

15x59 Ken Blackwell aired: Wednesday Apr 28, 2010

15x60 Michael Caine aired: Thursday Apr 29, 2010

15x61 Jonathan Eig aired: Monday May 3, 2010

15x62 Rosalynn Carter aired: Tuesday May 4, 2010

15x63 Jon Meacham aired: Wednesday May 5, 2010

15x64 Mario Batali aired: Thursday May 6, 2010

15x65 Jack Rakove aired: Monday May 10, 2010

15x66 Sebastian Junger aired: Tuesday May 11, 2010

15x67 Michael Patrick King aired: Wednesday May 12, 2010

15x68 Ian Bremmer aired: Thursday May 13, 2010

15x69 Arthur Brooks aired: Tuesday Jun 1, 2010

15x70 Morgan Freeman aired: Wednesday Jun 2, 2010

15x71 Jonah Hill aired: Thursday Jun 3, 2010

15x72 John C Reilly aired: Monday Jun 7, 2010

15x73 Christopher Hitchens aired: Tuesday Jun 8, 2010

15x74 Spencer Wells aired: Wednesday Jun 9, 2010

15x75 Gov. Tim Pawlenty aired: Thursday Jun 10, 2010

15x76 Betty White aired: Monday Jun 14, 2010

15x77 James Tabor aired: Tuesday Jun 15, 2010

15x78 Louis C.K. aired: Wednesday Jun 16, 2010

15x79 Fred Thompson aired: Thursday Jun 17, 2010

15x80 Josh Fox aired: Monday Jun 21, 2010
The writer and filmmaker discusses his latest documentary about the environmental and social impact of the largest natural gas drilling boom in history.
15x81 Cameron Diaz aired: Tuesday Jun 22, 2010

15x82 Connie Mariano aired: Wednesday Jun 23, 2010

15x83 Adam Sandler & Chris Rock aired: Thursday Jun 24, 2010

15x84 David Axelrod aired: Monday Jun 28, 2010

15x85 Helen Mirren aired: Tuesday Jun 29, 2010
The Academy Award-winning actor discusses her latest film about Nevada's first legal brothel.
15x86 Landon Donovan & Bob Bradley aired: Wednesday Jun 30, 2010
From the U.S. soccer team, Landon Donovan and manager Bob Bradley.
15x87 Jere Van Dyk aired: Thursday Jul 1, 2010
Journalist and author Jere Van Dyk talks about his new book "Captive: My Time as a Prisoner of the Taliban".
15x88 Denis Leary aired: Monday Jul 5, 2010
Actor and comedian Denis Leary talks about the new season of Rescue Me.
15x89 Julianne Moore aired: Tuesday Jul 6, 2010
Actress Julianne Moore talks about technology, acting and crying on cue.
15x90 Daniel Okrent aired: Wednesday Jul 7, 2010

15x91 Marilynne Robinson aired: Thursday Jul 8, 2010
Prize winning novelist Marilynne Robinson talks about her new book "Absence of Mind: The Dispelling of Inwardness from the Modern Myth of the Self".
15x92 William Rosen aired: Monday Jul 26, 2010

15x93 Fareed Zakaria aired: Tuesday Jul 27, 2010
Host, "Fareed Zakaria GPS"
15x94 Robert O'Connell aired: Wednesday Jul 28, 2010
Author, "The Ghosts of Cannae"
15x95 Liev Schreiber aired: Thursday Jul 29, 2010
Actor, "Salt"
15x96 Mary Roach aired: Monday Aug 2, 2010
Mary Roach, Author, "Life in the Void"
15x97 Will Ferrell aired: Tuesday Aug 3, 2010
Will Ferrell, Actor, "The Other Guys"
15x98 Bruce Henderson aired: Wednesday Aug 4, 2010
Bruce Henderson, Author, "Hero Found"
15x99 Akbar Ahmed aired: Thursday Aug 5, 2010
Akbar Ahmed, Author, "Journey Into America"
15x100 Jason Bateman aired: Tuesday Aug 10, 2010
The star of "Arrested Development" and "Extract" returns to the show to talk about his new movie with Jennifer Aniston and Jeff Goldblum.
15x101 Laura Linney aired: Wednesday Aug 11, 2010
Laura Linney, Actor, "The Big C"
15x102 Arcade Fire aired: Thursday Aug 12, 2010
The band Arcade Fire plays a song from their new album "The Suburbs".
15x103 Emma Thompson aired: Monday Aug 16, 2010
The Academy Award-winning actor talks about her latest movie tonight on the show.
15x104 Dick Armey aired: Tuesday Aug 17, 2010
Author, "Give Us Liberty"
15x105 Edward Kohn aired: Wednesday Aug 18, 2010
Author, "Hot Time in the Old Town"
15x106 Jennifer Aniston aired: Thursday Aug 19, 2010
Actor, "The Switch"
15x107 Rod Blagojevich aired: Monday Aug 23, 2010
Former Governor of Illinois
15x108 Brian Williams aired: Tuesday Aug 24, 2010
Brian Williams, Anchor and Managing Editor, NBC Nightly News
15x109 Drew Barrymore aired: Wednesday Aug 25, 2010
Drew Barrymore, Actor, "Going the Distance"
15x110 Michael Bloomberg aired: Thursday Aug 26, 2010
Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City
15x111 Tim Gunn aired: Tuesday Sep 7, 2010
The "Project Runway" co-host discusses his new book about how to "make it work" in your career, relationships and life.
15x112 Tim Kaine aired: Wednesday Sep 8, 2010
Tim Kaine - Chairman, Democratic National Committee
15x113 Meghan McCain aired: Thursday Sep 9, 2010
Meghan McCain - Author, "Dirty Sexy Politics"
15x114 Ben Affleck aired: Monday Sep 13, 2010
The actor and director returns to the show to talk about his latest project.
15x115 Tony Blair aired: Tuesday Sep 14, 2010
Author, "A Journey"
15x116 Jon Hamm aired: Wednesday Sep 15, 2010
Actor, "The Town"
15x117 Bill Clinton aired: Thursday Sep 16, 2010
Jon announces the Rally to Restore Sanity, and Bill Clinton contributes to the economic stimulus.
15x118 Jimmy Carter aired: Monday Sep 20, 2010
The 39th President of the United States returns to The Daily Show to discuss his new book.
15x119 Sigourney Weaver aired: Tuesday Sep 21, 2010
President Obama meets his kryptonite, and Sigourney Weaver remembers her high school years.
15x120 Edward Norton aired: Wednesday Sep 22, 2010
The Senate fails to repeal "don't ask, don't tell," and Edward Norton thinks Robert De Niro is weird.
15x121 His Majesty King Abdullah II aired: Thursday Sep 23, 2010
Republicans unveil their new ideas, and King Abdullah II of Jordan hopes for Middle East peace.
15x122 Bill O'Reilly aired: Monday Sep 27, 2010
Stephen Colbert ruins Congress, and Bill O'Reilly refuses to attend the Rally to Restore Sanity.
15x123 Arianna Huffington aired: Tuesday Sep 28, 2010

15x124 Linda Polman aired: Wednesday Sep 29, 2010

15x125 Justin Timberlake aired: Thursday Sep 30, 2010

15x126 Sam Harris aired: Monday Oct 4, 2010

15x127 Bruce Willis aired: Tuesday Oct 5, 2010

15x128 Philip Dray aired: Wednesday Oct 6, 2010
Philip Dray, Author, "There is Power in a Union"
15x129 Naomi Watts aired: Thursday Oct 7, 2010
Naomi Watts, Actor, "Fair Game"
15x130 Johnny Knoxville aired: Monday Oct 11, 2010

15x131 Eric Cantor aired: Tuesday Oct 12, 2010
The House minority whip discusses his book promoting the new generation of Republican leaders.
15x132 Condoleezza Rice aired: Wednesday Oct 13, 2010
Author, "Condoleezza Rice"
15x133 David Rakoff aired: Thursday Oct 14, 2010

15x134 Austan Goolsbee aired: Monday Oct 25, 2010
Chariman, President's Council of Economic Adviser. The economist and former journalist discusses the administration's plan for restoring the economy.
15x135 Ted Kaufman aired: Tuesday Oct 26, 2010
The former Joe Biden staffer talks about his brief term in the Senate and what will happen to the Democrats after November 2.
15x136 Barack Obama aired: Wednesday Oct 27, 2010
President of the United States
15x137 Washington Recap aired: Thursday Oct 28, 2010

15x138 Zach Galifianakis aired: Monday Nov 1, 2010

15x139 Michael Beschloss aired: Tuesday Nov 2, 2010

15x140 Chris Wallace aired: Wednesday Nov 3, 2010

15x141 David Sedaris aired: Thursday Nov 4, 2010

15x142 Rick Perry aired: Monday Nov 8, 2010
Rick Perry: Author, "Fed Up!" The Texas governor discusses his new book about the failure of Washington to serve the people.
15x143 Harrison Ford aired: Tuesday Nov 9, 2010
Harrison Ford: Actor, "Morning Glory" The acclaimed movie star returns to the show to talk about his latest film.
15x144 Mick Foley aired: Wednesday Nov 10, 2010
Mick Foley: Author, "Countdown to Lockdown"
15x145 Rosario Dawson aired: Thursday Nov 11, 2010
Rosario Dawson: Actor, "Unstoppable"
15x146 Marion Jones aired: Monday Nov 15, 2010
The former Olympic track star talks about finding a road to redemption after her career-ending performance enhancing drug conviction.
15x147 Bethany McLean aired: Tuesday Nov 16, 2010

15x148 Jay-Z aired: Wednesday Nov 17, 2010

15x149 Philip K. Howard aired: Thursday Nov 18, 2010

15x150 Judah Friedlander aired: Monday Nov 29, 2010
The actor and comedian discusses the most important book in karate history, which he just wrote.
15x151 Susan Casey aired: Tuesday Nov 30, 2010

15x152 Sting aired: Wednesday Dec 1, 2010
Musician, "Live in Berlin"
15x153 Stacey Schiff aired: Thursday Dec 2, 2010

15x154 Hugh Shelton aired: Monday Dec 6, 2010
In this complete, unedited interview, Hugh Shelton discusses Julian Assange's threat to national security and expresses his concerns over the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell."
15x155 Seth Green aired: Tuesday Dec 7, 2010
Creator, "Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III Special" The actor and director talks about his latest Star Wars parody.
15x156 Michelle Williams aired: Wednesday Dec 8, 2010
Actor, "Blue Valentine"
15x157 Edmund Morris aired: Thursday Dec 9, 2010
Author Edmund Morris discusses Teddy Roosevelt.
15x158 Gordon Brown aired: Monday Dec 13, 2010
John Oliver and Olivia Munn sell riot souvenirs, and Gordon Brown discusses the financial crisis.
15x159 Ricky Gervais aired: Tuesday Dec 14, 2010

15x160 Paul Rudd aired: Wednesday Dec 15, 2010

15x161 Mike Huckabee aired: Thursday Dec 16, 2010

Season 16 Episode List

16x1 Paul Giamatti aired: Monday Jan 3, 2011
The media calls Barack Obama the "comeback kid," and Paul Giamatti says "rapscallion."
16x2 Senator Kirsten Gillibrand aired: Tuesday Jan 4, 2011
Republicans focus on 2010 issues, and Kirsten Gillibrand wants to reform the Senate filibuster rules.
16x3 Jimmy Wales aired: Wednesday Jan 5, 2011
John McCain gets cranky, and Jimmy Wales imagines Wikipedia's relevance in 500 years.
16x4 Patton Oswalt aired: Thursday Jan 6, 2011
Facebook refuses to disclose its financial results, and Patton Oswalt uses a prisoner ghostwriter.
16x5 Denis Leary aired: Monday Jan 10, 2011
John Oliver reports on the Arizona shootings in his PJs, and Denis Leary discusses "Suck on This Year."
16x6 Colin Firth aired: Tuesday Jan 11, 2011
John Oliver celebrates Verizon's iPhone announcement, and Colin Firth talks about "The King's Speech."
16x7 Tim Pawlenty aired: Wednesday Jan 12, 2011
Members of Congress introduce gun legislation, and Tim Pawlenty defends Republican rhetoric.
16x8 Ron Howard aired: Thursday Jan 13, 2011
John Hodgman makes NASCAR more exciting, and Ron Howard shares his enthusiasm for show business.
16x9 Peter Bergen aired: Monday Jan 17, 2011
Michael Steele steps down as RNC chairman, and Peter Bergen talks about progress in Afghanistan.
16x10 Neil deGrasse Tyson aired: Tuesday Jan 18, 2011
Jon promises Sarah Palin a classy conversation and reveals his love for Neil deGrasse Tyson.
16x11 Paul Clemens aired: Wednesday Jan 19, 2011
Glenn Beck appears on the "Today" show, and Paul Clemens discusses blue-collar decline.
16x12 Kambiz Hosseini & Saman Arbabi aired: Thursday Jan 20, 2011
Steve Cohen compares Republicans to Nazis, and Kambiz Hosseini and Saman Arbabi call Jon a prophet.
16x13 Anand Giridharadas aired: Monday Jan 24, 2011
Wyatt Cenac dons a parrot suit in Mississippi, and Anand Giridharadas tells Jon the truth.
16x14 James Franco aired: Tuesday Jan 25, 2011
A reporter searches for homeless talent, and Jon composes an ode to James Franco's Oscar nomination.
16x15 Jonathan Alter aired: Wednesday Jan 26, 2011
Michele Bachmann looks off camera, and Jonathan Alter examines Obama's plans for the future.
16x16 T. Boone Pickens aired: Thursday Jan 27, 2011
Bill O'Reilly defends his Nazi analogies, and T. Boone Pickens wants America on an energy plan.
16x17 Bill Gates aired: Monday Jan 31, 2011
Egyptian forces use American tear gas canisters, and Bill Gates works on curing polio.
16x18 Michael Steele aired: Tuesday Feb 1, 2011
Conservatives turn into political hypochondriacs, and Michael Steele must prove his identity.
16x19 Matthew Perry aired: Wednesday Feb 2, 2011
Republicans close the rape loophole, and Matthew Perry talks about his happy friend.
16x20 Admiral Michael Mullen aired: Thursday Feb 3, 2011
Justin Bieber switches bodies with Jon, and Mike Mullen talks about the crisis in Egypt.
16x21 Edward Glaeser aired: Monday Feb 14, 2011

16x22 January Jones aired: Tuesday Feb 15, 2011

16x23 Brian Williams aired: Wednesday Feb 16, 2011
Anchor and Managing Editor, NBC Nightly News. The award-winning journalist and friend-of-the-show stops by.
16x24 Ed Gillespie aired: Thursday Feb 17, 2011

16x25 Lisa Ling aired: Monday Feb 21, 2011

16x26 Anderson Cooper aired: Tuesday Feb 22, 2011

16x27 Donald Rumsfeld aired: Wednesday Feb 23, 2011

16x28 Austan Goolsbee aired: Thursday Feb 24, 2011

16x29 Howard Stern aired: Monday Feb 28, 2011
CNN anchors take viewer requests, and Howard Stern hopes to talk to Charlie Sheen.
16x30 Prince Zeid Ra'ad aired: Tuesday Mar 1, 2011
Prince Zeid Ra'ad Representative, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan The U.N. representative of Jordan discusses King Abdullah II's new book, "Our Last Best Chance."
16x31 Allison Stanger aired: Wednesday Mar 2, 2011

16x32 Diane Ravitch aired: Thursday Mar 3, 2011

16x33 Rand Paul aired: Monday Mar 7, 2011
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)
16x34 Brian Christian aired: Tuesday Mar 8, 2011
Author Brian Christian ('The Most Human Human: What Talking with Computers Teaches Us About What It Means to Be Alive').
16x35 Aaron Eckhart aired: Wednesday Mar 9, 2011
From 'Battle: Los Angeles,' actor Aaron Eckhart.
16x36 Trey Parker & Matt Stone aired: Thursday Mar 10, 2011
'South Park,' creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
16x37 Sarah Vowell aired: Monday Mar 21, 2011
Author, "Unfamiliar Fishes." The author discusses her new book about American colonization of Hawaii in the 1800s.
16x38 T.J. English aired: Tuesday Mar 22, 2011
The author of "The Savage City" discusses his new book about murder and corruption in New York City during the 1960s and 70s.
16x39 Richard Lewis aired: Wednesday Mar 23, 2011

16x40 Bret Baier aired: Thursday Mar 24, 2011

16x41 Dr. Mansour O.El-Kikhia aired: Monday Mar 28, 2011
Republicans want to lower the corporate tax rate, and Mansour O. El-Kikhia discusses Libya.
16x42 Miguel Nicoleles aired: Tuesday Mar 29, 2011
Joe Biden works the room at a war speech, and Miguel Nicolelis helps paralyzed people walk again.
16x43 Jake Gyllenhaal aired: Wednesday Mar 30, 2011
Republicans appeal to their narrow base, and Jake Gyllenhaal considers marrying a stranger.
16x44 Norm Macdonald aired: Thursday Mar 31, 2011
CIA operatives might arm Libyan rebels, and Norm Macdonald wants to blow up his stupid high school.
16x45 Billy Crystal aired: Monday Apr 4, 2011
The comedian and actor discusses his role as a vampire in an upcoming Funny Or Die short.
16x46 Colin Quinn aired: Tuesday Apr 5, 2011
The comedian discusses his one-man Broadway show and special on HBO.
16x47 Mike Huckabee aired: Wednesday Apr 6, 2011
The former governor of Arkansas discusses his views on government, families and his latest book.