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By pokerbottle on Jul, 10 2015 | See all reviews by pokerbottle
The Walking Dead is just as the title says, intriguing! It can get very addictive. The series basically suck you in and you can't stop watching. The plot is very interesting, the characters are all different, which spices things up a little. I was pleasently suprised by how good the acting is. The show is just awesome thus far. I'm impressed.
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By Tori7463 on Mar, 7 2015 | See all reviews by Tori7463
this tv show is absolutely extraordinary in every single way possible, my best friend got me addicted to it, it's always keeping you wanting more, and always getting you on the edge of your seat and not to walk away but to get the remote and turn the volume up... I have always loved zombie movies but y'all gave me something even better!!!!! A TV SHOW WITH TONS OF SERIES FOR ME TO ENJOY!!!!!! It's literally to💀DIE💀 for!!!! It's such a captivating show,
"The Walking Dead" is literally the brains to my zombie... Haha see what I did there👌 oh and never stop making more series, cause I honestly don't even have a single clue what my best friends and I would do without "The Walking Dead" that show is what makes our all nighters epically extravagant!!!!!

~ your BIGGEST fans in the whole ENTIRE 💫universe💫!!!!!

P.s WE ❤️LOVE❤️ YOU!!!!!!! OH AND DON'T FORGET TO "Stay away from the zombies, cause they will catch you no matter when, where, or
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Zombies Zombie Zombies
By KroppcirclesLockjaw on Nov, 19 2014 | See all reviews by KroppcirclesLockjaw
You generally can't go wrong with zombies....The Walking Dead takes it to the next level. I mean how many shows get more views that Sunday Football?
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By mimimaro on Nov, 8 2016 | See all reviews by mimimaro
i love it it's so so good
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How amazing Walking Dead is
By Carlotta_ferraresso on May, 1 2016 | See all reviews by Carlotta_ferraresso
I really like this TV show because it can really attract the audience even though they just started to watch it. This video have everything that a reader even an audience wants.
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Great, Relistic Show !!!
By ToxicEU on Apr, 25 2016 | See all reviews by ToxicEU
The Walking Dead is the best ongoing Zombie Post-Apocalypse TV show atm in my opinion. I especially love the show because it features regular people (no super heroes) who are fighting hard in order to stay alive... And i love this show because most of the times it is realistic - people are dying from diseases and injuries, they are suffering hunger, thirst, fatigue, lots of leading characters from the first episodes died, and probably the most realistic thing is fact that sometimes the most wicked and dangerous enemies of survivors are not zombies but actually other humans. Hopefully The Walking Dead will stay on our screens for at least few more years...
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By momopanda on Apr, 13 2016 | See all reviews by momopanda
I like this series because it's full of plot twists and cliffhangers which gives me hype, but it's more about drama, and not killing the dead anymore..
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Review: 'The Walking Dead' - 'Now': ...and I feel fine? Read
By guitariste on Feb, 27 2016 | See all reviews by guitariste
"Now" is the series' tenth episode since our heroes arrived in Alexandria. In that time, only a few of the Alexandrians have gotten any real characterization at all, and some of them are either dead (Reg, Nicholas) or missing (Enid). The show's always had trouble servicing the larger ensemble, especially when it's as big as it is at the moment. (Every time Rosita appears or is mentioned lately, my first reaction is surprise that she's still on the show, just because they've done so little with her.) But the deck is already stacked against the Alexandrians in the ongoing philosophical debate with Rick's group, because we've known Rick and Carol much longer, and because we know that they're right. Having everyone but Deanna, Aaron, and Jessie be complete non-entities turns the debate from a rout into pointless savagery.
So "Now" is, like many of t
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Love it!
By SavWinchester on Aug, 26 2015 | See all reviews by SavWinchester
The walking dead is one of the most enjoyable, saddening, and at some points funny, shows. The main character is Rick, who is a sheriff and he wakes up from a coma in the middle of the zombie accoplyse. You'll love so many of the characters like Daryl, Carol, Michonne.
Hate others; shane, lori, carl(in the first few seasons)
but it is very interesting and very good plot, characters, and very realistic makeup and such
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"One of the best series!"
By SissyAnna27 on Jul, 25 2015 | See all reviews by SissyAnna27
i started to watching walking dead but i didnt know it could be that good!\r\ngreat set great actor and ofc a amazing script full of plots not for everyone but definitly worth to watch :-)\r\nCant wait for the new episodes...
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By runforfun on Jul, 14 2015 | See all reviews by runforfun
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The best ones at the moment - The walking dead
By MaracaBR on Jul, 8 2015 | See all reviews by MaracaBR
when I watched the first time I thought that i wouldn\'t like..but, its the best serie at the moment!! I can\'t stop!!
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By afrin2000 on Jun, 28 2015 | See all reviews by afrin2000
This show is awesome
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Awesome tv show
By ramblebamble54 on Jun, 8 2015 | See all reviews by ramblebamble54
This is a great tv show watched every single show i get excited when a new episode comes on.
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The Walking Dead
By LadyElvira99 on Apr, 11 2015 | See all reviews by LadyElvira99
The show, adapted from Robert Kirkman's comic book series, quickly moves past its familiar premise. It's about what happens after the apocalypse, in the struggle to remain human after society's collapse.
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By iriss on Jan, 29 2015 | See all reviews by iriss
I must admit that i do like zombies,so the walking dead wasn't the first zombie movie/show that i've watched.I played the game first and i thought i should check the show too.I am obsessed with it.I can't wait for the new season.
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Zombies Zombie Zombies
By nanilane on Jan, 18 2015 | See all reviews by nanilane
This certainly was the best series I've had the opportunity to watch every episode is a new surprise and emoçap, I particularly do not have to complain about!
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zombes zombies zombies
By starjaded on Jan, 5 2015 | See all reviews by starjaded
At first I started watching the Walking Dead , thinking it would be another typical zombie show. After a few episodes , I was hooked , it has non stop action and drama. For me the scariest part is the threat the other survivors pose. This series is well worth the time to watch. Very well made , great job !
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"The Walking Dead" rocks!
By xxfactorxx on Jan, 1 2015 | See all reviews by xxfactorxx
I first started hearing rumors of a t.v. series based on the comic book some time ago. By the end of summer, I was reading about an official series in virtually every horror magazine I subscribe to and names like Darabont, Gale Ann Hurd and Nicotero were attached along with comic book series creator Kirkman having an active hand. Well, episode one debuted on AMC on All Hallow\'s Eve and it\'s exceeded my every expectation. Admittedly, I hadn\'t read the comic book (though I\'m sure gonna now) but I\'ve been a huge zombie movie fan primarily thanks to George Romero. The show looks and sounds like a movie with top-notch production values and fabulous zombie FX. Lennie James steals the show so far in an exceptional cast. On top of it all, Darabont and Kirkman have humanized the unhuman in their touching teleplay adaption. No doubt, AMC have another runaway hit on their hands.
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Come on zombies!
By mahar on Sep, 22 2014 | See all reviews by mahar
the best zombie movie ever!

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Zombies! Realistic Zombies!!
By cloire on Feb, 8 2014 | See all reviews by cloire
“The Walking Dead” gets higher ratings than any other series on cable. The people love their zombies. The make up is done great, not a bunch of CGI which is so common in today's world.
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By manal on Jun, 5 2015 | See all reviews by manal
it\'s a good
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walking dead
By imsa23000 on Apr, 20 2015 | See all reviews by imsa23000
it's a good serie i lik it
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By fatimaamin on Apr, 13 2015 | See all reviews by fatimaamin
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