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Noragami - Noragami
By AngelNikkoli on Apr, 1 2015
Noragami is a brilliantly planned anime, the storyline is impeccable and the characters contrast each other very nicely. It is an amazing anime that will leave you begging for more once you\'ve finished. You will fall in love with the characters instantly.
Sherlock - A mysterious adventure.
By AngelNikkoli on Mar, 27 2015
With a twist on the classic Sherlock Holmes, comes Sherlock starring Benedict berbatch and his berbatch curls. The show takes The stories of Mr. Holmes to a whole new level. With his assistant, Sherlock solves the hardest and strangest of crimes. When everyone doubts him he proves them wrong. the only thing i wish for this show is if there were more episodes.
My Neighbor Totoro - Totoro
By AngelNikkoli on Dec, 24 2014
The movie it self is cheesy but you will just fall in love with the characters immediately it i such a cute and enjoyable movie.