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Spice and Wolf - A Goddess and A Human
By Glenden on Jan, 13 2015
Spice and Wolf is a long journey filled with heaps of dialogue and economics of the olden days which is applicable even now.

Spice and Wolf is set in the medieval in a land that appears to take inspiration from European countries. Our story begins with the introduction of Kraft Lawrence, a travelling merchant who while on his way from town, is approached by the wolf goddess who goes by the name of Holo the Wise Wolf. Who asks to accompany Lawrence on his travels so she can return to her home in the snowy north. From here on out this is a journey filled with heartwarming and fun filled adventure between the two as they ride together selling goods and getting into trouble. All around a great, interesting and inventive concept.
This is partly Spice and Wolf's most charming feature. The interactions that take place between Holo and Lawrence will keep you engaged and smiling throughout the entire series.

Overall this show was a beautifully executed piece of artwork.
By Glenden on Jan, 12 2015
Brilliantly and cleverly written, phenomenal acted, and David Fincher and his friends have created one of the most thrilling addicting and professionally made shows in a long time. I haven't seen a show so stylish and engaging since Breaking Bad premiered in 2008. You will instantly love this show.
My only warning about this show is that it is very difficult to only watch one episode in one sitting.
Blue Exorcist - Half Good Half Bad
By Glenden on Jan, 12 2015
In the beginning everything was good. The character development was awesome. The premise was good and even the visual effects were nice. But the problem arose during the second half of the show. It looked like they dragged it too long just for the sake of it.

The ending was absolute disaster. Even the fighting scenes in the anime were downplayed.

The story is set in a typical high school setting. The side characters were okay and they didn't have much depth. If you are bored to death and wouldn't mind watching an anime with a dragged second half, go for it.

"From what I heard, the mange is hundred time better than the anime. And my interaction with my friends led me to the conclusion that the reason as to why the first part is good is because it follows the manga but in the second half it doesn't follow the manga."