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Criminal Minds - There's Nothing Quite Like Crminal Minds
By HaleyJames2016 on Jul, 19 2016
Criminal Minds... Where do I start? This show has some of the most likable characters I have ever watched. They aren't overly dramatic or annoying, and each has a story that is uniqure to themselves. These characters are ones that you will relate to and root for at the same time which is amazing and beautiful to watch. The sheer amount of thought put into each episode and each "criminal mind" is breathtaking at times, showing what the real world is like and what the FBI does everyday. This show gives you the chance to see what people are really capable of, but it also shows the way life is so beautiful and worth living. I recommend this show to absolutely anyone. It will change your life with the way it tells perspective and detail of the minds of criminals. There's nothing quite like it. :)