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Archer - Lets be spies!
By HintoHuckleberry on Jun, 4 2015
Archer is a show for people who like the finer things in life. Gunplay, car chases, high espionage, double agents and of course running gags, rough but delightful humor and over the top characters.
Steven Universe - This has become my Universe
By HintoHuckleberry on May, 31 2015
Steven Universe is one of the best shows on tv, for kids and adults alike. There seems to be no set gender roles and shows love and respect knows no culture, age, race or gender. The adventures of Steven and the group of powerful alien women (call themselves the Crystal Gems) who raise him. They protect Beach City and beyond from dangers brought on by corrupt Gems, which become monsters. The soundtrack is movie quality, amazing songs and background music. Created by Rebecca Sugar of Adventure time fame, Steven Universe is thought-provoking, cute, heartfelt and action packed.