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Lucifer - The Devil Takes a Break From Hell
By Nish on May, 19 2016
I just finished season 1 a few days ago and so far I loved it. It portrays the actor Tom Ellis as the Devil, who has gotten bored with his daily routine in hell and decides to take a break and crash in Los Angeles as Lucifer Morningstar. He has a fun time hypnotizing humans and drawing out their deepest and darkest desires till he meet Detective Decker, a single mother on whom the Devil's charms do not seem to work. So together they collaborate and form an unbeatable duo where Lucifer puts his charms and abilities to good use as they solve murders. Has the Devil now started to seek justice? After all, "everything has been planned by God".
An addictive show which I'm rating 4/5 stars because the mysteries and sometimes hilarious moments which the series brings. Definitely looking forward to Season 2!
Attack on Titan - Attack on Titan
By Nish on Jun, 28 2015
This anime takes place 2000 years from now, where humanity is on the verge of extinction. The few thousands of humans left are living enclosed within 3 great hierarchical walls which protect them from the cannibalistic titans, who are several-meters tall giants with no intelligence and seem to kill and eat for the sole purpose of enjoyment. When titans take over the outer wall, Eren and Mikasa are left to witness the bone-chilling scene of the heartless giants following to which, Eren takes a vow to annihilate all of the titans.
The Big Bang Theory - Big Bang!
By Nish on Jun, 26 2015
The Big Bang Theory follows the daily lives of Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard and Penny as they go along their days having to put up with Sheldon\'s constant \'childishness\', whereby being actually a genius, Sheldon thinks that the world always goes his way, and if it doesn\'t, he always has a Plan B or C to help him through!