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Total Drama Island - Total Drama Everything!
By Rafe on Sep, 4 2016
This series was created to mock actual reality tv shows and they hit the mark. The series had everything! Teen angst,love,hate,insecurities and diversity. Each character held their own and brought new stories that didn't make the series seem forced and repetitive. Many know and love this tv show and it's so perfect that the writers never to negate from the original script. Total Drama Island will always be a 10/10 to me as well as many other viewers.
Manga Love - Manga is love! Manga is LIFE!
By Rafe on May, 7 2016
Manga is a beautiful form of story writing. It shows the readers what is happening at the exact moment it happens. Whether it be romance or action, Yuri or Yoai, Harem or Shounen-ai. Manga invokes so many different amounts of emotion and this has lead the genre to where it is today.
Sukitte Ii Na Yo - A relatable Anime
By Rafe on Jul, 13 2015
When you trust someone and get to know them, you eventually learn about their wounds, too. – Mei Tachibana\r\n\r\nI was unsure about this anime-still am. Honestly, this isn\'t about real love...it\'s more about finding yourself and where you fit in society which in this case is high school. I think everyone will love this anime as we all were once the awkward, unsociable girl/guy...so it is relatable.
Strike the Blood - Action packed thriller with appealing scenes ^_^
By Rafe on Jul, 13 2015
Strike the Blood is a harem anime with a majority of the female cast falling in love with our super powerful ultra rare vampire protagonist.
The action was visually eye pleasing, but it felt slow in some cases.
The storyline was quite diverse in each of their respective chapters, but some scenes have the same key idea used in each one. Up until the last few chapters where things take a shift to the end game.
The most top rated aspect of this anime I think is the cast and how there are a variety of abilities and characteristics that each character can use.
Strike the Blood wasn't boring because of a new problem in every chapter, but it starts to lose its sense of direction after the main key points are set in place.
Supernatural - Different in a Good Way
By Rafe on Jul, 9 2015
A series with a weekly horror story is intriguing, and the investigators being brothers, and on the wrong side of the law, makes it different from other programs on television as it appeals to many viewers with the different aspects of mythology as well as many urban legends.