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Tip for good quality uploads in my opinoin

1. Size matters, a small immage is not fit to be a wallpaper.
Upload your immage in pic of not at all.

2. Description: describe what you see in your upload or state your opinion about it but don't leave it black, that will result in a low aproval

3. Tags: use them XD if you upload a pic of a smiling personen tag the word smile, is the person if famous en tag the word famous. This will help people find your upload and that will give you more poins.

4. Source: nameing your source (website where you found your upload) will give you a high aproval.

5. Fanart/art: the source is very importand if you upload fan art. Credit the orginal creator of your upload. If you don't and I can't find out who made it your upload WILL BE DELETED. If you are not sure who made the art yourself, make sure you name the website you found your upload on and tell in the descripion that you don't know who made it, I will give you a pass if you do that.

These are thing I look out for when moderate. Use these tip and I will give you high appovals for your uploads. The clubs I modetrate can be seen below ( the ones with the yellow boarders. Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to ask :)

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Kamisama Kiss Paul Walker Vin Diesel Henry Cavill Marilyn Monroe Wentworth Miller Tom Hardy Hugh Jackman Robert Downey Jr. Gal Gadot Christian Bale
Chris Evans Ian McKellen Jack Nicholson Stephen Amell Famke Janssen Michael Keaton Danny DeVito Noragami Studio Ghibli Stan Lee Don Cheadle
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sohhila says...
hello dear i hope u are finne i wanna ask u if you can about my level im in level 3 but i wanna be in level 4 they told me to do -Be selected by Staff Staff will promote users after reviewing their overall quality of contributions what mean this plz helps me and told me what i need to do to be in level 4 im so tired :( thnaks so muchh :*
posted @ 11/05 05:16.59 AM

ikramikram says...
Can you please pick a cardOpenBucks $10becauseI need it and there is no sufficient number and Thanks
posted @ 10/23 12:23.34 PM

ScarletteVervain says...
Somehow the approve system does not seem te be working for a while now. If you uploaded a image to one of my clubs, please be patient I will aprove them as soon as I can.
posted @ 09/06 02:00.04 AM

amalamam says...
Hello Download Photos accept images needed essential thanked you Club Photo plz plz plz plz Hello accept images plz in club Tom Hardy and thank you
posted @ 07/28 07:58.05 AM

amalamam says...
plz plz plz plz Hello accept images plz in club Henry Cavill plz and thank you
posted @ 07/19 03:27.58 PM

mmimi says...
Accept wallpapers Thank you so necessary club Chris Evans
posted @ 07/19 10:01.07 AM

tshiry1 says...
thank you for your amazing uploads :)
posted @ 05/03 04:58.53 AM

Nish says...
Hello, just wanted to say thanks for uploading in my club Anime Boys. The title, description and tags were so on point that I couldn't resist posting here to thank you. (/^o^)/
posted @ 04/18 03:52.10 AM

tshiry1 says...
hello plz upload to my club i will approve immediately
posted @ 04/15 04:18.28 PM

aishammk says...
Hi! Would you like to submit some images in my clubs? I'll approve them
posted @ 02/21 07:07.19 PM
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