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The Walking Dead - Great, Relistic Show !!!
By ToxicEU on Apr, 25 2016
The Walking Dead is the best ongoing Zombie Post-Apocalypse TV show atm in my opinion. I especially love the show because it features regular people (no super heroes) who are fighting hard in order to stay alive... And i love this show because most of the times it is realistic - people are dying from diseases and injuries, they are suffering hunger, thirst, fatigue, lots of leading characters from the first episodes died, and probably the most realistic thing is fact that sometimes the most wicked and dangerous enemies of survivors are not zombies but actually other humans. Hopefully The Walking Dead will stay on our screens for at least few more years...
The Man in the High Castle - Loved It !!!
By ToxicEU on Dec, 23 2015
I loved watching the first season of The Man in the High Castle !!! The idea of changing the course of history and making Germany and Japan being winners of World War 2 is so great in my opinion. Watching a World being tightly controlled under military law makes me appreciate freedom we live in today, freedom that most of us take for granted... Hopefully they will make more seasons of The Man in the High Castle !!! :)
South Park - Show that made me a better person...
By ToxicEU on Dec, 20 2015
I started watching South Park when i was 15-16 years old, maybe even a bit younger... Back then i was in high school and i watched show sometimes before i went to sleep... I enjoyed their jokes and humor but i have to say - i wasn't able to fully understand everything in episodes... Today, around 15 years later, i am adult and i enjoy watching South Park !!! I cherish every moment in which series creators are ripping apart politicians, stupid ideologies, religions, capitalist society and bad human habits :) :D Lots of people do not fully understand the background stories behind South Park episodes and find show not very interesting - but for me who kinda grew up on it, South Park is priceless !!! :)