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The Goonies - This is on of my favorite movies from my chilhood
By VickyVCuchi on Sep, 23 2016
This movie left a mark in the childhood of every kid from the 80´s and 90´s. The cast is fantastic, we all felt related with those kids and wanted to be them. I think that was every kid dream to has an adventure like that. This movie has all that our internal kid dreams, so is not just a kids movie, is for all the family.
5 stars for one of my favorite movies ever!
American Horror Story - Is the best tv serie ever!
By VickyVCuchi on Sep, 11 2016
I love it! My favourite is the first season because was so original that blow me away!
Salt - Es una buena película para pasar el rato
By VickyVCuchi on Oct, 16 2014
Realmente me gustó. Obviamente al ser fan de Angelina Jolie no me hace muy objetiva. Pero es una entretenida película de acción y misterio, ya que te mantiene atrapado hasta el final.
Constantine (2005) - Grate movie!
By VickyVCuchi on Oct, 8 2014
I love this movie! The idea is fantastic! I like everithing about it, the story is grate, the actors did their jobs perfectly, the characters are cool. I gess that wath I love more is wath this movie represents: heaven and hell in earth, and haw they work togeather...
Closer - One of my favorite movies!!
By VickyVCuchi on Sep, 25 2014
I fall in love with this story at the very begining! The sound truck is fantastic, the character are real and interpreted by amazing actors.. Is a realistic psicological story that blow my mind and melt my hart...
Modern Family - Grate TV family comedy
By VickyVCuchi on Sep, 17 2014
I love all the characters! This is a fantastic TV serie! I really love it! And I think that it is important that parents watch this serie with their kids, they can lern a lot about love, family and tolerance
Scrubs - A crazy and funny tv serie
By VickyVCuchi on Sep, 11 2014
I love the characters and their relationships! It is very original and fun to watch!
Zombieland - Fantastic cool movie!
By VickyVCuchi on Sep, 10 2014
It is a funy and entretain movie! I love the actors in it! They are all grate and funy! It is a cool story, grate music and efects! I love Woody and all that he does is grate!
Under the Dome - I´m a Stephen King fan! So I love it!!
By VickyVCuchi on Sep, 10 2014
I loved the book! And even wen there are very big changes in the serie, I love it! I fall in love with the characters again. Like every King creation is fantastic! A really good thriller for all in the family
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - To long and slow for me.. sorry..
By VickyVCuchi on Sep, 10 2014
I love the first 3 movies! but the Hobbit 1 and 2 are to slow.... I´m really sorry becouse I know that the fans are going to hate me for this.. but I didn´t like them... I couldnt even finish them