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The Cleveland Show - Like Family Guy only a bit more dark :D
By bullet101 on Sep, 5 2015
It's quite the same as Family Guy so people who love Family guy will love this too. It just like your fav setting in a different place. So u feel at home and enjoy a new look at the famous Family Guy series.
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - The hero Walter Mitty saved your day!
By bullet101 on Sep, 5 2015
I read he's book in school and watched the old and new movie of him. The story is an inspiration to how we all dream and feel sometimes. We realize we can'T do it most of the times but our brain is powerful enough to make it seem real. Walter Mitty is just a normal man with an over excited brain making his though become and feel real even when they not. Loved the book and story was very interesting.
The Boondocks - I love these crazy ninja's
By bullet101 on Sep, 15 2014
Man there is never a dull moment in boondocks. Always someone looking for a fight or some wit trying to be better than the docks. If you love anime style cartoons this is really a must watch. I watched all the episodes and ninja moment was the one that i laughted the most. So sad that it only had two season :(
Keeping Up with the Kardashians - Crazy, but awesome and hot girls
By bullet101 on Sep, 15 2014
Kardashians wow wow wow!! Man i wish i could be in their family. I mean they have everything you can dream of. If you like seeing how rich people live their life this is a must watch! Would of gave it a 5/5, but their kind a bit boringer now that the 3 crazy girls are older (no more crazy parties etc)
Smallville - Superman is the ultimate hero :D
By bullet101 on Sep, 12 2014
We all love superman. We were still small little babies watching him fly and rescue people. Then when superman changed to smallville we saw a newer version of the old superman. To me personally it was a great move. Smallville had every ones attention and we all just loved it. There is always action and also some drama and romance for the ladies. Perfect series for a family and teen children
Grimm - Grimm the weird but yet awesome series
By bullet101 on Sep, 12 2014
The first 2min i watched the first episode of grimm i though nah this is another boring series, but then a flippen men changed in to a wolves and another in a pig. After that gross and weird stuff this series got me hooked. If you love weird,awesome and sometimes scary moments this is a must watch for you!
Sword Art Online - Future just come now!
By bullet101 on Sep, 7 2014
When i started to watch this I just couldn't stop. It attracted me like a magnet! To me virtual gaming like on this game is and will be always a dream. This anime made me stress, excited and ever cry'ed! It is a well placed together anime series that is a much watch if you are a gamer who likes anime. Can't wait to watch season 2! 5/5
Dragon Ball Z - My fav anime ever!
By bullet101 on Sep, 7 2014
Me and my dad watched Dragon Ball Z from when it came out till the end. And never have any other anime or cartoon EVER beat Dragon Ball Z. It is truly the best anime for me. I loved Goku for his genours role he played. Everything in the story was just to good for me, love it so much! The game i got for me on ps2 (long time ago XD) and man me and my friends played that every dam day! I am still the un beaten champ. I mean i won him with Krillin while he played with the strongest bue (that small one). The best only person who almost killed me was a friend who challenged me when i beated him he couldn.t believe it hehe. Champ on!!!! Dragon Ball Z is a must wacth if you like anime!!!!
American Dad - American dad all the way!
By bullet101 on Sep, 7 2014
Roger, Roger, Roger! Hahaha that grey alien can't not make you laught. He and his twisted stories makes this series so flippen funny. To me I am a bigger fan of South Park, but in my second place AMERICAN DAD fits in nicely. If you want to laught your socks of give this series a go! Roger that :P
South Park - The best cartoon show EVER!
By bullet101 on Aug, 9 2014
South park... What can I not say? It is my personal favorite cartoon show ever. I am a real fan of South Park. I have watched all the episodes, played a lot of their old games on my ps1 and ps2 and some on my pc. I have finished the new SOUTH PARK THE STICK OF TRUTH game(this one was so freaking awesome, because it felt like you were in one of the episodes. Real good graphics to the cartoon and great action and funny moments!) And I also watched all their movies. To me South Park is the best!!!!