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The Walking Dead - Zombies! Realistic Zombies!!
By cloire on Feb, 8 2014
“The Walking Dead” gets higher ratings than any other series on cable. The people love their zombies. The make up is done great, not a bunch of CGI which is so common in today's world.
The Simpsons - Don't miss this show
By cloire on Feb, 8 2014
The Simpsons is one of the best TV shows of all times. . The stories have gradually become better and the second fiddle characters were getting more screen time which translates into a much more realized show. The pop culture references abound and delight those who can pick them out.
What makes this show so great is its attention to detail, its outrageous dialogue and its completely fearless way of dealing with any issue that crosses the writers' minds. The many characters and their extravagant
Breaking Bad - Good show
By cloire on Feb, 8 2014
The show was almost unheard of: a strange tale of a highschool chemistry teacher in a rural corner of America, toiling away in a life of quiet desperation, only to be told that he is dying of cancer. So he teams up with a former pupil, Jesse, to make and sell crystal meth, to earn money fast and provide security for his family after his cancer takes its toll.

It's a portrait of one man's simultaneous ascent (to drug lord) and descent (into moral depravity).
Avatar: The Last Airbender - The last airbender
By cloire on Feb, 3 2014
On the whole it has good humor, good action, great animation and pretty good voice acting. I'm told they did their work on asian culture reference in the series.
It has a lot of unnecessary episodes, like the Great Divide, main characters swing in and out of likeability (Katara). Many plot elements plainly exist solely for the sake of the characters they relate to and contribute nothing to the setting or the story.
Hunter x Hunter - The anime, OV As and all.
By cloire on Feb, 3 2014
The first story arc is very enjoyable. It has heavy adventure, as the later arcs become more complicated. Trying to explain martial arts using aura called "Nen" which every hunter uses. As in the last arc it's feature kurapica archenemy, generiodan, and killua family.