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Full House - Full of Good Morals
By cutiecake on Jul, 6 2015
This show makes sense, as this show shows the life of a family. The events that happen in this show make sense in reality, while delivering humor to the audience. Michelle the baby is cute AND is so funny! This show has taught me so many things, such a life lessons. Finally, I'd just like to say that everyone should try to watch at least ONE episode and you'll fall in love with this show! (Even the kids who like brainwashing, bad shows will like it, trust me!)
SpongeBob SquarePants - Square Pants!
By cutiecake on Jul, 6 2015
This guys is not a square! From jelly fish catching to his pet snail, Sandy, Spongbob is such a funny under the sea creature! This show does actually teach valuable lessons, if you don't get blinded with the humor! For instance, Mr. Crabs is greedy and sells Spongebob for I think 1 cent. This shows that people can be greedy and should always watch where you go. I do think this show is amusing!
Frozen - You Cannot Let It Go!
By cutiecake on Jul, 6 2015
This movie is absolutely amazing! It has a great meaning to it, as well as a twist to classic Disney films. It shows that true love does not have to be a couple, it can be the people who you care most about. It is also hilarious, as the snowman Olaf does no know what happens to snow in the heat. This film is appropriate for any kid, and is great for movie night! I absolutely cannot let it go!