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arunsinghbisht says...
yes i am level 3 but i still dont know how to review an episode
posted @ 10/17 04:39.13 AM

Twizted says...
"A: Check http://www.fanaru.com/contribute.php for fanclubs that need" ... More like DON'T DO THAT ! :) ... 12 pictures pending for 3 weeks ... ALL in the "contribute" area.... so much STUCK in there... account ruined for me. NEVER contribute, unless you dont want to stay lvl 1 forever.
posted @ 10/14 08:10.13 AM

arunsinghbisht says...
how to review an episode
posted @ 10/14 08:00.38 AM

arunsinghbisht says...
what is a fan art
posted @ 10/11 04:39.02 AM

Menna24 says...
Hi! Would you like to submit some images in my clubs? I'll approve them
posted @ 09/17 04:19.02 PM

tinaa says...
Hi! Would you like to submit some images in my clubs, I'll do the same for you?
posted @ 08/15 04:41.37 AM

sally337 says...
can u plz approve my pics in pokemon club?thank u
posted @ 06/05 07:20.11 AM

malk says...
Hello when I go to accept the wallpaper wallpaper does not appear Is there a problem what
posted @ 05/20 08:42.15 AM

ericman367 says...
how do I moderate a review?
posted @ 05/08 09:24.27 AM

imsa23000 says...
hello, lpease i need help, can you tell me how to approuve walpapers in my clubs? please i need your help ♥
posted @ 05/01 12:11.21 PM

sjhv0000 says...
how I can upload photos on clubs?
posted @ 04/29 11:49.06 AM

soulef says...
Hey, the site asked to put as much of keywords, i put much tags but not randomly.
posted @ 04/29 08:45.10 AM

Geoliza says...
hello could you tell me how I can earn more points ... is that I'm new u.u
posted @ 04/15 10:18.26 AM

Adorina969 says...
I was just moderating some images and approved yours :) I was shocked that you uploaded them 3 months ago!!! -fairy tail moderator
posted @ 04/10 02:06.41 AM