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Menna24 says...
Hi! Would you like to submit some images in my clubs? I'll approve them
posted @ 09/04 05:01.13 PM

amalamam says...
هل تقصد: مساء النور اختي ممكن تقبلي الصور ديالي تلقاهم في نوادي africa hamster lucy algeria malficent حوسي على صور وقبليهم وشكرا اختي اذا تقدري تشرحي لي كفاش نجمع نقاط اكثر خبريني وشكرا Good evening my sister possible receptive images Diyala Tlqaehm in africa hamster clubs lucy algeria malficent Hosa photos and Qublehm and thank my sister if Tkdra explain to me the Cash colle
posted @ 05/03 11:10.12 AM

LoreAJ says...
Hi! Well you could upload more images to any fan club but I suggest that you do it in the ones that have an active moderator, I bet that all the ones in the top earners sections are active. ^^ You can anwser a poll and a trivia daily and get 10 points each. You could also Check-in and share images. Hope it helps you. ^^ If you have any more doubts please tell me. =)
posted @ 04/15 05:02.28 PM

YMR says...
daily upload wallpapers in different clubs :D if you want quick approve upload wallpapers in animals clubs mostly of them i am moderate :D and by friend tip to earn points upload in those clubs where top contribution members upload :D any thing else :D
posted @ 04/15 10:42.17 AM