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Cowboy Bebop - Deep! Acation! Adventure! Spaceships!
By kashib on Feb, 23 2016
This anime centers around the life of a space cowboy by the name of Spike and his crew. The crew starts out as just him and another bounty hunter side-kick who sticks with him through some of most craziest things that happen in space. The story really picks up when they pick up a bounty Named fey and from there the crew slowly expands to include the three things Spike hates yet keeps on board. The ship 'Bebop' takes alot of hits through out their adventures as they travle through space attempting to collect bounties. Yet, the drama unfolds as along the way Spike's past is not only reveled yet it comes back in the end to haunt him and things really start to spice up then. A must watch!
Deadman Wonderland - Dark,devious full of twists! Not for the faitn of heart
By kashib on Feb, 23 2016
This series is very dark from the start and stays that way all the way through the end. This is very mature and has lots of graphic greosume deaths. There is lots of blood and violence wrapped in a story of survival with some friendship thrown in. Along with friendship there is many deaths in this story line some graphic and gory and others simply tragic as the main character fights his way through the many levels of this 'wonderland' he gains fame,power a name friendship but finds everything in the end has a price.Still a wonderful show and different in there is nothing quiet like it out there yet.
Inuyasha - Love it! a classic love story!
By kashib on Feb, 23 2016
This show has so many perks! The artistic style of drawing is captivating in itself and the story line is very captivating. It portrays the general theme of a bond transending time itself and the many, many trail and errors along the way. From the many diverse kindss of demons which relate to different types of lore and stories in japan to the simple day to day life struggle of being out of place. It centers heavily around the relationship of a high school girl and a half-demon from another time. Their link is a magic well that at the same time pulls them together and sets them apart. The central theme of this anime seems to be the testing of true love. A truly captivating and worth while anime and a classic.
Rick and Morty - A clever,funny,Random!
By kashib on Feb, 23 2016
This show has a lovely balance of comedy as well as a few life lessons thrown in there as well. For those who tune in every now in then it can seem like utter nonsense and randomness. For those who follow it there is a clear story arc with lots of character development. It's very much not for children with alot of it's adult themed content and jokes. The characters are given great realism with alot of the episodes having them come across some hard life choices and having it in the end the characters as a family stick out some of the most whacky and often hard hitting situations as a family. Up until the very end.This show is a great read for the mature audience and those with a healthy sense of humor about life. This really brightens a night. I loved it!