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2 Broke Girls - Fresh and Fun, cupcakes looked delicious!
By LusiferMs on Dec, 24 2014
I've just watched the series pilot today and I founded it hilarious! Truth must be said, most things were unveiled in the series extended preview, but still really funny. Kat Dennings is great and the storyline is fun and fresh enough to make a 20-minutes sitcom work. I still have my doubts with Behrs, but let's hope her acting stands up for herself and Kat doesn't overshadows her role. Recurring characters may ad some good stories as well. Probably everything will spin around the two girls by now, but I hope the creators are able to develop other people roles, like Oleg the Russian chef, he's got potential. Finally, I especially liked the last bit when they show how much money the couple has to make their dream bakery business true. Thumbs up for 2 Broke Girls!