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sally337 says...
please use better names in uploading pics
posted @ 02/18 11:31.45 AM

ikramikram says...
hi can you help me please how can i earn points because i can t upload picture please i need your help
posted @ 01/05 01:53.57 AM

fernandafds says...
Hi, i'm braziliam, don't speak english, can you help me? limit has to earn points in fanaru a day? sorry for my english
posted @ 01/04 08:01.15 AM

king360 says...
Can you approve my 1 wallpaper in the "dracula untold" club? Thank you for your time.
posted @ 09/13 06:15.14 AM

petitsousou says...
posted @ 08/03 08:01.53 AM

rahafalmughanni says...
hi,can i put images in any clup and approve it now?
posted @ 07/03 02:26.36 AM

imsa23000 says...
hello, lpease i need help, can you tell me how to approuve walpapers in my clubs? please i need your help ♥
posted @ 05/01 07:54.20 AM

afreen1 says...
hey beauty i am new here ,,, so can u plx approve my picx in my own fan club (nail art) because i posted so many picx there and now i my stuck not able to post picx any where so plx help me
posted @ 04/07 02:15.07 PM

desmut says...
hi i upload some image in your fan clubs.. can you take a look?
posted @ 03/08 05:53.20 AM

soulef says...
hi ;))
posted @ 10/16 03:56.26 AM

loveloveyou says...
hope next week 2 dollar for you
posted @ 09/19 05:33.53 AM

loveloveyou says...
why not stuffpoint being fun and also bid and bid
posted @ 09/19 01:59.35 AM

loveloveyou says...
looooool mahar is really funny
posted @ 09/18 01:14.00 AM