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No. 6 - One of the better anime.
By maltronic on May, 27 2016
I remember coming across this one when looking for sci-fi anime to watch. I wasn't disappointed--the world is intriguing and the story is wonderful. There's no filler, there aren't any places where it's slow, the pacing is nice, and if you end up liking this then there is also a novel you can seek out if you want to get more in depth.

Additionally, the characters are likable. I didn't see one that I didn't like. This especially goes for the main two; Shion and Nezumi compliment each other well, and they're both cuties!

It's also only eleven episodes, so it's perfect for those down days when you just want to binge-watch something.

The only downside is that, again, it's only eleven episodes--but all good things must come to an end.
Doctor Who - It's an enthralling series.
By maltronic on Apr, 4 2016
From Classic to New Who, Doctor Who has kept my interest. It's the only television series that I keep up with nowadays. Part of its charm is how it never stays the same, new characters and new actors each having their time to shine, new stories and adventures around every corner. It's never stale. The writers usually know what they're doing. The dynamics between the titular character and his enemies are also interesting, especially if you've dipped into the beginnings of the series; the bad guys aren't flat or boring. They have their backstories and their reasons. For those looking for something fun to watch, this is the stuff right here; and for those who aren't just casual fans, there's a lot of lore and history to delve into. Its got something for everyone with a taste for sci-fi and adventure.