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about me
I'm from Denmark, and I'm a moderator in certain fan clubs (you can see which clubs I'm a moderator of by looking at the ones with a yellow border around them.).

These are the fan clubs that I made:

Black Christmas: http://fanaru.com/black-christmas/
A Scanner Darkly: http://fanaru.com/a-scanner-darkly/
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: http://fanaru.com/the-texas-chain-saw-massacre/
MF Doom: http://fanaru.com/mf-doom/
Sherlock Holmes: http://fanaru.com/sherlock-holmes-character/
Duck, You Sucker!: http://fanaru.com/duck-you-sucker/
Daughters of Darkness: http://fanaru.com/daughters-of-darkness/
Cemetery Without Crosses: http://fanaru.com/cemetery-without-crosses/
Stalker: http://fanaru.com/stalker/
Curse of the Golden Flower: http://fanaru.com/curse-of-the-golden-flower/
Inferno: http://fanaru.com/inferno/
Space Ghost Coast to Coast: http://fanaru.com/space-ghost-coast-to-coast/
Tenebrae: http://fanaru.com/tenebrae/
Team America: World Police: http://fanaru.com/team-america-world-police/
Robert E. Howard: http://fanaru.com/robert-e-howard/
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: http://fanaru.com/santa-claus-conquers-the-martians/
Black Sabbath: http://fanaru.com/black-sabbath/
Zombies: http://fanaru.com/zombies/
Giant Monsters: http://fanaru.com/giant-monsters/
Fantastic Planet: http://fanaru.com/fantastic-planet/
Forbidden Planet: http://fanaru.com/forbidden-planet/
Vampyr: http://fanaru.com/vampyr/
Vampires: http://fanaru.com/vampires/
Werewolves: http://fanaru.com/werewolves/
Deep Red: http://fanaru.com/deep-red/
Valerie and Her Week of Wonders: http://fanaru.com/valerie-and-her-week-of-wonders/
Fairy Tales: http://fanaru.com/fairy-tales/
Lady Snowblood: http://fanaru.com/lady-snowblood/
The Great Silence: http://fanaru.com/the-great-silence/
The Adventures of Prince Achmed: http://fanaru.com/the-adventures-of-prince-achmed/
House of Flying Daggers: http://fanaru.com/house-of-flying-daggers/
Alice: http://fanaru.com/alice/
Unforgiven: http://fanaru.com/unforgiven/
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: http://fanaru.com/crouching-tiger-hidden-dragon/
Hero: http://fanaru.com/hero/
Suspiria: http://fanaru.com/suspiria/
Harakiri: http://fanaru.com/harakiri/
Once Upon a Time in the West: http://fanaru.com/once-upon-a-time-in-the-west/
Monty Python's Flying Circus: http://fanaru.com/monty-pythons-flying-circus/

my fan clubs
The Simpsons Game of Thrones South Park Dogs Spirited Away American Dad The Simpsons Movie Princess Mononoke The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Tenebrae Fairy Tales
Valerie and Her Week of Wonders Team America: World Police Suspiria Werewolves Once Upon a Time in the West Hero Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Forbidden Planet Lady Snowblood The Great Silence Curse of the Golden Flower
Inferno Rap & Hip Hop Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Black Christmas House of Flying Daggers Cemetery Without Crosses Stalker Duck, You Sucker! Edwige Fenech Pan's Labyrinth A Scanner Darkly
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Seren_Tatour says...
Hi , Do approve the wallpapers in your clubs ?
posted @ 06/17 11:59.44 AM

rahafalmughanni says...
Can you please pick a card stardoll 7$ because I need it and there is no sufficient number and Thanks
posted @ 06/12 08:04.53 AM

AliceiM says...
Hi! How do I know which fanclubs have active moderators? Thank you!
posted @ 12/16 06:51.22 AM

pokerbottle says...
Hi! Would you like to upload some images to my club, Mother Nature? I approve them daily, asap. :)
posted @ 12/06 10:25.49 AM

mado says...
what i need to up level 4 ?
posted @ 11/30 03:37.18 PM

mado says...
what i need to up level 4 ?
posted @ 11/30 03:30.20 PM

mado says...
what i need to up level 4 ?
posted @ 11/30 03:22.26 PM

talh says...
Hi~ iam in level 1 Can u help me in Getting to level 2 and soo on
posted @ 11/18 10:36.53 PM

sohhila says...
sorry bc i see i ll make you like crazy i ask so much lol
posted @ 11/06 07:54.00 AM

sohhila says...
aww really but i can answer trivia questions they give me 10 point :/ :(
posted @ 11/06 06:50.58 AM
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