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Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter - Love this movie
By momopanda on May, 18 2016
I love this move because, in the beginning she was desperate, and desperation caused her to lose hope, but in the end, she succeeded on what she wanted to do, i love the happy ending, and how she worked hard for the "treasure" :)
Clarence - Clarence
By momopanda on May, 13 2016
Clarence is one of the shows that can make a teen and an adult watch it, i mean, it's really cool that a kid can be stuck on an adult situation too, and he always will find a way to solve it,
Tales of the Abyss - Tales of the Abyss
By momopanda on May, 13 2016
I like the anime, it has potential to be a popular one, i admire the story, each story can follow up and bring hints to another one :)
One Piece - Great show
By momopanda on May, 11 2016
It won't end for another 10 years lol
Rick and Morty - Cool
By momopanda on May, 8 2016
Rick and Morty is just something unexplainable, it's awesome how they do the art, the art style is ok, but the story is quiet unfollowable...
American Horror Story - Love love love
By momopanda on May, 8 2016
I like it, it\'s unique, and very creative and bloody, it\'s a little creepy, and eerie, which is ok, goosebumps everywhere.
Naruto Shippuuden - Fillers! Fillers everywhere!
By momopanda on May, 8 2016
Naruto has been on fillers so long i have genuinely forgotten what the hell is going on and have now come to stop caring. If you havent seen Naruto, dont watch until its a completed show... which will probably be never. The producers of this show have ruined an awesome storyline just to keep it alive, no doubt this has caused massive rating drops too.
Sword Art Online - Only good on the first ???
By momopanda on May, 8 2016
In the beginning, Sword Art Online (SAO) looked like it could have turned out to be the best show of the year, no exaggeration. The premise of being stuck and unable to log out of a virtual reality MMO with the condition that dying in the game means you die in real life and the only way out is to clear all 100 floors was set up extremely well in the first episode. The second episode continued this with the first boss fight, supported by well-done animation and Yuki Kajiura's amazing-as-always score. At this point, hopes were high.
Pretty Little Liars - I wanted more!
By momopanda on May, 8 2016
One of my all time favorite shows on TV! Great acting, great story line, plenty of mystery, and constant twists and turns that keep you wanting more! The writers are brilliant and know how to answer your questions but give you more questions at the same time! It never gets dull or boring and keeps you guessing. You may think you know but you never really do!
Regular Show - Regular Show?
By momopanda on May, 8 2016
[TL:DR] : I really like the show
{Long ver} :
It's a great show, i like the art and the concept of each episode, and how things can affect the next episode, "Regular Show" is not "Regular" it is very unique and very interesting to watch, and you won't get bored because every episode has their own charisma, My favorite character is Rigby, because he has very high confidence even though he knows that he can't do the things he want.