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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? - Great story, Great setting, Great Action
By ruphine on Apr, 26 2016
The setting is dungeon under the city. There are many monsters spawn in the dungeon, and after defeat many and stronger monster, the adventurer levels up and he can go further to battle stronger monster, just like a RPG game.

The action is good as expected. I totally amazed when Bell (the main protagonist) fights a minotaur alone. The story is great and contains many teaching, with the protagonist goes through hardship and betrayal. As for the character, I kinda hate Hestia, Loki and Freya for their attitude.

Character 8/10
Story : 10/10
Animation & graphic : 10/10
Enjoyment : 10/10

========Spoiler allert======
This anime is about a young boy who want to become adventurer, but getting rejected by familias (like a guild), and then he meet poor alone god. The god then invites him to join his familia. One day the boy fighting in the dungeon, he then got attacked by minotaur and saved by a girl, whom he fall in love with.
So the boy wants to become stronger.
Baka and Test: Summon The Beasts - Funniest comedy anime I have ever watch
By ruphine on Jan, 10 2015
Graphic : 9.2/10
Sound : 9.4/10
Story : 9.7/10
Character : 10/10
Enjoyment : 9.9/10

The characters have different and unique personality. And it is how it can be so funny. The funny thing is on different level than any other comedy anime. You can see very clearly a discrimination between classes.
The fan service jokes are also funny, the pervert character especially Muttsurini has the best reaction.
The story itself are also nice, it has very well arranged romance story that touches my heart.
And if you like strategy-psychological like anime, it is the best one. The battle teach me that the stronger not always be the winner. See how the weakest class fight with a smart and funny strategy to fight the other classes.

Watch this anime, and you will be laughing hard in every episode by the stupidity of Akihisa and friends...