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austenland - Great plot if you love Jane Austen!
By SavWinchester on Apr, 8 2016
Austenland is about Jane Hayes, a middle aged woman who feels like her life is incomplete. She hasn't found her Darcy, the "right guy", so after making a deal with her best friend, she travels for a vacation at "Austenland", a british theme resort where guests play a part in a romantic fantasy with an actor. But when she pays for the "cheap" deal, she finds that her dreams weren't as she thought they would be and meets a 21st century guy, Martin. But the man who plays Darcy so well, has her eye too....
Psych - Psych has psyched my emotions!
By SavWinchester on Mar, 15 2016
So, we all probably know that psych is a guy named Shawn who pretends to be a psychic to get out of trouble with the police, dragging his best friend Gus into the equation of trouble. But I bet we'd never thought would happen was that we'd get dragged also into this interesting plot. We have our amusing main character with his side kick, the beauty (Juliet), the authoritative one (Lassiter), and the hard character (Henry). And who doesn't love the flashbacks, of course I began a crying fit when they changed young shawn's actor.
I have to say I give this show 5 stars because of the humor, likeable characters, and the depth of romance and grief these characters must go through.
The Following - Interesting
By SavWinchester on Aug, 26 2015
The following is about a serial killer named joe carroll who has killed 14 women, who was put in jail for years. But he has many devoted fans who will do anything he says to win his approval.

Great show, intersting plot.
The Walking Dead - Love it!
By SavWinchester on Aug, 26 2015
The walking dead is one of the most enjoyable, saddening, and at some points funny, shows. The main character is Rick, who is a sheriff and he wakes up from a coma in the middle of the zombie accoplyse. You'll love so many of the characters like Daryl, Carol, Michonne.
Hate others; shane, lori, carl(in the first few seasons)
but it is very interesting and very good plot, characters, and very realistic makeup and such
The Final Destination - another great final destination that isnt exactly the final
By SavWinchester on Jul, 29 2015
This movie was the fourth movie of the five final destination movies. A boy has a premonition of a race car track crash. After saving his friends and a few others from terrible deaths. Death comes after them.
Pretty Little Liars - The title is beyond truthful- Pretty Little Liars
By SavWinchester on Jun, 3 2015
I must say, a great tv show. You began to love so many characters. You began to suspect the killer. You doubt the main characters innocence of the killing. You began to look for the clues. You began to obsess.
The basic story line is how 4 old friends began to get texts from a person who signs with -A. Who knows everything. They began to suspect this -A is their dead friend's killer.
If i must say, my fave character is Aria. And i adore ezria.
Gotta love high school drama though.
I have not however seen season 5 yet, so when summer starts i will be rewatching all of the seasons including season 5 which is on nexflix since yesterday.
Supernatural - The Best of the Best
By SavWinchester on Jun, 3 2015
This show has made me laugh, cry, love, hate. Once you start, you cant stop. You get drawn to it. To be honest, I cant pick my favorite character. I love them all; Dean, Sam, Cas, Bobby... The plot twists are amazing, the ideas for the episodes are magnificent. You cry when one of the Winchester brothers or Cas cries. You cry when characters that you loved or hate died. Let me tell you, i did.
As i said, one of the best shows i have ever watched.