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Frozen - "Best Disney Movie"
By SissyAnna27 on Jul, 25 2015
i call it the best disney movie every nothing more to say here ...
go get it:)
Supernatural - "Vampires,Ghosts,Zombies...Supernatural got it all!&quo
By SissyAnna27 on Jul, 25 2015
this show just have everything from a good story to pure action you may cry one time and laugh at another , all in all such a great show i hope for more seasons soon.
The Walking Dead - "One of the best series!"
By SissyAnna27 on Jul, 25 2015
i started to watching walking dead but i didnt know it could be that good!\r\ngreat set great actor and ofc a amazing script full of plots not for everyone but definitly worth to watch :-)\r\nCant wait for the new episodes...