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Sekirei - To be continued...
By spice on Jun, 8 2016
Sekirei has an interesting storyline, sort of pokemonesque, pitting people who have sekirei (men/women with powers) against each other having their sekirei do battle to deactivation (sort of death).

The generic protagonist starts off being thrown into a game taking place in a large metropolis, Shinto Teito. He gets his first Sekirei and slowly adds more to his harem hoping to survive and try to keep everyone alive while battles to the death are going on around the city between Sekirei.

It's definitely a harem/ anime but the storyline is enjoyable. The big let down comes at the end of season 2 where it leaves off at a cliffhanger. The anime diverges from the manga. The manga has now finished but I'm not sure when/if we'll ever get anymore Sekirei again.

Lord Marksman and Vanadis - Large Scale Battles and Strategy
By spice on May, 26 2016
This was a fun short watch (only 13 episodes), not particularly great or notable though for me. I enjoyed the large scale battles that take place and strategizing that goes on. I can never find enough shows with armed forces clashing.

Lord Marksman and Vanadis focuses around war/politics between countries set to a medieval European background. Lots of fantasy, magic, pikesmen, swordsmen, armor clad troops, armor clad horses, swords, magic, archers, speeches, rallying of troops, and swords women.

The main character after being left for dead has to grow an army, defend his homeland, defend the people, and defeat force after force with the help of magical warmaidens that come with their own small armies.
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash - A Story of Fire and Ash
By spice on Apr, 19 2016
I really enjoyed Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash. It's a nice "stuck in a mmo anime" where they focus on the MC and his small group of friends just trying to survive. It's an interesting take on what would happen if you were forced into a strange world and had to figure out how to go about your day.

In Grimgar the main characters have to fight low level monsters trying to scrape enough money together from loot to be able to afford food, clothes, & housing while training to become better at surviving in this new world.

Some people I know feel it might not be action packed enough because of a lot of slow paced scenes but the music and scenery do help out a lot. The slow paced scenes usually bring character development and make the journey a lot more emotional.

This was definitely my favorite anime of the Winter 2016 season.
Plastic Memories - Ferris Wheel of Feels
By spice on Jul, 11 2015
Plastic Memories caught my attention right away for the simple fact that it revolves around Androids in society. I love the idea of humanoid robots roaming around seemingly experiencing human emotions.

A short synopsis is the show revolves around the main character Tsukasa and his android/Giftia partner Isla. They go around retrieving Androids aka Giftias that are due for their expiration date. They meet lots of people along the way who each have to deal with the inevitable end of their Giftia.

Its like a slice of life android romantic comedy roller coaster of feels.
The Man in the High Castle - Heil Hitler I guess
By spice on Jan, 15 2015
This is another one of those Amazon pilots. I try not to get attached to them because in the past only about half of them seem to ever have follow up episodes or be made into a season.

This is pretty interesting, an alternate timeline where Japan/Germany won WWII and now the US is divided among them. Hitler is aging, tension rises between Germany and Japan, and US rebels plot for their freedom.

I'd like to watch more, maybe Amazon will finish this one!
Rome - Pre-Pax Romana
By spice on Jan, 10 2015
Great show, I've watched twice so far. Follows two fictitious characters throughout a two season historical fiction set around the time of Julius Cesear, Marc Antony and Gaius Octavius/Augustus.

Very fun watch if you are interested in Rome or even if you aren't!
Time of Eve: The Movie - Androids
By spice on Jan, 2 2015
This was really enjoyable. In a future with androids being commonplace in society, some people begin treating them more like humans while others treat them as slaves. This movie is about a cafe in the midst of everything where humans and robots/androids can hangout with each other and be seen as equals. I've always loved the concept of robots becoming self-aware or turning into AI and society having to figure out what this means in going forward.
True Detective - Dark and Entertaining
By spice on Nov, 19 2014
I usually dont like cop/detective shows, but the story is engaging and wraps things up nicely at the end. Lots of good quotes from this series, and Rust/McConaughey was awesome in it.

It's all one ghetto, man. A giant gutter in outer space.
Sly and Single Again - Very unique drama!
By spice on Sep, 6 2014
This is actually the first Korean Drama I've watched, sort of marathoned it, but it was great. Unique story starting right off with the main characters getting divorced then fast forwarding to their lives after a few years. One is wildly successful while the other has gone through difficult times. Great acting from the leads and has an enjoyable ending.
Log Horizon - Database!
By spice on Sep, 4 2014
This was a very fun and enjoyable first season of Log Horizon. This is based on the LN written by Mamare Touno, the same author who wrote Maoyu, so it has a lot of politics and economics supporting the main story of being trapped in a Virtual World MMO.

It can get very dialogue driven in certain moments so it isnt as action packed as say Sword Art Online but if you like the whole stuck in an MMO setup then its worth a shot to watch.