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RedSpider says...
Hi..I can't upload pics anymore in any clubs. A red box keeps on appearing saying the pic is too small but they are not. I tried in different clubs and it says the same thing...what is happening?
posted @ 12/26 01:00.36 AM

Diathedia says...
Hi, could you please link this club : http://fanaru.com/megaman-star-force/ with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mega_Man_Star_Force_(anime) ?
posted @ 12/25 12:40.44 AM

king360 says...
Waiting for my pending rewards. My support tickets were never answerd, so just tell me. Is this a scam? If yes then I wanna stop wasting my time with this site. Just tell ME.
posted @ 10/24 08:03.42 AM

king360 says...
Why I can't change the icons of some of my clubs? Is it a bug?
posted @ 10/10 07:17.08 AM

king360 says...
Can you invent a System(Php page or whatever) where we can LOOK up our pending wallpapers and maybe also cancel some?! I have 163 pending atm and I don'T even know where ......... totally annoying
posted @ 09/23 02:15.14 PM

kirikarin says...
can you approve my avatars plizz
posted @ 09/18 09:06.45 AM

marumisan says...
are you accepting wallpapers?
posted @ 09/10 05:31.11 PM

Menna24 says...
Hi! Would you like to submit some images in my clubs? I'll approve them
posted @ 09/08 03:29.59 AM

king360 says...
are you the owner of victor frankenstein club? if yes then please approv my wallpaper
posted @ 08/30 09:52.17 AM

gamernicks says...
Will admin come back Please tell me :(
posted @ 08/28 07:53.49 AM

Shaorina says...
hello, can you please approve my wallpaper in Tsubasa Chronicle fanclub? thankyou ^^
posted @ 08/24 10:10.52 PM

Diathedia says...
Hi spice, I know it's been 10 months since you checked in, but if you're back, could you please change http://fanaru.com/zettai-karen-children/polls/1693-which-personality-of-do-you-prefer/ question to "Which personality of Phantom Daughter do you prefer" ? Thanks!
posted @ 07/17 12:39.43 PM

andreutasasulea says...
Helo dear! Can you aprove my wallpapers too? a nice day! ♥
posted @ 07/17 07:28.50 AM

YMR says...
i create first German Shepherd and now some one make German Shepherds and one more Aishwarya Rai and duplicate club is Aishwarya Rai1
posted @ 07/12 02:51.31 AM