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Another - A review for the anime series Another
By Traxix1 on Apr, 4 2016
Another was one of those series which had me waiting eagerly for Mondays to arrive and wishing that the weekend would end sooner. For twelve weeks, it was my priority above all else to watch this amazing series, and to be honest, I'm already awaiting the release of the OVA in May. If I had to say what makes it so incredible, I would cite the short series length, the clever plot with a brilliant resolution, and outstanding animation as the main contributing factors, although the promise of blood will probably be enough for most people to decide whether this show is for them or not. Although the violence means that this is not for the faint of heart (or weak of stomach), I would nevertheless wholeheartedly recommend watching it, as it is well worth your time.

~czmp93 :
iZombie - Thoughts on the series
By Traxix1 on Mar, 28 2016
So far this series hasn\\\'t disappointed me and I like it to the very end. I think that more people should watch it. It does have some weird changes about how Zombies work but I think it\\\'s what makes shows like this good. They think of new stuff about things we already think we know but truth is it\\\'s all about the imagination of the human mind. I think it\\\'s quite fantastic how they keep the Zombie apocalypse from happening. I don\\\'t usually watch shows that are about investigations but this one has me really interested. \\r\\nThanks for reading my review for this show. Please share your thoughts. :)