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Black Mirror - Five Stars Always!!
By yuumee on Jul, 17 2017
Black Mirror made me understand and notice the real world, the technology time... It shows the harmful side of technology and you sure begin to be afraid of it. You get shivers when you're watching it!
Person of Interest - An interesting show
By yuumee on Dec, 24 2016
If you like crime drama, tecnology, action, this show is for you. The plot is clever and stunning. Also the characters are really good. Our man John Reese and his friend Harold Finch, The Machine's inventor, finds the crimes on The Machine, and take care of the criminals.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Back to the Magical World
By yuumee on Dec, 24 2016
The protagonist is a British magizoolist, Newt Scamander. He goes to New York, US. He got a briefcase with him, which contains magical creatures in it. He meets a guy named Kowalski, and loses some of the creatures. And the Magical Congress of the USA chases after him. The plot is fast-moving and fascinating. Also characters are really good. In some scenes, they talk about Dumbledore, and we can see Grindelwald. In the second film, he will be shown more. We are waiting for the second film now.
Hannibal - Must Watch
By yuumee on Dec, 24 2016
Hannibal and Will, a psychiatrist and a criminal profiler, will amaze you with their charms. This show will give you a lot of things for sure. The drama and the mystery... Absolutely fascinating!
Supernatural - My Life in 12 seasons
By yuumee on Dec, 24 2016
Guys, if you didn't watch this show, just start already T-T This show is my life. I grew up with Sam, Dean and Cass. And I love all of them, even Lucifer ^^ Every season, every episode is a new adventure, a new comedy, a new drama, a new mystery. This show is one of my fav shows!!!
Suits - Really Fluent
By yuumee on Aug, 28 2016
First of all, I want to say that this series has one of the most fascinating story about being in the world of law. Every episode has different taste and perspective, but at the same time, every episode has the complement of the story. Characters have a personality. Harvey and Mike, they are like Sensei and his student. And there is Louis,... He looks like a mole, and he sees Harvey as a rival. But I like him too :) I don't give any spoi... Just go and watch!