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The Simpsons - I will always love it :)
By zizi on Mar, 14 2016
Its just the best, A lot of comedy; I laugh every minute of it
Running Man - Entertaining
By zizi on Mar, 13 2016
Its very funny, the casts are great and fun to watch
Pretty Little Liars - No more episode!!
By zizi on Mar, 11 2016
They should have ended it in the previous season; with A. but in the new season we have a big bad, and the girls still acting like they where in high school, first thing they should have done is to tell the police. they should have learnt from there past experience...But all still its still great; but should have ended in season 5...
Switched At Birth - nice
By zizi on Sep, 12 2015
fun and interesting
Bleach - how
By zizi on Sep, 11 2015
its awesime