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Otaku Sakamichi Onoda has just entered high school and plans to join the anime club. In middle school, Onoda didn’t have any friends with whom he could talk about anime, games, Akihabara and other otaku things, and he is hoping he can make such friends in the anime club, but he finds out it's been disbanded. In order to reestablish the club he tries to find 4 other people who would like to join.
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Yowamushi Pedal episode list

Season 1 Episode List

1x1 Because I Can Go to Akiba for Free aired: Tuesday Oct 8, 2013
Onoda Sakamichi is a huge anime fan that travels 90 round trip to Akiba on his mommy bike so he can purchase more anime goods weekly. He hates athletic teams, believing he has no athletic prowess and that the club teams are too violent. He joins Chiba Sohoku Public High School and hopes to find friends in the anime and manga club, but he learns it has been suspended due to low member amounts. Onoda hopes to restart the club, but he runs into an unexpected cyclist, Imaizumi Shunsuke, that could change his plans forever. Imaizumi plans on joining the bicycle racing team and getting revenge on another cyclist, Midousuji, for his only defeat from the past. Kanzaki Miki and Tachibana Aya also make their debuts and question why Onoda would travel to Akiba on a bicycle rather than taking a bus.
1x2 To Recruit More Members aired: Tuesday Oct 15, 2013
After witnessing Onoda's climbing while singing, Imaizumi challenges Onoda to a race up the school's steep rear gate slope. To spice up the competition, Imaizumi agrees to join the anime/ manga club if he loses. Onoda goes at everything with all his determination hoping to reform the club. Meanwhile Miki, her friends, and some of the bicycle club members hear about the race and decide to watch it.
1x3 I Don't Have Any Friends aired: Tuesday Oct 22, 2013
The race between Onoda and Imaizumi continues. Imaizumi has passed Onoda, but thanks to a seat adjustment from Miki, Onoda has more power than ever before. With the additional power he manages to catch Imaizumi. The race comes to its exciting conclusion, but little does either individual realize Onoda's efforts have attracted the attention of the rest of the Sohoku Bicycle team.
1x4 Naruko Shoukichi aired: Tuesday Oct 29, 2013
The rear slope race has finished, and Onoda has returned to Akiba to buy some more anime goods. There he runs into Naruko Shoukichi, a boy with a Kansai accent who is riding a bike. Naruko reveals he is originally from Osaka, but his family moved for work reasons, and he is in Osaka for the first time. Onoda buys some goods for Naruko's younger siblings, and the two become friends. When a passing car throws a cigarette butt at Onoda's bike, Naruko becomes infuriated, and he talks Onoda into pursuing this car with him on their bikes. Thanks to Miki, Onoda has gained a new front derailleur that might just provide him and Naruko the means to catch the car.
1x5 The Sohoku High School Bicycle Racing Team aired: Tuesday Nov 5, 2013
Onoda returns to High School where he runs into Naruko at his schools store. Naruko encourages Onoda to join the cycling club, which he plans to join the next day, but Onoda doesn't want to give up on his dreams of an anime club. After school Onoda observes the bicycle racing clubs practice and decides he wants to see how he compares to them in a competition. Onoda also meets another first year who decides to distribute any advice one might need, since he has three years of experience, in Terufumi Sugimoto. When he submits his application to the club, Onoda meets fellow first years in Kawada and Sakurai, but nothing could have prepared him for his first task- the Welcoming Race, which he'll have to do on his mommy bike against everyone's road racers.
1x6 Welcoming Race aired: Tuesday Nov 12, 2013
The welcoming race begins. Onoda is excited about the prospect of facing off with Imazmi and Naruko, but he quickly realizes he stands no chance against the others with his mommy bike. Onoda refuses to give up, even when the captain comes up in the recovery vehicle and demands Onoda pull over. Onoda thinks the captain wants him to quit. Little does Onoda realize he is about to gain a great eqailizer that could help propel him to the front as long as he can keep his balance. Onoda is given the teams spare road racer, but with only a limited amount of time to get used to it, will Onoda be able to go on?
1x7 I Want to Catch Up! aired: Tuesday Nov 19, 2013
With his new road racer Onoda quickly moves up from sixth into fourth place and makes up a five minute deficit. The captain sees Onoda's determination and decides to test his skills. He tells Onoda specifically what cadence he will need to go up the mountain if he is to catch Imaizumi and Naruko. As the recovery van matches Onoda's speed, they pass the other first years, minus Imaizumi and Naruko, and decide to let the second years coming from behind keep an eye on those three while they keep an eye on Onoda. An additional 3 minutes need to be made up if Onoda is to have any chance of catching them. Meanwhile Imaizumi and Naruko come upon an old man on the side of the road who is cheering for any cyclist that goes by. When the old man appears to fall the two stop. The old man thanks them for their help butthen warns them a third individual is coming up to make this race interesting. The two realize that the individual must be connected to the bicycle race club and get back on their bikes. As Mr. pierre watches the two continue they wonder if it is Onoda or some other individual that is gaining ground fast.
1x8 Sprint Climb!! aired: Tuesday Nov 26, 2013
Onoda manages to catch up to Imaizumi and Naruko. Seeing Onoda ignites their fighting spirits. The three decide to test each others abilities as they race for the top of the mountain and see which of the three of them deserves to be the King of the Mountain from Sohoku's first years. Naruko eventually begins to drift as he doesn't do well in the mountains when the grade changes, but instead of letting Onoda slow down and stay with him, he chooses to give him his fighting spirit. Onoda moves on up and challenges Imaizumi for the title of King of the Mountain. As the third years watch on, they wonder what it is that keep Onoda going on, and the coach talks about how much extra fun Onoda must be having for the first time.
1x9 Full Power VS Full Power aired: Tuesday Dec 3, 2013
500 meters remain to the peak, and Onoda and Imaizumi are the only two left who can claim the title King of the Mountain. Onoda raises his RPM's by another 30 tocatch up to Imaizumi, but can he maintain that speed over the finish line of stage 2? After the mountain stage finishes, Onoda finds himself out of stamina. Despite the seniors wanting to help him, he is forced to retire from the race, but the coach awards him for his efforts with something that surprises the other first years and makes Onoda decide to stay with the cycling team for the remainder of his time at Sohoku.
1x10 Peak Spider aired: Tuesday Dec 10, 2013
With the welcoming race over, each of the first years is given special training by other members of the team. Onoda is teamed up with Makishima, Naruko with Tadokoro, and Imaizumi with Captain Kinjo. A specific racing route from the front slope of the school to the rear slope of the school is assigned along with the simple mission of learning from their seniors. Makishima debuts his special dancing, similar to a spiders web being weaved, which Onoda tries to duplicate, but Makishima helps him realize that instead of copying others, Onoda needs to realize what his own specialty is and master it. It is also revealed that Sugimoto finished third in the welcoming race.
1x11 Human Bullet Train! aired: Tuesday Dec 17, 2013
One day has passed since the special training took place. The freshman are all in classes when Imazmi comes in and tells them he just learned from the second years that the Inter High Preliminaries started that morning. Onoda, Naruko, and Imaizumi rush an hour away to the prelim site and find that Sohoku is in 3rd place, 50 seconds behind two other teams, with only two laps remaining. Instead of panicking, Tadokoro tells the first years to keep a close eye out as Sohoku will take the race by a full minute. Sohoku unleashes their specialty human bullet train attack and goes into first place by a full minute with one lap remaining. As Naruko and Imaizumi try to figure out how they can defeat the 3rd years. Kinjo comes up and says they plan on releasing the first years at the main Inter High competition if they can endure a special training camp. The following day Hakone learns the results and swears to crush their rivals. However one member of the team, Manami, has chosen to skip the meeting and is found taking a ride through the mountains, wondering if his class rep is going to be angry when he shows up late.
1x12 First Day of Camp! aired: Tuesday Dec 24, 2013
Sohoku heads to a special cycling facility in the Mountains above Hakone. Onoda gets sick on the way and is let out of the van to wait for the coach in the car. While waiting Onoda decides to get some water until he realizes he has left his wallet in the van. Manami arrives shortly after and offers him his water bottle. Instead of taking his water bottle back, Manami tells Onoda to keep it. When Onoda arrives at the camp, Kinjo breaks out special training for the first and second years that are there. They must complete 1000km to be eligible to participate in the Inter High within 4 days time. However adjustments have been made to Naruko's, Imaizumi's, and Onoda's bikes. Naruko must complete the 1000km without his lower handle bars. Imaizumi must complete the 1000km without his gear shifters. Onoda isn't told what his special training is, but old heavy tires have been subbed out on his bike that will force him to adjust his cycling style. These 3 seniors, 2 second years (Teshima and Aoyagi), and Sugimoto also participate in the special training, all without any modifications to their bikes. With a little help from Makishima, Onoda is able to learn how it'll be easier for him to ride, but the changes give Onoda a large deficit in terms of laps covered, and he's not sure he'll be able to master the training before time runs out.
1x13 Imaizumi and Naruko's 1000km aired: Tuesday Jan 7, 2014
The first day of training is over. Imaizumi, Naruko, and Sugimoto have all managed to complete 200km while Onoda has only completed 165km. Onoda takes Mikishima's advice and is able to start covering ground at a faster rate. The captain instructs everyone to plan their own breaks as needed and to make each break last 10 to 15 minutes. He also decides to start 30 minutes after everyone else. Sugimoto introduces energy jellies to Onoda after Onoda completes 250km and admits he is feeling rather stiff. Meanwhile Imaizumi and Naruko go as long as they can without taking a break hoping to gain ground on their seniors, but neither can pull away from the other. At the end of Day 2, Cycle Time contacts Sohoku and requests an interiew for the upcoming Inter-High. The captain asks Naruko if he wants to do it, but Naruko turns him down. As Sohoku's members fall asleep, we shift to Kyoto Fushimi High School where we learn how Midosuji is training his team. Finally we shift to Hakone and see how their training is going on.
1x14 Reunion at Dawn aired: Tuesday Jan 14, 2014
As Day 3 begins, Onoda gets up earlier than everyone else to begins his day of work hoping he can slowly pull himself back into the compettition. He has only completed 390km to date, and the task of completing another 610km in two days seems overbearing. Meanwhile Manami sneaks into the cycling training center Sohoku is at hoping to find the mysterious climber that Toudou told him of. However he has arrived earlier than anyone else, and Onoda is the only one out on the track. Onoda runs into Manami and tries to return his water bottle. Manami instead proposes a race between him and Onoda. The condition- if Manami wins, Onoda has to keep the water bottle. As their race comes to an exciting conclusion, Manami realizes that Onoda is under a special training regiment and says for Onoda to return his water bottle to him, but only when they see each other at the Inter-High. Onoda begins to wonder if he truly has any chance of finishing and determines to do his best until the end.
1x15 Strategy aired: Tuesday Jan 21, 2014
Manami's words have excited Onoda. He begins matching paces and laps with Imaizumi and Naruko, despite being in last place, hoping he can move up and claim an Inter-High spot. The captain switches the viewing screen from class to laps completed which leads to a race between the second years and our three first years. However Teshima and Aoyagi have carefully thought up a plan they believe will lead them to an easy Inter-High roster spot. Teshima has been riding a lap ahead of the others, and when the first years come up on them, he helps Aoyagi perform a breakaway while he acts as a road block for our trio. If Onoda, Imaizumi, and Naruko can't get past Teshima, they'll find themselves being lapped and failing to make the Inter-High. Can any of them get past Teshima while they're working on their own, or will Teshima's prophecy that the first years will drop out in 3 more laps come to pass due to the nightly rule of no lapping others in the dark?
1x16 Breakthrough aired: Tuesday Jan 28, 2014
Imaizumi and Naruko continue to challenge Teshima and try to get past him. However Teshima has been conserving his leg strength and is able to continue to block them and catch them when they try to break away. With no other choice left, Imaizumi and Naruko put all of their hopes in Onoda who challenges Teshima on a climb. Teshima uses most of his strength to stay even with Onoda, and he reveals he has timed Onoda's fastest climb carefully to where he knows when Onoda will slow down. Now Onoda must endure more on this climb than ever before if he is to pass Teshima. Failure to do so will result in all the first years leg strength having been used and will leave all three of them out of the Inter-high. Will Onoda manage to prevail and prove Teshima's predictions can't account for one's growth?
1x17 Onoda in Last Place aired: Tuesday Feb 4, 2014
After Onoda breaks through Teshima loses the heart to fight, and Imaizumi and Naruko are also able to pass him. Not wanting to show weakness, Teshima allows Aoyagi to capture him. With Aoyagi taking the lead, Teshima and Aoyagi manage to use tag biking to catch back up to our trio. All 5 bikers go into a full out sprint, but Onoda's lack of experience pushes him back into last place. Now Onoda must summon up his last bit of strength to catch up to everyone. Onoda's second strength in cycling is about to be revealed to the entire Sohoku team.
1x18 All Out Battle aired: Tuesday Feb 11, 2014
All five cyclist make a desperate sprint for the start/ finish line, where the captain has put up the no passing sign. If the first years can cross the line first, they will not only manage to catch the second years, but they will be able to increase their lead on them as long as they continue cycling in the night. The third years watch carefully to see whom will cross first, knowing they will be the best candidates to take to the Inter-High. After the all-out battle, the fourth day of training must be completed in the rain. Onoda has some bad luck when his pedals shatter and force him to walk his bike up every hill. However Onoda has earned the respect of the second years, and Teshima makes Onoda stop. With a little help from Teshima, Onoda gains the needed supplies to reach 1000km. The only question is can he do so before the clock strikes midnight?
1x19 A New Start aired: Tuesday Feb 18, 2014
Sohoku returns to school from their training camp ready to spend a Saturday full of makeup lessons. Onoda realizes he has grown and tests his abilities by leaving a bit later, along with a little help from his anime watching habits. Onoda thinks back to the previous night when the captain tried to tell him about the upcoming Inter-High, but when the Captain gets cut off and pulled into another call Onoda begins to give up on his dream of going to the Inter-High. It isn't into their last makeup class, which is done by Mr. Pierre, that Onoda learns the full message the captain was trying to tell him. Onoda is given his team jersey and made the sixth member for the upcoming Inter-High. Afterwards Sohoku's team is given special training by the captain that will test all their abilities. Onoda worries he will slow everyone down and begins to drift away. With a little help from the Captain though, Onoda learns what it means to be part of a team and begins to succeed more than he thought was ever possible.
1x20 Manami Sangaku aired: Tuesday Feb 25, 2014
With Sohoku's team set, we shift over to Hakone to view their training. Individual elimination races have been held by Hakone, and five team spots have been filled. They are down to their final spot with a duel between two climbers. Manami is about to take center stage and unveil a secret weapon he has that most others don't, the ability to sense the wind. Even with this advantage, will Manami be able to claim the final spot from second year member Kuroda? In Chiba Tadokoro has the first years join him at Makishima's house where they watch the Hakone Road Relay. He tells the first years to pay close attention to the ground as it's the same course the Inter-High will be taking place on.
1x21 Snake of the Stone Path aired: Tuesday Mar 4, 2014
The first years learn about the previous years Inter-High and the rivalry between Kinjou and Fukutomi that has formed. Kinjou recounts how a crash took place last year, and Fukutomi arrives to beg for forgiveness. However he also vows that Sohoku will have no chance of dethroning the kings that are Hakone.
1x22 The Inter-High Begins aired: Tuesday Mar 11, 2014
The team arrives at Enoshima for the start of the race. Kinjou explains what each persons number means and how they will start with a parade of everyone involved. Interviews are held with many of Hakone's members as they are heavy favorites to repeat. However Midousuji also gets the mic and promises that he will win it all and embarrass all the other gross teams around. Onoda is tense at first, but after falling once he becomes more comfortable. Meanwhile Imaizumi plots how he will get revenge on Midosuji during this race.
1x23 Top Sprinter!! aired: Tuesday Mar 18, 2014
The episode begins with a flashback as Onoda tries to explain to his mother that he is a member of the bicycle racing club, but she gets confused and thinks he is referring to a new anime. Back to the present, and the race begins with the parade of everyone. Once they get out of the city, the sprinters get to shine. At first Tadokoro and Naruko stay back, but it's all part of psychological warfare. As the two pass everyone and move to the front it looks like it will be between them to determine who is the top sprinter. Just as they are getting comfortable though, another sprinter emerges from behind and passes everyone all the way to the front. Izumida has arrived, and the action has only begun.
1x24 Trembling Izumida aired: Tuesday Mar 25, 2014
Izumida refuses to zip up his jersey, saying there's not enough competition for him to do so. He begins to criticize Naruko and Makishima for not working together and having one shield for the other. However Naruko and Tadokoro have been holding back. Naruko unveils his time trial Rocket man Sprint. As Naruko begins to catch up to Izumida, Tadokoro gets mad and sucks up a giant amount of oxygen. The additional oxygen in his lungs allows him to accelerate and catch up. Izumida's abs start throbbing, and he zips up his jersey realizing he's in for a true race.
1x25 Loss aired: Tuesday Apr 1, 2014
Izumida, Tadokoro, and Naruko have revealed all their techniques. Now there's only 700m left to the first check point. All 3 go all out and continue to increase their speed. However the wind becomes stronger than ever before and starts pushing over some of the cones. In the end it will be the wind, cones, and experience that decides who takes the first check point, and the result will leave most of the pack shocked.
1x26 I Can See the Sky aired: Tuesday Apr 8, 2014
The sprinters come back to the pack after the first check point has been won, and Tadokoro and Naruko receive congratulations for their excellent performances. The rest of the Sohoku team is able to move to the front of the pack. As the teams approach the feed station, Minami senses through the wind that a wreck is about to take place. Onoda, trying to keep up with the rest of the team, isn't able to stop and gets caught in the wreck. When he comes to, Onoda wonders why he can see the sky. Onoda realizes his chain has to be put back on his bike. After getting it back on, Onoda is approached by race officials. He is in last place, and they want to know if he wants to retire from the race.
1x27 Toudou, God of the Mountains aired: Tuesday Apr 15, 2014
Toudou, the ace climber from Hakone, reveals he and Makishima have a race history of having participated in 14 races, being tied at 7 each. In reality they participated in 15 races together, but they don't count one race as Makishima's chain broke during the race when it was down to the two of them. The Inter-High is supposed to be the all-out tiebreaker for the two of them. Toudou does a little urging, but Makishima refuses to give into his prodding. Eventually Arakita tells Toudou to go on because it is apparent Sohoku only has one climber. After cursing the rest of the Sohoku team for not being prepared for this stage, Toudou moves on and begins passing others as he moves toward the fronts. However Makishima doesn't look depressed. Instead he looks motivated and tells Arakita that in 3 minutes time, everthing will change.
1x28 100 Man Barrier aired: Tuesday Apr 22, 2014
After falling and landing in last place, Onoda must find a way to pass 100 men. Teshima lets Onoda know he thinks it's possible if Onoda will just focus, and the support team relaunches Onoda into action. The task proves to be difficult with the small mountain roads and the pack in front of him, but with a little help from his favorite anime song, Onoda finds his spirits lifted. Onoda counts each individual as he begins passing them. At the front of the race, Arakita swears that Onoda will never catch them before the end of the day due to the small road and the pack blocking the way. As Onoda reaches the final man to pass, he runs into Midosuji, who shows a secret he has kept from everyone that would allow him to win all legs of the race if he truly wanted to try. Eventually Onoda passes Midosuji and zooms up to meet his teammates. Onoda takes over as the head of his teams drifting pack while Makishima starts his breakaway with his spider climbing.
1x29 The Summit aired: Tuesday Apr 29, 2014
Toudou has claimed an easy lead, but his spirit is drifting as he feels he will win the king of the mountain part of the race too easily. As he closes in on the top of the mountain, Makishima comes up into second place, having made up a 3 minute difference. The two race for the Summit to break their tie and claim the title of King of the Mountain. As the winner of the mountain is revealed, the aces begin their moves to the front to claim the Leg 1 winners spot.
1x30 Arakita and Imaizumi aired: Tuesday May 6, 2014
Arakita and Imaizumi help pull Kinjou and Fukutomi toward the finish line hoping to help their team gain the advantage. The history of how Arakita became a racing demon is revealed, and Imaizumi realizes what it is he needs to do to help his team succeed. As the four racers get 500 yards from the finish, Sohoku and Hakone find themselves in a dead heat.
1x31 The Strong Three aired: Tuesday May 13, 2014
The battle of the aces has begun as Kinjou and Fukutomi try to claim day 1. Everyone is shocked when Midousuji catches up to them from the pack. Imaizumi tries to keep Midousuji from passing him, but it's too little, too late. Midousuji reveals his dream of how he will pass everyone with 50 yards to go. When 50 yards arrives though, a 3-way tie is in place. The 3 race for the finish line. After everyone else arrives, the Leg 1 Awards ceremony is held.
1x32 Night of Hope aired: Tuesday May 20, 2014
Tadokoro has fallen ill and is unable to keep any food down. Meanwhile Imaizumi doubts his reasons for racing after letting Midosuji pass him in Leg 1 of the race. While the members of the Sohoku racing team try to overcome their ailments during this night of hope, Onoda receives a surprise visit from his mom. The next day begins as Tadokoro explains how Leg 2's racing order starts. Onoda remembers the assignment that Kinjou gave him the night before. As it comes time for Sohoku and Hakone to leave, Makishima realizes that Tadokoro hasn't left the start line.
1x33 You Are the Princess aired: Tuesday May 27, 2014
Tadokoro claims he is giving everyone a handicap so they can race him, but as he leaves he is unable to climb at full strength. Makishima tells Onoda and Naruko that they must leave him behind, and when they keep pestering him he finally reveals that Tadokoro has fallen ill. Instead of listening to Makishima, Onoda reminds Makishima of the orders he has been given. Onoda remains behind while Naruko and Makishima keep moving on. Tadokoro finally catches up to Onoda, and Onoda convinces him to help him on the chorus of the Love Hime opening song, Love Princess Pancake. By singing the chorus/refrain continually they slowly begin to catch up and end up with the pack. Meanwhile Hakone Academy's entire team has caught up to their ace, and Kyoto Fushimi has pullen away from the pack to join Midosuji. Midosuji tells Imaizumi that all the players are here as he claims Sohoku has made a fatal judging error in not saving anyone for Day 2.
1x34 Shinkai Hayato aired: Tuesday Jun 3, 2014
After catching up to Sohoku, Midosuji reveals he never considered Sohoku to be a real threat and that he isn't interested in challenging Imaizumi. Imaizumi's confidece suffers a further blow when Midosuji has his teammates accelearate. They manage to catch up to Hakone Academy in two minutes time. 5 kilometers from the sprint marker Midosuji challenges Hakone to a sprint race. Izumida accepts the challenge, but Shinkai Hayato stops him and instead decides to challenge Midosuji. Izumida reveals the numbers at Hakone are strategically placed: 1 is the ace, 2 is the ace's assistant, 3 is the ace climber, and 4 is the ace sprinter. Hayato and Midosuji accelerate, with Hayato saying he isn't doing the sprint for pride. Midosuji begins to panic when he realizes that Hayato is leading him without putting in any real effort. Midosuji is forced to go all out to manage to catch Hayato. In a flashback we see how Hayato almost quit cycling after hitting a mother rabbit. Juichi talks with the senior class to help them understand why Hayato wants to quit the team. In the end though Juichi promises that if Hayato comes back this following year, he will wear tag #4. As we return to the race, Midosuji cries in despair as Hayato continues to get further and further away.
1x35 The Winner aired: Tuesday Jun 10, 2014
Naruko and Makishima have caught Kinjou and Imaizumi. However Imaizumi refuses to draft. When other teams begin catching up from the pack, they tell Sohoku's members that Onoda and Tadokoro are making their way through the pack. This news feels Sohoku with hope, and Kinjou takes the lead to prevent anyone else from passing them while they catchup to Hakone and Kyoto Fushimi. Meanwhile Midosuji reveals he has been playing around with Hayato and catches up easily. Eventually Midosuji passes Hayato and says he will only let him pass on the left. We learn that Hayato has been afraid to pass on the left ever since he killed the rabbit, but thanks to special training with his teammates, he has overcome that obstacle by gaining the ability to transform into the Demon of Hakone. Hayato passes Midosuji and is pulling away with only 500 meters to go to the Sprint check. Seeing no other choice, Midosuji removes some tape on his legs that has been constraining his speed. Midosuji manages to get side-by-side with less than 200 meters remaining. Now it is anyone's sprint to win.
1x36 Strongest and Fastest aired: Tuesday Jun 17, 2014
Hayato and Midosuji continue to race for the Sprint Check point. Hayato realizes that Midosuji's leaning forward acts as a hindrance and thinks he will have the win. At the last second Midosuji throws all his weight to the bike of his bike, propelling the frame forward and giving him the sprint check point by .02 seconds. Sohoku manages to reach the feed zone in 3rd place, and Makishima revals that while their teammates might not catch up on the flats, the second stage ends with a climb up Mt. Fuji, where Onoda will surely excel. Further back Onoda and Tadokoro catch-up to Kumamoto Daiichi, the Higo Super Express. It's the start of the climb, and Onoda raises his pace. As they pass Kumamoto Daichi, Tadokoro reveals he has fully recovered thanks to Onoda drafting for him. Realizing he can't go any faster, Tadokoro propses to Onoda that they sing even though they don't need to pass anyone. After the two sing the opening song in unison, Onoda proposes they sing the closing song next. Tadokoro remembers when Coach Pierre taught them all that bicycles are actually meant for fun, and he realizes it isn't the song that gives Onoda his strength. Instead it is the joy of cycling. Finally in the final 30 kilometers they catch up with their teammates. With their arrival, the atmosphere completely changes for Sohoku. Kinjou gives one final order. Makishima and Onoda are to lead the team up Mount Fuji so they can compete for the days title. Further up the mountain Hakone appears to be falling apart, and Midosuji can't contain his laughter. Silently he declares it is time to finish Hakone once and for all.
1x37 Passing the Crown aired: Tuesday Jun 24, 2014
Hakone's sprinters continue to fall further behind and people wonder if Hakone is falling apart. Midosuji senses weakness within Hakone and announces his team will skip phases 11 and 12 of their Day 2 plan on go straight to phase 13 as they accelerate to the finish line. Phase 13 abandons the sprinters who can't accelerate up the mountain, which results in Ihara and Yamaguchi being left behind by Kyoto Fushimi. Fukutomi decides to pursue them for Hakone with Toudou. Ihara and Yamaguchi collapse and then withdraw from the race. Izumida begins thinking either him, Hayato, or Arakita will be next as they are all hanging their heads down. Up at the front Midosuji declares Fukutomi is exactly like him. Midosuji easily takes the mountain check point thanks to the 4-on-2 advantage, and Midosuji declares this is the moment the crown passes from Hakone. Ishigaki begins to think about the team he wanted to form and how Midosuji destroyed his vision, causing him to slow down until Midosuji threatens to leave him behind. When Ishigaki admits he was reminiscing, Midosuji declares it is only by abandoning everything that victory can arise for him and the team. Eventually Ichigaki confronts Fukutomi on why he abandoned his teammates, and Fukutomi declares he didn't abandon them. With 8 kilometers left, Ishigaki realizes someone is catching them from behind. Fukutomi declares that their team has no dead weight and that his teammates will come.
1x38 The Soul of Sohoku aired: Tuesday Jul 1, 2014
With 6 kilometers to go Fukutomi accelerates and catches up to the front pack. Midosuji tries to calm his team and point out that it is all within the parameters he expected, but Fukutomi declares it won't be a two-team race. As Midosuji looks behind him, Sohoku rises up from the ashes and catches up. Realizing their goal has been met, Onoda begins to lose speed and nearly falls over twice. Fukutomi tries to convience Kinjou that his team is too exhausted to compete, but Imaizumi and Naruko help an exhausted Onoda as they manage to keep up. Onoda starts pedaling on his own, and Tadokoro and Naruko help the team draft up the mountain to keep pace with Hakone. As Sohoku and Hakone begin to pull away, Midosuji decides to try one last final move, phase 49. As the downhill battle begins the aces and their launching pads move to the front. Only 4km remain in Day 2, and it is anyone's race to win.

Season 2 Episode List

2x1 Phase 49 aired: Monday Oct 6, 2014
Phase 49 is launched. Nobuyuki Mizuta blocks Arakita, forcing Fukutomi to work alone while Imaizumi and Kinjou are able to work as a duo. Meanwhile Midosuji has Ishigaki to work with. However Hakone has tricked them all. As soon as the climb is over Shinkai races to the front and is able to assist Fukutomi. Midosuji decides everyone around him must be zombies and hits Imaizumi's handlebars, making it looking like an accident and causing him to start to fall. Instead of falling, Imaizumi intentionally hits the rail to boost himself back up and keep riding. Imaizumi reveals he no longer cares about Midosuji and keeps riding, propelling Kinjou back into second place. Realizing that Imaizumi is no longer weak, Midosuji announces they'll cancel all phases and win solely based on their strength. No more tricks will be involved. The three teams remain neck-and-neck until Ishigaki begins to slip on the final turn. Surprisingly Midosuji catches him, and the momentum of the fall propels the two of them to the front with only 1200 meters left.
2x2 The Aces aired: Monday Oct 13, 2014
Just before the second day's finish line as three schools compete for the lead, ace assistant Imaizumi aims to propel his ace ahead of the pack after the sharp turn
2x3 Akira aired: Monday Oct 20, 2014
Midousuji's unexpected solo attack before the sharp turn leaves him riding in the lead alone just before the finish line. However, Kinjou and Fukutomi place their team's hopes on their backs and exceed their limits to catch up to Midousuji.
2x4 Resolution aired: Monday Oct 27, 2014
Just before the second day's finish line, Kinjou and Fukutomi pass Midousuji. Who will cross the finish line first...?!
2x5 The Three Kilometers to the Pharmacy aired: Monday Nov 3, 2014
After his loss on the second day of the Inter-high, Midousuji says he won't participate in tomorrow's race and leaves the hotel alone. While riding back to Kyoto, Midousuji runs into Sakamichi...
2x6 Those Who Have aired: Monday Nov 10, 2014
The Inter-high enters its final day. Before the race begins, as each school's tension reaches its peak, Machimiya of Hiroshima Kureminami appears before Sakamichi and his team.
2x7 The Pack Approaches aired: Monday Nov 17, 2014
The third day of the Inter-high has finally begun. Sohoku and Hakone Academy cooperate in order to reach the aces who started before them. Meanwhile, Hiroshima Kureminami's Machimiya gathers the rear pack and begins cooperating with them as well.
2x8 Arakita aired: Monday Nov 24, 2014
Machimiya's rear pack swallows Sakamichi. Hiroshima Kureminami quickly abandons the pack and uses the energy they conserved to chase after the front.
2x9 The Fighting Dog of Kure aired: Monday Dec 1, 2014
Arakita accepts Sakamichi's desperate request to cooperate. Together with Manami, the trio catches up to Machimiya through Arakita's beastly pulling. Hiroshima Kureminami's Ibiya proposes a "20 meter gap race" to Arakita. Machimiya reveals the fighting instincts he was hiding and rides completely out of control!
2x10 The Domain that Lies Ahead aired: Monday Dec 8, 2014
Machimiya's resentment towards Hakone Academy explodes and viciously headbutts Arakita as he rides out of control. Seeing Machimiya, Arakita recalls his past.
2x11 Survival aired: Monday Dec 15, 2014
Arakita, who let go of his past and faced only forward, defeats Machimiya. All six members of Sohoku and Hakone Academy are united as they head into the final stage!
2x12 Izumida's Pride aired: Monday Dec 22, 2014
Arakita sacrifices himself to pull his team, and Hakone Academy accelerates as they carry on his will. As Sohoku does their best to keep up, Izumida exhibits a desperate sprint!
2x13 Flat-Out Run at Lake Yamanaka aired: Monday Jan 5, 2015
Shinkai's demon sprint allows Hakone to slowly pull ahead of Sohoku even further. Not wanting to lose any ground or teammates, the seniors of Sohoku step to the front of the line and decide to rotate the lead while gaining ground. Eventually Tadokoro takes the lead and announces this will be his final sprint, but he promises he will go full blast until they catch up to Hakone. Slowly but surely Tadokoro gains speed, and as he gains speed Sohoku makes up ground on Shinkai and Hakone. He is able to pull even with Shinkai just as the two teams reach their final climb, but the energy he has used causes him to drop behind everyone. He isn't alone. Shinkai also drops back, with all his sprint energy having been spent. Hakone and Sohoku begin the final climb knowing only one team will prevail, and knowing only the best of the best can compete the final climb.
2x14 The Final Strategy aired: Monday Jan 12, 2015
The teams reach the final climb of Day 3, a massive mountain stage. Hakone makes it's move and sends Manami, Toudou, and Fukutomi up the final mountain. Captain Kinjou and Makishima try to follow, but every time Kinjou tries to put pressure on his legs they seem to give out. Onoda realizes something is wrong and decides to come up and talk to him. Kinjou realizes he doesn't have to be the ace, because they all work together as a team. Kinjou decides to make up a new plan on the spot. He sends Onoda, Imazumi, and Naruko to climb the mountain with Makishima. Only two orders are given: 1) Naruko is to be more flashy and 2) one of them must take the jersey across the finish line first. Afterwards Kinjou is forced to drop out. Onoda initially takes the lead, but Naruko moves to the front to show off his new sprint climb. Further back Tadokoro reveals to Shinkai that their red spring bean is the most dangerous teammate of all because he has yet to have shown his full sprinters spirit, and that time could very well come on the final climb.
2x15 Naruko's True Worth aired: Monday Jan 26, 2015
Naruko refuses to give up the lead as Sohoku races up the mountain. He uses his sprinters climb to help the team gain momentum, and just as he appears to be tired Naruko decides to debut his new move: the Armstrong Climb. Naruko's spirit ignites to crowd to cheer for Sohoku, but it has some unexpected consequences. The climb slowly but surely drains Naruko's oxygen levels. Naruko refuses to give up the lead and focuses solely on the road, where he can see the white line, but he can't see anything else. Onoda decides to help but giving Naruko directions on the turns. As Sohoku catches up to Hakone Naruko slowly but surely drops back, and in the end he crashes to the side of the road unable to continue on. The last we hear are Onoda's and Imaizumi's screams for their fallen friend, but the two decide to honor what he has done and help take down Hakone.
2x16 Imaizumi the Ace aired: Monday Feb 2, 2015
Thanks to Naruko's sacrifice Sohoku manages to catch Hakone. Fukutomi admits he thought Sohoku would fall apart and yet they managed to catch up, but he says they can never prevail without a true ace. Imaizumi declares that he is the new ace and he will take first. Onoda is shocked and asks Makishima if it's ok. Makishima says it is fine because he and Toudou would never let the other finish in first as the ace. Imaizumi then decides to get reckless and move ahead on his own. Makishima keeps Toudou at bay and forces Fukutomi to pursue him. Everytime Fukutomi catches up Imaizumi puts on another burst of speed. We see how Imaizumi became addicted to road racing and how he first met the Kanzaki's. Finally we see Imaizumi thinking to himself and knowing he can win if nothing else changes. However a medical van is further back on the road. It picks up Naruko and has him withdraw from the race. They then clear the road because more racers are coming. Ishigaki collapses and then tells Midosuji to press on at full strength and he will win. An ominious wind then begins to blow as Midosuji begins to ascend the final 15km on his own.
2x17 Hakone Academy #6 aired: Monday Feb 9, 2015
Midosuji catches up to Onoda and company and is able to get ahead of the ace climbers. Seeing no other choice Toudou sends Manami ahead to keep Midosuji contained. Manami quickly realizes that he won't be able to keep Midosuji from reaching the aces. Instead he decides to race him one-on-one through the mountainous climb. Midosuji quickly realizes the two are apparently even and proposes a wager on their race. The proposal that both agree to is that the loser of their individual race cannot cross the finish line before the winner. Eventually Makashima realizes that Imazumi will be at a major disadvantage if he doesn't have help against the other climbers, and seeing as Onoda has kept up with him he sends him on ahead to try and even the odds.
2x18 Step by Step aired: Monday Feb 16, 2015
Manami reveals how he has advanced so far in races, by using nature and feeling it out. When he senses a gust of wind coming Manami uses it to propel himself ahead of Midosuji. However Miosuji is able to copy the technique and catch up. Up ahead the aces sense they will soon be caught up to. Fukutomi believes that two racers are coming- Midosuji and Manami, but Imazumi realizes that a third one is gaining ground quickly in Onoda. Toudou asks Makashima why he has such faith in Onoda, and Makashima reveals that Onoda has never once failed to obey an order that has been given to him. He thinks back to Onoda's many races- the uphill climb on his mommy bike, the first year race, the 1000km race against the second years, and even his catch-ups at the Inter-High. With roughly 7km left Onoda catches up to Midosuji and Manami. He vows to not let Midosuji catch up to the aces. Midosuji raises his speed, but Onoda surpasses Midosuji's speed and actually moves ahead of him.
2x19 Sakamichi's Job aired: Monday Feb 23, 2015
Onoda fails to hold off Midosuji. Then he remembers the words from Naruko about how he clings to someone when racing and doesn't let go. Onoda begins to cling to the back of Midosuji's bike and is tricked into running off the road by Midosuji. Onoda refuses to give up and gets back on his bike. He catches up again just before Manami and Midosuji catch up to Fukutomi. Onoda, Manami, and Midosuji end in a 3-way tie when they reach Fukutomi, and Onoda admits he didn't realize he was racing. This gives Manami the chills, and he tells Fukutomi that Onoda is the bigest threat there. Meanwhile Imazumi decides to change Onoda's job. He tells him their job is to cross the finish line together to win for Sohoku. Midosuji decides to try and sprint ahead, but Imazumi matches his pace and refuses to let him get ahead. Onoda, Manami, and Fukutomi also maintain the same pace, making it a 5-man race to the finish with only 5km remaining.
2x20 Imaizumi vs Midousuji aired: Monday Mar 2, 2015
Sakamichi reaches the lead pack and joins Imaizumi, and the pair reaffirms their desire to win. Without a moment's delay, Midousuji begins his attack!
2x21 #91 aired: Monday Mar 9, 2015
Midousuji attacks again and again, and Imaizumi holds him back. As their battle gains speed, the race enters the Fuji Azami Line's only downhill section!
2x22 Manami and Sakamichi aired: Monday Mar 16, 2015
When Imaizumi's frame breaks during his battle against Midousuji, Manami quickly overtakes him. Realizing he cannot catch Manami himself, he entrusts Sakamichi with the soul of Sohoku. With his team's hopes on his back, Sakamichi chases Manami with his extraordinary cadence, but Manami shifts up and pulls ahead. When Imaizumi's frame breaks during his battle against Midousuji, Manami quickly overtakes him. Realizing he cannot catch Manami himself, he entrusts Sakamichi with the soul of Sohoku!
2x23 The Promised Road aired: Monday Mar 23, 2015
Entrusted with Sohoku's hopes, Sakamichi charges straight ahead. Meanwhile, Manami shifts up gear by gear as he rides for the peak
2x24 Winner aired: Monday Mar 30, 2015
Sakamichi pedals to take his team's jersey to the finish line, and Manami strains to reach the peak. As both competitors ride all-out, the Inter-high comes to a close!

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