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Luffy Pirate King, One Piece
Anime boy playing guitar, Anime Boys
Fili Animated, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Animated Finn Avatar, Adventure Time
Dante DMC 5, Dante What the f**k Devil May Cry
Kaneki Ken, Kaneki Ken is wearing his ghoul mask Tokyo Ghoul
Cs go, Steam Universe
Butters Avatar, South Park
Freaked out Homer Avatar, The Simpsons
Kazuya and Stellizer, Kazuya and Stellizer with panels of the show behind them. Freezing
Rick and Morty Avatar, Rick and Morty
Henrietta and Akatsuki, Log Horizon
Such Polite Doge, Doge
Shiro, Deadman Wonderland
Pichu Sitting, Pichu sit on top of watermelon. Pokemon
AHS-asylum Avatar, promo artwork from season 2 American Horror Story
Akame the Beautiful Assassin, The main character from anime Akame Ga Kill. She is a former assassin of the capital and now she is in Night Raid. She uses sword which can instantly kill named Murasame. Akame ga Kill!
King Avatar, The Seven Deadly Sins
Cuddle sleep, Anime Love
Anime boy avatar, anime boy Anime Boys
ss3 goku avatar, Dragon Ball Z
Creepy funny smile anime girl, Anime Girls
Bazinga Face, Sheldon's face with the word Bazinga under it. The Big Bang Theory
Uvogin Avatar, Hunter x Hunter
Black and white avatar, Anime Boys
Red Sad Girl, Scissors Anime Girls
Sadao Avatar, Sadao in his working suit The Devil is a Part-Timer!
Natalie, Natalie is one of Jillian's friends. She is first seen at Agnes' birthday party. She is also one of the guests at Gru and Lucy's wedding. Despicable Me 2
Bloodseeker, Dota 2
Star Wars Gif, Star Wars gif of stormtroopers, where one of them is dancing. Star Wars
Satomi Rentaro, Animated avatar of Satomi Rentaro, the male protagonist in Black Bullet series. He is a promoter and his initiator is Aihara Enju. Black Bullet
Hollowfied Ichigo Avatar, Hollow Ichigo Bleach
Agents of SHIELD Logo, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Monkey D Luffy, One Piece